Do Democrats want to keep African Americans ‘unarmed, uneducated and dependent’?

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Tonight on the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn welcomed three guests who were armed with the facts about gun rights and the history of the Second Amendment. Star Parker, founder of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, actor Joseph Phillips, and writer and activist Kira Ayn Davis all discussed the impact of gun control legislation on the African American community.

From the very beginning, the three panelists all focused on how gun control has been used as a tool to keep the African American community out of power.

“The Democrats have never changed their strategy. They want people unarmed, uneducated and dependent on whoever that master is. Whether it’s the master that time in slavery or the master that keeps them enslaved to the welfare state,” Star Parker told Glenn.

Parker explained that gun legislation was a way to keep free slaves from gaining any kind of power. She said that African Americans are being told to continually vote for politicians that want to keep them unarmed, uneducated, and dependent on the government.

Parker also took issue with background checks, noting that Adam Lanza’s mother had her guns stolen from her. She did not think that a background check would have prevented that tragedy and that gun legislation is going to only take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

Joseph Phillips also delved into the history of African Americans, taking issue with Hollywood for portraying African Americans as cowards when faced with racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan in films.

“Black people often fought back and fought back with guns,” Phillips said.

Davis explained that when the KKK started, they would have local sheriffs go into black homes and confiscate their weapons and say they were taking them for safety reasons. Not long after, the KKK would come through and burn down the homes and murder the families once the guns were all gone.

“It’s an issue of our freedom. It should not be partisan,” she said.

So what are the solutions?

Kira Ayn Davis encouraged African American conservatives to be good storytellers and make the case against increased government in personal lives.

“We are fighting a social agenda that crosses color lines,” Phillips said. “It’s standing up and saying ‘Enough is enough’ and it’s loud action.”

Parker said African Americans need to understand the truth behind the history of the parties and how Democrats have tried to keep the black community out of power. She also said they needed to recognize that th Second Amendment is a right and they should be active participants in it.

All three said the internet provides another avenue for conservative voices to cut through the traditional communication outlets that have dominated black communities for years.

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  • MarsBarsTru7

    The unequivocal answer to the question of the title is yes.

    From the founding of the country to the present there is a core group in the Democratic party that have always been against blacks, and against “lesser races” altogether. They’re the founders of modern socialism, even before Marx wrote his manifesto. Then, after Darwin wrote his book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” it cued off a popular movement in the secular scientific community that became determined to take an active hand in shaping the development of human genetics. These people, along with the aspiring new nobility in “Democratic” politics, formed the Secular Progressives.

    The SPs have continued to undermine fundamental Judeo-Christian values and the founding documents of this country (which reflect Judeo-Christian values), as well as warp interpretation of all of human history, start wars, manage populations, and push for the research on how to manipulate human genetics and biology.

    All of us who aren’t among them must strive against these evil people. And I do not hesitate to use the word evil on them as they are completely without morality. As Bill Gates – a 3rd generation leading eugenics proponent in his family – has said to college audiences, “What I can do, I will do. That’s what I believe.”

    • landofaahs

      The whole civil war was a waste.  Slavery was due to end because it was getting too expensive to keep slaves healthy and fed after you made the initial investment that it would be cheaper to not invest in buying them and then you could work them to death for nothing and be out nothing.  Just hire another bunch just like the Northerners did with laborers.

      • MarsBarsTru7

        Hi Aahs. Long time no see.

        I don’t know how you’re relating your comment to what I said, but in response to your comment:

         War… Is it a waste? It is always tragic for those who place value on all human life. By Christian standards that value must necessarily include those who do not look the same or believe the same things we do. We should even lament the death of our enemies, even when it is by our own hands out of necessity. It’s even sadder when a country engages in civil war.

        However, there is a time for war when the cause is just and righteous. And when it is time for war it is right and good and honorable for people willing and able to take up arms and fight for what is right to do so. And part of taking up that obligation involves the willingness and the action of risking life and taking life.

        Slavery was, is, and always will be wrong. The greatest tragedy in the history of our country was it being founded with slavery being a legal institution. And that tragedy led to the tragedy of the Civil War.

        There’s a price to pay for wrongdoing. God is the ultimate judge. But no one is blameless and all must seek to make themselves so by God’s standard. Yet in this life, we may also be forced to atone for our wrongdoings while we yet live. It’s obvious that whatever wrongs the blacks of Africa sold into slavery did in their lifetimes, many of them atoned for it in circumstances that were often a living hell.

        So what of the whites that participated in the imposing of that hell? The United States of America – formed with one great hypocrisy – slavery. All men should be free and by God’s standard they have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our forebears knew this, wrote it down, and made a pretense of ascribing to it. But they didn’t apply it to all men. They excluded black slaves, many of them knowing it to be wrong, but believing to do greater good in founding the country united by giving in to a great evil.

        Our nation deserved the Civil War. Whites in America deserved the Civil War. And we need to let that sink into our psyche and know it to be true and understand why it came to pass or we’ll repeat that cycle in deliberate blindness to the truth over and over again and pass it on to our children and their children and on into the foreseeable future until finally a generation understands and owns it. But through the blood our forebears were willing to shed on the field of battle, and because the most base form of slavery was ended through that war our country came out on the other side better off for it. It was a necessary penance.

        I’m not talking about white guilt, as the price in blood was paid, and each person is responsible for their own actions. We’re responsible for what we see and know today, and how we respond to it. Which is why we need to acknowledge what was right and wrong in the past and not make excuses for our forebears wrongs. But instead, to acknowledge them and try to do better, just as we should acknowledge what they did right and aspire to do at least as much.

        And who are you or I to say their war was a waste? Those who fought it believed in it enough to bleed for it and kill for it. Would you lessen their sacrifice? Would you go back in time and tell them they were wrong to stand for their convictions? How about going into a slave hut cluster on a plantation and telling them that their lives weren’t worth it?

        I’m not saying that we can’t or shouldn’t critique the decisions of those from the past. But what I do wholeheartedly oppose is the notion that people who were so convicted that they fought for what they believed was right with everything they had did so for nothing, and that their efforts were a waste. What more could you ask for from a person? What more could they do when it was time for war? A waste? I say there is nothing that they could have done that was less of a waste. That what they did was for a cause as noble as there could be.

        I lament the loss of life. I have ancestors who were in this country and participated. I come from an area of the country where the ideologies of the time were being hashed out in earnest before the war began. I feel it. I know the history well, and I know the tragedy of it.

        Yet, what I feel most when I think about the Civil War is pride. Not just pride as an American. But pride as a human being. It’s proof that a large number of us are capable of fighting for a cause that is virtually completely selfless, and not just starting it but carrying it through to its end no matter how painful the process.

        I don’t hold that it was a blameless war or a war without its complications and corrupt elements. But the core essential element was a just cause and the right side prevailed and accomplished following through on that cause.

        Liberty is the right of every human by God, no matter their color or creed, until they’ve proven themselves unworthy of that right by imposing on the rights of others. And then, for anyone who would deny another person’s God given right to liberty, the just penalty is to lose their rights, and the price may end up being paid in blood. It’s not a waste. It’s justice. And if one does not suffer for such wrongdoing then it is a mercy.

        • landofaahs

          I musdt admit I quick read your tome, as I don’t have enough time working 2 computers and doing business. Having said that, I do believe that slavery was on it’s way out due mainly to technology like the cotton gin etc. No cotton farmer today could possibly afford to keep a group of humans alive all year for the short season where labor is required. Tractors and machines ingeneral are making human labor around the globe almost obsolete.
          As far as your comment on slavery. I would tend to agree with you witht he exception that Slavery was a humane way in the Bible to deal with those who were less competent and became indebted without ability to pay back. Loaning to a brother is a biblical principle but too many bad loans can lead to otherwise competent people becoming debt slaves also.
          Think of it like this. A man borrows money from you and cannot pay it back. You cannot afford to forgive the debt so you require him to be an indebted slave for a set period of time. He works for you until the debt is paid even if it takes until the time of Jubilee. At that time the person is set free and hopefully his children will have learned sound principles and the family has a chance to return to freedom and not be debt slaves for generations because of one incompetent father. The practice can and was abused by people like modern day democrats who used rules and laws to make debtors out of otherwise competent people. Some practices are acceptable as long as the Heart of Christian love is behind it. It is called “writing the law upon our hearts instead of stone”. That can be both justice and mercy all in one. You are a good egg and it is nice to converse with honest folk like yourself.

          • MarsBarsTru7

            God never endorsed the institution of slavery though. At no point did he say it was good. The fact that he gave the people of Israel commandments on the minimal treatment of slaves, encouraged them to release slaves, and punishment of death in many cases for the violation of commandments concerning slaves (which included the right to wages, property, marriage contracts, to bear children…). People who escaped slavery were to be left free and not treated poorly (Deut 23:15,16).

            The “slavery” standards as laid out in the Old Testament would be best described as a voluntary indentured servitude, and certainly *nothing* like the slavery of blacks in the U.S.

            The closest anything in the Bible comes to endorsing slavery is the admonition for slaves to do their best in their role as slaves, to essentially be the best slaves they can be. But it is *not* and endorsement of slavery. It is part of an overall prevailing message found throughout the Bible. God does not care what your status in this life is. He wants you to strive to do your best no matter what your circumstances are, to not envy others for a different station in life, but instead to look internally and work on ourselves and try to be the best, most righteous person we can be.

            If God endorsed slavery he wouldn’t advocate the freeing of slaves. He wouldn’t have commanded that escaped slaves were to be allowed to remain free and treated decently. He wouldn’t have commanded that slaves have various rights. He wouldn’t have given the commandment for punishment by death for the mistreatment of slaves or forced slavery. And He wouldn’t have told us, as Christ told us, to do unto others as you would have done to you. There are no exceptions to that rule. Base slavery was, is, and will always be wrong. That is an absolute moral precept of Christianity.

          • landofaahs

            God never endorced divorce either but he gave provisions for it’s “sometimes” necessity. It was not to be the norm. There was no Federal reserve back then to bail out the bad loans and prevent the lender from going broke too. The difference is that in out society, it has been our choice to lend or not lend. Back then when a brother needing help it was almost demanded you do so, thus putting ones own finances in peril. So I see no divergence in our beliefs but just as killing is sometimes necessary, it is forbidden as a general practice except for self preservation which in some cases was the debtor slave.

      • Anonymous

        Without the civil war ending there would have been slavery in the south to this day and what we know today as the United States would be two different nations.  Ulysses S. Grant and Abraham Lincoln handled and ended the war brilliantly.  The men of the Confederacy were told to lay down their arms and go home to their families in peace.  There were NO POWs!  Not one!  Grant also could have bombed Lee’s army to pieces when they crossed the Appomattox River in Virginia, but he let thousands of men live (that means tens of thousands less widows and orphans).  Lincoln’s death also stymied things further.  His successor, Andrew Johnson of Tennessee, originally held ill will against his southern brethren and wanted there to be war crimes trials and prison sentences for the enemies of the state.  But he stuck to Lincoln’s policies of reuniting a nation, (often quoting his speeches in front of congress) a nation that was divided for only five years was mended through Lincoln’s good will.  The death of the 600,000 plus men from the Civil War was the white man’s price for enslaving black men.  Their atrocities had to be paid for.  The Civil War was very brutal but the result was quite awesome, don’t you think?

        • landofaahs

          Modern machines are at the brink of making all labor obsolete. They won’t need people to slave for them, they will have robots. When that happens to a great degree, humans will become expendable to them.

          • Draxx

            landofaahs, I am an Automation Engineer and I help companies streamline production for Increased Profits (one to reduce labor costs, and two to increase quality/accurate repeatablility).  Every time I make something I know that it actually takes away a job or two (sometimes more), the worst part is knowing what I am doing.  But, in reality if I don’t do it someone else will…  So I keep myself employed by making what the Market Demands, does that make me evil, I don’t think so. Because others have the opportunity to do the same thing (isn’t that what Capitalism is based on).  I do not make the demand but fill it…

            *In an after thought, it was people like me that helped free others from slavery by making it obsolete!

          • landofaahs

            I agree with you 100%. All I am saying is that when control freak liberals who actually hate humanity attain the circumstance where people are not needed, they will do what they can to get rid of them if for no other reason than self protection from the masses revolution.
            Civilizations collapse when they exhaust there reason for existing as they are. It is a pattern of history. Most every invention from water urns then pipes etc. were designed to save labor and expense. Govt. work projects fail in the end and make matters worse, but that is the condition of man. You need not feel guilty for invention when others misuse that invention just like a knife or a gun.

          • MarsBarsTru7

            True. Never feel guilty for honest labor or engineering innovation. It is how technology is used that matters.

            The evil isn’t in you creating a new engineering feat that allows for more efficient work, for a more efficient labor process. What you do is noble by itself. It’s what *they* will use technology like that to excuse – the purpose for which they use it/desire to use it.

            People like Gates and Buffett and Soros and David Rockefeller and elite scientists and multi-generational wealthy families have been funding and discussing the notion of access population for nearly 100 years. Truth be told, amoral elites like them have been discussing excess population and the “virtues” of herding and breeding humans since at least as far back as the ancient Greeks, and likely since the time of the Tower of Babel and Nimrod.

            But now, as human beings, we’re reaching a point in technology when all aspects of simple labor may be automated, and they no longer need a slave labor force to do the “dirty work”. Now, they have the ability to eliminate all these people that they’ve had to suck up to – the mob, the dirty masses – to ensnare and exploit for thousands of years. The elites of the world only need to secure their power and manufacture a way they deem safe enough (minimize risk to themselves) to eliminate the excess.

            And it’s not speculation that many of them desire this. There is no conspiracy theory. It’s in their own words. It’s in history. Generation after generation of them having this discussion among themselves, until finally, now, with the progress in technology they believe it’s a dream that they can finally realize. It’s depressing as hell to listen to them speak, but if you need convinced, look up Gates, look up Soros, look up Buffett, look up David Rockefeller on population control. I don’t know whether they’re so confident now that they don’t feel that they have to hide these things (Buffett seems to try harder than the others… no video that I know of but multiple mainstream/business magazine interviews/articles cite his population control position) or if they’re just not as careful as they would wish to be, but videos abound of them speaking in various forums on these concepts.

            And if it’s not the wealthy elitists it’s amoral secular scientists. University professors – men with platforms at major universities; Ivy League Universities – medical doctors, and biologists.

            Read what they have to say. Watch videos on them (I suggest doing so in moderation… sometimes their complete lack of morality hits you like a punch in the face). In their own words this is what they strive for.

            It’s not people like you, it’s them. I’m sure the vast majority of people educated on these issues understand that. The important thing we take away from this, sharing this information, is we understand the importance of opposing them. We need to oppose their systems of control and we need to spread the word. Collect information. Confront people about it… don’t let it make your life dysfunctional, but spend the time and effort you can to keep them from making our lives dysfunctional and worse.

          • Draxx

            lando & bars, I at least know that I don’t make automation that can Kill People As A Weapon!  Drones are a form of automation that is making some of those Democratic/Liberal/Socialist Agendas Possible.  It is one thing to drop a bomb on people from an aircraft that is only above them for seconds with a Push of a Button, and it is a Totally Different Situation when someone has to pull the Trigger and Look Down the Barrel of a Firearm and SEE The People Killed!  It is that Disconnect that makes it possible for a weak minded soul to kill someone without seeing first hand the Pain & Destruction They Are Causing.  Someone that might not be able to pull a trigger can push a button and feel like they are not doing anything wrong!

            This is a quote from Plato that keeps ringing in my head, “Every care must be taken that our auxiliaries, being stronger than our citizens, may not grow too much for them and become savage beasts.”.  And this one from Pericles,”I am more afraid of our own mistakes than of our enemies’ designs.”.  But, these quotes have a purpose. To Remind Us Of History Can Easily Repeat Itself…!

          • MarsBarsTru7

             I completely agree with you on this point Aahs. This is the state of things now. They see this as a realistic near-future goal.

          • landofaahs

            It’s why I tell family members to learn to hunt,fish,grow crops,raise livestock,build things, preserve foods and be self sufficient as possible. Buy land in remote locations and don’t be depndent on modern technology. It’s O.K. to use it, just don’t be dependent to itor others. But I think before the plans of liberals to destroy humanity happens, God will step in because he is in control and not man.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, your claims of “not one” POW is false, along with many of your other claims. Pick up a History book, a pre 1920’s is best.

          • Anonymous

            AFTER THE CIVIL WAR WAS OVER there were no POWs. That is my “false” claim. I’m not speaking about DURING the Civil War.

          • Draxx

            Over 20,000 POW’s of the Civil War died in the Harrisburg Prison Camp… How many lived I am not sure but there definitely were POW’s!!!

        • Anonymous

           If you can explain how Chicago, Detroit and Memphis is now awesome I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.  Preface your  statement there would be slavery in the South to this day with in my opinion, because that is all it is and a stupid one at that.  Your posts is just another example of our dumbed down proproganda school system, an example of the misinformed and uninformed that votes in our elections for the worse Preseident we could possibly have.

          • Anonymous

            I voted for Romney, so you are uninformed about me.  You’ve shown your contempt for Abraham Lincoln.  Good for you hater. Hate me hate me all you want I DON’T CARE!

        • Anonymous

          The winner of the war writes or re writes their version of history. The WAR OF NOTHERN  AGRESSION has been rewritten to produce the results of the history we have today. The War was fought over Tariffs. The issue of Slavery was used by the North as a rallying point not the cause of the war. Grant was a drunk and later a terrible President. Lincoln went through several generals before he settled on Grant. Lincoln didn’t have a problem with slavery(Politically), but was forced by politics to save his party by complying with the wishes of those backing him. The Emancipation Proclomation only freed those slaves in the States held by the Confederacy not the entire county. Blacks were still mistreated, kept in a virtual slave condition and kept separate(segreated) from whites in the North. (Even Black officers that served in the Union Army)  During the war,there were horrible, infamous unbeliveably atrocious POW camps on both sides where thousands of men died from disease and brutal living conditions. Those that survived and were released– especially Confederates went home to devistaton,poverty and a bleak future.
            Read about the Morrill Tariff as well as the 1828 Tariff of Abomination.
          Read the book The Un-Civil war : Shattering the Historical Myths by Leonard M.Scruggs. published in 2011.
          ” The real causes of the disatisfaction in the South with the North are in the unjust taxation and expenditure of the taxes by the Government of the United Sates and in the revolution the North has effected in this government,from a confederated republic to a national dspotism”  This was published two days before Lincoln’s election in November 1860 in
           the Charleston Mercury. In 1861 an article in a newspaper in London written by a political analyst favoring the North wrote” The war between the North and South is a tariff war. The war, is futher,not for any principle,does not touch the question of slavery and in fact turns on the Nothern lust for power.”
          “The exclusionist policy of the Republican party was not to abolish slavery,but only to keep slavery out of the new territorites. A majority of republicans wanted to exclude blacks altogether from these terrorities and reserve them for “free white labor” .  which was suggested by both David Wilmont and Abraham Lincoln .”  from ” The Morrill Tariff -Northern Provacation to Southern Secession November/December 2011 issue of the Confederate Veteran. The 600,000 Union and condederate soliders that died as well as 50,000 Southern civilians died as a result of years of unjust Northern tariffs ,taxes and protectionism–not because of slavery. The war was fought over “Money” In 1862 the South was responsible for 82 % of all exports from the United States. The North was losing money because of the Souterhn “cotton” states. By placing more and more of a tax burden and tariffs they attempted to control the money flow and thus the ”Power” of the government.
            For years, primarily since the 1960’s the myth that the war was a glorious crusade against slavery has been nothing more than propaganda by political interests that want their version of the war continued in the schools and halls of academia.

        • Anonymous

           To both landofaahs and bert 28. You are both a little right. Slavery would have ended of its own but it would have taken a long time. First of all the main cause of the Civil War was not slavery as it existed in the Southern States but the expansion of Slavery into the new Territories.  If the South won or if the war never happened and the South got its way Slavery would have expanded which would have meant a resumption of the African slave trade to fill the increased need. This is proven by existing historical records that show plainly that the South wanted a resumption for this reason.  Within a few years the new Territories would have exploded with slaves probably doubling or tripling the slave population of the United States. But, after a few years in the “frontier” the slave / master relationship would have been very different from that in the institutionalized South. Slaves would have likely become to be seen more as indentured servants or bondsmen than as chattel. The wild card would have been how this presence of so many slaves would have impacted the relationship between Natives and Settlers. In some cases Natives actually held slaves and would have likely added more and over time merged more with the settlers. But others would have absorbed escaped slaves into heir numbers making it much, much harder for US forces to remove them.

          Either way the slave trade from Africa would have resumed and this may have meant a resumed war with Great Brittan, whose Navy was active against the slave trade and would have come into contact with US slave ships. Slave population would explode and spread and then over a few years it would diminish with slaves simply becoming less defined as slaves until slavery itself evolved out of existence. No lives would have been saved because the Civil War Dead would have been replaced with either the dead from new slaves or the dead from other battlefields.

    • Amanda Connelly

      excellently stated. Perfect.

  • Michael A Fox

    We need You tube links, to this video.  It plays better ln the other blogs I am sharing.  I would rather not dl and up load a converted copy to YouTube, but this kind of information MUST be put out there NOW

  • Soulphoenix

    Yes, yes, and yes. Still looks and sounds like a duck.

  • Jakedempsey


  • Bradley Haddix

    You tube links would definately get the word out along with exposure on facebook.  Any social media link would be good. Fox news might be good exposure!  You guys are the pros and Glen, you have a research crew that can put together something quickly that will get exposure!

  • Howard Wyer

    God bless Glenn Beck!!! Bottom line is that we are ALL AMERICANS! Black, White, Brown, doesn’t matter, we’re Americans. Excluding the 12 million illegals. Forget about race right now, we must stand together to keep our Constitutional Rights!! I can tell you this, for me and my fellow Texans, there will be civil war before they take our guns away!!! God bless America!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I will say this much – the Democratic party has over its history sought to gain dominance by intimidation and manipulation of one ethnic or economic groups against another.

    In bringing them to being dependents of the government they have convinced people to trade their freedoms and opportunities for success for slavery to the government. Create an culture of despair, hopelessness, anger and deliberate suppression for their opportunities and then find one or more other groups to have their hate focused upon and you have the Democratic party become the ultimate in tyrants. 

    In the end the Democrats seek to dominate everyone mind and body as completely as they can.

  • landofaahs

    Democrat slavers pre-civil war always wanted the slaves unarmed, uneducated and dependent.  Nothing has changed with the democrat party except that the plantation is in DC and they don’t want just black slaves but anyone else the can put in chains.  Funny how things change and that real slavery has moved from the south and landed in the north.

    • MarsBarsTru7

       That northeast socialist voting block is a great shame to those of us living there/who grew up there not voting for the party of the donkey. Funny what a hundred years, heavy immigration, and lack of religious conviction will do to a people.

      • landofaahs

        It’s why Ben Franklin said “Mind your business”.

  • Draxx

    One of my best friends is a Black Woman that I have known since I was Six years old (which would make it about 39 years of friendship), I am 1/2 Native American and 1/2 European Caucasian, and Everytime I See Her I Call Her “Sis” Because She Really Is Like A Sister To Me In Real Life! 

    One time a couple of years ago at her house she had a get together / dinner party, and I called her Sis in front of everyone like I always do.  I was told by one of her friends that I had just met, “White Man you had better get off that High Horse of yours! You have no right to call a Woman of Color Your Sister!”, and quicker than a whip she told them to Shut-Up, Get Out, and Leave Her Brother Alone!  She told them that we had been friends Five Times Longer Than They Had Been Friends, and that WE have been through thick and thin Together. (Her language was actually not as tame as I am writing it.)  Our kids have grown up together like cousins.  When she wanted to get married to a white man that Loves and Takes Care of Her, she came up against all kinds of obstacles, but my wife and I attended their Wedding with the Justice of the Peace (us four and all of our kids were the only ones in attendance because others had a problem with them getting married, including her family).  When we were teens some racist punks started a fight with her and her brother at a dance club, it was 5 on 2 so I jumped in to help without thinking about it (she was my sis too).  After we walked away bruised and beat up even as the victors, others shouted out criticism at me (things I would rather not repeat).  She asked me why I was willing to get beat up for her and I replied, “Isn’t that what brothers and sisters do for each other?”, she then started to cry and gave me a big hug and said, “If You Ever Stop Calling Me Sis’ I Am Going To Kick Your Butt!!!”.  And the rest is history…

    If you have a problem with someone because of their skin color (whatever it might be), Get Over It… It’s a Persons Actions that make them Good or Bad, not anything else!!!

  • Sharmane

    To answer the headline – yes!  The democrat plantation is alive and well.

  • Anonymous


  • SoThere
  • Sam Fisher
  • Sam Fisher
  • Edmond Haskell

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  • Anonymous

    Near the top of a Federal fire arms form it has boxes to check as to your race… If you mark the one for white and you are not of Hispanic origin you must also mark the “white non Hispanic” box …. If you mark that you are Hispanic the dealer cannot require you to answer the question ” are you a citizen of the United States”  another government double standard Hispanics get special treatment when they purchase their firearm…… Blacks and Whites get treated the same…. we have to state if we are a citizen……
    As to the question of the Demoncrats wanting to restrict firearms ownership by Blacks yes! 
    Bill Clinton thought it was Constitutional to have police go into the projects do house to house searches and confiscate firearms……

  • Anonymous

    Until Conservatives of every color get “radical”, and start denouncing Democrat leaders and activists, in public and to their faces, of deliberately keeping the African American, Hispanic and Native American communities enslaved to the govt., dependent, defeated and uninspired, nothing will get done.  Those communities are nothing but votes to them, and they need to be called out!

  • Sam

    who thinks ending slavery was a good idea should take a walk though Chicago or Detroit.
    Or any other cities like Memphis with a large black population. Anyone who
    thinks race (not color) does not make a difference is dumber than the average
    low information voter. The only semi successful countries on this planet are Asian.
    There are no successful brown or black counties that do not depend on white
    charity in some fashion. Oh there are millions of excuses for it and of course
    there are exceptions within the races but when looked at overall equality is
    total fantasy.

  • mspatdev

    The answer to this question is YES. Obammy won by keeping the blacks down and giving them free phones, free mortgages and keeping them on welfare, food stamps and everything else. He calls them stupid, they aren’t. The youth are the most unemployed in the nation. When are people going to get up and rise up? Martin L. King did not die for Obammy to come along and put you down. I grew up in Calif. with the blacks. They were good people. My ancestors fought for you by saving the people coming from the south to the north. Get out of the thinking that you can’t do it, YOU Can do it.  May God Bless This Great Nation.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the Democrats are doing that and it’s important for African Americans to get educated and learn the truth.Because these politicians on the left don’t want to help you,they want to leave you defenseless and hopeless.That’s stupid.I hope and pray everyone wakes up to their plot to hurt the African American community’s as well as others.

  • Beverly Cain

    I believe this is the first time I’ve seen Starr Parker associated with Glenn or The Blaze. Fabulous woman. As a Long Beach resident – this made my day to see her on the show.

  • Anonymous

    When you do the background research on Pres. Lydon Johnson, Pres. JFK and the Kennedy family, The Clintons and several other political democratic noteables you find out how much they truly disliked Blacks,but did everything they could in public to get their vote. You have to dig in their dairies, private lives, family gatherings,business dealings, remarks made to body guards,etc . The evidence is there,but you have to go beyond just news articles,TV comments, —– each President has a library, there are congressional papers with info on their daily meetings with aids,staffers, etc.
    Blacks have been used by the Democrats for generations to keep them in office.

  • josh

    This made me shed a tear because i see it first hand. I see it everyday. i’m a black democrat and it hurts me everyday being one, because i see whats going on with this party. they truly want us to be dependent on the government. times will change we will wake up. education will become stronger in the black community. it also boils down to education people. when your educated you see through b.s. I don’t see my self as being a dem for to long. republicans can easily get the black vote if they start caring. if they put the time in to understand blacks issues it would help. if reps come up with a plan to get people from being dependent on the government, for example not saying your going to end a government program but your going to help people get off that program and slowly end it. these fear tactics dems are using has to stop.

  • Bill Davis

    What a bunch of ignorant phucks….

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