The stories of tomorrow are all answered by one thing: The Bill of Rights

It’s a well known fact around the Mercury offices that Glenn has pretty intense ADD. “Let’s do a fiction book!””Let’s do an outdoor stage show with fireworks and special effects!””Time to start a network!””Green energy!””Let’s cancel that fiction book and do a book on gun control””3D Printers!””Bigger 3D Printers!”. Seriously, it’s a problem. So when Glenn, who notoriously has trouble focusing on anything for more than five minutes, says there are stories and issues that he needs to stop and focus on, it’s time to listen up. After all, he often sees the big picture better than anyone in the mainstream media will admit. So what are the stories that Glenn thinks are going to be very important in the months ahead?

“We have been covering an awful lot of things and if you have been listening since I got into talk radio you have probably seen a change in me,” Glenn said.

“A lot of the people get into the talk radio because they want to be like Rush Limbaugh. I don’t. And I never really wanted to talk about the things that we talk about I’m much more of a creative guy, entertainment guy. I’m just different. And but I always wanted to be true to myself. Because I spent most of my career lying to myself.”

“I didn’t know what I believed. When I got a phone call from a listener on September 12th, it wasn’t the 11th. Somebody called and said what’s happening. And I said ‘I don’t know but I promise you I will find out.’ That was a life changing phone call.”

“This audience has changed me many, many times.”

“I don’t know anybody else on the radio that will admit to being wrong and being shaped by the audience, they’ve called me and said things that stuck with me.”

“We have a relationship that goes back for a long time and I told you two years ago that I sensed a change coming and I needed to be down here in Texas. Wasn’t really sure why, still not really sure why. We’re building a network. I’m not really sure why. I honestly — everything in me we have less time than it will take to build this network. So why am I wasting my time and my money on doing that?”

“And then at the same time I’m compelled to do things like the ‘Man in the Moon’. Are you kidding me. Why is that? But believe it or not That Independence Week and the thing that we do like that, to me, make more sense than even building this network. Because we have to capture the hearts and minds of people. And nobody on our side is doing that.”

“But I have sensed since the election, and it is growing stronger, and I said to the boys this morning I don’t know how to verbalize it yet. I don’t know exactly what it is. But I think we have to focus, really focus, something that doesn’t usually happen with me, really focus on a few things. Because the time is coming to where you can’t be spread out so thin. We can’t hit all of these things. And I don’t mean this as a company. I mean this as a country.”

“And I wrote down the things that I think are going to be really important. That are going to be the stories of tomorrow. One is religious persecution. Most people are not covering this. We are working on some pretty shocking things that have not been covered on religious persecution. There’s a story up on TheBlaze about Egyptians torturing in mosques, torturing Coptic Christians. Horrible, horrible stuff is happening under the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“We’ve told you before the rise of the anti-semitism is rising at record levels not seen since the 1930s. But also religious persecution in some areas it will come where some people will persecute Muslims because they will deem them the enemy. And we have to stand up for people and their right to worship God as they choose and act on those beliefs, as long as it is not ‘submit or I kill you’. That’s not a belief that you can act on. And that’s not a belief that we should be standing up to protect. But, I believe these things will make us stronger,” Glenn said.

“Religious persecution is a big story we must follow.”

“Second one, and they’re in no particular order: education.The right and the necessity to preserve history. Your textbooks are a thing of the past. They are all going digital. They can be changed at a moment’s notice. The right and the responsibility to preserve true history. The right to teach our own children the way we choose to teach our own children. The right to protect, defend and not distort religion in our educational system.”

“And under education state sovereignty, local sovereignty and paramount parental sovereignty,” Glenn said.

“The next one is defense. You have a right to defend yourself. You have a right to have and carry arms. You have that right, and it shall not be infringed. Meaning it shall not be undermined and it shall not be altered in any way.

“We have a right to not only defend ourselves but we have a right to gather in groups, and gather and speak. Gather to tell the truth as we understand it. That means gathering in groups and speaking doesn’t mean anymore just getting together on the street corner. It means you have a right to gather in groups without government harassment on the Internet.”

“And while we’re at the Internet. We have a right to privacy. They cannot monitor you, track you, classify you without a warrant and a trial by a jury.”

“And last one is money and property. It’s more than money. It’s property. I have a right to do on my land what I choose to do on my land. I have a right to do with my money what I choose to do with my money. If I decide to hoard it all, and put it in mattresses I have a right to do that. If I choose to give it all away to charity I have a right to do that.”

“It is my money. It is the sweat of my brow. What is in my bank is mine. Not yours, not the state’s. If I’ve made an agreement, and I’m putting that in safekeeping you are to protect from the bank itself and from the government. What I have, what I have earned, my talent, my time – it’s mine.”

“It’s time that we really focus. It’s time that we really pick something that is near and dear to your heart. And I believe the line in the sand – as I was putting this list together here and I’m trying to figure out things, and I realize it comes down to 1791. It all comes down to the Constitution with the Bill of Rights, not just the Constitution. Remember, they wouldn’t sign it with just the Constitution. They demanded a Bill of Rights. The things that the government promises they will never ever violate. Ever. And they put them there for a reason, and we are now seeing the equal and opposite reaction to the violation of those rights. And the line in the sand is the Bill of Rights and we need to stand together and link arms.”

“Liberals and conservatives. People who worship God deeply profoundly and atheists. People who believe that the earth is all going to be incinerated because of my SUV and people who think that’s hogwash. And we fight it out on the battlefield of ideas.”

“But that ring, that battlefield, the rules are set up by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

“Where we cannot mix is big government progressives – and they will have you believe in the G.O.P. thatthat problem is a liberal problem. No, it’s a progressive problem. And the person who started the progressive party is Theodore Roosevelt and he was a Republican.”

“Progressivism is what needs to be rooted out because progressivism was designed to thwart and dismantle piece by piece the Constitution of the United States of America. It really comes down to the Bill of Rights. And those things that are in it.”

“Why are drones wrong? Bill of Rights. Why is bailing out the banks wrong? The Bill of Rights. Why is what’s happening in the Cyprus, and it will come here? The Bill of Rights. Why is it I can’t put a tracking device on your car? Bill of Rights. Why can’t I tell your church to marry gays Bill of Rights. Why can’t I tell your church you can’t marry gays? Bill of Rights. All of it, Bill of Rights. Bill of Rights. Bill of Rights.”

“The line is being drawn in the sand. Don’t cross it. See where it is. Protect and defend it. This is the Alamo.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    May you live in interesting times…this is the ancient proverb and curse of China.

    We now live in interesting times and must stand for the truth and for what is right; the storm is now upon us and the future of freedom and liberty or of slavery and communism will be set by what we choose to do in the here and now.

    There is not much time left, maybe less than a year. Make the most of it that you can.

    • Draxx

      We have been living in Interesting Times, and not necessarily known it.  I did not know that My Country Could Change So Drastically In My Lifetime!  I was “Asleep” when it came to politics, and started to wake up about Seven Years Ago.  But, it seems even that was Too Late, because Others were asleep too but somehow refuse to wake up!  I have done everything I can think of to try and wake others up, but I could only reach a few (too many want the Free Gov’t Handouts that come with a Price and they don’t care what that price may be)…  Now I have worked with others to build a community of like minded people, mostly those that believe in Self-Sufficiency, The Constitution, and Christian Values, it is growing too slowly because others are scared to cut their tethers…!  To think, now that we are getting established it might all be crushed by those that want to enslave us!  Will We Quit? Heck NO!!!  Because no matter how it ends, it is My Responsibility to help those that I can, even if it isn’t much…

    • mspatdev

      I agree with snowleopard and Glenn Beck. Glenn is trying to wake up the people of OUR COUNTRY to the facts. Obammy is a sweet, smooth talking lier telling people in to believing he was right in what he was doing. His Czars, cabinet, are all well known Communists and they hate America. Obammy from his first speech to Congress in 2009, said that he was making some drastic changes. Well, he has, we don’t even hardly know America. He has tried so very hard with Soros, and associates, to put us as a 3rd World Country. He wants to be King of the USA and the World. He doesn’t have the USA in their best interests.  “O” and Michelle do not like America. He was born in Ghana, he went to college as a foreign student. He has spent millions of dollars to hide all of the facts. Where is the rag media. If I, as a simple person, can dig up all the information in 2007, why hasn’t the media done it? The media bosses are Far-Left Socialist, Communist, pigs.  Wake up America to the facts that USA is not going to be Free. If they succeed in taking OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, with taking away our guns, we will have no freedom. We will be in the same fix that Hitler and Markist did away with thousands and thousands of Jews and regular citizens in WW2.  DO YOU WANT THAT?  We already are under martial law from the U.N.  May God Bless America.

    • Shyla James

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  • Sam Fisher

    The day comes when darkness will fall on this country and when that day comes there will be no fighting it. We will lose our freedom and our rights in order to be controlled by the powers of this earth they know who they are. It is time to draw a line in the sand and stand for something before it is too late. They want to stop us from living stop us from being truly free. We need to lead the way not only in the nation but in our towns and with our families. We do nothing we lose everything.

    • William Vining

      Stock market hit an all time hight today, yeah, the end is near.

      • Sam Fisher

        What a fool you think spending trillions dollars of money we don’t have is going to be good for the economy.

      • Sam Fisher

        And one more thing left wing troll what about North Korea and Iran? I know you believe Obama is lord and savior but come on moron get with the program.

  • Anonymous

    Since Obama was elected, I have been astonished–not that HE is out to destroy our Constitutional rights. I EXPECTED that. What I have been astonished about is the number of Americans who are OK with giving up their rights, just because a slick-talking ghetto THUG tells them it’s a good idea.

    • William Vining

      You sound like a stupid racist. Ghetto thug? He was born in Hawaii and went to Harvard.

      • Yoikes

        Ok, “slick-talking” elitist THUG!

      • Chris Chambers

        Going to Harvard is not really meaningful. Lots of knuckleheads have gone to Harvard. Lots of people have a Ph.D. too, and they are not knowledgable, nor “good” people. Being “born in Hawaii” does not preclude being a “ghetto thug”.

        • ThorsteinVeblen2012

          Like George W. Bush? He went to Harvard.

          I’m disgusted with Barack Obama and his extension of the “Patriot Act”  the continuation of the surveillance state, killing American citizens without trial and looking the other way when Wall Street stole billions.

          Without presuming to be the spokesperson for liberals, I am discouraged that there are no protests against Barack Obama doing the same things which George Bush was vilified for doing. I know I’m not alone.

          The reason being is that the groups that funded the protests against Bush are now on the sidelines.

          So what is Glenn Beck’s answer? Screw the little guy. If Wall Street rigged the system and stole your money, too bad.

          Between lying Democrats and lying Republicans we’re left with no choice.

        • Tom Musso

          Right on!  The people who went to Harvard and other “elite” colleges are basically idiots when it comes to running anything.  They have no common sense!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many people were saying the same thing even 2,000 years ago. Doom and gloom predictions is the method of leadership since the begining of earth. Yet, mankind is surviving. It is the evil of people in power that will destroy cultures. We like to blame obama for trying to change America, but when did the real changes start? It is the bankers under the Fed that is the power that is destroying America, and it’s been happening for many decades. Why hasn’t each successive government fixed America’s problems for the people? Because the system is CONTROLLED, not by elected officials, but by the ultimate elite of the monetary system.

  • suz

    thank you for that glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Why can people kill babies?  Fourteenth Amendment.  Due Process ->  “right to privacy”, aka the specious “Right to Choose”.

    I suspect the Bill of Rights and certain other amendments were created with the best of intentions. Two-hundred and forty+ years later people have discovered that the “Rights” can be manipulated with clever word redefinition and those entrusted to protect and defend The Constitution have allowed such manipulation.  Simply put: creating “rights” (Amendments) without the process of amending The Constitution.  With that knowledge, those who desire to “spin” The Constitution get a “fast path” to an “amendment” without the lengthy and difficult amendment process intentionally put in place by The Founders to avoid quick changes driven by fickle and fleeting opinion.

  • landofaahs

    Liberals only believe in the “bill of wrongs” and the  “bill of entitlements”.

  • Anonymous

     Obama a socialistic. Marxist. causing. social chaos. and spreading fear. putting the
    middle east in chaos. when need to start praying hard. for this country. 

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