Stopping the U.N. Arms Treaty

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Why the big push on guns right now? It’s not Sandy Hook. 150 countries are in New York City right now at the U.N. working on a treaty on gun control. The treaty aims to outline a new set of regulations for the international trade of firearms, to eliminate the illicit gun trade, and prevent guns from contributing to human suffering. While all three objectives are scary, the last one ends up regulating almost every single firearm imaginable with a “national control list”. The treaty is written vaguely, leaving it open to abuse, and Glenn believes it will short circuit the Second Amendment. Glenn encouraged viewers to reach out to their representatives (202-224-3121) and tell them to vote for H.Con.Res.23 (House of Representatives) or S.Con.Res.7 (The Senate), which would resolve that 1) The President should not sign the UN Arms Treaty and 2) no federal funds be should be appropriated or authorized to implement the Arms Trade Treaty.

Glenn explains more in the clip above.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    End the treaty with the UN, and get us out of the UN completely. When Obama goes for the total disarming of the nation, does anyone seriously think he will not hesitate to bring in foreign troops to enforce his decrees?

    • Draxx

      They want to take firearms from Law Abiding Citizens, and give Terrorist Tanks and Fighter Jets in Egypt…  They want to turn the World Inside Out So That They Can Kill Humans On A Mass Scale!!!  They want the U.N. involved so that it is not considered Genocide, but a supposed Peace Keeping Mission… (Total BS)

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t it odd that those who deny and demean individual responsibility and accountability demand to expand collective responsibility and yet  still deny collective accountability?

      • Bonnie Somer

        AGREE ths is it as it is w/the obama green energy agenda to eradacate the possible entire population of the world.  most anyway

  • Connie Bevan

    Thanks, Glenn. I have put this on my facebook page to get the word out! Thanks for looking out for us.

    • Ana Luiza

      Right on spot. Thank you Connie. You’re so right!

  • Frank Balcer

    Any American citizen who shows support of the UN is a traitor to this country,
    any compliance with this treaty is treason.

    • Ana Luiza

      These people are not informed and they MUST stop their blindness.
      You know something? The rest of the world need Americans to go to the streets!
      We are waiting for it. We are counting on you Americans.
      Go to the streets again!
      No more invasions. War is over. Yes. It’s been a long time this world don’t have a war.
      It is genocides to kill civilians in the name of human rights!

  • landofaahs

    Duh!! The who world economic system is falling apart as it is kept together with chewing gum (stimulus from central banks).  Guns are the canary in the coalmine and govt.s around the world do not want rioters, let alone rioters with guns blaming bankers and paid off politicians for the mess we are in.  A time will come when these crooks will be in their own self imposed prison mansions encircled with paid guards.  The bozos of world finance need to be held to account.

  • Missgto

    Thank you!  I will do this right away and share it with as many as possible.

  • fallonluo68

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  • Sam Fisher

    Time to pull out of the U.N. before they turn this world into a world run by fascist evil people that we have no power over so why be in the U.N. anymore.

    • Ana Luiza

      I’m afraid it’s too late. Dear Lord the treaty was approved.
      This is outrageous.
      Why doesn’t UN starts by US? Disarm US, the most terrorist country in history.

      I just hope they don’t come down to South America but they will. My government is supporting the bloodshed. 
      I’m ashamed to be Brazilian.

      • Sam Fisher

        I don’t know but maybe you should start taking your meds again.

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    How about this 4 change… Impeach those who support the u.n.treaty… Next November (2014 elections), vote 4 those who support and defend the Constitution. Just an idea.. It was done here in California to kick out a democrat to elect a progressive republican.. (he caved to unions and democrats)

    • Ana Luiza

      Next November 2014? Do you have any idea of how many people will die till this date. Democrats and Republicans? Do you see the difference?
      Many Americans don’t.
      Millions but you don’t give a damn, do you?
      Your countrymen are being put in prison and being killed.
      But what the heck is happening to you Americans?
      Npt even at this site!
      I give up. Some Americans should face jail camp in order to is know what is happening.
      Are you aware of NDAA’s consequences?
      It seems you, Americans, are not.
      From time to time I have to explain to an American what is happening in US.
      I lived under dictatorship because US wanted it. Ok?
      It is over now. But if US wants it will be back.Look what they did in Venezuela.

  • Bonnie Somer

    bush did not sign it or agree to it obama is licking his lips to sign it the un needs to get out of his country i’ve said this for 30 yrs. 

    we the people understand and netanyahu is not stupid he sees obama for who he isthe worst thing is that the UN would bring in foreign troops to enforce this and obama would be popping the champagne

    he is a danger so is bernanke holder and the o/obama czars and entire admin.

    • Ana Luiza

      Yes, Bush and the Bush family is full of Saints.
      The great granpa Bush helped Nazism.
      Inform yourself.
      What about 9/11?
      Oh God! How can someone say such nonsense is beyond me.
      Americans are blinded. We are doomed.

  • LEE

    The U.N. just loves anything they can control in America. Screw them and there Global Control malfunction. No gun bans in America will not stop the gun trade going on at the U.N. The U.N. needs to be kicked out of America anyway. Just a bunch of countries that hate America and rarely support anything we want. They support whatever power they can steal like Hillary’s Ocean treaty that gives control of our oceans to the U.N. Now guns controlled by U.N. NO. $%^% you Obama, Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, and all you anti-american ^&%$%. Vote them out america.

    • Ana Luiza

      “The U.N. just loves anything they can control in America”
      Are you kidding?
      You should read more about your country and stop watching FOX and CNN.
      BTW CNN threatened to death independent journalists in 2011 in Tripoli, it is in Libya in case you don’t know.
      Search for Lizzie Phelan, Mahdi Nazemroaya… read man read from the right people.
      I’l get out of this site because most Americans here are, I’m very sorry, stupid!
      This is what is fucking this world and AMERICA!

      I’ll be rude because it seems this is the only way some idiots can wake up:


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