Laurie Dhue: There’s even more surveillance going on than ever before

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Tonight at 8pm ET, TheBlaze will debut it’s new investigative news program For The Record. This episode will be hosted by veteran journalist Laurie Dhue, who joined Glenn on the the radio show this morning to discuss the show and some of the shocking revelations uncovered about the NSA.

“I thought I had a pretty good handle on the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy, but I didn’t until I started going through and watching the incredible interviews that had been put together very carefully by the producers and the people that worked on this for months,” Laurie Dhue told Glenn.

“I have to give a shoutout to the staff. They were so professional and they were so fun to work with.”

Dhue was very surprised by the evolving lack of transparency and increase in surveillance gathering going on in the country right now. She specifically pointed to a data center being built in Utah that would store all kinds of personal information including banking records, credit card information, e-mails, and social media.

“I think this is going to open a lot of people’s eyes. Glenn your viewers already know, already know that what happened in the wake of 9/11 has been illegal and unconstitutional. But I think, just like Rand Paul was, people will be absolutely shocked to know that things have gotten less transparent in the last 10 years. There’s even more surveillance going on than ever before. There is a giant facility being built in Utah right now that’s a 100,000 square feet, and it’s in the town of Bluffdale. And it is being built for the sole purpose of storing information about you and me, and anybody and everybody. We’re talking about your banking records. Your credit card records. Facebook, and Twitter. You name it. This is all being done in the name of protection. In the name of keeping us safe. But it’s scary stuff when you think about it.”

Dhue explained that For The Record is going to focus on the story of Thomas Drake who blew the whistle on the NSA and subsequently had his life destroyed.

“The leader of the NSA was in complete denial about the amount of money that was wasted. And what we learn in this is that the protagonist is a guy named Thomas Drake and he says after 9/11 we became a foreign nation basically for the purposes of vast dragnet electronic surveillance. He wanted to blow the whistle here. He approached General Hayden, who was then running the NSA, and said ‘Do you have a warrant for this stuff?’ Because he knew that what was going on was in direct violation of the constitution. Direct violation of the fourth and Fifth Amendment.”

“And General Hayden admitted this surveillance was being done without a warrant. But that wasn’t the end of it. Thomas Drake decided to blow the whistle on the corruption and the fraud and the waste and abuse in the NSA. And guess what happened? He was indicted on 10 felony counts under the Espionage Act. He ended up vindicated.”

Despite being vindicated, he now can’t get a job and is working at an Apple Store to pay the bills.

Glenn hoped that TheBlaze TV subscribers will watch this documentary and share it with their friends as it’s vital to know how the government is monitoring the most intimate details about the lives or private citizens.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Information is power and those with control of the information, how it is used, manipulated, hidden or released for the purpose of slander, innuendo, bribery, coercion and much more, have the final power over the masses.

    Manipulate perceptions, ideology, society and culture step by step and the establishment of a tyranny is complete. Look at the last election in which it is documented the Democratic party had hired psychologists to help hand-craft specific regional and local messages for the simple reason of demonizing Romney.

    Apply that to the nation as a whole and see the danger.

    Information is power, and control the information is to have power over the masses.

    • Draxx

      The Superbowl is the Apex of Commercial Advertisements, and Presidential Elections are the Apex of Propaganda (and both/all sides use it).  It is the Ultimate Ponzy for Psychological Manipulation Into Believing Someone You Don’t Really Know!!!  Just like in advertising they scour peoples brains to find out what will make them Buy Into What They Are Selling…

    • Anonymous

      The most damaging blows to Romeny came from the right.
      It wasn’t the democrats who coined the term: “Vulture Capitalist”—it was Rick Perry.
      And it wasn’t Obama running around waving an Etch a Sketch game at campaign stops–it was Rick Santorum.
      And it was Newt Gingrich who felt he should warn America that Mitt Romeny was a “fundamentally dishonest man.”

      The GOP primary saw Mitt Romney bashed every day for months—MONTHS—by his own party. 
      And then came the infamous 47% tape….no need for the media to edit or manipulate that—just let it play.

      The truth is Obama and the liberal media had to do very little to destroy Mitt. That job was done for them.

      • Anonymous

         I have been discussing this very thing with the dimwits in the Republican party in Florida, and hope to do it with the national party as well. That parade of hopefuls saying and doing mean things to eachother to win the primary was too stupid for words. Then to make matters worse the GOP and Romney campaign allowed the moderators of the debates, of which there were far too many, were trying to make a name for themselves with their gotcha questions. NO Freeking substance at all. Especially the last two dishonest clowns, Crawley etc. they were actually rooting for the president and LYING for him. I am so disgusted I really don’t know what to do about it.

        • Nuff Said

          You and Hooey should get a room at the Obama hotel, where all your fantasies come ‘true’.  Did you even READ the article and have ANY concern or mild questioning?  

          You’d think liberals above ALL would shout ‘terrorist government!’ when it comes to ignoring personal rights to privacy.  What gives?  

          In honesty, do you REALLY believe Obama cares about YOU, about the ‘little’ guy, about America, about PRESERVING our freedoms?  Or do you want a country with a few hundred people controlling EVERYTHING everyone else does?

          I suggest more research on your part, don’t just believe all you hear about Obama, etc.

          • Draxx

            Obummer only cares about How Much TaxPayer Money He Can Spend On Himself & His Family (I am sure this year he will outspend the $1.14 Billion he spent on Himself Last Year!)

          • sparducks

            What? You mean the president of hopey changey don’t care about little ol me? Why cause he on the golf course all day long?
            This whole government starting with the whitehouse is a bunch of lawless creeps and anyone who would trust them with their privacy is a bone waiting to be chewed.

      • Draxx

        I believe Newt is a Fundamentally Dishonest Man…

        • jen

          Then you must like dishonesty, because infact Romney was by far the most dishonest using wicked tactics on the campaign trail.  Newt was the cleanest.  Infact, Newt was slandered in a shocking way that should make you not be proud of being an american republican. 

          Cain never had a shot, so he didn’t much damage to others.  Following that, Bachman was the most dishonest.

          On the other hand, Romney treated Obama with kid gloves just like McCain did. 

          • Draxx

            jen, I haven’t seen you comment for while… 

            How did you read I like Dishonesty out of my short one line of I don’t like Newt G. because I think he is dishonest?  I didn’t say anything negative about edtooey’s post, or that I endorse it either… so there is no reading between the lines when there is Only One Line.

          • Anonymous

            I agree Jen, the establishment got real nervous when Newt was taking the lead. To this day, if you google “Drudge Report”, one of the listings is “Newts ex wife trashes Newt”. They slandered the heck out of him and when he tried to fight back, he was named the bad guy. He was the one that ran a very clean campaign and only picked on Obama ( until he was forced to retaliate). If Mitt could have talked about Obama the way he and his super PAC talked about Newt, we may have had a different outcome. I wish it was Newt that Candy Crowley tried to correct in that second debate, he would have probably won the election right there. It was a hard campaign and we are all still pretty sore about it, the main thing is that we keep fighting the libs and not each other, hopefully we can get the most perfect imperfect person next time.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, Newt is the best serial adulterer in politics, you got to hand it to this honest wife-cheater who got kicked out of Congress when it was discovered he was cheating on his wife while he was going after Clinton for cheating on his wife, you have to admire honesty like that, right, Jen?

          • sparducks

             Yer an Idiot.

          • CovertWarOnAmericansLeakedHere

             Washington is running the online conversation for an illegal operation.

          • Anonymous

            Oh yeah, Newt is so noble.  Please!  As a veteran in mortgage lending, listening to that jerk face lie about his “consulting” for Freddie Mac made clear to me what a pathetic bag of crap that loser really is.  Took $1.2 million from them and then can’t make a coherent statement about what he actually did for the money.  The answer is he lobbied for them, took an outrageous fee for doing nothing, and then lied to all of us about it on national TV. He’s the slickest big government huckster of them all.  And no, I do not want to spend our money on a Mars colony.  What a jerk faced idiot!!

      • JamesJinSC

         mitt was a progressive and earned all of the bashing he got and then some

      • sparducks

        Wtf are you retards doing talking about Romney? the story has nothing to do with Romney. The mofo lost. Obama won. Now that mofo is stampeding on the constitution. if you co(%&#(%ers  can’t see the danger in allowing the feds and the military intellegence to operate unrestrained then you really deserve to just lay your stupid ass down in a sardine can full of oil or mustard or hot sauce whatever and let the government just roll the lid on up and seal you in. Your party might have control now but God knows what kind of madman will get elected next. If Barack Hussein Obama a know nothing grifter can get elected so can Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot Moa, Sammy the Bull, Bozo, Kent Dorfman. You name it. Look at the clowns in the senate and the house. a fn cockroach can get elected in this country, do we really want them to have this much power?

    • jen

      When you tell biased lies, you are as bad as Obama and clearly proud of it.  Of course, Romney’s corrupt advisors/staffers did the same with their GOP rivals.  With Obama, they refused to do it and never really criticized him much and let Obama hit Romney with effective neg ads while Romney did not put out any ads then other than at his gop rivals when they overtook him (primarily Newt). 

      Romney did play fair and used tactics to get under the skin of his rivals – those that spoke out are huckabee, another 2008 gop rival, and newt.  you saw in debates that the same was done to santorum to get him flustered and off balanced.

      And you mean to say republicans never use info to control and manipulate.  And Romney ran the same type of campaign against Obama as it did against gop rivals?  Ha – you are indeed a trained leftist.

    • Anonymous

       Absolutely correct. There simply is no justification or legal basis for what the government is doing. Their actions are designed, from start to finish, to circumvent the constitution. Most democrats now think this is good, but will soon be whining about it when they are not in the majority. This is the same justification that is being used by the gun grabbers in Washington and the states. It goes something like this-“We have to do SOMETHING to keep our children safe.” 

      Unfortunately, unbiased study shows that not only do these ideas not keep us safe, they are designed with ill intent in order to control access and flow of information that can be readily accessed by any governmental goon with an agenda and in violation of the 4th and 5th amendments of the US constitution.

      The democrats absolutely freaked out when they found out that there were a few warrantless wiretaps occurring under the Bush administration. Obama was one of them. However, under his watch, wiretapping has become an art form previously unknown to the world. He intends to get around the constitution by constructing this facility with the purpose of recording every electronic communications occurring within the borders of the US and beyond. By eavesdropping on absolutely everyone, he can rightly point out that no one has been singled out and that the information is not being used for law enforcement purposes…yet.

      What people don’t realize is that with the computer power that is being employed here, the information can be used for absolutely anything. Time and again, it has been shown that those states who keep a database of gun applicants and background checks have, in secrecy and in violation of both state and federal law, retained these databases and have given the information to police agencies secretly. It can be used for anything. The information is supposed to be destroyed and kept away from any federal databases. That will not be a thing of the past. Under Obama’s plan, any federal agency will be able to access every personal aspect of our lives from birth to death under the guise of “keeping us safe from terrorism”.

      We simply cannot afford to allow these fools to take any more liberties. We can expect mockery, disingenuousness and outright lies as the government tries to use what happened in Connecticut and other violent acts to permit them unbridled access to every aspect of our personal and private lives and use it to completely disarm us. Without the control of the information flow and removal of weapons from the hands of the citizens, the government must fear the people, as is right. It doesn’t matter what the information is going to be used for, it is information to which the government, by law, does not have a right to obtain without oversight. In typical leftist, progressivist fashion, Obama funded this agency and ordered its construction with little congressional oversight and no permission whatsoever, with the sole purpose and intent of moving forward his plan to control the country long after his term is up.

    • Anonymous

      did you say something “snow leaptard”? I thought you said bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb bleeb

      • Anonymous

        Cretin, I mean, Critten…the fact that you can’t understand this is yet another indicator of the shallow nature of your education and grasp of how to use that meager knowledge base. Seriously, you believe that control of information access and flow DOESN’T affect outcomes? Or are you just in favor of violating civil rights by placing the government’s “need” to know above your right to privacy? So if one of us were to hack you to ensure that you’re not a threat, that would also be just fine with you, right? Because guess what…that is exactly what is about to happen on a scale writ gargantuan. I’ve been to the facility in Utah. It is an enormous building, with numerous outbuildings. It will contain little else than miles of servers, all linked together to create the most powerful, most invasive series of supercomputers ever constructed. They WILL be listening and recording every single electronic communication within the United States. Being a mindless liberal, I would think that you would have at least some level of concern about people who don’t share your views having access to every shred of information ever recorded about your life. Or is it okay with you because it is Obama building the facility? Do you believe that somehow, Obama will be able to bypass the constitution to gain a 3rd term? I guess it’s possible since he believes that the constitution is outdated, outmoded and an all around annoyance for “getting done” what he wants to do. He doesn’t bat an eyelash about circumventing the checks and balances system when it serves him. Liberals always seem to forget that if Obama can do it, would you be comfortable with someone like George Bush having unfettered access to that information without even the slightest attempt to follow constitutional law that guarantees a right to privacy, warrantless search and seizure and civil rights violations. Barack “Stalin” Obama is not going to be in power forever, and unless you are committed to having every scrap of information you’ve ever accumulated in your life being accessible by anyone, for any purpose that THEY think justifies ignoring your civil rights, then you are nothing more than an unmitigated hypocrite or a fool. Myself, based on your previous posts, I’m leaning toward the latter.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Information is power, control the information and you hold power.

  • landofaahs

    That’s what controle freak liberal progressives do.  They are like the guy who is so paranoid that he has his wife surveilled to see if she is cheating.  Paranoid democrat socialist progressive libtards.  

  • Chris Dupuis

    So you’re bringing over past anchors from Fox.  When is Hannity expected to make the jump?

  • Sam Fisher

    It is power uncheck and that is dangerous. They now have unlimited power to do whatever they want. Even if that means killing people with drones and the media helps them by covering up facts about what Obama and the left have been doing. The media is dying and for good reason because regular people that are not political are getting sick of the propaganda.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t drone me bro!

      Do you have any idea how stupid and paranoid that you sound? Even that dottering old fool McCain is making fun of you.

      • Sam Fisher

        Do you understand that the Homeland security tried to paint the tea party pro-life and military vets terrorist or can’t you see anything outside the doors of Obama’s church of fascism? Go ahead and stand with McCain he is only going to used that power to come after the left when the fascist left get kicked out then we will see who much you love the fact of being called a terrorist for not towing your lord and savior’s agenda.

        • Anonymous

          You’re wasting your time trying to reason with fools like Critten. If you peruse his posts, they are abjectly devoid of fact, but full of name calling, immaturity and idiocy. He’s not capable of arguing on the basis of fact. Being yet another “me too” liberal, he has gone to what is easy. Liberalism is the philosophy of “the end justifies any means”. It leads to foolishness, not reason, and it is the philosophy of laziness.

          • Sam Fisher

            I only do it because it is fun.

  • Draxx

    Last year I bought an 8 Camera Security System that can even be accessed via Cell Phone, I tested the connection and started wondering if there is a Back Door Key Into My System That I Don’t Know About. That got me wondering who can watch my system online if I can?  So, when I am home I Disconnect it from the internet, when I leave I hook it up and can monitor things.  I am also fortunate enough to have honest neighbors, and people that will protect my property when I am not there (without necessarily needing the Reactionary Police Force That Comes After The Damage Is Done)!

    • Nuff Said

      Ah, I see you too have heard of the RPFTCATDID…. bastards.

      • Draxx

        OMG BTW, the RPFTCATDID has me feeling SOL on the SIT because it X-Platforms my OS on my COMP, it gives FG BD Access on my ID and EA… I should not leave for long or I could miss my ETA and end up DOA!

  • Brian Compton

    Do you trust your government

    • Nuff Said

      Do you?

  • Anonymous

    The show is called “For the Record” ? That’s AWFULLY close to “On The Record” Expect an angry phone call from Greta! Lol

  • Anonymous

    The country has gone way farther than a few corrupt politicians. There is a hostile overthrow of America taking place. The government files changes as a warning to others who try to stand in its way.

  • Anonymous

    The computer age is both a boon and a bust to people. When people communicated by letters, authorities could snoop on them only by opening the letters before they got to the addressee. In the electronic age, hackers can find out all kinds of things about anybody. The safest people are the ones NOT using computers. Hackers exist all over and some of the most sophisticated ones are in governments. They can jam computers at will and extract information to their liking.  I doubt that any computer is 100% safe from these scarlatans.

  • Anonymous

    N.S.A. is so rotten to the core that they expend an unbelievabele amount even persecuting people who dutifully and properly report fraud, waste, and abuse as well as the very prevalent sexual predation at N.S.A. The N.S.A. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) office and the (OIG) offices – both obviously intended as watch dog entities that are supposed to operate seperately from the N.S.A., are instead lapdogs that are set up to either ignore or attack legitimate requests for investigations. A friend of mine worked there, specifically in the Weapons and Space Directorate. Her intelligence research led to a discovery that endangered a large number of U.S. military. Her research consequently led to 6 months of reports that gave the U.S. everything it needed to negate the danger. However, despite such diligient and fruitful work and such a monumental contribution, the Office Chief of Weapons & Space decided that her work and awards would be just the thing to get a barely literate, high school grad skank he was sleeping with in a subordinate office of S2J33, a promotion and position of Office Chief (“supervising” a branch made up of Master Degrees and PhD’s) . So, my friend’s internal resume was removed from consideration by upper management, from those presented to the S2J promotion board.  Her work was dihonestly represented as the skank’s, and the skank received the promotion and branch chief position. When a promotion boar member found out that she had been lied to, she told my friend she had been cheated out of a promotion. My friend asked the OIG to investigate. However, when the OIG found out it was not only true, but that the woman had been trading sexual favors with multiple Weapons & Space managers (including the one who was tasked with setting up the Denver branch of N.S.A.), my friend was told “no one cares why anyone is promoted” and told to shut up about it. THEN the OIG went to the Office Chief of W & S and instructed him to fabricate accusations that this woman had leaked classified information so that they could generate a reason to involve N.S.A. Security (Q Group). So under false accusations and a false witness (a friend of the skank’s) my frined was accused of something they knew very well she did not do. Security used this as the basis to actively slander her with other managers, co-workers, and even filed a false report with the FBI in order to generate an investigation of her that would slander her with neighbors and non-NSA friends and acquaintances. She even was followed around NSA even to and from the bathroom, by car to and from work, and after a few months, was put under 24/7 “surveillance (harassment) by people who not only would follow her to the store, but would make sure to follow her around the store in an overt, harassing, and threatening manner. She also was subjected to harassment as she drove, multiple cars playing games that could easily have injured or killed her. NSA used your tax money to spend on 24/7 harassment by NSA Security personnel and Security contractors as well. Mind games: what NSA was waiting for, was for their harassment to get so overt and worrisome that she would finally come to them and complain about it. As soon as she did, the OIG and Security pulled her clearance, accused her of being paranoid and delusional”, and put her in a menial position where she was portrayed to the people there as having done something criminal to lose her clearance (Top Secret). Despite license plates and pictures of the harassers, NSA refused to investigate at all. In fact, in order to work at NSA, she had taken several psychological evaluations over her 28 year period, all of which wer entirely normal. NSA’s response to that fact? “She cheated on the psychological evaluations.” – according to a Security psychologist (a practicing lesbian who had been fired from a psychiatric facility in Jessep, Maryland for “partying” with patients’ medications with a lesbian lover also working at the facility).  When my friend went to the Howard County police, NSA shut down their investigation. (NSA provides HCPD with many “toys”). 
       After she went to the police, NSA was desperate to put her on administrative leave because they realized that she had seen and identified many of her harassers as NSA Security personnel as well as NSA Security contractor personnel (one harasser had forgotten to take off his NSA green contractor badge as he engaged in stalking harassment in a grocery store.) In order to do this, they had one of the Security personnel in the administrative side again make Security fabricated false accusations to remove her. At that point, she hired her own psychologist in self-defense. He came to her final hearing and said that he had been quite impressed with her honesty, integrity, and sanity. He not only had no problems recommending that her Top Secret Clearance be reinstated, but felt encouraged by the calibre of person she was having such a position and responsibility. After he spoke, the Security “psychologist”, who had been present to hear him, demanded that he and my friend be removed form the hearing so she could “testify” (lie). In a couple weeks, she received the letter stating that she was insane and therefore could not be trusted with a Top Secret clearance. The psychologist, who is a much experienced psychologist, whose expertise is highly sought after, was in shock. He could not believe the hack psychologist he had thoroughly rebutted with tests and a clean diagnosis had been “believed” over him, when all the evidence was clearly on my friend’s side. But, it didn’t matter because my friend had, in properly reporting the theft of her work and her promotion, threatened to expose the sex-for-promotion ring being exploited by good-old-boys in the Office of Weapons and Space, which would have “embarassed” NSA, and therefore SHE was a “threat to National Security” and HAD TO GO. They also had to trash her reputation so that no one would believe her AND to make sure she could NEVER get another job with the Federal government again. They fired her just after she had completed 28 years of service to N.S.A. For nothing. Don’t tell me NSA is not a fascist and dangerous entity. NSA is clearly run by sociopaths. I know several other people who have been viciously attacked for nothing at this agency as well. This is merely an example of the abuses going unreported and unpunished at NSA. 

  • Gomez Cooley

    Hey Glenn, if you didn’t charge people for your news, maybe you would get a bigger audience ad make more money off of the advertising.

  • Ned Barnett

    So VERY glad to see Laurie Dhue again – Glenn, thanks for bringing her back.  She’s the greatest – a strong reporter and a wonderful human being.

  • Ryan R May

    Your thoughts on The Blaze using the name “For The Record”? I agree with Molotov here guys, lets suck it up and do the right thing here

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t she get fired from Fox for getting high all the time? Man, talk about a bad face lift.

  • J Cole

    Good ‘ol Glenn Beck.

    Cons love him because he’s a race-baiter and fear-mongerer, but hate
    him because he splits the GOP and costs them elections. What a pathetic
    fool, and no wonder he can’t get a TV show.

    The only thing worse than him are his ignorant, uneducated followers.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately for you, per usual, Glenn owns his own studio and channel. Perhaps you could actually try researching just a teensy, tiny bit before you open your mouth. Or is owning your own channel and production studio the mark of a loser to you? Apparently, Ed Schultz is FAR more successful than Glenn Beck on the basis of that kind of reasoning. You’re a brilliant guy. I wish that I could figure things out as easily as you do. All I’d have to do is become a liberal, then I wouldn’t have any expectation to actually think or produce facts; I’d could just shoot my mouth off and smugly consider myself right because I chose the best side. Impressive.

  • Dan Pop Billiat


  • Iris Lillie Fields

    No… the liberal media helped a heck of a lot.  For instance, compare when Obama made a slip and mentioned being in almost all of the 57 states…or having said he wasn’t born here..  and the press never replayed it..  one had to catch those on YouTube…  But anything anti Romney, or anything that could be twisted to look bad for Romney was played over and over.. 
    Oh and BTW… any THINKING person would understand that 47% comment was dead on…  The conversation was.. Mitt.. How can we get more people to vote for us??  Answer:  47% are not going to vote for me no matter what we do, so we can’t worry about them.. 
    That isn’t saying when I’m Prez I will make sure that 47% will starve and die in the cold..  it was we need to worry about getting vote from the one that are not dead in the head yellow-dog Democrats…  (My words, Not Mitt’s)  But the press never made that clear..  .The press repeats over and over the negative or misleading from the one side and nothing but good for the other… 

    • Shane77ss

      Mitt never had a chance with today’s low info voters.

  • desselle0010

    Not only can the government SEE what you are doing on your computer but I bet they can PUT things on there.  How hard would it be for them to come to your home and accuse you of going on a chat room and saying hate speech and now they want your guns.

  • Anonymous

    Do you remember a few years ago when google
    was driving around doing their map pictures in their ‘pointing in all
    directions’  cars.

    It was found out that in addition to photo’s
    and GPS locations, they had also added wireless access points to ALL
    their cars and were recording in their database, make, model, channel,
    SSID, and encryption level of everyone’s wireless access points.

    this equipment and database costs money, which they blamed on one guy
    (sound familiar) there is and still is the suspicion that the Government
    and one of its agencies (NSA anyone), paid to piggyback the wireless
    surveillance onto their photo and GPS collection.  Saves money.

    With everything that is happening, don’t forget this.

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