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If last November’s election made you feel like you wasted two years of your life trying to get a conservative in the White House, you’re not alone. President Obama may still live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but if you take a look at Congress you can see the tide beginning to shift.

This morning on radio, Glenn took to the chalkboard to explain how much of a difference you are making — especially when it comes to reforming the Republican Party. Progressives like John McCain and Lindsey Graham may still be in office, if you haven’t noticed, they’re making their last stand.

Just take a look at what you’ve accomplished:

Instead of Kay Bailey-Hutchinson, Texas now has Ted Cruz.

Instead of Alren Specter we now have Pat Toomey.

Instead of Russ Feingold, there’s Ron Johnson.

“These differences are just as big as picking up a seat,” Stu said. “It’s like converting a Democrat to a Republican. It’s that drastic.”

“That’s why Linsdey Graham must go,” Pat said.

Operation remove Lindsey Graham continues.