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Glenn opened the radio show this morning discussing the election of Pope Francis and what it means not just for the Catholic Church but for the world.

“I want to say hello to Francis the new Pope,” Glenn said. “I will tell you that a lot of people are very excited about him. And I don’t know. I don’t really know about him.”

Last night on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spoke of how taken he was with Pope Francis’ humility, a sentiment he echoed again this morning. “I thought he was really humble,” Glenn said. “I don’t remember a Pope coming out before saying, ‘please I ask you to pray for me,’ and stopping and not giving his blessing. I thought that was amazing. I thought that was really good.”

But like many conservatives and libertarians, Glenn’s primary concern with Pope Francis is some of the language he has used in the past when discussing the poor and economic inequality. Francis is an obvious advocate of social justice, and it remains to be seen if he sees social justice in sense of personal service as taught in the Bible or in the redistributive sense often touted by the left.

“He does speak about unjust distribution of goods,” Pat said. “He’s all about the poor. That’s not a bad thing, however, what we’ve been beaten with lately…”

“If this is truly about the poor, and he is going to help us look and say we need to look at our own life, and getaway from stuff by choice, not by force, and we should help the poor by choice, not by force, then this guy is going to be a dream come true,” Glenn continued.

Furthermore, Glenn found it interesting that news outlets like CNN and MSNBC immediately began heaping praise on Pope Francis just moments after he appeared before the world for the first time. “You know what my biggest concern is. Everybody on the MSNBC and everybody on CNN love him,” Glenn observed. “I heard he was a saint from CNN maybe a minute and a half into it. They didn’t call him a Pope. They called him a saint.”

At this point, it is too early to say just what the future will hold for the leader of the nearly 1.7 billion Catholics worldwide, but Glenn hopes to learn more about Pope Francis in the coming weeks. “It’s too early to tell, at least for an outsider who is not a Catholic, what this Pope is going to do. We’ll just have to watch him,” Glenn said. “We’re trying to put a special together for next week – a little bit about who he is as a man and what he’s done.”

“The surface seems really, really good. There are some red flags that make me concerned,” Glenn concluded. “If he’s a guy that says, ‘live your faith,’ that is fantastic because he does seem very, very humble, and he seems good.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Right now in regards to the new pope I will reserve judgement until we see the proof in his deeds and actions; if they match his words and the life he lives, then all the better for him and may he be able to become a force for much good in the world.

    As for his speaking of Social Justice – we shall see the stance he takes.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I wonder if Obama has called to offer his congratulations to the new Pope upon his recent election and taking up the position of heave responsibility?

    Personally I doubt he will unless it it to demand the Pope acknowledge Obama as god on earth. 

    • karen Zoanelli

      yes, he did, minutes after Pope Francis was introduced. “me and Michelle” – lengthy and self serving. we would have been better without it. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Anyone that stands up against liberation theology can’t be all bad. I just hope he is not a Marxist.

    • jen

      Clearly he is a Marxist coming from both the right and left because:
      1 – he is into social justice, which is not what Jesus preached.
      2 – he has been congratulated and praised publicly by Obama and mainstream media – which means they consider this pope to be an ally.
      3-  i don’t his exclusion/hard stance on no communion for pro-abortion politicians as he need to keep out of state/political affairs and focus on the gospel/message of Jesus.  Jesus did not engage with politicians as part of his work or interfere with state affairs.  Once you really believe and get the true message, then your political choices will be a fallout from his teachings.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe Jesus DID teach social justice.  What if His idea of social justice was fundamentally different from that of the Marxists and other haters of humanity and freedom?  Don’t let Obama decide for you or anybody else what Pope Francis is all about.  Let Pope Francis SHOW you what he is about.

        The Pope’s job is to care for the members of his flock and if that means directing punishment for advocating things the Church says are unsupportable, then so be it.  To encourage those who stray from the path to return to the path is to care for them.  It is NOT to interfere with politics.  People like Biden and Pelosi are going to have to choose between playing politician first and foremost and being true to their faith.  If they CHOOSE to be politicians who support abortion and whatever other things they feel are desirable, then so be it.  They should be men and women enough to realize and accept the fact that they have, by their own deeds, distanced themselves from the Church.  That’s a tough thing to do, but life is hard and choices are harder…

      • Rose

         On #3 – the reason the Catholic church doesn’t allow pro-abortion politicians to take communion (although it doesn’t always occur in practice) is because you cannot take communion if you are pro-murder – it has nothing to do with politics.  The fact is that politics is getting into religion’s arena (morality) – not the other way around.

        • karen Zoanelli

          thanks, Rose.

      • karen Zoanelli

        jen – clearly you have no clue what you are talking about. Pope Francis is a Parish Priest, and sets an example in every aspect: he lives almost asceticly, cookshis own meal, takes care of a brother Priest and SERVES his Church. Marxist? that’s a joke. his “social justice” is exactly what Jesus asked us to do: take care of them, not pay them. teach them to help themselves, and proclaim the Good News, give them hope and understanding.
         your ignorance on Holy Communion is – unfortunately – counterproductive. there is no vindictiveness in our Faith. 

    • Rose

       Liberation Theology is Marxism.

  • Anonymous

    When Pope Francis talks about social injustice, he’s not talking about government stepping in and giving to the poor.  He talks about living simply and people helping each other.  He wants people to be able achieve success, but not forget about helping those who need it.  The more you are able to achieve, the more you are able to give by your heart not by force of the government.
    Here is one thing I read that is an example of that:
    Cardinal Bergoglio said the challenge to eradicate poverty could not be truthfully met as long as the poor continue to be dependents of the State. The government and other organizations should instead work to create the social conditions that will promote and protect the rights of the poor and enable them to be the builders of their own future, he explained.

    • Anonymous

      Does that mean that the poor would be educated and have jobs so they could take care of themselves and not be on the dole of government?  Wow, that is clever maybe Obama could learn something from this Pope.  If he is half of what the people say he is, he is going to be really good for the Catholic people.  I myself am Baptist.  Christ is the only way, the truth and the life…..

    • Shane

       I hope that you are right. I was afraid that a Communist or Socialist Pope would be chosen.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn should learn lessons from his past and simply shut the fu** up when it comes to discussing religions and religious leaders.
    It is amazing how quickly Glenn has chosen to forget how his Anti-Semitic remarks including American Rabbis cost him his job at Fox and radio stations all through NYC.

  • Anonymous

    My suggestion would be to do a little research and wait a little while before leaping to any foregone (or preconceived) conclusions. This is a man who did, after all, survive Argentina of the 70’s and 80’s, and did so without losing street cred or his standing among the ruling elite. That’s a serious juggling act, and would not have been likely to succeed if there is not very solid ground to stand upon. He is compassionate enough to wash the feet of AIDS patients at the local hospice, refuses to live in the Cardinal’s Palace, doesn’t own a car, rides a bus to work, and does his own cooking. Seems to me that he isn’t preaching “Social Justice” as a member of an elite group, who will inform his flock what is in their best interest — as Nanny Bloomberg proclaims to be the job of the “moneyed class” or  the “elite class” or whatever one wishes to call those who think themselves holier and better than the unwashed and untouchable masses. This is a man who apparently believes that being a Christian means to live in the imitation of Christ as best he knows how. You might disagree that he understands Jesus’ message as well as you do, and if you’re that much holier than he is, good on you — but he doesn’t seem prideful enough to think gets to claim anything of the sort.

    • karen Zoanelli

      the Charity and helping the poorest of the poor in the Catholic church  is nothing like obama’s redistribution quest – quite the contrary – we believe in helping people helping themselves, teaching them to take care of themselves by living within their means and improving their life themselves. and to tht end we help. and that is what Pope Francis has done in his life as a priest – and he set the example like nobody else did before. he understand better than anybody else what following Christ means: take up your own Cross.
      social justice is a word that has more than one meaning. We have found a Pope who will lead by example and not just by words. with humility and gladne

  • Anonymous

    I value Glenn’s opinions when it comes to politics. That being said, who really cares that the new Catholic Pope raises some red flags for Glenn…a Mormon.You stay out of my religion, I’ll stay out of yours…

  • Anonymous

    People need to remain calm and take the selection of this new Pope calmly and with grace and reflection and prayer for his Church, its people, in short, for all of us.

    People seem to be lining up for the “privilege” of placing a daunting burden on this Pope’s shoulders.  Have you noticed how the left jockeys for position, praising and congratulating him all the while assuming he is “one of them?”  How it seems they assume he will lead us all out of the hellish millennia of church inspired hatred of the poor and the different and love of filthy lucre and those who possess so much of it?  Have you noticed, also, how the left has begun, in an absolute panic over the prospect that he might NOT be one of “them” after all, to taint him (eventually to destroy him?) because of things he may or may not have done during Argentina’s struggle against tyranny?  Have you noticed how the right cites his public positions on various issues and welcomes the possibility that he will “whip the Church into shape” and point us in the direction of salvation?

    Don’t take any of this seriously.  Do as Glenn always suggests.  Do your own research.  Don’t rely on the empty talking heads to tell you what you need to know.  The future and freedom, both yours and your childrens’, as well as your God, demand it.

  • Anonymous

    Posted a reply to another comment in the wrong place. Let’s see if this fixes it.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. That’s kind of like saying that you have no right to an opinion about Hugo Chavez unless you’re Venezuelan. Well, actually that’s exactly like saying it.

  • Mary Hope

     His Holiness Pope Francis I will lead the faithful by the teachings of Jesus not for a cafeteria catholic

  • Lester

    According to catholic prophecy, he is supposedly the false prophet that will eventually destroy the catholic church.  It was prophesied by one of the popes about 600 years ago.

    • Anonymous

      Lester –

      Thats the false prophecy of Malechi. Do some research before blurting out tripe on this forum

    • Anonymous

       Or maybe not.  Don’t get yourself in an upset before you read the article “Prophecy of the Popes” on Wikipedia which rightly points out that there are valid doubts as to the authenticity of the “prophecies.”

  • Anonymous

    He was runner-up in the last Pope election, so many of his votes this time shows the respect and faith in him. Hopefully he is not left leaning and is a fair person. There is much turmoil in the Catholic faith and I hope he can bring it back to a stable and revered faith.

  • Anonymous

    The liberal press will exploit the term “social justice” which is a communist manifestoism.  Social justice is a good goal, but not in the above context.  We should all be about charity and helping the less fortunate.  We give from out hearts, not a mandate from the government to expand their own pockets and glorify themselves.   Look at the grandeur Obama and Michelle surround themselves with.  A $9000 dress to crash the Oscars.  And this is their example of “social justice”?  This does not get us into heaven. 
    Do you see a government agency going around on the bus, washing and kissing feet of the poor?  This new Pope is an inspiration of lowering oneself to do God’s work.
    I love his social stances which should guide Catholics in faith.  God Bless Pope Francis.    

  • Anonymous

    The comments about the activists wanting to know why there weren’t women in the church, makes me want to pull my hair out. Is anyone else sic and tired of (certain) women wanting more and more rights. Women have more rights than men in the workplace, they have too much. Facebook CEO said men still rule the world, little girls who are bossy need to know they can be in high positions. That is the problem, bossy doesn’t make for a good boss. A good manager knows how to deal with people respectfully, which is why women are mostly unpopular as bosses. I am tired of women wanting to be in places just because they want the position or the money. The best people for the job are the people who care about what the position stands for, and they want to support that position in  a positive manner. I’M AM TIRED OF THESE WOMEN!  I want to see men rewarded like they make a big out women when they accomplish something. I am tired of women, and I am a woman. I prefer dealing with good intelligent men.

  • Anonymous

    Charity is divine.
    Social justice is theft.

  • Anonymous

    “Social Justice” is a term that has been misused by “permissives” to justify individual and collective theft.

    This is what The Catholic Church has to say in regards to “Social Justice”:

  • Gabriel Puebla

    Hello all first I would like to mention that I live in Argentina. We in Argentina know of the popes work with the poor and also his disagreement with our socialist president Christina. You see he believes that we should help the poor by helping them get jobs and not giving them handouts and social programs (our version of welfare checks)

    • Anonymous

      The trouble with jumping to conclusions, especially when it comes to things that are happening far away, in a different language, and within a different culture, is being illustrated beautifully by much of the commentary here. The assumptions being made are that Pope Francis’ vocabulary is exactly the same as the vocabularies of those who haven’t ever been to Argentina, and who certainly never lived there. This is why I suggest doing some research first. Your post is a welcome antidote to those who are jumping first, then thinking maybe they should have looked — after crash landing on the side of serious error.

  • Anonymous

    Both Progressive-Socialist government and church leaders
    contract out charitable funding with public money. Since the government,
    churches and contractors have no personal skin in
    the game and need the poor for employment and applause, “The poor you will
    always have with you”.

    The collaboration and unholy alliances between the Church and political
    parties and prominent individuals are so amoral and shameless that any
    semblance of virtue, integrity, finesse, principles, and decency are discarded
    like trash.

    politics is corrupting both religion and politics. Our nation is in too much
    trouble to endure more of this sorry spectacle.
    Watch what leaders do as well what they say!

  • Anonymous

    “He seems good”(?)…..”He seems humble”(?)….beware of Wolves wearing Sheep’s clothing.

    “One of the heads SEEMED to have a deadly wound, but it’s mortal wound was healed and the whole earth followed the beast with wonder” -.Rev 13:3

    The – holy Roman Empire – is all but restored from its deadly wound….the beast is alive and well – ready to make war!

  • Anonymous

    I love Glenn Beck and The Blaze I am a HUGE supporter, I actually found a error in one item in this article. FOX news has been going crazy over this new pope along with a lot of conservatives like Rush. To me that is very strange that everyone is so in love with the new pope. End time prophecy talks about a man who brings peace to the world.

  • Anonymous

    There are two camps of Jesuits, this I know.  We will have to wait and see which camp he’s in.  I do know, from an official from Argentina that the President of Argentina is not a fan of his to say the least.  She is pushing the social justice agenda but by promoting redistribution of wealth, and social reform with gay marriage and women’s “choice”.  In fact, he said she “hates” him.  But she had to (euphemism in Argentina I would assume) “swallow the frog” and wish him well.  He has been publically condemning her policies very strongly, and fighting her every inch of the way.  But, we will see.  If he is in the traditional Jesuit camp, this may have been God’s way of sneaking him in past the dragon.  “Go and be as gentle as doves and as sly as wolves.”  ………………..But…….time will tell.

    If he is in fact God’s choice, once the enemy finds out………..THE WAR IS ON.

  • Giovanna De La Paz

    As I have read about Pope Francisco, is that he believes in service to others in the name of Jesus Christ.  He believes in helping the poor by teaching and guiding them to raise themselves out of poverty (systemic charity).  He believes we must live our faith everyday, live simply, and love our brothers and sisters.  He humbles himself to be on the same level as the average person.
    I understand that he’s a very conservative Catholic in his thinking, so Liberation Catholicism will not be his stance in his leadership.  I ask the Holy Spirit to be with him in his journey as Pope, to lead the people of the church to Jesus Christ, to encourage those who have fallen away or don’t believe to come to Jesus with much love and adoration. I pray that he will have tremendous courage and boldness to stand up to injustice, hate, persecution, and evilness in the world.  In the name of Jesus our Savior. Amen.

  • Davida Burns

    Where has this guy’s voice and example been, on the world stage, if he’s so concerned about the poor and the rest of society living frugally and everybody taking care of each other? All we ever hear is redistribution and it’s the government’s job to rape everybody’s paychecks. My eyes are on this guy. He’s nobody special until I see something different.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he will be a good Pope, but i have my doubts. He is the first Jesuit pope. you need to research the history of the Jesuits, they are pure EVIL & are SATANS best  at deceiving people. Learn more about the JESUITS at Read what our founding fathers said about them. Also you need to take time and read the book Vatican Assassins

  • Anonymous

    To follow up on my earlier post, see the Wall Street Journal article by Mary Anastasia O’Grady (online: March 17, 2013) about how the Argentine leftists aligned with the government of President Cristina Kirchner embarked on a smear campaign against the new Pope in domestic and international media as soon as it became known that Cardinal Bergoglio had been elected Pope.  Do NOT believe everything the MSM want to feed us (hat tip to the Dennis Prager radio show, 03/18/2013).  They are from the government and they are NOT here to help us.

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