SOS: Stand against ‘most important’ piece of fundamental transformation

Four years ago Glenn talked about the machine progressives were building. The new framework that once ready, they would be able to turn on and fundamentally transform America. What does Glenn feel is THE most important piece of that machinery? Common Core. Using education to indoctrinate the youth has been embedded into the progressive agenda, with both the GOP and Democrats championing the terrifying legislation.

“I don’t know of a time that I have really truly called and put a plea out and sent an SOS out,” Glenn explained at the beginning of radio’s second hour today.

“This has already been done. This is way down the road. You’ll be lucky if it’s not in your school next fall, and it is an end run around your, not only around your state and its sovereignty, but it is an end run around your education department in your state, it is an end run around your board of education in your control community and most importantly it is an end run around you as a parent. It changes fundamentally our entire system. This is I believe the most important piece of fundamental transformation and you are going to hear a few things that you will find hard to believe, but I ask you today to please do your own homework. Do not take this at all from me. Do your own homework, and may I recommend you do it today and then you link arms with people and you get back into your 9/12 group.”

For weeks, Glenn has been exposing indoctrination in schools. It started with an expose on CSCOPE, which expanded to Common Core. It was during last week’s episode on Common Core that a guest discussed the scary amounts of data be collected on kids, and last night Glenn uncovered some of the scariest information on this topic yet.

“I’ve asked the experts, what other country is doing anything like this? The only one that’s even close, and it’s not in this ballpark, is China. There’s no one else in this ballpark. Our children are the guinea pigs for the world. We will lead the way. And do you remember when I said we wouldn’t be destroyed; we would be perverted? Profound darkness on this,” Glenn said.

“What I’m going to lay out for you, none of it is opinion; it all comes from government documents and all from either the stimulus package or from the Department of Education. But this is a hostile takeover, the final takeover, and the roots come from the stimulus package, although I believe George W. Bush started this ball rolling long ago in No Child Left Behind. And it really came from the idea of, ‘You want this money, you’re going to have to live by these standards.’ And that was what was in this stimulus package,” he explained.

The 2009 Stimulus Bill included provisions encouraging states to develop data systems for collecting a large amount of information on public-school kids. Today, all 50 states either maintain or are capable of maintaining extensive databases on public-school students.

“This is the summary of the stimulus package, HR 167 under Department of Education, “education for the disadvantaged” is what it says. And then it says for additional amount for education for the disadvantaged to carry out Title I of the elementary and secondary education act of 1965, $13 billion will be ‑‑ I’m going to have to count the zeros ‑‑ $13 billion will be provided. $5 billion shall be available for targeted grants under Section 1125 of ESEA, provided further that $5 billion shall be available for education finance incentive grants,” Glenn said.

“What that money again goes to in the stimulus, you know, 40 or 50 pages later: Improving collection and use of data. The State will establish a longitudinal data system that includes elements described in Section 604(e)(2)(d) of the America COMPETES Act. So you have to look that up. But that’s the key. If you want any money, you have to put together a data collection service. What is the data collection service? Well, this I contend is one of the reasons why we had the turtle tunnels and everything else that everybody talked about. Because it kept you away from things like this: $5 billion.”

“Now, Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education, called this a historic opportunity. I call it bribery. Race to the Top gave the federal government billions of dollars to dangle in front of the cash‑starved states and they dangled and said, ‘All you have to do is sign up for this program. You’ll get the cash.’ And state after state signed.”

Glenn explained that 45 states have signed on but five have backed out, including Texas. However, in Texas they have replaced it with CSCOPE which is equally dangerous.

“But warning: Texas adopted another program almost exactly like it, and the GOP is protecting that program and so you have to be extraordinarily careful because they’ll just rename it. This is not a liberal agenda, this is not a conservative agenda, this is not Republican or Democrat. This is progressive. It is control. States signed up, and they had to develop data systems for collecting large amounts of information on public schoolchildren, and I mean large amounts,” Glenn said.

“These databases will track all kinds of personal data, including but certainly not limited to healthcare histories, income information, the religious affiliation of your family, voting family status, blood types, blood test result, homework completion, hair color, eye color, whether a child was premature or not, do they have any birthmarks, even bus stop arrival information. It goes deep, deep. If they have 44 data points, they can tell you an awful lot about ‑‑ they can tell you just pretty much anything. These are hundreds of data points collected on your children for over 20 years. This is the groundwork for a national student database that will track your kids and their personal information from preschool until the stated end of 20,” Glenn said.

“What Common Core and this data collection system really is, the easiest way to understand it, and this is my personal understanding and my personal opinion. I want to separate fact from my opinion so you’re very clear. But the best way I think to describe it is, you know how China goes in and they find the kids that have the most talent for gymnastics and they’ll say, that kid’s going to be fantastic as a gymnast. That kid is a great mathematician. He’s going to work in our nuclear power programs. That’s what happens. By the time you’re 7, your lot is cast,” Glenn explained.

“That’s exactly what this is and that’s why these corporations want this so much. Because they will cast the lots, they will find the best workers by the time they’re 7 and then they will enrich and empower and educate those kids. But if your kid, God forbid, ends up like me when I was 7 or 8, I don’t have a chance. I will be a cog in the machine forever, and you will ‑‑ there will be no escape. There will be no college education.”

“What you will see is state capitalism. Google, Microsoft, GE, data mining our schools to nudge our children into the job the State deems the most needed for the future,” Glenn warned.

GE is one of the companies funding Common Core through it’s foundation.

Now, most parents would assume that any information collected on their kids by the schools would be protected by some kind of privacy laws, right? Not anymore.

Glenn explained last night:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act used to protect the privacy of kids and a parents written consent was needed to release data. But in 2012, regulations were used to change the need to get parental consent. Now all the information the schools started collecting in 2009 can be shared among various federal agencies and without consent as long as whoever requests it is “conducting certain studies for or on behalf of the school”. According to the National Data Collection Model, the government should collect information on health-care history, family income and family voting status along with religious affiliation and extra curricular activity, and more.

Glenn warned that when fighting back and spreading the word about Common Core, there is a good chance that concerned parents will be treated like conspiracy theorists. Already in Oregon, parents who pushed back on the program were portrayed as kooks who were anti-science.

“You want more information, we’ll have it for you on TheBlaze. Last night’s program had it. We will continue to do more programs. I warn you this is going to make us very unpopular. It will make you very unpopular, but so far the leader on this has been Michelle Malkin, and we intend on never shutting up, never shutting up. Find all the information at Watch last night’s show on Fire it up, gang.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Information is power, and whoever has control of the information has the power to rule and control others into doing what they wish and will. 

    How much time do we have left? Can we even end this madness?

    • Sam Fisher

      Without more people with us no. 

      • Anonymous

         I agree.  Is it time to stand and shout “Tools down!” ?

    • landofaahs

      It matters not, for we know in the end, the Victory belongs to Christ, and through him, us. Blessed be the name of our Lord.

      • Jaamoose

        That’s the kind of comment that represents what is wrong with America more than any other single thing. If not for blind fundamentalism, the right wing in America would be nothing more than a noise machine, with no power to obstruct progress. On another note, those words have nothing to do with a political solution – kind of like mumbling “Allah Akbar.” 

    • Anonymous

       It is still possible.

  • Sam Fisher

    It is all coming together. I wonder if this has anything to do with the total control for the anti-Christ when he shows up. This will enslave our future for government use. It will be close to Agenda 21book that was written not too long ago. We need to fight this and whoever is pushing this. We are on the march to fascism and we know it. Try to wake up your family and friends because when it is all said and done we will lose freedom forever.

    • Jaamoose

      The only way fascism will come to America is as Sinclair Lewis proclaimed “wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross,” and with paranoid goose-steppers afraid of an imaginary antichrist as foot soldiers.

      • Scott Todd

         It’s looking more and more like Sinclair Lewis was wrong.  @Sam- I’m thinking the same thing.

      • Sam Fisher

        That is right wing there is also left wing like Castro Mao and Stalin. Not saying it is not a possibility but you better watch your side to. Being half blind to how the world works is a good way to get killed. Oh and that type of fascism is never followed by true believers like me. Read the history of the confessing church in Hitler’s Germany if you want proof of true Christianity fighting fascist anti-Christianity.

        • SoThere

          Sam, the guys an idiot. He’s been sent over here from Media Matters. They’re scared shitless of Glenn Beck over there. George Soros spends millions of dollars a year to try and get Beck off the air but Beck just keeps getting richer and richer.

          They’re leftist fools, pity them and then laugh at the morons for supporting the site.

          • Jaamoose

            I wish I worked for Media Matters! And yes, Beck keeps getting richer and richer, because if there’s one thing America has in bountiful numbers, it’s yahoos willing to give money to Beck in one way or another…as for supporting the site, comments don’t do that, I won’t click an ad, or pay for anything. 

      • Donna Fallis

         It has been wrapped in a flag and it does carry crosses, just not any that Christians would recognize. You’re right about how it’s coming but it won’t be those who believe in God, it will be those who believe that Obama is the messiah and that he has power never granted human man. The difference is in the interpretation of Good and Evil and evil lives in our government houses.

        • Jaamoose

          I voted for Obama (twice), but hardly think him any sort of Messiah. He’s far too conservative for my tastes, thank you very much. 

      • Guest

        Are you sure about that?  It seems that you leftists are destroying our Constitution a little bit at a time. We’re going to take care of that in 2014 and again in 2016 when you idiots run Hillary Clinton for president.  Hell, she’s gonging to be 70 years old and she already fallen down with a stroke.

        He idiot!  Hillary for 2016!You’re an ignorant moron relying on the words of Sinclair Lewis. How stupid can you be?Thanks for supporting Glenn Becks Site, every penny counts. LMAO

        • Anonymous

          why r u talking about 2016 the UNaffordable healthcare act is putting forth a chavez dictatorship…hugo is not dead he is in the whitehouse the POTUS

        • Jaamoose

          I’d bet large that the Repugs lose the House in 2014, and even more in the Senate…Oh, and if Hillary runs, she will win – the woman following the black guy – enough to make a righties head explode, eh?

      • Anonymous

        You just won’t get it until you realize that the jackboot steps with both the Left and Right foot…on all of us.

    • crazy betty


  • landofaahs

    Teach your children that our govt has been taken over by evil people and that they are not to be trusted.  Raise your kids to shoot and enjoy guns, planting gardens, building things and basically to do anything that teach self reliance.  Our enemies days are numbered.  

    • Donna Casas

      I did bring up my kids that way because that is how I was brought up. They are basically conservative with a strong sense of family and country. We discuss the politics of the day and history,,,,always did. My oldest is bringing up his kids that way too. There is hope for those of us who do this, but not for the sheeple that follow the progressives.

      • landofaahs

        I stand and applaud you.  We will be given the appropriate course when he who guides all things in the affairs of men, gives us “HIS” direction…. and it will not contradict his word the “BIBLE”.  I pray for you.  Please pray for me.

        • Jaamoose

          According to the rules of grammar, placing quotation marks around a word in a sentence is used to indicate the writer the phrase or the word are of dubious origin. As for “HIS” direction and the “BIBLE,” I couldn’t agree with you more.

          • Stacy T. Bonner

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          • Anonymous

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          • landofaahs

            From “Websters Dictionary”
            Quotation mark :One of a pair of punctuation marks used chiefly to indicate the beginning and the end of a quotation in which the exact phraseology of another or of a text is directly cited.

      • Pamela Peltonen

        Thank you Donna for being such a good person!

      • Sam Fisher

        Thank you for giving me an idea for raising my future

        • SarahPacRefundsClickHere

           Government is getting desperate to create news now that the truth has leaked out about the real Obama cover up and this last mock election.

    • Pamela Peltonen

      I agree! We have to teach our kids how to farm and can their own food. We have to teach them personal responsibility. My 3 year old grandson helps around the farm already. He has his own chickens and even got to plant his own separate garden this year. He wanted to grow sweet pickles in his garden…lol. I’m not sure how we will handle this one. I guess we will can some sweet pickles.

    • Bonnie Somer


    • bartolome san096

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  • Kevin Griffith

    Sounds like the movie “Gattaca “.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what the h…this is really about, but I have been training to be a teacher and must design lesson plans using the Common Core Standards. They are a set of standards describing what student learning goals are for each grade level. THAT is what Common Core is about. And I have yet to see that they are attempting to get information to the degree described here. Parents also do not have to provide some of the personal information. There maybe a need for certain information if it will aid in understanding a childs situation that may affect their learning and development. This really bothers me that mis-information is being thrown around here. I’m disappointed in you Glen. 

    • Anonymous

      cdl, you need to get the documents Glenn is referring to. If you don’t understand what you are being suckered into, you shouldn’t be a teacher.

      • Anonymous

        I’m far more informed than you, I can guarantee that. There certainly is a lot of social engineering going etc., and I’m in a prime position to see it, and temper it. But this is off base. This is a conspiracy theory nothing more, nothing less. Some people see conspiracy in everything, and not everything is. Some people don’t check their facts, except thru biased and in-accurate sources, because it reflects what they want to believe, but it does not make it true or accurate. Our educational system sucks. Some of what they teach children is certainly apart of that social engineering which is happenning, and re-writing history is definitely there. But, in order to meet educational needs of children in the best possible way (special needs programs and interventions), there does need to be a compilation of certain information, because it does enable educators to evaluate the needs of students and what is the best way to see that all our children get the best possible education possible. Now if you want to address WHAT is being taught in some areas that is a better quest to take.

        • Anonymous

          cdl123, . “. . .  there does need to be a compilation of certain information, because it does enable educators to evaluate the needs of students and what is the best way to see that all our children get the best possible education possible.” What does that mean?  I’ll bet you don’t have a clue what it REALLY  means. 

          • Anonymous

            It really means that we want your kids to accept that Liberalism and Progressivism is the only way forward. ;D If you’re REALLY lucky, one of your children could be placed in our Youth Antichrist Program! It’s fun; like a summer camp for budding world leaders. They get to do crafts, swim in a big lake, sing songs around a campfire, sacrifice animals to our heathen gods, and learn important skills like subjugating people!

            Or it could just mean that we want to improve our educational standards.


  • Jaamoose

    Speaking as someone living in Oregon, I can verify that parents who pushed back are indeed kooks who are anti-science. Get a grip, people, the boogeyman trying to take advantage of you here is Beck…

    • Anonymous

      Did you look up the information on the educational programs that this discussion refers to? I think you have the wrong boogeyman targeted. He doesn’t live in Texas, but on the East cost. 

  • Scott Todd

    Albert Einstein didn’t say his first word until he was 4-1/2.  During his teenage years he was certifiably insane.  How may future Albert Einsteins will we lose to this sort of system?  And yes, I do take it somewhat personally because while I’m no uber genius, I too was a late bloomer.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God Glenn is finally focusing on “education”. . Parents can’t “fix” or “change” it. They can only expose it. To overcome what is happening, the system has to collapse, and it will only collapse if enough parents are willing to break the law and take their kids away from the indoctrinators. But that won’t happen, unfortunately. 

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the Hitler Youth program and Aryan superiority.

  • Erik Osbun

    Publish the documentation Glenn. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn requests we do our own research – but this article is pretty sparse on source material links.  How about adding some hyperlinks to the sections of the program discussed, so it is easier for readers to verify the facts for themselves.

  • Rick LapLante

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  • GNH

    Hey, Glenn!

    Sounds like they’re trying to revive “Tracked to Fail” ~ another lousy, social engineering project conjured up decades ago. Makes you puke.

    Huxley’s totalitarian embryology may seem fanciful to us, but his real message was political, not technological. Huxley understood, as he wrote in the foreword to the 1946 edition of Brave New World, that any “science of human differences” would enable the authorities to assess the relative capacities of each of us and then assign everybody his or her appropriate place in society. Huxley’s vision of the modern state, with its desire for social control, implies that the discovery that ability can be measured will suggest that it should be. Similarly, the knowledge that people can be sorted by ability will lead irresistibly to the belief that they ought to be.


    “Tracked to Fail”

    Nothing new under the sun… But, go get’em, Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    I know that it’s not obvious to many people just how far off the mark Glenn Beck’s propaganda against “progressives” is, so I’ll let someone else show you that “progressives” is nothing more than another word for liberal Democrat. In other words, SOS;DD (nothing to get wound about).

    Wise up: don’t get sucked into Beck’s deceitful propaganda.

    • Anonymous

      Nor Washington DC’s  decitful propaganda.  I would trust Beck more than the restident  in the White House.

  • mudslide

    It’s amazing, yet a little scary, the s**t that’s happened since Jan 09! 

  • Christine Busenbark

    The link to the article on EdNewsWeek about GE funding common is an article that is over a year old, last February 2012.  Basically the article says GE awarded a grant to Student Achievement Partners so they could set up a website to help all teachers with the standards of Common Core.  I’m an educator and have used the website a ton recently, it’s a great website that provides good lessons for teachers, that’s it, plain and simple.  Glad it was created and it is making for better lessons in the classroom!!

  • Karol Hancock

    I heard a little about CSCOPE, parents from Texas were complaining on a website the teachers were threatened with criminal charges if they gave the parents the codes to open the CSCOPE, as it is all online.  No books, papers or anything tangible. It does teach the children to ignore their parents teachings, along with Islamic teachings, like “Allah is the Almighty God.”  I think, we must stand together, all parents must communicate as much as possible, actually it would be worthwhile to take your children out of public school and homeschool.  My daughter has been home schooled for 2 years, her grades have improved greatly.  I purchase my daughters materials from Alpha Omega, , they are located in Florida and is a Christian publisher. The prices are very reasonable, they have online help and instructions if needed. Parents should form local groups against this invasion of our children’s education, find lawyers that will work with them as a group.  It would be costly for parents to do this by themselves, as a local group the costs will be shared.  Actually, it will benefit the lawyers also, as their children are involved also.  I want my child to have a chance to grow into the person she will be and have a choice of what she wants to do with her life. And I highly resent the government intruding on our religious beliefs. Our relationship with God is very personal, this government certainly has no business getting involved.  We are NOT a Muslim country, we have over 80% Christian population.

    • Anonymous

       I clicked on the Alpha Omega link in your message, Karol, but there is nothing there but a message that says “Hello There”.  Either it is the wrong link or it has been wiped out by “someone”.  Are you certain you have the correct URL?  I decided to try a search and found a number of references in the search; when I went to , I found a publisher which seems to be the one you reference in your comment. Perhaps that is it. 

      I originally misunderstood what you were saying about this; I though this was a place where I could get materials ABOUT CSCOPE, but of course, it is a place to purchase home-schooling and other materials for your use. Thanks, though, for giving us an alternative to public schooling.  Some of my grandchildren attend public school, and some are home schooled.  At first I was a bit worried about home schooling, but now that the first home school “graduates” are here, I’ve noticed that they seem even more knowledgeable and “up to date” as are the ones who have been public school educated, and of course, they do not have to contend with policies which go against their religious and other beliefs, which come from their parents and (ahem) grandparents.  One of my daughters is an elementary school teacher, so I intend to ask her if common core or anything else has entered our system yet, and find out what she knows and how she feels.

      I am sure that there are widely different experiences from one district to another, one state to another, etc.  Some have advanced well into these programs while others haven’t begun yet or are still in early stages.  We need to have as much feedback and comment from as many people as possible in order to get a clear picture of the national trends and what to do, and think, about them.  Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned with all of us.

      By the way, is the statement  “Allah is the Almighty God.” in the materials?  Is that the only muslim reference or are there others?  We need to find a way to see the actual materials posted on the internet so we can “do our own research” and so forth.  Anyone who helps do that will be helping us all do what Americans have always been expected to do if we are to live by and maintain the TIMELESS, perhaps even ETERNAL principles which are fundamental to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other ideals which have carried America to be the leader of the world, which other countries and peoples have looked to for leadership and even a place to go where they may live free.  Never in my life could I have believed that this great country (which is composed of people who are not perfect, some of whom have done things very wrong to the world) would be facing its demise so soon – NEVER in my own lifetime!

  • Christine Busenbark

    Glen is worried about the COMPETES Act.  Well since the RTTT grant has been around since 2009 you can easily read each states application.  I read my states application and they earned the points on their application for this requirement with a system they’ve had since 2003.  Think he sees a conspiracy here and there isn’t one…
    This is from page 17 of Florida’s Race to the Top Application:Implemented the PK-20 Education DataWarehouse in 2003, which meets the 12
    requirements for a Statewide Longitudinal
    Data System (SLDS) as described in the
    America COMPETES Act.

  • John Christopher

    Okay, some of this I am not familiar with…like the data collection.  But I am very familiar with the common core standards.  I am going to be as honest as I can.  I work in education and I train teachers. The Common Core Standards by themselves are really good.  They are a general set of standards that are much more difficult than what we currently have.  The test is completely online…this maybe for national data collection as well, but it does also speed the grading process.  The test is substantially harder than the current state test that kids take today.  No more multiple choice.  It’s all problem solve, analyze, synthesize, and summarize.  In short, it will make our students into problem solvers. To look at sample questions, go to   What I like about the Common Core Standards is that they build on each other from one year to another.  The other thing is that they are just standards, school districts still need to purchase their own curriculum ( Like Pearson, Mcgraw Hill, Houghton-Mifflin, etc.) Common Core standards also do not tell students specific texts to analyze or not, they just say analyze texts and site specific sentences to defend your answer.  Politically, Glenn may be right, but as for the standards, they are better for kids. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Glenn–Please explain to America what exactly will be done with this information collected.  Describe why it is important to stop this.  A lot of America don’t comprehend the extent of Liberty & Freedom lost.

  • Anonymous

    Another “gathering of information” is FAFSA.  Have a senior in high school and they have parent meetings to help you get through the college enrollment and financing.  You can’t even apply for grants or scholarships without having a FAFSA score.  Not sure what the acronym FAFSA stands for, but it’s a government thing.  They want every tid bit of info on your finances.  It’s crazy.  You’re actually supposed to do all that as a Junior, but because I didn’t want to make it any easier for them to keep tabs on me, (cuz apparently I’m a conspiracy nut) I haven’t done anything.  We’re going the Community College route for now, but (and I know every parent thinks this but…..) my daughter is a brilliant, well rounded,and level headed.  Sadly her parents are lower “middle class” and aren’t thrilled will hocking our house for a progressive education.  But I digress.  Point being, you basically have to succumb to the buracracy to “educate” your child.  My 80 year old father is so disgusted he says he’s sorry he’s too old to fight the good fight, but glad he can die with his memories of our great country and sad his grandchildren are screwed.

    • Anonymous

      It IS an acronym; officially dealing with financial aid. But we progressives like to call it “Free” Aid From Secular Atheists as a means to corrupt your children. ;D We’re sneaky.

  • Anonymous

    1984 on steriods ! ( satan is very good  at what he does ! )

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and it’s a book I had to read in school (early 1960’s). Wonder if they read it these days? Probably not!

  • Jesustheonlyway

    The Bible teaches that people will not be able to ‘hide’ from the anti-Christ when he takes over. This ‘information collection’ is a perfect example of how ‘finding’ people will be done – along with modern technology of course. People who have not taken the mark of the beast – anti-Christ – will be tracked and hunted like animals – using this data. The anti-Christ spirit has already captured the world and is taking over our America.  Obama is the precursor to the anti-Christ and when the ‘one world order’ that he so desires has been established the anti-Christ will make his appearance.  Those who do not ‘comply’ or ‘conform’ to his commands will not be able to buy or sell – they cannot eat, live, have medical aid or have any comforts of life – unless – they take his mark. There will be much suffering.

  • Anonymous

    May God have mercy on our souls.

  • Anonymous

    In Minnesota We have IB.  International Baccaloureate.  This is Scary stuff.

  • Tread7

     It is all about control. It is time to put the brakes on this BS !!!

  • Anonymous

    as a retired teacher i know first hand the pledge gone, prayer gone,easter  in school gone,prayer services gone.,Christrian programs gone where i went to school we carried our shot guns to school to go dove hunting after school what a change from to day,i would like to learn more on this subject. please

    • Anonymous

      As someoworking in a school right now I can tell you that the pledge is still hening where I live. Yes prayer has been gone pretty much my whole life, and easter is mostly celibrated as spring break. But the pledge is still in most schools so far.

  • Anonymous

    We like to think that God is omniscient and all knowing about us.

    Now with Obama as President and his massive data bases being developed on all of us and on everything about us – a data base instantly searchable on every American.
    No King has ever had such power.
    Who is it that is thinking they are like God?

  • Anonymous

    And simply your comment shows your ignorance. We have to understand to some point a child’s background to be ‘sensitive’ to diversity because people have differing understandings, knowledge, beliefs, educational background, financial level, health, etc. all can affect a child’s development. I have yet to see anything ask about political affiliation, and most of the information is general, except where necessary to know,i.e. regarding a child’s health, safety and nutritional needs. I do very much understand. However you do not. Go ahead and continue to read extremist propaganda and fear mongering. I am a conservative, but I do check my facts and do not rely on information that is skewed to propagandize or conspiracy theory that twist the truth to elicit upset and fear from the ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    I can assure you that I do indeed know what I am talking about. It is obvious that you do not. Teachers need to understand a childs background to be sensitive to ‘diversity.’ Not everyone believes the same way, or has the same understanding of things. Understanding ones culture/traditions etc. helps to understand certain things about how to help, or treat situations. It helps to determine interventions where needed at times for students that may need to utilize special educational programs whether they excel or struggle. There is a great deal of thought and effort that goes into education these days to give each child the best opportunities possible. You can insinuate all you want, but your the one off on this. But yes education. Now if you want to address social construction that is another valid issue for some topics. But education in children learning to read, math, english, just learn to think. As I stated in another post, their is certainly social construction happening and I am in a great place to temper it some when neccessary, or when they attempt to rewrite history. But their is apparently a great deal YOU don’t understand. Go ahead and keep reading propaganda and conspiracy theories that skew the facts and fear monger people to elicit specific reaction. However, I will check my facts and react to real issues when neccessary.

  • Anonymous


  • Barb Patton

    We live in dangerous times, thanks to the lemmings that voted the latte one into power, not once but twice.  God help America

  • Anonymous

    Within 20 years we’ll have an adult generation that will
    be completely use to being property.

  • Anonymous

    These people, the educators and government bureaucrats, have been screwing around with the system for 50 years! And what have they accomplished? Nothing! Things are worse than when I went to school (mostly in Hawaii) in the 50’s and 60’s. We had standards then to deal with the “diversity” that is Hawaii: English, American History, prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and so on. This served to unite us as Americans. Did we also celebrate our diversity? We certainly  did, during Aloha Week and May Day (which, of course, you all know is “lei day in Hawaii.”) Aside: one thing I really disliked about Aloha Week were some of the school lunches which featured poi. I HAVE ALWAYS HATED POI! We also had corporal punishment…One day, I’ll tell you about Mrs. Pua’a! But I digress.

    These people need to be stopped. Those of you out there with children should put your kids in private schools or home school. We should move to have wider use of school vouchers. Like MLK and Ghandi, we should use passive resistance to stop these verdammte fools.

    And, finally, we should all buy lots of ammo.

    Aloha nui loa. 

  • Take 2

    Agreed… I remember Becks show. However, I was aware of their Take Over of Global Health Care starting in 1972. Sick group of S Paths.       

  • Penny Bosarge

    I got this from the CSCOPE website

    The CSCOPE site will include a new feature that allows parents and
    members of the general public to access CSCOPE lessons without having to
    enter a username and password.

    Soooo that would mean that ANYONE (general public) can access a students records WITHOUT a usename and password. Potential employers, colleges for example (‘he didn’t score well in _____ so he must not be able to do___) That’s no ones business outside of the student, the parents and the teachers/school!!! Juvenile court records are kept private but school records of juveniles not??? ‘Big Brother’ needs a BIG BOOT in the BUTT for this one!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is you’re Disciple in the thousands , he is considered a wacko in normal life .. He wants to create his own city ? with his followers ? Does Jim Jones ring a bell with you people ? I know your buying his fear mongering products but please don’t ever sign  any check rights over to him . This man is the Sunday Morning T.V. preacher that stole millions from ” Naive ” people . Glenn cannot go out in public without being ridiculed , he pays over a million $ in security . Get a grip folks this man is making millions and millions off your Nativity .

    • Anonymous

       You’ve got “you’re” and “your” backwards.  Just like the rest of your position.  There is good in CORE etc.  But there is also danger, and that is what is being warned against.  It is an old trick to tell nine truths to sneak in one lie; that is what is happening, and what causes Glen to become so adamant about what he says.  I forgive the emotionalism in favor of learning about the underlying concerns. 

    • Anonymous

      What is this moron talking about? “….millions off your Nativity.” Christmas was last December, idiot.

  • Fior Gael

    The ability to control by dangling the carrot of money to states is leverage for whatever the powers that be (despotic or otherwise) offer as for “the common good”. I have seen this for 50 years. If you take money there are strings and none stronger than with the power mongers in Washington. Indoctrination of our children now becomes easier and the standard of education goes down so that only the ruling class will be maintained because they can afford the discriminatory reality of who has the gold rules.

    Data mining is helpful for person specific promotion in commerce, but having the nanny state take away your choice as far as how you want to live your life opposes what I believe the Federal Constitution guarantees as liberty. I am not opposed to people knowing about me, but when they use that information against me, then my citizenship is in jeopardy. If you do not bear the mark of the beast you shall not eat or have any place to rest. Is that what we are coming to? Is it that we must do as the state says or we will be “detained”?

    More verification that this world does not hold the satisfaction of truth and justice, life and liberty or love and contentment.

  • Zack Young

    What was Glenn talking about with the FMRI’s and vitals monitoring yesterday?  Didnt know if I was hearing right…

  • Anonymous

    It is imperative that we start teaching parents about the impending dangers of our present governmenatl decisions and influence on our children.   This is definitely not the country I once loved so dearly.  It is worth the effort to fight with all of our energy to defeat the course now being taken.

    • J Cole

      When you lean to properly spell ‘governmental’ and finally graduate high school, then you are allowed to come back on this board.


      • Anonymous

        When you “lean” to properly type, YOU will be allowed back on this board, idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Michigan is fighting this with House Bill 4276.  Call your Michigan Rep and ask them to vote yes on it!  Your district rep can be found here:

  • reenie palmieri

    I don’t normally comment on topics, but this I  felt needed to be addressed.  I am a teacher in a big metro area whose districts have adopted common core.  I have to disagree with some of the assertions Mr. Beck makes about this “change” to the Common Core. 

    But before I do, I need to explain that I am a conservative.  Even though I am a public school teacher, I don’t believe the government should be teaching anyone about anything. or do I believe public sector unions don’t have anybody’s back but their own.  I am a strong believer in smaller government and believe strongly in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    From my perspective, the common core is allowing teachers to teach grade appropriate curriculum and not leave curriculum development to some University of Socialism alumni who have never stepped inside of a classroom and have their own progressive agenda.  They then tell the public that test scores and student achievement will improve. It has not worked over the past 50 years.  That is why we have now become a nation of sheep. 

    The Core is a goal or benchmark for student achievement.  Do we need to collect data.  Yes, otherwise how would we be able to adjust our teaching to best serve the needs of those children, who for whatever reason, actually need more support.  Is the system flawed?  Yes.  Is there a potential for misuse of data?  Yes.  But that is a danger in every system. 

    Until we as a people vote our entrenched career politicians out of office (both houses of Congress and the White House), nothing will change.  And we will be like lambs led to the slaughter.

    Sorry Mr. Beck. I usually agree with you, but not on this point. 

    • J Cole

      Spoken like a true educated man, not a Glenn Beck puppet who hates all liberals, homosexuals, minorities, and women (aka the entire world).

      These Beckers have no idea how the educational system in America works yet feel compelled to decry it anyway with their ignorance.

      Well done, my conservative friend!

  • Anonymous

    When I was fifteen years old, I was forced into what’s called an ACE school (Advanced Christian Education.) My parents thought it would “help” me. Well, it did, though not in the way they’d hoped.
     My most vivid memory was seeing a teacher pull a female student in front of the class and announce to us that this child’s parents were divorcing (the girl had confided this to the teacher because the child needed someone to talk to). The teacher thought it best that we all pray to save this child…
    So as the girl stands before us–shamed, crying, and petrified–we’re all instructed to pray. The girls parents were going to hell and would burn for all eternity; that was a given. But the teacher thought we could still save this fellow student. So the girl is standing up there for like fifteen minutes as we pray and the teacher is talking about the sins of the girls parents and though they would surely feel the eternal fire please spare this poor child, blah, blah, blah…

     The school was called Calvary Christian, located in Langdale, Alabama. It’s probably still there…scarring kids.
    You can imagine how any kid who acted a little gay was treated. Public shaming, yes. But also sweeping the gym floor and emptying all the trash cans, because—and you probably didn’t know this—but “good, honest work” cures homosexuality. 
    Inter-racial dating? Maybe not a sin, but also “not right.” Because, “God made us different for a reason.” No explanation beyond that was given, but hey—it must’ve been good enough because no one was dating the few black kids we had in the school.

     I got myself thrown out. Fought and caused trouble until I was expelled. Which probably disappointed my parents on one hand, but on the other hand saved them a lot of money. The costs to go there were insane. (Like any religious institution, bilking money out of its followers was top priority.)

    There are schools in this country that will blow your mind. Both sides, right and left, have declared open season on our kids. They’re just little robots waiting to be programmed. 

    • Anonymous

       I don’t know anything about the school you describe here, but if your description is accurate, which I assume it is, this is NOT a Christian School.  It may use Christianity as the basis for its existence, and may pretend to follow Christian ideals, but no true Christian would ever do what you have described, nor would they allow it to happen if they could stop it.  I am sure the Christians who post here, regardless of their position on the issues here, will agree with me on this.

      This entire argument needs to be considered with the thought in mind that what happens in one case, to one person, or to one school, and so forth, may not be true elsewhere.  That applies “both ways” here.  I have absolutely no doubt that the things Glen is warning about are true.  So I take his words seriously.  What I do NOT know is: how widespread is the use of CORE systems as the vehicle for the disturbing, even scary things he is warning about?  It is quite possible that the basic CORE system may not contain all the perversions being talked about (though it still makes me very nervous to think about the government controlling ANYTHING that thoroughly!!!).  The basic CORE system must contain some materials and regulations which are good, or it would have been rejected already by teachers and districts and states.  The question, to me, is: are the CORE materials being used in some way to convey other things not contained in the actual materials and plans, but added to them in some subtle ways in order to further the plans of those who believe America should be “fundamentally transformed” into a dictatorship or puppet state of another country or countries?  This is the stated goal of the Muslim Brootherhood, which several of our top government “leaders” belong to, by their own admission.  The MB states in its plans that America is to be destroyed from within “by its own hand”, in other words, America is to be changed in its fundamental beliefs so that Americans who have been changed will be the ones who will destroy America, not enemies from without, but enemies from within its own people. We (that is, Americans as a whole) have made the mistake of placing an arrogant, self-serving “man” filled with vengeance and hate, backed by people who have in the past derived great pleasure and satisfaction from destroying entire nations by using wealth to manipulate economies,  in the most powerful position in the world, and he has begun to fill the government’s ranks with those who think like him, who will follow his lead in tearing down America to allow some other power(s) to dominate the world.  When I consider the candidates for that position in the world, that is, which countries would have the strengths to dominate the world and “police” those who would oppress it, well, that is when I start to tremble.  Whether China or “Islam” or Russia or some other major power takes over, can anyone even imagine the world being at peace?  Will atheists suddenly be willing to convert to Islam simply because they are threatened?  Will Islam give up the jihad and stop trying to convert the world or kill it, simply because America is defeated?  LOL!!!!  I really don’t think so.  It would be a bloodbath……

      One thing which even the progressives and others who are working to break down the traditions, rules and structures upon which America was founded and needs to survive have not seemed to understand is that the weaknesses which exist in America today, including a very large part of the population who know so little about what they are voting for and supporting, are not caused by America itself, nor by most true Americans. The weaknesses come from what I will call “evil” people, and “evil” methods.  These are evil, in my definition here, because they do not work in the open, but work in secret, behind the scene, behind closed doors, using methods, policies and practices which history has shown to be complete failures over and over again.  One example is “managed care”, or “obamacare”, as it is called.  Was this developed and accepted by a majority of our representatives in Congress, debating with the minority, as has always been done? No, when the progressives were able to use the democratic party and the problems with the economy to gain a majority in Congress, they quickly got together, locked the doors, literally, so anyone not “on their side” could know what they were doing, and threw together obamacare, no doubt using much material they had been building up as they worked over the years to get to that position.  Then, they voted it into law, even against the wishes of substantially more than half of American citizens, many of whom had voted to put them in office! Is that the way representative government is supposed to work?

      How could this have happened?  Why did almost every democrat in congress participate in this, some may say, treasonous action, voting against the will of the people they represented?  I can’t say I know, really, but there is one thing I am sure of: it wasn’t about health care.  The ravenous monster called “obamacare” which is about to be turned loose on all of us was mostly about establishing one of the vehicles by which Americans could tear America apart: “by its own hands”, even if progressives thought they were doing a good thing, with their “ends justifies the means” tactics.  It was kept secret from as many as possible, because it would have been summarily rejected if it had seen the light of day before the progressives forced it into law(not just democrats; they were merely the most available tool at the time.  Republicans, liberals, conservatives, they can all be progressives as well.).

      I am starting to rant now so I will stop; I am not sure this long comment will even be saved by the system here.  I just can’t help myself when I think that our beautiful country, which has been in some cases the only thing that prevented the world from falling into hundreds or thousands of years of black, smothering fascism or religious oppression or one of the other hundreds of evils which have tried to conquer the world wearing different masks, but coming from the same source.  I cannot even imagine what the world will be like if America falls.  The progressives do not realize that even if they win, and destroy America as a force for good in the world (we make terrible mistakes sometimes but we are NOT the “Satan” we are portrayed as, at least, not the heart of America, in spite of those of us who have turned away from what has always been the heart and soul of America), the same forces which are behind them, the very same evils they count on for the material support to do their dirty deeds, will target them as well.  The progressives will be the next target if they are able to crush America and turn it into a totalitarian state.  I’ll stand on that.  I believe it with all my heart.

  • Anonymous

    When the government shares information with corporations in the context of education, it is not necessarily all bad. It must be regulated and supervised, but there are good reasons for limited information to be shared. For example, if a student shows skill on an exam in a certain subject area, and if the student expresses interest in that subject as part of the survey taken before the exam, and if the student expresses interest in learning about opportunities in that subject area, then the school system should share that information with appropriate colleges, universities, and corporations with interest in people with skills and interests in these areas. This type of information sharing builds the child’s network and increases potential that the child will learn what it takes to accomplish success in that subject area, and potential employers will be able to locate and possibly contribute to the training of the student. Done in the right way, this type of system helps both the student, the student’s potential future university, and the student’s potential future employer. On the other hand, if the system starts making choices for students and prevents them from finding opportunities in other subject areas, it would get out of hand. I’m just trying to say that this type of program is not necessarily as bad as Glenn suggests, and that it might even be beneficial to our children if it protects their individual rights to choose and does not evolve into corporate bullying. 

    • Anonymous

       I think it would be more accurate to say: “this type of program”…MAY NOT BE..”as bad as Glenn suggests……”.  As you also mention, this type of program could also be used badly by the government and any other entity which could get the information.  That is the rub.  There is a reason why, in America in the past, the rules governing privacy have been so absolute and sometimes may even have seemed a bit too much in favor of the individual.  It is because information about individuals, even what may seem to be the most innocuous, harmless data, can be used directly or in conjunction with other information to do, shall we say, “bad” things.  Very, very bad things.  We simply cannot trust the government or anyone else to compile such an inclusive database on individuals that the government, including FUTURE governments which may gain access to it, can use it for “bad” purposes.  Using the immediate situation to judge the entire project’s safety would be a mistake, I believe, and should not be used to feel safe letting the database be compiled.  I am an electrical engineer who has designed and extensively used computers for many years; I know how they can be used with even skimpy data to derive connections and inferences to serve purposes which I doubt most people could even imagine.  Of course, it is not the computers to be “feared”, but those who use them; just as I am not afraid of a gun standing in the corner of a room, I could become very afraid of it if an obviously unstable man picked it up and pointed it at me.

      Think about times in history when a decision was made to do something because it seemed harmless, then later, it became a massive evil which caused unthinkable damage.  There may still be people alive who may read this and say: “yes, I remember when Hitler (or some other monster) was thought to be just a little clown not to be taken seriously, so he was ignored.  I also remember when he conquered Europe and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died to prevent him and his allies from conquering the entire world!”.

      That may seem like a far-fetched example of what to worry about today, but, is it?

      • Anonymous

        Hitler himself did create databases on the German people that he ultimately used to initiate rounding up the Jews to ultimately kill many of them. The US used databases to round up Japanese Americans during WWII and kept them in internment camps (for a much less nefarious purpose, but still wrong in most cases). I agree that there are very small but very real risks of very bad outcomes when the government collects and shares too much data on its people. Yet, at the same time, there are moderate to high probabilities that if used correctly and with oversight (from we the people) the risks would be very small. I do agree that people caught up in a system or program under nefarious leadership can end up doing things they would not have otherwise done, as part of a collective. Protecting our society from such negative outcomes is a main motivation for the checks and balances within our government and for a free press. Although the system is not perfect and real failures do happen, the protections in our society are not likely to let something like that get by us.

        This database is not being generated with nefarious purposes in mind. Its intentions are positive and will benefit society. Instead of fighting to shut down the whole program, we need to impart limits on what information they can collect and share, and protections and oversight within the program so that only the intended benefits are achieved. 

        • Anonymous

          I’ll add that the government or the school system has no business collecting information about the religious preferences of individual children. Having collective statistics of such preferences (with no recorded links to individuals) can help the school system make decisions about which holidays to schedule breaks and other practical matters. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope all of you will take what Glenn Beck just reported seriously.  When Obamacare was passed, at the last minute, student loans were added to the Affordable Care Act.  I thought that was an odd mix, so I looked into it.  It’s exactly as Glenn says–your child (or you) will be pegged at an early age what vocation they are most suited for.  Student loans will be based on choosing a vocation that the government chooses for you based on data they have collected.  I posted a comment to this effect at the time on Paul Krugman’s website.  My comment was taken down within 15 minutes–erased!  To run a highly centralized government, you must control people’s work based on what the government needs.  Remember we cannnot have self-governance without self-reliance.  They are attempting to take the self-reliance away because they know too well that then we will not be capable of self-governance.

    • Anonymous

      But it isn’t about having government make a choice for the student. It is about the educational system sharing information with universities and corporations to let students know about opportunities that they could choose to take. It is not about government choosing for students. Another of its goals is to help the private sector fill positions in fields that are not being filled right now, by providing students information about options that suite their skills. By providing students information about opportunities they might not otherwise know about but for which they are clearly well suited, and by providing them with network connections that they could choose to follow to yield opportunity, the program aims to make the career search process and the hiring process more efficient. 

      I do agree that this kind of program carries risks, and that there needs to be limits on what information they can collect and share, but we should solve this problem by fixing it, not by discarding the whole thing when it promises so much benefit to individuals and the whole economy. 

      • Anonymous

        Right now, guidance counselors help steer students in the right direction, and then the student and counselor seek colleges and universities, or even trade-schools that fit within the student’s abilities, dreams and desires.  The student provides his own private information to the particular educational establishment that he/she chooses.  Why would any of us want our private information collected and shared with corporations and universities?  Corporations provide students information and options right now–it is called career day; many other opportunities are open to students who job shadow through their schools.  I certainly believe that we can work to make information more available to the student through more efficient networking with corporations and other businesses and universities; but it is an entirely different matter to have first graders, middle-schoolers and high schoolers’ information collected, mined and provided to entities, who then seek contact with that student.  In fact, my first-grader wanted to be a garbage collecter.  He was fascinated with garbage trucks.  When he graduated from high school, he had completely changed his mind, and then went into architecture.  Then the economy went bust, and architecture was hit hard.  So now, he has had to re-group and go into an entirely different field.  Government making decisions, early decisions, based on what they perceive as talent at an early age, and then directing that child towards that endeavor does not work, but most of all it does not portend FREEDOM.  I cherish freedom; the abilitiy to be in charge of my own destiny; the ability to direct my representatives towards self-governance–not the other way around.  And finally, I might ask you, why would you risk something this important for your children for “efficiencies?”

        • Anonymous

          The traditional system is not working to provide employers with people who can fill the positions they are offering in a modern world. Many of today’s young adults are seeking degrees in fields that are over competitive because too many people want jobs in those fields and too few jobs are available. These young adults are choosing “freedom”, but making poor and uneducated choices with that freedom, then they complain about how there are no jobs for them, and they move back in with their parents. Many of these young adults were convinced or convinced themselves early on that math, science, and technology were too difficult for them. The data mining algorithms do not constrain individual children to become physicists or engineers. They do help show what teaching approaches help to increase student interest and confidence in these fields. They also provide mechanisms to show students that these fields are accessible to them. I realize that these types of careers are not for everyone, but far more people are capable of doing them than think they are. The idea is not to force people into these fields, but to find ways to make the fields feel more accessible to students, and help them have the tools they need to reach for success in these fields should they choose to do so. 

          I am a college professor. I teach applied mathematics and physics. The present approaches to education are not preparing many children to succeed in these fields, but a few improvements are being made. The data that have been collected are helping researchers to discover what teaching approaches and curricula work best to yield more people who choose these careers and are capable of fulfilling them.  

          I agree that the program has problems and needs to be fixed, but the core of the program will help us find solutions to the unemployment in a modern world. 

          • Anonymous

            Why do you put quotation marks around the word freedom?  If the government had mined information about you as a young child, would you have become a professor?  Do you need data mined from students to determine teaching approaches to help increase student interest and confidence in these fields?  How does data mining show students that these fields are accessible to them?  Sounds like you are repeating the mantra without details and facts to back up the assertion that invasions of privacy is completely within the norm of keeping a republic. And I contend, that because student loans are now in the hands of the government, those loans will be tied to a student going into areas of employment that the government needs most.  My daughter is brilliant in math, but that is not her passion.  She has chosen a different path to use her talent.  You cannot separate ability and passion–they must go hand in hand–and you cannot measure what motivates a person through testing. 

          • Anonymous

            The quotation marks note that what the student’s thought was freedom ultimately became bondage. That is a fact of life when freedom is available, but on some occasions, students make better choices because information they need is accessible to them. I like my field, but if mineable data had been available that would have provided me exposure to another field, I might have chosen that field, so that having such data can make more options available rather than fewer. In order to fully assess teaching techniques, we do need more data. Science curriculum has often been managed as arbitrary choices made by some individuals who have convinced others that they are teaching experts. Yet, good data can yield real conclusions. 

            After data have been collected for a long enough time and for a sufficiently large number of students, statistical significance tests can verify beyond a reasonable doubt what techniques work best. Data mined across many students can help determine what approaches yield passion in students. It can also provide clues about what techniques are simply boring students. 

            I do not favor detailed data retained on individual students beyond that which they volunteer themselves in order to put themselves in a networking position with colleges and employers. However, I do favor collective databases for studies like those I discussed above. These databases should not retain identifying information about the individuals. 

            I agree with you about passion versus skill/talent. However, databases including information gleaned from surveys of large numbers of students, and school records (without individual identifiers), can include information about what does motivate passion in students. We don’t need everyone to be passionate about math and science, but we do need more than we have now, and these data will help us do it better. 

    • Cody Milner

      Kimmy, what section of the ACA was this found in?

      • Anonymous

        The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Pub.L. 111–152, 124 Stat. 1029) is a law that was enacted by the 111th United States Congress, by means of the reconciliation process, in order to amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Pub.L. 111–148). It was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 30, 2010.[1]
        The law also includes the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which was attached as a rider.[2]

  • Cody Milner

    To the web moderator: can you post links to the text of the documents referenced?

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad my brother and sister in-law decided to home school their kids. and my youngest brother is graduated. this is what the anti-Christ will use when he comes into power.
    nobody can buy or sell food or products with out his mark. and if you don’t get the mark
    you’ll be executed. 

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    On a related topic, check this out:

  • mary

    Landofaahs, you are right on the money.  The past few years I have dedicated quite a bit of time explaining to my kids how our government (and shadow bankers behind the scenes) have sold our country down the river.  The last real president we had was Kennedy.  We need to teach the next generation not to believe the mainstream media and politicians, and to rely on their instincts and common sense – something they should have a lot of if parents raise them correctly.

  •!/zerses Zerses

    Waking up those who get up each morning, don’t see the news, go to work, take care of the kids, make dinner and then exhausted, fall into bed, rinse, repeat… how?  How do we get to them?

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