The Progressive End Game: Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out

Top down, bottom up, inside out. It’s a strategy that’s been going for a hundred years that progressives have used to accomplish their agenda. The elites like Mike Bloomberg and George Soros believe they know best and they are doing whatever they can to take advantage of crisises in America and across the globe to push their plans. Just in the past few weeks, this strategy has been applied to global economy, war, and gun control. On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn went through each and explained what the ultimate outcome of the progressive end game could be.

Below, Glenn addresses the situation in Cyprus and how it impacts the global economy:

Let’s start with Cyprus and money. Cyprus, a small little island that nobody really cares about, and a last-minute deal was reached that will “spare the East Mediterranean Island a financial meltdown.” Oh, well that’s really good news, right? Well, not really, and not really good for you.

The Bank of Cyprus is going to be shut down and then turned over to the Greek banks – but aren’t they in trouble? But here’s what they did. Deposits over €100,000 will be frozen. Now, €100,000, that’s about $130,000. They’re going to be frozen and then used to resolve government debts and restructure. The government plans to take an estimated 30%, maybe up to 40%, of all of the assets from the frozen accounts.

Now imagine, first of all, a week ago it was going to be between 6 and 10%, but what they’ve decided is to freeze people’s account, anybody who has $130,000 in their bank account, freeze them and then pay off all the government debt. Can you imagine that happening here? The media is reporting this massive, multi-billion-dollar theft as a deal that saved the day. But did it save the day, and what does it really mean? What does it accomplish?

Well, if you’re a Marxist radical, it accomplishes an awful lot. First of all, it redistributes the wealth, redistribution of wealth, but that redistribution of wealth will cause civil unrest because of a couple of things. First of all, anybody who saved for an entire lifetime for a retirement, if you played by the rules, you know, you’re screwed, you’re screwed. They’re going to take your money.

But more importantly, and something I don’t hear anybody in the media talk about, small companies, any small companies with payrolls to meet. For instance, we’re a small company. I have all of my money in the bank. Well, if somebody took 30 to 40%, and first of all, froze my bank accounts, I’m not going to be able to pay my employees because everything is in the bank. And then, if they decided to take 30 to 40%, I can’t meet payroll, which means unemployment goes up and so does strife, so does hunger, so does anger. Wait a minute, that’s almost like civil unrest. So what they did causes the top coming down. Taking this causes the bottom to rise up.

More people take to the streets, the goal of the radical left, and the Progressives have successfully confiscated private funding for the greater good – first time, no private property. That’s very unconstitutional, but it’s Cyprus, so why pay attention? Unless, it’s not like anybody here has been saying about this kind of stuff.

President Obama: That’s why I have proposed taxing the record multibillion dollar profits of oil companies.

Hillary Clinton: I want to take those profits, and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy…

I want to take those profits. Got it. So there’s no private property because they know better. They’re the ones that made the mistake, the people – I don’t know about Cyprus, but here, we’ve been saying stop the spending, and I’m telling you, they will do what they’ve just done. This is a test. Cyprus is a test, and really it’s all about control. I mean, it empowers. Who do you think it empowers? Do you think George Soros, Bloomberg, Al Gore, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, and all those people, do you think they’re going to be impacted by this sort of confiscation at all, or do you think they’ll be emboldened by it?

Do you remember when I said spit yourself out of the system because you know what, if you’re not designing the system, you’re going to be a slave to it? Do you remember that? Do you think the people who sat at the table trying to work this deal out, to approve confiscation of 40% of everybody’s asset that has anything in their life savings in a bank, do you think they approve that if they went, Oh, gee that’s going to hit me 40%? Do you think they were affected by it at all?

This kicks the snot out of everybody who comes up behind because the Soroses and the Bloombergs of the world, they don’t care. They got theirs, and they’re designing the new system. And what happens, this kicks the snot out of everybody who’s semi-rich behind them, anybody who has $130,000 in the bank. This creates greater instability in the region. It causes runs on the bank. You watch, it will happen, but also instability politically speaking for a couple of reasons.

Inside out, there’s no private property. You can’t trust the rules anymore. Inside out, a new power class. They’ve just destroyed everybody who was coming up, so anybody who made the rules, those are the people that now have the money for power. But you’ve also made new enemies, the people in Germany. The Cypriots now are saying, Germans, those evil Germans. It’s not the Germans. It’s not the Germans. Who’s making the decisions? Watch the other hand. But also Russia – up to 40% of the Cypriot bank deposits are estimated 40% to belong to Russian businesses and individuals’ worth about $32 billion. Okay, that’s not a good idea.

Dmitry Medvedev, he called the actions of Cyprus “the stealing of the stolen.” Don’t steal from the mob. Do the people in Cyprus not watch the news? Have they not seen what happens to the enemies of Russia and those people who they don’t like or steal their money? Journalists mysteriously fall out of buildings nine stories up. Dissidents are mysteriously poisoned to death. Political enemies, like this guy just this weekend, ended up mysteriously dead in the bathtub. Hmm, I wonder what happened there.

Everything that happened in Cyprus is a major progressive victory. Okay, top down, no private property, redistribution of wealth, take the savings. Bottom up, it’s going to cause unemployment, civil unrest, and those who saved are screwed, and runs on the banks. Inside out, no more private property, new power class, and new enemies. Top down, bottom up, inside out, it’s happening with money, and this is just the beginning.

Next, he tackled the growing unrest in the Middle East:

Next, we go to war. This one’s strange. Something’s happening here, and I can’t really put my finger on it yet, but it’s not good, not good. Let me show you this. Do you remember this video? This video we ran when I was over at Fox. The IDF will routinely inspect flotillas heading to Gaza to ensure that there are no weapons on board, and the aid is truly humanitarian and everything else. Nearly all the time, these inspections happen without incident, but this flotilla was different, and we knew about this flotilla going in. We knew about it because we covered it almost live as it happened.

The IDF soldiers were ambushed and immediately attacked by activists and beaten with iron bars. Some soldiers were stabbed. I know these things because we have the video. There they are, beating them. We have the video. I’ve talked to members of the IDF. I’ve talked to leaders of Israel. It’s very clear what was going on. One of the soldiers was tossed overboard. An activist wrestled a gun away from an Israeli soldier and opened fire. The Israelis then shimmied down from helicopters and returned fire, and nine activists were eventually killed in the fight. This was clearly a case of self-defense. No one in the media covered it. We did.

I covered it for months, the only one that was covering it. But now, nearly three years later, something happened over the weekend. Israel formerly apologized for this. They’re paying compensation to activists and the families. I saw the video. What’s up with that? Israel doesn’t apologize for things when they know they’re in the right, so why now? What’s different? We are, the United States of America. We have virtually no power left. This apology indicates the disillusion of America’s long-standing with a strong alliance with Israel and I think a signal to the rest of the world. We don’t count anymore. Even Andrea Mitchell called Obama’s and Netanyahu’s relationship one of the worst she’s ever seen.

Andrea Mitchell: It’s gotten off on the wrong foot, and they’re trying to fix it, but it is one the worst relationships I can remember. And I’ve covered ever president going all the way back to Ronald Reagan.

Yeah, no he’s the best friend. Israel understands this. It understands that it can no longer count on America to watch her back, so they’re going to start playing their own game now, and right now they’re just trying to buy as much time as possible. I think they know that they’re appeasing Turkey’s anti-Israeli Prime Minister, a good friend of Barack Obama’s, and they know they’re not going to win him over, but I think they hope that they’re going to slow him down.

I’m not entirely comfortable with this explanation of what’s going on, but so far it’s the best theory that I’ve heard or read, and it seems to make sense. But something else is afoot. There is a clock that has been started on the war front. Something has started. One thing that stuck out with President Obama is that he is oddly beating the war drums on Iran, saying we’re going to do everything possible to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He’s gone on and on about this.

President Obama: And I will repeat, all options are on the table. We will do what is necessary to prevent Iran from getting the world’s worst weapons.

Okay, he’s starting to sound more like me five or six years ago. I’ve been saying for years that Iran is the head of the snake. It’s not Iraq. It’s not Afghanistan. It’s Iran. And I’ve been warning that this is extraordinarily dangerous because they believe in creating world chaos. Why? Because it will hasten the return of the 12th Imam. Who’s the 12th Imam? The one that radial Islamists believe is the savior of all mankind. Others, who shall remain nameless at this point – me – think that he might be the literal Antichrist, and no, not this guy who, come on, let’s be serious, he looks just like Barack Obama. Come on, how do you deny it? How do you deny it? It’s like father and son here, just like the guy who last night played Herod. See this guy? Do you think it’s a coincidence that this guy looks just like Harvey Weinstein? I don’t think so.

Anyway, just a few months ago, the vice presidential debate, Joe Biden was laughing about Iran, dismissing the possibility of war. Do you remember?

Vice President Biden: This is a bunch of stuff. Look, here’s the deal –

Martha Raddatz,: What does that mean, a bunch of stuff?

Vice President Biden: Well, it means it’s simply inaccurate.

Rep. Ryan: It’s Irish.

Vice President Biden: It is. We Irish call it malarkey.

The only reason why I’m bringing this up is because they were so clear there was no war. There was nothing with Iran, and now I keep reading, and most of the people in the mainstream media I don’t think is noticing it. Most people who are watching the mainstream media are noticing, but there’s a change. What has changed? Why is Mr. Diplomacy now threatening war? Why is this so important all the time?

Even a few sources of ours have come up and said, oh, there’s war right on the horizon. Why? Why? Because this is now the last thing that we should be doing, because that will set the Arab world on fire. Is it that now’s the time, because if you set the Arab world on fire you could set the whole world on fire? So the Iran situation is escalating, and then on top of it, you have the latest from Syria. Why is no one really talking about this?

The opposition has a new prime minister in Syria, going to head up the effort to form a new government post-Assad. Who is he? Well, he’s a friend of ours. He’s a good friend of ours, this guy. He’s great. He was born in Damascus. Then he left Syria in 1980 and became a naturalized American citizen. In fact, he was neighbors with us. I didn’t know this at the time. I wish I would’ve known. He resided right here in Texas. He was the choice of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood. Isn’t that great?

Now, there was one objection, besides mine, to his appointment from the free Syrian army, and wouldn’t you know it, I mean, such bad luck. The day they announced that they were against the Muslim Brotherhood’s guy, there was a bad, nasty car crash. Well, it wasn’t a crash as much as it was POOF! And he gets himself blown up, so, it was just a coincidence and what timing, huh? I mean, cars mysteriously explode all time, especially, I don’t know I haven’t checked yet, but it might have been a Chevy Volt.

This is all about the Brotherhood. Hitto is the man now, and he’s been there for quite some time. If you look at his resume, boy he loves the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Society of North America, the North American Islamic Trust, the Muslim American Society. He was a representative for CAIR who definitely has nothing to do with terror or Muslim Brother – what?

Many of these groups have been identified as part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, he went to Turkey just at the end of last year, well last December, and then he goes to Syria just a few days ago. Isn’t that weird? So this guy was living right down the street from us. There’s the studio. Right there, the Texas, there’s TheBlaze studios. That little black dot, that’s the Muslim Brotherhood guy. We were neighbors. Why didn’t we have barbecue or go see a Cowboys game?

The next day, he’s over in Syria as the new prime minister of the opposition forces fighting to get a Muslim Brotherhood Egypt-style government implemented post-Assad. Whoa, that’s weird. It’s almost like this is further confirmation that everything in our documentary called The Project was true.

The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House, this administration. It is alive and well inside of our borders, even the great state of Texas. And you know what else is weird, that America was running guns from Benghazi to the Syrian opposition. At the same time he went over to Turkey, our boats were landing in Turkey, and we knew full well that those guns were landing in the arms of radical Muslim Brotherhood fighters. It’s almost again like what reported and nobody else did about Benghazi attack being connected to gunrunning operations are true. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody else would connect the dots from time to time?

Here’s something else nobody else bothers to report on or connected the dots on, America’s popularity in the Middle East. Guess what, we are so popular right now. Support for the United States of America in Egypt Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan is great. It’s a little lower than it was in 2008 in the closing year of George W. Bush, but hey, you know, we faced some headwinds. Our approval rating now – do we have it – our approval rating right now is 15%. Okay, like I said, a little lower, you know. It’s down about 20% in the last four years, down from 35% during the last year of Bush. It was so bad at 35%, this guy was going to save us, and now it’s at 15%. Wait a minute, that sounds a little like bottom up.

Now why is our approval rating so low in the Middle East? Because we have the savior, right? Here’s why, because at least during the Bush, Clinton, Reagan years, we did go to bed with dictators that we didn’t like. I mean, we were in bed with dictators and we’re like, Ooh, I just can’t get clean, but now we’re seducing them. Now we’re taking brutal Islamic thugs, and we’re dressing them up in something low cut and lacy. Say, is that a bomb in your pants Mr. Muslim Brotherhood, or are you just excited to see me? That’s what’s happening.

We’re propping up the Muslim Brotherhood, a band of radical Islamists who want to control every aspect of human life. Kind of sounds like the Progressives, doesn’t it? They are worse than the previous dictators, and we’re putting lipstick on these pigs and my apologies to pigs.

Look at the words of Mohammed Morsi this weekend about those people on the streets, bottom up, that are protesting him. He said this weekend, “If I am forced to do what is required to protect this nation, then I will do it. And I fear that I might be on the verge of doing it.” Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good. Sounds an awful lot like what Adolf Hitler said right after the Night of Long Knives. President Obama supported this guy was well. No wonder people hate us.

The top is coming down even more, and the bottom continues to rise. And we are sowing the seeds of discontent literally, arming the Syrian opposition and funding a civil war and wooing the opposition leaders in the wings. And who stands with Hassad – you’re going to love this. You’ll never guess. New Alliance, war with Iran, Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, we were gunrunning. Bottom up, discontent on the Arab streets, nobody likes us anymore. We have a new alliance. This is inside out. We’re powering the Muslim extremists, and we’re also making enemies of Russia. Wait a minute, oh that’s right, that’s right. They stand with the other side, don’t they? Wait a minute, those of the same guys that the Western banks pissed off. What could possibly go wrong here? Nothing, I’m sure. When we come back, the last piece of top down, bottom up, inside out. We go to guns.

Finally, Glenn detailed the escalating efforts of the progressive elites to disarm the American people through increased gun regulations:

Glenn Alright, last piece here I want to tell you about is guns. Look who’s leading the charge now to dismantle the Second Amendment. It’s this guy:

Mayor Bloomberg: I think I have a responsibility, and I think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other, and if I can do that by spending some money and taking the NRA from being the only voice to being one of the voices so the public can really understand the issues, then I think my money would be well spent. And I think I have an obligation to do that.

David Gregory: So you’ll spend money on ads?

Mayor Bloomberg: We’re starting to run ads today or tomorrow.

Okay I can’t take it. Please pray for me as we get into writing this speech for the NRA convention in about a month from now. I’m going down, and I’m going to give the keynote address at probably the most important NRA convention of all time, and boy I’ve got a lot to say. I’m not sure I should say all of it, but here’s a guy who views himself as a one-man warrior versus the special interests of the NRA.

Okay, let’s go over this. The NRA is a group with about 5 million members. Mayor McFascist is one person with $30 billion. So you know, the $30 billion, more than George Soros and a butt load more than the Koch brothers. So which one, the 5 million or the one is about the special interests? Which one’s about the Constitution, one with 5 million supporters, one with giant bank accounts?

Now, to be fair to Mayor McFascist, he also has Hollywood on his side, and I mean, there’s really a group of people that are, I mean, who could be more in step with mainstream American values than a Canadian in Hollywood?

Jim Carrey is the latest boob to actually support gun control, and he released the parody song – oh look, and he’s mocking country-western music and Hee Haw. He released this on the website Funny or Die, and after watching the painful 5 minutes and 56 seconds of this atrocity, attempt at comedy, I think it’s clearly or die for this one.

He called the song “Cold Dead Hand,” and in it, he mocks Charlton Heston. He also goes on the say, “Cold Dead Hand is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.” Yep, that’s me. I say screw the kids, Jim. “Sorry if you’re offended.” Jim, I’m not offended, but I’m not surprised that you’re blinded by the lights in your eyes. You don’t see the hypocrisy here? I mean, in your upcoming film Kick-Ass 2, there’s – oh that’s a gun in your hand – nor the fact that you allegedly have armed bodyguards to keep you safe.

You at home, no, you’re not important enough to have armed bodyguards. Of course, you could have them. You just have to pay for ‘em. What? What’s the problem? He’s paying for ‘em.

Dana Loesch tweeted about this, and after absolutely demolishing him, he said this over the weekend: “I’d like to respond to all the conservative pundits out there personally but I’m far too busy NOT stumping for the gun companies!” Yeah, what are you implying you dope, that we’re getting kickbacks from Beretta? I feel like I’m at the end of Scooby Doo and I would’ve gotten away for it, too, if it wasn’t for that pesky kid.

They make a product that we use. I mean, was Sally Struthers stumping for the food companies? Or did she see a bigger picture, no pun intended. Jim, look, let’s be honest with each other. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well. It was a bad weekend for you. Bad weekend for me, I had to put my dog down. You had a pretty big box office bomb, and you know, Burt Wonderstone sounds good. I’m thinking that maybe we should send it to Syria. Then, they’ll have the biggest bomb in the Middle East.

Let me explain this to you nice and slow because I speak Canadian. I proudly give the money to the NRA that I give because the NRA is standing up for the Constitution when nobody else will, and they work for us. You see, this is the way that government is supposed to be, at least here in America. I don’t know what it’s like in Canada, but here in America, the government works for us. But see, Canadians, like you, come down here and try to convince us and people in, you know, universities, you know, and other morons, they try to convince people that you work for the government. But that’s not how it works.

Now, the gun lobby, there’s 5 million of us. They work for us. See, we’re not their puppets. They’re standing up to the people like you because we don’t have the money that Hollywood and Bloomberg and everybody else has. Now, I know that’s how you feel about President Obama, and I and millions of others, you know, don’t. I mean, I don’t believe that government knows better than me, and I do believe, as Mayor Bloomberg you know, doesn’t, that the government is infringing on the right of my freedom.

Mayor Bloomberg: I do not think we should ban most things. I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.

Oh, he does believe that we should infringe on rights. You see, I believe in the individual. He believes in himself. I believe in the individual, for liberty. I believe in individual freedom, to live my life, and you live your life. You want to make funny faces, that’s cool. It works for you. It did for a while. Then do it. Do everything you want as you see fit, as long as it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. That’s the way it works. If you or I make poor choices, then I believe we have to have maximum personal responsibility and live with the consequences of those choices.

I’m not a puppet. I’m not looking for a puppet. I’m a man, and I really just want to be left alone so I can be busy helping others and creating jobs, but thanks for the Canadian sidebar there, I appreciate it. The American Constitution gives us the right, and I will defend it. And I’ll look for all like-minded Americans that will stand against mister-take-your-soda-away because it’s bad for people.

You see, a peaceful government is not the norm in human history. It’s a fluke. It’s a freak. What keeps a government in check is a responsible citizenry which we don’t really have very much; an educated people. The teachers unions and the universities have pretty much taken care of that one; or a media that is responsible and tethers themselves to the truth. We haven’t had that one for quite some time, either; and people, willing to stand up to the power of the man, as long as the man is trying to violate principles.

Now, I thought that you would’ve been with us on that last one. I don’t know how you anti-fascist, anti-controlling government people suddenly have found yourself either in bed with or actually playing the role of the man, but really you should look at yourself in the mirror, I mean, without making all those funny faces that you do that were so funny about 15 years ago.

The rest of us are busy protecting the right to defend ourselves, especially when the government is going all top down, bottom up, and inside out, especially on the Second Amendment. And what’s really strange is they are infringing, and they are mocking top down. At the same time they’re doing that and flipping the Constitution, turning things inside out, they’re trying to take away our right to defend ourself, at the same time they’re threatening to cut back police and releasing prisoners in the name of sequester. So what would be the result? What would be the result of releasing prisoners and also all of the policies that they have from finances and all of the really pissed off Arabs in the world? What do you think’s going to happen? Chaos, fear, crime.

So people are rightly worried about the safety of their families as government is not enforcing the laws, and if you don’t believe me, watch this.

Wayne LaPierre: Look, we’re 5 million families, we’re 80,000 law enforcement families, we’re 11,000 law enforcement trainers. We want to make people safe. That’s what the NRA does every day.

That’s what it was really all about, and they are rightly upset, because the Constitution is being threatened by Progressives armed with an agenda, not the truth, and agenda. We have gun laws on the books, enforce them. If the Second Amendment is allowed to be infringed, what does it mean for the other amendments, the charter of negative liberties that so many Progressives say is outdated and no longer useful? What is the endgame, and can they win, next.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Progressives game plan laid bare: power and control over the masses, a global system of communism that the world will never emerge from.

    • landofaahs

      Look at our country racing to complete every vile thing imaginable and say it’s good.  We are filling our cup of sine to overflowing as do all societies that have been given strong delusions.  God lets us fill it to completion for the judgment.

    • Bonnie Somer


      • William Vining

        Perhaps you should try this thing called “winning elections”.

        • greywolfrs

          I guess you missed the 8 years of GWB, dunce.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Cyprus – test bed to engineer the destabilization of Europe and by extension the United States. Depending on how matters go, Russia can be drawn into the matter and thus bring tensions to new levels in the region.

    War – involvement with Iran and Syria has the chance of drawing into play Russia and China, the two greater powers who combined can fend off a weakened United States. In the matter of war with Iran and Syria, the regional war would disrupt one major resource: oil.

    Also there will be pressure induced by radical Islamist movements across Africa, Europe, and along the Pacific Rim. With this will come disruption of shipping routes and other critical resources from the regions – many of which involve strategic concerns of China.

    Create many minor wars and a grand war against an ideology (Radical Islam) and you further destabilize the world.

    Gun control – disarm the people and there is no effective resistance. America has a tradition of freedom; and now we are in danger of losing it.

  • Anonymous

    Cyprus is the the domino you were talking about, Glenn. And while that ripple starts to grow and consume the economic chaos needed by progressives to collapse the system. Cue that ‘sweet little old lady’ Francis Piven, the Obama media minions need to create the diversion of gay marriage, and gun grabbing. They stir the passions of the populace and distract from the collapse when it happens. Then there’s no time to discuss how it happened, only that they need our money to backstop and bandage the bleeding. They will use the excuse of how patriotic the people of Cyprus were to ‘allow’ the government and banks to steal their money under the guise of restructure.

    Chaos created, (never let one go to waste) and another bailout for the elite, bing bang boom Soros fulfills his ‘God-complex’ and makes billions off it. And eyeballs another scheme and a brand new chessboard game.

    • William Vining

      Then why did the Stock Market go up over 100 points today?  You people don’t make any sense anymore. The real truth is, the European’s problems are sending massive amounts of capital into the US economy looking for a safe haven, which is nothing but good news for us.  Francis Priven? Are you nuts? She’s some little old lady, the whole story is laughable.  You people swallow absolutely amazing amounts of totally unsupported bull shit/

      • greywolfrs

        You know what is laughable, you being unable to realize that the stock market has been artificially propped up. The Federal Reserve is printing money 24/7 and monetizing the debt. The government is spending money a record pace and the unsustainable debt and deficits WILL collapse the system. It’s not a matter of if but when. Keep all money in te market and hold on to your Federal Reserve notes, idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Beck’s acting like the Cypress situation is the same kind of emergency he used to face when he had no cash and needed cocaine and booze

    • Anonymous

       Not really nim-rod.
      The only emergency he’s facing is telling Americans what’s going on in America,
      and how to defeat their agenda. You Mr. Nim-Rod should mind your own business,
      and follow the pack of wolves you so much love, while we hunt and expose them
      for who they really are….ENOUGH SAID……

      • William Vining

        He’s been wrong about everything. The US Economy is taking off. there are no “riots in the streets”, this whole “Cyprus” thing is so blown out of proportion it’s ridiculous, the one’s being “exposed” are you fools.

        • greywolfrs

          Wrong about everything? Aren’t you one of the same idiots that had an issue with how much GWB was spending, but now that it’s Obamao, it’s perfectly OK. Aren’t you one of the idiots that had a problem with TARP, but are perfectly OK the Stimulus?
          By the way, the US economy is NOT “taking off.” That is complete B S. The whole Cyprus thing is blown out of proportion? Hey stupid, you do realize that the Federal Reserve is printing money 24/7 and monetizing the debt, right? Do you have any clue what that means? I didn’t think so.

    • Todd Clemmer

      At least he’s not acting like Barry Soretero, selling and snorting the coke of of young men in limos.

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    Ah, good old Glenn Beck is back again.
    Demonizing those he doesn’t like, lying about progressives and trying to create panic out of nothing.
    After suffering through a week filled with Glenn crying over his dog I almost thought he was human. 

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       Unlike you, who have publicly proven you are not fully human.

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      the matter little baby; did Glenny say something to upset you? Would you like
      your bottle now before you start to whine more?

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        Cute bottle comment!
        Question: How do you find room in your mouth for a bottle when it is jammed with Beck’s c*** and b***s 24/7.
        Keep up the little attacks!

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          Question how in the hell did you fit your head up Obama’s ass?

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        I was sorry to see the dog die.
        I was disgusted to see a phony like Glenn Beck spend weeks drawing sympathy for himself because of its death.

        • Sam Fisher

          But yet you follow Obama hypocrisy much.

  • Anonymous

    On your Monday Glenn Beck program 03-25-2013 you ask the question why now for obama tough talk against Iran while on his trip in Israel ??? Could this be a possible reason  obama got wind  that Israel is very close of doing a  pre-emptive strike against Iran nuclear site ??. So our con-artist President could not let this happen ,so obama talk tough like he going to be on Israel side and do something against Iran nuclear sites,and for Israel to hold up no sense in going it alone !! To me it’s just another obama ruse to give Iran more time to get their nuclear weapons !!  For  Israel leaders they (believe in doing to others as they do to you) they’re conning him or playing him in return !!! They want to make sure obama won’t cut their shipments of the new F16s  and be completed in full they have range to reach Iran ??? Also I don’t know about F37 lighting stealth jets Israel suppose to be getting I believe obama slow production or stop the production  these jets to make sure Israel cannot use them against Iran in self defense !!  Maybe more shipments of bunkers busters bombs too ?? . I think Israel playing ( as long as they can )obama back to make sure they get all the weapons shipments they pay for and were promise by obama without delays or not to give obama any whim of reason to back stab Israel and cancel any reminding weapons shipments that was promise in agreement between the two countries.  Hey obama question what are you doing bending over backwards to  give our  enemy of Iran more time to acquire  nuclear weapons ????  So Iran can share these weapons with radicals terrorists fractions who want to kill the Great Satan (U.S) and Little Satan ( Israel) and to conquer the free western world with Shari law . To me anyone with any common sense would not trust obama words would look at your delaying actions to aid and abet and help the enemies of the Free World which include U.S and Israel !!!!!!!!!!!!   Plus if U.S was planning strike against Iran ,wouldn’t it be smarter to to play up this rift between U.S and Israel ( even if this rift cease to exit any more)  to give Iran no heads up what coming so it be complete surprise for safety of our servicemen and to mission to succeed !!

    • Anonymous

      What most likely taking place here is obama telling U.S citizens,Israel,free world and especially to Jewish U.S citizens a whopper that he got Israel back and Israel is free to defend itself from dire threat of a Iran nuclear threat !!! He pulling off this ruse by touting or bragging about his token gesture about help paying for Iron dome missile defense system ,he knows it’s not a perfect defense against a massive salvo launch of rockets and missile only need a couple warheads to get though nukes ,chemical or biological be the end of the very small country of Israel !!!   But his most likely actions behind close doors is blackmailing Israel with the threat of cancelling second quarterly shipment coming up in April of F16s ,or  F37 stealth lighting jets ,bunker buster bombs, ,which Israel pay for !!! Or obama could it be he will apply pressure to quarterly payment of military aid or aid to Israel,to slow down payment or stop it or cancel it !!   Why he doing this is to blackmail Israel from doing a  pre-emptive   strike in self defense from Iran nuclear threat and to give our enemy and seems to be  obama friend Iran more time to become nuclear power threat to the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hey obama your doing petty good for radical Muslim world you pressure our most trusted ally in not to defend themselves from dire nuclear with weapons Israel purchase just not deliver fully by U.S behind obama attaching strings to Israel weapons to hold them back to help our enemy Iran !!! But when come to our enemy and of the free world  of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt you freely ship F16 and Abrams tanks with no strings attach ya they might be your friend the way you are acting ,but  no friend to nation of United States ,U.S citizens,Free World or Israel !!!!  WE ALL SHOULD BE ASKING obama WHO SIDE ARE YOU ON WITH SUCH ACTIONS ,NEVER MIND YOUR FORK TONGUE  is the radical terrorists Muslims ,rogue countries our enemies or is it U.S & western,free world and U.S citizens I believe is not the latter choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????  P.S to obama if your true a friend to Israel stop trying incite a revolt in Israel with the very very radical left crowd  to undermine Israel government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharmane

    William Ayers and his commie partner Bernadette Dohrn should both be sitting in jail cells, instead of lecturing to us.  These unrepentant would-be cop killers and domestic terrorists are evil incarnate.  Resist these kinds of people America, or it will be to our great peril.  Shed the light of day on them and their ilk and expose them for what they are at every turn – anti-American terrorists and haters.

    • Todd Clemmer

      Jail cells?  Those two should bee laying in some place a little darker I think.

  • Anonymous

    As for Gun Control: All 2nd Amendment supporters need to force Gov’t to focus on law
    breakers not law abiders. Create a registration only of those who have
    LOST the right to bear arms. Similar to the sex-offender online
    database, the list would be available to the public. Then anyone who
    wanted to sell a gun would have the ability to look up the person to see
    if they were prohibited from owning a gun (or any other lethal weapon).
    I can’t believe this isn’t being promoted!

    The Weapons Offender database would be auto-populated from the judicial
    system’s database. Licensed psychiatrists and parents/guardians would be
    allowed to suggest names to add to the list of unstable individuals in
    their care. Please share this with your legislators.

    • William Vining

      Perhaps if you people could actually win eletion that all might  possible.

      • greywolfrs

        Again, you seem to have missed the 8 years of GWB, dunce.

      • Anonymous

        Really William?!?  You have the right to remain retarded-

  • Anonymous

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-121 They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason GOD sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.The truth is Jesus Christ Is LORD of all.  Walk by Faith and not by sight The delusion is strong  it makes  right seem wrong and wrong seem right.

  • Steve Call

    tCarter. you think Gregory`s c0mment is flabbergasting… last friday I got themselves a Mazda MX-5 from bringing in $6571 recently and-over, ten grand this past-month. with-out any question its the most-comfortable work I have ever done. I started this 4 months ago and right away was bringing home minimum $76, per hour. I use this great link, , ………….. BIT40. ℂom

  • Sam Fisher

    I feel that Cyprus is just but a test bed for what is going to happen worldwide.

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama wants to start a war in the middle east just so he can pull back and let Israel get into the cross fire. Just so he can rid the world of Israel.

  • Sam Fisher

    They need our guns so they can control us. Jim Carrey move back to Canada and leave my rights the hell alone.

  • truthjunkie

    We are seeing a replay of the second world war. I’m sure those who lived during that time thought Armageddon was right around the corner. The only difference is we now have technology. We see what is happening step by step as we drawl closer to it. Let’s remember…Large American companies helped in that war. IBM was the company who provided the technology of  the numbering system for the Germans to track the Jews. Bayer (aspirin) developed the chemicals used to gas the Jews. Large American banks loaned the money to fight both sides of the war. Brown Brothers Harriman was one of those large banks who gave money to Hitler. General Motors and Ford helped as well: We can not go run in to our prayer closets. We must keep our wits about us. I can only speak for myself. But, I get involved with my local government. It is highly important. Keep all our elected officials feet to the fire. The Elites who rule the world ( their family) wanted to see the collapse of all nations during both world wars. So they could have the One World Order. The One World: banking, monetary system, production companies, laws, courts, military, ownership of property, educational system, taxes and RELIGION. We have political servants in both house and the senate who are fighting to help save our country. We need to be help them, any way we can.  As the saying goes, “They may have won the fight. But, they haven’t won the war!”  P.S. Glen you know you’re a Texan when you describe something big as a Butt Load, lol! Welcome to Texas! God Bless

    • Anonymous

      Your Texas US Rep. Gomer is a true patriot.  Since y’all lost the elder Paul, you were needing someone to step it up.  Texans:  Support Rep. Gomer anyway you can, with money and manpower–he is the real deal.

      • truthjunkie

         Thanks twitdit. I’ll research more about him. We need more true patriots standing up for their constituents.

    • William Vining

      The whole “One Workl” thing is so over, even Bill O’reilly laughs it off.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you are gifted of God! He has opened your eyes and given you the ability to simply lay out the plans of the enemy and his useful idiots. I believe you can see what’s coming soon – see Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 & 39 for the most immediate events in the pipeline. The current order of this world is coming to its end and unfortunately, billions of ordinary folks with little power or control will pay the price for the new one that’s coming. It will only last 7 years but the price in blood will be horrific – not even the last century, the bloodiest in human history, will compare. Keep speaking the truth and know that you are covered in prayer.

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be a scary 4 years with Obama as King… The man is the devils Imp – He and his deceivers will reshape the entire world.  The majority of the worlds population is already fooled by this man.  Thanks to Glenn, we get the full scope of what’s coming down the pike.
    Take heed everyone, it’s gonna be a rough ride… unlike anything we could ever imagine!

  • Anonymous

    Are you one of the ‘paid’ people to start controversy?!?  Or just dumb???

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