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For the past few weeks Glenn has shifted his focus to an issue he thinks is one of the most important he’s ever covered on his program — and he’s covered a lot of big issues over the years. The progressive infiltration of the U.S. education system could change the country as you know it, and that’s just one part of what Glenn has begun to uncover. Progressives are systematically removing and replacing the free enterprise system.

Last night on TheBlaze TV, Glenn explained how and why schools are data mining, and how the government is in bed with labor and big corporations using that data.

They’re creating a system of state capitalism or “System X”

In the 1940’s a book called, “The Road We’ve Traveled,” by Stuart Chase — the man who coined the term “The New Deal” — laid out where the country was headed…where we are now. This morning on radio Glenn explained how it’s virtually impossible to find an unaltered version of this book, and that people are literally ripping out the pages and replacing them with pages from other books. Why would they do this?

“They are erasing this history because this absolutely tells the entire story of where we are.  This says, this book, the whole premise, The Road We’re Traveling, this is what we’ve designed; this is what it’s going to look like in the end,” Glenn explained.

The book, written right at the end of WWII, talks about a “Managerial Revolution” — basically, technocrats becoming more powerful that the leaders of the government.

“Who is running Europe right now?” Glenn asked. “Are they elected politicians?”

No — it’s the EU and the IMF.

“And who is the guy running Italy?  A technocrat.  He was not elected.  And nobody’s saying anything.  You have unelected technocrats running Europe and nobody’s saying anything,” Glenn said.

The writer, Stuart Chase, went on to explain:

“The “Managerial Revolution” is just the first part. “The first intelligent attempt to understand what is coming that I have seen,” he wrote. “Many more studies will be needed before the mystery is cleared up on what this exactly will look like and what we will call it.  But we are going to lay out something called X, which is displacing the system of free enterprise all over the world.  If we do not yet know what to call it, we can at least describe its major characteristics.  And here is what is replacing free enterprise.  And it says “free enterprise into X.”

A strong centralized government; an executive arm growing at the expense of the legislative and judicial arms; in some countries power is consolidated into a dictator, issuing decrees.  The control of banking, credit, and security exchanges by the government.”

Sound like what’s going on today?

Glenn continued reading:

“The underwriting of employment by the government  — either through armaments or public works.  The underwriting of Social Security by the government, old age pensions, mothers pensions, unemployment insurance and the like.  The underwriting of food, housing and medical care by the government.  The United States is already experimenting with providing these essentials.  Other nations are far down this road.  The use of deficit spending techniques to finance these under-writings.  The annually balanced budget has lost its old‑timey feel.  The abandonment of gold in favor of a managed currency.  The control of foreign trade by the government with increasing emphasis on bilateral agreements.  The control of natural resources and an increasing emphasis on self‑sufficiency.  The control of energy sources such as hydroelectric power, coal, petroleum, and natural gas.  The control of transportation, railway, highway, airway, waterway.  The control of agricultural production.  The control of labor organizations.  The enlistment of young men and young women in youth corps, devoted to health, discipline, community service, and ideologies consistent with those of the authorities.”

The only thing on Stuart’s list thats really debatable as having been achieved is “The enlistment of young men and young women in youth corps.”

“Everything else is already done,” Pat stated.

Glenn quickly reminded Pat and the audience that there already are work corps for the youth. “It’s the AmeriCorps.”

Glenn continued:

“Heavy taxation with special emphasis on estates, meaning what you leave behind, your will, and incomes of the rich.  Not much taking over of properties or industries in the old socialistic sense, but the formula of the future is control without ownership.  It’s interesting to recall the same formula is used by the management of great corporations in depriving stockholders of power.  And finally, the state control of communications and propaganda.”

Remember, this was written in the 1940’s — the end of WWII — but how much of this is mirroring where the country is today or, at the very least, where it’s headed?

“The strong central government, absolutely been done, and we’re now getting to the point to where the states have no rights,” Glenn explained.

But the danger of this system is how it’s tying everything together to control labor, media, education, and banking, all by linking together with big corporations. And it’s starting in the schools through data mining, which Glenn explained last night on TV.

Glenn’s theory is that big government and big corporations are linking together to achieve their mutual collective goals. Corporations need capital for investments, educated and trained workers, and global markets to be successful. The government needs power to control and plan. When the two join together, they control labor, medical, guns, DHS, banks, education, the media, and food, allowing them to control, limit, train, deceive you, all while building a global marketplace they have control over.

The end result comes close to China, where the state can take kids and train them for certain jobs, has control and oversight over the media, censors the internet, and heavily regulates every aspect of the lives of the people.

Sound crazy? Glenn went on to explain how involved GE and Microsoft are involved in Common Core, currently marching its way into schools across the country.

“I find it interesting that NBC, the arm of this government, is what network?  MSNBC.  MSNBC was owned by what energy corporation?  GE.  What does the “MS” in MSNBC stand for?  Microsoft.  Now, neither GE, nor Microsoft have anything to do with MSNBC anymore, but isn’t it fascinating that GE and Microsoft got together, that now they were the ones who started the propaganda machine.  And they are the ones that are now behind Common Core,” Glenn said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The fundamental transformation of the United States of America from a Republic unto a full scale communist or fascist system of government in which we have no freedoms or rights of any kind.

    Will enough people organize and wake up to see what is going on while we have time to do something about it? Or have we already crossed the line of no return and are now descending into a eternal night from which we will never awaken?

    I and my house will serve the Lord and bow to no man, this I swear. 

    • landofaahs

      Keep your powder dry and wait for the right moment.  Evil once in control must have it’s course for a short time but there is a point where God’s hand of judgment gives the faithful the moment of opportunity.

      • Bonnie Somer


    • Maria McKee

       There is definitely a remnant that is seeing what is going on (and I hope trying to do something about it!), but as far as the general population, I think we are boiling the frog.  This isn’t happening like a revolution, it’s slow and subtle infiltration.

      • Anonymous

        That we be because like, the rest of the country has rejected you fascists.

    • Fior Gael

      Once again, concurrence. By the numbers of people who want to be taken care of or feel “entitled and deserving” of the things for which we all have worked hard, it seems that we are in the minority. When we start being concerned about the rights of deviant sections of society who flaunt the laws of morality and expect their behavior to be tolerated by the moral section of society, then we are lost. If we do not stand for something we will fall for anything. (someone famous said that, and someone I regard highly) I find that statement to be true. Our brothers and sisters are being led down the road to servitude. Who will lead the faithful out of the land of Egypt and from their suffering?

      • Anonymous

        Try like, winning an election, and get back to me.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that’s impressive.  The world must be shuddering and all…..

      • Katherine Cherry

         The world does not shudder. Societies today are the result of  150 years of sloppy science. That means our parents, grand parents, and great grand parents all had these influences. This sloppy science produces atheism (well documented). With atheism comes a void of transcendental values, one of which is a conscience.
        Scholars in higher ed have waged a war to keep their sloppy science. What they are truly warring for, is the right to hang on to their atheism. I have no quarrels with my gentle atheist neighbors, but we must at least recognize what a society of varying degrees of atheism looks like, and performs like.

        To an atheist, strong moral conviction looks like a fascist. This is the battleground we now face, a result of 150 years of sloppy science.

        Reference for serious scientists:

  • Sam Fisher

    We are heading down the road of fascism and it will happen
    soon things are moving faster more than people can predict on what is going on.
    We have less than a year before the finish the machine and at least a half a
    year to turn this thing on. Then after the election if the progs get what they
    want they will take total control. 

    • Anonymous

       But how we get the politicians to see what is going on? I do not think many of them are seeing what is right in front of their eyes.

  • landofaahs

    We’ve been under crony capitalism so long that the companies need govt  to stay in business.  All the stock market increase is based on the debt sugar of the Fed and this is going to end very very badly. 

  • Anonymous

    If a copy of the book is available, why not just scan the missing pages and make them available?  Are those pages lost altogether?  Posting sections is not an infringement copy laws, only making profit or making it available as a whole without permission.

    • Brian Johnson

      Found a copy here:

  • landofaahs

    When the people show up but quit working, it will not be long before the whole thing collapses.  The masses have the power if they have the will and sense to use it. 

  • Anonymous

    Any one think Beck is secreting a pastier looking skin tone than usual in this clip? He looks very, very pasty…awful

  • Anonymous

    Totalitarian Fascism – please let’s call it out properly.

    Capitalism has lifted more people our of poverty, illiteracy and privation than any other “system” in history.  And yet Capitalism has been mercilessly bashed at least since Marx And Engels.  See, too many ill-informed people already have bias against Capitalism.  And that bias is purposely used against ALL of us.

    State-controlled business and populace is Fascism.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, dictating to women how they are to control their own choices in life is fascism. Denying equal rights to people because you don’t care for the style of their love life is fascism. Forcing people who have no or different religions to chant your prayers in public schools is fascism.  Invading small countries on trumped lies in order to steal their oil is fascism.   You want fascism?  You and Beck need to take a look in the mirror.

  • John Beck

    “THAN the leaders of government.” Would you PLEASE hire me to write and/or proofread? Desperately need a job.

  • crazy betty

    well, the good news is – Jesus is coming back soon.

    • Sarah Beth Jarrett

       We can only hope and pray!

    • Anonymous

      thats the good news? whats the bad news?

      • Greg Williams

        Hell is forever.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, we all need to fear a mythological bad guy who lives under the ground.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, so is the Easter Bunny, just a couple more days.

  • Alex Orange

    – “‘Who is running Europe right now?’ Glenn asked. ‘Are they elected politicians?’No — it’s the EU and the IMF.”
    + The European Parliament is an elected body. They appoint the European Commission. Sound terribly un-democratic? Look to Britain. The House of Commons is elected. They appoint the Cabinet.- “‘And who is the guy running Italy?  A technocrat.  He was not elected.  And nobody’s saying anything.  You have unelected technocrats running Europe and nobody’s saying anything,’ Glenn said.”
    + The Prime Minister of Italy is appointed by the President, an elected official. The Italian Chamber of Deputies is elected. Why choose a financial expert to be in charge of the Italian bureaucracy? Better than having a rich media mogul.

    • Todd Clemmer

      Go go proggy.  Back to your swamp!

  • Dennis Carbine

    “The FUTURE of this world has long been DECLARED; the final outcome between GOOD and evil is already KNOWN. There is absolutely no question as to who WINS because the VICTORY has already been posted on the SCOREBOARD. The only really strange thing is all of this is that we are still down here on the FIELD trying to decide which TEAM’S JERSEY we want to wear!”

    Jeffrey R Holland

  • Anonymous

    seriously glenn, stop channeling chomsky already. so yes, the major stakeholders in the biggest (esp energy) corporations (remember most stock in in concentrated ownership) see the national governments as an extension of their business strategy, with the installation of technocrats drawn from the corporate classes to enact trade agreements that strip national sovereignty and grant cheap access to resources to corporate interests by controlling the currency. This is the latest phase of colonialism, and its called globalization. Its what people years ago in Seattle were all upset about. You’re starting to catch up, little by little, to what the (you call) radical left has known for nearly two decades, that there is a nexus of state and corporate power forming around these large economic institutions and they pose a serious threat to freedom. And yes, the media companies are involved in laying out the ideological framework for this system. 

    Next, you’ll be reading NO LOGO and saying “Wow, look at this!!!”

  • Shannan Hearne

    And to make sure that we don’t even see this happening the media is focusing on gay marriage as a way to protect inheritances from taxes.

  • Anonymous

    This also reminds me of ‘free’ men who would live and work and shop on a company property…the system rigged to keep them forever in debt to the company store and unable to freely leave.

    This is us.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn should consider rallying around Congressional Resolution H.Res.422, which asks Congress to vote on the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. This will get our Representatives on the record about whether or not they support Capitalism. 
    Wouldn’t it be great to know who does and does not support the fundamental principles of free enterprise?

    If the Communists are going to use our own government to spread Communism, we should at least try to do the same to spread Capitalism. Here is a link to information about the bill

    I’ve been trying to get Glenn’s attention on this for almost 2 years. Maybe he’ll read this.Michael

  • Brian Johnson

    Link to the Road

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    It’s shocking that we live in a land, supposedly protected by The Constitution, a document that should safeguard us from tyranny, yet this is going on today.  It’s just proof that anything is possible IF THE PEOPLE DON’T RISE UP!  

  • Rideforliberty

    I wonder if our representatives even know what is going on, they can’t all be on the band wagon and what sickens me that if it weren’t for Glenn we wouldn’t even know about the stuff that is going on in this country…I can only keep sharing the information that I receive from the blaze and Glenn in order to make people aware and even by putting it on Senators and Governors facebook pages….

  • Dedrianne Hartgers

    My thought is this, if the economy goes completely bust would not all this crash about their ears? Another French Revolution if you want to call it that? God has never let anything happen that we could not learn from.

  • Patrick Smith

    And the time of Jacob’s trouble is approaching. Stand ready and don’t be fulled by the ideas of all of us will be taken up before this starts no we will be here for it. God even says so we have been told that there will be 2 coming of Christ his first then the 2nd is the rapture and then a 3rd when he comes back to rule forever. The only problem is that is 3 comings not 2 and that idea was started in the 1800 not by Jesus or the disciples. We have been tricked the bible only says Jesus will come again 1 other time yet according to the new doctrine he will come 3 times. This is wrong it will catch all of his people un-prepared for they think they will not have to prepare for the tribulation, but we must stand strong against the anti-Christ and not be fooled by the lies of Satan who will try and prepare us for his coming.

  • Anonymous

    The world is becoming a very complex place… We , the Human Race, are multiplying… and in
    a hundred year’s time, its going to be very crowed…   If the USA wishes to say at the top of the 
    Food – Chain, it must realize that it better improve the education system in the most profound and dramatic way possible. I am not an educator… I cannot tell you even if I like “Common Core” or not. But clearly, we must improve our education system or we’re “dead”
    in the waters of Commerce and Industry.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, bit all these people on Government Aid… would they not be much better off on “Common Core” ?

  • Katherine Cherry

    Have you found the missing pages?

    Here is a web page claiming to provide an entire and accurate copy. Is this copy accurate?

    Additionally, I did an interlibrary loan and have a copy in my hand. How would I know if my copy is accurate?

    This book is packed with quotes from its day, many are quite intriguing. What is the significance of this book? Collectively, and at first inspection, this book seems to illusive at best- “reality is indivisible” (pg 63),
    “the abnormal increase in population” (pg 64) ..abnormal to whom?
    More importantly, who funded this, and why?  I realize it was commissioned by the Trustees of The Twentieth Century to make a series of exploratory reports. Who are these trustees, and what is their goal?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glen for telling the truth.

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