Why Texas? Rep. Giovanni Capriglione talks gold, CSCOPE and more on radio

Glenn spoke with Texas Rep. Giovanni Capriglione on radio today about a whole host of issues from Gold to guns to the Muslim Brotherhood to C-SCOPE. Even Texas is not immune to radical influences – so why should you consider living in Texas? Because of how they are dealing with these issues – find out what they are doing to fight back on radio today in the clip above.

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    Keep going strong Texas, I’m doing what I can in my home state of Arizona.

    All of us must remember, one person can change the world, and by extension all of us can, when united for a common cause, make even greater changes happen.

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    If Texas goes downhill we are all screwed. 

    • onceproudamerican

       Independence is the only way to truly protect Texas.

  • Anonymous

    Hang in there Texas !  We even have a few of them here in Wyoming that have drifted  over from that nest of Liberals next door to us in Colorado.   There are so many there now it’s called California East.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that something……they ruin their state, realize they can’t afford it any more and continue their own demise wherever they go. It’s a brain fart that can’t be quelch.

      • greywolfrs

        Except that it isn’t true. Why would they create the very thing they want, just move and start the fight all over again? That makes no sense. The people moving out of CA are the Conservatives. (yes, there are Conservatives here)

        • Anonymous

          I live here, Conservative and a Messianic Jew. I’m a transplant from another liberal state and I’m staying here in CA.
          My mission is to change minds; One at a time. This business of red state, Blue state needs to stop. The politicians are causing the divide and we need to change that; I run from no one or anything.
          It will take a lot of hard work and possibly persecution……I am used to both, so what? So we can live better lives? Is it worth the battle? I think so.
          I am pushing my agenda; If they don’t like it, let them move. It’s time we begin to use their own tactics/methods for getting our way.

          • greywolfrs

            I do not disagree with that statement. I was born here, raised here and still live here. I am going nowhere. The weather is here, besides I live in a target rich environment…

            My point was thinking that the people who are leaving CA are all the liberals is flat out B S. Some may be leaving, but the majority of people leaving this state are the Conservatives, not the liberals. It makes no sense to say that they accomplished their goal of a liberal utopia here, just to turn around and leave and pick up the fight some place else. If they got what they wanted here, why would they leave? Again, that makes absolutely NO SENSE. So, saying it’s the CA liberals that are causing the things to happen in other places is completely false.

          • Anonymous

            So you don’t think the polices they put into place won’t affect them just as much as everyone else?
            Banks are not loaning. The rise of food and gas prices affect everyone. The people voted in by the left are also screwing their constituents…..left and right! Mexicans are returning to their country.
            Crime in LA has sky rocketed. The only people left will be criminals. You, me and others need to make certain that does not happen.

          • greywolfrs

            Look, I understand what you are saying and do not disagree, but the point I am making is simple. The left wing dolts turned this into their “utopia,” they are not going to bail on it now. Saying that the reason those laws in Colorado are happening is because of all the CA liberals that moved there is FALSE. If anything, the people who have already moved are the Conservatives, which would only strengthen the Conservative base in places like Colorado. Another fact, I know several people who have moved away from CA, two of them TO Colorado, and they are CONSERVATIVES. That is my point. I must also disagree with you claiming that Mexicans are moving back to Mexico, I can take you to Santa Ana or Ontario and disprove that theory.

        • Anonymous

          True or not; We allowed their environment to flourish. Time for a little discomfort……time to turn things around.

          • greywolfrs

            “WE” did not do anything of the sort. Since you said you came here from some place else, I will explain it to you. CA was as Conservative of state as there was, until the FEDS screwed us, including Reagan. Reagan was the first to give amnesty. I realize that was part of the deal he made with Democraps to close the border. I realize he held up his end of the bargain and the Democraps did not. Cut to William “the zipper” Cunton, he goes and gives amnesty, AGAIN. Look up CA prop 187 and what happened to it. Look up a guy named Pete Wilson. It’s the Feds refusing to do their jobs that made this state the way it is, in fact, that is more of a reason why those laws in Colorado are happening, rather than CA liberals moving there. It is finally starting to get out of control through-out the entire nation, not just border states. If Canada were a poor country, the problem would be WAY worse.

            In the end, saying the people “let it happen” is false.

          • Anonymous

            Granted, You absolutely know more about this than I do. So where do all those facts leave us here in CA?

          • greywolfrs

            That’s a good question, one that is not easily answered. I am not sure “we” need to do anything, at the moment. It seems the left wing dolts are going to start the second civil war. Keep your powder dry.

          • Anonymous

            A-OK Capitan!

      • Anonymous

        I submit to you, Liberalism is like a cancer. If it isn’t cut out, it spreads causing destruction wherever found. It’s what has ruined this country, but I don’t need to tell you this because you all know it. These people need to know we will not comply; We will not bend over and if it’s a battle they want, It’s a battle they shall get.

        Everyone in NY city against that asp for a mayor, should walk the streets with a 32 oz. soda and an unlit cigar/cigarette dangling from their lips! They should all be wearing a tee-shirt with bloomers face crossed off. Someone should buy billboards with the same image. When this guy comes up for re- election, God help you people that vote for him!

    • greywolfrs

      I find it funny that people like you continue to say this. Have you ever stopped to think WHO is moving out of CA? You believe the left wing dolts went to all the trouble to turn this into a liberal utopia, just to leave and come to your state? That makes no sense, they achieve what you are talking about and promptly leave to fight and create the same thing some place else?
      Let me tell you something, it’s the Conservatives who are leaving CA, not the liberals. Yes, there are Conservatives here and lots of us.

  • Anonymous

    America must prevail! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Marks/1266358046 Paul Marks

    If the doctrine that goods and services from government are “rights” (the Social Justice agenda) is taught in the schools – freedom dies. If it is impossible to reform the government schools (to drive out the left) perhaps the idea of government schools is itself the problem – but government schools are even in the Texas Constitution of 1876.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wish4summer Michelle Anderson

    Texas, get rid of chloramine!!! http://www.chloramine.org

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I hear the Rep saying is that this bill or that bill is in the works. I didn’t hear anything like what Austrailia told the Muslims. I didn’t hear him say that Texas is doing this or that about preventing any gun control laws. He talked a lot about nothing.

  • Snorri

    Eleanor Roosevelt who was educated in France responded to a question as to why a progressive income tax. “Because they will take it all away from us otherwise”. The answers to progressive liberalism is economic growth, opportunity and market freedom. Or sitting around the coffee house wondering why the government revenues don’t increase at 66% or more taxation. The latter has been chosen by half the U.S. which will be be a hard road to travel.

  • Anonymous

    I know Gio personally and he is as “Tea Party” as it gets, and smart and kind to boot! He did a good job but I could tell he was nervous. It’s weird.. some people do really well on TV and radio but you can’t trust them to make any good decisions. Then there are those like Gio who absolutely have your back behind closed doors, but don’t put on dynamic public displays. I know we need both to win… Ted Cruz is both.. but isn’t this why we’re in the mess we’re in? because we choose “politicians” instead of the qualified “guy next door?” Support ppl like Gio and THE BLAZE to bring them to you, and you’ll get the results you want America. I promise.

  • greywolfrs

    Well, we tried to deal with these problems here in CA, but got shot down by the Feds at every turn. Look up CA prop 187 and what happened to it. The Feds say the border falls to them, as they continue to leave both borders open. 

    Anyone who does not believe me, besides looking up CA prop 187, look up our former governor Pete Wilson. Look up Ronald Reagan…

  • ProudTexan

    From Heidi Hansing on FB. URGENT UPDATE. Yesterday, I noted on RER the surprising passage of the The Texas Gold Bill. It seemed to be a tiny moment of good in the disastrous Titanic of the 84th Legislative Session. However, it turns out that it is worthless and useless! See the comparison of what it should’ve been and what was actually passed. (Turns out, the Dallas Federal Reserve was lobbying in Austin this session and they DO NOT want Texas to have a strong basis for a gold standard.)

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