Obama’s ‘mysterious’ visit to Israel

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Obama’s current trip to Israel comes at a very odd time. After all, he has already won reelection and did it with the overwhelming support of American Jews, seemingly freeing him of the perception that he doesn’t view Israel as the close ally it has historically been. Caroline Glick, deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, penned an op-ed yesterday that presented the theory that President Obama is in fact trying to undermine the Israeli government by delivering his remarks to members of the radical Left in Israel rather than the Knesset, Israel’s legislative branch.

Glick writes:

So since he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, and he intends to continue the same policies in his second term, why did he decide to come to Israel? And why is he addressing, and so seeking to empower the radical, unelectable Left? Obama’s speech in Cairo to the Muslim world was held at the Islamist Al-Azhar Univerity. By speaking at Al-Azhar, Obama weakened Mubarak in three different ways. First, Al-Azhar’s faculty members regularly issue religious rulings calling for the murder of non-Muslims, prohibiting the practice of Judaism, and facilitating the victimization of women. In stating these views, Al-Azhar’s leadership has demonstrated that their world view and values are far less amenable to American strategic interests and moral values than Mubarak’s world view was. By speaking at Al-Azhar, Obama signaled that he would reward the anti-American Islamists at the expense of the pro-American Arab nationalists.

Second, in contempt of Mubarak’s explicit wishes, Obama insisted on inviting members of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his speech. In acting as he did, Obama signaled that under his leadership, the US was abandoning its support for Mubarak and transferring its sympathies to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Finally, by addressing his remarks to the Muslim nation, Obama was perceived as openly rejecting Egyptian nationalism, and indeed the concept of unique national identities among the various Arab states. In so doing, Obama undercut the legitimacy of the Egyptian regime while legitimizing the pan- Islamic Muslim Brotherhood which rejects nationalism in favor of a call for the establishment of a global caliphate.

As subsequent events showed, the conditions for the Egyptian revolution that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power were prepared during Obama’s speech at al-Azhar.

It is possible that in addressing the unelected radical Left in Jerusalem, Obama seeks to undermine the legitimacy of the Israeli government. But if that is the plan, then it would bespeak an extraordinary contempt and underestimation of Israeli democracy. Such a plan would not play out the same way his Egyptian speech did.

There are two possible policies Obama would want to empower Israel’s radical, unelectable Left in order to advance. First, he could be strengthening these forces to help them pressure the government to make concessions to the Palestinians in order to convince the Palestinian Authority to renew negotiations and accept an Israeli peace offer.

While Obama indicated in his interview with Channel 2 that this is his goal, it is absurd to believe it. Obama knows there is no chance that the Palestinians will accept a deal from Israel. PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his predecessor Yasser Arafat both rejected Israeli peace offers made by far more radical Israeli governments than the new Netanyahu government. Moreover, the Palestinians refused to meet with Israeli negotiators while Mubarak was still in power. With the Muslim Brotherhood now in charge in Cairo, there is absolutely no way they will agree to negotiate – let alone accept a deal.

This leaves another glaring possibility. Through the radical Left, Obama may intend to foment a pressure campaign to force the government to withdraw unilaterally from all or parts of Judea and Samaria, as Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005. If this is Obama’s actual policy goal, it would represent a complete Europeanization of US policy toward Israel. It was the EU that funded radical leftist groups that pushed for Israel’s unilateral withdrawals from Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza in 2005.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who was a guest on Glenn’s show, added that by not speaking to the Knesset he is also sending another message to the Arab world.

“By him not addressing the Knesset…this conveys a message in terms of hidden clues throughout the Arab street that Obama does not recognize the politcial and democratic legitimacy of the Israeli government,” Lapin said.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama is in Israel for one reason and one reason only: for his political gain among the Islamic world. He is set on destroying Israel from within and without, and the restoration of the long-term Muslim Brotherhood goal of the Caliphate.

    Obama cares nothing for Israel, that is self-evident to anyone who will bother to look and to listen; it is now only a matter of time until he directly uses US forces to intervein in Israel for the Palestinians under the UN ‘Right to Protect’ policies.

    This will achieve the desired intentions of his…

    End Israel as a nation.
    Establishment of a Palestinian state.
    Establishment of the Caliphate.
    His place in history among the Muslim Extremists.

    • Draxx

      Obummer has definitely intended to Insult the Israeli Parliament, and I would say that he went to talk with the youngsters to Instigate a Rebellion and Political Pressure to bring down the Nation for the Palestinians.  I am saying that if the youngsters start protesting and the Israeli Gov’t wants to stop them from open rebelling, then the U.N. is going to come in and force submission on behalf of a few people’s wishes (especially those that would harm the U.S.)…

    • Zooropa Fly

      Hi Snowy,
      Thought you’d appreciate me telling you I’m rehabilitating a cute little puss who was in a bad way at the hands of the human race. She’s really coming on well and should be fine. That’s six I have now, although this one is technically temporary.. but you know how these things work out ! 

      She’s coming on so well in fact, she already knows way more about the Middle East than you.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/66MAGRO4CQGMJ62R4U7XDDDOZU jjwd

        I think snowleopard is right on the money.  On the other hand, you Zooropa Fly have NO clue! 

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

        Why do you liberals feel the need to be aholes to anyone that disagrees with you?

        • Anonymous

          Oh please, studpuppy. You’re the one who leaps at the chance to call people “cowards.” 

          • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

            Well when someone takes an oath to defend the Constitution and does not yes they are cowards.

          • Anonymous

            But most of the people you’ve thrown it at haven’t taken any oath. Check back through your comments and see just how many times you’ve used the word.
             I get it—Beck made the word into a sound bite for you guys and thus you use it. I’m NOT objecting to you doing so. I’m merely pointing out that you criticize others for their slandering while you do the same. 

          • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

            Let me tell you something is it cowardly to stand for something under one leader and completely shove your values out the window when it is a leader with a different letter in front of their name? I feel that when their chosen leader does stuff that Bush did and not stand up is just bull and that is why I call a few people cowards.

      • Anonymous

        Zooropa Fly……. brother of Alf? Cats are cheap here; not like on Melmak.

    • Bonnie Somer

      this is what obama wants to destroy israel either by allowing the egyptians mus brotherhood or hamas or iran do it either way they get israel and obama is working on us   DANGER TO FREEDOM ISRAEL AND THE USA MUST LIVE ON WE MUST RID OURSELVES OF OBAMA AND HIS HATERED OF THE USA AND ISRAEL HE WANTS POWER OVER THE WORLD AND WE MUST STOP IT NOW

  • Anonymous

    Obamas trip and the recent wave of strange in Washington are connected

  • Soulphoenix

    Obama absolutely detests Israel, and always has. ALL of his actions have borne it out; the occasional politically-expedient lip service be damned. The Israelis are smart enough to realize this.

  • landofaahs

    Obama was raised as a muslim, I never heard his renouncement of Islam, He admits on national Television to George Steponallofus about his muslim faith and when being covered for by George he  does not apologize but gives a yea yea answer.  He finally goes to Israel and disses everything about Israel and when someone dares to say the Obama is a muslim, beck and others call you a birther and talk about you like you’re crazy.
    What does Obama have to do to convince you people?  Throw down a prayer rug and point toward Mecca and start chanting the muslim call to prayer.  I doubt that would even convince some people. 

  • Anonymous

    I think that our con-artists President obama pull off another slight of hand trick with perfect timing !!! While he got U.S citizens watching for his right hand for  hidden clues  to his  devious intentions with obama first trip as a President to Israel !!!  No one looking at what his left hand is  doing with his minions ??,Which is doing the real slight of hand component of this hoodwinking trick with perfect timing for him to go around our congress and constitution !!. Our  President knew of the exact date of this meeting with 150 countries of U.N with his minions setting up a strong agreement with using U.N to take away our 2 amendment rights on owning guns and other rights !!  With obama visit to Israel not only shifted the spotlight but also give cover to his left wing news media to not at all report on what he doing in U.N with his going around our congress and constitution !! Another partner set off flash bomb of distraction of possible use of chemical weapons help  in hoodwinking U.S citizens ??!  So now he can kept most U.S citizens in complete darkness what he doing in U.N  in signing away with his left hand our nation  sovereignty,our rights and freedoms so there won’t be ground swell of people in saying no and what he is doing is UN-constitutional !!!!   Ya I would kept my eyes also on his right hand   with visit to Israel he doing something devious here to !!!  All above obama ,left news media, radical Muslims want to see U.S citizens disarm to weaken U.S and be ready for obama to take over the country as a dictator with Shari Law !!!

  • Anonymous

    The world is becomming stranger by the day.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    If he was such a friend of Israel that why the mixed message? Does he think the Israelis are so stupid that they would believe him when he will not show their lawmakers the time of day? There is something going on here that does not make any sense unless he is trying to get a revolution started just like he had a hand in Egypt’s.

    • Zooropa Fly

      Maybe he’s trying to temper the vicious thieving murdering children-torturing attack dog that is the erroneously named state of Israel. (I’ve heard it more appropriately referred to as Zionesia.) That said ‘state’ is losing support amongst Jews and Americans alike by the day for it’s continued racist and genocidal behaviour, before I hear “anti-semite”.

      Yesterday the anti-christ and the devil came face to face.

      Anyway if you want to continue crashing your empire at the expense of that stupid bit of stolen land, with a gun at your heads from your all powerful zionist lobby’s and masters, go for it !

      I disagree Obomber had anything to do with Egypt. His masters will have via all the covert black ops that the US gets up to, but BO & HC were caught pants-down (don’t visualise this) and in typical US fashion sat on the fence until the winner was apparent.

      I don’t think BO is as clever and influencial as you give him credit for.

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