Don’t worry ladies, Joe Biden’s got your back…(not really)

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Last night on TheBlaze TV Glenn spoke to who believes should be the names and faces of the NRA. Glenn was joined by Star Parker, actor Joseph Philips, and activist Kira Ayn Davis — three African Americans who are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment. They are well versed in the history of the right to bear arms and the real reason those in power try to regulate and control that right — to gain more power over those they’re regulating.

Glenn explained that recently the N.R.A. has been viewed as an organization behind hunters and their guns.

“We haven’t needed it in any other way,” he said.

But the history of the N.R.A.’s purpose, and likely its future purpose, is very different. The history of the N.R.A. is not an organization of hunters.

“Martin Luther King wasn’t allowed to get a concealed carry permit,” Glenn said. “He was denied…”for his safety”. Oh…for his safety! Really? So he couldn’t get a gun, because it would keep him safer?”

Things like what happened to Martin Luther King and in the 1800’s with the slaves are why we have the N.R.A.

“How do you get a man in chains? And how come Martin Luther King had to March with the sign, “I am a man”? Because you couldn’t have guns,” Glenn said.

“The stories we heard last night should be heard by every single American,” Glenn said. “The history of the African American plight, because guns were systematically taken away from them. That should be the story of the N.R.A.”

Glenn emphasized that you can’t make slaves of an armed society, but the leaders in the government right now are passing regulation after regulation — systematically disarming the American people. Vice President Joe Biden just started a push for another new regulation this week. This one to is to allegedly keep women safe.

“This law is to get the guns out of the homes of women who might be living with a violent guy. I mean, are they going to put the pre-cogs in the milky bath to figure out who’s going to be beaten or not? But those who appear to be in a potentially violent relationship…they’re going to go in and take away all of their guns. Those who appear to be in a potentially violent relationship.”

Suddenly they care about women again. Not getting women out of the homes with violent men…but just enough to care about disarming them while their in the homes with violent men.

“The way he talked about this [the proposed law] is really really intriguing,” Glenn noted.

See Biden’s statements here:

“We’ve learned that certain behaviors on the part of an abuser portend much more danger than other behaviors,” Biden said. “For example, if an abuser has attempted to strangle his victim, if he’s threatened to shoot her, if he’s sexually assaulted her, and there’s a number of other signs, about eight others. These are tell-tale signs to say this isn’t your garden-variety slap across the face, which is totally unacceptable in and of itself.”

“I’ll have to ask my wife what the “garden variety” slap across the face is,” Glenn responded. “I don’t slap my wife across the fact…in fact, my wife would leave me if I slapped her across the face.”

So Joe Biden finds some slaps across the face to be perfectly acceptable…but those that fall outside of the “garden variety” are a no-no?

“Does he slap his wife in a garden variety way?” Pat questioned.

Let’s hope not, and while Glenn wanted to call the White House to check, the better question might be, why are we going to disarm women who live in a home with someone dangerous? Most women aren’t going to be able to protect themselves from a man is isn’t armed. While the politicians in White House might feel like they’ve down a “good thing”, disarming everyone in these homes is not a solution.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Biden is a one man gaff-machine beyond anything I have seen. He makes VP Quail look sagely and smart in comparison.

    In the end the Democrats do not want women or anyone else to possess firearms save for those who are leaders within the government; an armed people cannot be held in bondage for long, and that is the ultimate goal of the Democrats…

    Divide all into one group to be played against the others and controlled as puppets by an ‘enlightened elite’ in a new era of slavery.

    • mspatdev

      Well to bad for not having women having guns. I know lots of women who have guns and they aren’t going to give them up for anything.  As far as Biden is concerned, he isn’t even fit to go to the Pope’s party next week. He is a disgrace. 

    • Anonymous

       Glenn’s point is valid here. He’s telling women what…they’ll be SAFER if they have no guns in the house?! Why, does it hurt less to be beaten or strangled to death? Or is it safer for HIM?! That’s what it sounds like he’s saying. And he’s actually so monumentally idiotic that he believes that we can predict who’s going to beat their girlfriend to death or shoot them? HE’S talking about the fact that WE aren’t precogs? Does that mean that we just have to trust the government? Apparently, he can watch a movie without ever understanding a word of what the actors and writers are actually saying. Not one word of that idiocy made any sense at all.

      Most often, women in abusive relationships will return to the abuser; some until they kill them. During residency, I had a patient who claimed that she had fallen down some stairs and fractured her lower jaw in three places, shattered her upper jaw, completely separating it from the skull, caused a fracture of the cheekbone and the bones above one eye. She was not only reconstructed with titanium plates, she was wired shut, and on one side of her jaw had an external fixator to hold all the pieces together. We refused to allow the boyfriend in and finally, a female police officer was able to convince her to press charges. That night, he snuck back into her room and was raping her when I came in to check on her in the middle of the night. How convenient for him….she couldn’t scream and she couldn’t fight back. I nearly killed the worthless jerk and had him arrested. He posted bail the next day and headed right back. He convinced her to drop the charges and claim that it was all her fault.

      I wonder if this is what Biden was talking about. After all, to someone who has been beaten nearly to death, a fractured jaw COULD actually be your garden variety slap in the face. See, it’s all just a matter of perception…kind of like we’re …precogs!

      This guy makes me want to scrape his face off on a brick wall…slowly. Then we could do a little reconstruction sans anesthesia so he could understand what it means to be beaten or strangled with no way to fight back. Then, after he was untied, we could explain to him that he’s “safer” because we didn’t have a gun for the coup de grace’ as the grand climax to the procedure. Then we could very patronizingly pat him on the back and say, “Hey, Joe, just wanted ‘ya to know…nothin’ but love for ‘ya…nothin’ but love…we got yer back, dude!!”

      That should work, right? I feel safer already.

      • sparducks

         Joe lives in an alternate universe. I take it you are a doctor. Check him out. I think he has early signs of dementia. Dude is not running on eight cylinders. They give him a task and then he goes out and tries to execute it from the UNIVERSE THAT JOE LIVES IN. He is a monumental idiot. And this current government including some in the house are of the same sort. Take Maxine Waters for instance; that’s the best they can do from South Central L.A. The fact that our government is saturated with these clowns is scary. No wonder we are in the big mess we are. Fn retards just like Biden.

  • Edmond Haskell

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Saying that Biden has your back is akin to letting the fox guard the hen house…

  • Sam Fisher

    Does it scare anyone that this guy is one seat away from taking power in the white house?

  • Draxx

    I would like to Slap Joe Biden in the Face With the Largest “Garden Variety Cucumber or Squash” That I Could Find…

    Who decides what is OK and what is Not OK (I bet it would be the Responding Police Officers) when it comes to someone getting slapped in the face?  So ANYTIME a Police Officer responds to Domestic Violence Calls, he gets to decide whether or not any Firearms Should Be Seized!!! 

    I don’t know about other states but in Oregon they now have a Policy of Whenever There Is A Domestic Violence Call Someone Has To Be Arrested (usually the man whether he is at fault or not)!

  • Brandon McCombs

    The newsletter was accusing Biden of endorsing domestic violence with his ‘not your garden variety slap in the face” quote, but Biden specifically states that those are “totally unacceptable in and of itself” so, NO, he isn’t endorsing domestic violence. I don’t like him but come on, quit making stuff up Glenn. You are making yourself look bad.

    • Jeff Ford

      You’re correct, he did go on to say that the garden variety slap in the face is “totally unacceptable in and of itself”.  He did go on to say that the violent man might go on to strangle her to death.  Removing her right to keep a firearm to protect herself pretty much just sentenced her to death though, didn’t it?  Guns are MUCH easier to carry than policemen who don’t have an obigation to protect you in the first place.  The saying still stands, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”  If I were the woman in this case I’d prefer the police took the report that I was being strangled so I shot my attacker and killed him rather than to have them come in and put ME in a black bag and zip it closed.  Maybe if all liberals were victims of some violent crime they’d actually come to their senses?  Oh, probably not…  As for me and mine, if I can defend myself or my family there will be 1 story when it gets to court and that story will be mine because my attacker gave up HIS right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when he decided to deprive me of mine.

  • Anonymous

    OMG.  am choking too hard to write.  Is he really serious and is he really our VP??

  • crazy betty

    his buffoonery knows no bounds…

  • Anonymous

    “Garden variety slap”!!!??? Are you kidding me?  Somebody needs to drop a garden variety lawn gnome on Biden’s pointy head. 

  • Nadine Anderton

    Glenn, I hate to tell you this, but unless things have seriously changed since I was an abused wife, having a gun in the house isn’t likely to be a protection to her but rather to be the weapon that kills her.  And if she does succeed in protecting her life by taking his, no one is going to believe it was self defense and she will either be executed or spend her life in prison.

    • jude

      The 1st time was the time to get out of this marriage,  been there – done that 
      I didn’t wait for a repeat.

    • Jason Guerrera

      with an attitude like that it is likely you will end up with another abuser and allow it to happen again

  • Anonymous

    Now we no how Joe treats his wife “just a slap across the face”    Joe speaks for all drunks!

  • Anonymous

    Nadine’s point is dead-on.  The better description would be to remove guns from abusive men.  In cases of major abuse, I’d be far more concerned about the person with a propensity for violence having that easy access.

    Regardless, though, guns should never be forcibly removed.  They should only be removed at the request of the wife.  I’m not sure how that would work exactly–I’m sure the fear factor of the domestic repercussions of making that sort of request would be huge–but Biden’s intent was to remove the worst tools of the abuser.

    Final point:  Why not use this same energy and political clout to work on stopping domestic violence in general?  Why focus on the tools and leave the problem unaddressed?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what all of those liberal social workers would say about this idiots comment.

  • Anonymous

    Biden is a perfect example of why everyone,besides Joe,should own as many firearms as they can afford. His answer to a home intruder,fire both your barrels of a double barrel shotgun off the deck in the back yard. Then give the intruder the combo to your safe,lay down and spread your legs and pray he doesn’t kill you.This is our Vice President. And what is worse Obama is just as stupid or more. But we have our first gay president. You think I’m joking,but it will come out. That’s what Obama’s gay buddy said to him. 

    • mspatdev

      I always felt that he was Gay. He hangs out with all of the men so much. He is a spoiled brat and when he doesn’t get his way, he gets into Air-Force one and goes to his union buddies that give him satifaction one way or another.

  • jude

    I think more women are strangled & beaten to death by fist. Any woman that stays with a man who is abusive physical or mental for whatever she reason she is telling herself, is asking for it, once the jerk is abusive it will get worst and you will be the blame, you pushed too far, you pushed the wrong button, you got in his face, you didn’t have a hot meal on the table when he got home from work, even when he is 4 hrs late, and drunk. Got kids, they don’t make a marriage better or change a man. Get out, the kids are not going to miss a daddy that beats up their mother. Get out before daddy convinces them you deserve to be beaten up and this is how women are to be treated. Biden is a first class jerk.

  • John

    I’ve been convinced for several past elections the the vice president is chosen as life insurance for the many running for president – to make the president seem like the better of two evils. Right now, if someone were to somehow get rid of Obama, we’d have Biden. After him comes Speaker John Boehnr, then Patrick Leahy, then John Kerry. This is much better than when Obama first took office: Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Stevens, then Hillary Clinton. As I say – life insurance!

  • Anonymous

    Biden and Obama are the reason Washington is so full of idiots, the leftist elite. The whole gang is a reflection of the leadership. It seems that whenever the top elitists speak, they spew nothing more than garbage which they themsleves don’t understand. Just recall anything that comes out of Pelosi’s mouth, how about Feinstein’s and so on.

  • Anonymous

    Someone ought to bit**- slap Biden across his face.

  • Anonymous

    The War On Women is clearly headquartered in the White House. Along with the War On Free Americans, the War On The Constitution, the War On Gun Owners, the War On Black Babies, the War On The Family, the War On Christians, and the War On Morality. I am sure that any of Glenn’s listeners can think of a number of other institutions and principles of our society that the Obamanites are at war with. This administration is at war with everything that has made our country great and the envy of most of the world. As I have said repeatedly, we must defeat all the Demoncrats who run for office in the next election, local, state and federal. And replace all of the “moderate” Republicans with conservative Republicans or Libertarians.

  • Kris Tucker

    Ladies and Gentlemen,  You the 51 percent of voting America, voted for this piece of crap (to put it nicely)  The garden variety go home and slap your wife across the face.  Strangling, Shooting, stabbing;  those are totally unacceptable, but the every day slap across the face is just endearing in itself!!!!

  • Kris Tucker

    Wow, how is it, that this world is field with “girls” that used to be men, at the same time, the biggest jerk faces on this planet in the wife beater.  The Savior said, “it would have been better that a millstone be hanged about his neck and tossed into the sea”!!!!  There’s a special place in Hell for wife beaters and child abusers. 

  • Anonymous

    Obama knows that everyone, including those who would take him out, are looking at this fool and thinking, “How much worse could Obama be compared to this?!” Biden’s probably dissuaded far more of those of nefarious intent than the Secret Service ever encountered.

  • Anonymous

    As long as this BOOB is Vp Obummer is safe no one in their right mind wants                             ol Joe Gaffer in charge.

  • Anonymous

    All you have to do is watch him speak, he has NO idea what he his saying. His mouth is moving and the most idiotic crap is coming out  AMAZING!  Talk about a token for Obama he is one.  Why in this world would  someone like that be chosen as VP?  It is scary!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Could someone please tell Mr. Biden that there is a large pan somewhere full of the marbles he lost.

  • l123

    I am not liberal and do not like Vice President Biden, but could we read the quote and pay attention to what is said before attacking everything?  The man is a fool and is completlely wrong with his stance on guns, but if you read his statement it is clear that he does NOT find it to be acceptable to hit women.  This is why no one listens to us.  When we fail to pay attention and become willing to attack any little thing without even paying attention to what is said we become just like them.  The only advantage we have in this fight is truth so we need to be very careful that we are standing for it by not blindly following whomever is willing to attack the other side without any facts to support them.  I know Glenn seems like a good guy, but he is not always right and is not in this case.  That is what makes him so hard to dislike because he is the first one to say that he makes mistakes and that we need to find the truth for ourselves and in this case it is clear from the comments here that many people are not doing their own research.  This makes us lose our credibility and in this fight that is the biggest threat we face.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but you’re the one who’s missing something. Of course he didn’t say that he thinks it’s okay to hit women, it’s the point that he never thinks before he says anything and he’s too arrogant to care. And so far as people taking us seriously, are you kidding? No one on the left has facts, history, or any evidence that their way works. They survive on foulmouthed diatribe, hatred and attacks. Why do you care how they perceive us? Dan Quail looks like a genius compared to this fool, yet who can forget how viciously he was attacked for misspelling a word? When the press attacks Joe Biden the way that they attacked Dan Quail, I’ll start worrying about what they think about us. It is his entire contention that women will somehow be safer if guns were taken away from any home in which they live because then they couldn’t be shot with a gun. He completely diminishes the right of women to protect themselves and he DOES state that he’s not talking about just any “run of the mill slap”. That is unacceptable under any circumstance and his attitude toward women is patronizing, simpering and idiotic. What he REALLY needs to do is stop trying to pat women on the head and telling them how to protect themselves using means that he knows absolutely nothing about and would result in more wanton destruction. Women DO have a right to protect themselves, but he is saying that even they shouldn’t have the right to do so with a gun. If you think you can find anywhere that he thinks that a woman should carry a weapon to protect themselves, find it. This has nothing to do with battered women as a whole, he is just trying to say that Big Daddy Joe will protect them. HOW?! Guns are harder to remove from the hands of criminals and wow, I’m REALLY impressed with the government’s success on that point. His ridiculous laws would have only one effect-leaving men and women completely defenseless before the onslaught. Stop worrying about what a liberal socialist will think of you because they have only one methodology…the end ALWAYS justifies the means. Our side does not believe in that philosophy. Because we aren’t willing to compromise ourselves through any means in order to achieve our end, we don’t have to worry about what they think of us. They hate us and will do anything to get rid of us, including trying to label every word that comes out of our mouths “hate speech” and legislating the silencing of anything they don’t want to hear by jailing the perpetrator of said speech. We don’t need to swear and scream and foam at the mouth. That’s THEIR tactic, but stop worrying about how they perceive us. It does not matter.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure ole Joe only slaps the Mrs. in a “garden variety” way, otherwise she’d pull out that shotgun and fire two blasts off her patio to scare him away. 

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