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Last night on TheBlaze TV Glenn spoke to who believes should be the names and faces of the NRA. Glenn was joined by Star Parker, actor Joseph Philips, and activist Kira Ayn Davis — three African Americans who are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment. They are well versed in the history of the right to bear arms and the real reason those in power try to regulate and control that right — to gain more power over those they’re regulating.

Do Democrats want to keep African Americans ‘unarmed, uneducated and dependent’?

Glenn explained that recently the N.R.A. has been viewed as an organization behind hunters and their guns.

“We haven’t needed it in any other way,” he said.

But the history of the N.R.A.’s purpose, and likely its future purpose, is very different. The history of the N.R.A. is not an organization of hunters.

“Martin Luther King wasn’t allowed to get a concealed carry permit,” Glenn said. “He was denied…”for his safety”. Oh…for his safety! Really? So he couldn’t get a gun, because it would keep him safer?”

Things like what happened to Martin Luther King and in the 1800’s with the slaves are why we have the N.R.A.

“How do you get a man in chains? And how come Martin Luther King had to March with the sign, “I am a man”? Because you couldn’t have guns,” Glenn said.

“The stories we heard last night should be heard by every single American,” Glenn said. “The history of the African American plight, because guns were systematically taken away from them. That should be the story of the N.R.A.”

Glenn emphasized that you can’t make slaves of an armed society, but the leaders in the government right now are passing regulation after regulation — systematically disarming the American people. Vice President Joe Biden just started a push for another new regulation this week. This one to is to allegedly keep women safe.

“This law is to get the guns out of the homes of women who might be living with a violent guy. I mean, are they going to put the pre-cogs in the milky bath to figure out who’s going to be beaten or not? But those who appear to be in a potentially violent relationship…they’re going to go in and take away all of their guns. Those who appear to be in a potentially violent relationship.”

Suddenly they care about women again. Not getting women out of the homes with violent men…but just enough to care about disarming them while their in the homes with violent men.

“The way he talked about this [the proposed law] is really really intriguing,” Glenn noted.

See Biden’s statements here:

“We’ve learned that certain behaviors on the part of an abuser portend much more danger than other behaviors,” Biden said. “For example, if an abuser has attempted to strangle his victim, if he’s threatened to shoot her, if he’s sexually assaulted her, and there’s a number of other signs, about eight others. These are tell-tale signs to say this isn’t your garden-variety slap across the face, which is totally unacceptable in and of itself.”

“I’ll have to ask my wife what the “garden variety” slap across the face is,” Glenn responded. “I don’t slap my wife across the fact…in fact, my wife would leave me if I slapped her across the face.”

So Joe Biden finds some slaps across the face to be perfectly acceptable…but those that fall outside of the “garden variety” are a no-no?

“Does he slap his wife in a garden variety way?” Pat questioned.

Let’s hope not, and while Glenn wanted to call the White House to check, the better question might be, why are we going to disarm women who live in a home with someone dangerous? Most women aren’t going to be able to protect themselves from a man is isn’t armed. While the politicians in White House might feel like they’ve down a “good thing”, disarming everyone in these homes is not a solution.