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Mayor Michael Bloomberg, affectionately known as Mayor Mcfacist, could very well be the most dangerous man in America. Why? Well, for starters he makes Soros look like a welfare recipient. But he also is not afraid to cram massive progressive control right down your throat.

“Let me tell you a little bit about Michael Bloomberg that most people don’t know. Let me just go through some of the things he’s done. May 2012 Bloomberg announced latch‑on New York City. Citywide initiative to support mothers who breast‑feed their infants by asking maternity hospitals to voluntarily sign on to support a mother’s choice to breast‑feed and limit the promotion of infant formula,” Glenn said.

“Transfats, 2006, banning the use of artificial transfat food giving restaurants until 2007 to stop frying foods in oils that contain transfats and by 2008 completely remove those foods. Nobody wants to take away your french fries or your hamburgers. I love those things, too, but if you can make it with something less damaging to your health, we should do that, he said.”

“Then he passed the calorie count. Now caloric intake listings are the norm through the city.”

“Then smoking. In 2011 Bloomberg announced a ban on smoking in public places including Times Square and Central Park.”

“Liquor, the city health department’s far‑reaching partnership for a healthier New York City proposed to slash the number of establishments in the city that sell liquor. One of the goals listed in the request for proposal document to community groups is reducing alcohol retail outlets, the corner bar, the corner store.”

“And reduce the exposure to alcohol products and bar advertising and promotion in retail and general settings like trains, buses, stores, or advertising for liquor in restaurants.”

“Last month Bloomberg announced that he would work in New York City to ban all styrofoam plastic food packaging. He says at the United Nations when he spoke at the United Nations, “There are powers that only governments can exercise.” Listen to that because that is exactly against our Constitution. The government has no power that we don’t give it. So he says, ‘There are powers that only governments can exercise, results only governments can achieve. Government at all levels must make healthy solutions the default social option. That is government’s highest duty.'”

“The Organization of City Mayors promoting tougher federal, state and local gun regulation is Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This is run by Michael Bloomberg. He is the co‑chair of the nonprofit established in 2006.”

“When the group launched it received more than a million dollars in funding from the Joyce Foundation. That’s the one the president served on the board of, remember, with Bill Ayers, as recently as 2012, the Joyce Foundation gave another $200,000. They ran a Super Bowl ad for $100,000, if you remember that. That was Bloomberg’s thing. They are now influencing elections.”

“In October he created Independence USA PAC which has now spent more than $12 million to support candidates and ballot initiatives that favor same‑sex marriages in addition to gun control and education control. He was involved in 60 elections nationwide ‑‑ did you know that ‑‑ ranging from U.S. Senate raises to people who were on running for the New Orleans school board. Bloomberg was pouring money into those races. Of the 60 races, Bloomberg’s influence helped him net 43 wins. He has spent more than $2 million in the election to succeed former representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.”

“He successfully changed a pro‑gun Democrat out of a special congressional election in Illinois. Quote: The victory on Tuesday night of Bloomberg‑backed candidate for congress in Illinois suggest his fledgling attempt to become a one‑man political counterweight to the NRA is gaining traction. You hear that: A one‑man attempt to be the counterweight for the NRA. How many members with the NRA? This is one man who is saying ‘I personally with my fortune, I personally with my power will take on the NRA.’ One man.”