“I’m so relieved that we put this up on TheBlaze and I can finally, I can finally spill it. Because I have been surrounded by Illuminati,” Glenn said. “Lizard people and Zionists. Well, I mean, Zionists goes without saying. When you’re talking What‑A‑Burgers, Bilderbergers, lizard people, you know.”

“I have been under the influence of shape‑shifters for quite some time, and it’s good to finally be able to tell the truth. So it’s out there. And you have to see the proof, but we’re going to play, play some of the audio here and it’s pretty stark.”

Wait? What is Glenn talking about?

Apparently some conspiracy theorists have put together a video claiming that a shapeshifter, reptilian humanoid had infiltrated President Obama’s Secret Service.

” I have to tell you, I haven’t enjoyed watching a video with the president of the United States in it in probably about eight years. And this is really, really fun, very fun,” Glenn said.

“Just because TheBlaze says that it is a conspiracy theory film, make no mistake, this is true,” Glenn joked. “The Secret Service and this president and the Israels have a shape shifter working to bring to pass their Zionist plans. You might want to stop on the way home and get some lizard food because that’s all you’re going to be eating soon.”

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