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New York City. The day after the soda ban failed. Chaos. Anarchy.

Well, that’s the story you would have gotten if you tuned into MSNBC’s Morning Joe today and listened to the inane rantings of progressive host Mika Brzezinski. She even had the gall to look her through the camera at her audience and tell them they should be mad at themselves for continuing to buy the “poison” that is sugary drinks.

“Be mad at the fact that you buy this stuff, again and again and again, and these companies feel they have to produce poison for your and your children,” she said on air.

Glenn could not believe her comments, and pointed out that the real solutions to obesity are only going to be found by individuals taking responsibility for their own health.

“What solves the obesity problem is a society that understands where there are consequences for their behavior and are allowed to feel the consequences of their behavior” Glenn said.

In society today, people who don’t take care of themselves are being given more and more of a safety net.

“We take care of everyone, absolutely no matter what,” Glenn said.

He used the example of someone who ate so much that they became too big to leave the house and the city who would come and cut a hole in the house to get them out.

“I’m sorry, You want to live that way it’s not my responsibility. I love you, and I’ll try to stop you,” Glenn said, “but it’s not my responsibility to take care of you. To give you a stomach stapling surgery or to pull your butt out of the house.”

“If I want to drink myself silly with 32 ounces every single day I’m going to drink myself silly. But not in a society where we have to take care of our brother. We’re forced to do it and our brother is not forced to do anything in return. They just continue to take and take and take.”

Watch Mika’s rant below:

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