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Only at the Huffington Post could you call a budget that is double George W. Bush’s 2002 budget austerity.

“When they use the words austerity they are pushing us into the same scenario as Spain, Greece, France and England, and they are going to call any kind of budget cut austerity,” Glenn said.

Glenn predicted during the sequestration that the media would be calling any cuts in the future austerity. And today that prediction came true as The Huffington Post’s front page carried the headline “Austerity Now” with a picture of Paul Ryan.

As Stu pointed out, Ryan’s budget is actually double the budget in 2002. Glenn pointed out that unless something dramatic has happened in the past decade that he’s not aware of, it makes no sense for any outlet to refer to the proposed budget as austerity.

“You want to live on the double the amount the amount you were living on in 2002, and plus I’m going to give you a 3.4% increase from that. Would in any way, shape or form call that austerity?” Glenn asked.

“But for the country to double its spending and think this is austerity, did we invent something that I didn’t know?”