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The government may not need to pass new legislation to strip away the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. As Glenn found out from his guests tonight, people are already coming under attack from an overbearing government.

Keith Pantaleon was in his apartment in New Jersey when police came into his apartment with his landlord so they could get access to the boiler for the building. Keith had his gun in a case inside of his daily planner, and when he went to exit his room was shocked when the officers pushed through his bedroom door and arrested him when they saw his gun on the bed.

“They were there without probable cause,” Pantaleon explained.

He claimed that the cops threatened him and told him that they wish they knew he had a gun because they would be wiping his blood off the floor.

Pantaleon told Glenn that all of his guns were purchased legally.

The other shocking story came from Eileen Hart, who objected to a mandatory property evaluation that would have raised her taxes by $1,000 a year. She went to a Tax Dispute Forum where she read The Constitution aloud in protest, and called one of the appraisers a “pencil pusher”. One of the tax officials told the police that Hart claimed she would return with a gun, and she was arrested when she returned home for making terrorist threats.

Hart’s guns were confiscated and she still faces criminal charges.

“If reading the Constitution and petitioning the government against something that goes against the will of the people, then we’re living in Hitler’s America. We’ve reached that point,” Hart told Glenn.

Glenn cautioned that these stories are still at the beginning of going through the criminal justice system and it may be too soon to form judgement.