Sirius XM adds TheBlaze Radio News to Patriot channel

Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze to Launch “TheBlaze Radio News” on SiriusXM

24/7 channel “TheBlaze Radio Network” to air on SiriusXM Internet Radio

NEW YORK–March 25, 2013 – Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) announced today that TheBlaze, Glenn Beck’s multi-platform news, information, and opinion network, will produce 24/7 hourly radio newscasts on SiriusXM Patriot, SiriusXM’s conservative talk channel. Additionally, Beck’s “TheBlaze Radio Network” will be added to the SiriusXM Internet Radio lineup.

Beginning March 25, hourly updates from “TheBlaze Radio News” will begin every hour of programming on SiriusXM Patriot channel 125, with anchors and reporters from around the nation providing news and information specifically targeted toward the SiriusXM Patriot listener.

Also beginning March 25, SiriusXM Internet Radio channel 778 becomes “TheBlaze Radio Network,” which recently launched online. “TheBlaze Radio Network” features exclusive talk programs from Jay Severin, Doc Thompson, and Buck Sexton, as well as The Glenn Beck Program and The Pat & Stu Show.

“TheBlaze is successfully becoming a true multi-platform news, information and opinion network,” said Glenn Beck. “We are excited to further our long relationship with SiriusXM with the launch of ‘TheBlaze Radio Network,’ and feel that SiriusXM Patriot is the perfect home for our news updates which will prove that the truth has no agenda.”

“As TheBlaze brand continues to grow, SiriusXM is pleased to expand our relationship with Glenn Beck with the creation of ‘TheBlaze Radio News’ and the addition of ‘TheBlaze Radio Network’ to our lineup” said Jeremy Coleman, Senior Vice President, Talk and Entertainment Programming, SiriusXM.

TheBlaze’s newsgathering operation is led by President and Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood, who’s held previous management roles for Fox News Channel, CNN, and CBS. Scott Baker, formerly a news anchor at ABC-affiliate WTAE Pittsburgh, is Editor in Chief. Glenn Hall, formerly managing editor at, is Managing Editor.

SiriusXM Patriot features the voices of Beck, Mike Church, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Cam & Company from NRA, David Webb and Andrew Wilkow. Wilkow is also the host of Wilkow!, a nightly show on Beck’s TheBlaze TV.

  • Anonymous

    Excellemt!!!  I listen to the Glenn Beck Program already on Sirius.  So glad this has been added!!

  • Brenda Pirrera

    I may have to subscribe to Sirius now……

  • Anonymous

    obamas impeachent i wish that the lazy congress woud get off their lazy assses

    • Cliffy44

       And after that scumbag is impeached he should be tried and convicted of High Treason against America. I’d be happy to donate the rope, to make his noose.

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait for the day of obamas demise

    • Cliffy44

       I agree; and I’d walk through broken glass to pee on that corrupt muslim’s grave. And God, how I wish that that could happen today.

      • SoThere

        Prepare  for the 2014 elections, the beginning of the fight for our rights and freedom from Liberal Progressive rule.

        Join us Conseratives on a new site and push back. Let your voice be heard.

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  • Cliffy44

    I watch The Blaze radio and TV on my Roku device. IF anyone has any questions about that, feel free to E-Mail me at

      IF you include your name and your number in that E-Mail, I’ll call you.

    Have a GREAT day.

    • SoThere

      You can also get the link for I Heart Radio here.

      Get Rush, Hannity, Beck and many others on your computer for free! 

  • Sam Fisher

    I was thinking about going to this I wonder how much it cost. 

  • Anonymous

    he should call it the fat and pasty-white news network. Look at how pale and fat those guys are! Grotesque!

    • Anonymous

      Are you a racist?!

      • Anonymous

        No, I’m pointing out that there isn’t one non-white people on this newscast. By the way, I heard The Blaze newscast today on Sirius radio. Its SPONSORED by a gun seller! And then they do all these pro-NRA stories! It ain’t fucking news and you know it

  • John Clark

    It is awesome that The Blaze is “blazing” new trails in getting the truth out there. I look forward to more positive news in the push to The Blaze on as many outlets as possible. Keep up the great work!!

  • Steve Call

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  • Anonymous

    Please tell your news reader on Sirius that the woman on trial for killing her boyfriend is Jody AIR-e-us,  not A-rye-us!   Duh.

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