Are you behind on your preparedness? The Marketplace has a great deal on a Go Bag

The Marketplace by TheBlaze has always featured great small businesses – but many people may not know that they also have a section of the store dedicated to preparedness. In a special deal, they are offering 40% off an Emergency Go Bag. It’s a great deal for anyone looking to kick start their preparedness efforts, and we here at thought it was worth bringing it to your attention. Check out the deal HERE.

The Pack includes:

  • Large Backpack
  • Golf Pencil
  • Note Pad
  • Playing Cards
  • 65 Piece First Aid Kit
  • 6 Millennium Energy Bars
  • 12 Individual Water Pouches
  • Water Pur. Tablets
  • Deluxe Hygiene Kit
  • 3 Pocket Tissues
  • 30+ Hour Candle
  • Emergency Dynamo Lantern w/ Radio
  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Mylar Sleeping Bag
  • N95 Dust Mask
  • 16 Function Knife
  • Safety Goggles
  • Sewing Kit
  • Waste Bag
  • Pamela Peltonen

    Add life straw to the list

  • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

    Are you people blind or just fucking stupid. This guy is conning you left and right. 

    • J Cole

      They’re both. Beckers are the most uneducated fools you can find in America. And that’s saying A LOT.

  • J Cole

    Need money that badly Beck?


    • Anonymous

      Beck can never have enough cash, because back when he was a cocaine addict he used to have to fellate his dealer, while the dealer sat on a toilet. You do that 10 or 20 times and you remember to save your cash when it comes in

  • Anonymous

    Prey on their fear, stoke their anger, and pimp their ignorance.

    What if there wasn’t millions of scared and angry people out there? Would Glenn Beck have a career? Or Rush Limbaugh? Or Sean Hannity?
    Of course not. That’s why they won’t allow the anger and fear to ever dissipate. 

    It wasn’t that long ago that the GOP controlled the presidency, the house, and the senate…and the right wing talking heads preached as much anger and fear then as they do now. It wasn’t as though Rush Limbaugh was in a happy-happy, joy-joy mood when his party of choice controlled everything.

    Even during the booming economic times, did the right wing talking heads rejoice? No. Whether those good economic times came under Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, the right wing talking heads were equally dissatisfied. 

    Because if YOU ever stopped being angry and scared…why in the world would you need a Glenn Beck or a Rush Limbaugh?

    It’s not like Rush or Glenn could switch formats and still prosper. Are you going to tune in to hear Glenn Beck give you recipes for potato salad? Are you going to tune in to hear Rush give sex advice? 

     You MUST be kept angry! You MUST be kept scared! Their job literally depends on that.

  • Anonymous

    Buy into fear, buy into idiocy, and then buy a Go Bag! (Damn thing doesn’t have rubbers in it, which is what right wingers really need for tea parties and 9/12 meetups and other ball gargling events)

    • yingling777

      Some companies offer services; some companies offer products.  And, others offer you a vice.  Much like gambling and religion, controversy is a vice.

  • Anonymous

    Buy this backpack to survive the coming apocalypse.
    Buy these gold coins to survive the coming economic crash.
    Buy my radio and tv show to survive the liberal media.
    Buy guns and ammo to survive the Obama gun grab.
    Buy my book to learn how to survive.

    BUY! BUY! BUY!

    BUY freedom, security, prosperity! It’s all for sale here at the Patriot Mall. Where we sell everything! *

    (Except peace of mind.)

    • Patricia Francisco

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      before I looked at the draft that said $9191, I didn’t believe that…my… father in law was like they say really bringing home money part time on-line.. there friend brother has done this 4 only about sixteen months and resantly paid the loans on their condo and purchased themselves a Maserati. this is where I went, — Buzz80.ℂOM

  • Johnny M

    Communist ideology mass murders people because they think and believe differently. And people like Stephan Bruno, JCole, Whitedimples, Edtoohey are the ones who help facilitate that mass murder.

    All of these posters I named are attacking people for thinking differently. I am highly concerned these bloggers could be violent.Better to be prepared.

  • yalequ

  • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

    I really want to find someone who bought this so I can slap them with a fish. 

  • Taffy Akemann

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  • nutt

    *Extra tin-foil

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