Could this be the man that defeats Lindsey Graham?

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A couple weeks ago, Glenn started a movement…Operation Defeat Lindsey Graham. He offered airtime to any conservative candidate willing to run against Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. In a state like South Carolina, there’s no excuse to have a progressive Republican in office — it’s a deeply conservative state.

Pat and Stu took the efforts to the next level when they had former Congressman Allen West on the Pat & Stu show. The duo went so far as to offer to buy him a home in South Carolina so that he would be eligible to run for Graham’s Senate seat. Unfortunately, West didn’t take the bate, however, there may be another possible option, South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright.

Glenn spoke to Lee on the radio program this morning to learn a little bit more about him as a candidate and a person.

During his conversation, Bright stated that he was a fan of the flat tax, including the one presented in Senator Rand Paul’s budget proposal. He also shared that he is very religious and a proponent of a limited government — both qualities Glenn was happy to hear.

“I think government’s way too much in our lives as it is, especially the federal government.  And I think states have a lot of purview when it comes to instituting laws.  But the federal government’s powers are numbered obviously, and they have gone way outside their powers and they have neglected, the core of what they are supposed to do,” Bright said. ”They are not protecting our borders, they’re not instituting sound foreign policy, they’re not even taking care of our soldiers who go off and fight and come back without arms and legs and then we tell them they’ve got to wait nine months now on the disability claims instead of six.  It’s abhorrent the way we treat our veterans.”

Stu took the reigns of the interview (…Glenn was likely off printing Lee Bright 2014 bumper stickers). Stu asked the state Senator to clarify what he means when he says he is very religious. There are a lot of politicians who like to use their faith as a weapon to tax the American people and build the welfare state.

Bright responded by explaining that those politicians are trying to make the state take the role of the church. It’s the church’s role to take care of those in need — not the state.

“The state is trying to take the place of God in our society, and that’s where we’ve really gone awry,” Bright responded. ”I mean, we have to come together in our churches instead. I’m a Southern Baptist but a lot of our churches are focused on building bigger buildings and growing larger congregations and, the point ought to be being the, the arms of Christ and taking care of these people that are downtrodden. That’s not the role of the state.  All the state can do is take money from one group of folks, mismanage it tremendously and then give it to another.”

All good answers from Glenn’s point of view. Now what about gun control…where does Bright stand on that?

“I think gun control is really like people control.  I mean, it’s liberty control.  If you can defend yourself, you have a lot less need for government,” Bright stated.

Bright is actively taking actions in the state Senate to fight for the Constitutional Carry bill, which is basically a law that wouldn’t make you go through the state to assert one of your constitutional rights.

Not surprisingly, Sen. Lindsey Graham isn’t exactly “supportive” of the bill.

“Senator Bright, one of Lindsey Graham’s nicknames is Lindsey Grahamnesty.  What is your plan for immigration?  Are you in favor of this comprehensive immigration reform thing?” Pat asked.

“No.  You know, my thing is I don’t want to get a permanent underclass and I think that’s what Obama’s goal is a permanent underclass, and he’s going to get folks in here and sign them up for welfare and sign them up to vote and then he can, you know, use the product of the producers in order to buy votes and that’s just not what I want to support,” the Senator replied.

He did clarify that he is a supporter of immigration — he doesn’t want the borders closed. Sen. Bright believes that America is the melting pot.

If all goes well for the state Senator, in a short 15 months, he’ll be running against Lindsey Graham for the United States Sentate. However, the road ahead of him isn’t an easy one.

“I think we’re at the Battle of Trenton right now and we’ve got a choice, either we’re going to have a nation or we’re not,” Sen. Bright told Glenn. “And if we don’t, if we don’t get behind Rand Paul and what he’s trying to do and Ted, Ted Cruzes of the world, I don’t think we can survive.  I mean, we’re at the tipping point and people have realized that they can vote away the possessions of others and they can, you know, even get a free cellphone.  So I mean, we’re at a point to where if we don’t make our stand now, there will be nothing to stand for.”

So far so good for Operation Defeat Lindsey Graham.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Whomever you choose to back Glenn make sure they are the real deal; we must get rid of as many progressives and Democrats as possible in 2010.

  • Sam Fisher

    You might want to change your date. 

  • Sam Fisher

    A monkey on drugs would be better than Lindsey Graham. 

  • Anonymous

    “It’s the church’s role to take care of those in need — not the state.”

    Something the church failed miserably at. Politicians and preachers both may be little more than disgusting con men, but at least the politician MIGHT build a new road in front of your house; he’s not going to take your money and tell you it’s for a gold road but you’ll have to wait till the next life to get it!
    The church is nothing more than a cabal that steals money from the elderly and innocence from the young. And the masses are FINALLY catching on to that. 

    Sure, this Lee Bright guy–and the scam of religion–will still do well in places like South Carolina. But travel to anyplace that doesn’t bring to mind the movie “Deliverance” and what you see is religion being effectively corralled and marginalized. 

    “End of God, The Way It Must Be…And of Greed, Till Man is Free!”

  • Draxx

    That’s Odd, My Church Has Never Taken Anything Away From Me…

    I am not forced to tithe, give a percentage of my paycheck/bank account, and they don’t force me to do manual labor on their behalf… I donate what I see fit if I have it to give, whether it is time, money, labor, or a non-discriminating ear to listen, or leading in a church activity/ministry!

    What you are referring to is total BS from a Brainwashed Liberal Socialist Big Government Idiot (It is YOUR RIGHT TO BE AN IDIOT, I am glad to see that someone is excercising their rights before they are all taken away!).  Because you claim you were in the Porn Industry, maybe that is the reason You Feel Screwed…

  • Draxx

    Oh, and it is people like you with a total lack of morals that are Destroying Our Great Nation…  You and Many Politicians are alike, You Screw People!!!

  • libsuk

    That pile of white trash John McCain is in the same boat.

  • Anonymous

    Senator Lee Bright has the best voting record in our State Senate and he’s the real deal true liberty constitutionalist.  We really like Lee Bright and the best part is if he loses we wouldn’t lose him because his seat isn’t up for two more years.  Nothing bad about Lee at all!

  • keepyourpower

    As long as SC has an open primary system, Clyburn can send his people to vote for Graham in the primaries. Graham always wins the primary that way. So GLENN you need to push the SC HOUSE and SENATE to change the primary laws in SC. No matter how much Lee Bright tries or spends…as long as the Democrats cross over and vote for Graham…Graham will ALWAYS  win the primaries!

    I say put a Constitutional Sheriff, in that position. Sheriff Ray Nash is available

  • Anonymous

    For sure and he can take along with him Boehner and McCain.  There should be a cleaning of the House and not look back.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but it is stated in the bible that 10% is what should be tithed.  Whether is be money, work, food, ect.  anything that you can give 10% of.  We have for years and have been blessed beyond belief. 

  • Bug Spray

    Folks, I’m from SC and I’ll tell you now. Lee is for real. I plan to do everything I can to support him. 

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see Jed Bush out of office, he is another Liberal Democrat is in the Republican Party

  • Anonymous

     Sounds like you are a bit bitter about God ruling the world…oh, and don’t forget, He also created you…and as for who cares for the poor most effectively…that’s a no-brainer: the private sector, including churches, has ALWAYS done that better…there is a big difference in feeding a starving family and building a road. I think you don’t understand “taking care of the downtrodden”…not a business endeavor.

  • Joltin Joe

    I’ll run against Graham, but the Repubs won’t like that I’m not against abortion or gay marriage. That shit has no business being in politics anyway, those are personal decisions 

  • Marshall Cantstopthejeenyus Cu

    I have personally met and had a long discussion with Senator Bright.  Lee is a true American Patriot, and statesmen.  At a pro-gun rally in Columbia SC, he said;  ”The second amendment is about hunting down tyrants. Those that would take our rights by force.”  I stand with Lee Bright, and we’re going to replace Lindsey RINO Graham in 2014!

  • Nick Smith

    Sounds like the man has read Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law.” One of the greatest books out there. Check it out for free online.

  • J. Dale Weaver

    Lee Bright is a good man — but Congressman Trey Gowdy is a superstar.  He’s served since 2010, he is fearless, he is “Tea Party” and he stand by his convictions.  Look him up on YouTube and watch him GRILL Eric Holder in hearings, and listen to a few of his Floor speeches.  Some of us are putting together a “Draft Trey Gowdy for Senate 2014″ movement on Facebook and here in SC.  Join, DEFEAT Lindsey Grahamnesty!

  • Anonymous

    We still need six Senators in the US Senate just to take back control of the Congress to slow down the slide into a legalized moral and fiscal collapse of our nation! We need more Dr. Carsons to run for Office all across our nation! We need Judges of better morale fortitude! We need a complete overhaul top to bottom, a clean sweep, if you please!

  • Alvin691

    Look into Bruce Carroll, better know on new media as The Gay Patriot.

  • Bill Bledsoe

    Senator Lee Bright is fighting to return our Civil Rights. 
    Nazi Lindsey Graham is doing everything he can to bring Hitler Back to Life and to take our Civil Rights. Nazi Graham is following Hitler’s plan every step of the way with a Nazi gun grab, taking our Civil Rights and Nazi counterfeiting to destroy our economy.  

    Sen Lee Bright is fighting to remove the Jim Crow Gun Laws vs. Nazi Graham is sponsoring a new bill to take our guns under the guise of mental illness.

    Sen Lee Bright is fighting to keep drones of any kind out of South Carolina, Nazi Graham defends assassinating five Americans with drones without an arrest, trial, jury, or judge.

    Sen Lee Bright is fighting to keep our civil rights by getting rid of ObamaCare in SC, whereas Nazi Graham wants Nazi ObamaCare to kill our Civil Rights Like: 
    1) Our Civil Right to no Search or Seizure is lost with Mandatory Home Inspections 
    2) Our Civil Right to Life is lost with government funded euthanasia, mercy killing, abortion and Lay Death Panels. 
    3) Our Civil Right to freedom of religion is lost with government abortions and birth control.

    Nazi Graham is also funding Hitler’s plan of counterfeiting. Graham tells us that we’ve borrowed $16.7 Trillion US Dollars from enemy countries when there are only $9.2 Trillion US Dollars Printed and Circulating in the entire world. 

    Nazi Graham is funding enemies of the United States with jets to Egypt, drones to Turkey, troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, USAF support to Al Qaeda in Libya. Every one of these countries have declared war on the United States. 

    Including Iran, the Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, there are 57 dictators who have all declared war on the United States. These dictators mandate that every one of their citizens must war on Americans. These dictators are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and they are all backing the Nazis attacking the United States. 

    These Nazi Sympathizers, along with Nazi Graham are the cause of all Terrorism in the United States. 

  • nancy

    Lee Bright is well thought of in the upstate but Congressman Trey Gowdy can win Lindsey’s seat state wide.  I don’t know if Lee Bright can do that.  I am from the lowcountry and Trey has quite a following down this way.

  • nancy

    Lee Bright is well thought of in the upstate but I believe that Trey Gowdy can beat Lindsey state wide.  I live in the lowcountry and Trey is very popular here.

  • yalequ

  • Walker Mixon

    We must have one challenger to Graham. Not 3, that will split the vote amongst us conservatives and that fool may win.,that is unacceptable.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard Nancy Mace & Lee Bright, & loved their messages & ideals. I’m supporting Bright presently because he has more experience than Mace, having served in the State Senate. However, Mace is a good money-raiser, saying she was reared by her strong family to OUTWORK everybody else, to gain her goals in life (first woman graduate of the Citadel). I wish she’d start out reaching for Bright’s State Senate seat. But, I LOVE Trey Gowdy; God bless him! He’s the one that takes no BS when grilling the corrupt folks that parade through Congressional Investigations or hearings, & was sharp enough to point out that Lois Lerner could not BOTH make a testimony, then decide to plead the Fifth Amendment! Too bad that even when the blankety-blank criminals are exposed, our “esteemed” Atty. Gen. won’t prosecute, nor will the Obamination in the White House stop the unconstitutional rampage of the Atty. General! And the complicit media just keeps on propping them up! (If we lose our nation’s freedom completely, the IDIOTS in the press, & the IDIOTS in Congress can’t see their existence will be reduced to just like what happens in all Socialist countries, & what happened in Rome, when the “Senators” were largely just figure-heads & had no power. Ideally, I’d like to see Ted Cruz or Rand Paul elected our next President, and TREY GOWDY our next Attorney General of the U.S.! We need strong people to UNDO the damage those Progressives have been inflicting on our nation since the turn of the 20th Century. THANKS GLEN, for teaching us the real history of Progressivism.

  • Anonymous

    Remember: “God is dead.” — Nietzsche “Nietzsche is dead.” — God

  • Anonymous

    And, every time Grahamesty comes up close to an election or is criticized for some stand he takes, joining John McCain, he starts mouthing his assertions that HE IS GOING TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BENCHAZI SCANDAL! I think he is just like Charlie Crist was, down in Florida (and we threw him to the curb!). Started out conservative, decided he wanted to be President or Vice President one day, so he went to being middle-of-the-road. He’s NOT A TRUE CONSERVATIVE.