America to blame for 9/11? That’s what schools are teaching kids

An amazing story on The Blaze today shows the disturbing lessons being taught to school kids about 9/11 and why were were attacked. One parent going through her child’s homework and was shocked to see questions and answers that suggest America was to blame for the 9/11 attacks. This isn’t an isolated incident — schools are implementing radical leftist curriculums all over the country.

TheBlaze reported:

A Texas mom is furious after discovering that her son’s school is teaching students that the United States is partly to blame for the 9/11 terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

Kara Sands, of Corpus Christi, Texas, took to her Facebook and posted photos of the test administered by Flour Bluff Intermediate School. The test reportedly covered content in a video fifth-grade students watched in class.

Of all the questions about the 9/11 attacks, Sands was most disturbed by question three:

“Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?” The answer? “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.”

“You teach a man correct principles, and man can rule himself. They are teaching all of the incorrect principles,” Glenn said. “Even the state of Texas is in big, big trouble. We’ve got to wake up. Here’s the warning bell.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is one more fine example of revisionist history from the communists and progressives who assume automatically that the USA is to blame for all the worlds problems. 

    The terrorists of 9/11/01 chose to attack us, as did their leader UBL. It was the latest of a chain of attacks carried out by Al Qaeda over a multi-year span of time and under the watch of many different Presidents.

    We need to teach the children the truth, along with the fact that the Pentagon was hit in addition to the Twin Towers; and above all, the heroism of those who tried to seize the fourth plane back from the terrorists.

    • landofaahs

      In a way America was at fault.  We elected liberals and allowed political correctness to flourish and keep us from protecting ourselves from these insane muslims. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Look at the 9/11 attack last year on our embassy in Benghazi and the cover up done by Obama and the administration. They blamed everyone from a video tape to America itself save for the Federal government.

    (Remember the UN speech of Obama “My government is not at fault,” thus selling the PEOPLE down the river.)

    Obama and the progressives demand any ‘inconvenient truth’ of history be rewritten to suit their version of ‘truth’ that the masses will be forced to accept in the end.

    We either take our nation back or we plunge into a darkness the likes we have never known, and one we will never recover from.

  • Anonymous

    ““Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?” The answer? “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.”

    Absolutely true.
    But of course many Americans would rather believe that we’re sitting here all innocent and that the big bad monsters come and attack us for no reason. 
    Or that we’re attacked because the Muslims “hate our freedom.” Trust me–they really don’t give a damn about our freedom to scarf Big Macs and shoot each other with our much beloved guns. They really, REALLY, don’t care.
    What they hate is our having military bases in their country. And yes, their governments invited our bases there…but tell me this: what if Obama gave Iran permission to build a military base in Texas? Would you be fine with that? Would you just accept it? I think not. 
     And they hate us lending financial support to their most hated enemy: Israel. What if we were fighting a war with Mexico…and Canada started supply Mexico with money, guns, and jets…don’t you think you’d start to see Canada as an enemy? 
     Look, I spent six years in the Marine Corps, am a veteran of both the first Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. And I’d be the first to admit that radical Islam poses the gravest danger to civilization we’ve ever seen…
     BUT…I do not for one minute think that America is some noble and sinless nation. Throughout our history we have supported tyrants and we have manipulated and extorted plenty of nations. Mohamed Suharto, General Pinochet, Anwar El Sadat, Fransico Franco, General Fuentes…those names mean nothing to most kids and that’s a shame because that’s just a handful of dictators America has propped up over the years. Perhaps though at least a few Americans will remember that we once supported Saddam Hussien and that we once provided arms to the radical Islamists in Afghanistan back in the 80’s. 
     Perhaps some Americans are aware that we support the royal family of Saudi Arabia…a family that in turns has supported Bin Laden. Most of the hijackers on 9-11 were from Saudi Arabia…yet Obama “bows” to the Saudi King and Bush walked around literally holding hands with him..
     BUT THEN…when these tyrants are no longer of use to us we turn around and began demonizing them and assuring the world of how evil they are. We go to war with them…and the American sheep fall in line…they break out the yellow ribbons and yellow flags and began chanting “USA! USA!USA!…

    • mudslide

       In a few words vs your rant – you basically are defending what happened on 9/11….

      Like others have said and where it’s most obvious, it doesn’t matter what we do or where we are, we are “infidels”.
      Guess what else – America isn’t the only target of extremism…shocking huh!

      • Draxx

        They are not defending it, they are trying to state that our enemies had the intentions to do that no matter what…  you cannot know what a psychotic person is intending to do unless they tell you!!!

        • mudslide

           yeah I don’t think you read my post correctly…

          • Draxx

            You are right, it is the where and how you placed the word “defending” that kinda twisted the meaning the first time I read it… Sorry!

      • Bradley Kell

        “Why did the Hackers hack Google and take money from the Company?”

        “Because Google grew very large very fast and had more money than some small countries.  The Hackers didn’t think that was right and wanted a piece of that pie.”

        So, that would be WHY Hackers did such a thing.  Does it ABSOLVE them of what they did?  No, the Hackers would still be wrong.

        Just like the Decisions America made that negatively affected others (and positively affected others) is why Terrorists struke out against the US.

        It doesn’t make America wrong for making those choices.  It doesn’t BLAME America at all.  It merely suggests what may have evoked a response from an Extremist Group

        So no, in a few words that test question is not defending what happened on 9/11.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you go find a another more “noble” nation to move to then.  Stop wasting your own time living here.

      • Bradley Kell

          How about this.  You serve this Nation and offer your life up to protect those safe within our Borders… and then talk smack to some one who served.

          He, as all Soldiers have, has earned the right.  And guess what… we fight so YOU can keep that right.

          I Defend this Nation in the hopes that one day it will again be the Great Nation that it once was.

          If you can’t admit a decline of this Nation then the fault lies in you.

          Things have changed for the worse… some of us would like to fix it for the better.

          A Patriot doesn’t give up on the Ideal… he fights for it.  Edtoohey was making a statement in the hopes of bringing about some change.

          You apparently misssed that in your hurry to get back to MTV or some other important business you have.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, and wise words. :)

        • Holly Palmer Alligood

          Agree 110% Bradley! 

        • Idahocntryboy!


        • Anonymous

          No he was showing a great disrespect for this country I know there are many problems most stemming from the Government and the Social welfare system the only change he can evoke are the likes of Occupy Wall Street and commie college professors…. If America is to be on the world stage it sometimes had to ally itself with countries it would normally condemn yes we propped up dictators but also influence some control over them so they did not attack their neighbors it was this or allow a much worse influence of communism, the middle east has been a disaster since 1918 the break up of the ottoman empire and the creation of various nation states by England and France we have been paying for their sins for almost 100 years….. our country makes choices of influence in regions of the world to checkmate much worse… the present administration has undone years of work and we see the result with the so called Arab spring…..  So yes weather a Marine or not when someone who is short sighted, does not understand world history and the part America plays in it and bad mouths my country I and others will call him on it the other side continues to apologize for the United States those who stand for this Republic don’t… So like I said before if someone doesn’t  thinks our country so evil move someplace else and become a citizen there,.

          • Trudy Allen

             You are so deficient of world knowledge you make me scream. So many ill informed Americans think like you and are bringing our once great nation to it’s knees. UGH!!!

          • Anonymous

             Oh! Trudy Trudy Trudy…..Please enlighten us with your great knowledge…. And how am I bringing down the country? I have not bankrupted it with social programs insane health care laws over reaching epa regs that do everything to stop American business from producing… I not the one trying to destroy & punish the middle class look to your messiah chairman “o” for that….

          • Alyssa Christopher

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          • Anonymous

            Apparently you only have a high school education, if that, if you think college professors are communists. But, in a way, you do have point about the Middle East.  And at the same time, it wouldn’t matter, since that area has only known violence throughout history. 
            Although, the first guy is right.  It is because people like you are so blindsided that you think we’re innocent here.  Our country is hated because of our administrations’ decisions, mostly past administrations, so do not put the blame on Obama since the hatred for the US has been around long before he even came into office. 
            We’re also hated because we poke our nose into business of others that we shouldn’t have.  It is not our job to protect other nations with our troops, it is our job to protect the US with our troops. 
            Overall, the US is a great country.  But some areas are severly lacking such as K-12 Education.  The No
            Child Left Behind Act, is a good idea, but like other acts, many politicians didn’t think this through.  With this act, in a way, our education has gotten worse.  Especially since the teachers only prepare the students to take these tests, so that the school could stay open and they could keep their jobs.  And with this, students are not getting the education they need or deserve.

          • Kenneth James Abbott

            –Apparently you only have a high school education, if that, if you think college professors are communists.–
            I have a college education, and I’m well aware that an overwhelming majority of college professors are strongly liberal, with a high number of flat-out communists.  

            –Our country is hated because of our administrations’ decisions, mostly past administrations,–
            Because it’s not like Muslims have been trying to annihilate the civilized world for the last 1300  years or so….

            — It is not our job to protect other nations with our troops, it is our job to protect the US with our troops.  —
            Ask Neville Chamberlain how well that idea works.

            –With this act, in a way, our education has gotten worse.  Especially since the teachers only prepare the students to take these tests, so that the school could stay open and they could keep their jobs.–
            If the students were actually prepared to take tests judging their skills in various subjects, they would have an education.  Teachers are pissed because standardized tests means someone is actually holding them accountable.

          • Linda Dommel

            Those test are exactly what the kids are suppose to have learned! Have U looked at the test, their is no propaganda in them. U R a teacher! As far as your college professor I don’t want my money subsidizing any teaching in college! U need to check how many of them have a different view point & how many have the SAME view point.

          • Rob Perdue

            I have more than a high school education, and though they are not ‘commies’ they are overwhelmingly severe liberals. They are currently poising the next generation with their ideals. I agree with most of what you have said, but there is no need to start it out with such arrogance. By the way, I am a vet, and I practice law.

          • sparducks

             Why don’t you elucidate on your statements starting with the ones that insinuate  The US is somehow responsible for 9/11.  Juststupidoldme.

          • Sam Fox

             Just___ you, 0 has continued the wars & started one in Libya. True, the blame is to be shared by other Prez’s, but 0 has continued the foolish foreign policy of interventionism.

            You are so right about education.


          • Anonymous

            Can someone please tell me what Linda is saying; I don’t think I heard both sides of the conversation going on in her head.

          • Randall Maxwell

            I like Kabar2’s response and I invite edtoohey to reflect on his. If you came in my yard and disturbed a plant that I liked then kicked my dog that I loved I would be upset. I would not go over to your house and kill your family.
            America is out to protect American interests and sometimes it is not pretty. It is a real world out there and masses of people hate everything including America. To condone attacking defenseless targets as a way to rectify the problem is plain crazy. It is like saying a rapist rapes because Women want it. Can we as Americans understand that we have made mistakes absolutely. Can we change the corruption and apathy in not only our nation but in many nations. YES. It would take a enormous effort that would begin with us respecting each other and taking faith that we accept and love our country warts and all.

          • Anonymous

            While it may be true that some of our policies have caused resentment, the overriding motive for attacks against the US and many other nations is that we and they are not Muslim. The radicals in Islam don’t care if we have a base in their country, in fact they welcome it because it means that they can kill our people easier that way. The radical mullahs would issue fatwahs calling for the death of the non-muslim nations even if we brought all of our troops home and hid in our cellars. And yes, the core curriculum teaching that the patriots who threw the tea in Boston harbor were terrorists is true if you want to take the view of the British crown of the time, but I am an American and I will not condone teaching anti-American propaganda in the schools that my taxes support.

          • Anonymous

            If you came to my house and murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children and innocent adults, I’d fucking fly an airplane into your buildings.

          • Ron Blodgett

            I am a 9.5 year veteran of the Army infantry. I have stated many times the exact things that edtoohey has stated. He stated nothing that is not 100% accurate.

            Randall, you are a clown. edtoohey never condoned the actions of the extremists who attacked our country and neither do I. He stated reasons WHY they attacked us. HUGE difference, but you are too blinded by self righteousness to see it.

            I love my country but I detest the direction our elected leaders have been taking us both domestically and internationally. People like you and KABAR2 seem to think that we should admire and support our leaders, and the direction they take this country, no matter what they do. That is the same thinking as parents who defend and support their son after he murders a family. I will never understand that.

            The U.S. government is not some altruistic entity whose mission is to make the lives of citizens of foreign countries better. The U.S. government cares not for human suffering or genocide unless intervention benefits U.S. military or economic interests.

            The reasons for NATO military action in Kosovo was (1) to dismantle Yugoslavia’s competing socialist economic system, (2) to gain control of valuable mineral resources, and (3) to command the site of a future energy distribution network. Humanitarian reasons were used as a pretext.

            The invasion of Iraq (how many civilians have we killed there?) has resulted in the most profitable decade ever for Saudis and big oil companies. By creating the illusion of a “limited” supply of oil, since oil production had ceased for a time in Iraq, barrel prices went through the roof and have stayed there (thanks also to manipulation by OPEC). Let’s also not forget the billions of dollars in taxpayer money that went to Halliburton and KBR while their man Cheney was in office.

            Look at what we did in Afghanistan (how many civilians have we killed there?). We removed the Taliban from power just a year after they had virtually eliminated the growing of poppy and the production of heroin in their country. One year after the removal of the Taliban from power, production of heroin was higher than pre-ban levels. Why did we remove the taliban from power? Because they are conservative muslims? So are many other southwest Asian countries, but we don’t invade them. Because there were Al-Qaida camps in the remote mountainous regions? We didn’t need boots on ground to bomb them to Hell. I believe (my opinion based on what I’ve seen) that our primary reason for invading Afghanistan was to jump start the production of Heroin because the Taliban had outlawed the growing of poppy and reduced heroin production by 92%. If there is no heroin then the scope of the “war on drugs” becomes limited and would result in the loss of billions of dollars in funding for many different U.S. agencies. Also, heroin provides a great vehicle for U.S. intelligence to control politicians and gather intel in the area.

            Our government isn’t too nefarious and corrupt. (that was sarcasm)

            Those who died on 9-11 did not deserve to die. However, I do recognize why we were attacked.

          • Sam Fox

             KABAR2, if telling the truth is disrespectful, you have some thinking to do. And research.

            The govt foreign policy of interventionism is deadly to US. If you cannot see that you may be blinded by a false sense of patriotism.

            You can RAH RAH USA all you want. I do as well, as long as it does not include HOORAY for the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us of. Or platitudes for a FP that is killing us in terms of blood & treasure. .

            Please do more research. With respect, you have a lot to learn about how dangerous interventionism truly is.


          • Anonymous

             he doesn’t think our country is evil, he wasn’t making an absolute black and white statement.  he was pointing out that’s we’re not the perfect little angels we sometimes like to think we are, and that there was a reason we were attacked on 9/11- which doesn’t mean we had it coming or deserve what happened, just the people behind the attacks and our overall unpopularity have real motives based on actions we have taken.

          • Nicholas Trull

              Saying that we have anything to do with evil actions taken out against
            us, is insane. Based on that logic, we should annihilate anyone that
            supports the terrorist regimes. After all, wouldn’t that be because of
            the things that they do? Wouldn’t that then, be their fault for us
            destroying them. The bottom line is that each person is responsible for
            their own decisions. Terrorists do what they do, because they are driven
            by evil hatred. They and they alone, are responsible for their actions.
            Any nation that even attempts to stand for liberty and God, is a target
            for terrorism. No matter how they conduct themselves. Is the U.S.
            innocent? Of course not! The reason, however, that we are a target and
            always will be, is that we have a huge population, that seeks liberty
            and Jesus Christ.

          • john

            If we are not innocent then there you have it the reasons they attack us. Your words not mine.

          • Stephen Bennett

             You are so misinformed as to be genuinely frightening. I beg you, please stop listening to Glenn Beck, Fox News and those that bring you ‘terror, terror, terror’ on the streets where you live. It simply is not true.

            American foreign policy has been so agressive since its creation that you could liken it to a cancer sweeping the globe. For a basic understanding (which you seem to be missing), start here:

        • Kenneth James Abbott

          Being a soldier does not give you the right to slander your nation with nobody stepping up to correct you.  How you got the notion that it does, I do not know.

        • Ken

          The problem is our leader Obama! The real big problem is everyone does what he says! When the military does something it’s doing what Obama says. Get it? serve all you want. you are taking orders from a terrorist

          • Anonymous

            Yep,he always skirts the blame to Anyone else for everything! when He mr barry-HUSSEIN-Obama is the NarsisistCelebrity-In-Chief and The Buck Stops There! BHO IS THE ANTI-AMERICAN ISLAMIST TERRORIST!!all his miserable life!

        • Michael Malloy

          No, it’s more like we think that you are a shill.  Con artists like Glenn Beck have made themselves overwhelmingly wealthy by feeding red meat to people like you.  You consume propaganda and regurgitate it like it’s your own idea.  People like you can’t objectively argue anything so you hide behind your pseudo-patriotism.  NOBODY is excusing 9-11 in the slightest bit. But the intellectuals of this world(you know, the ones that you would call communists) analyze things from all sides.  History isn’t one-sided.  To not at least discuss why it happened then you are just choosing to stay ignorant.  If you think that they attacked us ‘for our freedom’ or just because we are not a Muslim country then you obviously have done no research outside reading right-wing blogs.  Try reading some opinions that aren’t linked to anarchist ideology and seriously ask yourself why you would disagree with their analysis.  I challenge you to do this.

          The method of the con-man is simple.  Tell everyone that they are in danger and create a villain (the government, progressives, etc.)  Then, tell them to not listen to any other news sources b/c everyone else is lying to them.  It’s kinda like a cult. Get it? 

          • Holly Palmer Alligood

            I agree Michael, but your last sentence can also be attributed to liberals as well as conservatives. Obama and his cronies loooove to tell everyone that they are in danger (sequester is a recent example) and create a villan (republicans) and he loves to tell people how FOX lies. Might want to take your own advice too. 😉

        • Nicholas Trull

            Saying that we have anything to do with evil actions taken out against
          us, is insane. Based on that logic, we should annihilate anyone that
          supports the terrorist regimes. After all, wouldn’t that be because of
          the things that they do? Wouldn’t that then, be their fault for us
          destroying them. The bottom line is that each person is responsible for
          their own decisions. Terrorists do what they do, because they are driven
          by evil hatred. They and they alone, are responsible for their actions.
          Any nation that even attempts to stand for liberty and God, is a target
          for terrorism. No matter how they conduct themselves. Is the U.S.
          innocent? Of course not! The reason, however, that we are a target and
          always will be, is that we have a huge population, that seeks liberty
          and Jesus Christ.

        • Anonymous


           Can you be more specific about when this country was great, when it began to decline, and why.

          Things have never been and never will be ONE way. This country changes every day, every year, every decade. We enslaved people. Now we don’t. Seventy percent of the country lived in rural areas in the 1870s and by the 1920s 70 percent lived in urban areas. The second industrial revolution introduced wage-work on a wide scale–a novel concept for millions of people. For decades laborers had few rights. There was no 8-hr. work day, no laws governing working conditions, no child labor laws. We enshrined discrimination by race and ethnicity and gender into the legal framework of this country. 

          Most of the aforementioned occurred before WWII. Maybe you are suggesting a return to the period between 1945 and 1975, when our country experienced nearly 30 years of unprecedented and sustained (for the most part) economic growth. The wage gap between the highest and lowest earners has never been lower than during that time. But that was the age of Big Unions and Big Government. Indeed the federal government subsidized the expansion of the middle class. The Cold War kept us building weapons and employing millions in the defense industries, not to mention the perpetuation of a standing army (what did the “founders” think about standing armies?). Moreover, the Cold War was not really that cold. We fought it with guns and missiles and warships and aircraft and millions died, like most wars. We simply fought proxy wars against the Russians–Korea, Vietnam, our excursions into Latin America

           Millions of people bought their first homes with FHA and VA loans–insured by the federal government. Federally funded Interstate Highways remade the country’s infrastructure. Cities across the country used urban renewal grants to redevelopment their downtowns. Old people could retire because of social security benefits. Black people, after all the shit they’d been put through, still needed a massive social movement to gain the full rights of citizenship. As did women, Hispanics, Asians, and now sexual and gender minorities. And of course, I have barely grazed the surface.

          I am not suggesting you are wrong. I am just curious. This website is always abuzz with “we were once great and now are not.”  


        • Anonymous

           I`m sorry, but you don`t fight for anybody`s right and no US soldier has since WW2. You fight for the geopolitical schemes of the Neoloons, the CIA, Wall Street and both corrupt political parties. And you also fight for corporate profits, to make sure the banking system of WS and London is forced on every nation on the planet and to prevent national sovereignty and economic and human development anywhere in the world.
          This has all been formal US foreign policy since 1972 and I suspect in secret since WW2. I`m not knocking courage or loyalty, however misguided and pointless. But believing in mindless and base propaganda seeking to exploit patriotism is intellectually degrading, and must be stopped immediately.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Why do you assume you are the majority?

        Perhaps it is you who should be packing your bags.

        • sparducks

          typical words from a commie.

        • Anonymous

          Because we don’t talk about liking other countries more than this one. If you don’t like it than its a free country; and you r free to leave.

          • Anonymous

             or attempt to effect the change you wish to see

      • Trudy Allen

         You are part of the poor informed society. I lived and still travel throughout Latin America.If I weren’t this old,I can name more than 30 countries where I would be better off and love to live there. Read history and learn something before making a fool of your self imposed ignorance.

        • Wiseguy

          Then why are you here? I have a Italian friend always trash talking America,..but he has been here for 25 years, typical liberal

        • Jean Larson

          There are more than 30 countries you’d rather live in – in Latin America – and you’re only still in the U.S. because you’re “tool old to move”? 

        • Anonymous

          So why are you here Trudy? if there are so many better countries?
          Why did you come back?

        • Anonymous

          Bye Trudy; we won’t miss you.

      • Anonymous

         I’m now looking at the 2 most popular remarks for this topic. I find it very interesting that both have 67 ‘likes’. The divisiveness in our country is getting deeper by the day. I chose to like Mr Toohey’s realism vs. Mr.Logic’s intolerance

      • Anonymous

        Where Is People To Go For Freedom WithOut America? No Where.
        WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP WORLD!! there are no more democRats they are socialist out for themselves not for anyone but selves which is from Satan himself and their playbook RulesForRadicals their bible dedicated to Lucifer himself! We Need GOD To Save US!

      • M.E.

        Love Glenn Beck, but would like to hear him answer edtoohey. To “uselogic19″ I expect for you to actually use some in your response.

      • Ronald Goering

        Interesting!  uselogic does not use logic.  For there is no Nation, no not one that is “noble” (or righteous), no not one!

      • William Vining

        Now, that’s an intellectual response……  People who respond with that kind of drivel really have nothing to say.

      • Josh Wilson

        Why should the educated who know of the corruption in our system move? You believe our Government really cares about you? Look into Agenda 21 then. Look into the articles and amendments being added to the NDAA. Look into the Boston Marathon Bombing. Maybe if we had less people like you who seem to enjoy being ruled by a tyrannical government our country might not be the blood soaked nation ran by psychopaths that it is.

      • Mary Palmer

        right he walsall should move, better yet, stand in front of a moving bus.

    • Anonymous

      If America is such a bad place you should move to another country and renounce your citizenship…. The United States is still the best place to live and if you left it would get better…Radical mulims believe we are the great satan and even if we were not allied to Israel and out of the middle east they would still want to kill us. So please move to Egypt
      renounce your citiznship and live happly ever after…

      • Endgame

        Lol! Boy are you brainwahed with BS! America is actually the “23rd” best country to live in (and that number is growing larger by the year) The USA can’t even make the top 10 list anymore, and people from countries like Russia and Cuba who’ve lived here for a few years are seeing it more and more resemble a Communist country every year, in fact, America now has even less freedoms than Russia did during it’s last 20 years of Communist Rule. When it comes to actual freedom (not the illusion of freedom that Americans think they have) New Zealand is #1, while America now fares among the top 10 countries with the most corrupt and oppressive Governments in the world. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they’re free.”-Goethe.

        • John Leote

          You’re entitled to your opinion.  Don’t let the door hit all of you on the ass as you leave then.

          • Endgame

            Leave? Why would I want to do that? Perhaps it is you)and everyone like you) who should leave? Go find an island somewhere where you and all the others like yourself can feed off of each others like tha vampires that you are, until you’ve sucked everything dry! But nooooo, you want to stay hear and suck this country dry with all of your Corporatism, Secular Humanistic morals and Collectivist ideologies until there are no more freedoms and rights left! You really do think you live under a sustem of inalienable rights, but the TRUTH is that you live under “privileges”, and nothing more. A “right” can NEVER be taken away from you, only a privilege can. The fact that an 18 year old kid can get arrested for misdemeanor petty theft for stealing a candy bar, and then a year later, he gets caught stealing another candy bar (petty theft with a prior=a felony) AFTER he has paid his debt to society, his “right” to vote and his “right” to own firearms is stripped away FOREVER! Sorry, but the fact that the Government can take you rights away means that it was never a right in the first place, only a privilege! I’ll bet that you would rationalize with this and take the side of our treasonous Government and injustice system, wouldn’t you? The fact that I cannot purchase a firearm or magazine in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia that can hold more than 10 rounds because the Government doesn’t trust us not to shoot it out with law enforcement is not only an insult to ALL lw abiding gun owners, but is aso what is know as “pre-crime”, and again I am sorry, but this is in no way, shape or form, the definition of TRUE freedom.

          • sparducks

             You are the problem with America. You’re a snivler. You have your ideals which are noble but the fact that all of your ideals are not immediately implemented the minute that you have your epiphany pisses you off so immediately you run to your fringe group and condemn everyone else that is not as extreme as you. Whether or not you are right in your extremism does not mean that shoving an aircraft carrier down your neighbor’s throat is a wise thing. So what happened got you 2nd amendment right revoked? I agree with your point on that. Want to effect a change? don’t shoot all the 2nd amendment supporters.

          • sparducks

             Here here.

        • Anonymous

          You already kno my response move to another country and renounce your citizenship….We’re better off with out  you, and don’t worry the Republic will survive this….

        • Dave Kappler

           and you sound so happy about that. Why? You seem to want the country to fail and take such glee in the fact that our gov’t is corrupted, corrupted by people like you.

          I want to see this country return to greatness, and I, as well as millions of others, are tired of the people who run the gov’t, we are tired of people like you! We will return this country to what it once was and you and your kind will not be welcome here!

          • Endgame

            Sorry, but within Biblical endtime prophesy, there is absolutely NO mention of the USA being any kind of a player in the endgame, which means one of three things; 1.-either the USA is going to be completely wiped out. 2.- the USA is going to be taken over by a foreign country, or 3.- we will fade away into a 3rd world hellhole with no money or power to mean anything on the world stage. Just looking at how completely apathetic, immoral, selfish, complacent, materialistic, prejudiced, Godless, prideful, sexually deviant, arrogantly clueless, dumbed down and suffering from cognitive dissonance that most Americans are these days leads me to believe that this country is absolutely doomed. I hope you all enjoyed it while it lasted, because through you cowardice and tolerance of corruption, refelcting on you past is the only enjoyment you will ever have fom here on out. 

        • Anonymous

           Hey Endgame.  Sounds like you’ve lived in Russia – NOT!  I’ve been in and over 7 of the 11 time zones of Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithoania, Kaliningrad, Poland, Hungary (Budapest is beautiful!), and many other countries.  Try driving 3,000 miles with the only stops for food, gas and lodging and visiting any and all kinds of sites (Less the White Palace where ob and mooch live and think they own) without armed guards and passport checks.  Spend some quiet time at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Worship your God in the way you see fit and serve your neighbor with love.  Hey at 69, I’ve seen a lot of America and her changes – much not good, but Peace in the Rockies is unparalleled. Please don’t come out West and go to New Zealand where you will find your “Eutopia”

        • Anonymous

          I doubt New Zealand, which is bogged down by unionism, is the most free country. My friend left there becuz she could not get a job. Right to work is a freedom, can’t work there unless your in a union.

      • Anonymous

         that’s actually not true.  The transnationalist islamist movements really began in opposition to the soviet invasion of afghanistan and their victory their inspired them.  That’s why shortly after they attempted to topple many of the local national governments in the region.  After their failure most of hte groups gave up violence as a tactic viewing it as ineffective, however al qaeda and other groups like that decided that they couldn’t topple the local governments without first toppling the country that was propping them all up, that was us and that’s why we were targeted.  Doesn’t mean it was justified, or that we deserve what happened or that we were really doing anything wrong (that’s all irrelevant), but stuff we did served as a motive to prompt the attacks.

    • Brandon Figueroa

      If you were in the marines then your a disgrace to the name and should slit your useless wrists

      • Bradley Kell

        Seriously?  Because he can admit this onc great Nation is in decline, and he would like people to do something about it so it can rise to greatness again?

        He’s no discrace at all.

        Those that ignore the facts, allow their Constitution to be trampled, and refuse to defend the Constitution… THEY are the discrages.

      • Holly Palmer Alligood

        Really Brandon? Slit your wrists because you disagree with his perspective? REALLY? So much for the freedom you say you so love and respect. 

      • Idahocntryboy!

        Well I served this country to the point of being a cripple for life and you sir are living in a dream world.  This country is heading down the toilet and being ruled by tyrannts that want to strip your individual rights.  Unless you have served in the military then please do not degrade those who have and earned the right to speak their minds.  You only have rights guaranteed by the Constitution because men and women in the military both past and present guards that right!

    • sparducks

       You are over simplifying your perverted version of history you commie puke. The options to those dictators in history are far worse than the dictators themselves. Liberty and freedom are attributes of this great nation. Trading the Czar of Russia for the people’s republic meant the deaths of tens of millions of Russians, and other Europeans. It can be argued as well that WW2 was started by Stalin using Hitler as a tool. The consequences of sitting it out are incalculable. Stop spotting your trash commie. Who gives a crap what Bush and Obama did with a Saudi King. The guy is a King for cryin out loud and an older man. I don’t blame either one for their actions. They were merely trying to respect an old man and a king no less. There is no fault in that. The US pulling back from the rest of the world would have a worse effect on economies and the lives of far more humans on this planet than if we remain engaged with them. You simple minded turd. Our companies that operate over seas do so at the behest of those foreign governments and must abide by their laws. And do so willingly. Corruption will always take place, nations must work together to minimize that and enforce laws and prosecute offenders. It’s corruption of government and business officials that stain any countries credibility around the world. Things like going door to door collecting for the boy scouts and then using the money for pot, booze and skoal for instance is something that would preclude someone from joining the Marines or traveling abroad representing America or even commenting on Glenn Beck. IMHO of course. Now kindly go away to your smoking chamber and blow your mind out on pot, I understand the THC levels are incredible in today’s canibis.

      • Anonymous

        You guys can argue all you want, but in a way, you’re both right. The constitution was drawn up for the American people. It gives control of the country to Americans. Ever since that agreement was breached, especially when the fed was set up, the US government does NOT represent Americans. It’s the government of the day who makes the big decisions where America sends help, where to fight the evil etc. Of course, America did support some tyrannical regimes then turned against them. Did Americans want this involvement? I bet the majority did not. The other problem is that America has admitted too many foreigners who insisted on respecting THEIR laws, not laws of the constitution. Look how many “enemies” America supports today. Did China’s economy flourish into the biggest economy of today? If it wasn’t for America’s investment into China, China would still be a third-world country. If it wasn’t for America in WWII, Germany would be ruling most of the world today! How is it that America is hated in Europe? Yes, the biggest problem in America is that it wants to be everything to everybody instead of protecting its citizens by respecting the foundation of the country itself! Is all this taught in history books in schools? I certainly don’t remember any of it.

        • Bradley Kell

          And people wonder why things like the 2nd are under attack.

          You sort of have to know what is actually IN the Constitution to know if the Government is still FOLLOWING the Constitution.

          If I hear one more person say ANYTHING about Hunting in regards to the 2nd I will lose all hope in people.  It has NOTHING to do with Hunting.

          So when I see people refuse to accept that we were attacked based on decisions the Government made… it upsets me.

          It doesn’t mean they made the right or wrong choice, it means they made a choice and some one else didn’t like that choice.

          That’s not placing BLAME on America at all, it is merely explaining WHY an Extremist Group came to Action against us.

          It is absolutely correct.  Our Governement made some decisions that others didn’t like and those others reacted in an irrational and extremist way. 

          What more do you want?  And how does your logic train arrive at a station where that statement BLAMES America?

          • Sam Fox

             Brad K, it’s not Americans as in We Da Peeps, it’s govt gone wild that is making those choices. But WDaP are included because we live here.

            I didn’t vote to start blasting the ME in the 50’s…& I don’t vote for 0 to keep arming the muslim botherhood.

            Those ‘choices’, by the govt, did bring us 9-11. And other stuff.

            What we need are people in office who follow the Constitution & know what the Founder’s had in mind, their intent. If we, as in our govt, were following the Constitution I don’t think we’d be having this discussion.


        • Anonymous

          Hope everybody read this far down.  You have it right!

        • sparducks

          I am not saying that the decisions to support one regime over another in our countries history has always been correct. Nevertheless this is our country. The steering is merely in the hands of the wrong helmsmen. It must be corrected. To blame The US for any wrong doing in WW2 is asinine. We have the least blood on our hands in that conflict. And as far as trying to do business with the morons in the middle east which has been a boon for most of them, well I’d for one would like to say goodbye. I’m glad we got some payback for 9/11. I’m sorely sorry for any innocent Iraqis or Afghans that have suffered because of it. I hope that God will comfort them. But I love my country and I will not be swayed by the words of traitors.

      • Anonymous

        “Things like going door to door collecting for the boy scouts and then using the money for pot, booze and skoal for instance is something that would preclude someone from joining the Marines or traveling abroad representing America or even commenting on Glenn Beck. IMHO of course.”

        It was Copenhagen, actually.
        And we bought some porn mags as well. 

        • sparducks

          …..and I guess you think that deserves an approving chortle from me, right? Wrong. I don’t think I’ll use the same methods to train my son as was used to train you. Regardless of what you might have suffered under duress in the throws of war it does not give you wiggle room to behavior or sentiments toward your country that borders on treason. You volunteered for the Marines no one drafted you. So with balls between your own legs like a man you swore an oath to The United states and now here you are on Beck using your experience, to one up everybody and disparage the freest nation the earth has ever seen. It’s all liberal horse shit, that dim witted people swallow from bastards like you.
          Now if you didn’t like what you saw in war, well no shit. Who would? But don’t go coming to conclusions about the United States that are unfair and preposterous. All countries have flaw. Ours is the least flawed.

          • Anonymous

            ” I don’t think I’ll use the same methods to train my son as was used to train you.”

            That’s twice you’ve mentioned your son to me. Which I find odd and slightly creepy. What does he have to do with any of this? How does he even come up in these conversations?
            In fact, you sound a little…off. Something is not quite right there. So I’m going to bid you farewell. Best of luck to you and take care.

          • sparducks

             Yeah no shit creep. farewell. I mention my son because raising him to adulthood is my focus. You are the poster child for what I don’t want him to become. Your foul mind goes to places that I would rather not imagine. Must be hard to use the English language when words like son, conjure up lewd thoughts in your tortured soul. Repent and let the Son of God fix your perverted brain. moron.

    • James Carr

      You’re still ignorant !

    • Michael Costa

      We can only pray that you are unable to reproduce

      • Anonymous

        Not to worry. I have a frequent customer card at my local abortion clinic. Get a free one every tenth visit. 

    • smokehill

      Too bad you didn’t learn a thing about the history of the middle east whiole while you were there.

      Assuming we even believe you were in the Corps.

      • Anonymous

        I suspect it would be much easier for you to believe that I was never in the Corps. 
        Believe only what you can stand, studpuppy, and nothing more.

    • Anonymous

      You are a complete moron Edtoohey……you lost me completely with your Israel analogy! You are an antisemite PIG and a pig with lipstick is still a PIG> Go fken asshole and move to your beloved muslim pigs. See how long you will last! JERK!

      • doug

         Jeez man, his WORDS invoked such anger. Imagine if he dropped a bomb on your family or put his brother in charge of your house. What might we suspect your anger would elevate to. Thank God it is only words.

    • Bill Lee

       I agree America has done some dishonest acts but that comes with having leaders who have lots of power. However we do help many countries with medical help and technological sharing. Muslims men are very jealous of their power over women. They are allowed to abuse their wifes and have slaves. They don’t want their women to see how the western world has libererated women. But I agree we should not be in the middle east. If we had developed our own oil reserves we would not need the middle east oil. I am hoping we can get the stupid libs out of Washington and allow our Free Enterprise system to flourish and supply all our oil. Then we could tell Europe and China you two can have the Middle Eastern oil with their mixed up religious fighting. They don’t even like other Muslims if it is not their brand of the Muslim faith. We could still help Israel continue in their home land. The Muslims leaders have oil wealth yet they keep their people in poverty and ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      Another brain dead liberal edumacated blamer of America the EVIL!!??  Get your story STRAIGHT and realize there is EVIL in the world and YOU are a part of it by what you BELIEVE or do not believe…  

    • Bill Wyld

      Turn your back on your founding principals,sell to your enemys,stick your nose where it dont belong, and this is the result. Hit it right on Soldier! ~ Bill Wyld/U.S.Army

    • Eric Reinholt Jr.

      It’s a shame that once someone starts to say that America has done wrong acts around the world everyone can only reply by saying that you should leave. Don’t we live in a Republic, where you can vote to change things? Why is it un-American to question the foreign policy decisions of your government? Saying that 9/11 may have been the result of blowback does not mean the act itself is justified. Our acts around the world send messages with them, but we have no control over how they are received. Yes, Al Qaeda resorted to what they did without being directly threatened. However, I believe it is important to view different perspectives and actually take into account what their stated reasons are (sanctions against and a decade of bombing Iraq; aid to Israel; stationing military bases in Saudi Arabia, the Muslim holy land) so we may have an opportunity to prevent these things from happening without having to spend trillions of dollars blowing up the Middle East!

      • Anonymous

        yes, you would think that at the heart of a democractic, free society would be discourse. 

    • Anonymous

      I see what you re saying, not that this is a bad place to live or that you d rather live elsewhere, but we re not sinless.  sins have consequences.  the united states isn t to blame, but we certainly are targets for terrorism, doesn t make us responsible.  that s like saying someone is responsible for being robbed if they drive a nice car or have money in their wallet.  thank you for serving the country

      • doug

        To say that we deserved or even the innocent warranted the actions against them is not, at least majority thought, the issue. No civilian certainly deserves the violence or the property of those truly innocent to have had this perpetrated against them.
         Likewise drone attacks that kill a 2 to 1, 3 to 1 ratio of military to civilian is not winning new friends but creating the same reactions that seem to be prevalent here. Insert Christian,Infidel, American for every epithet thrown towards them. Again it does not condone their actions but it also must make us reflect on our (government) actions with others.
         The growing thought is that the actions in Iraq proved nothing nor were they warranted. Does this take away from the service of the worker(soldier)? Or does it, as it should cause us to reflect in HOW we use our greatest natural resource, the young men and woman that went bravely for a oops moment, and what of the collateral damage that occurred with the Iraqi’s? Are their reactions not to be at the very least as vocal as our reactions?

    • Anonymous

       America isn’t perfect but still is the best place in the world.  You think and write like a RENEGADE.  Hope you find a better place…

    • Scott

      Ed, some of what you say could be true if we were dealing with sane people in the mid-east.  Those people are totally nuts and DO NOT support democracy unlike Israel–the nation we supply money and weapons to.  But then, we also supply money and weapons to the crazies–even I can’t figure that!  As for the Saudi king, he would be bowing to me or my military base would not be there!

      • Anonymous

        I agree with us supporting Israel. But I understand that doing so comes with consequences.
        So, when we get hit by the Islamists lets be honesty why it’s happening and NOT say, “Oh, it’s because they hate our freedom.”

    • Anonymous

      A Marine?? A REMF if I’ve ever heard one…

      • Anonymous

        We never used that term in my day. We used “pogue”. 
        But, no, I was an 0311. (That’s basic infantryman, or “grunt.)

        Still, believe only what you can handle. 

    • doug

      Another vet who sees past the propaganda.
      Move to another country,slit your wrists,etc,etc. Very nice argument
       Fact: We helped train Osama when it benefited us and then when job done deserted.
      Fact: There is ample proof for the theories that the governments actions and covert ops has led to distrust and even hatred.
      Conversely, there is only the Neo-con thought that  they hate us because we are free. No overwhelming proof other than they told us this is the reason.
       President Reagan and policy of the 80’s supported Osama and likewise went to great lengths to show Islam as a loving religion and its people as our friend deserving support against the evil empire. CIA and other documents unclassified by the government show that we were NOT on the up and up in dealing with the peoples of the region,why then is it not safe to assume they are pissed?
      Last if it can never be our governments error, then explain African enslavement, Japanese internment,just two of many actions created by the government , that created anger and lasting resentment to varying degrees.
       Glenn ponders why he is ridiculed and not accepted by L(l) ibertarians and others separate from mainstream Republicans , Well Glenn ask boldly and ignore neo-con dogma ,maybe your answer will scare you.
      To the rest,piss on your neighbors lawn,shoot his dog and beat up their children and see how many enemies you have.
       See how the reaction differs if you merely mind your business in your big house and Hummer,occasionally, help with their lawn and give their dog a snack and buy cookies from their daughters.

      • Anonymous


    • Idahocntryboy!

      Regardless of what edtoohey says which is his right to speak and give his opinion, I too am former Navy (Seabee’s) permanently disabled from military service (Vietnam Era) and what I find disturbing is those who claim this country is great and yet demonize someone for their opinions with such hate in their voice.  I may not agree with people’s opinions but I do give them the respect to speak their minds without thoughts of roasting the individual or telling them to leave the country.  I served this country so that all had freedom of speech without fear of retribution and as adults we can debate ideas.  If Ed is a former Marine the Semper Fi Marine and thanks for your service.  I find that those who squawk the loudest are those who never served at all.  Problem in our society is we have lost respect for one another and only concerned with self.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. :)
        I knew quite a few Seabees as well, hard working folks that we quickly learned to appreciate! 

    • Anonymous

      I won’t click on “like”, but what you say has some truth to it. However the world has been this way for centuries. To say we are to blame for 9-11 is pure rubbish. We have had bases in a few areas to support Israel who is our ally in the Middle east. We had bases in the Philippines. They asked us to leave and we did. We have bases around the world to protect our allies from destruction by their enemies. I respect your opinion and your service to our country, but I believe you should do some reading on the goals of the radical Muslims. They are evil and their intentions are to destroy the United States. Obama is one of them in philosophy. He is backed by big money with George Soros. We all should be concerned with Soros, who is an anti-Semitic Jew and an anti-Capitalist billionaire. They all believe in a one world government, that puts us in the hands of the UN and worshiping Allah. I certainly hope that you didn’t risk your life to be ruled by the UN. As I said to start, there is some truth to what you say, but please separate the truth from the reality. My son server 24 yrs in the USAF and a number of those years were in the Middle East. 

    • Holly Palmer Alligood

      I tend to agree with you Ed. Most people don’t have the stomach to look at their own short comings and faults (in this case our government’s) and take ownership of it. Most people BLAME others to make themselves into the innocent victim. America is NOT innocent and we never seem to learn from our mistakes. If anyone would know that first hand, it would be our men and women who have fought for our freedom and have seen first hand what America’s War Machine has built. Instead of them getting offended by your perspective and insulting you, people should open their mind and listen to your experience without taking it personally. This attitude is exactly why nothing will change. It’s a shame.
      I respect your honesty and I thank you for your service.

      • Anonymous

        And I thank you for your wise and mature words. :)

    • Rodney McIntire

      I guess rape victims are just getting what they had coming to them, too.  Do you seriously believe that you can blame the victim of a crime for the crime happening.  These are not soldiers attacking military targets, they are murderers killing innocent civilians.

    • Anonymous

      Go hang yourself

      • Anonymous

        I’ve never been able to find a noose big enough to fit over my head. Besides, such an ending lacks sufficient drama…
         Now what those monks do, with the fire, THAT’S more my style.

    • Anonymous

      You represent the total ignorance of the western world. The reason they want to destroy us, is that their religious and political leaders (who are mostly one & the same) believe totally and completely in ancient and primitive teachings that their race and religion are the only true ones on earth and all else must be destroyed to make the earth & paradise clean for them.
      Much like Hitler believed. And most despots and tyrants in history. You can rationalize around modern events and politics, but strip all that away (and most of these people haven’t enough socialization and education to have even heard about all that you described, let alone read what you write), what is left is the pure desire to rid the earth of us – and especially their arch-enemies, the Jews. You may be able to reflect on your own lifetime of events, but their passion and drive comes from deep within and from centuries of philosophy that you don’t even have an inkling of.
      Until, and unless, America wakes up and realizes this is where they’re coming from – which is completely opposite of our Judeo-Christian philosophy, you will continue to try to blame everything and everybody else for their hatred. It is theirs and theirs alone. Nothing we do – or don’t do – is to blame for their actions.All we can do is try to protect ourselves until some magical day in the future when they wil evolve past their beliefs and decide not to want to kill us. Don’t worry, it won’t be in your lifetime.

      • Anonymous

        “You represent the total ignorance of the western world.”

        Does such an honor come with a sash…a crown…? 

        • Anonymous

          Our government, our country, is not perfect. However, to denigrate to our children the virtues upon which we need to move forward, is certainly helping to devalue ourselves, much the way the Muslum world does to themselves. If wearing sash & crown will make you feel better about doing that – go ahead. It doesn’t mean you’re any less ignorant.

    • Todd Lupold

      you couldn’t be more clueless about geopolitics and the motivations of these radicals.  You are correct in saying we are not sinless but regardless what we may have done there is no justification that exists to support the targeted killing of innocent civilians to advance a fundamentalist Islamic ideology.  Dude, you need to open your eyes wide and get a clue…even if you bent over and washed their feet from day 1 they would still hate us….you see, they hate who we are not what we’ve done…..plain and simple.  As for Israel, that war has been going on for millennia and neither of them are correct….arabs, “palestinians”, muslims, jews, christians are all to blame.  The only thing they are fighting for is to find out who is less wrong so get off the tired old “Israel is repressing Palestinians” soap box because no one is going to solve that one.

      By the way, i’m a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

    • Anonymous

       It is truly refreshing Mr. Toohey to hear you speak the truth on this matter. I hear you loud and clear. These people here telling you to move out; cut your wrists etc. are obviously incapable of seeing what really goes on in this twisted world we live in. The greed,corruption and hypocrisy(to name a few) of our govt.and pretty much all the rest is catching up in a big way. I don’t feel it does much good to find reason in the islamists blind hatred of us and anybody else who doesn’t think like they do. Hatred is what they do! They would hate us no matter what we’ve done . One more thing, I love our land and it’s peoples but I’ve lost all faith and trust in our government. They can all kiss my rosy red arse.

    • Borys Romanyuk

       While I agree with the factual side of your message, this is absolutely WRONG to put it this way in the school. If we don’t want to hear comments like “why don’t you go find another country” we MUST teach kids patriotism from the young age. Politics full of mud, but US is still better country than many many others. And we should be proud of it, as well as we should respect and be proud of our Soldiers, even if war they fight might be not completely noble. Blame – is on the politics, not on Soldiers.

    • Paul Marks

      The 9/11 bombers came from Saudi Arabia (and Bin Laden was a rich kid from Yeman) NONE OF THE BOMBERS were hurt by the United States. They did what they did because they were evil swine. Nor did the United States put the House of Saud in power in Arabia (they were already in power – having won the conflicts of the 1920s and 1930s).

      As for the dictators you mention – they did not need “propping up” most of them were very good at maintaning themselves.

      Sadat (in Egypt) got large scale American aid  – the others did not really need it, And Sadat only got aid after he made peace with Israel.

      You also seem to forget that both Suharto, Pinochet and Franco faught the Communists – who would have murdered MILLIONS had they won. And the principle enemies of Sadat were the Islamists, You write as if there was some nice alternative that would have come to power in Spain in the 1930s (a war America was not even involved in), Indonesia in the 1960s (and it was the Communists who hit first – they failed to kill Suharto and he struck back), or in Chile in 1973 (for the record the American government did not even want Pinochet to come to power – they wanted the Congress is Chile to win, but Pinochet has as little time for Congress in Chile as his foe had, the President that the Congress had already OUTLAWED). There was no nice alternative at the time – only bad and WORSE.

    • Lisa Zenonian

      I myself being vet to feeling some of the same ways. We are not totally innocent but nor   are they.And as one some of the Cool-Aid drinking sheep think that all Muslin’s think we are evil! I mean really guys what happen to your christian hearts. This are holy wars to them not something that unless you are I can really get to them on that level we will never really understand. It’s labeling a whole brand bad because a few lots weren’t good or even better saying that all teens are bad just because some are. There are bad people everywhere in every religion. And every government pays off bad guys its not good history is just repeating its self. We are like every great nation there is a rise and a fall no nation stands forever. We are like Great Roman Empire and sadly it seems we are in the fall.
      As for your history lesson your forgot 1 important detail that back in the 80’s it was US that provided arms to the radical Islamist’s in Afghanistan so they could fight the Russians yes but because of the we made Bin Lanen. After that Bush in the 1st Golf war walked away from his promises to help the local people that helped with the fighting and they were all gassed by Saddam Hussien. So if you really want to know why no one wanted to help us that would be why. We make the locals monsters for them  promises help and walk away and get them murdered in masses. So the good 1s  are to scare to stand up anymore we only see there monsters.
      And back to we are falling like Rome was Obama is like Nero but instead of playing the fiddle while Roman burn Obama is playing golf

    • Anonymous

       I am sorry, sir, but I do not believe there is any justification for a group of Muslim extremists from ANY country to attack and kill 3,000 unarmed, innocent citizens of any other country going about their ordinary work day.  Yes, if (as in your example) Obama allowed Iran to build a military base in Texas, I would be upset about that.  But I would be upset with the Government of THIS country for allowing it and I would fight, through LEGAL means, to change it.  I would NOT attempt to fly planes into the base killing innocent, unarmed citizens to prove my point.  I would not gather members of my church to attack Canada (as per your other example) with arms and weapons to kill their citizens in protest to their alliance with Mexico.  I would let the military handle the fighting and if the military deemed it necessary to attack Canada (because our country would be “surrounded with enemies” then I would support the military action).  The point is that countries will have differences in beliefs and policies which will be argued and defended (that is why we HAVE different countries) we have the right to make our own rules and live by them… and people can leave and seek out countries which match their own beliefs.  BUT… when extremists attack unarmed, innocent people going to work in offices because they see us as “enemies”… well… that seems to be a war-like act not an expression of “disagreement” with whomever our country has supported in the past.

    • Anonymous

      You need to move. How about to a  mid east Muslim country. Maybe experience the thrill of getting stoned to death or having your daughter raped and the rapist is the victim. See ya.   

    • Ryan Van Cleave

      As a Desert Storm Veteran, I have to call BullS@#t on your claim to have been in the Marines and a vet of the “First Gulf War” if you are going to spout this innane crap. As a veteran I will defend the right for you to espouse an opinion, but I know what a veteran and former Marine would say to this. And you sir are no Marine.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure you don’t believe I’m a former Marine. Just as I’m sure you wouldn’t believe that in the last election Obama took a huge chunk of the military/veteran vote. (Fifty percent in Virginia, for example.)

        You have an idealized, romantic notion of what “your” military is. You can’t possibly believe that there would be left wingers there! Just as for so long no one wanted to believe there were gays there. Not in YOUR military, surely not! Heaven forbid!!

        You have your version of what the military is…and what the country is…and you’ll cling to that.
        So be it.

    • Robby Gehring

      Yeah the muslims hate us and our freedom sharea law rules over here that means women dont go to school they are second par to men and its an eye for an eye.
      This is a country where if a woman gets raped she gets executed for being unfaithfull and the guy gets a high five and no they shoot each other. They love our military bases over there cause when a fucking tali cuts off a guys hand for not supporting the insurgency he comes to us to bandage him up then we kill the dumbass that cut off his hand. Obama is muslim so he would love for iran to have a base there.
      Mexicos full of drug cartels and we are at war with them just not against the nation itself and no canada aint got money jets or weapons they rely on us for protection Im in Afghanistan and just got done running 9 months of route clearance you damn pog fobbit get a real job a combat arms job and well talk.
      Yeah your right we provided arms to the afghanis to fight the russians and that was because we were at war with the russians you ever heard the phrase “an enemy of my enemy is my friend.” think about that for 5 mins. yep we supported suddam hussien that was untill he started training camps for alquaeda in his country. Obama would suck any foreign anti american dictators dick if he could so get used to it.

      Your a pog who has no clue what hees talking about and you need to get outta my country and then talk shit there that way that government goes ahead and exicutes you like most countries do for speaking out against them.

    • Sia Carney

      So let me get this straight, you think that America having military bases in these peoples countries (obviously unable to help themselves and others) is a right to fly airplanes into office buildings to prove a point?  The only point I see, is the one with absolutely no regard for life, a savaged indoctrinated mind whose only goal is to obliterate it.  I see America as a beacon of hope and freedom for repressed people (I think I might be quoting the Statue of Liberty here) but obviously it’s easier for you to point fingers and say “yes, this is our fault” . . . YOU ARE WRONG, we did not deserve 9/11, nor did any other country who suffered in the hands of cowards, for real reform in the face of oppression doesn’t require displays like 9/11, it is in the strength and conviction of people, people who stand together, united in a fight against good and evil.  The people who perpetrated 9/11 are truly evil.  I like to think of us as one of the good guys.  No, all the decisions this country (and administrations) have made have not been perfect, however, I believe we have always sacrificed for what is in the best interest of “most”.  The problem with our current state is that we are trying to micromanage every ill will or bad circumstance.  There are just too many.  As noble as a cause as this may sound, do you really think it’s feasible?  I’d be shocked if that was the case, but the mind set of the current establishment will bankrupt this great nation of ours.  I hate to think along those terms, but if your on a sinking ship that is taking on too much water how do you bail out?  Unfortunately we live in a narcissistic society where everyone doesn’t want to think about the “BIG PICTURE” and no one wants to give up anything.  The country to me, seems like it’s going to hell in a handbag (probably a designer one that is being charged on a credit card that no one can afford is my guess) no one cares, too busy watching Survivor, American Idol or the Kardashians.  Oh well, It was good while it lasted . . . I feel sorry for my kids and grandkids, ’cause they’re the ones who’ll suffer the most.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever stopped to think why Israel is their “most hated enemy” – because they are the closest!! – They hate everybody !! Military bases in “their countries” ?? – they see the whole world as their country that just hasn’t been fully conquered yet !!  Saudi Arabia is the only true Muslim land – the rest has been stolen or conquered and murdered over the centuries !! Istanbul used to be a Christian city named Constantinople – The Dome of Rock stands on the ground where Solomon’s Temple stood for centuries before there were any Muslims.  I laugh when I see those bumper stickers with all the symbols of the largest religions spelling COEXIST – they all can easily, except one never will !!  So what do you want to do – be an isolationist and let them slowly take over the rest of the world and then fight them by ourselves here in our own cities ?  What we should be doing is forming a trusting strong bond/alliance with Russia (who have had plenty of their people murdered by these 7th Century mentality murderers) and go down there and chase them out of a couple the countries/lands that they murdered and stole from Christians, Jews and others that were there long before them, and then tell the rest to shut the F&^% up and stop murdering people all over the world or we’ll take and give it all back !!!

    • Anonymous

      It is absolutely true that the U.S., as a country, has wronged people.

       I thank all veterans for serving and sacrificing their lives, when they make it back and when they don’t.  I thank all of the veteran’s families for their sacrifices, as well.  They have indeed given so much.  War saddens me greatly.  It should be avoided when at all possible.  Any life given in service is a loss to be honored.  Veterans, just like all other demographics, are composed of people with many different beliefs.  I respect peoples’ right to believe what they choose to believe.  When anyone mentions the word “sinless”, a religious statement is being made.  As a result, you cannot stand on a higher ground, saying I’m a person bringing up religion.  You brought it up when you mentioned religion.  Otherwise, you should not use the word “sinless,” even if you are making certain assumptions about all other people who seem “religious” to you.  Yes, I agree, some people believe our people in our country have done NO great wrongs ever, to anyone.  This is a false believe.  It is also a false believe that our country (more accurately, the people in our country) does(do) not rescue people and nations of the world with a tremendous amount of love and support (including financial support) in times of need.  Our country, just like every other country in the world, is comprised of people who give sacrificially out of love, and people who are callous, prideful, and malicious.  The question is not, has the U.S. ever done any significant bad things. 

      The question should be more personal.  Have I wronged anyone?  Where is my life heading?  Yes, I believe Jesus is God.  I believe not one single person has every lived in a physical body on this earth who was sinless, except Jesus.

      In other words, we are all sinful.  Every person on this planet is sinful.  Every country (made of people) on this planet is sinful.  It’s a part of who we are.  If we took all the people out of one country and swapped them with the people in a different country.  You would end up with people sinning in both countries.  It doesn’t matter where you grew up or where you live.

      Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a good example.  He lived as a German in an age when all Germans were being portrayed here in the U.S. as evil.  Turns out he was martyred at age 39 for being obedient to Jesus, and not accepting the evil Hitler was promoting, even fighting against that evil. 

      But, even Bonhoeffer was sinful.

      However, he recognized his need for Jesus.  And he chose to do something about it.  He chose to learn about, and seek Jesus.

      Is the nation of the United States of America a noble nation?  Hmmm?  I would not make that claim.  America has sinned as a nation at times, and will do so in the future (because it is run by man, who is sinful).  American has also been noble at times, and hopefully will continue this more often than sinning.  

      Each individual has free will to choose whether to be obedient to God or to sin against God.  In the end, the sinning is primarily against God, since He gave the commandments to us in the first place.

      Jesus is the only God in any religion to have ever died a physical death for the people He created (at the hands of His creation).  Think about this.  Who dies for His creation?  A God who loves.

      Jesus offers a personal relationship, not a religion.

      >>>On your topic mentioned:
      The main problem with how the school system presented the question is that it is totally one-sided and seeks to manipulate the students’ minds to believe America is the ONLY country in the world who does wrong, and is responsible for EVERYONE’S sinful actions.  This is totally wrong.  Any person, or group of people, who sin(s), is sinning against Almighty God.

      Some people in the U.S. have come to the rescue of many people and countries.

      This is just one of the many U.S. organizations that help people in their dire need.

      Here’s another?

      Church after church after church….. in the U.S. has sent, is sending, or is actively planning to send aid to areas of the world who desperately need the love which Jesus lived out.

      Love you man!
      Thank you Sir for your service.  I’m honored.
      God be with you.

      Blessings to you.
      I write in love.

    • Anonymous

       So Bin laden attacked us because we once supported him?

    • Anonymous

      Guess you forget we give money to Pakistan, Saudi, Egypt and many others that are enemies of isreal, but yet isreal does not attack us. Let’s face it these peopl live in the 14th century. They preach propaganda to their SUBJECTS who’ve been indoctrinated since birth so that they can be richer or more powerful or more feared. It has nothing to do with what we have done. If we sneezed they’d want us dead. They over react. If I shot you because you bumped into me it would be an over reaction. If I do not like someone does I don’t accept money from them first of all and I don’t shoot or stab them either. They are uncivilized heathern!!

      • doug

        Well technically the USS LIberty incident was an attack.

    • Anonymous

      Linda, you make no sense. Nobody knows what you are saying. Why don’t you read your post before hitting enter.

    • Anonymous

      yeah you’re right it’s nothing that the US did but the fact that islam want total world control, a Muslim Caliphat!…and with george soros the anti-semetic Jew evil agenda for his one world government New World Order…collapsing all economies. putting the anti-American Islamist Terrorist in Our Presidency…. 

    • Ron Langer

      one of the most educated and sensible statements i’ve ever read, period! also, thanks for serving and protecting MY right to post this response. SEMPER FI!! 

    • Anonymous

      First of all, thanks for serving our country.  America certainly is not innocent of making many bad decisions in an attempt to help.  I believe that as misguided as we have been at times, the goal has been to do what is best.  I guess I would ask you, do you think we should close the front door and stay inside, even when we see someone being hurt out in the street?  Disputes are always not as they seem on the surface, and sometimes an attempt to be helpful can backfire.  This as you write has happened to the US many times, yes. Those that have been helped have turned bad in many cases, and some were probably bad to start with.
      I think you’re right that many Americans sit here and believe we’re totally innocent and that the big bad monsters are only from the outside.  There are also many Americans that believe that the powers that be are going to take them to the promised land on a cloud free of charge.  Everything has a price, but that’s another topic.
      Having spent a bit of time up and close with Yasser Arafat and a few of his folks many years ago, I do believe they hate or are envious of our freedom. What I believe is a bigger issue is that they have no hope. I won’t pretend to understand how that feels, but I began to see this as the elephant in the room during a discussion with a young Palestinian man while in Mogadishu, Somalia. He, according to him, had a good education and couldn’t find work back home. I believe he was doing what many do in his situation, become mercenaries. 
      You mention Israel and America’s support as the their reason for hate of all things American, enough to come here to KILL 3k Americans. I think you’re right. Having lived in that part of the world for a few years, I saw a hate that is deeper than most can imagine. You know during the time I spent there with Arafat and some of his men, brief as it was, I have to admit, Stockholm syndrome began to set in.  Then move back away from the experience, and see what they are doing around the world not just in America, you decide how to describe them.  If they really wanted to coexist I’d be more understanding, but that is not the case.  Nothing short of obliteration is acceptable for you and their neighbors.
      As far as America being a sinless nation, that’s an easy one, no one anywhere is sinless.  As far as noble, I believe there are those that are not of this country that believe America has been a noble country, but for us to believe that somehow seems a bit arrogant.  I believe Americans are a very giving people for the most part, and hope that doesn’t change.  
      I again, thank you so much for your service to our country. Having spent a bit of time in the military many years ago, I look back at it with satisfaction to have had the privilege. Very aware of the mistakes we’ve made and will continue to make, but having traveled in many parts of the world find America the more giving and best intentioned of most.
      Flushing the toilet on the real estate just a bit north of the Anacostia river, and the palaces of many of the problem areas might do wonders.

      Have a good day, and pick up that flag you defended and wave it a bit.  You deserve it.  Help educate, but don’t hate America.

    • Stephen Bennett

       Thank you. You have restored my faith that I am not the only one who sees the world in these terms….

    • Nicholas Trull

       Saying that we have anything to do with evil actions taken out against us, is insane. Based on that logic, we should annihilate anyone that supports the terrorist regimes. After all, wouldn’t that be because of the things that they do? Wouldn’t that then, be their fault for us destroying them. The bottom line is that each person is responsible for their own decisions. Terrorists do what they do, because they are driven by evil hatred. They and they alone, are responsible for their actions. Any nation that even attempts to stand for liberty and God, is a target for terrorism. No matter how they conduct themselves. Is the U.S. innocent? Of course not! The reason, however, that we are a target and always will be, is that we have a huge population, that seeks liberty and Jesus Christ.

    • Ronald Reagan

      Thanks for your service in the USMC Ed.

      Nobody is denying that the U.S. has made it’s share of mistakes. I’m very conservative and I can acknowledge many historical blemishes on the U.S. record. But what remains is the greatest and best country on the globe . . . blemishes and all. It’s not about being “noble and sinless.” Those things will always remain because we are human and humans in government will never be perfect. But I believe the earth is far better with the United States than without it. And like Reagan I believe the U.S. has been a shining beacon to the world.

      Sometimes unfortunately we have to take the lesser of evils. But for every collective “bad” you can come up with about America I can counter it with five “goods.” And that’s the point.

      I’ve worked in the criminal justice system as a cop for 20 years. It’s completely broken. Plea bargains are 99% of the system because no prosecutor wants to set foot in a courtroom if they can avoid it and it’s easier to just sweep the cases off their desks than to have to actually work to prosecute criminals. Moreover, most of the judges do little to send a message to criminals which is why recidivism is so high. But I’m wise enough to know that although the criminal justice system needs an overhaul, it’s still one of the best and most fair on the planet.

      Where I do take issue with your comment is this. How can anyone justify the murder of 3000 Americans who have nothing to do with U.S. policies abroad? There can never be a justification for that. It doesn’t even hold up under the Koran’s dictates.

      And yes, the Muslims do largely hate our freedoms because they represent to Islam some larger model of the most unholy of infidels. One that is not controlled or fenced in by the rules of Allah and Mohammed.

      • Mike Nelson

        You miss the point of the Tower attacks: it was NOT an attack set to murder Americans; that was merely a favorable side-benefit (from the perspective of the attackers).  It was about hitting us in the pocketbook, damaging our credibility, and sending fear throughout the nation from recognition that we are not untouchable.Do not mistake the suffering or death of population as a personal attack on those persons; they, as the population and residents of a nation with which radical Islam is at war, are merely small cogs in the Machine of America – which is what the bad guys are at war with.  When you have a war, you break your enemy’s assets.From this perspective, a purely military analysis, it is not only acceptable, but desirable for a combatant to destroy the machinery of the enemy – both in infrastructure, and population… and if you don’t think that’s true, you haven’t got a leg to stand on in a debate about war, or killing.Monstrous?  Yes.  Justifiable?  Immaterial.

    • greywolfrs

      Well, we don’t agree on…anything, but you are correct in this case. Most Americans refuse to have an honest conversation about this. Whereas, those people who do things like 9-11 have to take responsibility for their actions, we to have to take responsibility for our government’s actions. One of the biggest problems is getting people to admit that our government has done a lot of horrible things in our name.

      One of the biggest things our government did, that you did not mention, was get rid of the iranian leader and replace him with the Shah. Not that your examples were not on the mark, but most people refuse to see that CIA did that to the Iranians.

      I don’t believe there is any excuse for the actions of our government or the terrorists, but refusing to see that our government played role is blindly ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you would probably enjoy living in the MIddle East.How soon can you leave? You could ride a camel, tell everyone about the Great Satan –America. They would probably make you  an Offfical in the Botherhood.OH, I’m sorry you’re a patroit and served in the military. What was that guys name at Fort Hood–Mohammed something? Gee he was in the military too. Or because we use nations and prop up dictators so we can’t be the good guys—-Of course we all live in a just and righteous world–right?. Grow up! Japan was our enemy in WWII. So was Germany. There are a lot of twists and turns in the politics of nations. You can play the What if Game all day–it proves nothing. I served in Viet Nam  and today eventhough it is a communist country we are suppose to be friends.55 thousand Americans died there.Cuba is communist and the Bay of Pigs cost a lot of lives,but eventhough it is suppose to be off limits to US citizens /Americans thousands of tourists vist all the time. China is communist,but hundreds of American companies are located there and doing buisness.
      You are right in most everything you said about what we did,.but we didn’t cause the 911attack. If you believe that –you have a real  mental problem! The tribal wars in the Middle East among all the different fractions will continue for another 100 years. We will never make them think like us or have them become a Republic. One American life is not worth the whole damn region or the oil. The diferences between the clans is over land and religious issues. The differences between them and Israel is over land. They are all cousins. Issac and Ismael were half brothers. You probably voted for Obama too-right? 

    • JoeD

      Just because one is a Marine does not mean that they are necessarily the most patriotic people on earth.   Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marine, Ken NIchols O’Keefe-an organizer of human shields before the invasion of Iraq and one who renounced his citzenship, was a Marine.  Ihave met people who were in the Army, Air Force and NAVY who were just as patriotic, if not more so, than some Matines.    

    • William Vining

      Couldn’t agree more.  What ed here is stating is the position that Ron Paul has taked for years, if Beck and his supporters have pretensions of supporting Libertarianism, instead of responding wth mindless “America Love it or Leave it” drivel, you might want to consider actually thinking about what he has to say and let him say it.

      I just don’t get the utter contradictions of Glenn Beck right now. He claims to have some sort of pretensions to some sort of connection with the Paul movement, yet he seems to think the opinions here are “leftist” when they are not, they are the very essence of Libertarianism. As Dr Paul will be glad to tell you, America is not an empire, and when we act line one, we invite the kind of attack we got on 9-11:

      Is Beck and are you people ready to support the Paul movement? The only things the schools are teaching here is the truth! Beck, you stupid neo-con, quit claiming you are a Libertarian when the real truth is you are in for half a loaf, and at heart what you really are is a Cheney neo-globalist, a known cheerleader for the Bush Wars and an apologist for the neo-con idiots who brought disaster to this place. Go back to the West Coast, you have no real understanding of Texas Libertarians, you fraud.

    • VictoriaL

      Yep, you are spot on. Thank you for your service and your honesty. Shameful that there are lots of brainwashed idiots on this thread.

    • Anonymous

      ““Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?” The answer? “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.”
      Absolutely true.”
      Absolutely false.  Absolutely simple-minded.  It’s premise is that we have wronged the attackers, and for these wrongs, we have suffered an equitable retaliation.  Who is the arbitrator of what is a wrong?  How far back do we go?  Perhaps the “wrongs” committed by America is fair relation for the long history of violence in Islam?   Maybe we have to go further back?  Maybe America should withdraw from the World, and watch as atrocities are committed.  Oh wait, maybe some radical group will then hate us for NOT doing something?  Maybe the answer to the question will then be “because we didn’t help when we could have.”
      No one says we are sinless nation.  No nation is.  No person is.  We could continue to play the blame game, forever tracing further back into history to determine who was wrong first.  Or we can agree that the world is a complex place and politicians and leaders on both sides fall into and out of alliances all the time.  But that there is no justification for launching an attack and murdering innocent people.  And to attempt to justify it is sick and twisted.
      And while I respect and sincerely thank you for your service, it adds no additional credibility to your opinion.  

      • Espinoza De

        “No one says we are sinless nation.  No nation is.  No person is.  But that there is no justification for launching an attack and murdering innocent people.” 
        @mypatriot25:disqus , abosolutely TRUE words sir!. 

        Now please go and count how many innocent civilans, children and women died as “collateral” during our Iraq war. You will find that your hands are stained in blood of hundreds of thousands. So much civilian blood that it is enough to drown you.

    • Mike Nelson

      THIS is what a politically unbiased opinion should look like.  There is nothing in this post that talks down America, but plenty that cites the deficiencies and faults of our various administrations.

      As another poster said it, we take our country, “…warts and all…”  BUT: we should have our eyes wide open, and we should use our mouths and ears in proper proportion.

      You don’t have to like everything that the US does, but if you’re on a team who doesn’t acknowledge the failures and mis-steps of the past (and present), then you can be sure, if ever you do achieve prominence, that your team will make the same mistakes – or near enough.

      The thing about teams is that you take the lumps the team takes no matter what, and you try to keep your team clean when you, personally, are in the mud.

      This man has been there, seen it, called it what it is, and is now bringing the lessons of his hard-earned experience home – and of all the blind, vile, emotional criticisms to his statements, NOT ONE OF THEM CAN CALL HIM A LIAR, because his facts are straight and blunt, without possibility of ambiguity.

      As far as I am concerned, this post is a reflection of wisdom and hard-gained experience.

    • Barbara Simonelli

      Seriously, you need to move somewhere else. Just because someone hates you because of what you stand for doesn’t give them the right to attack you…..THey ARE monsters who are jealous and extremists….So you are responsible If someone disagrees with your actions and beliefs? So I can kill you or attack you??? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds??? .

    • Denise Bernard

       Don’t usually reply to these posts, but you are right.  For years I have said that if the US government would focus/invest on the US as much as it does other countries, we’d be in much better shape.  While on the topic, the US needs to stop sending money to countries that will pull the US into controversy.  Keep the money here and focus on us in the US.  Thank you, edtoohey for your service.  I am appreciative of your sacrafice. 

    • Mike Crawford

      please take your bottom lip pull it over your head and swallow really hard

    • Anonymous

       Israel might be their hated enemy but it is our greatest ally. We should support them the Israelies that is  

    • Anonymous

       So you hate America and its values? Please go find another place to live. And I don’t give a sh*t about your “service.

    • iResist

      Really, genius? Why are they then slaughtering EACH OTHER all over the Middle East, pouring acid on their OWN women, killing their OWN children, sisters, wives, brothers, beheading entire villages, eating human hearts, and otherwise acting like the savages they are? America’s fault, too?

    • Ken King

      Apparently proof of the truth is not permitted on this page!

      I’ve had 3 comments removed…this will be the 4th…lol

      I agree with you ‘Walsall’.

    • Dan Borden

      This poor fool know very little about radical Islam. Some Muzzo gave him a glass of taqiyya and he swallowed it.

    • Mary Palmer

      Just shows how IGNORANT YOU ARE. Your lengthy diatribe on ignorance. ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM ! MUSLIM’s who striclt follow Islam are the problem. F Islam, F Obama, F all the Muslims who hate Christians, may they all die !

  • Sam Fisher

    We could have stayed out of the Middle East and they would still hate us. They will still try to kill us. Why because the majority says they are Christian and we have Jews living in here and the only way they will not hate us is if we all convert to Islam. Sorry but we did not do anything.

  • Anonymous

    Look back at WW2. The version we tell our kids is that America marched in to save the world from tyranny…
    What a load of BS.

    As WW2 kicked in, America was still in its isolationist phase. The vast majority of Americans were AGAINST saving Europe at the cost of America lives. Our president was desperate to enter the war but couldn’t overcome the resistance of congress and the American people. So the most the president could do was give arms and some pilots to England…

    Americans were against fighting the Nazi’s even AFTER we knew what Hitler was doing to the Jews. We even turned away a shipload of Jews who tried to find refuge here! (Google MS St. Louis)

     We entered the war only after Pearl Harbor was bombed—that moment spurred the bloodlust of Americans and so our president was able to declare war.
     And speaking of the Japanese…we blamed them for wanting to colonize all of Asia…In fact, they were colonizing many areas that WE had already claimed: parts of China, Guam, the Philippines…we didn’t care about the people of these places–we merely wanted our colonies back!

    Today though, Americans kids are taught that America marched into war to save the world from the bad guys. We put a very noble twist on a very ugly situation. 

    • Anonymous

      Another diatribe from an America hater.

      • Anonymous

        This whole website, the essential premise of GB’s show, is a critique of the American status quo. How can you all be so critical of the United States in one breath and suggest those who take issue with parts of our country’s history are haters in another?

        • Anonymous

          its quite a feat of pretzel logic. i always find it interesting that people who hate the govt so much love the military. the only conclusion i might draw is that it comes from a love of hierarchy and authority, but only for others. its like the abusive dad who hits on his kids but would never tolerate them hitting back. derrick jensen talks about this as the proper flow of violence. we can attack others, build bases on their soil, take their resources, wreck their economies, but fear the same happening to use. 

          • Anonymous

             the thing that always amazes me about some people is how they apply their absolutist views on things to other people, and by that I mean everyone’s view on everything is absolutist.
            You can make a well reasoned, nuanced statement not saying that America is evil or bad just that its not as good as we like to believe and we should strive to be better.  The absolutist reads these statements and decides what the absolute position is of the other person, in this case america has some flaws and our enemies didn’t just wake up and decide to kill us becomes america is evil and we deserved everything we got.

          • Anonymous

            its the black/white world view. there is no grey, because grey is uncertainty and ambiguity there is truth and lies, us and them, right and wrong. thus, there is no reason to consider what motivates others. they are crazy. 

    • Draxx

      Just because we did not want to get involved doesn’t mean that we were responsible for the evil acts of other nations…  Plus, if we did not step in even if it was late, we would not have seen the end of the slaughter for possibly decades (remember throughout history wars lasted decades to centuries, the 100 year war for example)!  Oh, also how many more Jewish People would have been murdered, or Innocent Civilians of All Nations Involved?

    • Anonymous

      no doubt that Americans become complacent and pacifistic when the rest of the world is falling apart.  What we did in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were just as necessary as our revolutionary war, and our civil war.  matter of fact, it could be argued that the civil war, or more apporpriate, the war between the federal government and the states, was not necessary and wasted America lives.  it’s too bad we lost that one.

    • sparducks

       Who the hell wants to go to war? No country should unless it is in their own best interest. Bloodlust? You are the cancer that is destroying this country. Perhaps someday this country full of fine people from all nations will develop a bloodlust for you and your ilk. You are the true enemies of America. You are the enemies of freedom. you are the enemies of nations and of men. You are lawlessness. Now go crawl away to some opium den and have a great time. Leave all of us alone you pathetic cancer.

      • Anonymous

        “You are the cancer that is destroying this country. You are the true enemies of America. You are the enemies of freedom. you are the enemies of nations and of men.”

        I think you overestimate me. 
        Still… I admit to being a little flattered. 

        • sparducks

          Again, chortle ,chuckle , grin. Not. Treasonous sentiments against your homeland is a loathesome character. You seem to possess it.

    • Grant Adams

      Thank you for saying what many are thinking. Agree totally. 

    • James Dressler

      I am brazilian, and surely, USA saved all of us. Like the other guy said, who the hell wants to go to war? Nobody, but USA went, and not only kicked Japan, but also all countries alied to it. People like you are foolish by leftists and cannot see things so clear that even a not american sees.

    • Anonymous

       We were attacked and we retaliated. Good for us. We refused to allow others to bully us. We won WWII in short order, We are the only country in history to have helped the fallen enemy rebuild without trying to subjugate their people.

    • James Carr

      Where the hell did you go to school? Congratulations! You have made the most ignorant comment that I’ve ever seen, and you have just proved the point that our education system is rotten to the core.

    • Kelly Myers

      Ed. I’m returning to the United States now after being away for a very very long time and I have lived in several European countries and Canada and with the exception of the diluted, everyone in their right mind knows that ultimately it was The United States of America and its actions during the 20th century that saved us all from the Apocalypse or global enslavement. While I very much appreciate your service, you can take my spot in Vancouver and enjoy the comfortable prison that it is in my place if this is how you feel. Your service to your country doesn’t end when you get home from combat, it only just begins. If you feel so strongly about this, then take a stand, make a decision and execute on it. Arm chair general(isms) about American purpose will get you no where. Leave the country or run for office if you want to change things.
      I’m coming home… to the Greatest force for peace and hope for humanity this world has ever known. The United States of America.

      • Anonymous

         he didn’t make any absolute statement that America is bad or even that the actions we took in WWII weren’t a major contribution to stopping the axis powers, he’s just pointing out we’re not perfect and the world, even during WWII, was not as black and white as we often try to present it.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for being observant. Or “fair and balanced.” :)

      • Anonymous

        Due to my current job, I spend massive amounts of time overseas (I work as a tour manager/production assistant for bands), so I’m very well aware of how people in other countries see us. (LOVE Canada by the way! Though you guys have got to be the most strict when it comes to work visas!)
        Anyway, I’ve been able to acquire an apartment in Amsterdam, and I may retire there someday. Not yet, though, because despite my criticisms of America, I’ll be the first to admit it’s the best place for someone like me—someone of mediocre talents and brains— to make money. LOL

    • rich

      America was still in its isolationist phase , if that is what you want to call it , why I call it is staying out of other people business ….. and not taking sides as our founders advised ….

    • rich

      America was still in its isolationist phase , if that is what you want to call it , why I call it is staying out of other people business ….. and not taking sides as our founders advised ….   

    • Bill Wyld

      Im a WWII history buff,and it of all eras would be the one I would have chosen to live in. We had a faith and patriotism like no other,and spurred great inventions. But Ed is right,at that time there was very much a determination NOT to be in the war. Seems as Americans,were not hungry enough unless a blood-lust is created,and puts a fire under us,before we go into a war like blood-thirsty Klingons.

    • Anonymous

      edtooey said: ” And speaking of the Japanese…we blamed them for wanting to colonize all of Asia…In fact, they were colonizing many areas that WE had already claimed: parts of China, Guam, the Philippines…we didn’t care about the people of these places–we merely wanted our colonies back!”
      Yes and in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s a progressive Teddy Roosevelt encouraged the Japanese to do it!  As far as the Philippines at the end of WWII we still needed a coaling station in that region of the world China soon went Communist and we needed ports for our Navy to counter threats from both Russia and China in that region of the world…When we were asked to leave the Philippines we did…  
      At the beginning of WWII America was still dealing with the results of the depression and we had already once gone to war in Europe…. England and France wanting to punish Germany demanded war reparations caused the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire in so doing bankrupted Germany making it a fertile ground for communists and National Socialists and Adolf Hitler….. so again I say we end up paying for the sins of the British and the French….  Just as in the middle east where they made little nation states they thought they could control…
      One other factor the U.S. had to deal prior to going to war with was the National Socialist party had a foot hold in America and was popular in the Northeast look up the Bund Party so there was some resistance early on to going to war with Germany because of this…
      America sadly did turn away some Jews in the ship you mentioned and that was shameful but we did not turn away all Jews… you forgot to mention Japanese internment camps but at the time what was the country to do Japanese Americans didn’t meld into the American culture the way Europeans could… we had just suffered a devastating attack that took out most of our Naval assets in the Pacific …. At the time the Government had to worry about sabotage and the growing anger against the Japanese…. It would take too long to vet them all and to leave them in the cities and towns where they lived would have caused bloodshed soon or a later  the internment camps were a quick solution I am not making excuses our country violated their Constitutional rights but I do believe an even worse blot on American history would have been if the Government did nothing and the history was the killing of Japanese Americans and the burning of their businesses….even with what they were put through many Japanese Americans served our country with distinction fignting in Europe wining several Medal of Honors..
      History isn’t just black and white… there is a lot that goes into the equation as to why a country chooses to act or when it acts….
      edtooey  as I read more of what you have written I can understand your frustration with our government and some of what has happened during your tour of service,  but our history is cause and effect… should we have tried to have influence in regions of the world to keep communist influence in check  even if it meant supporting tin hat dictators?   I would rather it was not that way but what would have happened if we allowed the USSR to be the influence in the region?  Would other countries neighboring their influence survive as they were? I doubt it…
      Rather than worry about what the country has done over seas I worry about what our government is doing here to subvert The Constitution and our freedoms, if the Republic is to survive changes in Washington need to happen but with the empowered entitlement crowd voting for themselves and not for the benefit of our Republic…. The fight ahead will be long and hard.

  • Draxx

    The way the Gov’t is spending money like it will have zero negative effects, it’s going to cause things to crash down.  That will probably happen before another generation can be fully indoctrinated.  With the Fed Gov’t spreading it’s lies (its people lie more daily to protect their asses no matter what the consequences of those outside the circle have to suffer), take for example if they know a huge meteor is going to hit the earth they will not say anthing, it will only be leaked out by a few people and they will be silenced asap!  Same thing will go for Total Economic Collapse, or Total Conversion Over to Socialism or Islamic Sharia Law…

    • mudslide

       But, but…according to Nazi Pelosi 17 trillion isn’t a problem!

  • Anonymous

    Is there any wonder why we have so many morons out there voting the way they do?
    American school children have been being dumbed down and taught lies for years.
    Government cant do anything else right. why do we expect anything different from education.

    • Anonymous

      govt cant do anything right. but when it comes to military actions, they can do no wrong? interesting case of cognitive dissonance. 

  • Anonymous

    I always enjoy stories like this because it shows why Glenn Beck was such a f***ing failure in school.
    The question ask “What might the United States”!  The answer given is correct.  It is a reason given by terrorists for targeting America.
    The question didn’t ask if terrorists were justified in blaming the U.S., it simply asked for a reason to be targeted.

    Well done Glenn!!!
    Stop trying to attack schools just because you want to brainwash your kids in homeschool and you personally can’t earn a degree in the real world!!!

  • Dale H Layton

    1979, Iran, 1983, Berut USMC Barracks, 1993, Twin Towers 1, USS COLE, 1995?, 2001, 911

  • Russ Wernert

    heres what i got today–outrageous

    • mudslide

       what the hell? lol

    • Nora H

       that is a ridiculous note from a “teacher”. they want you to make sure  your kid memorizes the answers for the test over “vacation”, Oh and by the way, hyp them up on candy so they wont get sleepy. what? I am so glad I homeschool. 

  • Tara Steward

    Exactly why I am glad my children are educated at a school on a military installation. I do not ever want my children to think that what their father and others like him fight for everyday is wrong or has invited attacks by psychotic terrorist organizations.

    • mudslide

       Of course the irony, and the hidden hypocrisy of the cry-baby attention whores, is that thousands of patriots gave their lives and sacrificed for the right of said whiners to complain about life here in America…they know not from loyalty, duty, honor, or courage – all they know is that they feel  entitled to an iPhone….

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul said the same thing .

  • Kuni Beasley

    Guess why I home school…..

  • V

    Exactly why my daughter goes to a private christian school.  Public schools are nothing more than libtard indoctrination camps.  Sick and sad.

  • Tom Boyce

    They hate us for our freedom and our large American genitalia 

  • Donald McKenna

    Home school your children! F*** all this liberal brainwashing in schools, every single one of them in the educational system is following the Dem’s agenda of misinformation, guilt, and fearmongering!

    • Anonymous

      as opposed to a rep agenda of misinformation, guilt and fear mongering? I guess I see your point. 

      • Joseph A White

         Why are you progressives afraid of the truth??  why do you despise the traditional values and principles that made our nation the greatest nation in the history of the world??  I’ll tell you why.  Its because you have been indoctrinated to believe such things.  We aim to stop the indoctrination of our children.  You and your pals are lost causes, but future generations are not.

  • Donn Caldwell

    Is there some sort of pre-existing condition that a person must meet to be an educator. Why are they all liberal socialists. From college to kindergarten, they all teach BS that is contrary to American standards.

    • Anonymous

      its called evidence based thinking, google it. some people call it science as well. do you ever find it interesting that so many people believe such things if they are obviously untrue? 

      • Joseph A White

         Its called “propaganda”, Bruce.  Google it.  And people believe what they are taught.  that’s why our public schools are being inundated with progressive propaganda.  The result is people like you.  I rest my case.

  • Mariangel Wilkinson

    Parents need to be more involved in what is being taught. I applaud the mom for finding out what was being taught. If enough parents complain, things can change, but Glenn is right, this has been going on for years, the indoctrination of our kids, more or less behind our backs. Stand up, get involved and make a change. It starts with one person’s voice.

  • Justin 4 Liberty

    Noooo, American foreign policy is never to blame for anything. We always make great decisions! There is never blow-back from our operations (many of them illegal) overseas. Go back to sleep now GI Joe will protect you. The teacher is paraphrasing the 9-11 commission report pretty much. Sorry if that hurts your patriotic ears, but the truth is the only thing that will save us in the future

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Glennn.
    America to blame for 9/11? You say “That’s what schools are teaching kids.” Are you saying this represents a trend? Surely not many schools are teaching that. Or am I wrong? Do you have any idea HOW MANY schools are teaching that the US is to blame for 9/11?
    “Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?” The answer? “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.”…  You say this quote is from a test based on a video. Where can we see the video?

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    its funny that most people here go on and on about “indoctrination” but can’t even bear the thought that people mind consider alternatives to the one “truth” as it is told. 

    its no doubt that the people responsible for 9/11 are the people who did the attack. but to turn a blind eye to what might have motivated them is pure folly. a nation that cannot reflect on its own actions is one that will keep making the same mistakes. 

    look at it this way, you don’t get mad at your neighbor for having a party at his house. you get mad because people are parking in your yard, the music is too loud in the middle of the night, etc. 

    so if your neighbor then says “hey, you’re just mad because you didn’t get invited” and refuses to listen to your requests, and keeps having loud parties, what are you gonna do?

    so many people here are in denial that america is an empire and we’re not just some nation of nice people blundering along with all these weapons. 

    • Joseph A White

       The events of September 11, 2001 were NOT a neighborhood party, Son, and to compare the two and attempt to draw an analogy is obtuse, insensitive, disrespectful and flat out ignorant.  There is NO decision that one country can make that makes it excusable or reasonable for the terrorist attacks on that day to occur.  I suggest you remove your head from your azz and wake up, pal.

      • Anonymous

        just to be clear. the point of making an analogy is to take the events out of context so that a new perspective can be gleaned. the point is not to make them equivalent. and to clarify, we are not talking about making an excuse. what we are doing is looking at why someone else might justify this in their own minds. 

        take for example, is there any reason why one country might drop two atomic bombs on another country, killing about 135,000 people? is there an excuse or reason for that?

  • Linda M Corsaro-Kitterman

    We need to wake up and we need to be afaid if we do not change the course we have allowed Obama and his cronies to take us on and u know people WE have allowed it to happen…God Bless us all!

  • Andy Howard

    Jeremiah 10:23 

    23 I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.

  • Navarro Eric

    indocrination start by any value you adopt , and choose to brain wash your children , or even yours ;watching only CNN, and Msnbc, but if you watch Glenn Beck or listen to Rush 24/7 it is another indocrination…the only way is to think for yourself and for that you need to do a selection or better knowing every why and how ,what, it is impossible. particularly if you stayed in your town and never been anywhere else , travel for God sake and try to put your F….g shoes in differents one for once or twice and life will change your way or thinking. No America is not this glorious and exemplary country…it is also an horrible and devastating vampire sucking of the world(third) as France where i come from as europe as most of them who do economic war which is a monopoly game and war is just one the attribution, as petrole, or drug…( all wars or close have drug, gun business in it;afgha, china, etc)

    • Jan Conroy

      If America is so bad, why come here and then kvetch about how bad we are?  Are you insane?  Why didn’t you find some other, more perfect country to immigrate to, like Mexico. Morocco, Canada or Cambodia?  Why are you even here?  

      And, what sort of a self-hating Frenchman are you? Leftist or Muslim?  Why are you trying to propagandize us into self-hatred, too?  Self-hatred is a mental disorder and the government can confiscate your guns if they think you are a danger to yourself or others — and this government is in a particularly gun-grabbing mood these days.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    why not just blame President Lincoln for his own assassination?

  • Jackie

    They want an indoctrinated ignorant population. They of course begin with the children.

  • Frustrated

    Wooooooah! This had better stop, or ALL of us “real Americans” are going to opt our children out of public school.

    • Joe Mays

      too late already did that 😉

  • Hank Guinn

    Why dont you move your sorry ass out of america if it is so bad because we dont want you here

  • Michael Stewart

    what about the “white privilege” wrist bands?  I’d say that’s pretty bad.

  • Fay Zimmerman Francisco

    You have to be kidding me!! This is NOT acceptable!

  • Stephanie FitzSimon

    Let’s get the title right, it’s not all school’s that are teaching this. I’m a Texas teacher and we aren’t teaching stuff like this. I would say one thing though, are you sure the teacher is teaching the kids of “this is how it is” or is it more likely that the teacher is exposing them to many opinions about the incident. Honestly that’s what an intelligent teacher would do. They present many sides and opinions integrating in the facts as well. If that’s how it was taught, saying “Did you know some people think this about the 9/11 attacks…” I see nothing wrong with it as long as she isn’t saying “This is how it is.” That’s a well rounded, open minded teacher.

  • Janet Wise

    As a fellow Mormon, Glenn, you might appreciate this.  Several years ago, I was helping one of my daughter’s friends with her history homework.  I was shocked to read that Joseph Smith had been “hung” by people who were against him running for President.  I called the teacher, and told her that, in fact, all though it was true he was running for President, that he had been shot by a mob while in Liberty jail.  Of course, she didn’t believe me.  Teachers are certain that textbooks are “vetted” very well.

  • Janet Wise

    As a fellow Mormon, Glenn, you might appreciate this.  Several years ago, I was helping one of my daughter’s friends with her history homework.  I was shocked to read that Joseph smith had been “hung” by people who were against him running for President.  I called the teacher and told her that, in fact, it was true he was running for President, but he had been shot while incarcerated at Liberty jail.  Of course, she didn’t believe me.  Teachers are certain textbooks have been “vetted” very well.

  • Tom McDonald


  • Eddina Symns

    Leftists who hate themselves, join with other self-haters, and they hate their country, too.
    Their goal, then, is to destroy the country and a bit of themselves.
    They do NOT belong on boards which OK text books.
    Who is allowing that?
    I ask, but must say that I have read that EVERY textbook publishing company has Leftists and Islamists on their boards which decide what goes into the books.
    VERY dangerous.

  • Endgame

    9/11 was NOT “America’s” fault. “We the people” had absolutely nothing to do with it, however, it was engineered by rougue elements within our Government who work for the globalist bankster elites for the purpose of slowly stripping away American’s Consitutonal Rights so that they can eventually implement their plan for a one world fascist global Government (New World Order)

  • Michael Rice

    Right, all the people waving the “Behead thsoe who insult Islam” and “kill the infidel” signs are worried abotu foreign policy.

    Anyone who uses th analogy of us letting Iran build a base here is an idiot.

    There is no need for Iran to build a base here. As well, while I would not like it, my target of animosity would be my own government that allowed it. i would not go over to Iran and attack them.

  • rich

    is it the right thing to always look of force of action and spending
    the nations wealth a good idea ? one thing to ponder , Does the USA
    backing of Iseral 100% then giving aid to Palestine ? make any logic ?
    or does it piss off groups of people , whole nations of people ? We
    Backed of Iran , then Sided with Iraq ? Backing of both Britain and
    Argentinian , Who’s side are we to pick now, we have treaties with both
    ? does all this ring any bells ? Jimmy carter giving rise to the same
    terrorists we fight today, Regan going down Caters same path ? ? is
    this Pissing people off, has it pissed off whole nations against the USA
    ? ? taking that into consideration would one say we are partly to
    blame for our own problems ? ? Trying to understand why a person wants
    to kill you is only logical or trying to understand why other nations
    want to destroy us is only logical , but we do little thinking up at the
    highest levels of our government , as a student of Martial arts it is
    always best to understand why the other opponent wants to rip your face
    off and to try and avoid a fight , this is a true path of a worrier ? Is
    it correct to try and say Muslims are the only group in America that
    commit Terrorist acts ? When in fact according to the FBI Jewish
    fanatics commit the most acts of Terror the USA , and then why is our
    media not reporting this ? so you see people who live in glass house
    should not throw rocks ,was it wrong what they did 911 = yes .. IS our
    overseas police a big fat failure= yes – one can only correct ones
    actions , trying to change others is never, never going to work… We need to pull our troops home and place them on the border of Mexico , before it is to late and as a naton we are to thin to protect ourselves ….

  • Dawson Ehlke

    America is by no means perfect or flawless, but no decision we have ever made that negatively affected other people justifies targeting and killing civilians. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck: How can we awaken the American public with this kind of nonsense being shoved down our grandkids throat? Parents, be sure to check every piece of homework and textbooks your kids bring home. My daughter goes over my grandson’s homework every morning before he goes to school.

  • Anonymous

    The very liberal left, the Marxists, the Socialists have been using the public schools to spread their propaganda for many, many years. Parents have to be informed and vigilant about the what their kids are being exposed to in the schools.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, do you have a diary of the evolution of these kinds of events from 1/1/10? We could use them plus any of the events leading up to the changes! You made the charts, but some of didn’t make copies. They need to be posted and shared as a living document.

    We need them as talking points now and to leave them for our grandchildren.

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t the parent going to the school and demanding the teacher stop?  Somehow the liberals feel so ashamed that our country has prosperoused through capitalism and democracy. How bad it is that people who work hard can get ahead.  All those backward countries that demoralize women and girls, suppress individualism, and terrorize people to keep them brainwashed and suppressed to where no one can better themselves need to fail.  Those power hungry sick people who keep people from ever having a life better than what they have now and use religion as a tool.  We need to  stop sending money from the US immediately. These  governments that allow religion to rule need to fail so those who are suppressed can stand up and fight for what our country has, then just maybe the world can change.  I’m soo tired of those who feel bad or guilty for having money want to blame our government for why other countries fail. Not everyone makes extra money. You should feel thankful for having to tools and skill to be well off. Teachers need to wake up, grow up, and stop trying to brainwash our children with your sick ideology.  I just asked my 13 year old daughter if they teach this liberal crap at her school and she said “never”. I would be at my daughter’s middle school yelling and screaming why my country has to appologize for how wonderful America has become.  USA is a beacon for those seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

  • smokehill

    You can’t expect much from a pack of unionized, uneducated teachers.

    The biggest joke is that — on paper — they appear far more educated than most teachers of the 50s & 60s, although on an actual achievement test like the SAT the current crop of teachers couldn’t hold a candle to their predecessors of 50 years ago.

    As a five-minute conversation with them would show, also.


    This is more of the Progressives brainwashing of America’s children. This should lead to increasint enrollment in private & parochial schools as well as home schooling.

  • Anonymous

    Home School!!!. I dont trust the public school system, with most teachers selling their soul to the unions…

  • Judith Olesen Foley

    The context of text books for the entire country are determined by a group in Texas.  Why are they allowed to come out with this crap?  The REAL truth about our history should be taught, not the liberal, atheist, Muslim BS

  • Thomas Salisbury

    Islam has been targeting Christians(and Jewish) for hundreds of years years you idiots…  They hate us BECAUSE we are Christian.  No other reason.  Not a single one.  There is nothing we could do or could have done that would make Islam hate us any more or less.  It is in their blood to hate.  The religion was started by hate and control…  Every single one of you really needs to learn history.  The begging…  Ever heard of the Crusades?  I’m sure you think it was just because the church wanted to kill the Muslims?  Nope, wrong…  The Crusades was commissioned because the Muslims were attacking the border towns of Christian controlled areas and killing anyone who didn’t join Islam.  It was merely a defense.

  • Judith Olesen Foley

    The contents of textbooks for the country is determined by a group based in Texas.  Why are they allowed to print all this garbage??  The REAL truth of the history of our country should be printed and taught to the children of this country.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is like the village idiot of America. He might point to subjects that are important, but he gets it sooooooooooo freaking wrong. He’s all like “The right principles”… absolutist moron, closed-minded a – hole.

  • Anonymous

     The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz
    Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer
    Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom by David Horowitz


    The Haj by Leon Uris (To answer questions re. “right of return”.)
    Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel
    Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America by Gaubatz and Sperry
    The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz
    Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer
    Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom by David Horowitz
    Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, (and Holocaust in Rwanda), by Peter Hammond
    The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, (and The Legacy of Jihad) by Andrew G. Bostom

    If Islam is the “religion of peace”, where in Sheikh Abdullah bin Humaid’s article on jihad can I find the equivalent of “Love Thy Neighbor” and “good will toward men”? And explain its prominence, and significance almost as an “Introduction”, in a book that’s considered second only to the Koran: My Summarized Sahih Al-Bukhari. Explain also why the first part of his article, “the call to jihad, fighting for Allah’s cause with the heart, the hand and the tongue” is not what Clausewitz would refer to as “total war” Also address “jihad” as it’s defined in Reliance of the Traveller and answer the same question. (Chapter O-9.0: Jihad O: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion.) Also compare Humaid’s “jihad” and Emmet Fox’ Sermon on the Mount and tell me which one best represents a spirit of Love and compassion.

    (I truly believe Humaid’s article should be “Exhibit A” when it comes to refuting Islam as the “religion of peace”.)

    Martin Kramer:
    Gaza is a place with no Israeli settlements, from which Israel has totally withdrawn to the 1967 lines, and which nonetheless has become a Hamas terror state. That’s what happens in conditions of Gazafication. So when people say that in a two-state solution, Palestinians would have a “right of return” to the West Bank and not Israel, I do not find that particularly reassuring either. Any influx of Palestinians across the Jordan poses a problem for Israel, and it is naive to dismiss it. I would like to hear how, in a two-state scenario, Gazafication of the West Bank can be prevented. I haven’t heard it yet.

    Read The Haj by Leon Uris. And ask these questions:

    What year did the nation of Palestine come into existance?What were its national borders and what year did it cease to exist?What currency did the nation of Palestine use and why is there no history of it?Name one leader to the “nation of Palestine” prior to Yasser Arafat.

    HISTORY OF ISRAEL (Minus “http://www.”)

    History of Israel & “Palestine” in VERY easy to understand maps
    masada2000 “dot” org

    Founding National Myths: Fabricating Palestinian History by David Bukay

    Palestinians, Jebusites, and Evangelicals by David Wenkel Middle East Quarterly

    The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 by Fred M. Gottheil Middle East Quarterly

    How Many Palestinian Arab Refugees Were There? by Efraim Karsh Israel Affairs

    Rewriting Israel’s History by Efraim Karsh Middle East Quarterly

    The Battle over Silwan: Fabricating Palestinian History by Shaul Bartal

    Palestinians ‘Peoplehood’ Based on a Big Lie Eli E. Hertz

    Myths and Facts UN Resolution 181 : The Partition Plan November 29, 1947

    Real Apartheid Apatheid Moniter Directed by Efraim Karsh Middle East Forum

    The Hostages of Hatred – full documentary (?)

    Hostages of Hatred Part 1

    The Book of Jewish Knowledge by Nathan Ausubel
    Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry
    American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us by Steven Emerson
    The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America by Andre C. McCarthy
    Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance by Pamela Geller
    Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores by Michelle (the hottest woman on the planet) Malkin
    Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits” as a solution to our political problems.
    Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom MD
    A Concise History of the Crusades by Thomas F. Madden
    Justice Not Vengeance by Simon Wiesenthal
    The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia by Tim Tzouliadis
    The New Moody Atlas of the Bible by Barry J. Beitzel
    The Al Qaeda Reader by Raymond Ibrahim
    Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
    Sahih al-Bukhari (With Sheikh Humaid’s article on Jihad and plug by Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid)
    The Koran: Pickthall
    Quran: Yusuf Ali: Translated by Prof. Syed Vickar Ahmed
    Holy Qur’an with Commentary: Maulana Muhammad Ali
    The Second Message of Islam by Mahmoud Mohamed Taha
    The Source by James Michener

    Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage and the Family by Stephen Baskerville
    The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers
    Plunder: How Public Employee Unions Are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation by Steven Greenhut
    Mean Justice: A true account of a prosecutor’s power and betrayel by Edward Humes
    One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors and Activist Judges Threaten You Liberty by Reosenzweig & Walsh
    The Man by Irving Wallace

    • Anonymous

      One of the better definitive representations of the culture and history of the modern middle east conflict is The Haj. Read Exodus by him also.
      The truth is, the “Palestinians” had “Israel/Palestine” for 2,000 years. Once the Jews settled there and started creating a prosperous state, the Palestinians got really upset. However, if after a couple thousand years, they still couldn’t make anything of the land, maybe giving it to them now won’t make much difference.
      It isn’t about them having their own “state”. It’s about their hatred of anything “Western” “Jewish”, or “not Muslim”. Why Israel ever gave back any land after the ’67 war is beyond my understanding. Nothing will ever make the “Palestinians” happy.

  • Anonymous

    Say the brain-washed child of hardline nationalist Glenn Beck.

  • Teresa Griffith

    I’m sorry, what is the point of this article?  I don’t really see any issue with the questions referenced.  I didn’t see the video the children were forced to watch at gunpoint?, apparently?  Is that the “real” issue?   

    Say again, but be clear.  What is the point of this article?  Try not to misstate facts please.  

  • Jarrod A Smith

    What these sympathizers of terrorists/ extremist fail to see if that the derivative of terrorism is not modern day America.  Their extremist positions were born thousand of years ago. The West is simply their target today and sadly we have far to many in our media that feel they can sway these souls into more moderate positions through diplomacy.  They will blow their ass and everyone around them to bits to promote the spread of radical islam.  They are masters of inciting even greater violence through a false portrayal of Islam being a victim of modern day America.  Ie:Taking advantage f the US retaliation for the innocent lives lost on 9/11.  America is the greatest collection of people on earth, yet there are far too many people within our own neighborhoods that are willing to bring the greatest experiment in civilized societal history, to its knees.  And for what, their moment under the lights?   Over just the last 100 years alone millions upon millions of people have been exterminated by their own leadership. These rulers were born by a citizenry willing to sacrifice their freedoms for a false sense of security promoted by the very leaders who exterminated their families.  We barely have a majority in the states under the current administration that are wiling to sacrifice everything to prevent the dark side of history from rearing itself in this great country.   Pray for America.  

  • Glo Bamford

    why would a parent be upset for schools finally teaching  children the truth about how corrupt thier govt is ?  shakes head … hope her children don’t bury thier head in the sand like thier mother

  • Idahocntryboy!

    It’s funny I am from the Vietnam Era and we were all singing Merle Haggards If you don’t love it leave it.  Years later the draft dodging draft card burners are now in political power flushing this country down the perverbial toilet.  Since the Vietnam War I have seen more individual rights lost including personal property rights, free speech rights, 2nd Amendment rights and now veterans are considered terrorist.  If anyone thinks this country does not have serious problems then ease up on the koolaide and pot.

  • faxxmaxx

    There have been terrorist attacks in virtually every country. On top of that, every country that welcome Muslims have seen a rise of rapes and murders, their laws ignored, Shariah law courts put in place, (including the U.S.) lack of assimilation, and refusal to learn the language of their adopted country. Countries like Sweden, the UK and Norway refuse to police the new ghettos for fear of gang attacks. The spread of death into Africa against Christians not to mention Christians throughout the Middle East is another issue you bleeding hearts are ignoring. It’s your right to believe America has given these barbarians reason to hate and attack us, but what’s the excuse for terrorizing the rest of the world?

  • Chance Hill

    It’s not leftist it’s facts you Zionist bastards! The left are idiots. 

  • Annette Marie Pimentel

     I admit that we are not perfect. We have done things around the world that other people do not like. BUT that does not mean that they get a free pass to terrorize us and fly planes into our buildings, killing 3000 of our people. Or that we now have to feel sorry for them or feel empathy for them. If we catch a serial killer and found out he was constantly abused, in every way possible, as a child, are we going to forgive him? Are we going to say the people he killed were responsible for his actions just because they were part of the same species as the person who caused his abuse??? I don’t think so!!! We, as a country, are not innocent bystanders. Anyone who thinks we are is VERY naive. And I agree that we are currently heading in the VERY wrong direction. Especially with the current administration. But I don’t think that we, or anyone else in this world, deserved what was done to us on 9/11!!!! I have always and I will always defend the USA and our Constitution because although we are not perfect, we are the BEST country in the world. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who is desperately trying to get a visa to get into the amazing USA!!!

  • Anonymous

     I did not hear him blame the USA for the attacks. I pretty much heard some sad but true facts

  • Anonymous

     God Bless you my friend and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.

  • Gene Stephens

    Yes america has made some mistakes but we did not deserve the murder of 3000 innocent citizens. Our schools have a long track record of supporting our enemies at the expense of the truth. They have an agenda and that is that America is the predator, always wrong and the really nasty governments of the world are noble and good. Our faults do not make us deserving of all the scorn of truly evil regimes and people of the world. Dont try that moral equivilent BS; it is a weak arguement in support of evil. Come up with something original.

  • Anonymous

    Although the facts may have merit and worth a discussion at a collage level in no way are children in the 5th grade able to comprehend the find nuances of this kind of topic.  So no matter what side of the discussion your are on, this is inexcusable to teach to 5th graders.

  • Paul Marks

    Do not forget that the same test went into the Social Justice stuff –  health, education, welfare all “rights”.

  • dennis reilly

    If that is the case than all the politicians who have been serving the country selfishly for years to decades need to apologize for all of the mistakes they have made

  • Bill Cowman

    This is how they will finally defeat true American Conservatism. Through attrition. By brainwashing the younger generation. The people on the left are more conniving than we give them credit for. They are better at tactics and spin than we are. It’s sad, but it’s true. When this current generation of 20-somethings become 40-somethings, I fear that conservatism will be a mere footnote in some history book. I am neither smart enough to know what to do about this, nor rich enough to fund an effort against this. But I do fear that if we don’t somehow stop this, then we are doomed as a nation.

  • Anonymous

     We need to throw out the teachers who hate America,try them with treason and get our country back.Yes have meetings,but also check your kids homework.This is getting out of hand and it must be stopped NOW!

  • Anonymous

    My children’s teacher told my kids they would be marked wrong for using the historic time line AD/BC and must answer BCE/CE. I told them to answer AD and BC, that it is the correct answer and BCE and CE is a made up time line to avoid the religious aspect of the answer, if they got marked wrong I would take it up with their teacher. If I didn’t say anything none of the kids parents would of known! They counted on that. Pay attention. the teacher changed her mind about marking it wrong.

  • Taylor Reese

    Well Glenn, apathy, they just don’t know, because they don’t Read! Except game manuals, texts, fb posts. Oh and twitter! Oh and the apathy part, they don’t know and don’t care! Hmm..

  • Dave Hilton

    I’m reading many of the comments here, and I’m VERY concerned.  The comments are all over the board, ideologically, with some conservatives and liberals basically stating that this country is not the greatest nation it used to be.  We are fighting amongst ourselves, instead of fighting the true enemies: the corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and corporatists that our ruining our Constitution as well as the Marxists that have spread their poison into the hearts and souls of millions through the education, cultural, and even the church systems.

    Wake up, people.  This is just the beginning if we do not do something.

  • Heidi

    there is a problem with teacher training…. the socialists and atheists took over the colleges a long time ago, therefore college students who become teachers have been indoctrinated and their superiors are also pushing them to go in this direction, and if you try to look it up in a textbook, it will be there as well.  There may have been malicious intent in this film/test, but I doubt the creators of it, or the pushers of it, have any discerning wisdom that may have sent up a red flag that this *might* be inappropriate. We are not teaching truth, and so the lie gets passed from generation to generation. God save us from ourselves!

  • Lisa Zenonian

    I myself being vet to feeling some of the same ways. We are not totally innocent but nor   are they.And as one some of the Cool-Aid drinking sheep think that all Muslin’s think we are evil! I mean really guys what happen to your christian hearts. These are holy wars to them not something that unless you or I can really get to them on that level we will never really understand. It’s like labeling a whole brand bad because a few lots weren’t good or even better saying that all teens are bad just because some are. There are bad people everywhere in every religion. And every government pays off bad guys its not good history is just repeating its self! We are like every great nation there is a rise and a fall no nation stands forever. We are like Great Roman Empire and sadly it seems we are in the fall.
    As for your history lesson your forgot 1 important detail that back in the 80’s it was US that provided arms to the radical Islamist’s in Afghanistan so they could fight the Russians yes but because of the we made Bin Lanen. After that Bush in the 1st Golf war walked away from his promises to help the local people that helped with the fighting and they were all gassed by Saddam Hussien. So if you really want to know why no one wanted to help us that would be why. We make the locals monsters for them made promises to help and walked away and get them murdered in masses. So the good 1s  are to scare to stand up anymore we only see there monsters.And back to we are falling like Rome was Obama is like Nero but instead of playing the fiddle while Roman burn Obama is playing golf

  • Anonymous

    Why are you sending your child to Govt school?

  • Lisa Zenonian

    I don’t sent my kids to a govt school

  • Lisa Zenonian

    I myself being vet to feeling some of the same ways. We are not totally innocent but nor   are they.And as one some of the Cool-Aid drinking sheep think that all Muslin’s think we are evil! I mean really guys what happen to your christian hearts. These are holy wars to them not something that unless you or I can really get to them on that level we will never really understand. It’s like labeling a whole brand bad because a few lots weren’t good or even better saying that all teens are bad just because some are. There are bad people everywhere in every religion. And every government pays off bad guys its not good history is just repeating its self! We are like every great nation there is a rise and a fall no nation stands forever. We are like Great Roman Empire and sadly it seems we are in the fall.
    As for your history lesson your forgot 1 important detail that back in the 80’s it was US that provided arms to the radical Islamist’s in Afghanistan so they could fight the Russians yes but because of the we made Bin Lanen. After that Bush in the 1st Golf war walked away from his promises to help the local people that helped with the fighting and they were all gassed by Saddam Hussien. So if you really want to know why no one wanted to help us that would be why. We make the locals monsters for them made promises to help and walked away and get them murdered in masses. So the good 1s  are to scare to stand up anymore we only see there monsters.And back to we are falling like Rome was Obama is like Nero but instead of playing the fiddle while Roman burn Obama is playing golf

  • Devin

    Are you f-ing kidding me? Why is this even remotely controversial? We witness firsthand every day that the US government makes decisions that negatively impact people. Why on earth would we think the US government — when acting abroad in countries with cultures we don’t understand and among people who don’t have any vote about the policies being enacted — wouldn’t make stupid decisions abroad? The cognitive dissonance at work here makes my brain hurt…

    • E. Browning Bosley

      What are those particular actions?  Do you have a list somewhere?  I wouldn’t have a problem if we discussed how particular policies may create some kind of anger towards us but why not list a policy that is doing this supposed harm?  Do you have an answer for that?

  • JTWilliams

    Glenn still sucks

    • Anonymous

      Oh such profound words…….

  • Linda Dommel

    Parents need to school board & send letters to Gov that you will no longer pay taxes for teaching non capitalism curriculum. Then stop paying them! We need to get one of these (as a group) in court. Our tax money should not be going for any teaching hatred of capitalism. I’ve been think that about the Fed Gov’t also, if they don’t pass a budget & do their jobs (masses) should stop paying taxes until budget is passed.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, we do seem to involve ourselves in things that seem to not be our concern.  On the other hand, we need to look at the big picture, not just the little piece that is before us at one time.  Actions of countries and people within those countries whose activities are in direct opposition to us do need to be dealt with.  Thinking that we contributed to the terrorist attack, although it was looking at the big picture and seeing that other countries were harboring and encouraging terrorist groups, is somewhat like saying a woman contributed to her rape by the way she dressed and behaved.  There is no way to justify it or blame shift.  The sole responsibility rests with those who made the choice to carry out the actions.

  • Anonymous

    America has been a bigger force of good around the world than the few times we have sinned.  It behooves us to make sure we keep our morals high and keep our government to keep their moral compass high too.

  • Christian Dunn

    @edtoohey…. We provided arms to The Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, and we done so covertly. Ahmad Shah Massoud (the leader of the northern alliance, and later Minister of Defense for Afghanistan) fought against the Taliban. He was in no way on the side Bin Laden. It’s also been stated that al-Qaeda was behind his assassination. Might want to go back and reread actual facts surrounding the Afghanistan, Russian war. 
    It is not our Big Macs or our right to own guns that cause them to hate us, that’s true. Muslims in general do not hate The United States, or the citizens inside it. It is the extremists within the Muslim community that do. The reason they hate us, one of many, is because we pose a threat to their way of live, in the sense that we differ greatly on how to treat each other, woman, homosexuals, divorce, adultery. The way we do things threatens their tradition. It’s funny because besides Israel, the other country in the region that is the most western is Iran.
    Are we a perfect Country? No. Absolutely not. Do we get into situations we shouldn’t? Yes. But if you look at it objectively, we have saved more lives in this world than any other country on Earth. We go through the world and feed the hungry, cloth them, give them shelter, help them improve their infrastructure, fight diseases, respond to natural disasters. These are things to be proud of. We are a great nation, and we will continue to be. They can spin it in school how they want. But why aren’t they teaching the great things we do in this world?

  • Susan E. Sneathen

    That’s not even a valid question because it is not factual. the desired answer is completely opinion, and if we taught our kids correct history and actually taught them to think independently, they would KNOW it is an opinion and NOT a fact. you cannot TEST on opinion!
    I think we need to create home school networks and hire a trained teacher (one who CARES about teaching factual history) to teach a group of students. each family could pay a portion of the teacher’s salary. One teacher for every 15 students or so. Wonder if it’s a plausible idea.

  • Anonymous

    I expect soon these Commies will be teaching the USA caused the Exodus and somehow the Jews were involved !
    The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve.  Those who do not agree are either killed or dragged along for the ride to Hell.

    • doug

       Well as a matter of fact the Jews were involved with the Exodus…just sayin’

  • Susan E. Sneathen

    ed………… you comments are a sad example of the twisted thinking in our country today, IF you really  knew history, you would realize that some of these countries have never liked us, nor do they like many other countries. They HAVE no reason, they have been programmed to hate for generations.
    Your response is like saying a woman deserves to be beaten or raped. NO ONE EVER does anything that calls for the kind of acts that were imposed on our country on 9/11.
    Why don’t you go there…take a visit… yes you will find nice people.. but you will also find a VERY different world than the small one you have been living in.

  • E. Browning Bosley

    The socialist have always used the argument that an individual, freely doing what they want, may negatively affect others.  This justifies their denying that individual that freedom that they deem as affecting others.  The international version is going to say internal decisions we make as a nation negatively affect other countries which will justify a loss of sovreenty over our nation.  I agree with Glenn.  We are in trouble

  • Derek Peevey

    teach your kids responsibility for their action. teach them that what they do will affect others. if you think America is totally blameless in that attack, meaning that nothing we did could ever provoke an attack from any other person in the entire world then you are living in a dream world. yes our actions and inactions hurt people in other countries. dont like that fact? too bad. to teach our kids that we are perfect and totally blameless for that is a lie. 

  • Sam Fox

    edtoohey, so far, is the most correct.

    People need to find, at YouTube

    Did Blowback Cause 9-11 Southern Avenger

    9-11, War And Why Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Is Right

    Do a web search for

    Blowback: The Costs And Consequences Of American Empire by Chalmers Johnson

    Michael Scheuer Talks About Blowback

    We The People did not vote to start bombing in the ME in the 50’s. That was our govt at work. Interventionism was the foreign policy model. That model is 180′ diametrically opposed to the FP of our Founding Fathers. Out Founders believed we should mind our own business: trade, travel, communication, diplomacy–but NO entangling alliances.

    See for yourself. Look up

    The US Founders Foreign Policy

    I like the Founder’s FP. By the way, theirs was also Ron Paul’s FP. Loota jerks like Bill O’Really lied about Ron & his FP without ever telling us what his FP was & why it was bad.

    If we want to stop reaping consequences like 9-11, perhaps it is time we start sowing different seed around the planet.


  • Anonymous

    Wasnt this the whole thesis for Ron Pauls foreign policy campaign?  The foreign policy campaign that millions of Americans thought was true (along with own gold and grow “Freedom gardens”). I guess Jingoism is still alive and true in America.

  • Anonymous

    I substitute taught several years ago and showed a social studies video to the class that blamed the USA for the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The reasoning was that that since the Japanese Empire was slaughtering Chinese, the Unites States had stopped selling Japan war materiel such as oil and steel, and therefore the poor Japanese had NO CHOICE but to attack the US.  It was all due to the evil machinations of the USA.  This was a major production with big-name talking heads in it, typical of liberal thought regarding international relations.

  • Anonymous

    If we are to blame then it’s because of Bill Clinton trying to kill UBL with four cruise missiles in 1998.

  • Anonymous

    Why does your age stop you. If you can travel, you can move.

  • Anonymous

     Well, Now you are getting closer to defining the problem… California… New York…. but it’s seeping in everywhere now.

  • Anonymous

     But it is wrong… because it’s not the root core of the reason we were attacked. The reason we were attacked as because of the extremism. Because of evil people directing the anger of the people where it doesn’t belong. It’s about a 10% correct answer.

  • Anonymous

     You are wrong. Evil people manipulating people’s anger at us is brought on 9/11. It’s like saying the Jews were partly to blame for the Holocaust? Do you agree with that? If one Jew screwed someone else over, than that must be the case right?

    • Anonymous

      You’re partly correct Hitler was born into a Jewish family…

  • Anonymous

    I think the one thing the United States did, for which we are somewhat to blame, is to train the terrorists to fly jumbo jets.  The terrorists were supported by U.S. training and flew American jets into American buildings; they, themselves, were not Americans.  That isn’t to say that we cannot train foreigners to fly jumbo jets, but we sure should do a far better job of judging intent and background.  They didn’t crawl out from under a rock – we didn’t exercise due diligence.  That doesn’t mean we’re to blame for these terrorists using our jumbo jets in a manner that was not intended!!  They did it to kill Americans!  They had an agenda to abuse a privilege they were given to them – they used their new skills to hurt, maim, and kill. Their decision to take that action is not the fault of the American people.  We did NOT make them do it – that was a personal decision and many years in the making.  It was a planned event.  Don’t forget, they tried to take down the World Trade Center before that (vans and bombs in basements come to mind).  Terrorists make their own decisions.

    • Zooropa Fly

      You didnt train anyone to fly a Jumbo Jet, they were trained to fly light aircraft. And they were rubbish at it. Ive done a fair bit of sim flying and the alleged hijackers couldnt have flown a r/c plane into any buildings less a full sized boeing. Oh not to mention flying a few feet up parallel to the ground into the Pentagon. (before evaporating into thin air of course.) Yeah right on.

  • Anonymous

     But Eric, There is a difference between saying it is a cause verses the cause.
    It’s like saying Jews maybe helped cause the holocoust.

    The fact is the leaders of the Muslim world… or for that matter, any imoral corrupt organization, will find any excuse to get people filled with hate so that they can control them.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn likes book but he missed a good on that explains what has happened.  Two % of the population in Russia overthrew the Czar by getting in the right place, and only 1 percent started it in the United States of America.  They have focused on 4 areas.  Education, politics, labor management, and the media.  Their influence in the 1930’s has changed thought so much that we are struggling to survive today.  That one percent hated our guts as a nation and slow but sure has wormed their way into to thinking of millions of people so that we are on the brink of destruction from within.  We have let it happen.  That book?  It was written in 1948 by Father James Keller, M.M. and was entitled YOU Can Change the WORLD.

  • Anonymous

     Here is a converse theory. They hate us because their leaders need them to hate someone so they can control the people. And whether we deserved it or not… because we are involved… we’re the easiest to blame.

  • Anonymous

    Here is the proper answer to the question:

    Because the USA is involved and is in the game, it becomes easy for so called “leaders” to blame all their problems on us, fire up the hate of their masses so that they can control them. They would do this whether or not our actions were overall beneficial or not… they do it… because they want power. 

  • Anonymous

    Why is there terrorism?  Pride, Greed, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth.

    All of which can be magnified by Lies and Deception by a Deceiver enslaved to the aforementioned reasons.

  • Take 2

    AAAh  Murder is Murder provoked or unprovoked… I don’t recall the innocent Mom or Dad or Sister or Brother babies in NY Twin Towers daycare making any decisions that offended any mass Murderer(s).

    Even IF one did offend an Arab Islamist it does not grant ancient Islamist to follow erratic or since-less killings or random killing dictations based on Ancient Global History or use a flawed Koran that requires canonization of added hateful words and added evil instruction. These parts must be removed that allow MURDER of Westerner’s still today.

    Are you insane edtoohey!   

    Perhaps, IF the Koran was Canonized US Military bases would not be needed to safe guard one Arab tribe from another. huh or da or not sure perhaps hey stupid non thinker.

    Silly, its all old worn out idiotic stories of Alexander the Great and or some Early Century King or far east Kong invading Arab territories stuff. 

    Why do you think the first thing Obama told the entire Arab World was…!  America is not all White Christians. You need to go live in a 90% or greater Islamist region in our very big grown up World… Come back and apologize for your stupid post.

    Seriously=you are 100% ignorant of inner Arab Tribal issues and or neighboring Tribal combativeness.         

  • Anonymous

    The school system is out of control. It is full of anti-American teachers. Something has to give. I am so outraged I am seeing red.

  • Anonymous

    Here in Idaho they are teaching the same thing. I don’t have any school age children, but my taxes go to support this crap and I am outraged that a supposedly conservative state like mine is participating in this travesty. If you live in a state where this propaganda is being taught, call your state legislators and protest right now.

  • Zooropa Fly

    Talk about mountains out of molehills !!  
    I thought education was about asking questions and considering all alternatives ?
    What you should be worried about is teaching kids the Earth is five thousand years old et al.. I mean come on !The only problem I can see with said answer is “decisions WE made in the US”. Who is WE ? As previously pointed out by someone cunning I don’t believe the majority of American people would have supported any of the US (and other western country’s to be fair) Foreign Policy disasters down the years, had they known all the facts and dirty tricks at the right time. History has shown beyond all doubt that decisions are made to mould the Globe in a certain fashion, then circumstances are contrived via various means of lies and cunning to make the plan happen.  And a lot of you seem to keep falling for it.

    Bottom line is in around the last 100 years the US has attacked, besieged, poisoned, bullied, stolen from, or invaded half the country’s on the planet. It has now completely DESTROYED many country’s.  

    Now read that last sentence again and think about it Mr Beck..

    • John

      Can you please elaborate on which nations you think America “attacked, besieged, poisoned, bullied, stolen from, or invaded” without provocation or good cause?  It might help Mr. Beck and others think about it if you can.  If you can’t it will only prove how little your rant really means.

      • Zooropa Fly

        A few in no particular order : Native Americans, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Saudi, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, Lebanon, Egypt, any poor country with oil or coke factories… etc etc.  My nation is historically and currently just as bad so I’m on no moral high ground in that respect.

        Oops did I forget nuking Japan twice!

  • Anonymous

    Most folks are willing to be lead. Unfortunate, but true and happening. Independent thinkin is what is required here. People have to enlighten themselves, or should, but most are too lazy and are told other things and are protected from anything that is the least bit unpleasant or difficult. Sad times for Americans! If we throw God out of the equation, it will be all over but the crying and pain, of which there will be much. I have a conscience and a spiritual belief, and I am ready to defend what I (used to be WE THE PEOPLE) believe in.
    I try, every day that I live, to educate someone regarding the loss of our roots and ways of life when the constitution actually stood for something. It is sad that the document that has stood the test can be ruined by one man.
    PLNDERED – a book by Michael Coffman should be required reading for all people concerned with this mess. It may be too late to fix what is broken, but I am willing to try to preserve our Liberty-are you?

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, Beck is being a hypocrite. Here is the quote and video below, where he basically said the same thing a couple of years ago.

    “I wasn’t paying attention before 9/11. I didn’t know what the heck was going on in the world. Now I’m paying attention. When people say they hate us — did we deserve 9/11? No. But were we minding our business? No. Were we in bed with dictators and abandoning our values and principles? Yes. That causes problems. So, if I’m king of the world, don’t screw with us. And when we fight we fight to win. No nation-building, no UN-building. That’s it.”

    How is that any different to saying “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.” and made us a target for terrorism? We ARE a target for terrorism because we were in bed with dictators and abandoned our principles. Those are decisions we made. 

  • Anonymous

    I swear to god Beck’s memory must be completely shot! GLENN BECK BLAMED 9-11 AT LEAST IN PART ON THE US STICKING WITH DICTATORS!

    Either that, or Glenn Beck truly is the biggest hypocrite in the United States.

    See Rob 3123 below. I’m not the only one pointing this out.

  • Joe Snuffy

    Ed Toohey (statement below)  is an absolute idiot.

    Allowing the Socialists in our Dept of Education to ram anti-American Socialist agenda down the throats of our kids is INEXCUSEABLE and Shameful. 

    We MUST get back to the principles established in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.   

    • Guest

      So you support the abolition of corporate right?

  • Bill Wyld

    Maybe its time we give this country back to the very people we wronged and murdered in the first place. At least the Native Americans would have the national debt paid off in about ten years with all their Casinos.

  • Anonymous

    Education in the U.S. is certainly broken due to a lack of basic principles that are true no matter where you live. This is no longer being taught in schools and worse, not in many families. The problems with primary education (K-12) are divided into thousands of fractures; start with taking basic bible lessons out, bring in overwhelming evolution, teacher union bullying, lack of subject mastery by both the teacher and the student, administrative rule making and wasteful spending on their level, political grandstanding and corruption with waste, fraud, over-reaching, over-reacting govt policies “this is for the kids” BS. All of this crap, or help as some will call it has made Education an exercise in being labotoamized as thinkers and doers.

    The United States government has stuck their nose into some bad places in the world over the last 100 years. People hate Americans for as many reasons as their are problems with education. My solution is to get back to basics that are true. We also need a thick skin and a strong spine, because trying to be everyone’s friend is a waste of time. Killing americans, killing 3,000 people here in the United States is squarely the action of evil people who have a deep hatred for western culture, Jewish history and Christian history. This war is as old as the war between Abraham’s sons.
    History is not even taught correctly with any Mastery of subject. So, what we have is multi-generational break down of principles and fact based learning from educators, many parents giving in, and political bullying.

  • Ronald Goering

    In a sense, America (rather its House, Senate and the Executive Branch) are responsible for the “911” (09/11/2001) incident.  That incident occurred because (after the transistion from the Clinton Administration to the Bush Administration), the “terrorists” were no longer receiving the “monies” they were so freely given under the Clinton Administration (which is now going on under the Obama Administration).  Be alert for when the House and Senate again put a “clamp” on the “money laundering to the terrorists” we can expect more retaliation from the “terrorists” in their attempt to “threaten us for more extortion money” (just as Obama is threatening the public with “pain” to extort more taxes and more spending money!

  • Diane Walker

    Even our teachers don’t have COMMON SENSE, and they are teaching our children whatever their beliefs are.

  • Globular Cluster

    I do not understand why this is a problem. Is it not common sense that the policies of the US government inflame people and drive them to commit acts of terror? If people do not understand this there is no chance that we will ever stop terrorism. Had the government never interfered in the mid east 911 would have never happened. Anyone who does not believe that is willfully blind or deluded. 

  • nutt

    However much of a 180-degree about-turn Beck has performed here, both the question and the answer are so vague as to be utterly useless. Bin Laden’s core objection was the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia and the perceived corruption it represents. But overall, it was a religious objection. Blaming it on ‘decisions that the US has made’ is stupid.

  • Anonymous


    edtoothey has
    put a lot of thought in what he just posted and I agree with him.  This is
    an intelligent person for sure.  The only issue I have with him is that if
    he would look at all the other countries the US has pissed off throughout
    history he might find out they have a very bloody history too. 
    Muslims don’t get along with other Muslims.  Christians don’t get along
    with Christians.  Heck, I know family
    members that can’t get along with other family members in the same family!
     How in the world can we as a people expect entire countries to get
    along?  It’s not going to happen. Americans are no angels but truth
    be told no people from any country is. 
    Get over it!  Live your life the
    best you can for as long as you can because we don’t have long before another
    problem rears its ugly head, over population.  When I was born the entire
    world had a population of 1.8 billion people.  In the 70’s I can
    remember the population was around 4 billion. Back then we worried
    about global freezing.  Today we are
    at a population level of over 7 billion people and it is growing at
    an ever increasing rate.  The natural resources our planet can provide have
    a limit.  I won’t pretend I know what that limit is but at our
    present rate of growth we will exceed it in the not too distant future.  Food, water, and energy will be expensive and
    hard to get.  Small wars and new
    governments may help for a little while but we are heading for another world
    war.  I cannot see any other solution to
    this problem but war.  It will come down
    to the survival of the fittest. Obama is doing his best to make sure
    America will not fall into that category.  Technology will be useless to
    all those who survive.  We are heading for another dark ages.  I hope and pray I am wrong.  Agenda 21 is on the horizon but it is too
    little too late.  Adapting a bee hive mentality
    will not save us.  It wouldn’t work
    anyway.  As long as humans are involved
    it won’t work.  We all have egos, a
    desire for power, greed, and we are all programmed with a need to survive and
    reproduce.  Remember Star Trek?  The Federation was supposed to be the answer to
    mankind’s survival and it allowed mankind to pursue higher scientific
    adventures like exploring the universe. 
    Gene Roddenberry would see Agenda 21 as the start of his Federation.  If it wasn’t for the “human factor” he would
    be right.  I think that would be

    When I was a young
    man I was an agnostic.  I believe there
    is a creator but the human mind is not capable of understanding it.  Can bacteria understand the host it lives
    in?  No. 
    That is where I thought we were in our relationship with what Christians
    call God.  Robert A. Heinlein wrote many
    interesting things in his life.  I agreed
    with many of them.  One thing he wrote
    was that “Man rarely (if ever) manages to dream up a God superior to
    themselves.  Most gods have the manners
    and morals of a spoiled child”.  Another
    thing he wrote was “The most preposterous notion that H. Sapiens has ever
    dreamed up is that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of all the
    Universes, wants the charine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their
    prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery.  Yet this absurd fantasy, without a shred of
    evidence to bolster it, pays all the expenses of the oldest, largest, and least
    productive industry in all history.”  As
    I head towards the end of my existence in this space time continuum I starting
    to doubt that last one.  The only way we
    are going to get out of this mess we are heading for is faith.  A blind faith in that there is indeed a God
    that loves us.  All we need to do is
    follow his word.  I find it so strange at
    this point in life that I am starting to get religious after all this
    time.  I have a child and a grandchild
    now and I want them to live in a world where man is good to man.  Up until now it has always been man’s
    inhumanity to man.  Mankind needs to
    evolve to the next level, whatever that might be.  Only a God can do that.  It’s not going to happen in my lifetime, even
    edtoothey’s time but it needs to happen. 
    I pray that it does.

  • Anonymous

    I just clicked on “show more” on edtoothey comment and saw the rest of his post.  I don’t entirely agree with him now.  Just the first points he brought up.

  • Snorri

    The American left has forced its social agenda on middle east and other traditional societies via the UN, NGOs and assistance programs. In addition, American military might enhances economic dominance which furthers the social agenda. So according to the premise of this article, it would be the American left that is indirectly responsible for the 9-11 and other attacks.

  • JoeD

    Ron Paul a Republican feels that America is to blame for 9/11.  John McCain, a Republican and a sponsor of the Detainee Treatment Act and a proponent of closing Guantanamo Bay, thinks we are a torture nation.   No, we cannot blame the schools for this.   Perhaps some Republicans are equally to blame!!

    • Anonymous

      Those Republicans are called “PROGESSIVES”.  Sometimes we call them “RINOs” Don’t get too excited JoeD.  Your correct in what you said but its nothing to get excited about.

  • Eric Muratori

    I’m in high school and the other problem is that the kids either do one of to thing suck up everything that the teacher says or they don’t pay any attention at all and don’t learn anything and are just ignorant. In a unrelated matter since when was Glenn a Blackhawks fan?

  • Anonymous

    9/11 is an inside job! Facts that can’t be refuted. Dick Cheney was the first NORAD Commander against the wishes of the Air Force and some Congressmen! For a week proceeding 9/11 NORAD was holding anti terrorist drills on hijacked planes and on the day of 9/11 in New York NORAD was holding drills on passenger planes flying into skyscrapers and FEMA on that day were holding drills as well! This is irrefutable. 5 Israeli nationals were caught celebrating the 9/11 attacks and when arrested told authorities they were there to document the event! The same story was told by these Israeli’s on Israeli TV, 5 months after they were released by the US government! Hmm… There wasn’t any foreknowledge here? And then Building 7, 8hrs after the staged event the 47 story building collapses due to office fires! In an article a year earlier Dick Cheney said to advance a new agenda in the Middle East there would need to be a Pearl Harbor Event where 3000 people would die!

    • Zooropa Fly

      Not forgetting what was in Bldng7, and the missing billions announced by Rumsfelt on 10/11. And the bit of pentagon destroyed turned out to be rather convenient in relation to that..

  • Anonymous

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, great lady knows a lot on the dumbing down of education and how is behind it!

  • Mike Boxell

     Israel is in the driver’s seat, check out the owner’s manual for life. You over spieled your post.

  • Anonymous

    I was pretty annoyed when I read this article, not at the schools of Texas or the story about what these kids have been told to learn in their curriculum but at the audacity OR obliviousness to think that we as nation based on the noble principles of justice and liberty still thinks we are the shining beacon of hope an the example for others to follow when indeed we had become the Great Whore depicted in the book of Revelations, We have traded our valued principles of freedom & liberty for extra security to a handful of facist elitist that seek profit on the tax payers dime… in exchange of what ??? My thoughts resonate with the comment previously stated and would very much agree that we have supported many dictatorships through out the world but then have looked the other way to nations that have earnestly tried to become prosper like ourselves once did… in time our lack of morality and so notorious double standards will turn against us, we wouldn’t have to worry about the “terrorist” anymore… our own greed festered in every corner of our nation will be our own demise if we don’t humble our hearts and souls to the will of our Creator and start praying for spiritual growth, forgiveness and enlightenment…
    — The Apostle Paul writes,

    But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; and avoid such men as these. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

    “Pride and ego give you heartburn”

  • Gary Heagy

    lmfao at everyone bunch of sheeple you cant b serious see this is whats wrong with America today everyone is intitled to their opinon yes doesn’t mean ur right. I like the fact that edtooney spoke up the way he did. majority of americans get upset because our gov gives indian and arab personal loans when they move over here to start a small biz. and their kids go to collage free. so like mr tooney said would we like it if they build a military base here and why did we send our military there in the first place? hmmm ever think about that. well lets see when and all the wars America has been in did we need to b there? Vietnam? I mean im pretty sure if u ask some of our military who got direct orders from our gov officals to do whatever. … not some one who just reads the paper, history books or watches the news whats to say whats published in those books are intirely true? but I know of several military MEN AND WOMAN who have put their lives on the line to protect bush sr oil fields in Iraq umm where did we go to war when bush sr was president omg it was in Iraq and then Clinton comes in down sizes our military bases then when bush jr goes in office we go right back to war with who oh we have to find this horrible terrorist bin laden although 4 days before the attack of 9-11 he was in an us va hospital hmmmm just needed a reason to go to Afghanistan to defend jr oil fields so basicly our great presidents where using our military to protect their best intrest not Americas and for mr book work read sr book the mans evil. when we had presidents that came up through that wanted to change America basically to give back to the people our hidden government off them. im not saying that mr Lincoln was offed by a secret society but it makes u think. but one that doesn’t make any sense is jfk. the magic bullet.  the bullet that took him out came from an area where cia officials where standing  hmmmm. and u sheeple buy in to whatever the government throws at you as if its the truth. now 9-11 I mean with all the viral vids on you tube. and research done bush jr just needed a reason to go protect his oil fields. so they staged a live terrorist attack. I mean how does a plane disintegrate  upon explosion at the pentagon? the wings just disappeared lmfao it doesn’t take a scientist u just need common sense. and with the twin towers how come they imploded as if a destruction crew lines a building full of explosives? I mean the plane hit high and im pretty sure there was great impact that shook the towers but with the sway that is allowed from the steel. wouldn’t it put a lot more stress on bottom rafters and structure that it would topple over like a tree vs imploding from the bottom??? even new yorkers that seen it first hand said it look like a construction crew demolition. instead of fighting with each other about this and that. we need to clean our own government out from mayors, governors, city officials just to let the senate, congress, and the president we are tired as Americans of the lies and corrupt bs that is going on. while we struggle day to day to provide lives for millions of illegals immigrants. millions on welfare that don’t actually need it, and the millions if not billions of wasted dollars that we send to foreign countries to help them out because of a natural disaster or something to that nature. don’t get me wrong I have a heart and if we r able to help then lets help but lets take care of our own first. we have many families homeless in America im talking women and children not just the guy standing on the corner holding a cardboard sign. we have had natural disasters with little help. is new Orleans fixed yet to the thousands of people have their lives back from hurricane Katrina.  what about the wild fires, the floods, tornados, that have hit right in our own back yard did we give them money to rebuild no u had to have home owners ins. sorry but most people cant afford ins. oh and they sent the red cross that just provides a week hotel stay and little food.   that’s what’s wrong with America today we r to worried about someone else’s problems and either ignore our own or just kinda do what we can to keep people quite. so to all you political people that just follow ur  democrat or republican representatives be what u like but me im an American first and foremost not bound by a label. and to see other Americans believe everything that our government tells them. or they just follow in line just like the next person (sheeple) instead of standing up and try to regain control of America. like I said it has to start small to let anyone running for a government position that we mean biz if u fail at work u get fired so if u get in office and u fail then r fired. even if ur 2 years or 4 years isn’t up. and u DO NOT GET UR PAID SALARY FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE. nor can u give urself raises till America economy is back up and running like a fine oiled machine. nor will u dock our military men n women their pay while u go and get a 5000 dollar hair cut or a 30000 dollar vacation. if one fails we all fail. if one suffers we all suffer.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, what a fool, claims he is a “Liberatarian” and then attacks the Libertarian position on 9-11………  Hello, Glenn reality is calling, pick up the phone…

  • Anonymous

    Umm. Have you seen what “our” drones are doing to innocent families over there? I pray that the people who have lost family members to “our” drones can see that our government is rogue and does not represent the general population of this country. Granted the general population of this country is somewhat at fault for not checking in to the criminal acts our government commits in other countries, but I have to believe that most people would be against the bombing of a five year old because his uncle attended a mosque where a “suspected” “terrorist” might also have been present. You’ve sold your soul Glen. How dare you tell us to do our own homework and then insult us when we question our governments role in 9-11? Shame on you sir.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that everytime some liberal nonsense is going on in our schools it is Texas.  What the everloving hell is going on in that state?????

  • Anonymous

    Every time I turnaround the public schools are delivering sh*% to our children that goes against the United States.  I think public schools in general have become a vile institution.  Take your kids out now!!!  And I am a public school teacher.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Toohey is certainly entitled to his opinion. A right not granted to people in most of the countries that he says don’t hate our freedom. Also he contradicts himself. On the one hand he says they(sic) really don’t give a damn about our freedom to scarf down big mac’s and shoot each other with guns and on the other he says that he’d be the first to admit that radical Islam is the greatest threat to civilization we’ve ever seen. Which is it? Anyone who pays close attention  to the raving of Islamists knows very well that they are bent not only on destruction of democracy but also genocide and enslavement of anyone who wasn’t born a Muslim. If this sounds familiar it should. Islam to these people is the new master race. As for America being some sinless nation, of course it’s not. Nobody is perfect. Winston Churchill once said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others. I have traveled all over the world and have yet to find a country that comes close to us. It is no accident that in a mere two and a half centuries the United States has evolved from thirteen obscure British colonies to the greatest country both militarily and economically while other nations whose life can be measured in millennia don’t come close to us.

  • Anonymous

    No one is claiming that America is perfect. BUT, responsible for terrorist attacks? As a teacher, I say that my daughter is getting a cut-n-paste education. And what is being pasted in for her to learn is liberal, and one sided.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for bringing these things to light. It gets worse though.Here in Humble Texas we are just now starting to faze out our TERC investigations ie Fuzzy Math.Balanced Literacy is just a step above that.History is just barely covered at all.
     My son is in 3rd grade has never brought home a textbook.Homeschool is looking like where we are headed.

  • Marg Albert

    Great.  So does anyone get that the real problem is a public education system?  Or what it has evolved into: the public indoctrination system?  Dump the public schools.  The government, at any level, has NO business in this arena.  The public schools will always be puppets in the hands of whatever group is in power.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t quite go here but since Glenn has been talking about “common core” I thought people might be interested in knowing they have pinterest pages for teachers.  This one is for second grade.  So if you want to see what they’re recommending to teachers you can look here.

  • Sana Kelly Powers

     Edtoohey is absolutely right, we have been duped and are not even aware of what ramifications  our diplomats and congress, senators and elected officials  are doing. We blindly sign up for a war on terror campaign and send our kid’s packing abroad. They come back disillusioned, and suicidal and that is a coincidence right?  America needs to wake up to the fact that we invade foreign soil and bully people into a vague sense of security in this country because we are fighting terror right? No we are not, we are fighting a rich mans idea of manipulating their own people, nation to gain more power, money and prestige. They are willing to accept all of the collateral  damage as a result. I suggest they fight the wars they start themselves and lose their family members first in the front lines in this fight on terror. That will never happen because they are cowards and elitist thinkers and their kid’s aren’t duped like the average American citizens are and continue to be! We need to wake up now and raise up against the tyranny within our own borders and hold our elected officials accountable.

  • adam p

    Huge warning bell. This school should be sued for swaying and brainwashing the hearts and minds of OUR and YOUR children. The Terrorists have always hated America, it is OUR freedom they hate. They hate what we stand for. live for they despise every GOD except their own and anyone that DOESNT believe in their GOD they believe deserves to die. SIMPLE as that. STOP teaching our kids we are to blame… We didnt fly 2 planes into 2 towers with thousands of people. THEY did. And kids should be taught that is never the answer. And to fight for what they believe in. I dont see Israel having any military bases over in Iran, Iraq, Afghan or Egypt… THE TERRORISTS still want to wipe them off the face of the earth… EXPLAIN THAT ONE>

  • Clif Stout

    These war s were too much about money, and not enough about what is right, We should have, after the ber;in wall came down, packed up oput troops and came home.   THe State Depart, regardless of whose party was in tender errouious advise as did  Let Europe worry about their continent.  WE should be interesrted in democracties survial, but only if the citezen of that country are too.  Just because a country is a democracy does not mean it has freedom, Egypt has a form of democracy, but monority are treated badly, openly, bu the government, or the government permits, much like the US did  a during the 1800s.

  • Bruce Bates

    The comments on this post are just laughable at best – from both sides of things. I love how the commenters just derail the thread to talk about patriotism and do not really address much about the article…. typical of those who don’t like to admit truth. 

    So we want to talk about patriotism eh? Then lets be honest about everything. In America – the government IS the people .Not sure why so many people seem to not understand this. WE are the government. Everything we blame on the government and the direction it is going, is actually blame we place on ourselves. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Damn Americans are fsckin stupid at times. 

    “If Obama gave Iran permission to build a military base in Texas? Would you be fine with that? Would you just accept it? I think not” …. Nothing like comparing apples to tree-forts. 

    As I already explained but will point out again…. Iran’s government is…. Iran’s government. The people vastly don’t like what it does or says. To bad it’s their government. Not my problem.

    American’s government IS THE FSCKIN PEOPLE. If Obama gave Iran permission to build a military base here, its totally not the same…. as obama is NOT the American government WE THE PEOPLE are. Again I will say… damn americans are dumb sometimes.

    “Why don’t you go find a another more “noble” nation to move to then.  Stop wasting your own time living here.”

    What an ignorant thing to say. I can tell you America sucks. I can tell you I hate america. I can tell you I hope all americans die. I can tell you we have the stupidest most un-educated people because we fill out text books with american propaganda…. and whats more when you say “than go live somewhere else” I can equally say… “No fsck you YOU  are the reason I feel this way about america. Its my right to say whatever the fsck I want. If you don’t like hearing it YOU go live somewhere else. I’ll stay here and continue to b**ch about how stupid Americans have become.” 

    Now lets actually get to the issue at hand. American propaganda. Oh isn’t nice to ignore reality and paint ourselves as a holier than thou nation. I commend the school for teaching some realities and asking the real tough questions. I think its great to know we might at least have a few kids graduating that will do better than the generation before them and will perhaps question their actions on a global scale instead of just looking at their immediate agenda and their own special interests. 

    What part did america play in those 9/11 attacks? Could we have avoided them? If we could have gone back is there anything we could have done to stop this? We like to say “they are radical Muslims and that’s why they hate us” but clearly history shows that as false. Bin Laden certainly did not hate us or want to kill us when we were supplying him with weapons and teaching him how to use them back in 1979 afghan war against the soviets now did he? 

    We created a military mindset in a group of religious people, and then after a war was over, we just abandoned those people. They became useless after the war. What else were they to do when the only thing they were ever trained to do was fight? Clearly they were going to come looking for a new fight. We set the stage for that. But of course lets ignore that because we wouldn’t want truth that might tarnish our good reputation to our children. After all the only thing that matters is the way we think of ourselves right? Just ask the serial killer if he worries about what others think.

    These things… all relate to the same answer that school was teaching children… which is entirely correct. “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.”
    Interesting thought, America sells more 41% of the weapons in the world, coming in second to china who supplies 8.2% of the worlds weapons. Yet we are going to claim these decisions have no negative affect on the world, and have no play in why the world hates america? PAH-LEASE….. wake the fuck up…. I am glad someone is waking our kids up… even if the parents do fight it. 

    The entire reality of this post is people need to wake up and stop lying to themselves just so they rest well at night believing we are holier than though. 

    Now on a totally side note, since the dawn of education….. college professors have taught opinion. So have high school teachers. Its impossible to teach someone in an unbias way because there is ALWAYS a bias in education (except perhaps math). No matter what subject someone has an opinion, if they have an opinion, they believe that opinion is right. As such, they are going to teach it – as they should.

    Where would science be if scientists didn’t have and express opinions? Where would history be if we blindly accepted that those who win wars, are always in the right? This is what an unbias education would do! You couldn’t think outside the box or teach students to think outside the box, because to encourage that – would mean you must first open the door to your own bias…. heaven forbid. 

    So lets keep teaching our kids to be stupid and lets not teach them global facts nor allow them to think for themselves, and lets teach them to blindly agree with anything the US says or does. After all anything else would just be devastating to our nation. 

    _rolls eyes_

    Someone should just gather up the list of all registered democrats and shoot them – 50% of America’s problems would be solved. Then someone should gather up the list of registered republicans and shoot them – the other 50% of America’s problems would be solved. 

    — and yes I am American. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glen, but until you face up to the real truth of 9-11 you aren’t teaching the truth either. 9-11 was a Mossad operation along with fighting Iraq and Afganistan. All you have to do is look at who had the most to gain and it comes back to The Fed and Isreal . All our Wars do since War War 1. When America knows the truth Isreal will be on its own.

  • Anonymous

    The anwer for that question is correct. Study your history and you will see that we have done some horrible thing around the world.

  • Josh Wilson

    America is not to Blame. Our government is to blame. The facts can easily be found. The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth are highly educated members with the degrees to prove they know what they are talking about. The Twin Towers were the first buildings in history to fall due to “fire melting steel support beams”. World Trade Center 7 fell without even being hit by any debris. The Pentagon was hit in the only part of the entire building to have recently renovated and had extra support added. Not only that but a Boeing 757 would leave much more than a 15 foot hole. Do the research and WAKE UP America.

  • Anonymous

    So many idiotic people still have faith in our demonic leaders…They don’t give a Flying Fuck about you! Money and Power is all that drives them to do the things they do!

  • Anonymous

    Follow Jesus before it’s too late!!!

  • SirGalahadT

    What a depressing read these comments are

    The people fighting among themselves, and no one seems to address the question of who the real enemy is.

    Well Edward Snowden has now revealed that the government regards YOU – that is EVERYONE – as the enemy

    So let’s stop fighting among ourselves, and pointing the finger at Muslims, because that won’t help.

  • Jack Hamilton

    Anyone who doesn’t believe that US/Israel foreign policy is THE reason the rest of the world hates us, is in denial! Israel dictates US foreign policy and anyone speaking against the Israel/Zionist agenda is labeled ant-Semite! Speaking against the BIG LIE (holocaust) has been CRIMINALIZED in several European, weak-kneed countries. Why would ANY truth need protection? Truth needs nothing but to be heard and this is EXACTLY why Israel doesn’t want it being a topic of conversation unless, of course, it serves to further advance the myth. Zionists control the Central Banks, Wall Street and, through AIPAC and ADL, the USG! Israel’s history is replete with documented false flag operations, some of which against the US! Americans need to learn the truth about the King David Hotel, USS Liberty, the US Marine bombing in Lebanon, USS Cole, 911 and the “fake” intelligence regarding Syria’s purported “saran gas” which intelligence came from Israel! Israel and Zionists do not represent all Jews, only those (and various brainwashed Goyim) who embrace a criminal cabal of money-grubbing, blood thirsty savages! The entire world’s awakening to the deceit and evil of Israel/Zionists as evidenced last month in Paris. I’m sick of these pathetic, lying, whiners and if/when Americans learn that Israel is NOT our ally and has murdered thousands of innocent Americans and Palestinians, Israel, a well deserved mushroom cloud will end the “Chosen People’s” suffering for all time! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long!

  • Ken King

    If you still believe the “Official” account of what happened on Sept.11/2001, you have obviously done no research! This is a good start::

  • Ken King
  • Ken King

    This comment section is being censored!

    I posted 2 links to 9/11 videos and they were both removed within 30 minutes.
    One was “9/11 Ripple Effect” and the other was “Reasonable Cause”.
    Search them yourself on YouTube. They will both raise questions about the “Official Story” for anyone still believing it.
    So much for free speech….oh wait….that was removed as a result of the events of 9/11…!!!

  • Ken King

    Apparently proof of the truth is not permitted on this site!
    I’ve had 3 comments removed…this will be 4…lol
    I agree with you ‘Walsall.

  • Nunny Beach

    our Government is to blame for 9/11 – Not Americans.

  • Katmando

    So a school or two did this and now we are all under fire. Teachers are your newest victims Glen? Save it cause we know who we are.

  • Mary Palmer

    Beck are you going to support Trump ? or some other maggot who won’t secure the border ?

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