For years, Glenn has looked at the news of the day and tried to predict what could be on the horizon. Many of these predictions have come to pass, such as his theory that the Muslim Brotherhood would rise to power in Egypt as a result of the Arab Spring. Tonight, he laid out his theory of what the new world order could look like if there were to be tremendous global upheaval.

First, he looked at James Burnham, an author who warned about the alliance that could form between communism, socialism, and fascism prior to World War II. Many dismissed his theories, but it turns out he was right. Burnham even predicted that certain global superpowers would emerge after the war, and correctly saw the rise of the United States and The Soviet Union as world powers. However, not all of his predictions came true so his ideas were dismissed.

Second, Glenn made his own predictions about what the world could look like if there was global upheaval. It’s a scary place with little room for countries that uphold freedom. Get the full breakdown in the clip below: