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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been going after the freedom of New Yorkers for years, but now he is taking is nanny state crusade national – going after ‘illegal guns’ with his Mayors Against Illegal Guns initiative.

“You will see this on a lot of ads all around the country: Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Who is not against illegal guns?”

“Everyone including the NRA,” Pat responded.

When you really think about the name of the group – Mayors Against Illegal Guns – the premise becomes even more absurd.

“I don’t know of a soul that says, ‘I am a huge Second Amendment guy. I’m not for illegal guns,’” Glenn said. “If you have purchased them and scrubbed the serial number off, I’m not a fan of yours. I’m not fighting for your rights.”

“If you’ve stolen them from your mom and you’re about to shoot people,” Pat continued, “I’m against that.”

Since it is abundantly clear that anyone in their right mind would not advocate for the rights of illegal gun owners, Glenn got to the heart of what Bloomberg’s mission really is. “Now, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, they are not against illegal guns. They are against guns,” he declared. “This is Michael Bloomberg’s money; this is Michael Bloomberg’s deal. He’s the one who has cobbled together these Mayors Against Illegal Guns. We should find all the mayors that are in it because it’s all the big, huge progressive cities that are with him on this… Go to MayorsAgainstIllegalGuns.Org and look and find if your mayor is on there and get your mayor to either wake up or take a stand.”

There have been dozens of stories in the news lately about students being suspended from school or reprimanded for playing with bubble guns or biting Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun. This is an attempt to instill a fear of guns in children, which is part of the reason why the firearm education the NRA provides is so important.

“I joined the NRA I think maybe before I even had a gun,” Glenn said. “My wife and I were no different. If you’re listening to me and you’re like, ‘I don’t want a gun and I don’t think… and I don’t know if I could ever pull the trigger on somebody,’ I’m with ya. I understand that… We were those people. Now here we are ten years later not those people anymore.”

“We’ve done our homework. We know the difference. We had an irrational fear of guns because we were uneducated. Educate yourself on them. Doesn’t mean you have to own one. Educate,” Glenn said.

If you have had the pleasure to view one of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns infomercials, you will see that clearly the producer of the video is not an educated gun owner. The man in the commercial is dressed as a hunter and speaks about the importance of guns for sport and protection, though based on the way he handles the gun, he is probably not the best advocate:

VOICE: For me guns are for hunting and protecting my family. I believe in the Second Amendment and I’ll fight to protect it. But with rights come responsibilities. That’s why I support comprehensive background checks. So criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can’t buy guns. That protects my rights and my family.

“Any black bearded guy dressed like a hunter must be one,” Pat quipped. “He doesn’t want to take anybody’s gun rights away.”

“He cares about safety,” Glenn continued. “That’s why he’s holding the shotgun and aiming it right chest level. He’s not sitting it up or down. It’s chest level. And he has his finger on the trigger.”

“Yeah,” Glenn concluded. “These are going to be very effective spots.”