Governor Rick Perry not happy with Madonna for wearing Boy Scout outfit to GLAAD

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Glenn spoke the Rick Perry, Governor of the great state of Texas, this morning on radio. The two covered a wide-range of topics from the state of the economy to the Second Amendment, and even Madonna’s recent attack on the Boy Scouts when she showed up to a GLAAD meeting dressed like a Boy Scout.

“It’s fascinating that someone would make that kind of gratuitous shot at an organization that has probably done as much to promote young men to the type of values that the vast majority of the people in this country aspire to,” Governor Perry said to Glenn. “You know, I get to see a lot of resumes, Glenn, you know, boards of regents or to head up agencies and commissions, and when I see Eagle Scout, I pull that out and I set it aside because I know something about this individual without ever meeting them.  Without reading anything else on their resume, I know that as a young man they made a decision to follow a long and arduous path to reach that Eagle Scout award and that if they went through that long process between the ages of 10 and 15—16 years old, that those qualities, those characteristics, those values are still very much alive in that young man who’s asking to work for you and that’s the kind of people I want surrounding me.  That’s the type of individuals I want to be working with and I’m counting on to take the great State of Texas forward.”

Glenn agreed, explaining that he too has a very high opinion of young men he meets that make it to Eagle Scout.

It had been awhile since Glenn had touched base with the Governor, so he quickly shifted the conversation back to business. Glenn wanted to get Perry’s take on thing big topics in the news that have been on his mind lately: finance, education, and the Second Amendment.

Common Core, a recent education program Glenn covered on TheBlaze TV, was stopped in Texas by Governor Perry. Glenn was curious to know why the Governor shared his feelings on the programs.

“Could you explain a little bit about why these things are so insidious and what people need to understand?” Glenn asked. “Because it seems to me it is a backdoor to cut off all rights to parents and to states on anything to have to do with education.”

“Well, it is, and it’s a great concern that we’ve seen this effort to bypass oversight by Michael Williams, the Commissioner, you know, the legislature for that matter, because the legislature is a microcosm of the state,” Perry responded. “This is a conservative state, and I absolutely agree with education chairman Patrick and TA commissioner Williams that we need to ensure that there is appropriate transparency, quality control, oversight of the CSCOPE.”

Perry also noted that he and his state strongly support homeschooling. Commenting on the German family who are in a legal battle to get political asylum in the United States to be able to homeschool their children, Perry said, “Let me tell you that won’t stand in the State of Texas.  As a matter of fact, if there’s a state that is stronger from the standpoint of supporting parents’ individual rights to homeschool their children than Texas, I don’t know which state that is.”

Another concerning topic on Glenn’s mind is what went on in Cyprus over the weekend. The government is taking 7% to 10% of the savings their citizens currently have in bank accounts, and have shut down their bank accounts until at least Thursday.

“It’s really to send a message that this is not your money,” Glenn said.

“What’s happening over in Europe will eventually come here if we don’t turn the page, and it may come anyway,” Glenn added.  “How does somebody ‑‑ how does a state protect to make sure that the people’s money in their banks never fall under this, that they just can’t, they just can’t seizure money or in a state’s case that they just don’t take the money from the state?”

Governor Perry’s belief is that what is happening in Cyprus are just the canaries in the cole mine.

“I will suggest to you that are nothing more than a piece of paper are ‑‑ that may be just about what they’re worth.  I mean, if you don’t have physical gold, it’s one of the reasons that, you know, we were in the process in Texas of bringing gold that belongs to the State of Texas back into the state,” the Governor told Glenn.

Governor Perry went on to explain that Texas legislature in the process of bringing the gold they own back to the state. And despite Glenn’s skepticism that it could be done, because of rehypothecation, Perry seemed confident.  Rehypothecation is when a bank or other broker-dealer takes the collateral pledged by its clients and reuses that same collateral to cover it’s own borrowing. 

“I’ll tell you Mexico they’re [the Federal Reserve] going to turn down.  They’ve already turned down Germany at the Federal Reserve, and it’s all because of rehypothecation.  When people understand what rehypothecation really means, the game is up. And I’d be surprised if Texas is allowed to get their gold back.”

“If we own it, I will suggest to you that that’s not someone else’s determination whether we can take possession it, bring it back or not,” Gov. Perry responded.

Glenn liked that answer quite a bit.

“This is a very good transition and I know you didn’t mean it this way but I’m going to take it that way because it makes me feel better. There is currently, and you know, a serious and perhaps the biggest and most serious attempt to do this since reconstruction,” Glenn said. “And when they tried to grab the guns from African‑American and freedmen, there is a serious attack on guns, you can’t buy ammo, you can’t buy guns, and what’s going to happen if Colorado passes it and it starts to move in that way and the president just says, ‘You know what?  It’s moving that way and that’s where we’re going?'”

“Well, I think this gets right back to the conversation and the strong argument that we’ve made for the last couple of years relative to the Tenth Amendment and that our Founding Fathers understood clearly that, you know, there are, there are enumerated powers in our Constitution,” Gov. Perry stated. “It lays them out.  It clearly articulates what the federal government is to be involved with and the Tenth Amendment clearly shows that if it is not enumerated, if these powers are not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, then they are reserved for the states or to the people.  And that goes right to the heart of a substantial number of these ‑‑ of these arguments.”

He went on to add that if states continue to sign these bills regulating gun manufacturers, they’ll be welcomed into the state of Texas.

“Mag pool I can assure you has already been contacted by the State of Texas inviting them to move their operation here, that they not only will be free to manufacture but they will be welcomed wholeheartedly and look forward to allowing those employees to keep more of what they work for so that they won’t be overtaxed as well as over-regulated in a state like Colorado,” he said.

Glenn added onto the Governors comment about encouraging companies and individuals to move to Texas, asking him to encourage that people be invited to Texas for the freedom, not just the jobs. He noted about progressives moved to Colorado and are changing that landscape. Glenn is afraid that the same thing will begin to happen in Texas.

“We’re recruiting people that truly believe in freedom,” Perry responded. “If they’re takers, if they want government to take care of them from cradle to the grave, they’re going to stay in California.  They’re going to stay in states with these rich programs that they take other people’s money and then redistribute it.  The people that are coming here are people who still believe in the basis for America, that the freedom from overtaxation and freedom from overregulation, freedom from over-litigation.”

Governor Perry added, “Colorado had, I will suggest to you, too many programs that lured too many people that want government taking care of them rather than believing in the free market system and allowing people the freedom to fail as well as the freedom to succeed.”

It’s safe to say Glenn is much happier to now have Rick Perry as the governor of his state than Gov. Cuomo.

  • Draxx

    They are going to try and attack Home Schoolers because they don’t have control to indoctrinate the kids the way that the Big Gov’t Progressives want to do it…  And more importantly they don’t want parents to teack kids that they Actually Have Rights!!!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      More than that – they dont want the children to know they have rights, but what those rights are and what they mean.

    • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

      YES!Obama is already going after homeschoolers .Its sad how goverment is trying to began early to indoctrinate children.Should be illegal!!!!!!!!!!!Liz  

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Remember that the Obama’s declared we have to change our culture, customs and holidays and so much more: the boy scouts are one of the customary symbols of our nation, hence the progressives are going after them any time and way they can.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Madonna makes Perry horney when he smokes his oxycontins thru a crack pipe, or maybe it’s the Boy Scout thing that gets him hot.

    • Sam Fisher

      That is more your thing I think. 

      • Anonymous

        Sam !
         Critter has a problem (really) He has a problem!  Just ignore him and don’t answer him. That’s the best way to handle him. Thanks. If no one responds to him–he’s just talking to himself.

    • sparducks

       yer an idiot.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right ,but the best way to handle him is don’t respond. Really he has a serious problem. Just ignore him! Thanks. If no one answers him–he is just a ghost.

  • Anonymous

    Perry will forever be remembered for that “BrokeBack Mountain” ad.

    And that moment showed just out of touch conservatives can be…that someone working in his campaign actually thought attacking gays was a good idea. 
    In 2011! 

    You could argue that he lives in Texas and thus was out of touch, but the largest city in Texas had already elected an openly gay mayor!! And in the very election he was running for three states voted to legalize gay marriage!

    But watch…in 2016 the GOP will have at least a few candidates for president that embrace an anti-gay stance. It takes them DECADES to “get it.”

    • Anonymous

      You’re the pathetic one.  Some of us will NEVER except gay marriage.  It is a perverted life style and a sin against GOD.  You and all these people will stand before GOD and be judged. As for anyone in the GOP who embraces gay anything will not get my vote!!!!

      • Anonymous

        You sound like you protest a little too much there, sweetie.

    • Anonymous

      The GOP will only have “gotten it” when they unanimously adopt an anti-homosexuality stance. It does take some people decades to “get it”; on the other hand some people never do. Who gives a shit about the vote if you have to compromise truth.

      • Anonymous

        Who gives a shit about fucking bigots like you is the real question, even your own party is dumping you creeps.

        • Anonymous

          You must have me confused with someone who gives a shit what you think. I’m not in a popularity contest. Especially with liberal fagtard trolls like you.

        • sparducks

           So someone who thinks that a man acting like a woman and taking another mans weaponry up the arse or in the mouth is sick, disgusting and unnatural as well as a scourge on society, you label a bigot. I’d rather be dumped from a party than take their proverbial weaponry in my mouth if you know what I mean. You fags are a very curious sort. At some point in your life you look at a beautiful voluptuous young female just gooey and sexy and go “nah! I’d rather suck a dick” what the hell is wrong with you? You’ll probably die of AIDS critten or get shot by your boyfriend.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, I probably get more pussy than you ever got, chicks are turned off by fat bald white guys with beer guts, so I bet you have to jerk off to pictures of Laura Bush to get off.

          • sparducks

            Hardly, and whatever, and uh, no. And I’m probably twice your age, in better shape than you and could whoop yer ass. As far as poontang, I am a happily married stud. My wife is hotter than anything you’ll ever get you pot smokin pimple faced fatass queer. Why do all of you freak libs have such filthy minds. it’s all about “getting off” for you animals. Not raising children, mutual fullfilment and companionship. or even LOVE. No just a bodily fuction while smoking your pot and stuffin your face with junk food. I know this if you continue with your lifestyle I will outlive you I my children will adore me in my old age.

    • sparducks

      …..and it will take you only a few seconds to contract AIDS.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but that’s more likely to come from the drugs I’m shooting than sex. I rarely get laid…but I get high daily!

        • Anonymous

          I belive you have spoken the truth in that post; although pathetically.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone in Texas knows Perry is a gay oxy freak, I bet he and Beck suck each other off for dope.

  • Sam Fisher

    Yup and liberals make fun of homeschooling to. I guess more proof that they are Nazis.

  • Anonymous

    It was amusing to read these two racist bigots twist the facts and spin their lies.
    I can’t even imagine what goes on when Glenn brings his family down to home school at Perry’s Niggerhead getaway!!!

    • John Dale

       I’m just amused by how pathetic you are! haha

  • Lisa Tyler

    And yet your childrencan reject your teaching! The little turn coats! My child gets my unconditional love, but not my unconditional support for stuid decisions!

  • Lisa Tyler

    I homeschooled my little turn coat!

  • Anonymous

    I was a Boy Scout. Made it to the “Life” rank and then dropped out. Becoming an Eagle Scout required doing a community service project, like cleaning up a empty lot or something, and that sounded like way too much effort.
     But I did learn some important life lessons. For instance, after I’d dropped out a friend and I went door to door collecting money, I was wearing my Scout uniform and we told people that we were collecting money to pay for my troop to go the national Jamboree! We managed to collect 140 bucks in one afternoon…and then went and spent it on pot, porno mags, and smokeless tobacco. 

     The troop found out about this…as did my parents…and I was punished quite harshly.

    The lesson is this: don’t run scams too close to home. Had my friend and I went to the next town over we would’ve probably gotten away with it. 

    • sparducks

       Fabulous confession. You’ve commented quite a lot here on GB always to point your crooked finger at us conservatives. And now you admit as I’ve always suspected your lack of character. By your own admission you are a drug using ,perverted, spitting, charity thieving ,con artist, who shows no remorse even to his own parents. As well as a traitor to your country and to your troop. In summation I think you and I can agree that you are a FILTHY MAGGOT.

      • Anonymous

        Well, you could’ve added lazy and manipulative…
        But then again that may be covered under “filthy maggot”, so I’m pretty much on board with that summation. 

        • Anonymous

          Well now, you have at least two likes by people who basically abhor your general philosophy but admire  your recognition of the truthfulness  of your impenitent admission of your own lack of honest character. How is it you have the balls to speak of anything you read here; or anywhere else for that matter?  

          • Anonymous

            “How is it you have the balls to speak of anything you read here; or anywhere else for that matter?”

            I credit my time in the porn industry. That’s where I learned to just lay it all out there.

          • Anonymous

            well then …….just go fuck yourself!

  • Anonymous

    That is so true everything that is posted.  Also, not getting the tax money for the children either.  It all boils down to rights, money and the true values that are taught to home schoolers.  Progressives can’t stand that.  They won’t to get their grimy hands on everything and just ruin it.  Leave our kids alone!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Perry can get our gold back.  Also wish he would take a stronger stand against CSCOPE and the tons of standardized tests required of students.  Pearson Testing is making millions just on testing materials development.

  • Doug Barnett

    i can argue ive seen it frist hand home schoolingcan be good and right but it doesnt let your our chiled learn the humen prosses… meaning talking interacting and being a part of the humen life! we as people need to understand this!..we all cant keep living the way we think we should life is moving forword we need to stay incontact with that or we luses im not a good spiller but i do have a mind thank god for that……

  • Anonymous

    Madonna Who? None of these entertainers,hollywood types, singers, dancers, TV hosts,actors, athletes,etc have anything to say that I want to hear. They get paid to do what they do as entertainers by the people that watch them. It is real simple– don’t spend your money to listen to them, to watch them or see them. Don’t support the TV channels that show them, the sponsors that support them or buy their DVD’s, their T-Shirts,etc. If they don’t make any money they will go away. Teams won’t hire them, producers won’t hire them, sponsors won’t do business with them. It’s all about the MONEY. Ignore them! 

  • landofaahs

    She’s a cheap sleazy worn out crone. 

  • Anonymous

    TX Governor Rick “I am the most Pro Life Candidate on the stage” Perry unless you facto in those 260+ executions he signed off for as Governor is a Homophobic anti woman Nut case 


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