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Tonight on the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn welcomed three guests who were armed with the facts about gun rights and the history of the Second Amendment. Star Parker, founder of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, actor Joseph Phillips, and writer and activist Kira Ayn Davis all discussed the impact of gun control legislation on the African American community.

From the very beginning, the three panelists all focused on how gun control has been used as a tool to keep the African American community out of power.

“The Democrats have never changed their strategy. They want people unarmed, uneducated and dependent on whoever that master is. Whether it’s the master that time in slavery or the master that keeps them enslaved to the welfare state,” Star Parker told Glenn.

Parker explained that gun legislation was a way to keep free slaves from gaining any kind of power. She said that African Americans are being told to continually vote for politicians that want to keep them unarmed, uneducated, and dependent on the government.

Parker also took issue with background checks, noting that Adam Lanza’s mother had her guns stolen from her. She did not think that a background check would have prevented that tragedy and that gun legislation is going to only take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

Joseph Phillips also delved into the history of African Americans, taking issue with Hollywood for portraying African Americans as cowards when faced with racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan in films.

“Black people often fought back and fought back with guns,” Phillips said.

Davis explained that when the KKK started, they would have local sheriffs go into black homes and confiscate their weapons and say they were taking them for safety reasons. Not long after, the KKK would come through and burn down the homes and murder the families once the guns were all gone.

“It’s an issue of our freedom. It should not be partisan,” she said.

So what are the solutions?

Kira Ayn Davis encouraged African American conservatives to be good storytellers and make the case against increased government in personal lives.

“We are fighting a social agenda that crosses color lines,” Phillips said. “It’s standing up and saying ‘Enough is enough’ and it’s loud action.”

Parker said African Americans need to understand the truth behind the history of the parties and how Democrats have tried to keep the black community out of power. She also said they needed to recognize that th Second Amendment is a right and they should be active participants in it.

All three said the internet provides another avenue for conservative voices to cut through the traditional communication outlets that have dominated black communities for years.

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