Sen. Rand Paul talks immigration reform and his plan to balance the budget in 5 years

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Senator Rand Paul has been blowing up in the headlines since his epic thirteen hour filibuster a few weeks ago. His CPAC speech received praise from the more conservative wing of the GOP, he’s being labeled as a future leader of the part, there have been a few hints around a possible presidential run in 2016, and, most recently, he has introduced a few bill proposals.

This morning the Senator joined Glenn on radio to discuss a few of those proposals, his immigration bill and his budget proposal. Glenn kicked the discussion off with the immigration bill.

Yesterday, after Rand spoke at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to discuss comprehensive immigration reform, the mainstream media started buzzing about the Senator allegedly taking being for amnesty — a “path to citizenship”. Glenn gave Senator Paul a chance to set the record straight.

“Help me out on the ‘path to citizenship’, because that is a red light for a lot of people,” Glenn questioned.

“I think a lot of that was misreported yesterday,” Senator Paul responded, “because in my speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that never came up, the word ‘citizenship’.”

True. In fact, the only time Rand Paul mentioned “citizenship” was when he was referring to himself as a teenager, “not being a model citizen”.

“We didn’t mention citizenship, but what my amendment is called is Trust But Verify. Which means, in the past we’ve been snookered into doing immigration reform with the promise that border security’s going to come later. I think conservatives, if they want conservatives to be part of this and if they want us to support immigration reform, we have to have a guarantee,” Sen. Paul continued. “We have to have a verifiable guarantee of border security.  So in my amendment what has to happen is each year there are certain border security targets that have to be medicine. An investigator general looks at this, the border patrol looks at this, and does a report.  We’re going to have the governors of each of the border states look at this as well.  And then that report comes back and has to be voted on. The big difference is it has to be voted on by congress. The bipartisan commission is saying, oh, the president will issue a report. But that, to me, means a rubber stamp and not much.  So ours is mostly about ensuring border security.”

Sen. Paul clarified that he does not want to create any new path to citizenship.

“The only thing new is we’re saying that if you’re here and you’ve been here and you’re working and you want to work and you don’t want to get welfare, we’ll give you a work visa.  If you’re here and you have a work visa, you can get in the same line that already exists for citizenship.  This isn’t a new line.  This is like the same line if you’re in Mexico City and you want to come to this country, you get if line,” he said.

Not shockingly, this is what everyone in the mainstream media is getting wrong. The media is making the reform amendment sound like Senator Paul is proposing that everyone will become a citizen, which is absolutely not the case.

“You know, one of the things I repeat in my speeches all the time as Milton Friedman stated, you can’t have open borders in a welfare state,” the Senator said. “And we’ve got the welfare state.  So do you have to have a secure border. You also have to have a secure border for national security reasons.”

According to Senator Paul, his amendment is for conservatives do want some kind of reform, but refuse to vote for any unless there is a guarantee that the border is going to be secure.

“We have serious problems,” Glenn started. “First of all, the door to citizenship is too narrow.  It’s not that it is open.  They are coming through the windows, not through the door.  So the door is too narrow.  We have to make the ‑‑ we have to make the path to citizenship to come into this country from another place easier. Because we want new people to come.  It replenishes us and it makes those of us who have forgotten what it’s like to be an American, or what an honor it is to be an American, it refreshes that.  It’s important.  But nobody trusts anybody in Washington on the border because they all say they are going to do something and they don’t.”

Rand Paul confirmed Glenn’s point by explaining that most of the people who are in the country illegal came so that way because legal immigration is not working. A million workers came in to pick crops last year, but only 65,000 work visas were given. The agricultural work visa program has to be fixed.

Glenn transitioned to Senator Paul’s budget plan which is being released today.

“We’re going to balance the budget in five years,” Rand told Glenn. “We do it by downsizing government.  Basically sending a lot of powers and money back to the states and the responsibility for education which has always been a state function, send it back to the states.”

Five years — that’s half the amount of time that Paul Ryan’s plan. Ryan’s budget actually doubles the budget of 2002 and adds another 3.4% increase per year over the next ten years. Yet the Democrats are somehow calling it “draconian”. What does Sen. Paul’s plan do that makes it so much more efficient?

“The Ryan budget goes from the growth of government of 5% a year to a growth of government of 3.4% a year.  So government still grows under his,” Senator Paul explained. “In ours we go ahead and eliminate some departments.  We eliminate the Department of Education, most of the Department of Energy, most of the Department of Commerce.”

Music to Glenn’s ears.

Senator Paul went on to explain that they’re taking things like the Department on Energy and cutting the federal loans to the Kennedy & Kaiser types, along with the DOE loans to companies like Solyndra and BrightSource. He is eliminating the government’s role in paying for corporate CEOs around the world to make trips across the globe to make business deals.

“The average CEO makes about 7 million a year, why does the American taxpayer have to climb around on U.S. Government jets,” Sen. Paul said.

Sen. Paul went on to explain where else his plan makes cuts:

“Well, basically Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce.  A lot of the Department of Commerce is corporate welfare and I think we as Republicans need to show that we’re not the party of just big business.  We’re the party that says, you know what, we’re going to cut government waste even if it helps, you know, rich business friends of ours and not be just this crony type of government.
And then Housing and Urban Development really has torn down more houses than it’s built.  The government can be involved but I think at a local level.  Probably Habitat For Humanity has done more for building houses than HUD has done in its entire existence.”

His budget also removes the waste from Social Security and Medicare. With S.S. they reduce spending through means testing, gradually raising the age. His plan for Medicare allows every senior citizen to have the same health plan that congress does.

“It saves a trillion dollars over ten years and it also allows us to have a sustainable entitlement program, basically fixes Social Security for 75 years,” Sen Paul explained. “And then if that’s not enough for you, Glenn, we have one more thing. We do a flat income tax of 17% which gives a $600 billion stimulus to the economy and allows for, you know, we estimate somewhere between 8 and 12 million new jobs.”

Rand Paul’s flat tax is 17% with an exemption for the first $50,000. So, it’s graduated in that anyone making under $50k wouldn’t pay an income tax.

“I will tell you if this would have been Romney’s plan, we would be calling him president today,” Glenn responded after hearing Rand’s plan.

Glenn also warned that he was going to get slaughtered in the press — and not just from the left. He thinking the Senator should expect for attacks from the progressive Republicans as well.

“Look at how many people lose power here,” Glenn stated. “I mean, this is the kind of thinking that America needs.”

“The real problem, the reason why we’re not getting to this, is so many Republicans are trapped into this idea that tax reform has to be revenue‑neutral” Sen Paul responded. “I want tax reform to leave more money in the hands of those who earned it and more money in the states in which people live — because that’s the only economic stimulus that’s ever worked and that’s leaving money in the hands of the people who earn it.”

Both Glenn and Sen. Paul emphasized how out-of-control the federal government’s spending is, and how ridiculous their’s and the media’s reaction has been to the sequester.

“They had a St. Patty’s Day party at the White House but they are going to cancel the Easter egg hunt,” Glenn pointed out. “And if they think that this is going to be ‑‑ I mean, I love this.  The media and everybody is trying to make this into a big deal and wasting time on Capitol Hill to try and get these things reinstated.  Why?  Are you kidding me?  The president says he doesn’t have time to enforce the laws, you know, on pot.  So we’re going to put ourselves into some sort of constitutional crisis where, you know, whose law do you enforce?  Do we enforce all of the laws, some of the federal laws, none of the federal?  You don’t get into that and he’s arguing about the stupid Easter egg roll?”

“Here’s the thing, Glenn.  He’s releasing criminals that we’re in captivity that were immigrants that were felons.  So he’s releasing these criminals because he says he’s saving money.  But the federal government last year had $117 billion that was unaccounted for, improperly spent.  They are not exactly sure where it went.  They say the defense department or the Pentagon, $25 billion could be saved just simply by doing an audit.  They say $7 billion in the Pentagon is spent on things that have nothing to do with the military.  Or national defense.  And yet he can’t ‑‑ says he doesn’t have enough money to keep people in prison.  So it’s inexcusable,” Sen. Paul said.

Senator Paul is optimistic though, he believes the majority of Americans are waking up to the hypocritical actions of the current administration.

“I think it’s backfiring on him.  I think the American people are going to see that he’s playing games and letting go criminals.  And I think he’s going to have repercussions for that.”

Another issue that is likely to backfire on this administration is their attempt to send a German family seeking political asylum back to German — after they were ruled on favorably in court. Glenn explained this situation, which he discussed yesterday on radio, to Sen. Paul.

“All they were trying to do was homeschool their children in Germany, but there is a law done by the Nazis.  It’s an old Adolf Hitler law that was never removed from the book that says you cannot homeschool your kids. They were going to take their kids away. So they moved here to the United States, they did it the right way, and they asked for political asylum,” Glenn explained. “They won in court, and this administration is now arguing in court that homeschooling your children is not a basic human right.”

“Well, you know, I’m a big fan of homeschooling and you’ve just given me an idea,” Sen. Paul responded. “I think maybe we’ll see if we can file an amicus or a friend of the court on their behalf and see if we can get involved with that because one member of my staff back in the Seventies when he was a kid was home schooled and his parents in Kentucky were given a year in prison for homeschooling and while their case was still pending the appeal, we got the law changed in Kentucky.  So in the 1970s it was illegal to homeschool and much of America.  But we’ve changed those laws.  And if the president thinks that homeschooling is something that can keep you out of the country, we’re going to make sure he knows otherwise.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    On the matter of immigration we do not need another amnesty – front door or back door. We have an existing immigration system that is not being enforced, the border is more and more vulnerable under the Obama administration and the Democrats want new immigrants made into instant citizens for one purpose: guaranteed democratic-party voters.

    Lets get back on track with the matter: fix what needs fixing, keep what works and no more amnesty.

    • sparducks

       Here’s my amnesty plan. Warn every illegal alien that they have 6 months to self deport, after which time if they are arrested by any law enforcement anywhere in the US they will spend a mandatory ten years in prison and be deported next decade. If they make it out in the aforementioned 6 month amnesty period no charges will be sought against them. If they commit a misdemeanor while here illegally they will add 5 years to their ten year sentence. If they commit a felony they will spend a mandatory 10 years for the felony and ten years for the illegal incursion into our country. If they have an anchor baby they can take them back or leave them here with relatives i don’t care. If they belong to a gang they will spend 25 years to life in a Louisiana prison doing hard labor. They will return after that to the country of their origin broken and old. a drunk driving manslaughter charge will bring a mandatory death sentence. That’s my plan If implemented it would be a smashing success. Any questions?

      • Anonymous

        How’d your plan work out fer ya in the last election? Fascist fuck, you sound like Hitler screaming at the Jews to get on the trains.

        • sparducks

          I knew this would evoke a Moronic response from you. So why is my position fascist. Come on give a cogent answer. You little piece of shit.

      • greywolfrs

        I like that plan, except one thing. It’s time to stop considering “anchor babies” citizens. That law was created for the slaves and was never intended for illegals. If they have an “anchor baby,” they are a foreign national, just like the parents…

        • sparducks

          No one is gonna leave their baby behind. Don’t make it an issue.

          • greywolfrs

            The only problem with that is it is not addressing the issue with “anchor babies.” That issue needs to be addressed or we will be in the same boat we are now. It is an issue whether anyone likes it or not…

          • sparducks

            What boat is that? they are legal citizens. drop it. it’s not an issue. Are you njust talking about the hispanic ones or do the ones from Ireland count too, how bout german, how bout canadian? See what I mean? It’s all about the mexicans right?

          • greywolfrs

            Where in anything I said did I mention any nationality? Are your left wing colors showing? So, you believe that the “anchor baby” issue is not. The point was simple, that problem needs to be handled. You may not like that, but ignoring the problem does not make it go away.

          • sparducks

            Left Wing? No I’m just not into the extreme, paranoia, truth-er, lets go to civil war,target rich environment, crowd. I have to live with people that don’t see eye to eye with me, dig? My points are clear and cogent. Anchor babies are legal for now because of ambiguity. So make the law unamiguous. I am all for that. I’ve had enough of this conversation.

          • greywolfrs

            Then S T F U.

          • sparducks

            You are an uneducated mindlees freak. I won’t stfu. You can piss off.

          • greywolfrs

            As can you.

          • sparducks


          • Anonymous

            I don’t know but here is a thought, if we were being flooded with Irish illegal alien, it just might be about the Irish and not the Mexican. Ever think about that?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Balance the budget, implement a flat tax (one for income and one for businesses), and to have businesses take off again stop and roll back the massive job-crushing regulations imposed each day by the administration.


    • Draxx

      I like most of what he was proposing, and even though they are not perfect solutions (if there is such a creature) but they are definitely thoughts in the right direction…

  • landofaahs

    Good luck with the budget, but our country has too many dumb liberals who are not going to give up willingly their entitlements.  We even have Rand caving in to the illegal alien crowd.  If you can’t stand up to that with unemployment the way it is, how are you going to raise the age to qualify for  Social security and medicare not to mention Medicaid?   

  • Sam Fisher

    It is never going to pass because Obama wants to spend us into socialism and will never go for it. I am all for Rand’s plan.

  • Anonymous

    2016 will be 1992 all over again, with Rand Paul playing the role of Ross Perot. 

    • sparducks

       Go poke your smot idiot.

  • Uncle Buck

    Already caving on immigration, reminds me of what the former governor of Louisiana

    Huey Long, said of such, he saw right through
    such hocus-pocus, likening politics to snake oil sales in his infamous speech
    “High Popalorum and Low Popahirum”: “The only difference I ever found between
    the Democratic leadership and the Republican leadership is that one of them is
    skinning you from the ankle up and the other from the neck down.”

    • Anonymous

       Exactly!  So much for the integrity of Rand!

  • Anonymous

    I called Rand’s office in DC and left a very unkind message due to his stance on immigration.   I will never vote for him now.  He’s not as transparent as we think on this issue.  Please don’t be fooled.  Educate yourself on this issue and know all the facts before you make a decision to vote for anyone who even thinks for a moment legalizing illegals already here is good for the country.  Remember, we have millions of Americans still out of work and Rand wants all illegals here to stay and keep the jobs they already stole from Americans.

    get some facts before you and then decide….

    and from NumbersUSA…

    Whether or not you admire Sen. Paul’s bold individualistic leadership on other
    issues, I know you will be disappointed and maybe even shocked by the
    immigration platform he outlined this morning before the Hispanic
    Chamber of Commerce.
    This is what he wants Congress to pass:
    The 11-19 million illegal aliens would get to live permanently in the United States.
    One year after Congress passes the amnesty, illegal aliens can start
    getting work permits to compete directly in the legal job market with
    Americans. New illegal aliens who are enticed by the amnesty will continue to have a relatively open access to U.S. jobs because Sen. Paul opposes mandatory E-Verify and other means to keep employers from hiring illegal aliens. Sen. Paul will force American workers to compete with far more new legal immigrant workers in the future.
    Nowhere in his long speech did Sen. Paul indicate any concern for the 20
    million Americans who can’t find a full-time job or for the taxpayers
    who have to support them in myriad ways while 26 million legal and
    illegal foreign-born workers hold U.S. jobs.
    Instead, Sen. Paul emphasized the need for even more foreign workers as if there
    can never be a downside of too much immigration. He called for a:

    . . . dialogue that shows that the GOP sees all immigrants as assets. .
    . . The Republican Party must embrace more legal immigration.”
    Nonetheless, Rand Paul outlined his amnesty with enough ambiguity to give some hope
    that Kentuckians can rescue him — and the country — from disastrous
    leadership on this issue.

    An AP story before the speech stated that Sen. Paul was endorsing a path
    to citizenship. This has spawned a lot of erroneous stories and tweets
    on the internet.
    But Paul said nothing about citizenship in his speech. Rather, it looks
    like he is proposing a permanent-residency amnesty and work-permit
    amnesty but not a citizenship amnesty. That is more than enough amnesty
    to be truly harmful, but it is interesting that Paul is differing with
    Pres. Obama and the Senate Gang of Eight on the citizenship point.
    Sen. Paul leaves no doubt that he wants all the illegal aliens to be
    competing with Americans equally in the jobs market. But he proposes a
    phase-in system that he describes in very general terms.
    You can read for yourself what his prepared text said:
    “The first part of my plan – border security – must be certified by Border
    Patrol and an Investigator General and then voted on by Congress to
    ensure it has been accomplished.”This is what I call, Trust but Verify.”With
    this in place, I believe conservatives will accept what needs to come
    next, an issue that must be addressed: what becomes of the 12 million
    undocumented workers in the United States?”My plan is very simple and will include work visas for those who are here, who are willing to come forward and work.”A bipartisan panel would determine number of visas per year.”

    There is a lot there that needs to be explored

    In one way, Rand Paul’s plan is far more radical and
    pro-illegal-immigration than anything proposed by Pres. Obama or the
    Gang of Eight, both of whom are at least promising workplace
    verification to cut off the jobs magnet that has created the giant
    illegal-alien population in the first place.
    “My plan . . . will also not have mandatory E-Verify. I don’t mind if
    there’s E-Verify, maybe related to the tax code somehow, but I don’t
    like the idea of making every business owner a policeman.”
    How radical is this idea of not having business owners reponsible for
    avoiding hiring illegal aliens? Well, business responsibility was about
    the only thing that was given in return for the first (and supposedly
    last) amnesty in 1986. Sen. Paul today seemed to say that the only
    thing that should stand from the 1986 compromise was the amnesty itself.

    Like Pres. Obama, Sen. Paul makes two highly questionable assertions about his plan:
    “My plan will not grant amnesty or move anyone to the front of the line.”
    In fact, his plan does both.
    Rand Paul and Barack Obama claim they don’t support amnesty because they define amnesty differently than most of us.
    They contend that if illegal aliens pay a fine it isn’t amnesty to
    give them the lifelong residency and jobs they broke immigration laws to
    Of course, one of the last things citizens should do is allow their
    politicians to define away words that are inconvenient to them. Nobody
    who cares about the rule of law and an immigration system that serves
    the American people would call the Paul plan anything but an “amnesty,”
    although it is not as generous of an amnesty as Pres. Obama and the Gang
    of Eight are proposing.

    The “front of the line” line in some ways is even
    more maddening because it pretends that only future legal immigrants
    matter and that current unemployed Americans don’t count at all.Sen.
    Paul and Pres. Obama say that the illegal aliens should not get
    citizenship before the foreign citizens who are waiting in a backlog
    line to get immigration status. So, they each have provisions that
    delay how fast the illegal aliens get a green card that puts them on a
    path to citizenship.

    But what about the unemployment lines for millions of Americans — 20 million who can’t find a full-time job?
    Sen. Paul and Pres. Obama basically put the illegal aliens at the FRONT of the jobs line.
    Obama would give illegal aliens work permits almost immediately. Paul seems to say he would make them wait a year.
    Why do I say the illegal aliens would be in the front of the line just
    because they get work permits? Because most of them already have jobs.
    Obama and Paul would be giving them the legal permits to continue
    holding the jobs that they have already taken from Americans.
    Many otherwise intelligent people have the idea that illegal aliens take jobs that Americans don’t want.
    But fewer than 5% are in agriculture, for example. The rest of the illegal
    workers are in jobs in which the majority of workers are U.S. citizens.
    In other words, those are clearly jobs Americans WILL do and ARE
    There are more than twice as many less-educated Americans looking for jobs in
    construction, manufacturing and service where the 7 million illegal
    aliens already have jobs.
    That apparently is just fine with Rand Paul and all the other supporters of amnesty.
    Is it fine with the voters who put Republicans into office?

  • Anonymous

    It all sounds wonderful,but the reality is Paul can’t do anything by himself. He needs the help of other politicans to get things done. His one vote or one voice will not, unfortunately, change anything. Obama will continue down the path of destroying America. He controls the Executive branch the Legislative branch(the Senate and eventhough the House has a thin majority of Republicans-some of them vote with Obama) and he controls the Judical branch. He controls the DOJ, the CIA, the FBI, the State Dept, The Treasury, the FED, ATF and Border patrol ,ICE, Homeland security the military, ETC,ETC,ETC. His administration controls almost all of the news media, television media, newspapers. magazines,etc. He intimidates his opponets by threats, by using the IRS,the Dept of Agr, The Dept of Energy, the courts.If he can’t scare them off he tries to buy them off with kickbacks, bribes, government loans,grants,etc. His Chicago gangster style of politics doesn’t play by the rules. If you really believe this last presidental election was fair, above board, honest and nothing happened to affect the outcome in favor of Obama–I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell you. I could go on and on about Obama,but we all know how he works and what his ultimate goal is.
    His policies and system of corruption has such a hold on our country that you can’t blast it apart with C4 explosive. The public has a short memory and the 51% that put him in office again want the cradle to the grave government intervention in their lives. No matter what happens he will be in office for 4 more years and then Hillary will be president after him. What did Rand Paul’s 13 hour rant accomplish? He can submit all the bills and budgets he wants,but do you think any of it will go anyway? Yes, he may be laying his foundation for a presidental run in 2016,but by then where will the constitution be? All these attacks on the 2nd amendment are just the beginning. The public only sees a small fraction of what is going on. Like an ice burg the largest portion is not seen. There is so much smoke and mirrors happening no one looks behind the curtain.They are consumed with bits and pieces, sound bites and the current white house scandle leaked to the press to really dig into all the behind closed door goings on. Everyday Obama is secretly adding to his arsenal of judical,executive and legislative weapons to control America. Putting Americans in prison without trial, arrests without cause,drones to kill Americans, spying on Americans, using the internet to reach into your personal business,giving millionsof dollars to our enemies . Using executive orders to by pass the constitution and congress. NO ONE has stopped him. NO ONE!  And no one will. Do not put your faith in one ploitician,one politiacal party or election. There is only one solution,but nobody wants to face it and say YES. Whether you believe it or not  the answer – is coming. Whether it is started by Obama  to gain control and create chaos or by one individual who is killed refusing to comply with an unconsttutional order–it is coming. Lock and load people!

  • Jon Norris

    Rand has some great ideas I hope he includes closing corporate loopholes, and on his immigration plan that is the most sensible thing to do if you get stricter than that it becomes a PAPERS PLEASE policy which is unamerican. People seem to forget that this country is built on immigration and that in his plan he does say immigrants not on WELFARE that is one of the big problems we have is that people sneek into this country and get on welfare programs that drains the system and giving a work visa means that they will be contributing to society not forced to work for cash. He should clear up what to do with an illegal that is on welfare programs I assume deportation or get a job. Only Citizens should be eligible for any type of welfare programs at all so giving a work visa does not qualify one to get assistance it only allows people to work above the table. 

  • Anonymous

    Excellent proposal! Nice to see brave, logical, rational, reasonable, Leadership for a change.

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again. I like you Glenn, really I do, but please don’t start pushing your politician of the month/moment at us again. It caused so much harm during the 2012 presidential election. You and your cohorts were so busy pushing good old Santorum at us because he was in your opinion “the most conservative” that you helped ruin the chances for a perfectly good candidate in Romney who could have won if all of our conservative stars with a microphone could have coalesced behind him early and built up a swell of support. But NO, we had to listen to your sarcasm and your singing the praises of good old Rick Santorum who handed our inept president his very successful “war on women” and then did nothing to help once he was out of it. Do your homework please as you are always telling us to do. Rand Paul is alright, but in many ways is just his father rebranded. We could have been rid of the scourge of Obamacare and definitely on a better path than we are on now. Please don’t do more harm than good like you’ve done before.

  • Snorri

    Both Republicans and Democrats have caused the current illegal alien situation in the U.S. Consequently, as a society we need to give priority consideration to those illegals that have American citizen children. As for taxes; consider that there is no way that the U.S. can repay $17++ T in debt and at least partially fund the unfunded liabilities without significantly growing the economy, egregious taxation and inflation. Both political parties have effectively mandated current and probably future generations to eventual serfdom via defaults and bankruptcy. The one relief and hope that we have is a superior military that can prevent/ mitigate creditor demands.

  • Debra Oneil

    I have a question: so if we have to print a trillion a year to meet the current expenses…. and 47% of america is not paying taxes…. 70-80% of america is 50k or below. the current rate on the “rich” is 35% (or did it just go up to 39%?) so, under this you will have 75% of america not paying taxes, and the rest getting a 20% tax cut…how do we afford even the interest on our debt?

  • Melanie Clark

    I have to disagree.  Senator Rand may not have mentioned citizenship but that is a moot point. Allowing illegals to remain in the US and keep jobs Americans could be working IS AMNESTY! They go to the back of what line?  People patiently waiting in their HOME COUNTRIES for a chance to come to America?  Law-abiding illegal alien is an oxymoron.

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