Are you a college student looking for an internship?

Internship Opportunities Available

Glenn Beck and The Blaze are looking for passionate, energetic and driven students who want to be on the front lines of a cutting-edge network!

We have 7 departments with internship opportunities available:

  1. The Blaze TV production
  2. Radio production
  3. Marketing
  4. Publishing
  5. Merchandise
  6. Technology     
  7. Research

What You Need to Know:

  1. We are currently recruiting for Summer 2013 & Fall 2013
  2. You must be able to receive college credit for the semester you intern with us
  3. The internship requires a minimum of 16 hours per week

What You Need to Do:
Please submit all five items below to

  1. Resume & Cover Letter
  2. Copy of School ID
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Short Writing Sample on a Topic of Your Choice (250 words or less)
  5. As part of your email please:
    1. Confirm that you understand the internship is unpaid and that you will be receiving school credit for your time with us;
    2. Indicate which Semester (Summer 2013 or Fall 2013), Location (NY or TX) and Department (from the list of 7 above) you are applying;
    3. List the first date you are available and how many hours you would like to participate each week


  • Anonymous

    To be a good intern, you need to be aware of the important stories happening around the world!

    Extremely important symposium on the HEALTH and ENVIRONMENTAL effects of Japan’s nuclear meltdowns is being broadcast LIVE now, March 11 and March 12.
    This important issue affects the global world.
    Please listen to learn:

  • Anonymous

    You dou che bags.. hiring interns for no money. you guys are a disgrace

    • Anonymous

       Why are you here hanging around waiting to pounce on any new articles from this site that you hate so much? Life must really suck for you. Is your mom making Mac’n Cheese tonight?

      • Brian McMaster

        i like mac and cheese

    • Taylor

      You do realize that if you go on to any internship site looking for an internship, the VAST majority are voluntary, you don’t get payed! It is about investing (meaning you usually have to put some money into it) in your future, giving you experience.

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck is a fraud.  earning money for his scam with goldline

    • Anonymous

      Lol, is that you Anthony Weiner? When Beck said to buy gold, it was going to climb, it was at 620 dollars and now trades at 1580 dollars. More than double your money in Obama’s economy. Jokes on you. Jealous much?

      • Draxx

        Looking at the Intellectual Level I thought it was our VP Biden…

  • Anonymous

    his network is failing. nobody cares about beck anymore

    • Sam Fisher

      Three comments of bull crap. First how can something are
      failing when it is making money more money and getting more viewers than liberal
      media? Second internship provides a lot to a college student for example work experience
      and collage credit.  Finally seeing how
      you are too stupid to see what is wrong with both of your moronic statements
      which lead me to believe you drop out of preschool and have the IQ of a gold

    • Anonymous

      What a D’Bag – Only getting job Experience to go out into Obama’s work force where college student graduate unemployment is at 25% is a sham in your world. What a hypocrite – you have the job of licking Obama’s butt cheeks and your not paid either.

  • Draxx

    Internships are not a bad thing…

    You have to get practical work experience before many larger companies will hire you, this is a cheap and effective way for both the company and students doing internships!

  • Anonymous

    Once again, Glenn Beck is showing how he is a hypocrite.
    Glenn Beck loves to slam and blast colleges and universities, but now he is welcoming college students with open arms? 
    Oh yeah, Glenn Beck wants a nice little slave force to work for him for free.
    For those interested in getting a GB internship, remember to dumb down your applications.  You are trying to get an unpaid job from a guy who was too stupid and lazy to graduate from college!!!

    • Anonymous

       Slave = Forced – I would not expect you to understand that. Internship using College Credit = Credit towards graduation just like a college class which the student would have to PAY for. I would not expect you to understand that one either. Your IQ is bleeding in your diatribe.

      So laughing, tell us about the Internship Program you have and how many to you plan to hire so they can get practical experience before entering the Obama Economy. What? You don’t have a plan? You sound like our President. Complain about someones plan but have not one of your own.

      The Obama Economy for graduating college students is at 25% unemployed. Having experience on your resume can make all the difference. I would not expect you to understand that either. Remember VP Biden – JOBS is a three letter word – you should get one.

      • Anonymous

        I really enjoyed your pathetic personal attacks.
        I looked back at my comments and reconfirmed that I never personally attacked you and I won’t lower myself to do it now.
        Since all you are concerned with is making personal attacks against others on this site I will have to simply choose to ignore you in the future.
        Good luck picking fights in the future.

        • Anonymous

          You are only here to Troll the site. You are nothing but a fly on Obama’s face.

          You still have not told us what Intern Program you have going or how many people you will be hiring.

    • Anonymous

      I’d join the “slave” force.  Of course since I’d be doing it willingly I wouldn’t really be a slave then would I.  I guarantee if you put up an application for this you’d be rejected without dumbing down a single detail. 

    • Kintu Shah

      Yes.. Glenn Beck is so dumb… he has its own radio show… he is so dumb… he had a TV Show… and now TV channel of his own. I am not sure what he makes in a year… but for sure at least few hundred thousands for his own and paying employees… He is so dumb he is trying to create jobs for others. He must be really dumb to run such a big media empire.
      Why don’t you say – what you do for living?

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t know that making money was the only indicator for intelligence.
        Thank you for clarifying this for me.

    • Thomas Johnson

       How is it hypocritical to try and work within the system to fix the system? You are just trolling.

  • Anonymous

    I Co-Oped for college credit. Best thing I ever did. Thank you to the small business “Private Owned” Engineering firm that hired me. My resume with the work experience got me many offers my senior year to choose from.

  • Anonymous

    Being an intern for Glenn Beck’s company is a privilege. 

    Despite assumption or imagination, one cannot come close to conceiving Mercury Radio Arts and The Blaze. The company embraces the words ‘media empire’. With television, radio, publishing, tour, merchandise, research and technology wearing its name, The Blaze is a company ahead of its time. Its name and legacy are making history.

    If there were a clear definition or model of a mogul media company, The Blaze would not be it. I say this because you cannot find a company where ideas are unconfined, belief in one another is innate, and no dream is an impossibility–except The Blaze. The company’s success and fortune come from a man who stands firmly in his beliefs, in his faith, in his honor. He is surrounded by individuals who stand beside him, support him, and help make most ideas become reality. The collaboration of men and women that humbly take their titles in the company is a reminder of the importance of humility. There is a desire to be better and do better, while making sure that all around you are not left behind. It is an ideal model of a successful, interdisciplinary collaborative team. I have been humbled to know what that feels like as an intern, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

    So for those who have commentary suggesting otherwise, your ignorance is undeniable. You can say what you want about a man who you politically or fundamentally disagree with. But you will never be able to see that working for this company allows individuals to grow in knowledge and integrity, embrace responsibility, and even for a moment in time, fathom what this
    company is.

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