Last night, Glenn got a letter from one of our new affiliates, Atwood Cable, via Lynne Costantini, President of Business Development at TheBlaze. Bob Dunker, owner of Atwood Cable, explained why he decided to bring TheBlaze onto his lineup – and it’s a pretty amazing story of how a family can build a business and spread the message of truth.


I’ll to try to keep this short, I wanted to give you a little background information. In 1958 my dad and his cousin started this business repairing radios and then TVs in the back room of a grocery store. My dad bought him out in the mid‑Seventies and then we became a Radio Shack dealer in 1977. In 1980 my dad and my two brothers and I started our cable TV company to go along with our electronics business Radio Shack. We also provide Internet and telephone service.

My son now has joined the business and we also farm 2,000 acres of wheat and corn and peas because it takes a lot of diversification to survive here in God’s country. So Glenn’s message really hits home around here.

When Glenn was on Fox News, I basically was paying my employees to watch the show. When Glenn left Fox, I subscribed to GBTV as soon as it was available.

Due to our geography, the Internet bandwidth here is extremely expensive and primitive, therefore watching online could be painful at times. And I also didn’t want to be hogging the bandwidth that my customers were paying me for. We have a handful of customers here that have been lobbying me to somehow or another just hijack and put you on our cable system. So TheBlaze going to satellite, that was good news to us here.

I’m sorry to say that it seems that there are a lot of elitists in the cable industry, mainly on the programming side, and not enough good ole boys.

Here at Atwood Cable we are truly independent and we don’t appreciate being pushed around by the big boys. But being small, it’s tough to fight them and the government too. But we’re in the fight.

I’d just like to say thank you to Glenn and TheBlaze. Now I can proclaim “the truth lives here” in Atwood, Kansas at Atwood Cable.

Oh, and thanks for a great value and a refreshing perspective that you bring to the TV news business.

Bob Dunker

“Thank you so much for being the first wave to come on board,” Glenn said. “And sincerely please keep the calls up because sincerely there is movement and the only reason why people, these cable companies, they are aircraft carriers times a thousand. Getting them to turn around and even look at you is almost impossible, and there is serious movement on them, and the only reason why it’s happening is because the calls are coming in. Please call your cable or satellite provider and tell them you want TheBlaze. Ask them, if you’ve done it before, ‘Are you listening to me?’ You can call 800‑996‑BLAZE, 800‑996‑BLAZE, and we will put you in touch. We’ll make the call for you and put you in touch with your cable operator. Or you can go to”