How Common Core is dumbing down America’s schoolchildren

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Last night, Glenn dedicated his TV show to the dangers presented by Common Core, a new educational framework that claims to provide a set of standards that will prepare students for college and the workforce. Of course, there is more to the story than is being told by the organization itself. Many teachers, educators, and parents believe Common Core is dumbing down America’s children. Others believe the framework, designed by a group with ties to progressives and even extremist leftists,  is indoctrinating students with a liberal ideology. Glenn explained more on radio this morning, and you can check out the segment in the clip above.

  • Anonymous

    Anything that looks like a real education is something the Bumpkin Party is against! Vote Beck. Vote Bumpkin.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Critten = communist.

    • Sam Fisher

      I guess the people this historian hates teaching children to.
      New York University education historian Diane Ravitch said “No one knows whether these standards are good or bad, whether they will improve academic achievement or widen the achievement gap,”

  • jerome ennis

    Our public schools were seized in the
    mid-1960’s by the Feds that usurped local and state control of public
    education, and the dumbing down and brainwashing has been taking
    place openly ever since. In 1966, we were rated as one of the top 3
    public school systems in the world as to academic outcomes and
    literacy and today, we are at Number 28 in the world and sinking
    lower each year, while spending more per pupil than any other country
    except Belgium which is the Home of the New World Order Bank Records,
    etc. And, this dumbing down and Brainwashing by Public Schools has
    been Intentional and is being directed by the United States
    Department of Education and the National Teacher Unions whose
    Leadership are Communists. Under the Obama regime, the USDOE power
    was consolidated even further and their annual budget grew this year
    to 100 billion dollars, an increast of bout 40 percent over the
    previous years budget, and not one dime of this 100 billion Builds a
    School, Pays a Teacher Salary or buys a Book. It is all being spent
    on Regulating and Dictating Public Education Dumbing Down and
    Brainwashing Operations being carried out on innocent children who
    are the children of Ignorant and Dumbed Down and Brainwashed Parents
    who went through the same system and being taught by Teachers Who are
    Just as Ignorant and Illiterate and Brainwashed, and do not even know

    And, now the Obama Regime wants to make
    it Mandatory and Compulsory for parents to hand over their kids as
    early as age two. No way they want to miss even one child who is not
    totally perverted and brainwashed. Head Start has done it’s share
    over the past few decades to Create Little Victims who grow Up to Be
    Un-Educated but thoroughly Brainwashed into believing they are
    Entitled to take, take, take, and never producing or giving one
    thing. These little Head Starters Now Run Street Gangs, and occupy
    many jails, prisons, commit many crimes, including murders and also
    keep the Morticians and Grave Diggers Busy. Grave Digging Business
    in Booming in Large Metro Cities thanks to Liberal Democrat Socialist

    • Anonymous

      it figures, the sixties were birth of the eternal spoiled-child and nothing good cause they took God Out Of Schools and our coutry and then they started killing unborn babies…

      • Anonymous

        This is an irritatingly stupid comment to make

  • Ron Langevin

    Well, why not, if you are mediocre yourself  and was able to get thru big name schools on affirmative action.  That is IN, thru the TESTING, that is if that was required of you. and OUT, diploma and all.  If the only way you can talk to a group or a crowd is with the help of a teleprompter without sounding like the village dummy, cannot make decisions, and are lazy, the way to go is thru a core program that treats everybody the same with low standards.  No completion to keep the brightest of the bright  excelling and the hope is because of that everybody will turn out basically the same aqnd failures  like himself.

  • Anonymous

    America, you need to grow a pair of balls, a spine…SOMEthing, and get rid of that moslem brotherhood bastard that’s stinking up your out house.

  • J Cole

    Cons don’t even know what communism is, let alone have the ability to explain the differences between it and socialism. They think that America is run by a socialist/communist (make up your mind, which one is it?) president.

    Let me educate you: The fact that you are able to publicly speak out and disagree with the POTUS without getting shot or imprisoned means that we are NOT living in a socialist world.

    Stop being sensationalists just because your shitty candidate got destroyed in the election.

    • Carol

      Obviously, you haven’t studied the history of Socialism,  how it is incrementally introduced into societies and how it leads to Communism.  J Cole, there is lots of factual information on it.  You could start with John Dewey, Columbia University and the Frontier Thinkers.

    • Anonymous

      “without getting shot or imprisoned”…    yet – incrementalism, J. Cole, incrementalism…

    • greywolfrs

      First, you obviously don’t have any clue that a society does not change from Capitalism to Socialism/Communism over night.

      Second, you seem to be in denial about the words that came out of Obamao’s own mouth. Why would he seek out the most Marxist groups and Profs. in college if he were not one, that makes no sense.

      Third, the Constitution still exists, for the moment, but with the implimentation of the Patriot Act and the NDAA, Freedom of speech is in DEEP trouble.

      Fourth, no one got “destroyed” in any election. You morons act like the last election was a bigger land slide than Nixon-McGovern, it was not.

      The only “con” here is you and you are a “conartist.”  

  • Carol

    Glenn, I’ve been following the Blog of a woman named Robin who has been trying to expose Common Core for what it really is.  Please all have a look at her blog, “The Invisible Serfs Collar”.   She is awesome!

  • CathrynFarr

    “The Underground History of American Education” is an excellent book that explains all of these tactics which have been used as Jerome Ennis commented.

    As a 10 year home schooling Mom, I have studied this issue and it is one of the reasons I choose to homeschool. I currently teach an early morning class to public high-school students, and I can see the damage that public school has done to these kids by killing their desire to learn. They can’t read, they don’t engage in discussions because they are so afraid of not having the “right” answer, and therefore they hate to learn. It is sad. And I am referring to a group of bright kids from supportive families in a “great” school district.

    Real Education in the image of our Founding Fathers can be found here if you are interested:

    It is the same method of learning that our country was founded on and is called 
    “A Thomas Jefferson Education”.

    This “Common Core” framework scares me because Thomas Jefferson education teaches that the “Core” of Education includes the families Core book of belief (Scripture) and young children learn these core values by learning: 
    right and wrong,
    good and bad,
    true and false,
    family values,
    family routines and responsibilities,
    learning accountability,
    the value and love of work.

    Any effort to take these opportunities and responsibilities from the family and give it to government will be the destruction of our nation.

    • Marni Renteria

      This “Core” curriculum is coming to my children’s Catholic school.  Not particularly thrilled; as we home schooled for the last 5 years; and yes, we have implemented Oliver Demille’s, “A Thomas Jefferson Education” at home.  Why has educating ourselves and our youth become so complicated?  “Real books, not text books; inspiring, not requiring”…  Most kids in school (sadly, including mine now) spend less time reading as they have no time to do so because they are bound up in “homework”.  Our future depends on discerned readers; critical thinkers.  Education in our home looked like this: reading (and lot’s of it!), classical math, music, art and dance.  We implemented no real lesson plans; although, my kids excelled in all areas on California Star tests.  I asked the rhetorical question: Why?  Sadly, we all know the answer.  “Core” curriculum is a strategy to conform us politically… in mind, body and soul.    

      • Kay

        It was in college that I started skipping the textbook’s two lines of blurb from some great classical work and reading the source material instead. This wasn’t required or anything, I just realized the value of reading the source material for yourself to actually get context. It opens your eyes so much.

        If I ever have kids, homeschooling is my first choice. And source materials will be emphasized big time. Why go by some dopey summary when I could have brilliance at my fingertips?

        And these days, you can get a great number of classical works for free on Amazon. I don’t even have a Kindle, I can read them right on my computer Kindle.

        • CathrynFarr

          Beautiful! You are right. The greatest minds can be explored and we can have that conversation with them if we read their works.  There have been many great minds which have been misquoted for nefarious purposes, the Underground History of American Education points out that the educational guru Dewey has been misquoted or conveniently “misread” to fit the purposes of some educators. Great book.

    • Fior Gael

      Your comment is the great worry I have concerning this core concept thing. When the information deviates from the truth and the morality of our core spiritual beliefs, and the truth can be spun to suit a devious, anti-God Pro-ME, presentation, we become a nation with a national religion of secular self worship…the opposite of the Federal Constitution of the United States of America. At least in my view. Tolerating what we consider evil and the opposite of virtue is our doom. Politically correct is not spiritually correct. Thank you for your insight and facts in this comment

      • CathrynFarr

        The other benefit to having a core book or core belief system is that you can then study any philosophy or concept and compare it to your core beliefs and not get confused or “tossed about on every wind of doctrine.” there are so many poor souls who have no foundation for their beliefs and then pick up and put down ideas from the world like they change their socks.  The Founders ideals were solidly embedded in their souls and they fought for them with purpose, guidance of providence and their lives.

        We can also have this clarity if we are willing to do the hard work it takes to educate ourselves first, then our children.

        • Fior Gael

          I heartily concur.

    • Dawn Brayton

      It’s not extremist ideology that get kids not asking questions and being scared to not have the “right” answer it’s been that way all along for decades. If you went to a school that taught youthat alternate ways of doing things was jut fine consider yourself lucky. Schools have been doing “memorising learning” since at least the mid-60s.

      • CathrynFarr

        Exactly, Dawn! I did go to public school, in Alabama, California and Colorado – I have spent 10 years so far homeschooling my own 6 children and have learned what a difference it can make to be in a learning environment that doesn’t have the intimidation and overt peer-pressure built in to the system.

        Look into the Thomas Jefferson Education model, it doesn’t rely on competing against Johnny next to you to compel you to learn and love it.  It facilitates a student to love learning for it’s own sake, and not to memorize for the test only.
        This is why our Founders were so brilliant and we can become like that as well.

    • 912ProjectBuffalo

      Agreed TJEd is the way to go!  I was lucky to take Foundations of Liberty with Dr Shannon Brooks.  If you get a chance, look into this as well

    • Wiliam Kerney

      “This “Common Core” framework scares me because Thomas Jefferson
      education teaches that the “Core” of Education includes the family’s
      Core book of belief (Scripture) and young children learn these core
      values through work and play”

      Thomas Jefferson is present in the historical nonfiction texts suggested by Common Core. You should be pleased.

      “They can’t read, they don’t engage in discussions because they are so
      afraid of not having the “right” answer, and therefore they hate to

      **This is exactly what Common Core addresses.**

      It moves toward higher level thinking, and away from the mindset you are describing.

      • George Jackson

        Honest question:  Where did you learn about which texts were being recommended by Common Core?  I’d be interested in knowing more about it, especially if you have any direct Common Core materials. 

    • CathrynFarr

      Just an update for anyone who is still following this discussion:
      2 years later, my first homeschooled son has been accepted to a very respectable and pretty competitive college!
      Since he was homeschooled he took some continuing education classes on campus, earned a 4.0 and then applied and was accepted. There is a way in to college on merit that is not mainstream!
      My 18 yo daughter has now been accepted to this same college! She completed high-school with a diploma from an online homeschool program, and auditioned and was accepted into their music college!
      We are thrilled to see all our hard work being recognized and for doors being opened.
      There are many ways to achieve education. If we take responsibility for finding out which way works for us and our children we will have success and better still – love learning!

  • Anonymous

    Common core type policies are a major component of a centralized planned society. Uniform education with massive data collection is necessary to the Power Elite in order for them to direct the management of the little people. Central Planning is the peoples enemy and will make our country weaker and poorer. Capitalism and competition, not central planning, is what made the USA a  strong and wealthy society. Many do not know this, and will allow more centralized power in this country. Until a major portion of American voters are cognizant of the problems of central planning we will continue our decent of wealth, power and quality of life of the majority of the citizens.

  • Anonymous

    Where are the (coward) repugnantcans? Silent as usual.

  • Heather Gemmrig

    It is currently being debated in my home town of Bonners Ferry Idaho, and they are considering accepting it….

  • Anonymous

    How Obama is dumbing down America’s schoolchildren
    Hmmmm, time to write about how Beck is dumbing down America’s adults.

    You know, like Fox does. Testing proves that people who watch Fox do worse on current events tests than people who watch NO NEWS! Why? Because Fox, like Beck, dumbs people down with misinformation…like what Common Core is about.

    • Anonymous

      No doubt you’re a successful ‘obumhole’ test subject.

  • Anonymous

    The war on Children began 20 + years ago when Ritalin was introduced as a way of controlling boys to make them passive and attentive but what has been stolen besides their childhood? Their inventiveness? Their imagination? What has been lost? The next Edison? The next Browning? Parents need to take a hard look at this issue before allowing their child to be drugged… Why is it that children in the past 200+ years learned without drugs? But because some doctor makes up a name for a attention disorder a whole new industry is developed! Please show me a study where it shows what these drugs do to the developing mind of a child? Are these drugs responsible for creating the monsters we read about in the mass shootings? Now the dumbing down of America’s children is becoming exactly what they want…. A way to make good unquestioning worker drones …… give them a roof some food and entertainment and all is well…… no need for questioning citizens….. no need even for a vote…… maybe not today but in 10 or 20 years this is where this country is headed……

    • Bill T

      The best way to get rid of this attention decifit disorder (sp) is by having recess and let the boys do what boys do.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that our children need physical activities, but PLEASE do some research.  ADD/ADHD is a neurological condition.  People who live with it have structural differences in their brains.  This affect the neurotransmitters, which subsequently affects many of their higher brain functions. 

        • John Patrick Morrill

          ahahahha…….its funny how kids with ADHD cant pay attention is school but if you give them a video game they are glued to for hours. im sure it has nothing to do with the ability to force yourself to do the things you dont want to do.

          • SBook2515

            No. And you are wrong if you think that someone with ADHD can’t pay attention in school. For most people with ADHD, there are things they are able to pay attention to and things they cannot. There are some subjects and activities they can focus on, and some activities which makes the brain stall. You need to learn what ADHD really is and that it affects people differently. It isn’t a kid (or an adult) who just doesn’t want to do certain tasks. They can’t do them. They try and try, but it eludes them. For some people, ADHD is like a needing glasses, but being told that they have eyes, if you would just concentrate you would be able to see everything just fine. Some people who need glasses can see what is up close; they can’t focus on distant objects. Others can see distances but not up close. For others with ADHD, their brain runs like a bullet train and when they are asked to slow down and run on a regular track, the train stalls. For others, it is like being locked in a room with a TV with a broken tuner and no remote. The TV constantly and randomly switches channels and you have no control over when it will happen. Get yourself some education on the subject.

    • Ha Jones

       I totally agree with your suggestion.  Several years ago as a school
      nurse, I asked a a third grader how the medication (ritalin) made him
      feel.  The student answered, “It makes me fill like I am trapped inside
      my body.”  I have not been an advocate for the medication since then,
      and declined to use it for my child when it was recommend for exactly
      that reason. 

    • Rhonda

      Several years ago I was advised to put my 7-year-old son on medication for ADHD.  When I declined, the nurse thought me ignorant and the teacher was downright offended.  I chose to remove all artificial colors and flavors from his diet, as well as removing all preservatives, and let the teacher know so she could be on board with us.  
      Two months later, his teacher pulled me aside on the playground and exclaimed that she wouldn’t have believed it then, but my son seemed to be a brand-new boy.

      He is now a very creative and inventive 7th-grader.

      There are GOOD options out there.

      • Anonymous

         That is how it was handled 40 years ago when my sister was growing up–take away the allergens and you’ve got a new girl. Before the diet, screaming tantrums–afterwards, a healthy little girl. This has been known for decades. But no company profits from a child abstaining from something. And no school district gets its ADHD allotment of funds.

    • Pat

      Just a nit-pick, but ritalin has been around a lot longer than 20 years; closer to 35 – 40 years. And ADD/ADHD  has been over-diagnosed. So you be the final judge as to your child’s needs; don’t leave it to others, good intentions notwithstanding.

      • Anonymous

        Yes the drug has been around longer it took them some time to make it into a fix all….. I had put down 20+ years but your right it’s more like 30 + years since the war on boys started….

  • Guest

    Get the facts, not from Beck. He only offers reactionary propaganda, like Malkin does.

    “The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.”

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious?  I’m one who had the good education before the 70’s nonsense.  Now I have had 4 children go through the public education system and I can tell you they aren’t being taught.  We actually found false information in some of their history textbooks.  Information that we know to be false personally.  I now have 2 grandchildren and wish their mother would home school.  This country is 28th in education because the government steps in and messes things up.

    • Bill T

      The people on here are to smart to fall for your BS.

    • Sam Fisher

      Says the idiot with a low IQ and hides him screen name like a coward. Where is your source from? MSNBC media matters or one of the many Obama propaganda sites that care more about pushing agenda than the truth.

    • Anonymous

      What, exactly are the standards?

    • Maureen Brown

      That definition contains no factual information. it is pure feel good fluff. words like robust relevant real world successful, global, future. all buzz words. great if you are writing a resume! no meaning or worth if you are explaining a program. facts, content, research results, defend your core program please!

    • Guest

      This is from the Common Core website!

      Beck’s followers do NOT care about facts, just the reactionary, hateful propaganda from Glenn Beck. He tells you BS you WANT to believe, so you do.

  • crazy betty

    thank GOD I don’t have kids.

  • Jeff Ford

    It seems to me that the people of this country need to get the 16th amendment repealed so that we retain control of the money they are using at the federal level to control our lives.  No money, no power over education or any other thing.  It seems much more simple to me to push for this one thing than to fight them on so many others.  We could stop obamacare and gun control and so many other things if we just didn’t pay for them…

  • Anonymous

    I have no children in school and had just started hearing about this new math and my thought was..This is crazy!!! I again had it explained to me and I said to the parent..what was wrond with the old math?? It worked forever…Thank you so much for putting this article in “For the Record”
    I am going to email this immediately to all persons who have kids in our school system…It is time we unite and stand up.  Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!

  • Bill T

    The schools need to get back to teaching reading, writing and arithmatic.  Throw in some history or Geography and some science.  All this other stuff is nothing BS

  • Sam Fisher

    They are rewriting history to fit their needs and making
    future generations dumb so they can be controlled this is what this is about
    control over the dumb down masses. 

  • S

    My second grade daughter just brought home a worksheet that taught the children about  perseverance. Their first example was….Hugo Chavez! What is going on with education! I agree with your assessment of Common Core!

    • Anonymous

      S, What are you going to do about it?

      • S

        I will be asking the teacher why this was given to children and bring it to the attention of the administrator. How they respond will determine if anything else needs to be done. This should not happen in our schools!

        • Anonymous

          S, you are a very trusting person. “How they respond will determine if anything else needs to be done.” They will tell you whatever they think it takes to get rid of you.

          • S

             If I didn’t have a good relationship with them, I would think so, but my kids go to a small charter school where parents matter. So, that is why I said I would see what they have to say. The principal is very honest, so I expect he will want to fix this problem. I want to know which curriculum this came from. If it is part of a bigger curriculum problem, then something major will need to be done, but if this was just the specific teachers choice, then it should be easily fixed. I have to approach it in an inquisitive way and find out how it happened before jumping to conclusions. Thanks for the dialogue!

  • S

    I just found out that the Common Core is not going to prepare students to pass the SAT or the ACT! Our school’s math teacher realized that she will have to teach two different curriculums in order to pass the Common Core tests and the ACT and the SAT.

    • Rhonda

      It’s worse than that.

      They’re rewriting the SAT and ACT so that you can only pass them if you’ve gone through the CommonCore system.

      • S

         Really! Our math teacher was so surprised at how little the students are expected to know when she was preparing for Common Core. Just another way government is trying to keep us hostage! The less we know, the more power they have!

  • landofaahs

    I teach all the kids to count change back.  One of the little ones counted to 100 at 1 and 1/2 years old.  At one year old he could change batteries in a toy with the proper screw-driver and batteries.  He did have problems positioning the batteries until 2+.  Point?  Do your part and don’t just leave things to chance. 😉

  • Anonymous

    It was bad enough that when i wasin school that they gave us the worst books from great authors that it made you not want to read anyother books by that author. Examples Hemmingway’s “The Old Man And The Sea” Instead of “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.  Or F. Scott Fitzgerald “The Great Gatsby” which turned me off so much on the authoir that i have not read anything else that he wrote and i could not even finish that book. I happly failed that test.  And They should have giveen us Shakespeare’s “king Lear” instead of Romeo and Juliett, Hamlet, or MacBeth. Lear was much more fun. Reading should be Fun for kids thats wht kids love comic books.

  • Anne Johnson

    I have been an educator for thirty-five years in both NYC and presently in Connecticut.  Over the course of my service to my profession and my students, I have witnessed many changes to the education process driven by new philosophies and (so called) innovative ideas.  For the past few years I have been extremely concerned…no scared, with the direction of education, and the  implementation of Common Core Standards. I have expressed a strong concern that the foundations of learning at the early childhood and elementary levels are not being delivered.  My concerns are dismissed by the so called leaders in my regional school district.  At this point our school district has expected teachers to develop curriculum in math, reading and writing reflecting Core Standards, during a week after school ends in June.  We have lost our dignity as professionals and are spinning our wheels trying to do what is right for children, as we implement inferior standard.  Where was our union when this was being rammed down our throats.  I have never been a supporter of the union, but this is glaring evidence of how unions  are in the back pocket of the politicians. The way to take over a civilization is through the minds of our youth… WAKE UP AMERICA! 

    • Pat

      I think the politicians are in “the back pocket” of the unions.

    • Duane

      Anne it is easy to implement Common Core. Just take the materials you use for one grade and advance those materials 2 grades up. So what used to be Third Grade Math now becomes Fifth Grade Math etc etc. Just remember one thing…..3 does not equal 3. 3 equals 1 + 8 – 7 + 2….that is Math via The Common Core. The goal is not to get the right answer but to get confused in the process of the getting the wrong answer.

  • June Sherman

    Texas uses C-Scope which is associated with Common Core!!!

  • Becky Cleveland

    Here it is folks…just what Glen has been talking about- Texas is the battleground state that they want to take over and urge Dems to move here to take over our state.  Austin is already very progressive leaning.

  • karen

    Oh My God, I cannot believe what I have just seen and heard. My stomach is in knots because my child is in first grade and is being subjected to this Common Core atrocity. Just last week I was trying to help him do his math homework, and it was EXACTLY as Glenn stated–they make you group everything into tens in order to solve the problem, which makes it confusing as hell. It is NOT the way I was taught to do math in first grade, and now I know why. I knew in my gut something was wrong when the school was calling it “Singapore math”, explaining the “new” math curriculum being taught this year. Parents–PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put a stop to this NOW!!! We must end it or as Glenn says all hope is lost. You better believe I will be at my next school board meeting and the shit WILL hit the fan. 

    • CathrynFarr

      Singapore math is a very excellent math program.  Many home schoolers use it because it is superior to what public school has.  Math teaches how to think logically and there are several different ways to figure a math problem which train the mind to think logically and solve equations using different methods.  That said, there are a LOT of worthless Math curricula out there, but it really takes some homework for a parent to know.
      The best solution is for parents to be hands-on involved with their child’s education. Do the work with your child, become a homeschool student yourself! You will be amazed at what you DIDN”T learn from your own public school education, and what you have forgotten from your college days.
      And of course, be involved it getting these people out of office!

      • karen

        CathrynFarr–How can you call Singapore math an excellent program when it is in fact Common Core. The Common Core logo is on the front cover of my son’s Singapore math book!

  • Kenneth Lee

    Any school board that bows down to the treasonous NEA unions and the dumbdown education needs to be recalled.  This is an end run around the Constitution and parental rights.  The person behind this, specifically billy boy gates, should not being absorbing oxygen.

  • Diane Thompson

    Also, when Obama mentioned wanting our young kids to go to Headstart (and similar programs) from their earliest years, it is so that they can start on their psyche even earlier and make them learn what they want them to learn.  This is becoming beyond frightening!

  • Anonymous

    If Glenn Beck wants to see someone who is dumbing down America, Glenn Beck should look in a mirror

  • Mildred Fischer

    Defund the Federal Department of Education.  Allow states, cities, towns, and counties to manage the education problems.  Who knows more about what the students need than the people with children in school and citizens living in the educational districts,

  • Take 2

    IF you are one of the ones that made stupid asinine comments=remember when Gore tells younger people that they know things that their Parents have no clue or idea about.  The Populationast i.e. Progressive Eugenic spreaders e.g., Wealth spreaders that Take Over installing Master Slave governance are real and in power. It started at the top-College and wormed its way up through slowly indoctrinating at each level.

    It boils down to who pays and protects the teacher. the soldier. the cop. THE big red flag is if or when Obama gets his Bank and makes it very clear who is paying whom.

  • Lorri Morey Bovey

    what do we do in Vermont, this program is entrenced firmly into our state? I am furious. I told my daughter not to do her Iexcel math program this week. Which is a program online, I did a little research and it is connected to the Commoncore program. What do we do?

  • Lorri Morey Bovey

    what do we do in Vermont, this program is entrenced firmly into our state? I am furious. I told my daughter not to do her Iexcel math program this week. Which is a program online, I did a little research and it is connected to the Commoncore program. What do we do?

  • dennis

    I do the new new math sometimes in my head especially for 3 digit numbers and larger and it wasn’t taught to me it was just a way I figured out how to do.  Kind of like factoring but to teach simple math this way is insane.

  • Fior Gael

    The threat posed by this core concept curriculum and the dumbing down of our youth will make them dependent on the state rather than their creator. They will be gullible to the handouts from the government because the people will actually believe they have control over their destiny. The people will want the handouts because they have resigned from their birthright of free will. To make a people incapable of resisting take over, I have observed, is starve them or keep them ignorant of their birthright and their certain unalienable rights such as but not limited to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness given them by their creator.  (Who?) The secularist movement to put me before God in the judgement of things. I am very scared about this devious influence possibility for indoctrination. I have downloaded the names of the district leaders for the CScope project in Texas and am searching for background on these leaders. I have written to my senators about this already and my opposition to Cscope and the national curriculum agenda. God help us all.

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching America on it’s road to destruction, all in the name of Politically Correctness, clear dislike for Americana and it’s history. I am amazed that all the so-called great teachers and leaders who had the great privileges of getting great education in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, until it started changing in the 90s to where it’s at now, a dumb down nation all in the name of political gains.

    Questions; All you progressive teacher, lobbyist, special interest groups, church leaders, celebrities and all people who happen to think like you all do; Do you all think that this won’t affect you when America is fully dumb down?

    Parents where the hell are you in all of this? Why are you not stepping up to protect your children future against what is clearing brainwashing and political gains for the democrats?  

    To all those GOP governors in the red states, why are you not stepping to stop this assault on our children who are our future? Thought you were representatives of common sense!

    It baffles my mind that teachers of today are not about wanting to educate Americans anymore, but are securing their Union’s status and a high salary!

    All the suppose to be great Americans that are members of the Tides Foundation, do you really have America’s interest at heart or your own personal agendas?

    Remember Dr. Ben Carson speech at the White House. America it’s time to stand up against tyranny because it is being constructed right before your eyes and fast!

  • Vincent Weaver

    I’m trying to research this further and I have a couple of questions/comments that I’m wondering if you can answer:

    1. this is a comment I received from a teacher in the public school system here in PA after I posted your video: “Common Core tells teachers what skills must be taught. It does not dictate what algorithms and lessons you must teach to create mastery of that knowledge.And as far as reading, there is in no-way a “dumbing down” as he mentioned in the video—expectations are going to be far-greater…which is a good thing. I stand behind setting high expectations for our children. I hope that helps to ease your worry. If I hear anything disturbing about Common Core along…I’ll let you know. But I think you are okay.

    2. In regards to the math issue, I have a sister in law that home schools and has used Math-U-See which uses the same type of math calculations as you explained, Glen.  However, this curriculum does offer Calculus so wouldn’t that mean you can use this method for more advanced math problems (not saying I agree with the new method but just pointing this out)?  

    Honestly, I don’t like the government telling us what we must teach our kids (aside from setting some type of standard for someone to graduate) but I’m also not sure how accurate your reporting was here, that’s why I’m asking you these questions.

  • Anonymous

    I am a public school teacher (my first year) and this curriculum is horrible. I am just holding on to June to get out of it. I rush and it is corrupt!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dear Glen. You must address the issue of the New Anti – Abortion Law to be signed by the Governor this week. This law prohibits abortion even if it is clear the baby has a serious defect such as Down Syndrome !!  I would like you to put it at the same level as telling us what to eat… or drink…  Once you do that, you will instantly realize that if the Republicans do not mellow down, they can kiss the next Presidential elections good – buy today !! There are too may poor people out there who will not appreciate the “fine points” of this new Anti Abortion Law…  its going to shoot down the Republican Party . Trust me on that.  We have so many millions of living Americans who need hope. This law does not provide hope it tells the people that the Republicans live on another planet !! 
    Thank you .

  • Anonymous

     Arm little Billy with an 82 oz soda and a .45 revolver and send him off to Sarah Palin Academy!! 
    In geography, he will learn which country the president was REALLY born in!
    In drivers ed, he will navigate his first tank-sized SUV!
    In math, he will subtract 53 from 100 to learn just what percentage of America is worthless.
    In history, he’ll learn all about the gallantry of the Confederacy during the the Civil War, a war which we know was really only about states rights… 
    In science…YEAH, RIGHT! LOL! 
    In Economics he will be taken to Wal-Mart and taught how to buy the Elvis Coffee Mug collection, an 4XL shirt, and ten cans of Spam for less than five dollars!
    In Physical Education, he will chase that one “funny- acting” kid with a bat until they both drop!

    Sarah Palin Academy! For REAL Americans!

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s a Common Core graduate, dunce.

  • greywolfrs

    This is quite unbelievable. Doing math in that manner will probably not get them past Algebra, it will not get them past Geometry, let alone even see Calculus.

    Keep the dumbing down of American rolling and watch how fast and far this country falls.

  • Peter

    Common Core will replace computer chips? Computers don’t add like this. Even an addition chip uses a carry over signal.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Guest

    Do you really believe the BS from Beck and Malkin?

    Even though Beck is a proven liar, you still believe him?

    The gullible and their common sense sure do part ways quite easily.

    If anything is dumbing Americans down, it’s Fox and the Blaze of BS.  That’s why viewers of Fox score worse on current events tests than PEOPLE WHO WATCH NO NEWS!

  • molly foster

    We live in small town, rural America and are battling our school district on this very issue.  The common core curriculum is NOT preparing our children for college, there is no critical thinking, values, creativity etc. learned in school.  They do however, learn how to test.  Our public ed students spend 3 hours a week in the computer lab with formative testing, and 3 full weeks per year adaptive testing.  The future of America is bleak with citizens entering the world after graduation.  It is time we start speaking up at home and do something about it.  

    There are fantastic founding principled lessons at, they are unbelievable.

    In our little sphere of America we are joining forces as parents and teachers and telling our school district we are done with their unprincipled, data driven standards.  We want their teaching standard to be centered on helping EVERY INDIVIDUAL student reach their full potential.  We have the power to help remember and share our founding principles one small town at a time.

    • Anonymous

      Please read the common core standards.  They are not evil and would work beautifully with the liberty kids lessons. They would raise the level of cognitive rigor.

  • molly foster

    We have been fighting the effects of the common core in our small community since its beginning.  We have tirelessly worked to get the attention of legislators, but we are now determined to first create the change in our town.  Our students take 3-4 formative tests on the computer per week, and spend three FULL weeks per year with adaptive testing.  This is all done in the name of data, nationwide data that our district uses to control every move our teachers make.  It is shameful to watch our children turn into statistics while the adults pursue a national, government curriculum.

    We are currently gathering as local parents to give our schools back to our students and teachers.  Allow them the freedom to teach the founding principles of America.  We have created amazing lesson plans for the ipad or pdf at to help teachers and home schools remember these founding principles.

    I believe we need to remember where the real power of America lies, in her people.  We have sat back with the excuse of not really mattering for too long.  It is time to start teaching and defending the truth.  Think of it….liberty begins at home.  It is that simple.  With the first step out of our threshold we will go forth with the knowledge to teach whomever we come in contact with, whether taking back our local school districts or simply sharing the founding principles within the walls of our own homes.  The power is with the people.

  • Michelle Burnett

    Glenn, I almost applied for a position to market “common core”  and I remember you speaking about this issue. As I was viewing the website and kept thinking I have heard about this from you.  Thanks for the update.  I have morals and want less goverment involvement.

  • heavy gun

    None of this is true.

    We are moving everything forward and kids are getting harder material. The tests will no longer be multiple choice, but they will require written responses and verbal explanations to
    back up their answers. Gone will be the days of guessing.

    If you do not succeed, you do not move forward, and will be in remediation for math, reading, or writing.

    In our public high school we have Freshman taking Physics and Juniors
    finishing Calculus. We have AP computer programming, and AP calculus
    based “Physics C” for seniors.

    “Physics first” is rapidly becoming the norm in schools. Common core pushes this more and gears us up for offering more advanced classes.

    Who doesn’t want this? The GOP leaders, because they use private schools. They want their kids to have a better education then yours and mine. No one making 250,000+ a year uses public school anyway.

    Take Texas GOP for instance. “Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills
    and similar programs’”

    We oppose the teaching of Higher Order
    Thinking Skills

  • James Short

    As a conservative I am appalled at the ignorance being spewed here by Glenn. There are far too many truly dangerous issues out there that need to be addressed without fighting against straw men and making wild, baseless claims that are easily disproved.  The example given of how wrong the Common Core is with math because of the addition of 29 and 17 actually serves to show Glenn’s ignorance of math.  The focus of Common Core is actually having students understand what they are doing, not simply following a rule to get an answer.  What Glenn quoted from Common Core is not “the way” it is suggested students learn, but is instead an example of helping students understand the significance of place value.  Interesting that Stanford is referenced – the engineering department at Stanford does not allow any of the engineering math courses to be taught by the math department there because the math department focuses on MSM math – mindless symbol manipulation.  There are ways to accelerate students through the Common Core math that are suggested and make it easy for students who are able to complete Calculus in high school.

    The call for the reading of non-fiction is NOT a call for teachers to have students read manuals – it is a call for teachers to have students read Social Studies and Science texts. Students need to learn how to read and comprehend non-fiction – that is primarily other text books.  The claim that in high school common core requires English teachers to not teach classic literature is an equally bogus claim.  The 30% fiction to 70% non-fiction ratio suggested is for reading matter across the curriculum.  One of the major emphases of common core is that the teaching of literacy (reading, writing, listening and speaking) is in fact a school-wide concern, not just the English department.  If other departments require students to engage with texts (e.g. the Federalist papers in a US History class) there will be no need for English teachers to do anything significantly different from what they are currently doing!

    There is nothing in common core that promotes socialism or communism – where that comes from is beyond me.  Bill Ayres may also like apple pie – that is no reason for me to reject ever again eating apple pie.  Please deal with the facts and not innuendo and ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I am a teacher, Republican and a Mormon but I do not agree with you on some of your opinions.  I am inviting you to visit my school and sit with me and my students to see how some of these issues that you have been talking about are actually are playing out.  The math that you were using as an example is something that people use when they are in a grocery store to estimate what your cost in.  Even without the common core this type of math is taught now. 

  • Wiliam Kerney

    I like some of Beck’s works, but DAMN. He is completely wrong on this segment. He did not do his research. Common core teaches kids to think critically, something that has been woefully lacking from our education system.

    Don’t believe me (or Beck), read the thing for yourself!:

    Beck’s factual mistakes –

    1) It does not teach communism

    2) It does not teach “new new math”

    3) In fact, it doesn’t give any specifics at all. It is more a set of guidelines like, “Kids should be able to use computers to put a presentation together.”

    4) The English will include things like historical accounts – nowhere within the Common Core Standards will you find “Ben Bernake’s Manual” or “EPA Insulation Manuals”.

    5) All Common Core materials have to have research proving effectiveness. Beck claims it is all unproven.

    6) It was not part of the stimulus. Work on it started in the 1990s.

    7) It was not “designed by the Tides Foundation”. It was started by the National Governor’s Association, which has a Republican Majority (30 Republican vs 19 Democrats vs 1 Independent).

    8) It will not bring about “radical change in America”. It will teach kids to think critically, which is something Beck should be absolutely for. Right now, we have too many kids *who uncritically accept whatever they see on TV.* This needs to change.

    9) People have read it. People know what it is. It has been worked on for 20 years now.

    10) It is NOT a national curriculum. This is absolutely false. They are NOT taking away local or state control from schools. States STILL will run education.

    11) It cannot be a bad curriculum, because it is NOT a curriculum. Look at what the standards look like: “Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the
    text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.” (Literacy/Literature Standard 4.1) That’s… it. Utterly inoffensive. These are skills kids absolutely need to have. It is not a curriculum.

    12) “Data mining” means actually paying attention to how much kids progress at each grade level. This will allow us to identify bad teachers and improve education. Beck should be absolutely for this.

    13) When Beck says “I didn’t understand how bad it is”, he’s absolutely right. He has apparently not talked to someone who actually knows what it is. Beck, if you’re reading this – I’m a Libertarian who works on the edges of education and I know what is going on. Feel free to contact me. Don’t listen to Michelle Malkin. She doesn’t know either.

    14) “Crippled the constitution”? Oh, please. Telling kids they need to know how to “identify the theme of an essay” (Literacy/Literature Standard 7.1) is a pretty far cry from the ACTUAL constitution-destroying things going on like asset forfeiture ( or the CFAA (

    Stop looking for bogeymen that aren’t there. Pay attention to the real threats to our liberty.

    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      Beck is wrong in that Common Core teaches Communism. The reality is that Common Core Standards teaches ONLY THE QUR’AN”

      It is important that America become a caliphate under Mullah Obama.

  • Brian Sexton

    Another uninformed person making public statements.  The part on the manuals is false.  CCSS is also not a curriculum, it is a set of standards with each state having control to remove or add up to 15 %.  Curriculum, the how we will teach, is still left up to local schools and districts.  The reason we need CCSS is because people in America are ignorant enough to listen to Glenn Beck.

  • Brian Sexton

    Favorite comment, “Forget college, forget college.”  Sounds like a real concern for education.  Home schoolers will still have a choice, and how you teach is how you teach.  Please don’t jump to conclusions.  Do the research like I have and become informed.  Beck is misusing the word curriculum, and exaggerating the nationalism idea. The standards themselves are much better than what states have had before.  I want my children to live in an America that is still a global competitor, but the way we are moving we will soon be so far behind that our children will not know the country our grandparents built.  CCSS math is a good thing.  The “new math” that scares Beck is not new.  It is called making sense of numbers.  It is what people who excel in math have always done naturally.  What is so scary about teaching our kids how to think?  Go into today’s businesses and you will see people collaborating, using technology, and discussing and negotiating to solve problems.  These are skills that are not currently in state’s standards.  They are in CCSS.  I am sorry that kids are homeschooled because I am afraid that in today’s world they will not be able to collaborate, share, and or compromise and that will keep them from being successful.  I have taught in Las Vegas, Texas, and Oklahoma, and I hear all of your concerns, but the CCSS is not the concern.  Testing and tracking are your concern.  Lets be clear that CCSS is separate from national testing mandates, that yes you should protest.  I just ask that you become informed, not by media, but on your own.  Visit and read the literature yourself.  

    And last thing Glenn Beck, reading enjoyment has been dead for kids for years.  CCSS might actually get kids excited because they will not read manuals, rather informational text that is relevant.  Yes manuals are a form of informational text, but so is a script from your show.  I would use your script to teach my students rhetoric by using CCSS standard
    CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.9-10.6 Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text and analyze how an author uses rhetoric to advance that point of view or purpose.

    Now someone please tell me what about this standard you do not like.

  • Anonymous

    CCSS math begins earlier for algebra – grade 4!  Its not true that CCSS teaches communism. 
    CCSS is not a curriculum!  It is a simple set of standards that can be used with any “curriculum” including the Bible, Houghton Mifflin, etc…  There are NO lessons in the CCSS! The reading time is not mandated at 30% for manuals.  The 30% is informational text – not manuals – this can be reptiles, stars, or how God created the world!  etc… not MANUALS…   Where did Beck read this?  Show me!

    This is not a new math.  The purpose of teaching 20 + 7 is to teach tens and ones.  Nothing new.

    The classics are very strong in CCSS and are called exemplary texts.  Like guns – the CCSs is only dangerous in the wrong hands – like any standards!!!  It depends on what is “taught”…  There is no mandate that you must teach any particular text.  This is NOT a curriculum.  Ridiculous.    The curriculum districts choose will mandate the texts.  The standards are not lower!  According to Norman Webb’s depth of knowledge…and based on my 37 years of an educational career as a Christian teacher

    PTAs will have a say!  Again…CCSS is NOT a curriculum.  For instance standard standard CCSS 4th grade Reading Informational Text standard 5 reads:  RI.4.5 Describe the overall structure (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information in a text or part of a text.  This hardly sounds easy.  For instance…it does NOT tell the teacher what text to use.  If I were using the Bible to teach this standard I would teach for instance the cause and effect of the flood – Noah’s ark.  I would have students describe the events, ideas and concepts the Word describes.  Then students would write an informational writing piece using the structure of cause and effect – which all good writers are adapt at.

    Students are already tracked by the way – by scores.  The only students legally tracked are through federal title programs…. schools of low income.  Its been going on for years.  Title has too much power in my opinion.  This data mining has always gone on and has nothing to do with CCSS.   

    Glenn I love the blaze and your work but you are putting a ton of “stuff” on the common core standards that are not there.  Again standards are NOT a curriculum.  Every state has a set of standards.  These standards do have higher rigor and depths of knowledge.  They are only “bad” if you use the wrong text – which by the way is NOT mandated. 

  • Dr. Karl Stalin

    Common Core is designed to dumb down the population making future
    generations more dependent on the state. This is exactly how communism
    came to rise in the Eastern Block nations.

    Better wake up America before
    it’s all gone….

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Mr. Obama speech of July 3, 2014 states that Common Core Standards will be altered to teach only “QUR’AN”. This is for the hopeless change he promised with his election rhetoric. The prophet Mohammed married 6 year old Aisha after his first wife died. This is the reason America needs Common Core.

  • Duane

    I just went to my child’s first parent teacher conference and I am angry
    beyond words….not at the report card but at the reduced level of the
    math. From what I can tell under Common Core Third Grade Math is now
    what Fist Grade Math used to be. Anyone who writes praises about CC is
    probably making a cut from it. Most of the teachers at the school hate
    the new CC “Curriculum” but are being forced to use it. Third grade math used to include fractions, three digit multiplication, addition up to 1000 and more. Common Core changes all that. No Fraction. 1 digit multiplication. Addition up to 100. And this is going to help us keep up with the rest of the world? Oh well, by the time my kids grow up they will have to cross the boarder illegally to Mexico to find decent work.

  • Duane

    There are many out there who try to justify Common Core math by spouting the same rhetorical line over and over…..people need to understand the CONCEPT. That is all well and good… a HIGHER LEVEL OF MATH. But the CONCEPT of 2+5? Give me a break. The CONCEPT of 2 X 2? Come on…..get real. Common Core Drones will spout that 10 + 15 is the same as 1 + 9 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 3. However they are wrong at the CORE. if NASA used Common Core we would never have made it to the moon let alone get a plane off the ground.

  • Abdullah Oblongata

    I thought Fox news was responsible for summing the kids down. Teach ’em some conspiracies Glenn Baby.

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