Stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights

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The government may not need to pass new legislation to strip away the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. As Glenn found out from his guests tonight, people are already coming under attack from an overbearing government.

Keith Pantaleon was in his apartment in New Jersey when police came into his apartment with his landlord so they could get access to the boiler for the building. Keith had his gun in a case inside of his daily planner, and when he went to exit his room was shocked when the officers pushed through his bedroom door and arrested him when they saw his gun on the bed.

“They were there without probable cause,” Pantaleon explained.

He claimed that the cops threatened him and told him that they wish they knew he had a gun because they would be wiping his blood off the floor.

Pantaleon told Glenn that all of his guns were purchased legally.

The other shocking story came from Eileen Hart, who objected to a mandatory property evaluation that would have raised her taxes by $1,000 a year. She went to a Tax Dispute Forum where she read The Constitution aloud in protest, and called one of the appraisers a “pencil pusher”. One of the tax officials told the police that Hart claimed she would return with a gun, and she was arrested when she returned home for making terrorist threats.

Hart’s guns were confiscated and she still faces criminal charges.

“If reading the Constitution and petitioning the government against something that goes against the will of the people, then we’re living in Hitler’s America. We’ve reached that point,” Hart told Glenn.

Glenn cautioned that these stories are still at the beginning of going through the criminal justice system and it may be too soon to form judgement.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It is a message of oppression and intimidation of the masses: WE RULE, is the message of the federal government and is now being enforced across the board, our nation will become a full scale tyranny under Obama before the year ends.

    • John Schaffran

       They will try to place us under their thumbs!  I say bring it on!

    • Anonymous

      It’s been full scale tyrranny for years but the symptoms and the intent of the tyrants has been behind a mask. Thank GOD the mask is being removed so the Godly can see! 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Control and power, that is all it is about in the end.

  • landofaahs

    We need to pass legislation increasing Americans rights, not giving them up.  We need to always get more than we give up concerning legislation. 

    • Bonnie Somer

      then we need to vote all these policitians out

  • Anonymous

    The time is not now, but unless things change, and change drastically the time will soon come when those who value our freedoms must make a choice. Is talk of gun rights to thwart a tyrannical government merely an abstract or are we willing to carry the burdens of that freedom and hold a line. Right now, at this very moment we are at the same point our forefathers were in the years leading up to the fight for Independence. Not quite necessary to fight, but time to stand the line. The same point both sides of the Mason Dixon line were at in the years leading up to the Civil War. Not necessary to go to war, but war was looming. The same place we were at in the years leading up to WW2. We were not yet attacked but we knew that such an attack was on the horizon.

    Now is not the time to take up arms against anyone, especially our fellow Americans, even those Americans who would do much to destroy this great Nation. But now is the time to really ask ourselves, If it comes to it will we surrender to the easy way and grant the government authority over us or will will take arms and fight. Now is not the time to fight with arms, not yet, Now is the time to watch, to learn, to fight with ideals. Now is the time to teach our children about what is right and moral and good and what is worth fighting for. Our founding fathers formed Committees of Correspondence to be vigilant. Local groups across the country to watch for incursions into freedom and to make ready IF it came to violence. Now is this time, now is the time for us to follow in the footsteps of those great men of yesteryear, Sam. Adams and Joseph Warren, Patrick Henry and so many others. Washington the Fighter, the leader of men cold never have emerged were it not for those men who stood a line and kept watch in the beginning.

    When was the last time you heard someone in the public sphere really preaching the Gospel of Liberty? I don’t mean radio programs and Fox News. I mean on the streets, in those communities that  have been corrupted by failed liberal policies, those minority communities that have been “given” Civil Rights and then kept in place through policies that reward medicotrity and compensate for compliance and obedience out of the public coffers. The message of Liberty is a message for all of us, for the affluent white community and for the poor black community, for the Hispanic and Asian community too, from the ghettos to the barrio and from the Ivy League schools and Country Churches liberties bell must once again ring our loud and proud. That is the birthright of all Americans!

    Preach the Gospel of Liberty in your home, in your churches and neighborhoods, in your children’s school, on the sidewalk, in the grocery store. Preach the Gospel of Liberty everywhere. And indeed Liberty is a gospel, a word that means Good Story. What better story is there to pass on to our children than we, their Fathers and Mothers held a line when it mattered.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone gotten the other side of the Hart story? To simply say she was arrested for reading the constitution is a lie.  She acted in such a way (yelling and screaming) at people who became concerned for the well being of others that the police were then called in, not because she read the constitution.  She did verbally threaten the “appraiser” in the parking lot, when the gentleman went out to his car, she came at him and said she hopes the doors are open when she comes back…that would be a threat.  When the police went to her house, to calm her down, she continued the yelling and screaming and this is what lead to the arrest.  Sure we the right to bear arms, speak our mind, and not be subject to an illegal search of our home, but we also the responsibility to act civil, treat others as we would want to be treated, and to be generally respectful to all, even if we don’t agree with their train of thought….   

    • Anonymous

      Were you there to see the outher side that you talk about or is it just hearsay from outhers ?

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  • Sam Fisher

    Government is the biggest threat to freedom of all time. We must not let these evil people take our weapons. They want the right to kill American citizens on American soil but yet they want us to trust them. They are planning something evil maybe a round up maybe kill people in the homes whatever it is it cannot stand. Why else would they want this power to kill without a trail if they don’t plan to use it? It is time to stand up to these evil minded people before we lose our freedom. This will be a Hitler style government if good people do nothing.

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