It’s no secret that Glenn has been collecting various important artifacts from history – especially ones that progressive historians would rather forget. Edmund Burke is generally considered the founder of conservatism and he is also noted for supporting the American Revolutionaries. Burke was once given a Bible as a gift from George II -and guess who has it now.

“This was a gift from George II, and we have George III’s Bible as well. You wouldn’t ‑‑ you wouldn’t believe some of the things, and this was given to us because this was ‑‑ they had all of these universities in all of these places that they could have donated these Bibles and this collection to, but they wanted to make sure that it would actually be seen by the people and that it would be used so people could be educated, and correct me if I’m wrong, understand our history and what got us here. And I don’t even know these people. I haven’t met them or anything, and this came as a surprise to me last week and it is shocking, and we’ll show you some of the things,” Glenn said.

“It’s really an exciting, exciting time. I can’t wait to tell you when we have time about some things that happened to me this weekend. I saw a movement out of California and Phoenix, Arizona that I’m telling you is God‑inspired and it is incredible. There are big things on the horizon that people are doing all over the country, and you’re just not going to be able to put the Genie in the bottle, and we’ll go into it in just a little by in the coming days here.”