DOJ stands against legally immigrating German family seeking political asylum

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“Do you have a right to teach your children and raise your children up in the faith of your four fathers? Do you have the right to teach your children the Bible?  Do you have the right to teach your children about God and Jesus, or does Penn Jillette which the right to say there is no Jesus, there is no God?  Does he have the right and do you have the right to raise your children in your personal faith?” Glenn asked this morning at the start of his radio show.

All questions that, at least in America, seem like they would have a simple answer — yes.

“This gets really tough when you’re talking about faith like Westboro Baptist Church.  But the Constitution really only matters when it is tough,” Glenn continued.  “But this is not a case that is tough.  This is a story that sounds to me an awful lot like the earliest American story.  Our founders, our Founding Fathers and sisters and brothers, they came here for religious freedom.  They came here because the old world said you have to be a member of this faith.  You have to do it this way.  Remember, the old world is where they were burning people at the stake if they thought that you could read the Bible and should be allowed to read the Bible in your own home.  That’s not your right to read the Bible.  That’s not your right to print the Bible in your own language.  You go to the church which was a combination of the church and the state and you’ll get all of the information you need from the church and the State.  The pilgrims who were mocked by calling them puritans, “Oh, you’re one of those puritans.”  The pilgrims lost their lives, took any fortune that they might have had, they worked and worked, they were swindled, they were mocked, they were jailed and yet they held their family together and they prayed to God, “Find one place that we will go which a we can be a refuge.  Find one place that we can actually stand and just worship God.”  It is the American story.”

The story Glenn is referring to isn’t one like the Westboro Baptist Church, where some could make the case you shouldn’t raise your kids that way. It’s one that involves a Christian family from Germany who immigrated to the United States seeking political asylum, and may soon be deported. This story is about homeschooling.

In Germany you don’t have the right to educate your children at home. You don’t have a right to educate your children in the way you see fit based on your faith.

“It is the oldest battle, and it is a battle unfortunately that is now raging all around the world,” Glenn told his listeners.

The Romeike family are evangelical Christians from Germany who were homeschooling their children because of their religious beliefs. The State told them they couldn’t and even threatened that their children would be taken away from them. This is why they came to America.

“They currently live in rural Tennessee.  They did it the right way.  They have their visas.  They came here and asked for political asylum because if they return to Germany, the German state will take their children unless they dump them into the system where they are teaching them things about God that this family disagrees with,” Glenn explained.

This family came to America the right way and for the right reasons, yet somehow the current Justice Department is not standing behind them The DOJ is arguing that the German law banning homeschooling does not violate the family’s human rights. The Obama administration isn’t exactly a “fan” of homeschooling, and Glenn believes that this could lead to things like restricting homeschooling happening in America.

“In other words, your children are not yours; you are not in charge of rearing your children.  You are not in charge of raising and teaching your children; the State is.  There’s nothing that is more un‑American than this.  This is truly who we are at the core,” Glenn said. 

The Constitution protects these rights for Americans — Germany doesn’t believe in our system. But, if you’re German and you come to America through the front door asking for political asylum because what the Constitution deems to be fundamental rights, America is supposed to defend them. Not with soldiers, but by letting these individuals in our borders.

“We let those people come here and make us stronger because too many of us have forgotten it,” Glenn said.
“Homeschooling families in America should be paying attention to this case, but every American should be paying attention to this case because this is the end of America as we know it if our justice department stands and wins.  Our justice department is fighting to have the family sent back.”

After discussing the controversy, Glenn spoke with Michael Farris, Chairman of the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). The HSLDA is funding the legal defense against the Justice Department in this case and will soon being giving the oral argument for the family in front of the Sixth Circuit court.

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Farris explained just how out-of-step the Justice Departments action on this case are with in comparison to similar cases.

” It’s baffling frankly, and no one can figure out why they are so motivated to take this family on, especially because the initial immigration judge ruled in their favor,” Michael explained. “That’s the toughest hurdle in any immigration case is to win that initial battle. That’s kind of the factual battle. Then after that it’s, what does the law mean.  And they won the factual battle.  It’s very clear.  You know, they’re a good, upright family and they were, in fact, homeschooling for religious reasons and the judge said they are being denied religious freedom by the German ban of homeschooling.  Interestingly enough, of course, the German law in question was enacted during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler and the German government hasn’t adjusted it.”

Michael also explained that if the family is sent back over to Germany they face real trouble. The German government goes after homeschooling families they find in their country.

“There are probably 500 people that are brave enough to even attempt this in Germany,” he told Glenn.

“They find you, they jail you, but, you know, ultimately at the end of the day, they remove your children from your custody,” he added. ” That’s the progression. And this family has been fined substantially. Police have shown up at their house and taken their children to the public schools and they were well down the road…the threats were coming that they would remove custody of your family if you don’t relent.”

Basically Germany’s stance is that this if one of the good things Hitler did — although they ignore the fact it derived from when he was in power.

Glenn went on to explain that while some are “baffled” by the Obama administration’s reaction to the case, this is a road we’ve been headed down for awhile.

“As we get into Common Core and we see just the data collection on our children that they are planning, there is no way that homeschooling is going to be allowed, there’s no way that this country is going to allow you to deviate and actually raise your children the way you want to raise your children.  I mean, it makes sense to me:  Isn’t the justice department by arguing that the German law banning homeschooling does not violate the family’s human rights, doesn’t that fundamentally transform the United States of America if they win that battle here?  Will they not then have a card and a way to strengthen that argument in later battles against the American people?” Glenn asked.

“Absolutely correct,” Michael responded. “Human rights is really equivalent to constitutional rights in this particular context.  We will not survive as a nation if the government wins, and it’s even more insidious than might be apparent because their contention is not only are parental rights not valid, not only is religious freedom not valid on an individual basis but they really take the position that no individual liberty is the subject of human rights protection.  The only thing that qualifies you for asylum, our government is arguing, is if your group is discriminated against.  They don’t care about individual liberty at all.  They write it off in the way they argue this particular case and they say “This family has no liberty because they don’t belong to a church that forces them to homeschool.  Other Christians don’t homeschool in Germany.  Other Christians don’t homeschool in the United States.”  And so it’s unless some kind of a group, this government doesn’t get it.  But our law and human rights law is based on two principles:  Individual liberty and equal protection.  Well, they have just thrown individual liberty out of the equation entirely, both for human rights law and arguably for American law as well.  I mean, they are setting a precedent that’s incredibly dangerous.  They don’t really believe in individual liberty and they are doing everything they can to stomp it out.”

Glenn’s charity, Mercury One, has set up a fund to help support the HSLDA in their defense of the Romeike family. Mercury One will be making a $50,000 donation to their firm. 100% of the proceeds donated to this fund will go directly to the HSLDA. If you would like to donate, you can do so HERE.

  • Anonymous

    113 million people are paying income taxes in this country and 202 million people are not.  Of those 113 million are a lot of people who don’t want their money to go towards Sandra Fluke’s birth control, Planned Parenthood’s murderous agenda, and a single payer state health system that Congress didn’t vote on.  But what choice do they have?  The majority wins here but nobody is better off.  Now you aren’t allowed to pass your values onto your children, no legacy allowed. 

    • Rickey Coley

      If we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.
      Thomas Jefferson


      • Anonymous

        Lazy people are never happy.

    • sparducks

      ” Yeah pay for my birth control but stay out of my bedroom.” Is’nt that their motto? I feel like saying “hey whore, who the hell wants to know anything about you and your perverted lifestyle, your increased potential to be an std incubator, or even peer into your disgusting filthy bedroom”. these progressives are just absolutely disgusting. They arrogantly tell the people “hey stay outa my vagina” as they parade almost naked down main street and claim their first amendment rights. Don’t stand to close to any of them; especially during a lightning storm.

      • Mark Evans


        • sparducks

           Yeah too. Thanks a million mr. spelling bee. If we had more guys like you carefully patrolling the internet, perhaps all of our country’s problems would disappear. Hell, farts might stop stinking. Good job Mark you’re a real champion.

      • Anonymous

        Well it just goes to show that a progressive is typically someone in dire need of attention. They are like the prettiest girl at a dance who gets mad that EVERYONE won’t pay attention to her.

        • Anonymous

          progressives are regressive…they talk about birth get rid of babies not diseases…they are anti Life..rather u die then have children

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Control and Power, this case is one perfect example of it.

    Due to the fact of the family seeking to home school their children, and are denied the right to do so in Germany. Now the DOJ is fighting them here in America by denying them political asylum due to religious persecution.

    Obama’s stance on the Federal government controlling all from daily life to religion is known to all; and here we see one more example of it, the family is denied asylum due to them not accepting the nanny-state.

    • Truth Be Known

       The worse is yet to come and it will not end in 2016. This is just the beginning of what our future will be like. Remember “fundamentally transformed.”  You see it changing each day and the list gets longer for every day that passes.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Look well America and see the future first-hand, Obama is demanding all conform to the nanny-state system. And here we see what is happening to those who refuse to comply.

    • Anonymous


  • Lupo

    These are the same kind of people who refused to let the Jews, comming from Nazi-Germany to enter the US in 1938. Sending a whole ship load of people back to determined extinction.

    What do we wonder about?

  • Anonymous

    The reason Glenn that they do not want them here is that they are getting ready to do the same thing to the USA citizen.  It will not be another year before it is illegal to Home School your Children here.  In a million years I could not have imagined this five years ago.  It is going to happen.

  • Beth Dill

    Our government only lets in illegal aliens that will vote for Democrats.

    • sparducks

       You’re damn right about that. If this were a muslim family devoted to socialism that wanted to homeschool their children Holder would be ordering these people put under federal protection and use them as a shining beacon to all people who suck up to the progressive agenda. Muslim brotherhood jihadists in. Peaceful christian family raising their kids to be righteous out. Barabbas in; crucify the peaceful miracle performing carpenter’s son. Typical. Seen it before.

      • Anonymous

        yep u r so right,Amen

  • Anonymous

    Dear America:  Wonder if private Christian schools will be outlawed too?  What about that private school the presidents send their children too?  Will they be under the same cirriculim? 
    That means starting at four years old thru 12th grade, indoctrination, and more indoctrination (homosexual agenda included). 

    • Anonymous

      What are you thinking  –  NOOOO  Elitist Kids do not rub ellbows with common folk!
      Just like all these spoiled kids the meshpoke of the Rich and Famous do everything in style.  not like us. We already have this indoctrination  our kids are so bad in reading and math  foreign laguages is a joke History as good as unheard off but now they are getting books about WAR  (3rd Class)???  Is our System f….ing out of their collective MIND???? or what –  DGHU!

  • Rickey Coley

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Our government has been chipping away at our constitutional rights for decades now, but this last decade has been an accelerated one. The time is at hand for an uprising. We need to take back our country now while we still can. Once they take our guns & our faith we will have no way to win. Right now we have the upper hand, but only a few years from now we will be at their complete mercy. Obama, Democrats, & most Republicans have no mercy for the people they are supposed to be protecting(all of us citizens) so our plight will be horrendous. We have began forming local militias here in Arkansas. I urge all of you to start doing the same. Are you & your community prepared for the UN Peace Keeping Force when they roll into your town to confiscate all firearms? Our own military will not be involved directly on the ground. It will be foreign soldiers that do the dirty deed when Obama asks for help from the rest of the world. If anyone reading this does not believe it then look up the “UN Small Arms Treaty” that Obama has already agreed to. He will bypass the House & Senate with executive order & ask for foreign aid before he leaves office. If we are in a state of Civil War when the time for the next election comes then Obama doesn’t have to step down for the next guy by law. There can be no election during a Civil War. He will do this to become supreme dictator of the USA. Be ready or become a Communist pawn of the Supreme Lord Obama in the near future.

    For anyone that wants to mock me, make insults about my stability or education I would say this.

    Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.George Washington

    The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.George Washington

    Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession.George Washington

    It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.George Washington

    To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.George Washington

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.Thomas Jefferson

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.Thomas Jefferson

    Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.Thomas Jefferson

    A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.Thomas Jefferson

    Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.Thomas Jefferson

    For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security.Thomas Jefferson

    • Anonymous

      I will NOT mock You!!   I THINK YOU HIT IT RIGHT ON..

      I heard somewhere on the web that NOMOREboma would seek a third trm and You’re right if we are having a Civil Unrest..

      GOD HELP US!

      Wiki  Answers

      “”Article 2, section 1, clause 4 of the Constitution states, “The Congress may determine the Time of chusing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.  Thus, although the congress does have the authority to change election day, for any reason, not just a war””
      This would explain Why the Department of Homeland Security is STOCK PILING AMMO!! 1.6 BILLION rounds in the last 10 months and has ORDERED another 21.6 MILLION more rounds of ammunition, for what? Sounds like he’s planning for a CIVIL UNREST.

      Search the web for yourself!

      For those who want to mock us you’d better wake up and do some searching and READ!


      • Rickey Coley

        Thank you. Normally when I speak my mind on this subject I get a lot of crap from people. They will call me crazy, disturbed, or uneducated. It is nice to know that there are more people other than just the people in my community that have a similar understanding of our nations current leadership situation. The only way our nation will survive as it was intended to by the founding fathers is if we act upon their words of wisdom. We are bound by the blood of the patriots that give their lives before us to fight for the Constitution & the Bill of Rights no matter what the cost to our own person.

        The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.George Washington

  • Rickey Coley

    A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.
    Thomas Jefferson


  • longliveUSA

    King Odumbo doesn’t want anyone immigrating here with a freedom minded attitude.

  • longliveUSA

    Another American Revolution is on the horizon.

  • Anonymous

    Now if it was a moslem family, the obumhole moslem brotherhood in chief would roll out the red carpet, set them up in a mansion, get them all on welfare with all the medical benefits they need, just like he does with the illegal aliens, the son of a bitch.  Really, can someone deal a fatal kick to this bastard’s groin, with a pair of steel toed boots?

    Isn’t it time to ‘storm the Bastille’ again? America needs a MASSIVE barium enema. It’s time to flush out the shit in this country; moslems, democrats, ACLU bastards, and all other flotsam and jetsam of society.

  • Anonymous

    There you have it folks! Because this family wants to settle here and do good for themselves and the country, Obummer will deny them settlement. If they wrote a guarantee that they would vote liberal, they could stand a chance to stay, I bet.

  • Anonymous

    “four fathers”  — Glenn, I think you seriously need a transcripter with an education . . .

  • Anonymous

    First strike against this family is that they are Christian, not Muslim or Wiccan or something else.  Second, if they homeschool their children they are probably conservative, so that counts against them.  Third, they are Europeans.  I am not racist and do not have a problem with anyone coming from anywhere as long as they are legal, but if these people were from Africa, Asia or illegals from Mexico the media would have a circus in support of them.  Europeans are conceived as being mainly “White”, and it is okay to be racist in immigration policies towards whites.  Mexican illegals okay, but my neighbor had to fight for years to get his Canadian (now American) wife here.
    This whole thing sickens me.  May God stand with these people.

  • Anonymous

    We have been homeschooling our daughter since the 1st grade. She is now 14. She is also a virgin (and proud of it), has never tried a single drug, and hates rap music. I love homeschooling!

    Admittedly, we are complete whack-jobs, even bordering on child-abuse, since she doesn’t believe global warming is caused by man, doesn’t believe sugar is poisonous, doesn’t believe marriage applies to people of the same gender,  and doesn’t believe we evolved from monkeys.  She has been completely isolated and protected from the indoctrination, hype, revisionist history, and outright lies of the progressive left. 100%. What could be better for the future generation of America???

    • Rickey Coley

      It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.George Washington

    • Anonymous

       immersing themselves in as many perspectives, as much information, and familiarizing themselves with as many different people from various cultures and backgrounds as possible.  Isolating themselves from nothing and being malleable in their views and adjusting those views accordingly with all new information gathered.

      • Anonymous

        You could have easily said “public school has a diversity of viewpoints to offer” but you have to cram a bunch of big words into that thought as possible in a vain effort to make Dump the Kool Aid feel stupid.  He doesn’t feel stupid.  You just insulted a good parent who raised a good daughter by saying flat out that this parent’s child would have been better off in the public school system while denouncing his own efforts.  His own efforts turned out perfectly and you’ve failed to acknowledge the good home schooling can do. 

        • Anonymous

          No, I have no problem with home schooling.
          DKA asked a question and answered it. I don’t think isolating is a good idea.

          • Savethewhales

            I have a problem with your problem. I have home schooled for 17 years, 2 kids. Oldest is going to med school this fall. Let me tell you that home schoolers by in large are not isolated. All of the kids I know are involved in clubs, community service, churches or places of worship, volunteer work, etc. This family had to isolate due to their circumstances, but for most families this in not the case. The socialization issue is one that people bring up who know nothing about home schooling or who for political reasons are opposed to it. Home schoolers are not freaks, weirdos, or repressed isolated children who cannot cope in society, buddy. Socialized is not the same thing as civilized.

          • Anonymous

            the specific post i responded to said they had isolated their kid.
            I have a number of friends who were home schooled that i met through rec sports or boy scouts, most were, one had parents who did a bad job and was finally placed in public school as an 18 year old freshman. I have no problem with homeschooling.
            My response was not to the idea of homeschooling, you can isolate your kids in public schools as well, its just harder. It was the idea that raising a kid in isolation so they will think certain things is the best way to prepare them for life.

          • Anonymous

            edward, you’re making a giant assumption here. You assume that every child who is sent to public school is somehow being exposed to proper socialization and every child who is homeschooled is isolated. How many times have we seen children who attend public school marginalized, isolated, bullied and either suicidal or homicidal? Or is this the preferable socialization pattern that you so easily would ascribe to public school? I’m not completely certain because, frankly, I’ve met FAR more sociopaths in public schools than I’ve ever seen in religious schools or with homeschooled children.
            Perhaps you trust that these things don’t happen in public schools. To assume this as you apparently have would be to ignore those stories. They are not uncommon. They are not rare. Any school counselor could tell you that children have unparalleled abilities in groups to succumb to even homicidal peer pressure under the right circumstances, all of which present themselves on the average school day. Do you have any idea at all how many children attend public school in constant fear? Fear of abuse from their fellow students, fear of social marginalization, peer pressure to commit acts that violate their beliefs. How many are afraid to inquire or question because they have learned that, should they express a difference of opinion or God forbid, dare to question the indoctrination of their teacher, they will surely face public ridicule from an adult that should be encouraging their educational exploration? Either you truly have no idea or you have no children, or your children do not share these things with you.
            According to what you are saying, homeschooled children would then be the ones that would be incapable of dealing with groups in positive ways. Your assumption is that these children are never exposed to anyone but their family and a few close friends and that these children would then be incapable of coping in “real” life presented to them in adulthood. Unfortunately for your assumptions, this is not what well refereed studies show. Is it your opinion as well that perhaps the jungle warfare method of socialization found in the average public school junior high is preferable to learning kindness, compassion and service that are taught in most families in which the parents are fully engaged in both the socialization and education of their children? Or is it your opinion that the US government’s social model is preferable to the qualities that homeschooled children are taught in the home?
            If all of these assumptions of yours were correct, then most colleges and universities would not accept these children and their attendant “social problems.” Since the opposite is true, perhaps you could try a bit of educational inquiry yourself. Only at the shallowest, most base level of prejudice could someone know so little about the reality of what they assume, yet presume to argue those assumptions as if what they were asserting were common knowledge.

          • Anonymous

            My problem was with the specific idea of home school in order to isolate, or really the idea that isolation is good, presented by the individual I responded to.
            I have no problem with homeschooling kids, I have a number of friends who were home schooled, even more who went to catholic high schools and were the better for it.

  • Anonymous

    The world is turning upside down. The Obama administration thinks its A-OK to give military grade weapons to drug cartels to try to prove how terrible Americans are and how, because of these terrible weapons, we have to enact immediate gun control, even in violation of the 2nd amendment, yet, let’s bring to bear the entire force of the DOJ to reverse a judge’s decision to give visas to a good family. And for what?! The crime of believing that they can do a better job of teaching and rearing their children than the state government. I remember this country going through paroxysms during the 1970’s as parents were fighting for their rights and were met with threats of violence and imprisonment if they did not put their children into state schools. Even Catholic schools were looked on with disdain by the government, regardless of their superior track record. Eventually, the fight was won, especially when home schoolers were shown to often score higher on standardized testing than public school children. These people in the Obama administration act as if the law is nothing more than a reflection of Obama’s beliefs. If you’re on his “nice” list, you can do anything you want. If you’re on the “naughty” list, you’re dead in the water as they will use your own tax dollars to attack in an effort to ignore what they do not wish to enforce in an effort to allow civil suits that will reverse the law (in clear contradiction of the executive mandate in the constitution to faithfully defend the laws of the US) or else they create new law (via executive orders and policy) that stands in direct contradiction to legally legislated law enacted by congress. The level of hubris exhibited by this administration is staggering and so far, I have seen nothing that seems to indicate that they believe that there are ANY limits whatsoever on presidential authority. Can anyone say, “Hugo Chavez”?

  • Endgame

    That’s because if Obama had his way, it would be illegal here as well.

  • Anonymous

    This family needs to go to Mexico and come across the border pushing a lawnmower or getting a job as a babysitter then,not only will they be allowed to stay, but we will bend over backwards making sure they are well taken care of. Oh yah, we will also make sure they can keep their “culture” and have those around them speak their native language. Their transformation will be much easier if they will also ask the gov for help and take as much “free stuff” as they can.

  • Cecile Diben

    My daughter WAS NOT HOME SCHOOLED, yet,  on her eighteen birthday she was still a virgin. I just asked of her to wait till then as I assumed that by that age, she would not be yielding to peer pressure any longer..
    I am generally NOT in favor of home schooling. I am in favor of public schooling with absolutely no religion taught there. Religion can be taught privately, as parents desire, but children should be given the opportunity to mix with others in the outside world to be able to develop their own ideas and identity. They are not merely the carriers of their parents thoughts and beliefs.. Of course every parents want to pass on what they have, what they believe, what they know, but children should be given the opportunity of being more than just a reproduction of their parents. They too deserve access to liberty and freedom of thought. They will not get that by being 100% dependent on the same people for love, comfort, protection, food and IDEAS. They need a much wider societal net, widening as they grow up…
    This said, Glenn, I am a big fan of yours. This is the first time that I am strongly disagreeing with you.

    • Jesse Anderson

      Cecile, perhaps you should do a little more research on homeschooling instead of listening to the propaganda. I would much rather have children be “carriers of their parents thoughts and beliefs” (which is a stance so far removed from reality it’s almost comical) rather than a government approved curriculum. Your stance on religious schooling is ridiculous because when a parent is teaching their child at home, they ARE “teaching it privately as the parent desires”. Also there are many large groups of homechoolers that get together regularly for activities and socialization, they even participate in sporting activities, games, and field trips, so there again, you are wrong. Homeschoolers are 100% independent not only in the physical aspect, but a mental one as well. They are (by the very nature of most home schooling curriculum), taught to think for themselves, something that public school children are not taught to do. In short, the public school system is not only outdated, it is inefficient. Homeschooling is where the future of education is. This compartmentalized approach to education is already being tested by Berklee University of Music, The same concept is being used in many industries as well.

      • Anonymous

        It’s such a hypocritical stance to be against home schooling.  It seems that “public school curriculum,” that whole idea/phrase, is structured in a way that hurts the mind of a child.  Your critical thinking skills that you mentioned above are the most important skills in all of education.  Essays and essay tests and open debate, and improvisational activities, these are the things that truly expand a mind.  But public school is geared mainly towards making kids good test takers.  Being able to memorize a set of numbers or the definitions of words are basically the only two skills you need to graduate high school these days.  Do your homework to top it off and you’re on the honor roll.
        I’d like to add something I found very disconcerting when I was in school.  Teaching creation was forbidden and teaching evolution was not.  I once went to detention for arguing with my teacher about it (this was in the year 2000 when I was a junior in high school).  I was always for the “both or neither” principle.  Teach creation AND evolution, or let’s just leave the “origin of the species” to the college professors.  Evolution wins out of course because the only people that nobody is afraid to offend any longer are Christians and Jews.  Oh and rich white men too.  
        The only thing public schools teach you how to do is get up in the morning.  That’s something factory workers know how to do.  (I can say that with impunity, I’ve worked at factories).

    • Anonymous

      Home schooling does not mean isolation. While some parents who home school their children do everything in their power to keep their children from society, this is not the case most of the time. In fact, many home school parents send children to public schools or religious schools for part of their day when they are unable to teach some specialized subjects. Some of my children have been educated in public school. Others have attended all or part of their primary educations in Catholic school. No, we’re not Catholic but we did appreciate the environment for its conformity to the same morals that we are trying to teach our children. I do have one son who was home schooled. He has finished his education and is very successful in his career and deals very well with others. Most home schoolers are required to pass the same standardized tests taken by public schoolchildren. As a group, they actually score higher on standardized testing than their public school counterparts. They are rivaled in success by their religious school counterparts.

      You seem to be overgeneralizing a misconception about these students, but I’m confused whether you are taking issue with Glenn over homeschooling. Are you saying that you support the justice department’s actions in trying to send this family back to Germany? If your issue is the first, I’ve already addressed that. If it is the second, then you seem to be saying that you believe that the state should have priority over the parents in determining what is best for their children. Is it your opinion that by not sending the children to a secular school they are doing harm to these children? Do you believe that, should you disagree with what or how a subject is being taught in a public school that you would then acquiesce your parental rights to the opinion of public school educators? Because that is exactly what these parents are facing.

      You may not agree with them on their approach to parenting, but to agree with sending them home where they will face the choice of acknowledging that the state “knows best” or lose their children….? You may think they are extreme, but you don’t seem to understand that, in agreeing with Glenn Beck, there are many liberals who consider you to be a negligent parent. There are many public school teachers and administrators who would gladly, without batting an eyelash, have any child removed from a home in which there were firearms. They believe that they know better than you ever could what is best and “safe” for YOUR children.
      These parents are not indoctrinating their children into a cult, they are simply Christians who would like to educate their children at home. The moment you start buying that belief is a basis for legal action against parents is the moment you invite such actions against yourself for whatever you do that offends the current governmental flunky. This is not something new. These very issues were raging in this country in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Parents who attempted to wrest some measure of control from the state were arrested and considered abusive for failing to allow the state eminent domain over the minds and bodies of their children. It took supreme court decisions to place parental rights preeminent over the will of the state, but don’t for one moment think that they have ever given up. This is why the Obama administration is hell bent to unilaterally upend the legal decisions that have already been made in favor of these parents and their entrance into the United States.

      You state that you believe that children should be exposed “liberty and freedom” by attending public school. I find that belief naive and laughable, at best. I don’t need public school teaching religion as I will take care of that, but in your world, you seem to believe that children who are taught the beliefs and morals of the parents are somehow having their development stunted. You said you asked your daughter to wait to have sex until she’s 18 so she makes her decision without peer pressure. I’m sorry, but it sounds like you actually believe that peer pressure ends magically at some point. Without a great deal of guidance from parents, young adults make decisions based more on hormones than they do on rational decision making. What you would call “freedom” of decision making for your children I would call parental abdication. In your support of the Obama administration’s treatment of these parents, you further demonstrate that this is what you believe. Parents who teach their children are not guilty of inhibiting their children, they are giving them a framework that allows them to truly be free to explore their own interpretation of their beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess the situation is not as simple as it seems

    1.As stated in the article, the German eduaction system does not allow homeschooling. But as  parents you are free to choose between various types of schools and educational ways for    your kids, such as public schools, private schools, religious schools or even alternative school forms. Its even possible to found your own school as long as you fulfill certain standards.

    2.Over years many private groups, persons, lawyers and politicians offered to mediate between the family and the public authorities. Christian schools of all confessions offered to school the kids or even to provide them with scholarships. All these offers had been declined by the family.

    3.While the U.S has a long and rich history with home schooling, Germany
    does not have the neccessary structures for this type of education right now. That
    means, even if the german government allowed the family to home school
    their kids they  would end up without any valid high school degree and therefore without any real perspective for their future.

    4. Taking the kids away from the family for the stated  reason is possible but in this case very, very unlikely.

    5. Offering the family asylum would be a mayor diplomatic snub towards the German government, one of the most important partners of the U.S. Remember, the well being of family Romeike is not threatened in any way. They just violated a  common law in their home country, which by the way has a leading role in almost every Human Rights matter that exists. There are ten thousands of evangelical families in Germany who are perfectly fine with the current school system in Germany. As far as I remember family Romeike is the first German family since the dawn of the Hitler regime to seek political asylum in the U.S. Maybe, just maybe the problem is on their side..

    • Anonymous

      Number 5 here is WRONG WRONG WRONG, every fucking word of it.  Fuck the German government and what they think.  No family in any country anywhere at any point in history should be ordered not to home school.  Your progressivism is showing here in all its true colors.  What you don’t understand is that home schooling is the best way ever period to educate someone’s children.  Not only is the time and dedication that the parents spend on the child a credit to their character and sacrifice, but no one is better at telling a child what to do than their own parents.  The misconception you have is that the government knows how to rear children more effectively than biological parents.  That is never true at any time ever anywhere.  Bad governments are more insidious than bad parents could ever hope to be.  I know you might be thinking, wow some parents really suck and shouldn’t raise children.  Those parents are in the minority and there are ways to protect children, but denying the rights to home schooling, not good, not ever, bad law, unnecessary, moronic.  

      • Anonymous

        Bert, I personally don’t have a problem with homeschooling at all. If you think its the best way to educate your children, do it! What I wanted to say  is that the situation with family Romeike and the German authorities is a little more complicated than Mr. Beck pointed it out. And that this case has a diplomatic dimension many people do not see. Would you now mind to tell me a little more detailed what exactly was wrong, wrong, wrong with my post?

        • Anonymous

          Let me rephrase it, instead of wrong wrong wrong, I should have said apologetic to something VERY STUPID!  If you don’t have a problem with home schooling AT ALL, then why are you saying that it’s an insult to the German government for this family to have a problem with the ban on home schooling?  You are defending the ALL OUT BAN on homeschooling.  I’d say your defense of said law makes you an all out opponent of home schooling.  How can you say that “Germany doesn’t have the necessary structures for this type of education right now.”  HOW?! The only “structure” that you need to home school would be a HOME!  Right?!  If the kids were taken away for this home schooling, however remote the possibility is, it is still a possibility! Take a kid out if the parents are crack heads or are physically abusive, but wanting to school them at home, there’s no moral standard against a good parent providing a good education, the one they want, for their kids.  What does it matter if they are the first family to point out the absolute stupidity of a ban on home school?  I call them pioneers for that.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not defending an all out ban on homeschooling. I personally think that the stated law is outdated. Parents that are professionally qualified to teach their kids should be given the chance to do so. For this to work, a functional homeschooling-system has to be created at first. One that grants, that homeschooled kids are provided with a certain level of education, that they recieve education at all, that they are able to enter college or university in their later lives. Right now a system like this does not exist in Germany.  Its up to the parents and their respective political representatives to change that.

            I cannot recall one case in which  parents have lost the legal custody of their kids for schooling them at home. Granting the family political asylum would brandmark Germany as a country that doesn’t grant its citizens religious freedom, which is not true in any way. I don’t see a connection between religious freedom and homeschooling.

            Maybe family Romeike should simply apply for a Green Card or permant residency in the U.S. On that way the case would loose its politcal dimenson…

            Btw. the ban on on homeschooling doesn’t have anything to do with Hitler. Where did Mr. Beck get this from?

          • Anonymous

            Why isn’t Germany ripe for homeschooling? All they would have to do is filibuster about the law and create required curriculum for college courses. Home schoolers over here join the rat race just like everyone else to go to college. They still fill out the application for acceptance, they still fill out the fafsa forms and the have to do the same amount of credits for a degree as everyone else. It’s the same principle as that of a GED and a regular diploma being equal in the eyes of colleges. Germany can home school anytime they want to, all they have to do is write up the law for it. There isn’t something inherently wrong with the culture that makes them not ripe for home schooling. The only thing in the way of it are lawmakers with their head stuck in the wrong place.
            If you don’t see the connection between religious freedom and homeschooling then perhaps your eyes are closed. It’s ILLEGAL to teach anything about religion in public schools. Home schooling is the cheaper alternative to private schooling. Some families want their children to have a religious education. When a government such as ours denies the right to a RELIGIOUS PUBLIC education (an oxymoron to be sure), it’s their imperitave to let the home schooling go on.
            The segue way to Hitler, since you forgot it from Glenn’s clip, is that home schooling has been banned since the time of Hitler. The amount of significance you place on that is up to you.
            My contention is that home schooling should never be banned in any society, not Germany, not anywhere. It’s the law of the land over there and it’s moronic. It’s an infringement period. A worthless and useless one. Not to mention that less kids in public school means less tax expenditure to the public school system. But everyone just loves unions and collective bargaining and insolvent budgets. It’s the new rage!

          • Anonymous


            “Why isn’t
            Germany ripe for homeschooling?”

            Right now
            there is no real demand for a homeschooling program in Germany.  Families like the Romeikes remain a very, very
            rare exception.  Furthermore has the
            German homeschooling community failed to build up a strong and functional
            political network to make their voices be heard. Frankly there is no
            real motivation for the legislative organs to change something. And if you do some research about the German
            educational system, you will probably realize that it woul be a long and difficult process,adding
            a functioning homeschooling program to it.

            “It’s illegal
            to teach anything about religion in public schools.”

            No, in
            Germany it’s not. Students are free to attend religious courses from elementary
            school on. There are various (tuition-free) Christian schools that offer
            schedules with a stronger focus on religious matters. In justified cases
            parents are allowed to pull their kids out of classes that oppose their religious
            beliefs.  For those reasons, I don’t
            consider the stated case as a matter of religious suppression or discrimination
            (for which everyone should be granted political asylum) but as a legal conflict
            between the German authorities and the Romeike family.  If the Romeikes want to live in the U.S. it’s
            perfectly fine. They should have just
            applied for permanent residency or a Green Card  instead of generating an unneccessary political and diplomatic controversy.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t get it. The German government had already threatened to remove these children from their parents’ home. Yes, it HAS happened in the past and the government is just like our government here in the US-they will exercise every shred of power in their possession and to the fullest extent that they are allowed to get away with.
      Granting a family asylum is not going to create an international incident, but even if it did, it is GERMANY that needs to worry about relations with the US, not the other way around. The German government is acutely sensitive to their image in the world. Don’t think so? Try espousing the belief that the Holocaust never happened. It is against the law in Germany to deny the Holocaust. They are not going to play brinksmanship with the US and risk having the world see them as modern day Nazis, even when their domestic policy is exactly that. The family has already been in the US for some time and for some reason, there have been no publicized threats of cooling relations between the US and German governments. Additionally, it should not matter even if they were offended. To give in to German ultimatums and allow them to treat a family this way is shameful. Practicality does count when nations are involved, but Germany simply is not important enough to the US to wield that kind of power, at least not since the Cold War.
      You also state that there are “tens of thousands” of evangelical families who are perfectly fine with state or religious education. So what? Since when do the beliefs of tens of thousands matter one whit to ANY decent parent? You seem to be saying that it’s okay to force these people to abdicate their beliefs because the majority of people do not agree with them. It would be a cold day in hell before I or ANY sane parent would believe that just because a majority thinks differently than them that their rights should be forfeit. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Would you jump off a cliff just because everyone else is doing it?” Or is it your opinion that one religion is exactly the same as any other and therefore, the state should have precedence to decide how the individual is allowed to practice their beliefs? You may think you sound reasonable here, but in reality, your reasoning is no reasoning at all.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I have already made my point pretty clear in various posts before. Feel free to
        read them. I don’t have anything to add right now. Maybe we can just agree to disagree in this particular case.

  • Anonymous

    Admit it, people. There is a Communist Dictator “wannabe” in the WH, and all the people appointed by him believe his goal of complete domination should be attained.

  • Brenda Truax

    People wanting to raise their children with a christian education and values will continue to have an upward battle as in times past because the devil knows he has but a short time, and the way government is going christians will continue to have problems. We must all pray that justice for this family among others will be able to stay and train their children the way they should go.

  • Donna Diaco

    Tonight, I started reading, “Night” by Elie Wiesel. My 13-year old was assigned this book in school.  It is a humbling reminder.  Read it..and remember…

  • Bull

    God Bless you Glenn!  $50,000 donation is HUGE!!  Keep up the GREAT work!!

  • Anonymous

    “FOUR FATHERS” ?? “does Penn Jillette which the right to say there is no Jesus…” ??

    Glenn, WHEN are you going to hire an EDITOR to proofread and correct the ubiquitous errors in your articles? It is SOOOOO annoying to keep encountering these sloppy mistakes and garbled contexts. Why can’t you hire someone to help TYPE your thoughts who can spell, instead of OBVIOUSLY relying on dumb-a$$ed “artificial intelligence” dictation-recognition software that mangles about 45% of your content?

    This sounds like an important article, but we refuse to read it, because we are FED UP with your sloppy, error-ridden “journalism.”

    As someone always spouting off about education and reading, etc., you should feel deep embarrassment over this subpar performance on your site. Don’t you realize that your every article REINFORCES readers’ ILLITERACY because of all the mistakes you publish? It’s no wonder U.S. ranks low in reading skills, with this type of gobbledegook that people are exposed to–which is rampant all over the Net, especially on sites like this one.

    Get serious! Hire some LITERATE HELP.

    • Ronald R. Melone

      Okay.  Subject matter is about a family about to lose their children to their government and what you see are spelling errors?  Wow.  I agree with your letter that there should be set in place a means of spell checking his articles, but feel more outraged that this family who came here for asylum are being denied entry into the greatest country in the world by OUR government who allow illegals in because they’re compassionate

      • Anonymous

        It’s an article about schooling!  Writing and spelling are fundamental.

      • Anonymous

        No, Glenn’s sites are RIFE with horrible errors, and it’s OBVIOUS that it is because they are using “voice recognition software” that is not up to the task. Glenn wants to be considered a “journalist” with sites that spout the TRUTH. Fine. But he needs to hire some HUMAN HELP that is LITERATE and stop going the cheap route. Did not read the article because the very first lines were full of errors and have lost patience with this nonsense.

        The more sites do this, the worse the overall literacy in the nation/world becomes, because all these haphazard errors do is REINFORCE people’s confusion and inability to spell, read, think…

        GLENN & STAFF:
        GET PROFESSIONAL if you wish to be treated as such.

    • Sharmane

       Yes – it is a problem in the written word today.  I see this sloppiness in many articles, not just on this forum,  and it is a distraction.

  • Lloyd


  • Lloyd

  • Anonymous

    And now they want universal Pre-K so they can start the indoctrination even earlier……

  • Anonymous

    or this is a stupid reason to claim asylum.
    its not like they’re being told you can’t immigrate here b/c you want to leave so you can home school your kids, its wanting to home school your kids is not grounds to be able to claim asylum 

  • Anonymous

    The same thing is happening here in Sweden, homeschooling forbidden. Even if you have a child with for ex. Autism Spectrum diagnosis, a child that take harm from attending a school system that is not adapted to his/her needs. They will also fine, jail, or have police come get your child, and bring them to school, and they will put your child in fostercare if you don’t agree. Lets not forget our schools are filled with 3rd world wellfare-seeking folks that hates democracy, christianity, and females. Suburb schools have turned into rockthrowing monkey-camps. 

  • Suni

    Is it ‘four fathers’ or ‘fore fathers’? Wake up America and do something before it is too late. He will welcome illegals but send legals back home? Sad times for America.

  • Anonymous

    Great mistake…they should have done their homework prior to applying for visas: Being legitimate is frowned upon under a lawless and corrupt Socialist/Marxist government. They should have flown into Canada, crossed the border at night, then applied for all the ‘American’ benefits ‘due’ illegal immigrants. Everyone would be happy today, and they would probably receive a notice each month inquiring if all of their needs are being met. Now, they  have forced the DOJ to make a statement and will use them as an example of the power the State has.over ‘their’ children.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Obama and Eric Holder make me sick to my stomach.

  • Anonymous

    raise your children up in the faith of your four fathers? ‘
    Come on Glenn!  Fore fathers. i.e.: the fathers who came before.  Government schools Glen?

  • Linda Murphy

    Progressive politicians let in illegals and other questionables just to get the vote.  When are we going to get term limits and get the “old moss” out of Washington.

  • Armed Patriot 2

    Being one of the parents that was a part of the  class action suite against Texas to make it legal to home school children, I am very concerned about this position our government is taking toward this couple. If the Obama administration is allowed to deny this German family their God given rights, then next the Obama administration will come after your children and mine. Wake up America, for the sake of our precious children, let your Senators and Representatives know how you stand on this issue. Support the HSLDA with your dollars. I already have myself. Ask yourself what are my children worth? If you do nothing then you are saying our children are not worth it. 

    • Anonymous

      Speaking from experience, I’d like to thank you for all the work that you have done. I remember the idiocy of the 70’s and 80’s when parents who chose to homeschool their children were considered abusers and treated as such, to the point of arrest and removal of the children from the home. Without those who were willing to take on the US government to make a constitutional stand, we would still be in a position in which the government would, without opposition, exert eminent domain over their children. Now, we have been able to show conclusively in many independent studies that the supreme court was correct in its decisions to affirm that parents have the right to raise and educate children at home. Now we know that homeschooled children are not only competitive, but often outstrip their public school counterparts on standardized testing. Again, thank you for what I know was a hard fought struggle. Your efforts have improved the legal and public relations atmosphere for homeschooling families throughout the US.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the real deal behind all this is just the foreign policy dimension. If the DOJ officialy grants the family “political asylum” they would let Germany look like a rogue nation, which violates fundamental human rights. Instead of this they should just apply for a green card.

  • crazy betty

    four fathers?

  • Anonymous

    People who Home Schooled in our area could/ would take their Children to the public school for Music, Phys. Ed. and other classes if the Parent couldn’t teach it. The Child also had the opportunity to join after school programs or sport teams. Then there was the Scouts, Rec league sports and of course RELIGION.

    If I could do it over, both my wife and I would quit our jobs stay home collect welfare and EVERY government program available and Home School our Children.

    People who Home Schooled in our area would take their
    Children to the public school for Music, Phys. Ed. and other classes if the
    Parent couldn’t teach it. The Child also had the opportunity to join after school
    programs or school sport teams. Then there was the Scouts, Rec league sports and of
    course RELIGION.

    If I could do it over, both my wife and I would quit our
    jobs stay home collect welfare and EVERY government program available and Home
    School our Children.

  • Anonymous

    Justice Department don’t you mean the INjustice Department…they are pure evil

  • Anonymous

    Evangelical Christians are a minority worldwide. Christians in general are being prosecuted in Egypt, the Sudan, China, the Middle East,any Muslim country, in Africa,and numerous other countries. They are being imprisoned, tortured and killed. Most of Europe is non Christian,as well as Sweden, Holland, Switzerland,the Netherlands, and Great Britian. Most “Christians” in the United States are Christian in name only including both Protestants and Catholics alike. They have a FORM of “religion” ,but lack a relationship with Jesus. The book of Revelation notes how followers of Christ will be treated in the end times. The communists in Russia,China and elsewhere have shown time and time again how they deal with God,Jesus, the Bible,faith,etc. Socialists and progressives have no use for the things of God and put their faith in science and The State (government). Liberals and atheists don’t want to be responsible to anyone ,but themselves and thrive on their beliefs in money,power and self indulgence. Libertarians love their “Liberty”,but don’t want God,his commandments and  His intolerance for sin telling them how to live their lives and that they have to be responsible to a higher authority than themselves.  
      What’s comming in the next 4 years and even after that in the US– regarding freedom of religion for “Christians” will be horrific and unbelieveable. Currently, Pastors are already being arrested for “hate crimes” because they are reading from the bible in church about homosexuality and lesbianism. The gay and lesbian community has pressured  law enforcement and the judical system to enforce these so called “hate crime” laws. Chaplains in the military have been court marshalled and given dishonorable discharges from the military because they used the name of Jesus in their sermons. They have been ordered Not to use the name of Jesus because it is offensive to Muslims in the military. You already know about the Invisible “separation of Church and state”, the removal of anything concerning God in our schools, our government or our work place. Removing Christ from Christmas. ETC
    Do you really think it is going to get better ? The news papers are full of articles about the ACLU
    or other godless organizations filing suit because someone said a prayer at a high school graduation or at a football game or bowed their head in the  school cafeteria over their food–because it offended an individual. Open your eyes people. If you are a believer, a follower of Jesus Christ, a “True Christian” then you will be singled out for persecution as a radical, a terrorist, a enemy of the state.

  • Cindy Patterson

     This is devasting because we do homeschool and I will die first before I let the gov. take my children and force them to go to the public school and so will other homeschoolers. So, every person in this country who homeschools should be screaming bloody murder at Obama and his and Holder for this intrusion.

  • Sharmane

    This is spiritual warfare and will in all likelihood escalate.  Our so-called Justice Department has engaged in gun-running to Mexican drug thugs with zero accountability and allow illegals to flow across our borders like water.    They are on the wrong side of just about every issue facing our country.   There are anti-American dark forces at the highest levels of our government who are actively, on a daily basis, doing all they can to bring ruin upon our beloved country.   Those of us who love our country, our form of government given to us as a gift by our wise Founders, need to push back at every turn.  I hope and pray this family will prevail and those who want to see them sent back will be given a huge slap down.

  • Anonymous

    This is just terrible, and any Christians who work for the Jutice Department, and allow this to happen, should really think about this. I used to work in child protective services, and have removed many children for abuse, neglect, etc. A child only be removed due to imminent risk, and home schooling does not qualify, if it is done in a manner that meets the child’s needs.

    The facts are that children who are home schooled outperform those who go to the public school, in almost every way. Every way except of course those who are home schooled may not know how to apply a condom to a banana, or to fist fight their way in and out of a restroom.

  • Jessica Simmons

    They’re members of the EU – why not just very easily move to the UK where you can homeschool – and not need asylum at all?  

    • Anonymous

      As a matter of fact, it’s possible to homeschool in most countries within the EU. I guess they wanted to send a message to the German authorities by seeking asylum in the U.S.

  • Kathy Scheid McKelvey

    The government does not want families in America to homeschool either. A few states make it very difficult.  One (PA) has individual school districts making their own rules over and above law. Government thinks it can do the job better. They want our children at age 3 to brainwash them. 

  • Anonymous

    More than a third of the 342 illegal immigrants released from detention facilities in Arizona last month were convicted criminals, and one of them was categorized as a Level 1 offender, the highest risk, according to data released by the federal government. 

    Why doesn’t Obama send them back to where they came from instead of the Christians.  Nothing makes sense with this Administration except that Obama’s hidden agenda is to promote and escalate the new world order.  Then Americans will be completely enslaved by a world dictator.

  • josh

    glad to see some RWSFs agree we need immigration reform!

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