Glenn talks to American Bible Challenge host Jeff Foxworthy

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On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed author and television host Jeff Foxworthy of GSN’s American Bible Challenge.

“The American Bible Challenge was a huge success. The last time I talked to you about this, I think it was getting ready to premiere last year and you said, we’re just going to try this out. We’re not really sure if it’s even going to work, or whatever. We’ll just try it. Here it is a success and now back the second year,” Glenn said.

American Bible Challenge became the highest rated show in the history of GSN – a remarkable feat given GSN is not a faith-based network. Glenn compared the show’s success to another show – The Bible on the History Channel, which similarly became the highest rated show in that network’s history.

“Highest rated thing in the history of the network, which is very interesting,” Foxworthy said. “A show about the Bible, you know, on a network that’s not devoted to faith programming. I think that’s pretty cool.”

Foxworthy attributes the show’s success to its positive message and unique format. “You know, if you just talk about faith, it becomes boring pretty quickly. But unlike any game show, nobody keeps the money,” he explained. “They turn around and they give it away to somebody in their community. They love on somebody in their community.”

In the wake of the election of the new Pope, media coverage of the event has focused largely on modernizing the Catholic Church. Considering the Catholic Church, like any sect of Christianity, is rooted in the words and teachings of the Bible, there is only so much ‘modernizing’ any of these religions can do. “I mean, Glenn, you’re talking about the scriptures,” Foxworthy said. “If you believe that it’s the – you know, that it is the inspired Word of God, it wasn’t just written for people 2,000 years ago or 3,000 years ago. It’s still relevant today.”

“You’re supposed to take care of each other, and when that happens within the faith community, then there’s no longer this big requirement for the government to do it. It’s not their job,” he continued. “We’re supposed to take care of each other.”

Glenn proceeded to ask Foxworthy about the lack of coverage the success of shows like American Bible Challenge and The Bible receives from the mainstream media. Glenn suggests that it is most likely because the left is afraid to admit the power such shows wield in shifting the conversation away from the power of government toward the power of faith and the Bible, and Foxworthy had similar insight.

“It’s because it’s a positive thing. And, you know, we’ve kind of become in this country to where the thing that we worship is the government. The government is going to take care of us. And it was never intended to be that way,” Foxworthy said. “I mean, if you go study the Constitution that was never the way it was supposed to be.”

Foxworthy’s favorite passage from the Bible is Galatians 1:10, which talks about whether one if seeking the approval of man or of God. And as a result, he takes any criticism the show or he might face in stride. “I just figure if I live my life in such a way that God approves of it, then do I really care what anybody else says about it,” he said. “Because you’ve got to think if I’m doing it in a way, you know, I’m probably a pretty good citizen of my country and of my state and of my community. I’m probably a good father. I’m probably a good friend. I’m probably a good husband. So what does it matter what you say about it?”

“I really like that guy,” Glenn said about Foxworthy. “A really, really normal, nice guy… Put something positive and something fun in your life. The American Bible Challenge – tomorrow.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Bible is the word of God as written by humanity under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; its lessons are for all time and all people, lessons to learn from and apply to our own lives. It tells us where we have come from as a faith, and what is to come.

    Each of us has a choice to make, to accept the gift of grace and salvation and redemption from God or to lay it aside and go on our way; as the good book declares…

    ‘I present to you life and death, blessings and cursing’s, choose life that you may live.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Right now we face as a country and as individuals which we choose as the source of our faith, either God or Government.

    We have seen in Communism, Socialism and Dictatorships what comes about when people place their faith in Government. Choose well people.

  • landofaahs

    The Bible is “THE” source of truth.  Just read it.

    • Anonymous

      I like the part where the snake talks! I always think he must have sounded like Paul Lynde. Who do you think the talking snake sounded like?

      • landofaahs

        Since it was Satans voice, just pick any liberal that comes to mind.

  • Sam Fisher

    The Bible shows are taking off and the liberal media is dying no wonder liberals are mad.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Bible Challenge. The TV special The Bible was a joke(but not funny) ,a shame and a disgrace. It was edited and so much was omitted from the Bible( Holy scripture) that it should have been entitled : One man’s version of bits and pieces of the bible with additions and omissions. If anyone calls this atrocity biblical–they apparently haven’t read the original. The sad thing is that many people who don’t read the bible , don’t study it or research scripture will accept this trash as true. The reason we have so many different denominations instead of ONE church and we have “Religion” instead of “Relationship” with Jesus is because of someone’s interpretation of “one” scripture or taking scripture out of context to conform to their idea of what God said. This show is not only dangerous and unbiblical, but will also give rise to a host of wrong conclusions and assumptions about the bible.The histroy channel is known for its revisionists attitude and productions regarding anythng to do with the bible or Jesus. Eventhough they didn’t produce it perhaps they saw through all the glits, glamour,hpye and promotion and realized how flawed it really was. What better way to attack God’s word then feed the TV public the wrong information. If you want to acknowledge that the show was entertainment and for that alone–OK.but don’t recognize it as biblical. This is not the first time a Television production of the bible has been made. There have been others that were done better and more accurate. You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear–no matter how much digital enhancement, terrific sound or color production is used. Ephesians says that we as followers of Christ  are to “speak the truth in love” The bible says that Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life. It states that the way to salvation is belief in Jesus “PLUS Nothing”  This TV series about the Bible is a slap in the face of every follower of Christ( a Christian) that believes that the Holy Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, that it is to be taken literally as written by the Holy Spirit. it is God speaking to us and how we should live our lives. and from begining to end is about  the lord Jesus. Those that accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives and are born again have eternal life. This series doesn’t promote relationship with Jesus, but  instead promotes falsehood and deception.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    unfortunately, the system is set up to trap disabled people into poverty, being on SSI and SSA, I am not allowed to make more than $65 per month… because they take away 50% of every dollar above that amount, BEFORE taxes, so if I work, I end up being worse off and losing medical care which I sorely require. I hate it, because I struggle constantly to get through each month and go without food the last few days every month.

  • Anonymous

    The part of the Bible that most relates to Beck is the part where Jesus turns over the tables of the con men moneychangers outside the Temple. Beck is the contemproary Moneychanger, with his Goldline scams, books written with his name on them that he had nothing to do with writing, and overpriced jeans and coffee mugs

  • Anonymous

    Jeff Foxworthy Ha Ha Ha Next to him Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are relevant. Meaning outside The Wingnuts and Bible Belt if you ask “Who is Jeff Foxworthy”? your answer will be Who ? BTW-Do people really watch American Bible Challenge.?

    • Rebekah Anne Keegan Stevenson

      who is garak99?

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