Are cable companies listening to your calls for TheBlaze?

Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

Message from Lynne Costantini – President, Business Development:

Your support of TheBlaze over the past few weeks has been phenomenal!  You are by far, the most engaged and loyal audience in America.  Thank you!

Despite the fact that you’ve made 31,000 phone calls, sent over 85,000 emails, filled out thousands of online channel request forms, tweeted tens of thousands of times, and posted tens of thousands of messages on their Facebook pages, TV providers don’t seem to be taking your polite and persistent requests to add TheBlaze seriously.

xSo we have to ask:  “Are they listening???”

According to the Dictionary, “LISTEN” means “to pay attention to”, “to hear something with thoughtful attention”; “to give consideration”; “to be alert to”.

Here’s what they are saying to us and to you….Are they giving you lip service or are they listening?   We’ll leave it to you to decide.


“….we are always in discussions with programmers about which channels to add to the DIRECTV lineup, but have no plans to add The Blaze Network at this time. Thank you.”

“We’ve gotten a bunch of letters…. , but we don’t see that there’s much demand.”  

Time Warner Cable:

“Thanks for your input. As you probably know, we’re constantly evaluating new networks for carriage on our lineup. You should know that Blaze TV already makes its programming available to interested customers, for a fee, online.”

“We’ve gotten a bunch of calls and some letters, but not enough interest to make a difference.” 


“A number of you have expressed interest in TheBlaze. There are several options for viewing this network, detailed here:…..”

“Due to budget and bandwidth constraints, we’re not adding channels until 2015.”

Bright House Networks:

“Thank you for your Blaze channel request. Channel requests can be made by contacting us here:”


Hi, we’re glad to hear you’ve filled out our survey and we’ll be sure to let you know if we have any news to report! Thanks!”

“Thanks for the suggestion! Be sure to request [TheBlaze] using our online channel survey at


“Hi thanks for your suggestion [to add TheBlaze]. Since customer demand is the largest factor in the decision to add more channels to our lineup, I’ve submitted your request to our programming team.”


“we’re currently tracking requests for The Blaze channel and appreciate you taking the time to register here:”


“You can submit a request for that channel by filling out this form: Our Product and Marketing teams review the requests to determine which channels to add.”

“We’re not meeting with or adding new independent channels at this time……”

Sadly, most of your posts, emails are online requests are simply being ignored. Are they listening or just collecting data?

This week we’ll be talking to Comcast.  As you know, they own MSNBC, NBC News, and will soon carry Al Jazeera America.  We sure hope that their liberal bias doesn’t get in the way of them making a smart business decision to add a channel that balances out this bias and gives their customers more choice.

It’s hard to believe that the thousands of messages and interactions you’ve had with TV providers are not enough to prove that there’s demand.  Are they “alert”?  And it’s even more surprising that they are sending their valuable customers to watch TheBlaze online when you’ve told them you want to watch it on television.  Are they “hearing you with thoughtful attention?”

Pay TV providers seems to think that the interest you have expressed so far in such incredible numbers is nothing more that some “once and done” marketing gimmick.  Are they “paying attention”?

They obviously don’t understand your commitment or the size of this audience.  They don’t understand that you’re not okay with paying the kind of money you pay each month for their service and not having a say in what you can watch.  It’s bad enough that you are forced to pay for expensive sports channels that you don’t watch and didn’t ask for.  They need to understand that you’re not okay being forced to pay for channels like MSNBC, CNN or Al Jazeera America and that you want TheBlaze on cable and satellite television because this is a network that represents your values.  Are they “giving you due consideration”?

Why aren’t they listening to you? It’s your money … don’t you deserve a choice?

As we said when we launched our “Get The Blaze” campaign a few short weeks ago, this is going to be a long fight and one that tests our resolve, but it’s a fight we are going to win.

We need to continue to help TV providers understand that we’re not going away until they add TheBlaze to their channel line-ups!

So I guess we have to crank up the volume, because they don’t seem to be listening to you!

Let’s throw down the gauntlet and make enough noise so that our voices do make a difference to them!  Let’s not be ignored.

Today we’re asking you to get back on the phone and politely ask “Are You Listening?”  Let them know you want TheBlaze included in the programming package you pay for and you intend to keep calling until they make it happen.

It seems as though the emails you’re are sending are not being read or are collecting dust in a pile somewhere in some offshore call center, so we’re asking you to call.  If you call, they have to answer the phone, listen and respond.  If they are not responsive, ask to speak to a supervisor.  And don’t take “no” for an answer!

Ask them:  Are you listening?  Do it now!

If you can’t call, send them an email.

And while you’re at it, go to their Facebook page and post the message there – “Are You Listening?  I want TheBlaze on TV!”

Let’s make sure TV providers know that you’re willing to make your voices heard until they launch TheBlaze.  Together we can make our shared values available to more people on television.

To make your connections just go to  …we’ll connect you to your provider or you can call 1-800-996-2529 that’s 1-800-996-2529.

Thank you for your dedication and support!


The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” 

― Ralph G. Nichols

  • Anonymous

    Question for Beck fans: cable tv is a 24 x 7 programming stream, for the most part. I’m not a Beck subscriber, and i never will be, but as best i can tell from the website you’ve got maybe 4-5 hours of original programming per day. Which would work fine for an on-demand website. But on tv, what is Beck going to show for the other 19-20 hours each day? Repeats of the same shows? My guess would be that cable operators simply don’t want to dedicate a channel to something in its infancy, with relatively little content. I thought Beck was going to completely revolutionize media delivery? Whatever happened to that?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I imagine one reason that the BlazeTV is not being considered by the large carriers on cable and satellite is pressure coming down from the administration and FCC.

    • jen

      Then, if Republicans disagree with the cable companies, congress republicans would go change dc as they stated and make the admin and fcc adhere to equality.  Since they don’t believe in conservative principles or news either like the dems, politicians that republicans voted in won’t do anything.

    • Anonymous

      The person who is really blocking you guys is Rince Preibus, GOP chairman who just released a report saying the problem with the GOP is you nut jobs. Myself, I would love for Beck to be on 24/7 so people can see just how whacked you far right nut balls are, hell we got Beck to thank for sending millions of Hispanic and gay voters to the DNC, we never want him to stop. The only ones who want him to stop are those being hurt the most by The Crazy – the GOP fat cats.

      • Anonymous

        I am not sure that today’s “Growth and Opportunity Party” (new moniker for the Grand Old party suggested by Priebus) report goes that far, but it is exactly the course correction/rebranding that has Beck proclaiming he is a libertarian and done with the Republicans. I think in further refining his niche, Beck is hoping to become the new media spokesman for a new growth Libertarian party, bringing with him the Tea Party members who are disaffected by the GOP.  He will push Rand Paul for President. If I were Rand Paul, I’d keep my distance-Rick Santorum’s ride was short lived on the Beck bus.

      • Sam Fisher

        Yup keep being proud that you enslaved Hispanics. 

        • Anonymous

          Is that the new cra-cra?

  • Anonymous

    Love the chutzpah– Beck never is one to initiate a new idea-repackage and remarket is his m.o. ( he is after all building his own disney world infotainment park and town) Anyone remember the self parodying nature of “I want my MTV” campaign–appealing to spolied teenagers to get their parents to sign up for cable in the early days?

    Perhaps when the Blaze viewership can exceed the average rankings of The Learning Channel (about 700,000), late night ESPN (over 1 Million) or even a late night episode of the Family Guy (800,000), Beck will get his own MTV.

    In any event this is a guaranteed win win for Beck–if it fails he gets to blame the liberal MSM and all his fans can blame Obama for preventing his media friends from adding the Blaze Network. GB’s successsful formula–he tries to make himself the story, as much as he discusses the story.

    • ~Raya~

       Using that libtard ill-logic MSNBC (MSLSD) would have been off the air years ago.  As long as they continue to push their progressive, socialist propaganda they will never recapture the figures they had when they used to report real news, with real reporters who reported and did not take sides while making false statements.  Many of us can remember when a certain morning host actually had credibility before he sold his soul for stupidity…

      • Anonymous

        not sure what you mean by “libtard ill logic”– what I said was if Beck gets the numbers, some cable companies will pick him up. He does not yet seem to have the numbers; in the meantime, he can call it a conspiracy, further firing up the team. Sounds like Capitalism 101 to me–how does that make it “libtard ill logic”?

        I do not watch MSNBC and know nothing of its profitability. nevertheless, they seem to have around 1 million according to current tracking.

  • J Cole

    Hmm… I wonder why Glenn Beck can’t get a TV show?

    Perhaps because of his gay-bashing, race-baiting hate rhetoric? Maybe it’s because his fanbase is full of bigots who think America should only belong to white men (and god forbid an educated and articulate black president takes office, he is somehow a muslim terrorist)? Maybe it’s because his followers are so toxic to the country that their own party has thrown them to the side (see Fox News dumping Glenn Beck before the election).

    Or maybe…just maybe, it’s because Glenn Beck is America’s public enemy #1 and no one in their right mind would let him have a TV network that spews his filth.

    Stick to your internet podcasts from your basement, Beck. That’s all you’ll ever get from now on. You are the American version of the Taliban, the only difference is that you worship a different god.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno man. I think it might be his eight years of cheerleading George Bush and his mass murder in Iraq, and now the hypocrite claims he is a “libertarian” – that might have something to do with it.

      • John Bonetti

        You may want to actually watch the show before you regurgitate lies.  He was more critical of George Bush than anyone except Obama and Soros.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, sure, like I didn’t hear the fucking guy myself, he’ll rot in hell with Cheney.

    • Sam Fisher

      I bet you can’t prove one thing you said in your hateful post.

      • Anonymous

        Like that Beck called Obama a ‘racist’ ? That’s hard to prove?

        • Sam Fisher

          That because he is moron. It is not racist calling a true racist a racist.

        • Cookie

          Oh look, more worthless trolls. Moving along…

          • CovertWarOnAmericansLeakedHere

            Unelected officials make all the decisions. There was a coup. When a coup happens government takes control of the media. Puppet Obama was forced to sign NDAA into law authorizing the government to conduct  propaganda and disinformation campaigns against the American public. Why? Because the truth about Obama and this entire sham of an administration is so damaging that the government fears civil unrest. The story in my profile leaks the BIGGEST cover up in world history.

          • Anonymous

            More messages from Planet Zodor coming in?

    • Jeanette Victoria

      And there we have it another liberal who can do nothing but name call and emote about hate.  Not a rational sentence in the whole post.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Advertisers don’t like his fan base.

      You can’t sell toothpaste to people with no teeth.

      • ~Raya~

         Quite interesting to know that the libtards cannot separate their facts from fiction.  Using their ill-logic, you have to wonder why the advertisers the they had on Fox followed them quickly to the Blaze.  Winners follow winners!

    • ~Raya~

       You know you are winning when the libtards are paying close attention to what you are doing so they can call the few, the ignorant, the weak to send messages, emails, tweets and fake phone calls to protect their lies.  Tis a shame that they do not have the courage to truly stand up for their convictions.  Sad, sad, sad, but then most progressive libtards are sad…

    • sparducks

      Dude you are a piece of work. It’s funny how you fags always accuse someone of gay bashing when they never did. And by the way who cares? I wouldn’t change my mind or morals just because a few queers are offended. If someone accused me of gay bashing I’d just look at them and say ” hey faggot not in my backdoor”. But that’s just me. I think homosexuality is disgusting and unnatural. I like the rest of the world (including gays) think it’s great fun to make gay jokes.Hahahahaha! Now as a gay person you ought to know that Hollywood often makes derogatory gay jokes and statements. And gay actors like John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Will Smith freak out if they get called out and pay off people not to out them. Why? If it’s so fn normal Why don’t these queers just come out of the closet? Why don’t you come out?
       What do you think about Gay republicans? or Gay’s for Glenn Beck? Are they not really Gay because they are not down for the struggle? Go to

      • Anonymous

        Then why do you suck cock?

        • sparducks

           You say that like its a bad thing.Are you opposed to such acts? Are you a homophobe?

    • sparducks

       How about ? Are they included in your anti conservative rant?

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually because no one wants his shit.

    • Jeanette Victoria

      And there we have it another liberal who can do nothing but name call
      and emote about hate.  Not a rational sentence in the whole post.

  • Draxx

    It is possible that somehow they are all getting Federal Funds, or Monies from George S…

    So they will only listen to those that are Bribing Them!!!

  • KCintheOC

    Who are these trolls?  have they ever watched any of the Blaze TV?  These trolls wouldn’t know the truth if it was tatooed on their bloated beer guts.  Please — reserve your “intelligence” to the Ed Show, now available to on MSNBC on Saturdays, lol.

    • Anonymous


    • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

      I dunno about that. MSNBC’s weekend morning line up kicks ass. my wife and I love Chris Hayes and MHP. It’s better then Glenn’s TV show. Oh wait, he doesn’t have one. He has a webcast. Something any idiot with a webcam can do.

    • Cookie

      They’re just a bunch of Obama butt-licking kool aid-lip-dripping losers that have nothing better to do with their time than vent their jealous frustrations on this page. Pay them no attention. <3

  • Anonymous

    31,000 and 85,000 are not only pitiful numbers, they are also the only solid fan base that would watch his cable tv channel.
    No service wants to lose millions and millions in commercial sponsors the next time Glenn goes off on a racist, sexist or bigoted rant.  They saw what Fox News had to deal with before they fired Glenn and don’t want to deal with the same headaches.
    On a personal note, I really enjoyed this story.  It is fun to watch Glenn beg and grovel for support and love!!!

  • Lee Marshall Gibson

    Glenn, I have contacted brighthouse network via Phone Email and twitter and facebook with request for the Blaze and feel as if I have gotten absolutely nowhere. I have upped the ante now and said im sorry but if you refuse to carry the blaze then i refuse to carry your network. I give them one month if they do not add you  to the lineup by my next bill i will be cancelling my service and  picking up a new provider. I will hit them where it hurts and just refuse to pay for service that does not care what i need. Maybe if thousands of people drop service they will get the point.

  • Anonymous

    In television, the number that matters is AGE. Younger demographics are more lucrative; the companies that buy ad time want to hit that 18-34 year old market. Obviously, a Glenn Beck show isn’t going to appeal to that audience. 

    Secondly, most Fox News shows are seeing a decline in ratings, as their most hard core viewers are literally dying out. So other networks see that and ask why they would follow that course. 

    Lastly, even the most popular show on Fox News–The O Rielly Factor—draws about 4 million viewers on a good day. Yes, that’s big in the cable news world, but the big three nightly news of ABC, CBS, and NBC, draw 8-12 million a night—so “big” is relative. 

  • Anonymous

    Just got off the phone with Comcast, and asked for The Blaze.  They said that there are no plans to add it, and that there isn’t enough demand to add it.  I smell something fishy here.  I also told them that I will continue to call until it is added.

  • Anonymous

    Blame a left wing MSM conspiracy, it’s what you always do. 
    But then…think. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction, actually THINK.

    The left wing media wouldn’t care about Glenn having a tv show, since he’s not going to take away any of their viewers…
    But who MIGHT Glenn Beck take viewers from? Hmmm. His old network, perhaps? How do you think Rupert Murdoch and his empire are going to feel about losing even a small amount of their viewers to a new competition?

    No one who watches MTV or MSNBC is suddenly going to switch to watching a Glenn Beck show…but someone who watches a Sean Hannity or a Bill O Rielly…

  • Anonymous

    If TV thought the Blaze would make them money, they’d carry it.  If they think they’ll loose money or the show will hurt their brand, they won’t carry it, just like Fox.  It’s pretty simple.  No conspiracy.

  • Anonymous

    There’s no conspiracy..  Its not about politics its about money. Capitalism 101, is it going to make us money, Beck why he might attract viewership, will no doubt be controversial.  Thats the question, is it money making controversial or money losing controversial.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon Seeks to Shake Up Fees for TV ChannelsFiOS Operator Presses Smaller Media Firms for Deals Based on Audience Size

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Maybe MSNBC will carry on the weekends after Ed Schulz

  • Richard Lawrence Ray

    So Glenn, for those of us in the sticks, with no means of getting high speed internet other than by a satellite (which leaves streaming out) how about allowing people to subscribe via Ku or C band satellite? I’d put up a dish for TheBlaze, because waiting for DirecTV to put it on their line up will happen when pigs fly.

  • tobias

    Why all the hatred for Glenn Beck is that all that you got ? Hatred? So sad and small minded but a sign of the times.

  • Ralph Sipes

    “J Cole” Please read why Beck does not NEED or WANT a TV show..  He will soon have a 24 HOUR internet Network!  –   I just contacted DISH to again complain about their charge of $5 a month for The Blaze and to again request that they provide it free to the lower cost selections.  Was pleasantly surprised with the agent’s counter offer of $5 for 12 months.  You DISH subscribers way want to make the same call.  I took it!  And did the following survey indicating 100% satisfaction for the call response.  I do prefer to use Roku for Beck following on the internet.  Because the net offers “on demand” and past programs. 

    I’m happy, in the Pennsylvania countryside!

  • Amy Pieh

    Quite insulting for you to call his fan base those things. I have a bi-racial son and know many gays and I am a successful hardworking woman who runs two retail stores and a mail order company for 12+years. I don’t feel any of the things you describe. I provide jobs and tax revenue and help many people along the way without force. I am hardly a toxic person and take offense to “your” rhetoric. His show is awesome and I don’t even bother with Fox or CNN anymore…they are not fair and balanced anymore anyway.

  • Mr Important

    Glen Beck was great on Howard Stern. He almost sounded like a normal human being but then that JESUS stuff enters his head.. Dude don;t be so wrapped up in religion.. Religion is a scary thing, people are killing each other over religion. You support a catholic church that has spends millions of dollars on cover ups on child molestation..
    There in NO denying these facts. Glen Beck used to be funny when he would say the end of the world was going to happen every other 6 months.. It’s all entertainment. It’s not real talk like The Howard Stern Show..

  • Rosie Nanette Gagnon

    Thats why his newsletter outnumbers the NYT subsrciptions, huh.

  • Anonymous

    NYT has 1.7 million (including internet): GB has 300,000 Blaze TV customers; what are the newsletter numbers?

  • Sam Fisher

    Notice how he does not count the viewers on Dish Network. 

  • Anonymous

    my oversight-forgot about that –what are those numbers?

  • Sam Fisher

    They are not out yet I think Dish does that sort of thing when it been going for at least a year but I can see it being higher than 300,000. Seeing how he has 2.2 million likes on Facebook I think it is bad business what they are doing. I would take the chance because when he was on Fox he was raking in high viewer ship numbers. The only reason why I don’t have the blaze is because my internet is to slow and I have no money blaze is because my internet is to slow and I have no money for it to speak of. I bet you there is more like me how just can’t afford the price.

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