Glenn breaks $1,000 on “That Guy” jar

The Glenn Beck Program has instituted strict regulations for 2013 in the wake of the re-election of America’s sitting president. So disgusted by the results, Glenn demanded ‘That Guy’ never be mentioned by name on air. Any violation is met with an instant $20 fine (which goes to charity). Glenn reached a milestone today – see history in the clip above!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck won’t see rated R movies and uses a swear jar for every time he says the President’s name. What a manchild-douchebag.

    • Anonymous

      You’re arguments are so imbecilic it’s difficult to even talk with you. You are beyond stubborn and are completely irrational. You are wasting your time here with your ignorant comments and I suggest you stop it.

    • Sam Fisher

      Says the ass hole that uses fake sex acts a political weapon to try to shut down someone voice. You are nothing but a coward that cannot win a debate so you use lying and other bull shitry to win. You are the one that comes here and acts like a damn two year old hypocrite manchild-douchebag. . You are nothing but a moral coward and bully that refused to grow the hell up.

  • tobias

    Well it looks like you have the intelligence of whitedimples, the only place I find those are on golf balls.

    • Shyla James

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  • Sam Fisher

    Just call him that idiot it works for me. 

  • MarsBarsTru7

     This was pretty freaking funny.

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