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Updated 3/20:

Hello, America, and welcome to The Glenn Beck Program and to TheBlaze. This is the network that you are building, and dare I say the only network surprisingly bold enough to bring you the stories that are important, so important that the mainstream media has missed or I believe chosen to ignore, and they mean something to you. In the next 30 minutes, you’re going to learn things about the U.N. and their new arms treaty that you’re not going to hear anyplace else on television.

First, let me give you a quick update, the president is on the ground now in Israel. No word if he has found any really expensive golf courses yet, but we’ll keep you up to speed on that. Let me also give you the latest on the global economic meltdown, at least the one that is coming. Maybe this is the beginning of it. Let’s go Cyprus where we were yesterday. They have rejected the Euro Zone’s bailout offer.

This bailout came with a condition. The people of Cyprus were going to lose part of their savings accounts. Anything that you had in the bank, you were going to be taxed anywhere from 6% to 10%. I love that. Hey, everybody, we’re not going to tell you about it. We’re just going to take money from your account. We’re not stealing. Well, I mean, we’re not stealing as much from you as we are the rich guy. Cool, right?

The banks are remaining closed until Thursday over fears that there might be a run on the bank. Gee, you think there might be a run on the bank? No. What will likely happen is that the largest banks will now fail, and the country will go bankrupt. Uh oh, that sounds like an emergency, a crisis. And the people of Cyprus will now be left looking for a strongman, somebody that can fix this problem because there will be no other way out. Yet, there is a solution, and I’ll tell you about in the minute. And I bet you they don’t take it.

Here’s what’s really happening – the politicians in Europe are farther ahead in the decay scale than we are here. We don’t trust our politicians at all; however, we’re not at the point the rest of Europe is at yet. The politicians have so discredited themselves here, but over in Europe, it’s happened for so long that the newly elected President of Cyprus can actually promise one thing and then three weeks later do exactly the opposite when it comes to your bank account and think he can get away with it. Hmm, I don’t think so.

See, this is what this really means – the politicians know they no longer have any clout. They no longer have any possibility that they can change people’s minds. They know that they can’t stand up in front of people and say, Hey we’ve got a do this. They have no chance of turning the tide of public opinion because there is zero credibility left in the tank for the politicians and the banks and everybody else.

This is the beginning of two things, two things globally. One, Totalitarianism. Totalitarianism, when the people are so far away from the politicians or the politicians are so far away from the people, and there is an emergency, and there’s nobody with an answer, it will be handled by a strongman and in that part of the world probably the Nazis. I can’t believe that we were mocked so much for talking about how the Nazis were going to come back and be a part of our lives again, and here they are. They’re going to need a strongman, and it will happen.

The other thing that is happening here is this is a shark bump. It’s a global shark bump. Cyprus is just kind of like the little Petri dish. It’s the first to get it. We’ve talked about shark bumps before on this program. Sometimes sharks will bump a potential meal before attacking, they just kind of rub into it to see if it’s going to fight back. I believe that’s exactly what is happening with the EU. Will the people rise up and fight back? How do we handle this?

Cass Sunstein wrote a book called Nudge. The premise is that individuals are incapable of making any kind of correct choices so they need to be nudged into the right choice. Well, as it turns out, it’s weird, people don’t like to be nudged, so they resist, and eventually a nudge has to turn into a shove. We’ve talked about this many times in the past. Europeans have been nudged enough, and now they’re about to be shoved in a big way.

So why does this matter to you? Who cares if a few skinny-jeans wearing, you know, Europeans get tossed around by big government, right? Because this is a global shark bump because we are all in this one together. We’re just the last in the boat, but we are the biggest fish that will come into the boat.

Let me start here. The radicals in our own government are very interested observers, watching very closely how the people of Europe respond to this Cyprus offer. What are they going to do? What can the politicians do better next time? Cyprus is a teachable moment for all of the people that want to grab control of power, but it is also a teachable moment for us if we will just see it that way. It will explain a ton.

I think I asked you yesterday about guns. Has anybody asked why they’re limiting guns? Has anybody thought of that? Why are we limiting guns? And I told you last night it was Cyprus, but there is another thing. At the same time they’re limiting guns, they’ve got soda, too, that they’re limiting, and those things make sense, right? They’re limiting cigarettes, soda, trans fats, SUVs. That makes sense. These two make sense together, but then this one doesn’t.

At the same time, they want you to be able to smoke pot, all the pot you want, apparently. We showed you Mike Bloomberg yesterday, and he is going after everything except – watch this video – except for pot:

Mayor Bloomberg: Commissioner Kelly and I support Governor Cuomo’s proposal to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a violation rather than a misdemeanor and will work to help him pass it this year. But I’ll tell you, we aren’t going to wait for that to happen. Right now, those arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana are often held in custody overnight. We’re changing that. Effective next month, anyone presenting an I.D. and clearing a warrant check…

Okay, stop. Do you have this? He’s got to go – today he’s going after cigarettes. He’s got to go in after soda. He’s got to do these things, but he thinks it’s a waste of time to go after pot. Isn’t that a health risk? If you believe that soda is a health risk, how is smoking pot – I don’t care about, let’s say the intoxication – the lungs, what it’s doing. He has to move cigarettes out of the way, but pot isn’t a problem. We’ll maybe it’s because we couldn’t afford it, because that’s kind of what the president said yesterday. The president has said we have bigger fish to fry than going after pot smokers. Watch:

President Obama: As it is, you know, the federal government has a lot to do when it comes to criminal prosecutions. It does not make sense from a prioritization point of view for us to focus on recreational drug users in a state that has already said that under state law that’s legal.

This puts us into a constitutional crisis, and you would think a man who is a constitutional professor would know that. Now think of this, we have – let’s take him at his word – we have to prioritize things. So the man who made a big deal over free condoms at colleges, a man who spent his time lobbying to change the college football playoff system, doesn’t have the time to keep us out of a constitutional crisis. But don’t get lost there.

These two, these three, these two match; these three do not. Why is it these champions of manufacturing only healthy choices are not willing, they’re in favor of legalizing pot? Let me get back to this here in a second, and let me go over here. Why are Progressives trying so hard – I’m sorry, over here – trying to take away your guns, here and internationally? See, this is not about Sandy Hook, because in international terms, Sandy Hook was no big deal.

We know why we’re supposedly going through it is because of the shooter in Sandy Hook, but why is the U.N. arms treaty being pushed right now and going through? They’re working on it right now.

And then, why is the administration pushing so hard behind the scenes to absolutely, totally control your child’s education, the curriculum and every piece of access you as a parent have via Common Core? And in that educational system, they are teaching you about this, through here, they’re teaching you irrational fear of guns, a disdain for the Western way of life, how bad this is, but that one is popular still.

Why is Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City, injecting himself into a school board issue, as we told you last night, in New Orleans? This man is worried about who is elected to the Board of Education in New Orleans. He spent money on that race, when today we find out that 80% of those who graduate from high school in New York City are incapable of reading or writing or doing enough arithmetic to gain entrance to any level college – 80%. You would think if they don’t have time to bust the drug users, they wouldn’t have time to worry about cigarettes under the counter or education in another state.

The answer again, found in Cyprus. You see, before a strong-arm, a strongman, or totalitarian government can grab power, they have to try to make people really, really want it. You have to train the citizens to think that their best friend is government. To cement that idea in place for all time, you have to teach kids to distrust their parents and instead make government their mom and dad. Remember this:

Al Gore: There are some things about our world that you know that older people don’t know.

Got it? Strip away the authority of mom and dad, and this has been done for years. Give kids the green light to whatever they want. I mean, you can’t have a soda. You can’t have chips. You can’t talk about God, but there are condoms and abortion pills in the vending machine in the hallway, and the health teacher is demonstrating the healthy ways for teenagers to engage in sexual promiscuity. This isn’t making sense, is it?

We also have to cut mom and dad off from viewing the curriculum at all, and then we’re going to call it “Common Core,” meaning the core of who we are that is common. The common core of their world view comes now from school and radicals, not those old people like mom and dad who, I mean, you just know better than they do. And then they have a curriculum that teaches how bad the Western way of life is and the free market is, especially if you’re just a greedy capitalist like Michael Bloomberg or George Soros. This is – if you were just a greedy capitalist, that’s bad in the curriculum, but there is a better way, working for everybody in a communist utopia, and that’s darn near exact from the textbook.

And then at the same time, you have to teach an irrational fear of guns, not a fear of guns, but an irrational fear of guns. You make kids afraid of assault Pop Tarts and pieces of scrap paper shaped like an L, and you call the police on that. Now, here’s the latest example. I want to show you a picture. This was posted. I saw this picture, and New Yorkers would say, Oh, he’s in camouflage with a gun! I saw that picture and I said, Look at the way he’s holding the gun. This kid’s been well trained. It is unnatural for a kid to grab onto a gun, for anybody to grab onto a gun without putting their finger in with the trigger. You have to be trained to hold a gun like that. This kid has been well schooled, most likely from his parents.

Well, according to his dad, merely posting this picture prompted an unannounced visit from the New Jersey Department of Youth, who were accompanied by police officers. The police officers did not have a warrant. They demanded entry into this home and access to the firearms. Dad said, You don’t have a warrant, beat it. I personally don’t think this is the end of this story. I instructed TheBlaze today to make sure they’re on top of it and inform the family that if anything happens in the future to know that they have a friend in TheBlaze. We will bring you up to speed. We will be a watchdog.

But you have to understand, you are no longer mom and dad. The government is now the new mom and dad, but your new mom and dad is dangerous. How? Let me take you back to Cyprus because remember, they’re ahead on this timeline. Since the bailout offer has now been rejected – okay the idea was, Hey, we’re going to prop up the banks that have been screwing all of us. We’re going to prop up the banks by taking 6 to 10% of everybody’s savings, or we’re all going to die. Oh, wow. So they said, No, we’re not going to do that.

Now, there is another offer on the table. Russia has an offer on the table, and they said, Hey look, Cyprus, we’ll pay for your bailout. You just let us explore in your water for oil or gas. But my guess is the dysfunctional mom and dad will not want a capitalist way out of this. They will not want to solve this problem. They need this problem. In fact, they’ve just made it worse. That’s great. You lost 10%, but now your banks are going to fail, so you’re going to feel the immediate pain, and the message of control is more important than a solution to the problem. With this vote, their banks will fail, and the country will be in chaos, but mom and dad will be happy behind closed doors, because mom and dad will tell you, We told you so.

And the chaos will cause the children to, look, mom, dad, come help. It’s what’s happening right now in a small way with our Easter egg hunts and our White House tours. Why do you think he’s cutting the Easter – they had a St. Patty’s day party, but they’re cutting the Easter egg hunt. Why? To irritate you. I mean, if they think that we’re going to rise up over an Easter egg hunt and say, enough, enough. But that’s what’s happening. The Easter egg hunt and the White House tours, that’s this Cyprus scenario, but Cyprus is at DEFCON 1.

That’s why you must educate yourself, and it is why they are not educating but indoctrinating. You have to indoctrinate to be able to control, but then you have to disarm. You have to disarm the adults, because when you come after their life savings, their blood, sweat, and tears, their entire life, you better reduce the odds for a successful civilian uprising. You have to train ’em. You have to train ’em, and you have to take their guns away, limit the guns. I mean, you can’t have a bunch of guns, right?

You limit the success of an uprising, limit it, but you need the uprising because you have the uprising allows a strongman to gain control. Look to Egypt for the prime example of this. By the way, in Cyprus, private citizens – we just looked this up about an hour ago – completely forbidden from owning handguns and rifles in any category, any caliber. They only are allowed to have shotguns, and those require a license. And they’re limited the two rounds. Joe Biden would fit right in.

So let’s go back to drugs, because drugs and soda and guns doesn’t make sense, unless you know history – the Weimar Republic, notorious for having extremely lenient drug laws. They infiltrated, discredited religion, and then they promoted reckless partying and promiscuity and drug use. People would get sauced up. They’d forget their problems in sex, booze, or bong. See, this is what stuck out to me. It’s interesting Progressives will go after a 16-ounce soda but not pot.

I mean, I understand if you’re a Libertarian, you might be for legalizing drugs because you think the drug war doesn’t work, and you think that, you know, there’s no necessarily inherent value in you taking the drug, but you believe you should have the right because they’re not your parent; you are. You control – maximum freedom, maximum liberty. I get that, but Progressives typically don’t believe that, or you’d be allowed to have Ho Hos and a soda.

Why would Soros favor lenient drug laws? Cyprus is the answer. Before government can come for your life savings, you’ve got to limit the guns, but if they’re going to take everything that you’ve worked for in your entire life, I mean, you’ve got to have a getaway car, you know. You have to have an escape car for the Progressives, for the Totalitarians. You have to be able to control the citizens, and you need to have them just a little blurry eyed so you can get away fast. It’s Oceans 11 times 16 trillion.

Here’s what makes, I think, TheBlaze unique. Have you seen anybody put these facts together like this at all on the air, at all? Are you hearing anybody talking about why guns and soda and drugs and education, and what does Cyprus really mean?

The most important move on guns in the history of the world, a move that would guarantee the world would fall into the hands of thieves, technocrats and dictators is afoot right now, and our government knows it, and our press knows it, and it’s happening in New York City right now. And I believe we’re the only network talking about it, and I’ll show it to you and finish this picture when we come back.

  • Anonymous

    Beck is absurd.

    • landofaahs

      Don’t go to NYC, they won’t let you buy the monster 128 oz. kool-ade you drink.

    • mudslide

       And you’re……..??

      Just can’t keep away, can you!

    • Anonymous

      And you’re a time-wasting fool pecking away at a keyboard for OFA in your mommy’s basement.

  • Victoria Lumbardo


  • Anonymous

    “Your stuff isn’t your stuff — it’s our stuff and we can take as much as we want.”

    “Erosion of family — it’s a good thing!”  Nazi reference: Bund Deutscher Madel

    Crazy was tried before.  It took the death of tens of millions of people, destruction of entire countries and two atomic bombs to regain some sense of sanity.

    • landofaahs

      So goes the Pete and re-pete of history.  Idiot liberals think that what has happened to other places can’t happen here.  They are so clueless.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the Nazis are coming. Better go hide under your bed, they are cancelling elections and grabbing your bank accounts. Hurry! I hear the goosesteppng now! Run!!!!!!! HIDE BECKBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • landofaahs

          They’re not coming, they’re already here in the form of the democrat party. I’m already 90% out of the banks already cause I saw it coming. As far as running and hiding, that what liberals had better start thinking about because hell is coming to breakfast…well at least for those not properly armed like you.

          • William Vining

            Bank stock is going thru the roof, sounds like you missed the boat on tripling your money.

          • landofaahs

            Pumped up by the Fed and assets not based on mark to market. Mark my word, this ends badly. By the way what do you do for a living if you don’t mind my asking?

  • landofaahs

    Be careful extrapolating the reasons behind what is going on in Cyprus.  There is a lot of positioning for possible nat gas of the shores of Cyprus.  Putin does not want a large part of Europe to have a source of nat gas within the EU.  A lot of games are at play here and there are different players with different goals.

    • nutt

      Putin’s also scared of Russian, ahem, ‘business’ losing out on billions that it’s got stashed away on the island.  Throw in the IMF doing what the IMF does best (look after its own interests, trample on democracy, screw over populations under the guise of helping out) and a greedy EU which overreached its sensible geo-economic boundaries and you’ve got a hell of a mess.  Beyond the ‘what if Cyprus votes to steal savings for the IMF?’ (and this isn’t even to pay them back; it’s just a loan guarantee. If/when Cyprus can’t repay the IMF, they’ll lose that money AND still be owing the bailout money) There’s also the EU wondering ‘what if they fail or leave the Euro?’. It’s a small economy, so it’s handy for the likes of Germany to test the waters on setting smaller economies adrift. Greece, Spain, Ireland – all too large a hit for member-states to lose. But Cyprus.  Maybe not so much.

      • landofaahs

        Although that may be true, I cannot believe the IMF was not aware of the Russian connection and their subsequent reaction. I would rather focus on the Central banks(especially the U.S. Fed) wanting to force people out of savings and into equities. How better to achieve that than by confiscation of savings accounts? If that is not the case, why would they not confiscate equities and in particular banking stocks?

        • William Vining

          How exactly is anyone being “forced into equities”? Ultimately, it is your choice on whether to invest in them or not. I also don’t think what is going on in that postage stamp-sized psuedo-country has much effect on anything, the whole thing is an over-blown fear campaign to help short sellers and gold scammers make money, the DOW has already shrugged it all off and I’m back to making a killing.

          • landofaahs

            1/2% interest rates on money for retired people trying to live off their interest.

    • Anonymous
      • landofaahs

        Have you turned in all your guns yet you boot licking little liberal? :))))))))

        • Sam Fisher

          He must think that 150 points in growth is a good thing when before this mess economy was going up or down by higher numbers. Liberals there is no help for them.

          • Anonymous

            Much of this story is utterly incoherent. Eventually he gets to his point: the “progressives” are out for your guns. We have had an assault weapons ban before. We may have another one soon. Yet people will still have guns. People will still hunt. People will still go to firing ranges. People will still kill each other. And when a Republican gets into the White House, he or she can try to overturn the ban or let it expire, like Bush did. 
            “Here’s what makes, I think, TheBlaze unique. Have you seen anybody put these facts together like this at all on the air, at all?” says GB. 

            With drivel like this, no one is ever going to take this news organization seriously. You can’t just write a few names on a chalkboard, draw a few circles, say “Soros” and “Russia” and “progressives” a half dozen times and call it a day. This isn’t analysis, this is what Beck complains his ideological opponents do: crafting a story to fit an agenda, to fit a larger theory about what is going on. Beck reduces social processes–indeed all of recent history– to one big progressive conspiracy.
            Even the seeming contradiction between outlawing large sodas and decriminalizing small amounts of weed possession doesn’t hold up to any kind of scrutiny. He’s talking apples an oranges. Legalization and decriminalization are two separate things.And is GB intimating that there is a progressive conspiracy to legalize marijuana so that eventually most people get so stoned that they are too lazy or unaware or don’t care that there “rights” are being stripped?  Just a few years ago our Supreme Court, in two landmark decisions (DC v. heller and mcdonald v. chicago) upheld the integrity and strength of the 2nd amendment. Don’t worry, it will all be ok, folks.Bloomberg’s soda ban makes liberals–progressives–dems–whatever look terrible. It’s the wrong way to approach a serious and fundamental problem. And this “shark bump” stuff makes Beck look like a fool. 

          • Sam Fisher

            I feel sorry for that you have such trouble in viewing reality. Please don’t waste my time with your I hate Glenn Beck routine.

          • William Vining

            Sam Fisher is utterly unable to see reasoned argument, because it disagrees with his views, it is somehow “hate”.  I think Haymkrt gave us an excellent analysis.

          • landofaahs

            Only a liberal could spend $10 TRILLION and still have an economy that sucks toilet water.

  • fallonluo68

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  • Anonymous

    The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming….or not….As Europe (mainly Germany) forces its way into Cyprus, that war-like aggressive move, has certainly stirred up frustration within the corridors of the Russian government. Already, the Russian’s stand to lose a major sea-port in Syria, if that nation falls under the Euro-influence and now Cyprus might have no other choice, thus squeezing the Russians out .

    This will leave the Reds with no sea-port in the immediate area and they’re not taking that bit of news none to lightly. Now, the bidding starts and the citizens of that tiny nation have become the latest political pawns. The Russians are claiming their interests lie in oil, the Germans are claiming this latest push is merely to retrieve their bailout funds as soon as possible. But when one digs a little deeper, he finds that this small island and where it’s strategically positioned, offers one of the worlds best listening posts concerning middle eastern nations, including northern Africa. As we know, Iran is quietly pushing ahead with its nuclear ambition, that of starting WWIII….its-a-religious-thing….and if one does a little more digging, he’ll find the bloody history of this region was used as a launching-pad throughout the period by the Roman’s in their conquest to rule the world.

    Are we about to see history repeat itself, will this seemingly insignificant island be used yet again, to launch yet another  crusade into the Muslim world, the bible says – yes we are. The king of the North has almost everything it needs to fulfill bible prophecy. From the location of Cyprus, Europe can attack the King of the South with ease. – (Like a Whirlwind)      

    • William Vining

      Yeah, in the modern age, it’s all about the Roman Empire .

  • Sam Fisher

    That is why I don’t keep my money in a bank. 

  • Sam Fisher

    They want us to be controllable. That is why they take our guns away and give us drugs.

  • Anonymous

    Of course it’s a test to see what radical methods can take place. It’s just like gun control that is going on right now in various states. These are also all diversions from the real problems facing the US. The next four years will see some big changes in the US and the middle class will pay for most of them. 

  • Anonymous

    Aw, geez…  I once was fairly certain that the kind of stuff Glenn mentioned, above, was the stuff of the tin foil hat brigade.  But I gotta tell y’all that it’s been some time now since I held that thought firmly.

    The important thing here is that we honor, in words and deeds, the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Why?  Because, in guaranteeing freedom of speech, we insure that we know what people like Mr. Obama and AlGore are saying and, thus, what they are up to.  They always tip their hands.  It is important to know these things.  Vitally important.

    You know, there’s a bumper sticker out there which says “What If Glenn Beck Is Right?”  Something else to think about.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely Glenn!!!  I said this to my accountant and my financial advisor and both of them said “that will never happen here”!  Well I too beleive this is the “shark bump performed on a very small “target poulation” who’s response can possibly be allagorically projected to have similar reactions throughout larger European countries.  The big stick in the eye is the U.S. because of the number of guns and the types of guns in the hands of the general public.  That is a huge problem for those who want to shove us to where they want us to be!  They have every intention of confiscating every single gun in this country!!!  That is the only way to make us “compliant”.  That is why North Korenas can’t get rid of their government!  The people have no ablility to fight back in any menaingful way!    

  • Snorri

    Actually if you review the sales of estates and high end homes and luxury goods over the past 2-4 years, there seems to be a pattern that the markedly wealthy are “cashing out” of vulnerable to high taxation assets. There is plenty of documentation available regarding the confiscation of personal wealth by the Russian Communists and the German Nazis. The wealthy and businesses have seen this scenario before. The egregious spending by both Republicans and Democrats has really put the citizens between a “rock and a financial hard place” in the immediate future. The choices seem to be right out front: default, chaos and bankruptcy or mass asset seizure for the “common good”. Why do you think DHS has built detention centers on military installations, trained military and police in lethal civilian riot suppression tactics and with sundry Federal agencies purchased weapons and enough ammunition to shoot all 307 Meg citizens including illegal aliens more than 5 times. Is it better to be impoverished, living on a government ration card or in a jail or dead? If the Democrats get  control of the House and Senate again, the immediate future may just well become now.

    • William Vining

      Use some common sense. Stock markets are reflections of how Big Money views the future prospects for the economy.  You are claiming that Big Money is “cashing out”, when the real truth is Big Money is betting on economic recovery as is evidenced by the rising stock market, and is betting big on rising home prices evidenced by the rise in demand for houses, especially among investors.  On top of that, the whole “pistol ammo” story is absurd, it’s just fodder for idiots.  I truly doubt the US government is planning some big pistol massacre. This is why the right wing in America has essentially lost the national argument, you people simply sound increasingly unhinged.

  • sugarplum

    Lou Dobbs said it couldn’t happen in this country.  How about Roosevelt’s bank holiday that reopened with most accounts having been emptied out.  My mother-in-law, then a young widow, lost everything she had in savings.
    Plus, are we not being robbed with interest rates being so low that the banks get to play with our savings while we get nothing in return for interest?

    • William Vining

      Unlike you, I have actually read a history book and know that Roosevelt’s bank holiday had absolutely nothing to do with removing anyone’s funds from anyone’s bank account. why do you people believe such baloney? Your aunt lost her money because her un-regulated bank lost her deposits playing the stock market and did not have enough capital to cover it’s deposits. Perhaps you could show us where it says, like anywhere on this planet, that Roosevel confiscated bank deposits? The utter uneducated stupidity of some of the posters here is appalllng.

  • Dan Allred

    What I have a hard time understaning is the reaction of nearly all Fox News commentators about this blatant attempt at confiscation. They just say it’s Karma for the Russian Mafia bosses and think it’s amusing. They won’t think it’s so funny when Obama goes after everyone’s retirement accounts.

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