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Another one of Mayor Bloomberg’s big government bans is about to go into effect. Starting tomorrow, resident’s of America’s largest city will no longer be able to purchase “sugary” drinks larger than 16oz. All restaurants and stores that receive a letter grade from the health department will face

Here’s what Mike Bloomberg had to say about the new regulations on Face the Nation with CBS’s Bob Schieffer this weekend:

“And all we’re doing in New York is reminding you that it’s not in your interest to have too many empty calories.  You’re going to have some.  If you want to have 32 ounces, just by two 16‑ounce cups, take them back to your sink.  You want a 64 ounces, take four cups back.  But what’s likely to happen here is you’ll take one and probably not come back for the second.  But it’s totally your choice.  We’re not banning anything.  It’s called portion control.”

“Anybody get the key phrase there from Michael Bloomberg, mayor McFascist?” Pat asked after hearing the audio clip.

“It’s not in your best interest.”

Does “Great and Powerful” Bloomberg really not think fining businesses, eliminating options for customers, and making businesses small and large throw thousands of dollars of products out the window is “restricting”? Nope. According to the Mayor banning that certain size of beverages be sold isn’t “banning”, it’s just “portion control”.

“You remind people about something by, what, posting a sign?  Not restricting their choices,” Stu noted.

“I just…I don’t know how he’s not impeached,” Pat said.

(Neither does this Atlanta born New Yorker…but then again, I come from the birthplace of Coca-Cola where this would never fly.)

“New York gets everything…everything they deserve,” Glenn emphasized.

It’s true. This is exactly what New Yorkers voted for — 3x. Mike Bloomberg didn’t wake up this year and turn into Captain Regulation. He’s been re-elected twice — yes, TWICE. In fact, he changed the term limit laws to allow his 3rd term run and was STILL re-elected.

And while New Yorkers may not rise up to make their voices heard, Starbucks is. They’ve taken the city of New York to court.

“If Starbucks gets it overturned, great,” Glenn said. “But if they don’t, Starbucks should send the message: ‘New York is not that important to us’.”

Glenn explained that because of the way the Supreme Courts rules on legislation, these types of regulations always that progressives continues to push and push and push, spread nationally.

“The reason why they [progressives] are doing this is because they will then come back and say common sense states, like Colorado, are already doing this.  And the Supreme Court is already saying that they go and they look at international law and what the states are doing,” Glenn explained to listeners.

Pat added that if food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s banded together to pulled out of these states [like New York], or simply put the pressure on that they would pull out of these cities, the law would change.

But if they don’t, and the law expands to more than just New York, their menus are going to change nationwide and this law is going to impact you — not just New York.

“I think that’s the design of Bloomberg,” Stu added. “That’s why he loves his job so much.”


Lucky for sugary drink lovers (and lovers of making their own decisions), as of 3:16pm ET, is reporting that a judge has overturned New York City’s proposed ban on all sugary drinks larger than 16oz.

The judge said on Monday that Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempts at “portion control” were both “arbitrary” and “capricious”.

New Yorkers should probably assume that, while this method may not have worked, Bloomberg’s efforts won’t be stopped just yet.