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Conservative activist Jason Mattera released a new video yesterday of a confrontation he had with Rep. Jan Schakowsky last month that is likely to have Second Amendment supporters outraged.

Before playing the clip, Glenn admitted there was some controversy around TheBlaze office about the video due to the nature of Mattera’s tactics. Jason, known for his ambush videos, pretended to be a “fan” of the congresswoman’s stance on “gun safety” causing her speak openly about her motives for universal background checks and gun control. Jason didn’t tell the congresswoman he was a reporter and taping their exchange, and it’s likely that if he had she would not have been so honest.

Jason approaches Schakowsky following a speech she had just given on gun control. Mattera does identifies himself, but tells Schakowsky that he “appreciated her remarks,” leader her to believe he shares her views.

Watch what happens after that…

After asking the congresswoman, “Is it time we have a serious conversation not just about assault rifles, but handguns as well?” and continues to emphasize that handguns are the leading mechanism for gun deaths, Schakowsky exposes her motives.

“That’s why we have universal background checks,” she says.

She goes on to emphasize that there is a current “moment of opportunity” with gun control and that she, along with her political allies, will continue to “push as hard as we can.”

Glenn noted Schakowsky’s admission that the left is not going to win the argument on handguns with the public, but pointed out that she emphasized “not now”.

“She says ‘at least not now’, so it shows that she is moving towards that,” he points out.

The fight over the Second Amendment is far from over.