What should you put in a Go Bag?

With Glenn focusing on preparedness in tonight’s TV show, we thought you might be interested to see what items should be included in your Go Bag.

72hr Go-Bag Packing List

• 6 MRE’s (stripped down) • 3 1-liter bottles of water • Personal medical kit • Leather man multi-tool
• 1 large tarp • 1 large emergency blanket • Fire-starter sticks • Flashlight with extra batteries • 100mph tape (heavy-duty duct tape) • 500 ft parachute cord (550 chord) • Windbreaker w/ hood • Lighter & lighter fluid (zippo) • Metal cup • Baby wipes • Ranger handbook • Whistle • Notepad, pencil, pens, markers

• Change of clothes (climate/terrain/mission dependent) • Sleep roll • 1 pack bungee cords • Signal mirror
• 2 large ziplock bags of nuts • Family pack of chewing gum • Tactical ziplock bags (5)
• GPS/maps/atlas • Mobile phone • Hat/gloves/sunglasses • Sunblock • Bug repellent

Luxury Items: • Portable heating stove
• Sat Phone • Burner phones (multiple) • Personal tent • Hand-crank/battery/solar-powered radio • Extra food/water • Instant coffee / hot chocolate • iPod & ear buds • Reading material • Two-way radios with surv kit

They also recommend having a small hatchet for emergencies.

Obviously, not all of those are applicable. Who is really going to make sure to have an iPod in there? But if you need them…

‘The Emergency Plus Kit’ from Food Insurance, which is focused on 72 hours of food, includes the following:

– lightweight, weather-resistant backpack
– 2 week food supply (3 entrees per day for 1 adult)
– Reusable heat source
– Quick heat fuel pellets
– Waterproof matches
– cooking tin
– water filter (treats up to 100 gallons)
– First Aid Kit
– Emergency all-in-one tool
– Flashlight/radio combo
– Dust/pollutant masks (2)

  • Anonymous

    The Holy Bible.

    • Matt Driscoll

      A bible would be extra weight and would serve no purpose.

      • Julianna Andy

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      • Anonymous

        Matt, I disagree,
        A small pocket Bible takes up little room and can be a comfort in trying times….
        I try to read mine as often as I can so I can remember the most important verses
        not everyone has that luxury so the Bible is a good thing to have….

        • Draxx

          Kabar2, many soldiers lose faith in the trenches because it is hard to believe there is a God when you see mutilated bodies laying all over (especially those of small kids/infants).  But, what many that lose faith forget is that man has Free Will and can choose to be good or evil, and it seems like the evil wins in combat.  For me being it has strengthened my Faith In God, because I have lived through things that I should not have survived (and really don’t know how I made it, but thru some divine intervention).  I pray for All Soldiers to Keep Faith, and that the Innocent that die have a place in Heaven… (and yes I kept a Pocket Bible with me).

      • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

        Maybe you should pack a brain but then again what good is a liberal brain that serves no purpose.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OQOV75AWNXQOQPGW3GT3ZLIJAM Ted Klaudt

    An AR-15 in 5.56 NATO, two 30 round clips, 250 rounds ammo, one toothbrush, one bottle of hand sanitizer, and four rolls of quilted asswipe.

    • Anonymous

      ever tried Viagra? Probably more effective for your problem than the AR-15, tiny

      • Anonymous

        So dimples…. your saying all your bringing is viagra? party faviors for the armed gang that has come to take your stuff?

    • Anonymous

      so you run into an armed gang that wants what you have do you really think you are going to have time to reload one of those mags? or are you planing after firing 60 rounds  giving them the empty AR and the extra ammo and begging please don’t hurt me?  5 loaded mag minimum and 500 extra rounds minimum also a good handgun and shotgun would be a good idea…..not a problem carrying if you have motor transport….

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OQOV75AWNXQOQPGW3GT3ZLIJAM Ted Klaudt

        Damn how big is this armed gang where 60 rounds isn’t enough?  20 people or better? Gonna be pretty hard for any one man to hold back 20 armed people.  You and Chuck Norris excluded, of course.

        A handgun is a damn good idea though, have to give you that….

  • Anonymous

    Make sure to put a box of condoms in there in case you run into any Tea Partiers. (they are infamous for sucking each others’ ballsacks)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WEBNYXSUX2YLGWM7SQOCN24FNA BigDog

      up close and personal eh dimples……first hand experience ? lol. you tea party wanna be

    • Anonymous

      Dimples, You can bring the condoms and the viagra as party favors for the armed gang that rapes you….. They won’t be Tea party people they have morals….. something your ilk lack.

      • Draxx

        LOL, he would never see them Coming (with different spelling), because he would already be face down (just like in the movie Airplane, he would take his crash position)…

  • Draxx

    In Our House,
    1a. We have a Go Bag for each person, with 1 set winter clothes, 1 set summer clothes, 5 pairs underwear, 7 pairs of sock, magnesium fire starter kit, band-aids/antibiotic cream, ace bandage, toothbrush/toothpaste, mirror, hatchet, pocket knife, plus they can take clothes of choice in the little bit of extra room.  *Note: clothes are all earth tones to blend in with nature if necessary.  Sleeping bags are light enough to carry by hand.

    1b. Swords that are sized to each persons capabilities to be worn on hips.

    2. We have an extensive 1st Aid Kit that is equivelant to a Combat Surgeons Kit, Including: Hydrogen Peroxide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Antibiotics, Epi Pens, Sutures, Hemostats, Ibuprofen, Acetymenophen, Aspirin, Ace Bandages, Gauze Pads (large/small), Medical Tape, Band-aids, Cortozone Cream, Cold Medicine, Wrists & Ankle Braces, Thermal Blankets, Magnesium Fire Starter Kit, Hot/Cold Packs, Hand Sanitizer, and a few other misc items.

    3. Plastic Tote with Blankets, Towels, and Survival Books (Natural Wild Foods/Herbal Medicines)

    4. Plastic Tote with Extra Clothing, Older shirts and pants that will fit if we lose a little weight, sock, shoes, light jackets.

    5. Plastic Tote with Canned Food (meats, vegetables, mini ravioles for kids), Dried Food (beans, rice, noodles, ramen noodles), Pans, Bowls, and Utensils.

    Additional Items if Space/Time Permit.
    6. Chain Saw & 2 Gallons of Fuel.
    7. Axe, Maul, Hammer, and Nails.
    8. Foldup Table
    9. Tote with extra pans, plates, food.
    10.  Tote with extra books, Learning Books, DIY Books, some entertainment reading.

    We have Emergency Drills in our house and they are performed in this order:
    1. Load Go Bags, Medical Kit, Food Tote.
    2. Load Extra Primary Items.
    *Time To Readiness is less than 5 minutes.
    3. Load Additional Secondary Items.
    *Time To Readiness is less than 12 minutes.
    4. Our Deisel Truck usually is kept full of fuel and ready to go at all times.
    5. Call Lists Performed if Time Permits (Not a Priority for Safety)
    6. We have mulitple Emergency Plans, one for flooding/tsunami, one for fires, one for home assaults/burglaries, one for earthquakes/eruptions (I lived 84 miles from Mt St Helens when she erupted in 1980 and remember the problems), one for political reasons.

    We understand that you cannot be prepared for everything, and even if you are there is still random things that occur that can hinder efforts.  But, none the less it is best to be prepared, so that is why I taught my Wife/Kids how to sword fight, basic martial arts, how to shoot, and survival skills…

    • Matt Driscoll

      Haha. Swords?? What a ridiculously impractical thing to pack. I usually pack a mace in my to go bag in case I run into a horde of vikings. A machete would be much more practical. Haha dolt.

      • Draxx

        You may laugh but my daughter is one tough girl, and if someone like you tried to rape her she would do everything in her power to Kill You!  Especially if she had her sword with her!!!  She has actually taken on a few adults with practice daitos and won in friendly sword fights, I know she would do better with her Sharp Sword and going for damage!

      • Anonymous

        if the guy just tried Viagra his problems would be solved

        • Anonymous

          Boy you have a real thing for viagra and condoms…. you either live a very sad life or are 16 years old….

      • Anonymous

        It’s funny but during the 18th Century when you mustered for Militia pratice amoung your gear you were required to have either a sword or a Tomahawk…. when the bullets run out or things get close these tools can decide a fight…..

  • Draxx

    Where did my Go Bags Post Disappear To?  I had listed things we take, prepare, and emergency drills.  It was here 10 minutes ago, but now it’s gone… WHY???

    • Draxx

      I complained and it came back, thanks (and that’s weird).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randall-Turner/691753870 Randall Turner

    We appreciate the “Go bag” info.  However, those of us in rural mountainous America are starting to believe that we will have a different dilemma.  We have nowhere to run to because we are already where everyone else wants to be, i.e., Nowhere, USA.  The problem that many of the locals foresee is simple.  What are we do with all those city folks wanting to come here that don’t have enough supplies to outlast a crisis?  Additionally, if these city folks have no hunting, fishing, outdoors skills or proper clothing and lack fundamental self-defence skills and armaments what should we expect to do when there becomes more city than rural residents in our midst? 

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    While successes such as penicillin’s discovery may be accidental and thus have little merit, many useless failures have been of great merit.

  • Ram Zhee

    The notion that liberty implies “freedom from obstacles” and the “power to do what one wants” is perhaps its most dangerous confusion.

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