Now Mayor Bloomberg wants to protect you from…social media?

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Didn’t think it was possible for NYC Mayor to become a bigger hypocrite? Guess again. Despite having a Twitter accounts of his own (personal & professional), a Facebook page, and multiple other channels, Mayor McFascist can’t help but bash social media.

Yes, despite the massive growth of New York Cities tech scene, doesn’t dig the social media scene. (Is anyone really surprised a tool that expands an individual’s ability to make their voice heard and impact change isn’t on the mayor’s admiration list?) He disdain centers around many of things to be expected of someone who likes to restrict individual liberty: It makes governing harder.

Despite Twitter and Facebook’s ability to allow Bloomberg in engage with the citizens of New York City on an individual level, he somehow believes social media creates new challenges for the government. Have any governments that protect the freedoms of their people been negatively impacted by the social media revolution? The United States seems to have more citizens engaging with their representatives due to the tools — they’re sharing more news about what’s going on inside of Washington and can get real time feedback from their elected officials.

The fact is, the only governments to experience real challenges and threats to power are the oppressive ones like Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc. The same governments that are doing everything they can to restrict and block open, unregulated access to the internet and social media.

Mr. Collective, is of course worried about “the greater good,” not the individual liberties of American citizens. Bloomberg, who has an active twitter account managed by his staff, just things there needs to be some rules around social media. Yesterday he said,

“Number one, I don’t understand why people don’t understand that anything you write, anything you send out, is gonna be retweeted, re-Facebooked, re-this, re-that,” he said, at a Williamsburg press conference about helping the unemployed get jobs. “You should write down, number one, only things you believe, and number two, then think about how it would look if somebody else sees it. There are just a lot of young kids who are doing things on their Twitter account, their Facebook account, that later on is gonna come back and bite them.”

He later added, “You can’t talk about a complex subject, or a controversial subject, in a soundbite…The bottom line is it’s very addictive, it’s easy, you hit a button and nobody thinks that the rest of the world is looking at it.”

“Now he’s going after the First Amendment,” Glenn reacted after hearing Bloomberg’s comments. “Now, why would you want — why would you want people not to be able to tweet?  Why would you want people not to be able to use Facebook?”

On the surface, it sounds like he doesn’t want dissenters given a voice. And, in typical Bloomberg fashion, he thinks Americans are too stupid to not believe everything that they see and read online.

Ultimately, it’s all about control.

“Think of Cyprus.  How did the people find out about Cyprus?” Glenn asked.


The media wasn’t doing their job and the story wasn’t being reported on, so the word got out on Twitter that Cypus was taxing its citizens personal bank accounts.

Glenn explained that last week in England, they passed the equivalent of an executive order to put in a new Minister of Media to make sure that the media’s all on the up-and-up when reporting about the government. The Parliament had nothing to do with the law, the Queen put it through, so no one can go back and change it at all.

What Bloomberg is describing is very similar. He wants to remove the obstacles to govern.

In a NYT article March of last year, Michael Grynbaum wrote about the NYC Mayor’s disparagement of social media. In a speech the Mayor delivered in Singapore, he spoke about the difficulties of leading a city into the future amid a political cultures that is often focused on the short term.

The mayor noted that technology, despite its benefits, can add new pitfalls to an already grueling process. “Social media is going to make it even more difficult to make long-term investments” in cities, Mr. Bloomberg said.

“We are basically having a referendum on every single thing that we do every day,” he said. “And it’s very hard for people to stand up to that and say, ‘No, no, this is what we’re going to do,’ when there’s constant criticism, and an election process that you have to look forward to and face periodically.”

Later, Mr. Bloomberg noted that long-term urban planning “requires leadership, and standing up, and saying, ‘You know, you elected me, this is what we’re going to do,’ and not take a referendum on every single thing.”

The thing is, Bloomberg’s words are just another example of his “do as I say, not as I do” leadership. His office has not been hesitant to use social media a political tool to push through his agenda. He’s using social media right now to promote his nationwide anti-gun ad campaign. You can bet that mayors who support the Constitutional right of Americans to own guns don’t find his campaign being pushed through their cities particularly helpful or within the boundaries of his power as NYC Mayor. But, it’s okay when Michael Bloomberg does something, he just doesn’t want anyone getting in his way.

“It’s not going to happen overnight but they are controlling now absolutely everything,” Glenn said. “They want control of your information, they want control of the media, they want control of your guns, they want control of the food. They want control of your money and the banks and how you spend it. They want control of your movement here and there and everywhere, through the TSA. Does anybody notice they are building a little trap, a little box that you’re not getting out? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. That would only be an out‑of‑control government that would do that. And we know the Western world doesn’t have a problem with that.”

In other words, instead of listening to what the people are saying, if he had his way he would shut it down to get his agenda through without any public criticism or challenges.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Information as with knowledge is power – control the information, the message, the means by which people find out about events going on, and the government wins in the end. 

    Control food, control assets, control resources, control firearms, control this and that, and then you have a dictatorship centered upon Communism across the board; and in the case of the United States, it will be an age of darkness that we will never emerge from.

    • landofaahs

      Bloomberg is an insane control freak.  It’s because he has mental insecurities as do all liberals.  That is why they must control people, simply because they have mental illnesses of insecurity.

      • Anonymous

        Your comment made me realize something. Most librals were picked on kids that have grown into bullies.

        • Elena

          I was picked on and picked at.  I have fought bullies all my days!  I refuse to be one.

        • landofaahs

          You could be correct. What is certain is that they have…how shall we say…issues. They need to be placed in a round room and told to urinate in the corner. That should push them completely over the edge.

      • beeks …

          This is liberal fascism,,

    • Draxx

      Now others that read this, Please read up on Fusion Centers, it will give you more Questions Than Answers…  They have Zero Documented Answerability To Anyone in the United States!  Also, do research into the 10 Zones and how 10 Governors are slated to take control of other states by an Executive Order from Obummer…

      • Draxx

        Executive Order from Obummer Dated:  January 10, 2010 which establishes the Council of Governors… please do your own research into this yourselves!

        • mariahnorris

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      • Elena

        Rather reminds me of “Enemy of the State” Will Smith and Gene Hackman, I think.

    • greywolfrs

      Look up the underlying things contained in the Net Neutrality bill. That was about controlling the information, nothing more. There are not enough people in the country who have a true understanding of computer networks to understand the meaning of that bill.

    • Warren Wilson

      From which we will never emerge.

    • greywolfrs

      One other thing, you seem to forget that Americans are ARMED. I doubt it will get that far without the Second Civil War happening…

      • buck rogers

         The problem is,  when the Dems are done.  You won’t be..  Just wait until you see this news alert one day..
        All gun owners have 90 days to turn in weapons to their local police.. After the 90 days GRACE period.. Anyone caught with a weapon will do hard time..
        Charged as a terrorist..
        And you will be charged by Terrorists..   that’s the kick in the head..

        • greywolfrs

          B S, they will never get that far. It’s a nice scare tactic, but it will be a civil war long before that.

          Besides, they can have my guns, bullets first.

        • Laura

          All of the police officers I know are conservative and cannot stand obama

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly why they want as many as possible on welfare. Keep them dependent on you and you have them for a lifetime. Look at most of the Obama supporters.

    • Anonymous

       This is why, every time the governments of fascist dictatorships, such as Iran, China, Syria, etc, shut down and filter the internet prior to any major attacks on their own people. Bloomberg hates the fact that people can weigh in. Nothing has changed the Republic form of government, he’s simply complaining that everything he does is scrutinized by anyone who wishes to check in. Boo hoo. Only fascists think that this is bad. He spends so much time trying to take away rights that he finds it supremely annoying that he is opposed when he’s attempting the “business as usual” with New York politics. Poor baby…he can’t simply order hits on his opponents and circumvent public opinion or opposition. He misses the good ol’ days when the public feared its politicians and their nearly inexhaustible power.

    • Warren Huff

      Either we the people remove these tyrants from power with any means necessary or kiss your complete constitutional rights goodbye! This peace of shit bloomberg is a criminal who should not only be immediately removed from power like obama but should be procecuted as well for murder and a laundry list of other crimes!  I’m out of patience with these criminals who are makng the United States into a 3rd world, communist country by the day. The fact is they know what they are doing and they are simply puppets for the illuminati also known as the globalists and elites of the 13 weathiest families of the world who own the global banks and mainstream media the reason they want to take not only Facebook down but all ways to communicate so they can completely control us before they start rounding us up and depopulating the world after the crash and Martial Law is impost for the 2100 century holocaust that will make hitler look like a God dambed QUIRE BOY!!!  

  • Sharmane

    This control freak is in the news every day about yet another one of his inane statements.  I am now of the opinion that he needs a complete mental health evaluation as there is something seriously wrong with him.  His city is a cesspool of crime and he focuses on idiotic things and ways to control the law-abiding citizens while ignoring the thugs and gang bangers that rule the NYC streets.  He needs to be forced to go for a mental health creening today.

    • greywolfrs

      I have a better idea. The FDA just approved a new drug to combat liberal/progressive syndrome, it’s called Cyanide. Side effects include, but are not limited to: trouble breathing and trouble living. I think Doomberg and ALL left wing dolts should try it.


      • Laura


  • landofaahs

    Bloomberg needs to be deported.  What did we poor ignorant people do before his highness came and blessed us with his dietary laws and buttinsky control freak persona?

    • Draxx

      Wouldn’t be nice if he had an Accident… I am not saying anyone needs to make it happen, But Wouldn’t It Be For The Greater Good of Americans???

      • landofaahs

        It already has. It’s called dropping him on his head at birth.

    • greywolfrs

      It’s amazing that we have lived as long as we have without these monkeys to tell us what is good for us and what is not.

      • landofaahs

        All the while their own lives are messed up worse than Hogan’s goat.

  • landofaahs

    This is all the proof we need that Govt. heads are the enemy of freedom.  These corrupt politicians line their pockets with the money they steal from the people.  Point the finger of guilt at them. The politicians are the enemy of freedom. They are the rich who never earned it but stole it. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Stay away from my rights Mayor McFascist. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Yup liberalism =fascism. I wonder why he wants to shut the people up. Maybe he wants to control everything as if he is a god.

    • greywolfrs

      Actually, that is incorrect. Fascism is rooted in strong national pride. Liberals are for collectivism, their leaders are for totalitarianism. Big difference.

      • Anonymous

        Read Jonah Goldberg’s excellent book “Liberal Fascism”.  You will see the parallel between early 20th century “progressives” and the governments of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussollini.

        • greywolfrs

          OK, no matter how one tries to change the definition of words, they can not. Fascism is a far right wing concept, it promotes strong national pride and individualism. By contrast, Socialism/communism is a collectivist concept. Just because both tend to lead to totalitarianism does not mean they are one in the same.

          • Anonymous

            Were the Nazis or Mussolini big on individualism or individual rights?  No.

            “Fascism  a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the
            opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.”

            Fascism is NOT a right wing concept and it certainly is NOT about individual rights or individualism or free markets, or limited government.  That historical lie needs to be put down.

          • greywolfrs

            Historical lie? OK, for the prepetually stupid, Hitler was a Fascist, which is a RIGHT WING CONCEPT. Look up the actual definition of Fascism, it is about individualism and strong national pride and most of the time racism. In the end, Hitler turned Germany into a totalitarian police state.

            Feel free to believe whatever stupidity you choose, but you do not get to change the meaning and definitions of words to suit yourself.

          • Peacelanese

            Greywolfrs has to go back andcre read the obvious. He just gave t
            You the correct definition of fascist. hitler was a fascist – nothing about hitler was right wing. Strong national pride – that’s what the New York Times said about Hitler when the made him Man of the Year and put him on the cover. They believed that then . Of course now we know Hitler was a tyrant dictator whose was not motivated by national pride at all. He was motivated by evil. There was never any individualist ideas inspired by Hitler. He murdered people who so much as named their dog Hitler. You’ve been successfully endoctrinated my friend. Let the deprogramming begin.

          • Laura

            Actually the Nazis were of the National Socialists Party, watch the movie Nietzsche and the Nazis. The National Socialist Party were contrary to individualism. 

      • Sam Fisher

        But that all the difference both types of governments kill freedom and hold their people under strict laws.

        • greywolfrs

          I am not advocating one over the other, I am simply stating a fact. Both are two sides of the same coin, as they both lead to Totalitarianism, the devil is in details.

  • Anonymous

    The horror! Actually hearing from the dirty peasants. Maybe if the politicians weren’t so corrupt, controlling and trying to buy votes with their legislation and just did what was right for the country as a whole they wouldn’t have to sweat so much.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Obviously Mayor Loonberg has way tooooooo much time on his hands and his plume is the colors of a typical Liberal.  Please do us all a favor and keep your nanny state mentality in NYC.  Leave the Red states alone!!!!  I think we’ve done really well without bleeding heart liberals trying get their greedy, control happy hands on our states!

  • greywolfrs

    It’s called controlling the information, nothing more. Goebbels would be proud.

  • Ranchman

    Why, why, why do the people in that city elect total morons and tyrants? WHY? Bloomberg’s diminished mental capacity is ssooooo obvious it’s not possible that the people in NYC can’t see it. He’s on the verge of a major crack-up. Every time he doesn’t get his way about something, he has to spend millions of dollars convincing the people to change their minds toward him. That, folks, is a very unstable and dangerous mind. STOP ELECTING THIS GUY TO BE YOUR MAYOR!!! Sheesh!


    It must be exhausting to be Bloomberg who feels that he must control everyone. My mom crossed boundaries with me which set me up in some cases to go too far the other way, which I think is a real danger with all this “big brother” over reaching liberal administration; every area where they are tresspassing into our constitutional rights we are now alerted to where we need to galvanize ourselves and get them off our back, bone up on our American constitution and make sure our leaders who have sworn to uphold those rights, either do it or they’re gone.  Bloomberg just said that there are times when the government needs to take away our rights (for the good of all), which response should be, well, then there are times when an elected official’s rights need to be taken away…..’you’re fired.”
                 I am starting to see that the difference between the socialists and the conservatives is that liberals are either micromanagers or desire to be micromanaged…..and conservatives aren’t interested in controlling others and are actually repulsed by someone else crossing their boundaries. I also think it is a matter of respect, where liberals clearly don’t respect other’s boundaries or properties or bank accounts, and conservatives don’t presume they can make choices for anybody else and butt out of other people’s business.

  • thinker

    He’s a democrat in republican clothing.

    • greywolfrs

      See what you get for thinking?

  • Warren Wilson

    New Yorkers deserve this twerp.
    When they don’t, they will vote him out.

  • faxxmaxx

    This control freak is considering running for President in 2016. Imagine…..


    His efforts will not work. When the gun grab effort started, what happened? People who never had thought it was important to have a gun, suddenly made sure they got one. When the mainstream media was propagandized for the whitehouse in an effort to control information communicated to the people, social media was forced into full effect, actually made it more important than it had been and was more valued. With this effort to control social media, people are already looking into ways to keep connected to others. Neccessity is the parent of invention. and it sets up negative resentment toward the very government which is seeking to become your live-in police mother. A raging rebellion is rising against the multiple subversions of our constitution and this political correctness muzzling,  and setting us up to go back to square one. not even going through the IRS anymore for paying taxes so that we won’t have to disclose our personal financial holdings….but rather to pay a flat tax…If we have the economic fallout I am sensing, government isn’t going to be trusted again in this country, especially by the low information democrats.

  • scottolsenfam

    I love The Blaze newsletters and appreciate receiving them. PLEASE have someone double check and edit the articles before they are submitted for public perusal, however. There are way too many typos in this article that are actually distracting to the content.

    • greywolfrs

      Again, this is a tanscript of the VIDEO CLIP, just watch the video.

  • Sue Hill

    Guys…this article is poorly written and not proofread.  How do you expect to leave any kind of credible image with stuff like this?  It sounds more like ranting by a rabid person who’s so distraught he can’t think or type clearly. 

    • Anonymous

      Media Matters, The Huff and so many other liberal garbage are so well written and not an error to be found…….except, they lack truth.
      If image is what you want, perhaps look elsewhere?

    • greywolfrs

      OK, try actually playing the clip and stop being stupid for one minute. You do realize that the words you are reading are a transcript, however poorly transcribed, of the VIDEO CLIP at the top of the page, right? Of course you don’t, dunce.

  • Anonymous

    Sexual frustration can tend to have uncomfortable side affects……that must be it. He should call his friend, the ex-AG; He’ll advise bloomers!

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg needs physocological counseling – this man if off his rocker – I think its funny he is spending HIS OWN money- GO AHEAD ON BAD BOY – You will be filing for bankruptcy pretty soon just like Diane Warwick – so you really need to think this one over or get MEDICAL HELP REAL SOON!

  • Anonymous

    Micheal Bloomberg Quote : “We tell you what you can & can’t do, because we know what is best for you”.  That really sums up what this alien’s purpose in life is.  I’m guessing the “WE” he is referring to is anyone who is in a position of power & thinks like he does.  I think that GOD puts people like him on this earth to constantly remind us just how good we did have it when he was part of the conversation at Home, School & just anywhere in general.  With the actions of a few, we let our attentions slip & now look where we are nearly 50 yrs. later !!!  Anyone who knows true history knows exactly what I’m talking about.

  • mudslide

    Bloomberg needs to take a long walk off of a short cliff…..

  • buck rogers

    Go ahead..  Let the dems ban weapons.    Watch what you will deal with next…
    The 2nd Amendment PROTECTS THE 1st!!!!!     Wake up!…

  • Joe Pimpernel

    “…there’s constant criticism, and an election process that you have to look forward to and face periodically.”

    Bloomquist finds representative government to be so limiting. He would much prefer a simple dictatorship.

  • buck rogers

    The problem is,  THE MEDIA..  They are the propaganda center..  They are the ones being used to organize all these attacks on freedom..
    They keep telling you that “The majority of Americans are against guns”  The Majority of Americans want this or that…  The fact is..  They are telling you who the majority is..   That doesn’t mean these are real numbers…  They will be real numbers after your sold on it..

    Don’t be sheeple!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg wants total control of everyone

  • Anonymous

    I believe the Democrat Party is progressively embracing Marxist ideology. With that they are creating a regulatory dictatorship using Administrative and Commercial Law and RINOs are a part of that. When people say it is a very complex subject with no easy answers a red flag go up because those who wish power and control create complexities to hide truths and usurp power. Laws now contain 1000s of words which few people really understand.”The more numerous the laws the more corrupt the government.” (Tacicus 100A.D.)

  • Anonymous

    So I think all New Yorkers need to tweet, Facebook and whatever that Mayor Bloomberg is an idiot! Otherwise how is he going to find out? Or maybe every citizen in NYC should write on a piece of paper, Mayor Bloomberg you are an idiot! Do you think he will get it?

    • Anonymous

      That would certainly work but you are assuming NY citizens are not idiots also. I think some are doing that now and that is what he doesn’t like.

  • Kafir, The Infidel

    bloomturd can go straight to hell…the sooner the better.

  • The American Patriot

     “Mayer Bloomberg has the Commie Flu…and it’s
    a nasty virus he wants desperately to force onto the rest of
    American’s!” ~ The American Patriot

  • Anonymous

    I really think that Bloomberg is positioning to run for President.

  • Anonymous


  • bumpkin

    Someone PLEASE protect me from dirty Bloomers~ PLEASE!

  • imsailing

     Bloomberg is a pathetic piss ant little tyrant. He and Kim Jong Un should start tweeting each other. Un could give him pointers on how to really get control of your populace.

  • Gary Martin

    CAN anyone comprehend HOW this narcissistic nincompoop AND MISS BIG ever got control of the OFFICE of THE PRESIDENT and now over 100 TRILLION in debt (FACTORING IN GOVERNMENT UNFUNDED LIABILITIES)….why bother trying to understand the HORROR that now has the USA in it’s icy death grip and just admit….THE OBAMA TWINS DID IT…bye bye USA.

  • Gary Martin

    The fish story says it ALL….”IF THE HEAD IS EVIL SO IS THE WHOLE BODY”

  • Anonymous

    Not sure Glenn talking about Bloomberg so much is because lately he’s been very active lately or so he won’t accidentally say Obama’s name, hahaha.

  • Paul Marks

    There is some self interest (the nasty side of self interest – not the good side) here. Mike Bloomberg made his billions in the tradtional media – the new media threaten that, so he wants to regulate (i.e. undermine) the competition (and bears ….. in the woods).

    This is also why Mike Bloomberg supported TARP and other subsidies for Wall Street – the bad sort of self interest, the fact that his media empire depends on financial news (depends on the financial industy – the industry that gets subsidised by the Federal Reserve).

    However, Bloomberg goes beyond corrupt (ed) self interest. He is spending millions of Dollars around the country trying to undermine DEMOCRATS.

    Why undermine Democrats? Because the Democrats he wants to undermine around the United States are, reletively speaking, moderates – moderates on the Second Amendment.

    Mr Bloomberg wants only gun control fanatics to be elected – people who share his (basically Fascist – and please no nonsense about how “a Jew can not be a Fascist” a Jewish person can hold any political point of view, as was seen In Fascist Italy in the early days) view point on this matter.

    Howwever,,,,,, the extreme leftists Democrats that Mike Bloomberg is de facto supporting do not just have opinions about “gun control” (and transfats and soda pop, and the other things Bloomberg cares about), they also have opinions about billionaries – in that they would like to do terrible things to said billionaries (ALL billionaries).

    So Mr Bloomberg – may have vast piles of Dollars, but he is also a deeply STUPID man.

    As stupid as the Duke of Orleans in France before the French Revolution.

    The richest man in Francem who spent years financiing the people who murdered “Citizen Equality” (as the fool called himself).

  • Joe Snuffy

    Glenn, I like your title for Bloomberg. McFascist.  Perfect.  Describes him to a Tee. Why is it that all these insanely rich people believe that only They, have the answers to everything that matters? 

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Sounds like Bloomberg is trying to become the poster boy for that statement. 

  • useyourhead4

    How much longer do we have to endure Mayor Bloomberg; when does the magic of term limits give the country in general and the city in particular relief from this clown?

  • Anonymous

    who paid for this moron to go to Singapore?

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg thinks that he is Caesar.  What really surprises me is tat New Yorkers don’t run him out town on a rail. Perhaps NYC and North Korea can share their Municipal governments?  

  • jabe

    He is a control freak and a facist.  He needs to go bury his head in the sand somewhere and keep his mouth shut.  He thinks he s superior and can tell all the commons how to live their lives.  He’s evil.

  • Martha Lee Vincent

    Dictators want their subjects to remain ignorant of what’s going on in the world so they can easily control their lives totally.

  • Anonymous

    No guns: Defenseless
    No media: Ingnorant
    High taxes: Penniless
    No military: Dependency
    Results: Serfdom for all

  • Robert Waddell

    Bloomberg may very well be the antichrist!

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