Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns doesn’t understand gun safety

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been going after the freedom of New Yorkers for years, but now he is taking is nanny state crusade national – going after ‘illegal guns’ with his Mayors Against Illegal Guns initiative.

“You will see this on a lot of ads all around the country: Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Who is not against illegal guns?”

“Everyone including the NRA,” Pat responded.

When you really think about the name of the group – Mayors Against Illegal Guns – the premise becomes even more absurd.

“I don’t know of a soul that says, ‘I am a huge Second Amendment guy. I’m not for illegal guns,’” Glenn said. “If you have purchased them and scrubbed the serial number off, I’m not a fan of yours. I’m not fighting for your rights.”

“If you’ve stolen them from your mom and you’re about to shoot people,” Pat continued, “I’m against that.”

Since it is abundantly clear that anyone in their right mind would not advocate for the rights of illegal gun owners, Glenn got to the heart of what Bloomberg’s mission really is. “Now, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, they are not against illegal guns. They are against guns,” he declared. “This is Michael Bloomberg’s money; this is Michael Bloomberg’s deal. He’s the one who has cobbled together these Mayors Against Illegal Guns. We should find all the mayors that are in it because it’s all the big, huge progressive cities that are with him on this… Go to MayorsAgainstIllegalGuns.Org and look and find if your mayor is on there and get your mayor to either wake up or take a stand.”

There have been dozens of stories in the news lately about students being suspended from school or reprimanded for playing with bubble guns or biting Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun. This is an attempt to instill a fear of guns in children, which is part of the reason why the firearm education the NRA provides is so important.

“I joined the NRA I think maybe before I even had a gun,” Glenn said. “My wife and I were no different. If you’re listening to me and you’re like, ‘I don’t want a gun and I don’t think… and I don’t know if I could ever pull the trigger on somebody,’ I’m with ya. I understand that… We were those people. Now here we are ten years later not those people anymore.”

“We’ve done our homework. We know the difference. We had an irrational fear of guns because we were uneducated. Educate yourself on them. Doesn’t mean you have to own one. Educate,” Glenn said.

If you have had the pleasure to view one of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns infomercials, you will see that clearly the producer of the video is not an educated gun owner. The man in the commercial is dressed as a hunter and speaks about the importance of guns for sport and protection, though based on the way he handles the gun, he is probably not the best advocate:

VOICE: For me guns are for hunting and protecting my family. I believe in the Second Amendment and I’ll fight to protect it. But with rights come responsibilities. That’s why I support comprehensive background checks. So criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can’t buy guns. That protects my rights and my family.

“Any black bearded guy dressed like a hunter must be one,” Pat quipped. “He doesn’t want to take anybody’s gun rights away.”

“He cares about safety,” Glenn continued. “That’s why he’s holding the shotgun and aiming it right chest level. He’s not sitting it up or down. It’s chest level. And he has his finger on the trigger.”

“Yeah,” Glenn concluded. “These are going to be very effective spots.”

  • landofaahs

    Every gun law passed should have an amendment that holds the politicians and private security to the same laws.  For example if they just ban all guns then no private security for individuals or politicians should be allowed.  There should also then be no armed protection for any politician because they are no better or more important than the lowest citizen.

    • Draxx

      I said that about 2 months ago…  but, no one really responded to the common sense of the statement!

      • mariahnorris

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        • Marshall Brinson

          Take your SPAM BS and GO AWAY!!!!

      • landofaahs

        Perhaps they did not see it.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The matter of Bloomberg is very simple – symbols and messages have power, and that is what he seeks to do…force his own views and desires on the nation by conditioning people and kids who know nothing of firearm safety to have irrational fear for them.

    In the end this method is brainwashing and intimidation for control. It is blatantly evil at its core and must be countered at every turn by the truth.

    Bloomberg wishes to be a dictator, he has demonstrated how insane he is as with Obama.

    • Anonymous

      So,,,it’s Bloomberg v. Obama,,,on “Who wants to be a dictator”.

  • Sam Fisher

    We give our guns away then we lose our rights. The only reason why they did not get rid of the Constitution is because of our second amendment rights under the Constitution and as long as we have that right they dare not turn us into a fascist state. Their for we must fight these liberals so that we can still have a free state where the Bloombergs and Obamas of the world cannot take our freedom away.

    • Anonymous

      Sam Fisher: “The kids made fun of me when I had to wear a Speedo at the pool. I never got over it. Now I talk about guns!”

      • greywolfrs

        Oh please, you couldn’t get laid in a morgue.

      • Sam Fisher

        Now you’re lying about me. Gee who would have seen that coming? I still want proof of your claims coward.

  • Draxx

    BumBerg, is worried that the common people are going to use Social Media to coordinate a rebellion like in Egypt!  Egypt was a test bed to see how effective SM could be, so that they could come up with Counter-Measures to insure that the common person would not be able to use it here in America…

  • Nathan Beal

    Glenn, fingers on triggers are a major pet peeve of mine, so I looked for it when I watched the videos. He does not have his finger on the trigger in either video. In one video his finger is just below the ejection port, quite a ways from the trigger, and in the other you can see the safety button which is just behind the trigger built into the rear part of the trigger guard. I know you are interested in the truth, so I thought I would fill you in. BTW, I believe that is a rifled shotgun. It shoots shotgun shells and has a rifled barrel.

  • Adam Bonadonna

    Here’s is what Bloomie does. Makes all firearms illegal in NY and they says that he is against illegal fire arms. Simple…..All firearms are illegal! This guy is a moron and has not a clue!!!

    • greywolfrs

      LOL, I just said basically the same thing.

  • greywolfrs

    You guys missed the point, he wants to outlaw more guns, so he can be against them. Everything they choose to call an “assault rifle,” whether they are or not.

    Gun control means using both hands.
    This is people control.

  • Anonymous

    Gun safety story:

    • greywolfrs

      The only “gun safety” you need to practice is getting your whole head in front of the shotgun.

      • Anonymous

        That’s nice. BTW, a healthy diet, some exercise, and Viagra will do far more for your problem than gun compensation

        • greywolfrs

          So, you make an assumption and think you know me? Maybe, some day, when you graduate third grade, you may learn that assumption is the mother of ALL fuck-ups. Then again, you are a moron, so maybe not.

    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    THEY must be promising him the Oval Office for 2016! He puts up, let’s take them down. He speaks, we yell. Or, we can just ignore him and wait for the tantrum to pass.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still part of the “Who said it was your business?” crowd. Anytime people want to diminish my rights, they always start by separation. They start out pointing at obtuse things like the phrase “illegal guns”, and saying “well I don’t want to be that guy, we won’t let that guy have one”. I don’t even care if my numbers where in bad shape, because it always starts with the “new bad people” doing things I wouldn’t, just before they start adding people like me to the list I kind of agreed to when we first started separating. So, arrest the people that handle them incorrectly or have proof they threatened you, but stop taking my rights. They are not concerned for you, they just know the control of you, and your family, is not an option if your armed. It’s our duty.

  • mudslide

     Mayors Against Illegal Guns – what exactly is an ‘illegal gun’???

  • livefreeordiehard

    Hey, Bloomberg, come on down to Texas.  I can guarantee you that some good ole boys will drag you out to the parking lot and beat the hell out of you.  

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg wants to be a control freak, ship this idiot to Russia!

  • Patriot

    Bloomberg is a “Blooming Idiot”, Oh, by the way, He’s also a TRAITOR to The Constitution of The United States! Just like Obama, Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and more.

  • Anonymous

    Bloomburg is like the TURD in the punchbowl for most democrats running for re-election next year !!!  I’m thinking most of his endorsements need not to applly publicly? LOL.

  • Tom Musso

    I guess Rahm Emmanuel will be excluded since his city is teeming with illegal guns!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn can you explain to all of us here HOW BLOOMBURG went from a 4.2 billion dollar networth to now over 23 billion in less than 10 yrs.???    I know he owns a cable company but damn, being Mayor of New York I’m sure has some back-room benefits that practically no one knows about.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i guess they wann take out the gun of gun violence…….now if they do that whats left over ??…….violence
    i rest my case

  • The American Patriot

     Hmmm… I think most Americans are against Illegal Guns.

    Apparently he doesn’t differentiate between Legally Owned Guns by Law Abiding Americans and Illegal Guns owned by Criminals.  That, in a nutshell, is the very mindset of the Liberal Lunatics that want to control your life “for your own safety.”

    Mayer, if I wanted to live in a perfectly safe country, I’d have to throw you out with all your commie friends first!  That’s not what made America great.  It was the Pioneers and Risk-takers, the Creators and Inventors, the men and women with Imagination and Courage to build a new kind of nation… one free from the Tyranny you so much desire to impose on others!

    But we WILL NOT COMPLY with your Communist Agenda!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, guys,  all this talk about guns, legal and illegal is  irrelevant.  Just make any building where a gun problem could occur a Gun-Free Zone, especially the White House or anywhere the president may be, Congress, the NY Capital and anywhere Andrew Hitler (sorry, I meant Cuomo) might be, and anyplace Michael Bloomberg might be.    Problem solved.
    And just think about all the taxpayer money that will be saved because we won’t need the Secret Service or any other type of security force, any longer.

  • Anonymous

    What a stupid thing to say!!!!

  • Joe Snuffy

    Has Bloomberg defined what he means by “Illegal guns” yet? To my knowledge, the only thing that would make a gun “illegal” would be that it had been stolen and was now in possession of a criminal/gang banger. 

    CITIZENS, exercising their rights defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights do not generally own “illegal” guns.  Their guns, for the most part, were legally purchased and are legally owned.

    Where is this nut headed with this ridiculous claim? 

  • Carl Arasi

    Yo Bloomburg,come to Alabama.We will send you back to NYC with a size 12 boot in your ass,you Communist POS!!!

  • Anonymous

    They are against illegal guns; so now their mission is to make all guns illegal.  Wake up and vote them out!

  • Snorri

    Wasn’t there a time when sharpened screwdrivers were the weapon of choice for New York City’s muggers? Oh that’s still the situation. Perhaps a better and easier solution for random, rampant violent crime is to prosecute the offenders and give them long jail terms and where appropriate the Death Penalty.  A better solution would be to split New York into two or three separate states; then folks could chose how they wanted to live simply by moving.

  • yingling777

    Let us not forget the 80 men, women, and innocent children who were burned alive by our government in Waco, Tx. This is a prime example of why the government needs to stay out of peoples’ right to have freedom. The people were burned alive by Janet Reno and Bill Clinton, and it was on national television.  The anniversary for this grisly massacre is April 19, 1995; let us not forget.

  • Guest

    ONce again, Beck expresses his ignorance: Glenn said. “If you have purchased them and scrubbed the serial number off, I’m not a fan of yours. I’m not fighting for your rights.”

    Scrubbing the serial number off a gun is not a right; it’s against the law.

    And then, showing that Beck is not just ignorant but a deceitful propagandist as well, Glenn got to the heart of what Bloomberg’s mission really is. “Now, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, they are not against illegal guns. They are against guns,” he declared.

    WRONG!  Glenn Beck is the 21st Century Joseph Goebbels fooling some of the people all of the time. Thank goodness that those easily hoodwinked fools make up a small percentage of the American voters.

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