Dana Loesch schools Piers Morgan, Van Jones on gun control

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It’s hard to understand what goes on in the offices of the executives at CNN. For every good decision (i.e. hiring Jake Tapper), they appear to make two horrible ones — a Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper TV program…seriously CNN? And they just can’t seem to figure out that 99.9% of the country would rather watch paint dry than watch Piers Morgan talk about guns.

While it may be one of the worst hours in cable “news” programming on television, Piers Morgan’s show does produce great highlights thanks to his limited self-awareness. See, if Piers understood how humiliated and defeated he looks every time he invites someone like Ted Nugent or Dana Loesch on his show to talk about gun regulation and the Second Amendment, he’d probably never appear on TV again.

Last night was one of those shows for Piers. He invited radio host Dana Loesch on to debate gun regulation with Van Jones and Grover Norquist. Norquist hardly had to say a word once Dana got started — Van Jones’s rhetoric and Piers Morgans empty talking-point arguments were no match for the plain and simple facts Dana was throwing their way.

During the exchange, while arguing for limited magazine capacity, Piers Morgan equated 1 bullet with 1 life. stating that limiting magazine capacity from a hypothetical 30 bullets to 7 bullets would be 21 lives. He later went on to attempt to argue that he was for confiscation.

…so you can keep your guns, you just can’t have any ammo.

After listening to the clip, Stu added on to the points Dana made about the holes in the argument that restrictions would save lives by pointing out that if the goal is to regulate in order to “protect us”, Washington should be much more concerned about things like lightening, which kills 3x the amount of people/year than are killed in mass shootings.

Watch Dana’s fiery exchange with Piers and Van Jones below:

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Dana Loesch – keep up the good work on enlightening the left and the communists about the truth on firearms and the second amendment. An armed citizenry is a safe citizenry and a free citizenry – for in doing so the government has cause to fear the people and not the other way around.

    • http://www.facebook.com/edward.ebersole.50 Edward Ebersole

      You got that right.

    • Anonymous

      Is it possible that our government is using such tragedys to remove our guns because they do not want to fear The People?  Could it be that they want more control over us?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maryanne-Greenberg/100002136565995 Maryanne Greenberg

        you called it. an armed people are dangerous people, yet an armed government who wants to control the people are called tyrants.

        • Anonymous

          So true Maryanne.  We have to fight to keep our freedoms or we will be like so many other millions of people.  I am not sure our politicians are on our side anymore.  They are always making back-room deals that Americans don’t know anything about until it is to late.  We have to keep vigilant and informed.

          • Jeffery Sikes

            Forming State militias is the deterrent to a Forced Marxist-Leninist takeover of the United State.  As far as ammunition goes.  All ammunition is manufactured in the several States (not Washington DC), therefore the State militias would have access to ammunition and the respective factories, ahead of the tyrannical Marxist-Leninist now in office in the federal government.  

            States could shut down the manufacture or sale and hold all imports at their bounds, which would constrict the supply of arms to Federal Troops if they found it necessary to use State militia forces in order to preserve the constitution and this republic. 

            The several states have the ability and the right, to control the creature which they created.  They need to consider a strong show of militia forces, within the several states and meetings between the governors need to occur in order for them to bring their creature into proper control and give it limitation. 

          • Anonymous

            So state militias are going to violate private property laws? Doesn’t sound very conservative to me.

        • bigZ

          Arms are only a deterrent if the aggressor believes you will use it.
          They are eating the elephant one small bite at a time and we gripe, post, and concede one more small bit of ground calling it a win. The strategy is the same as with the affordable health care act.  Well, we can repeal it in the Senate.  Well we can have Romney stop it.  Well it will never get through the Supreme Court.  Well now we will try to use budget reconciliation.  We will have a gun ban before King Pinnochio leaves office, if he does, and we will still be talking and posting.

          • Anonymous

            What to do though?  The talking and posting and general communication against gun control must never cease.  If we all shut up then we will be ran over in short order.  It has to be a war of attrition here because the government is the provocateur that shows no signs of capitulation, NONE!  I’d move for more talking, more posting, more screaming from the mountain tops, more speeches from politicians, more town hall meetings, more and more and more….and add to it the resolve to stop the madness.
            The gun control debate is ironically exactly the same as the class warfare debate.  The Democratic Party of the USA is systematically convincing intellectually lazy people that they are geniuses.  So the government is out of money…so…the simple, intellectually lazy solution to this is: we need money, who has money?  OH YEAH RICH PEOPLE!  They have the most, let’s take it from them.  However, the intellectually astute person realizes that the GDP must grow, not the tax rate.  The GDP is what you ultimately draw from, not the individual.  So parallel that into the gun debate…
            The intellectually lazy argument is a lot of people die from guns!  Let’s just take away the guns!  The intellectually astute person then wonders, is it even possible to take away all of the guns?  There is no logic in even doing so since the only people who would actually willingly give up their firearms are obeying the law as a default.  There is no logic to assert that bad people would give up their guns and that gun crime would go down.  If the society is well-armed AND degenerate you have what we have now, gun murders abounding.
            Has anyone ever stopped and thought that as the country grows more liberal that gun murders go up conversely?  Abortion rates go up and the Left doesn’t blink an eye.  This is an example of liberalism.  Gay marriage is seen as pretty normal and pretty inevitable.  It’s a liberal thing, it’s culturally accepted, and therefore we are more liberal as time goes by.
            The very meaning behind the word “liberal” is the freedom to do what you want without those ideological opposed to you having the ability to stop you.  Why don’t people realize that people who commit mass murder were thinking, “I feel that I have the right to shoot people, I don’t care what anybody thinks so…BANG BANG BANG!”  The gun has nothing to do with the murderer’s motives.  It was his liberal mindset that did it.  
            So in closing I just think that change will only come when people stop thinking that they can do whatever the fuck they want, be degenerate pieces of shit, AND use politicians to back up their useless/convoluted laws.  It’s socialism/communism at its core…”I have no accountability to myself.  I will preach about how bad other people (gun owners) are without addressing my own bigotry and stupidity.”  They want to be smart but they think that burning books is better than reading them.

          • Anonymous

            That IS what happens when you continuously compromise with the leftists.  The Democratic Party has shifted left into socialism.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party has also shifted left into the slot vacated by the Democrats.  That is why the current  opposition to the socialistic juggernaut is so ineffective.  The RINOs champion nothing BUT compromise.

      • Anonymous

        That is exactly what they are afraid of.  Part of their agenda is to control the American people and one of the only ways is to make us unable to protect ourselves and our families.  It happened in Germany and several other countries. I don’t know if you have heard of a lady by the name of Publius Huldah.  She is a Constitutional Attorney (Ret.).  She is an expert on the Constitution.  I have seen her speak several times on TV.  A very interesting person (google her name when you have time) and very intelligent lady.  I read an article a few days ago she wrote, entitled The Leading Cause of death in the 20th century was Denocide – Death by Governments.  She gave a list of countries that have destroyed a large part of their population.  They were Soviet run Russia, Communist China, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Cambodia, and North Korea.  She pointed out that Communist, Fascist, and Islamic dictatorahips murdered their own people by the tens of millions, and do not think that isn’t coming this way, she warned.  This is the web-site where I found this interview she had made:  freedomoutpost.com/2013/03/all-federal-gun-laws-are-unconstitutional.  You should be able to see her entire article/interview.

      • Anonymous

        Ya think?!?  Wow, really???

      • Jeffery Sikes

        The reason behind the government or lets be clear, the current administration going after the citizens right to keep and bear arms seems to be directly related to the current administrations alignment with global socialism (global marxism-leninism). 

        90+ % of the people who align with the Democratic party are either hard line Marxist-Leninist (Zealots) or those easily swayed by the Marxist-Leninist use of dialectics (simpletons, and those who don’t think for themselves; often referred to as useful idiots).  The last bastion of freedom for the individual is the United States. If the Marxist-Leninist can bring the United States under their control, then they can institute their global Marxist-Leninist State.  That is what this and all the other issues being brought about by this administration are over.  Fundamental Transformation (perestroika in Russian) of the United States from a republic or free individuals to a Marxist-Leninist democracy, where people are  part of the state controlled collective.  This perestroika can not be achieve by law alone, it requires the disarming of America at least to a level where they are not considered a threat to US military intervention (i.e. percussion weapons VS military grade automatic weapons).  

        Since law did not save anyone related to the massacres we have observed of late, then how would more law solve the same issue?  
        Murders occur every day within our large cities, however there is no uproar over these massacres.  Why is that not mentioned?  
        In retrospect, there are little to no murders occurring in our rural areas.  Why is that? 
        According to the FBI statistics, there were 323 murders, in the United States, in 2011, committed with rifles and 1694 murders committed by knives (or cutting instruments), however there is no outcry by this current administration nor the Marxist-Leninist activists, over Knives, Even though statistics show conclusively that Knives as murder weapons exceed rifles by a factor of nearly 6 to1.  Why is that? 

        The only logical explanation is that Marxist-Leninist are not interested in solving the issue of murder, and related murder weapons. Since Marxist-Leninist have singled out semi-automatic rifles as their focal point, there must be a Marxist-Leninist based need to eliminate these weapons from the hands of Americans even though they don’t produce near the threat to life and limb as knives do.  What is their purpose? 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Gray/100000742818286 Tom Gray


    • http://twitter.com/ectjr Ernie Tykarski

      you are so so right!!!! It’s all about power.

    • mtman2

      Only if they have reasons to fear. What reason would possibly be so bad you’d fear “the people”??? Must be pretty scary stuff eh? Take away our freedom you say, eliminate the Declaration/Constitution/Bill of Rights erase the memory of the Brilliant, Brave, Godly Founders, forget the sacrifice of the untold thousands for Americas right to endure the centuries as a Light to the world. Even saving it along the way! It would take  sinister, misguided + dark souls to hate + fear WE the People…like ‘Tares in the wheat’. I guess WE have written warning to guide us if WE heed it in time!

    • Anonymous

      …Though i cheer Ms. Loesch’s grasp of reality, if have lost any hope that the left and it’s communists (including self-professed communist Van Jones) CAN be “enlightened”.

      Jones and Morgan are committed ideologists. They could give a fat’s rat’s posterior about “Truth”, and are IMMUNE to enlightenment.

    • Anonymous

      All Dana Loesch does in this clip is bitch and caterwaul. How the fuck can any rational person see that as her “schooling” Piers Morgan and Van Jones.

      • Anonymous

        No, what she did was return to the statistical evidence that what they were saying was plain not rational. She did raise her voice when it became obvious that Piers was not going to allow her to answer the questions that he posed to her. Her point is true. What exactly, is an assault weapon? The left is trying to claim that any weapon that RESEMBLES a weapon used in the military is an assault weapon. I was raised hunting and the typical AR-15 caliber of .223 is not enough to guarantee a takedown of an animal as large as a deer. However, because most AR-15’s appear to have military style lines, they qualify under Diane Feinstein’s ridiculous ban. None of the weapons on the streets today are used by our military and were neither manufactured by US companies nor legally imported into the US.
        High capacity magazine removal will not save a single life either. These laws will have absolutely no effect on anyone but the law abiding. Are you actually naive enough to believe that criminals will be swayed by these laws? It will not happen. Period. Just like the laws against drugs has it made a single dent in the production and transport of drugs into the US. All these laws have done is ensure that criminals are completely fearless wherever they are enacted because they know that they will be unopposed and their victims will be helpless. The belief that criminals will be less violent if they know their victims can’t fire back, is at best, naïveté and at worst (and most true), it is violence against the innocent.
        Dana Loesch rightfully pointed out these facts. Piers wouldn’t give her a single chance to answer any other way than she did.the man is a lying fraud who should not be allowed to influence anyone. He left England because he humiliated himself by fabricating a story and pictures of coalition forces supposedly abusing prisoners. His actions resulted in the deaths of US, Canadian and British forces through retaliatory attacks and the story was used by Al Quaeda as a recruiting tool. He has been directly responsible for the murders of soldiers and increased terrorism. Yet, you are drinking the same Kool Aid swallowed by CNN in their decision to hire him.
        I for one am sick of committed liberal liars defining the language of this debate. I’m tired of seeing that lying statistic of 90% of the population of the US supporting in support of Obama’s and Biden’s so called “common sense” anti gun legislation. If that’s really the case, why are democrats running away from it like little girls with their hair on fire? If its so popular, why can’t they pass it and why so many polls showing just the opposite? The answer is, once again, they are lying and the American public knows it and is willing to fire any fool who votes for such legislation.
        Dana Loesch would not allow Piers to bully her. It’s not surprising in the least that a liberal such as yourself knows nothing about the facts. Perhaps if you actually knew something about what was said in that interview you’d know why Piers acted as he did. No facts, no support, no critical thought and sort damning of all, no care as to the facts so long as the liberal agenda is pushed forward. THAT is what you’re supporting. I wish that I could be liberal…it’s so much easier than actually thinking.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Piers Morgan – communist, radical, anti-gun and anti-second amendment person who should return to England at once.

    I wonder if Piers Morgan is hooked on the same kind of BoTox that has destroyed Nancy Pelosi? Or is it those funny ‘magical’ cigarettes like the ones Obama smokes?

    • Stacy T. Bonner

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      • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      I’m so with you ‘snowleopard’…
      I’ll actually contribute to his deportation! Is he here legally????

    • ginger

      And to have a self admitted Communist on with him to push gun control??? great move stupid.

    • Joy Weatherford

      haha! your’e right about piers and he should take commrade jones ,with him

  • David K

    Piers Morgan needs to get his facts straight: Lanza did NOT – I repeat did NOT, ABSOLUTELY, use an AR-15. That is a BLATANT lie on the part of the liberal media to make a false case in order to disarm the American public just like in every other socialist societies. Lanza used HANDGUNS. This is bullsh**. 

    • Mark Gilbert

      What makes you think that?

      • Anonymous

        the medical report said it was a hand gun not a rifle used for a weapon !!!!

      • Heather White

         The full and final report from the Newtown police recently stated that the AR-15 was not used in the incident.  This clearly was an attempt to push gun laws through using this incident that was not based on facts.


        • Anonymous

          Unfortunately, the 12/12 report (your link) was wrong.  Originally they thought the AR-15 was in the trunk but it was the shotgun in the trunk.  The medical examiner confirmed all deaths by long rifle.  Just poor initial reporting –  here’s 12/15 update – http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/15/15932666-conn-school-massacre-victims-all-shot-multiple-times-chief-medical-officer-says?lite
           If someone has better info please chime in.  He could have done same damage with the shotgun.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fredrick-Massey/100001386016196 Fredrick Massey

         the news is out.  look at the news video.  the cops are filmed taking the ar out of the trunk.  The killer never fired it, never took it into the school.

        If you want some more homework, go and list all the rage and mass killings in the last 5 years or so.  Count how many were on psychotropic meds.  The real deal you should study is how many were on anti-depressants.


    • Anonymous

      “The primary weapon used in the attack was a ‘Bushmaster AR-15 assault-type weapon,’ said Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance. The rifle is a Bushmaster version of a widely made AR-15, the civilian version of the M-16 rifle used by the U.S. military. The original M-16 patent ran out years ago, and now the AR-15 is manufactured by several gunmakers. Unlike the military version, the AR-15 is a semiautomatic, firing one bullet per squeeze of the trigger. But like the M-16, ammunition is loaded through a magazine. In the school shooting, police say Lanza’s rifle used numerous 30-round magazines.”

      “Adam Lanza brought three weapons inside Sandy Hook Elementary school on December 14 and left a fourth in his car, police said. Those weapons were a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle and two handguns — a Glock 10 mm and a Sig Sauer 9 mm.In the car he left a shotgun, about which police have offered no details. Lanza used one of the handguns to take his own life”


      I heard the same confused reporting when the shooting was first being reported.  But the inflammatory wording is the issue, not whether he used an AR-15 semi-automatic or a Glock 10mm (for which he was carrying multiple 15-round magazines).  This was a murderous, sick individual who had just shot his mother and then mowed down 20 defenseless children and 6 adults who would have died from being fired upon by any of the weapons he was carrying, or even 2 or more dead per round, had he brought along the shotgun.  This was a murderer, a criminal, intent on killing people.  These were the same weapons that peaceful citizens use to protect themselves from monsters like him, but no one there was armed and the police didn’t show for over 20 minutes.

      There are a number of issues, including identifying people who are a danger to others, such as Adam Lanza, protecting children in schools where they provide an easy target, and other security which might have prevented him easy entry and defenseless targets.
      But calling a rifle with an appearance similar to an automatic weapon an “assault-style weapon” is like calling my fist an “assault-style fist” because I dress up like Bruce Lee.

      • David Thornton

        Sorry but the facts were released… use google the AR15 was never used…

        • KChis52

           Thanks.  Not meant as a negative question…I wanted to know where I could find the info…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000601753636 William Liddell

         I will wait for the release of the autopsy and crime scene reports to draw a conclusion.  However, I do recall that the first responders on scene reported that the AR-15 was in the trunk of his car.   Hard to mistake that firearm for anything else….
        Has anyone interviewed the police who searched the car?

    • KChis52

       Do we know this for a fact?  Also when will the general public be allowed to review all the evidence?  I’ll bet we will see the evidence “sealed” in some manner to keep out of the hands of the public…

  • http://twitter.com/Txpaulie Paul Croteau

    I wish someone would bring up the fact that more than 20 people are shot to death in America on any given day. Why is Sandy Hook so tragic? Because they were all cute children located in one place. Cut the crap and just admit that you want to ban guns that look scary. If you say, like the president does, that saving even one life matters, maybe the administration could focus on mental health problems and cultural disasters we have today in America. Look at black-on-black crimes, look at inner city violence, look at border/drug violence. This “military style weapons” tactic is disingenuous at best. If you only care about the cute elementary school kids in an affluent white neighborhood (Newtown is 95% white), you have a problem. Focus on the big picture instead of trying to politicize a tragedy.

    • beeks …

       This is how totalitarian gov.s operate.

    • Anonymous

      you said it, Paul. When will they stop and at what gun will they leave the people with. I saw on the news that a 4or 5 month old got shot in the face because his mom didn’t have any money to give to the robbers. Who might I add was teenagers. We need to work on why people are shooting. They are going to get guns no matter what laws the government tries to pass. I think we need to keep the people armed to save ourselves.

    • Anonymous

      15 kids, unborn, have been killed every MONTH for 40 YEARS and Obama/Morgan think that is just fine?? Hippocrits

      • patriot 86

        Damn right lets all stop living because 20 kids were killed .tragic .hell yes .but on the same day barry o stood there behind his teleprompter and wiped away crocodile tears’ 1400 little ones just as precious as any of those killed in newtown lost the chance to even draw a breath.now what is more tragic you hipocrite anti gun wackos

    • mtman2

      As much as we love our pets + their special personalities bond w/us; dogs kill around 60+ people in the USA a year.All kinds of dogs, not any one type. This is out of millions of great, wonderful best friends + protectors, LIKE VICTOR! Rifles are used in less than 3% of murders[under100], ‘military style’ rifles are only a small part of the 3%{2011FBI-stats}. THIS IS NOT ABOUT SAFETY: BUT LO-INFO PEOPLE ARE FOOLED INTO AGREEMENT! they only have to fool some of the people, some of the time. Then employ voter fraud for the rest of needed votes to first take + now keep control, positioning their programs as they position us!!! Like parasites feeding on the host; us!

    • sixholdens

      And how many were beaten to death with baseball bat? How about stabbed to death with kitchen knives? Maybe you would like to try some other statistic. They ALL exceed the daily toll of lives lost to guns. And you should exclude all suicides because without a gun, they will find another method if they really want to go. Just because it is easy for them is no excuse to use that statistic.

      I agree that the administration needs to focus on something that really saves lives. They could provide food and homes for the homeless, Provide real money for those who lose their houses to fire or other disasters that aren’t a direct result of living in the path of a hurricane. A few of the millions spent on trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights could be the difference in finding a cure for cancer. But they want to disarm “The People” so that only the government has guns. Just ask Bloomberg who he wants to have guns on “his” streets, (HIS government troops).

      No “looking” needs to be done, they’ve looked and looked and looked. Spent billions of tax dollars “looking”. It is time they did something. If it means building bigger prisons, build them with the money being wasted on the anti-gun effort. If it means re-opening the hundreds of closed mental hospitals and filling them with our mentally off citizens, fill ’em up. Whatever they do, they need to do it and quite wasting time and dollars.

    • Anonymous

      So friggin’ sick of hearing about the government made Sandy Hoax lie

      • Anonymous

        Well Paul Croteau didn’t point out anything about any Sandy Hoax.  Nor any Republican in office, or anybody credible, alas if anybody did point out any such fabrication would not be reflecting the truth in any way shape or form. I’m glad you sleep well with your musing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.gamblin Billy M. Gamblin Jr.


    • Anonymous

      I second that !!!!  

  • http://twitter.com/kdb1954 Ken Barrett

    Normally I would watch this.. but Piers Morgan makes me grind my teeth.  So I’ll pass.

    • Anonymous

       It’s worth a watch because Dana Loesch and Grover Norquist owned him.

  • http://twitter.com/RubyRedVette AmyB

    Come on, seriously? Morgan is a tiny fish in a big ocean. A tiny fish with no ratings, that is. So why be jovial that Loesch, who likes to argue just to hear herself argue, called out a liberal for being a liberal? People like Malkin and Loesch are part of a greater problem with the GOP; they simply want to point the finger the other direction, and don’t offer any solutions to getting out of this progressive mess. They are amongst the loudest voices in the echo chamber. When these two actually DO something that moves the needle in this country, let me know.

    • Anonymous

      You have to get people’s attention if you want to start educating them. For too long the right has had representatives who have went along to get along, and therefore we got stomped in the messaging game. It’s about time conservatives realized we’re fighting a politcal guerilla war instead of a conventional one because that’s the only way we’re going to make headway. Thank God for Loesch, Malkin, Coulter, and the rest of them getting the work done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.andrews.505 James Andrews

    Piers Morgan is a leftist idiot-I wouldn’t waste my time!

  • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

    What MSNBC stands for.






  • Tim Martin

    Van Jones, committed Communist with his useful idiot lap dog, Piers Morgan…of course they want guns gone.  No guns no resistance to they’re totalitarian wet dream

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want zero deaths. I want one death: The perp.

    No weapon is an “assault weapon” until it is used IN AN ASSAULT.
    If used for defense it is a “DEFENSIVE WEAPON”. Just ask the DHS.

    “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” — Wayne LaPierre

    • Anonymous

       I agree with your sentiment but that first sentence is a stupid statement. If the perp were the only death, there would be no perp to kill. Duh.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t mean to put words in Wrightclick’s mouth, but I think he means that he woud like the victims survive and the perp to be killed.  The perp doesn’t have to inflict fatal wounds to be a perp.

  • longliveUSA

    Piers Morgan: Poster child for stupid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686788019 Mark Benninger

    I don’t consider certain guns to be “military style assault weapons”.  They have no constitutional ground to stand on.  They NEED a scary symbol to link to their chosen scapegoat in this debate… gun owners and the NRA.  So the popular AR-15, a civilian long arm is that symbol.  Very convenient of them to tie the dead school children to that symbol in their perversion  Meanwhile, far more children are murdered by handguns in drug and crime infested urban areas by people who look more like Van Jones or Barack Obama than they do me.  But they dare not face that element because it exposes their failure.  Oh no.  They’d rather bully the mostly white, suburban/rural, law abiding citizenry with their rhetoric.  The easy target.  Well, they think it’s an easy target anyway. 

  • http://twitter.com/BigDave_1 Dave Watson

    As NBC admits in the video above, four handguns were used to carry out that despicable atrocity……No big scary looking gun!

  • Anonymous

    I want to point out that the worst mass school shooting in the country’s history was perpetrated using fulling automatic weapons and explosives by the government on the children in the Koresh compound in Waco, not Ct.  I watched the investigation proceedings on C-Span these many years ago, which was led by Weasel Waxman.  He threw out legitimate testimony regarding the firing of the first shot and a number of things.  The govt has never answered the question why Koresh was not arrested on his morning walk when he spoke to the sheriff before the attack took place?  Waxman would not even answer that and it was confirmed that the opportunity was there. For people who think the govt isn’t capable of killing its own citizens I refer you to this event and Ruby Ridge. And that was under a liberal admin and DoJ, albeit a lot less socialistic than the group ruining the country now. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686788019 Mark Benninger

    But the tiny fish’s message gets rebroadcast by the liberal choir at the non cable networks.  It then travels far and wide like the proverbial ripple on the ocean.  Who do you think Diane Sawyer shows to millions of baby boomers and elderly voters on the evening news?  How about the Today Show?  How about Jim Lehrer on PBS?  Or  Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation?  And who to you think they implicitly vilify as turning a blind eye to Columbine, VA Tech or Newtown?  

    • Anonymous

      I agree Mark.  Here in Virginia they are still trying to blame the Governor and the Commonwealth Attorney, of all people for the actions of one insane Korean American kid.  Some of his professors reported his odd behavior (such as taking his cell phone and getting pictures of young ladies private areas in class), and the liberal faculty in charge let it slide.  His parents reported that he had problems since he was 4.  Yet it is our Republican Governor’s fault, and the Commonwealth’s fault.  Never mind this happened when Liberal Tim Kaine was in charge. 
      Cho Seng Wi is the one who chose to do what he did.  He is responsible, not me or any of my family who own guns.  I knew people who were at Tech at the time, and none of them blame anyone but that sick kid.  Liberals will take any tragedy and use it against us, even though they may have been the ones who dropped the ball in the first place.

  • DB

    The AR-15 never was used in the school. Law enforcement has already confirmed that Landza only used hand guns.

  • FreudianSlip

    Pier Morgan and Van Jones are self aggrandizement asses without any basis in facts.

  • Terry Lee

    Piers Morgan is a blidiot (blithering+idiot).  Incapable of a sustained argument based on facts and reality.  

  • David Thornton

    Hey Piers Morgan… Adam Lamza never used the AR15 dumb ass….

  • reason1984

    Van Jones…look at me, look at me! Piers Morgan…look at me, look at me.

    Why do otherwise intelligent people continue to make themselves targets of ambush journalism, and lend otherwise failing programs credibility and viewership? Stop watching ideology driven programming…witness Soledad (buh bye)O’Brien.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.morgan.902819 Michael Morgan

    Blimey! Zero gun deaths of American Children in America! Wonderful objective I agree that would be good ……………..Ask him about Abortion deaths in America………………1.2 million deaths by Abortion Doctors……………..but THAT’S OK??………………Did I miss something here?

    Funny isn’t it how these fellows can change hats so fast.  No mention of those MURDERS!

    Piers—Van……………………..murder of unborn no problem…………2288?/%#$%&@’ing  Idiot

    • Anonymous

       Good point!!!!! Also, what kind of an idiot is against the death penalty for murderers and rapists and child molesters but OK with killing innocent children in the womb? A liberal idiot, that’s who.

  • Anonymous

    If spoons aren’t dangerous … then why did they ban them from airplanes.   And why can’t prisoners have them in prison.  

  • Anonymous

    Morgan is a loser, why he remains on MSNBC is a mistery.  His facts are rarely accurate and appears to do little research before he opens his mouth.  Okay he is good for a laugh.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4DW23G4VU2HJAPBFZ7OHNC2FVY John

      Well first and foremost msnbc is a communist propaganda spreading evil. Piers is a brainwashed d*rk and can’t reason with a five year old. We are talking about the liberal media where I personally have not heard the truth in more than 15 years. 

    • http://twitter.com/wandsie65 Nancy W Gillespie

       He’s on CNN. Get your own facts straight!!

    • Anonymous

      Ah, he’s a comedian.

  • jangofett52

    Man are these lefties idiots.  Telling the facts are not right.  Go to a military rifle range. Bring along an AR-15 that the civilians can get.  Compare the two weapons.  You will notice one has a full auto and burst selection on the weapon.   While our civilian version only has the semi-auto.  Which is no different than a bolt action or lever action rifle.  The only difference between those guns is one uses the gas from the previous bullet to reload the next round into the chamber.  Instead of using the bolt or lever to do the same thing.   Now what I just mentioned wrong?  If so where?   Now to the size of magazines.   Under Peirce wonderful logic, there should have been 450 people dead.  That is how many rounds he shot.   Yet that was not the case.  Why is that? Because you have moving targets and not to mention recoil of the weapon.  Which can cause your bullets to miss.  Thus requiring more bullets to be used.

    If I am wrong, then the multiple years of using rifles at a gun range has taught me nothing. 

  • beeks …

    It stands to reason if a potential killer knows that there are gun carrying
    persons in a bldg. where he may want to cut loose, he will not go into
    such a place. He is more self protective and afraid than most may want
    to acknowledge. But in any case he knows he will be in danger and give that
    place a pass. As the Japanese in world war two stated. ” we could not
    invade the mainland of America easily as there are guns behind every
    blade of grass.”  This is what we want to dissuade any enemy whether
    domestic or not. 

  • Anonymous

    That is supposed to read ‘ChuckIn Napa’, BTW!

  • KChis52

    David K.  Well written.  It seems we will never get the “opposition” to understand the realities of evil versus the inanimate nature of firearms.  It exactly the same line of rhetoric that we see when there is heated discussion between “believers” and “non-believers”.  You (collective “you”) Don’t believe in GOD? ok so don’t believe, but quit calling believers derogatory names and saying we’re crazy and irrational fantasize-rs.  The reality is that ANY inanimate object can murder people, but ONLY at the hands of a person intent on killing.  Limit the magazine zize to 10 rounds and the criminal will just carry more magazines.  I refuse to be a victim and I also refuse to let those we elect to work FOR US  disarm innocent law-abiding citizens.

    • Anonymous

      To quote Larry the Cable Guy:  “Guns don’t kill people.  Husbands who come home early do”. 

      • Anonymous

        Hahahahahahaha! Good on ya, mate. (Practicing Aussie-speak for upcoming trip to Oz.)

  • Anonymous

    If I had been armed and at the door that the killer entered, it is highly unlikely he would have killed anyone though he would have, most assuredly, died.  If I had been in the hallway and armed with anything, the killing would have been stopped then … or I’d be dead.   The problem is, if you aren’t armed, you can’t stop these crazies.  Teachers, protect your classroom like you should be protecting yourself and your children at home, with a gun.
    –ex-SF trooper

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your service.  And your values.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about the rest of you here but, here in California the gangs and drug dealers are the only ones with fire power….you stupid azz morgan, and jones, what are you going to do about the gangs and drug dealers that YOU guys keep letting cross our borders everyday??

    You’re all a bunch of azz’s you want the citizens guns but, do NOTHING about the gang members and drug dealers guns!

    Everyone of you posting here knows what was going to happen if this man got another term but, yet not one of  you have stood up about the voter fraud you all just yelled, wolf.  Give me a break…not one protest, not one attorney, not one congressman, senator, or citizen! 

    And you’re still not doing anything!

    • Anonymous

      You know what Eric Holder did about the drug dealers, he gave them a couple thousand guns (that we know of).

  • http://twitter.com/DonBahn1 Don Bahn

    No doubt about it THEY want total gun confiscation.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with Dana..  Morgan and Johson are liberal idiots that have absolutely no knowledge about the many law abiding gun owners in the USA… They have guns for hunting and for their personal protection, especially in their homes.  We have idiots running around breaking into home and busineses and if the owners have no way of protecting themselves, they end up death.  I am a 75 year old woman and yes I have a small revolver in my home, in a place that I can access easily, but no one else knows where it is.  I would not hesitate to protect myself from an intruder and especially one that already has a gun, no doubt illegally!!!!!  Gun ownership with a proper background check is lawful and guaranteed to us by our constitution. Americans have the right to own and bear arm…….”

  • Anonymous

    Morgan and Jones Lost!

  • Anonymous

    Go home to Great Brittain Mr. Morgan, there you can enjoy your gun free utopia.  Here in America, we are free to own guns.  Our Constitution guarantees our freedom, it does not guarantee safety.  If you want safety, carry a gun.  At least a gun gives you a chance of not becoming a victim.

  • ginger

    Piers may want to look at Switzerland in his “science”.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4DW23G4VU2HJAPBFZ7OHNC2FVY John

      C’mon look at Switzerland? You want to use facts on a lefty? facts are against the rules when talking to a lefty. You do know that the moon is made aged Swiss cheese. Any died in the wool lefty can acknowledge that for you. It is proven by the fact that a lefty made that proclamation. That just proves it. They will tell you socialism works. just because it has never worked even once in history means nothing, this time it will work because lefties observations are so spot on. We can’t have nuclear power, can’t use gas or oil, coal is out, wind power kills birds, hydroelectric power kills fish, methane, I forgot the reason for that but some brilliant lefty with an IQ of 40 had a reason he read in a comic book. So that leaves us with what, caves. Only natural ones of course, the rest will  just have to wait for people to die and take their cave. And what do we do with out houses, so ugly, I know we can paint flowers on them, that will make it all better.

      • ginger

        absolutely correct…except the would take all the caves from others by force…and oh yes “I NEED it”..looters and moochers all.

  • Anonymous

    So sick of this debate and these goons trying to make a case for confiscating my guns. We’re keeping them, end of story!

  • Jrivera

    I love watching when Piers gets put in his place. I wish this British idiot would go back to his country and stay there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maryanne-Greenberg/100002136565995 Maryanne Greenberg

    Dana Loesch keep up the good work, however, it must have been so frustrating for you to have to argue with the likes of Morgan and Van Jones, the idiots and propaganda spreaders.  They have been duly educated and yet they can’t stop trying to talk over you because you are NOT allowed to make a point and make sense.  This is our 2nd amendment rights given to us by  our f orefathers who probably encountered idiots like you had to fight with.  You go girl.

  • Anonymous

    Dana Loesch and Grover Norquist were outstanding, they made Piers Morgan and Van Jones look like babbling idiots who didn’t know what they were talking about. Dana was outstanding in her ability to basically shut those 2 down. What we need to do is to get people to talk about  the criminals and loons in America who are causing these horrible tragedies, not law abiding American citizens who really keep their families and neighborhoods safe by keeping criminals at bay and out of their towns and homes. The Second Amendment must remain strong in America.

  • SettingAside

    Obama shamelessly exploits dead children and their grieving parents in an effort to take away our 2nd amendment. Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama. He hides himself and his children behind dozens of armed guards but wants to deny our chance to defend ourselves and our families.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re so observant of hypocrisy, how come you can’t see any of Beck’s MANY hypocrisies?

      Or do you just routinely practice double standards?

      • tobias

        Hey there “guest”
         It would be nice if you would back up your own observations with a real name other than “guest” now wouldn’t it?.

        • Anonymous

          It’s GadamerToo. His writing style is unique and completely devoid of thought. It’s a bit of name calling combined with mindless quoting of his hero Obama.

  • The Road We’ve Traveled

    This untalented British idiot Morgan was found by the Press Complaints Commission to have breached the Code of Conduct on financial journalism.  He wrote “Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me
    incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent
    first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an
    American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time –
    seriously consider deporting myself.”

    I say “Please do.”

    • Anonymous

      Ha! His daughter will go to a private school, with armed guards!

  • Anonymous

    It was either Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin who said that “those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who did not”.  The government has lots of guns and billions of rounds of NON battlefield ammo to use on the public.  Never surrender your weapons or ammo or you will be a SLAVE.

  • Anonymous

     Trying to educate a liberal is like beating your head against a wall. The wall isn’t gonna move and your head just gets sore. Obviously the libs think that guns are bad because they kill people. Would he be happier if murdered people were stabbed to death inatead? He always brings up The UK’s “gun death” number. But he fails to see the overall muder RATES per capita. Go to Wikipedia and look up “List of countries by intentional homicide rate”.  Most countries have a much higher murder rate than the USA, including, of all places, Greenland! the USA’s murder rate is 4.8 per 100,000. Greenland’s is 19.2!!! Canada’s gun laws are roughly the same as the USA’s, but Canada’s rate is only 1.6, while the UK’s is only slightly less at 1.2. Now, here’s the fun part… In Switzerland, where 2/3rds of the young men, starting at age 19 to 34 conscripted to serve in the military have AUTOMATIC WEAPONS in their homes, The structure of the Swiss militia system stipulates that the soldiers
    keep their Army issued equipment, including all personal weapons, at
    home. There, the murder rate is only 0.7! But the libs fail to realize that. They cherry-pick statistics to suit their argumement and are not capable of looking at the big picture. They are all idiots, plain and simple. Guns are not the problem. It’s CULTURAL ROT that causes murder, not weaponry.

    • Anonymous

      You’re so right on! Well informed, too. Thanks for your post.

      • Anonymous

         It’s really not that hard to figure out. Took me just a few minutes to find out that information, and it’s solid scientific fact, not conjecture, opinion or hyperbole. The liberals like Morgan know this too, but if they acknowledge it, their argument is destroyed. So they have to ignore the big picture and concentrate on only some facts taken out of context to make their point. That’s what liberalism is all about. They watch Star Trek and think that’s the way the world should work, but they keep forgetting that in a fantasy world you can ignore facts and real world statistics.

        In other words, leftists are just idiots. Plain and simple. 100% fact.

  • Slayer88

    Let’s just keep focusing on imaginary “civil rights”, whatever they are, for homos and illegal border jumpers while trying to limit and destroy those rights granted by God and protected in the Constitution. Everything these people do goes against the grain and fabric of this country. God please strike these cretins dead and save our country…

  • Anonymous

    the difference between 30 and 7 is 23, 23 lives. what a freakin moron piers morganne is, go BACK to england if you are so afraid of “guns” mr. morganne. idiot

  • Anonymous

    Look at Loesch and Beck dipping their hands into pools of children’s blood again.

    Way to go Beck; keep the weapons of mass murder available to the mad men who would just as happily wipe out your family as mine.

    This madness has got to end. Guns should be “well regulated,” just as the Framers intended.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Buchanan/1564053841 Jason Buchanan

      The framers said a well regulated miltia, the right to own guns on the other hand is a right that is free to all legal citizenry.

  • http://twitter.com/larrysheppard3 larry sheppard

    If you had a muzzle loader in 1776 you had a military assault weapon or the day.

  • http://twitter.com/VdoranVictoria victoria


  • Americaneagle

    Guaranteed if they get magazines limited to 7 rounds the next time there is a mass murder they’ll be spouting that 7 seven rounds is too many. The truth of the matter they won’t be happy until all guns are banned.

    • Guest

      Fear monger? Much!

  • http://twitter.com/Flgirl722 Peggy

    Nice job Dana! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.rosado Rick Rosado

    i love Dana Loesch

  • http://twitter.com/jsbrodhead Jeff Brodhead

    Van Marxist and Jump-off-a-Pier are… LOL!!!  Never mind.  They’re not worth the “ink” necessary to type this comment.

  • http://twitter.com/jsbrodhead Jeff Brodhead

    The Hippy Dippy Weatherman should weigh in too!  Where is that Bill the Bomber anyway?

  • Anonymous

    While we are on the topic of assault weapons:
    Why does the dept. of homeland security need 1.6 billion rounds of ammo (some hollow points) and 2,700 heavily armored military vehicles?  Is it to protect themselves (the government) from all of us legally armed folks? Or maybe for the sweeps they will be doing to remove our guns from us. Very scary, see below write up from forbes.  If your not scared of America becoming a police state…you must be in a coma.


  • Anonymous

    There is some question as to the facts surrounding recent mass murders being promoted by the drive-by media.  It is too horrible to consider that politicians with power and control as their driving agenda could arrange such crimes and manipulate the evidence post-fact. 

    That aside…those who cry about innocent little white children being killed by a murder carrying a weapon that looks like (but is does not function like) a military weapon, are largely the same people who cry the loudest that the most innocent and defenseless children in our nation can be murdered with impunity to the tune of 1 million per year !   Pierce Morgan either wants to save children or take 2nd Amendment rights from American Citizens (which he is not).  If he wanted to save innocent children from murder he would not promote the right of citizens to kill their unborn young for convenience.  NO…his heart is not with the children…he heart is with the elite who want to control all citizens and (little by little) take away their right to protect themselves from crime and the eventual tyranny of their own government leaders who will eventually control ever aspect of their lives…by intimidation and force if necessary.  NO… Pierce just wants to USE CHILDREN as a ploy to accomplish his real objective.


  • Anonymous

    Seems to me there were other great government leaders that had a great push to remove guns from the citizens who owned them legally at the time. Who was it….hmmmmm….oh yeah!
    Pol Pot
    Idi Amin

    The left in this country are in some really good company. You think 20-30 people getting killed by some crazy is comparable to 100,000,000 innocent civilians getting killed by crazy dictators after getting their guns banned….within one century?  Not to mention the 1,000,000 innocent babies killed in the womb every single year in America. I don’t see the bleeding heart lefties shedding any tears over them! They just want to funnel more of our tax dollars to the death camps (planned parenthood) to kill even more. Sickening hypocrites!

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t someone clear up the mistake that an AR 15 was used in the Sandy Hook massace?  Read the Coroners report.  He used semi auto pistols not an AR.  Really peole get the facts straight. 

  • Anonymous

    Go back to limey-land Peeeeirs.   I escaped from there years ago, to get away from socialists like you. If you don’t like the USA the way it was founded. P-ss off.

    • Anonymous

      Oy! Welcome to America, mate.

    • Anonymous

      enos33 – Welcome to America!

  • Anonymous

    We need to deport this English clown back to England like we did to Cornwallis, et al, back in 1776. We should also retroactively deport this communist, Van Jones, back to a socialist country of his choice. I’ll even chip in for a first class ticket.

  • Anonymous

    Dana Loesch is a hero…I saw her speak at a Freedom Works event as well as Tania Becks Womens conference at Restoring Love…she is an amazing Patriot, as well a Christian and a great Mother.

  • Anonymous

    Pierce Morgan is so ignorant, no wonder England doesn’t want him back and Canada has all but barred him from entering their domain.  Good for Dana–at least she can speak about firearms more intelligently than Gen McCrystal, who may have been a military careerist, but knows nothing about how firearms are classified.   As for Jones, he needs to be more concerned about the crimes among Negroes, who commit 90% of the crimes in the US.  And for ovomit, what does he know?  Not a damnable thing, that’s for sure.  Yes, he does want to disarm the American citizen, but he is also very busy arming his “homeland security force” (made up of mostly Negroes) with, you guessed it, ASSAULT WEAPONS (remember his 2008 promise that he would build his “homeland security force” to be more powerful than our military.  I suppose those nits in DC think we have forgotten about that “promise” but we haven’t).

  • CharlyO

    This guy is from England, right! He can’t be legal here either. He has to be an embarrassment to that country but look at their laws, their crime stats are much worse than ours when you consider they have no guns. Australia has a high increasing rate of crime since they passed idiotic control laws. As far as Van Jones, he is a criminal and should be in prison or in the ground!

  • Ron Dresher

    If Piers wants zero deaths, how many abortion murders does he want to have happen then?

  • http://twitter.com/ectjr Ernie Tykarski

    Morgan and Jones are the 2 biggest idiots on th planet except for “THAT GUY” as Glen says.

  • Anonymous

    Morgan and Jones are complete morons. Less than 4% of murders in the U.S. are committed by people with rifles. But they don’t really care. Their only agenda is to disarm the us of our most effective and lethal weapons. I don’t own a single gun because I think it’s safe… I own multiple weapons because I know that when the time comes that a screwed up corrupt government tries to take away my rights, the last thing my weapons will be is safe… for them.

  • Anonymous

    Right to carry laws make for a polite society and self defense is Pro life…..never bring a knife to a gun fight..assault weapons is another misnomer dreamed up by the left..a nutcase in china maimed, injured and killed 21 school children with a knife, one bullet would have ended his need to harm…
    Notice how the lefties like to talk over the facts and drown out the logic..

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know the numbers, but a machete was used in Burma.

  • Bonnie B Matheson

    This whole gun control argument is silly.  What about mental health, why not worry about that? Or medication side effects, what about that?
    Guns are inanimate objects.  They bear no responsibility for deaths.  Americans believe in the right to bear arms. I am scared of people who want to take away our personal protection. Why do they want us unarmed?

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t “school” anyone. Love how conservatives have no other argument than calling liberals “commies” No facts, just name calling.

  • Anthony A

    liberals base their judgements on the world by their emotions only, they are a shallow group!

  • Anonymous

    Libs treat magazines like large sodas.  WE MUST ACT they think so 2 16 oz sodas ok, but not a 20 oz.  and then with that stupid logic, 30 round mags must be replaced be 3 10 round mags.  This is really dumb ass logic.

  • Jaamoose

    Only in a mind as empty as Beck’s would this exchange be called a win for Loesch. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.reagan.56 George Reagan

    Like you say “It’s amazing PM and VJ are still around”..

  • Anonymous

    Sorry. I can’t watch videos on my computer for various reasons. Glenn used to always post transcripts of what the video was all about, but that seems to have stopped. I guess I’ll just have to get my print news elsewhere from now on.

  • bigZ

    The liberals have managed to take control over the elections, the courts, and buy 51% of the gimme crowd votes.  Unless we are willing to stop them, they WILL confiscate our guns.  And other than post your dissatisfaction on boards and attending rallys, I don’t see too many people really willing to do what it takes to stop them. There are way too many of the remaining 49% who still think the 51% are just good people who have a different view than them.  It will take a knock at the door before it dawns on them what is happening and maybe not even then.  Its the  “sensible thing to do”.  After 5 1/2 years of insanity we are letting the liberals claim to be sensible.  We will sing hymns hold rallys right up to the advent of tyranny.  If todays population had lived in 1776, we would still be British after our Petition for Indepence was denied.

  • Anonymous

    Since the president, notice I don’t capitalize the word president, used the phrase “shame on you” I will use it now.  Shame on Piers.    Everything about this administration and anyone who spits out their garbage deserves the “shame on you” ugly phrase.

  • Eileen Barnett

     My family in England say they don’t want him back. You’ve got him you keep the little snot rag. He knows absolutely nothing about guns If you read the British press you will see that there are quite a few deaths buy GUNS in Briton. The last mass shooting was in Scotland. Last year. There is absolutely no such thing has gun control. If I was in England now and I wanted a gun , it would take a couple of phone calls and within 2-3 hours I would have one in my hands Its the same the world over, you can get guns whenever where ever you want.
     You can make it illegal but there is always somebody ready to sell you anything. Look at drugs did they stop drug sales did they stop anything that is illegal from being sold NO! And these people are supposed to be smart????? If they think that taking peoples guns will make anyone safe they are wrong. People that are out to kill will do it one way or another. And that is the sad truth. Its the world we live in now.

    • Jeffery Sikes

      The entire issue is not about safety of the individual or protection, that is simply the argument they (Marxist-Leninist) use to create a state of crisis related to gun ownership. The number one murder weapon in the United States remains the knife, however you never … ever hear the Marxist-Leninist speak out against murders related to knives…. Why?  
      They seem concerned, however if they were truly concerned, why not go after knife ownership?  This only concludes that there is another motive behind the issue of being raised against semi-automatic (what they term assault) weapons and what they have termed as high capacity magazines.  Anyone which common sense knows that guns by themselves pose no harm to humans what so ever. A gun by itself  has never killed a person, A gun requires a thinking human in order to become a weapon used to attack or assault another human. The root cause therefore is not the weapon (what ever is chosen) the root cause is why did the human think there was need to kill another human?  If you want to actually solve the problem, solve that causation. (Basic cause and effect, logic)

      The second part of this equation is that Marxist-Leninist always jump to government and law as the solution to the issue, however there were already laws in effect which precluded the assailant from assaulting Sandy Hook school with firearms. Laws are not in place to protect people from criminal acts, they only serve to punish offenders, after the fact. The mother had stated she had attempted to obtain treatment for her son and could not acquire anyone willing to help.  Marxist-Leninist are  not concerned with answering that issue, they are only concerned with gun control and the elimination of guns from the hands of individuals in the United States.  Their (Marxist-Leninist)motive does not address the failure mode or true cause related to killing, therefore they must have an alternate agenda. Since there will be no success in their approach which would eliminate loss of life, why should we as Americans listen to their argument?  I posses weapons, but would never use them to murder others, Why?  Because I am Christian and known what is written in the law concerning the murder of others, I want my soul to have the chance to return to it prior state (life eternal), murder does not allow me to acquire that state and in fact will set my soul on a path to destruction upon judgment (Revelation 20). 

      However if it becomes necessary that I brandish a weapon in order to prevent the tyrannical overthrow of these United States by Marxist-Leninists, then its no longer murder but justified defense of this nation by militias formed in the several states which is one of the main reasons behind the first amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1532140928 William Bruce Edwards

    Dana Loesch is fantastic she approaches these left wing commies with facts, statistics and common sense. Piers Morgan spews the same old talking points that are issued to the left wing gun control media by the WH, Piers lack of firearm knowledge and his blabbering on anecdotal rhetoric must be embarrassing to CNN.

    Van Jones, the self avowed Communist, has about as much credibility as Stalin, Lenin and the other tyrannical leaders who disarmed their citizens rendering them defenseless and a hundred million of their countrymen were slaughtered to secure the reign of terror in the fundamental transformation by these Marxist. Jones is an “enemy of the State”.  All statistical data shows where more law abiding citizens that are armed the less crime there is.  Where there are strict gun control laws the crime rate soars.  We need to look at the home town of Obama, “Chicago”  which has draconian gun control laws and the highest homicide rate in the country to see what a failure strict gun control laws are, this isn’t what we want for the rest of the nation. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.mahoney.37 Christopher Mahoney

    Why is Van Jones on CNN? Does Jeff Bewkes really want to start a race war in this country? How come Ministerr Farrakhan isn’t a frequent guest on CNN? At least he is coherent and has a comprehensible world view, and a good sense of humor. But in Bewkesworld, Farrakhan doesn’t exist while Van Jones is now the authoritative voice of the CPUSA.

  • Anonymous

    Piers Morgan DOES want disarmament. So does every single leftist weighing in on these issues. They claim that isn’t what they are saying, yet, when they are caught off guard and think they are talking to a fellow liberal, they have no problem stating just that intention. The first step is identification of who owns weapons. “Common sense” laws that restrict even the passing on of weapons to family members WILL ABSOLUTELY be used to confiscate weapons from anyone the police, sheriffs or government deem “dangerous”. 46% of the people in this country will, at some point visit a mental health professional and could qualify for legal disarmament.   Already the Obama administration and many state governments consider all veterans to be too dangerous to trust with a gun. Is there seriously anyone who would trust the government to get ANYTHING right? These are the same fools who can’t stop the drug trade and who are sending real military weaponry to drug cartels who have virtually taken over the southern border of the United States and utilized those same weapons to murder law enforcement officers within our borders.

    The majority of the deaths in this country from guns do not occur at the hands of the law abiding. More than half of the deaths occur in black neighborhoods with black-on-black violence.  How many of those guns were lawfully purchased? How will “universal” background checks be anything but a punishment to the law abiding. Their gun laws have accomplished nothing where they have been fully implemented except that these are the most dangerous cities in the United State  in which to live. One thing the criminals can all count on in these places-they sure aren’t going to die from a legal firearm while committing their crimes.  Of course, according to the liberal mentality, this is a clear indication of success. After all, if the law abiding could adequately defend themselves, it would be like the OK corral out there. According to them, these laws are a success because they have kept the violence from escalating even further.

    Piers Morgan is an unmitigated ass who should leave this country. He knows nothing, yet runs his mouth unchecked. He was forced to leave England because of his lies as the editor of the Daily Mirror. In all probability, he caused coalition deaths and a significant uptick in Al Quaeda recruiting because of the fake story he posted and the photographs he faked of supposed abuse of prisoners in an Iraqi prison by coalition forces. He’s a true liberal in that he thought that those deaths were worth it if he could stop the violence through lies. He does exactly the same thing here as he debates high capacity magazines with Dana Loesch.

    He states that people aren’t dying from firearms in his home country…not true…yet why is it that no one amongst the liberal bent will admit that London is the most dangerous city in Europe with more violent crime committed brazenly BECAUSE no one can stop the thugs that populate that city? He holds England up as a shining example of what regressive gun laws can do, yet, the violent crime rate there is MUCH higher than in New York. Apparently, Piers thinks it’s just fine that people are defenseless and afraid. After all, how could the government rule without fear if the people are armed and willing to fight back?

  • Alilgator Dundee

    I can explain it to Piers Morgan, because almost 75% of all statistics are accurate. How about yours Morgan?

  • Alilgator Dundee

    Fort Hood was a Clinton & Piers Morgan gun free zone, and that killed helpless unarmed soldiers.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder morgan wanted to hurry up and change the subject to gay marriage. He knew that he was losing the argument along with his pal socialist jones about guns.

  • Alilgator Dundee

    Yes Jones baby 75% of all statistics are correct and it looks like yours falls in the 25% range.  CBS has fake polls if they say the statistics say gun control is dropping then it must be down to 10% of the people want gun control. America has had enough fraudulent polls..
    IF Piers Morgan wants to stop child death then stop Abortion, millions murdered.

  • Anonymous

    Dana ripped Piers and Van apart! Piers admits he wants the deaths at zero and he wants a complete ban on firearms an unconstitutional proposal! Support for gun restrictions is not at 90% that’s garbage. Piers and Van are simply NOT intelligent enough to Comprehend what is being discussed! Dana is drawing an illustration in absurdity when she talks about ‘assault spoons’. She’s articulating the fact that anything can be deemed an ‘assault’ weapon and that it’s a ploy on behalf of liberals to demonize law abiding citizens and strip guns from their hands. Military style weapons are not on the streets. Trust me the range and capability of modern military style weapons far outpaces what is made available to the public. Gun violence is higher where firearms are restricted, but lower where they are banned, but overall rime rates are higher because people have little means to protect themselves. This is all about maintaining a free society. Something Van and Piers don’t get!

    This is about elitist in society controlling the masses under the ploy that they are trying to protect us! Same old poop liberals always dish out. We can protect our own, back off!

  • Anonymous

    The US Constitution is the Greatest Law governing a body behind the New Covenant of Christ and the Mosaic Law. Piers Morgan doesn’t get to come over here from England and lecture the American people on how we ought to be governed and propse that we rewrite our Constitution. Pack your bags Piers and get out. We are sick of you!

  • tobias

     You go Dana.!!! I love the way you are using their own tactics against them!
    But I wish all networks would stop using these so called “experts” with their British accents! Including FOX. Do they really think that their programs makes them look more “educated”?
    I would fire the lot of them I’d rather listen to an American.!!! And since when does Van Jones qualify for air time?  These guys must be really hard up.( Oh and the only way I saw this because it was on the Blaze I do watch 4-5 channels to see the different views but none of them are balanced. Thanks Dana

  • HeretoSpeak

    Dana is great!  Fantastic!

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barry-Levy/1091577549 Barry Levy

    so the person that doesn’t want weapons will call a person with a gun to protect them when their lives are in danger, and will then realize that when their life hangs by seconds the call may take minutes.

    And there are just too many cases of armed citizens stopping violent thugs/villians/criminals and those that look like obozo’s sons, if he had sons, from committing mayhem.

    Because when will libs realize that most criminals are bullies and when confronted with a response will look for an easier target, sort of like a gun free zone.

    So to stop criminals from getting hurt and counting in the stats, we should have libs posting signs about where the gun free zones are and let them go and redistribute the wealth from those people.

  • Anonymous

    Van Jones and Piers Morgan……please! Between these Two, there’s an IQ of 10! Do they not see what is happening in Chicago with gun laws?

  • Jim Eldredge

    If this were about limiting violent deaths in America the discussion would center on motivation, morality, personal responsibility, and personal restraint derived from a religious and moral society.  The issue isn’t the means of violence, the issue is the motivation to be violent and the lack of personal restraint.  The left blows the smoke screen of blaming guns or Big Gulps for the nations misery, to cover their long-standing campaign to repress morality and self-governance.  Blaming guns for violence is like blaming SUVs for traffic fatalities.  Oh, they did that already.  

  • sixholdens

    Don’t more people die from wounds from kitchen ware then from guns in America already? Maybe not spoons but from other utensils. 

    What self respecting madman can not swap out a magazine when it is empty and continue his/her carnage? Magazine limits are useless.

    Even a speed loader with practice can get you a LOT of lead out the end of the barrel and the odds of it jamming are practically nil. 

    Anti-gunners are so wrapped up in the one bullet, one kill they have forgotten that with good practice and a solid swing a strong arm can get you one crushed skull per swing and ten or twenty swings per minute ain’t out of reach. Maybe more. And if you have a captive group, that can be a lot of carnage.

    Hopefully the anti-gunners will wake up from their dream that taking away law abiding citizens guns will also take away criminals guns and they will stop acting so stupid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dmar003 Dee Martin III

    they are stripping our rights away. where do they get the idea of disarming evereybody would be a good thing? they say military type of guns are not on the street. if so why are the gang members have? our mentallity is not like other country’s.
    i am not belittling the shooting in the schools and other places that children were shot. every day the gangs are shooting at everybody to kill a rival gang member. inocent people get caught in the cross fire. what about those guns? what about when a person finds their grand dads gun safe and get the guns and then commit murders? truth fully, briton was the reason we had guns, to keep the british off our land. so it is their fault. that we have the second amenment.
    about how many rounds are in a clip, that means you have to reload quicker

  • sixholdens

    Being a sometime user of “Guest” I must reply to “tobias” and ask, just who is “tobias”? Can I locate your profile somewhere? Do you have a byline at some prestigious media outlet? Or is it just your ID for today?

    Just saying…..

  • Anonymous

    Now I know why I can’t stand to watch CNN… when I change the dial to find a movie, or watch Greta, or food channel or dancing with the stars, I make sure I skip past CNN so I don’t have to watch the bimbo from the other side of the pond….. what an ass.  You would have thought they had removed him by now for sure and given him his walking papers back across the great sea…
    Take that man’s green card away. And having Van JOnes on there, what a hypocrit.  The dirtiest city in the midwest with killing and the strongest gun bans yet they are being shot down like flies… Jones don’t lie, and he’s definetly one to take advantage of the saying famous with Obama and Emanuel in Chicago”never let a good crisis go to waste”.Mary711

  • Anonymous

    Hated this evil moron ever since he interviewed that murderer Casey Anthony-

  • Anonymous

    Get real, EVERY time this happens, A CRIMINAL, NOT A citizen COMMITS THE CRIME, this is about disarming AMERICANS period. NOTHING else

    • Anonymous

      You are 100% correct. These people know very well that these laws will not save one person because the only people they disarm are law abiding citizens. All that happens in countries, cities and states where these ridiculous laws exist is more violent crime, completely unopposed because the only unarmed people are the good citizens who must cower at the mercy of every thug who comes along.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    We should start the Gun Free Zones @ @twitter-49297659:disqus the White House, lead by example-

    • Anonymous

      they can’t be expected to be held to that ! they are more important than the rest of us, without them we would all surely perish!!!

  • http://twitter.com/TeaPartyMarine William Butler

    Piers Morgan won’t even allow anyone to talk because he knows his argument is ridiculous! He will continue to follow this same loser philosophy because that’s what he ‘s getting paid to do! His character and credibility are long gone! Welcome Morgan to the hall of shame! Let’s talk about the thousands of stabbings in England. The only people with guns in England are the Muslim radicals and the drug gangs.In Australia the same problem is repeated and there is a large movement in place to reinstitute gun ownership!

  • Anonymous

    The entire Obama administration are liars! They keep talking about the ,”ASSAULT” weapon, used in the Sandy Hook school murders, truth is,  the “ASSAULT” rifle,  the murder took to the school, was left in his vehicle in the parking lot! He killed all those people and children with hand guns. That’s the “FACT”, they don’t want to talk about!
      Instead, they just prefer to use the tragedy, to further their agenda, to get the guns away from the American people! As far as they are concerned, to hell with the truth!
     Look at this point, I wouldn’t put anything past these lying hypocritical Marxist scum. For all we know, they “staged”,  the entire murder scene using Black Panthers, and special agents, like the ones that said “kill the WHITE BABIES!”, Remember?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry my friend. THAT is what we were told but the police report was just released and it confirmed that all those killed were shot with a Bushmaster AR15. Lanza shot himself with a handgun. Neither of these weapons were “military style assault weapons”.

  • Anonymous

    Homeland security buys 2700 MRAP’s (armored personnel carriers) 1.9 million bullets (amount used at height of Iraq war x 24+ years), and 50,000 uniforms, while the feds are attempting to disarm the law abiding citizens. You figure it out.

  • Anonymous

    Please tell me that wasn’t Van Jones of STORM (the revolutionary group formed by self described  “communist” and “rowdy black nationalist”), that was also Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar.  Piers & Van looked like bloody idiots agains Dana & Grover!  We need more people like Dana standing up for us in Washington!

  • Jeffery Sikes

    The entire issue is not about safety of the individual or protection, that is simply the argument they (Marxist-Leninist) use to create a state of crisis related to gun ownership. The number one murder weapon in the United States remains the knife, however you never … ever hear the Marxist-Leninist speak out against murders related to knives…. Why?  They seem concerned, however if they were truly concerned, why not go after knife ownership?  This only concludes that there is another motive behind the issue of being raised against semi-automatic (what they term assault) weapons and what they have termed as high capacity magazines.  Anyone which common sense knows that guns by themselves pose no harm to humans what so ever. A gun by itself  has never killed a person, A gun requires a thinking human in order to become a weapon used to attack or assault another human. The root cause therefore is not the weapon (what ever is chosen) the root cause is why did the human think there was need to kill another human?  If you want to actually solve the problem, solve that causation. (Basic cause and effect, logic)

    The second part of this equation is that Marxist-Leninist always jump to government and law as the solution to the issue, however there were already laws in effect which precluded the assailant from assaulting Sandy Hook school with firearms. Laws are not in place to protect people from criminal acts, they only serve to punish offenders, after the fact. The mother had stated she had attempted to obtain treatment for her son and could not acquire anyone willing to help.  Marxist-Leninist are  not concerned with answering that issue, they are only concerned with gun control and the elimination of guns from the hands of individuals in the United States.  Their (Marxist-Leninist)motive does not address the failure mode or true cause related to killing, therefore they must have an alternate agenda. Since there will be no success in their approach which would eliminate loss of life, why should we as Americans listen to their argument?  I posses weapons, but would never use them to murder others, Why?  Because I am Christian and known what is written in the law concerning the murder of others, I want my soul to have the chance to return to it prior state (life eternal), murder does not allow me to acquire that state and in fact will set my soul on a path to destruction upon judgment (Revelation 20). 

    However if it becomes necessary that I brandish a weapon in order to prevent the tyrannical overthrow of these United States by Marxist-Leninists, then its no longer murder but justified defense of this nation by militias formed in the several states which is one of the main reasons behind the first amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

    • Anonymous

      Excellent points. The other fallacy of these laws is that, if we are really addressing the correct problem. We would be outlawing cars. Cars kill far more children than guns, yet where’s the outrage? Of course liberals aren’t going to give up their cars, no more than Al Gore would give up his private jets, limos, SUV’s, etc. in liberal language, they will still perfunctorily, and with no visible sign of hypocrisy, tell everyone else that they should give up their SUVs, large homes, travel by commercial jets…non-organic foods, etc. they DID go after SUV’s with a vengeance because in an equitable society in which car wrecks occur, all parties should be equally likely to die and we all know that in a collision between a “smart” car and an SUV, the SUV wins every time. To them that’s not fair unless Al Gore or any of his enlightened children are at the wheel. Liberals literally believe that they are incapable of lying or hypocrisy because any act performed for the good of the cause is noble. THEY are the truly dangerous ones in this country. Their laws have contributed to countless deaths in their largest cities where they have managed to completely disarm the population and leave them at the mercy of violent, unafraid thugs who reign with impunity over a populace that must accept that their politicians care not a whit about them and the police are helpless to save them.

  • Anonymous

    I bet she doesn’t have a job for to very long.  The government want to control every move we make down to the last bite of food we put in our mouths.  What is with Michelle and all the food control.  I don’t see where she has lost any weight – still looks the same.  What a shame that we are now living in the days of total control – or so the left thinks.  We need to stand up for what we believe and be strong Christians.

  • Jeffery Sikes

    You must work within your specific state to bring about the change that is needed.  The states have the power over the creature they created and they can put that creature back in Pandora’s box if need be.  Quit posting and get involved at your state levels in order to push the governors to take action against forced Marxism-Leninism. 

  • http://twitter.com/Snuffy_Joe Joe Snuffy

    Is Piers an American Citizen? If not, why is he even involved in this debate?  Van Jones is a well known COMMUNIST who wants to disarm America so that communists have an easier job of overthrowing our Constitutional government. 

  • Anonymous

    with out patirats with gun we would have no country ..with out guns we would have no country through out history the first to go is guns the next is freedom  no i cant spell for shit but i know the diference between shit and shinola and all we have in washington is shinola bad leather with a shine on it 

  • http://twitter.com/EugeneScorse Eugene Scorse

    Dana : Keep up the truth about people
    who own guns . We should be talking about Criminal
    Control ,not gun control. These idiots  don’t know anything about them
    including Block head Morgan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BGC7U7QUFEWSSV3H4IFHLAFK54 mudslide

    All I wanna know is – what are they worried about?
    Are they worried? They should be….

  • TurboMan Turbo Man

    It’s empowering to understand statistics…Since GB and Australia slept through their debate and lost all gun rights guess which crime has gone up drastically.  Home invasions assault by knife, murder by knife and only the criminals seem to owns guns in GB.  How could they possibly get guns when they have been banned ?  I guess because they are criminals  maybe???  More sense to restrict extreme violent video games (the link has been tied 100% to the degenerates who have perpetrated these mass murders) Society is only as sick as it’s sickest citizens not it’s guns. Remember that in GB it started with fox hunting and ended in total confiscation and destruction and crime escalation.  Wake up America or we’ll be there too.  You can’t take many laws back after they’re enacted.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Gray/100000742818286 Tom Gray

    Well, I don’t know as if she destroyed their argument, but what she did accomplish was get them both interrupting, even each other which is comical enough, but they usually do, when their normal obfuscation tactics are falling short.   Van Jones is a communist anyway, so you what his ideas are, total disarmament of the people so they can be subjected to all manner of repression. Morgan is just a stooge and tool of the network.

  • http://twitter.com/RichardWittauer Richard Wittauer

    In Piers case the words from 1776 keep coming to my mind every time I see him, THE BRITISH ARE COMING. If he hates America so much, I wish that he would leave if he doesn’t believe in our rules of law.

  • Trent Robillard

    ‘limiting magazine capacity from a hypothetical 30 bullets to 7 bullets would be 21 lives’ how do you get 7 from 30-21? fucking retard. do us all a favour and drown yourself Glen! Or cut your own head off, which ever.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lauritzhaynes Larry Haynes

    Why does anyone keep putting this lying nigger Van Jones on the air? 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dana Loesch , for telling off that Stiff A$$ Brit Piers Morgan and that ex-Green Czar Pinko Communist Van Jones. Let both of them eat Watermelon with an ASSAULT SPOON.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of that TROLL LOOKING STIFF AS BRIT, Piers Morgan he should appear in the movie “The Hobbit” with Van Jones as the Ghoul half-pug vampire ! PINKO COMMIE FAGS ! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.quill Rick Quill

    I just got done watching as much as I could stomach, an interview between Piers Morgan and George Zimmerman’s brother and the same crap occured here also.  Piers Morgan needs to just shut up, listen, and in turn allow his guests to make their points.  If he did he might actually learn something.  As it has been all along, however, is that his mind is enclosed in such tight and dimly lit bubble that he has not allowed for any cogent rationalization on his part.  It’s like it has a one-way valve that only allows for his uninformed dribble to spew outward while blocking any incoming information.  In the Zimmerman interview, as soon as Robert Jr began speaking, Piers would immediately start talking over him and often escalating to shouting so that Robert Jr could not make the point he was trying to make.  It was all about Piers’ side of the debate and no room for opposing views or contradictory evidence.  As far as Van Jones is concerned…we all know he a dyed in the wool, hard-core Communist so he will never admit to anything that doesn’t further the Communist agenda and the Socialist In-Chief’s plan to destroy this country only to resurrect it as a Marxist-controlled utopia for the ruling elite (and only the ruling elite).  They are as evil, despicable, and heartless as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Mao.  None of them had a measureable (in any measurement system) amount of conscience, humanity, compassion or goodness in their entire bodies.

  • yingling777

    The people have already been divided.  Either you are on the left hand of God, or you’re on the right hand of God; it’s time to move on!

  • Anonymous

    perce morgan and van jones are idiots. I understood what the young lady was saying and I agree with her, why can’t you both see and understand logic, the simlist form of logic? This administration is trying to disarm Americans plain and simple, but it will not happen, not in this country and I hold firm to that. We Americans are armed and we will stay that way.  Mr. Morgan if you do not like the gun rights in this country go HOME!

  • Anonymous

    not only are Americans buying more guns they are stocking up on ammo as well. this administration has unleashed a machine that will not give up thier guns.

  • Anonymous

    the machine is FREEDOM

  • Anonymous

    Piers and Van Jones do not realize there is no such thing as an assault weapon.  God Piers Morgan and Van Jones are morons. Poor Van Jones so out classed by Dana Loesch.   Poor Van Jones does not like being talked over eventhough he does it all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Geez. I have no idea what she was trying to say because they wouldn’t let her finish. It’s like they didn’t want to know what she was going to say. They literally DIDN’T. WANT. TO. KNOW. And more importantly, they didn’t want us to know.

  • Susan

    Who would even listen to someone like Van Jones and Piers who worship  at the feet of Marx—who wants to dehumanize everyone and make them into cogs in the wheels run by the State.

    They are irrational—as Ayn Rand stated.  They use emotion in their arguments, twist language to elicit the “correct” emotions and eliminate the Facts of John Lott (Reason)–like using the word “assault” and “gay”—to evade their fascist moves.

    All is to promote their evil slave ideology where the State is god and can control every thing you say and do—and force your children to “think” “Good is Evil and be slaves to the State, Slavery is Freedom, and it is a God-Given “Right” to sodomize others.  

  • Anonymous

    The question that I have had for some time is why Peerce Morgonton, or whatever the hell his name is, is even part of this debate. Does he not know that he has no dog in the fight, as the saying goes. He is not an American citizen, and is a guest here. As a guest, this fine english chap is acting uncivil, and highly inappropriate. Considering all of the many problems that Britain contends with, it stands to reason that this very erudite, and fine upstanding sophisticated, and highly refined, civil chap, get the hell back there, and tackle some of those problems.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    You know we do not need some bloak to come here to AMERICA and try to force his ideas on us.  We fought for our independence from them over 200 years ago.  Especially since he is not even wanted in his own country.  He really should be considered the man without a country.  

  • Anonymous

    Fact: the public supports laws to make guns in the U.S. safer. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and especially Wayne LaPierre have blood on their hands and will continue to do so as long as they have their reactionary knee-jerk response to sensible laws to curb the weapons of mass murder.

    • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

      Who is banning the murder weapon sensible? Are we going to
      have to eventually ban all guns because it was used in a murder? What would be
      next after that knifes toasters and bath tubs, gravity, cars, bears, beer, aspirin,
      rope, golf clubs, bats, water, or pencils? http://youtu.be/2KX3OriDpgg  When will the liberal stupidity stop? Jack
      the ripper didn’t use a gun nor did Charles Manson but you really want me to believe
      that banning AR-15 and scary looking shoot guns is going to really help to stop
      mad men from killing in mass. Really moron really. It did not work the last
      time it was in place in 1994 but did not do crap to save the children Columbine
      school Massacre in 1999 did it moron? So again I ask when are you liberals
      going to look at facts like the fact the people feel that banning guns will not
      help at all and when will you liberals stop your knee jerk reaction placing
      laws that do not work? 

  • Anonymous

    Dana Loesch: Spoon ‘Can Be Qualified as an Assault Weapon’
    And she schooled who?  Loesch’s mouth is qualified as a weapon of mass deception. Puleeze, Beck hears what he wants to hear and says what he wants his gullible listeners to believe. 

    Glenn Beck once again proves and he’s the Joseph Goebbels of the 21st Century.

    • Anonymous

      Actually guest, she did a fine job at rooting out pierse morgans agenda, and that was no easy task. She did it without him having any clue as to the trap that he walked into.

      Now, there may be a benefit to us Americans in being able to watch Peerse Morgon, and that is that we may very well get a chance to see the type mentality of the british folks that the founders of our country dealt with. Use your imagination, and visualize a red coat on Peerse, and him as a british general in the year 1774, ordering you to quarter british troops in your home. Try to negiotiate with that, and see where it would have got you.

      I would think that you are a valuable asset to Peirce, as you seem to be one of the handful of people who watch his show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Kolakoski/1506570472 Robert Kolakoski

    You can bet these boobs will have guns, after they TAKE YOURS!

  • Anonymous

    I remember seeing in the initial news that Lanza did not carry the Bushmaster into the school, they found it in the car.  Does anyone here know of this?  It was in the news right after the shooting.  The Doctor said that all the bullets were inside the bodies, that means an AR-15 was not used.  Why aren’t these comments being made?

  • jfhdsiu

    Anyone who falls for Van Jone’s and Piers Morgan’s outrageously ludicrous arguments in this video ARE as dumb as Van Jones and Piers Morgan THINK they are!

  • Bob Williams

    Piers Morgan is just one more example as to why we need to tighten our Immigration Policies.

  • Anonymous

    Living on a farm on a 2 lane highway between 2 small W TX towns. The fox terriers in front yard barking frantically. A man with long hair/ bread looking like he had rolled in mud to be same as the ground squating down with a wire in his fists trying to get male dog close enough to strangle. I opened door said can I help you? He stood up took couple of steps stopped and looked at me, a couple more steps, stop. Again and again. I closed the door, got the shotgun and .22 pistol, open door he’s standing at edge of yard watching house. Steped out on porch with shotgun and he took off down the highway. Locked door, called sheriff. He never found him but he was mud covered and could have been lying in cotton field unseen. Between guns and dogs, 2 rat terriers front yard, border collie back yard and Great Pyranees in pasture–no worries. Yes, I would have shot him if he acted aggressive or anymore ?? suspicious.

  • http://twitter.com/SuperNovaLovah I. P. Freely

    Private citizens are SUPPOSED to have military arms, this was the whole basis of the constitutional militia which was intended to prevent the need of a standing army.

  • Anonymous

    Someone asked, “Where can I order one of these deadly assault spoons”? Answer: You can find one in any prison cafeteria.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

    Trying to talk logically with the illogical is futile.  These leftists, anti-American, anti-gun nuts just start shouting and over-talking everyone else, prattling their nonsense with zero substance or facts.  BTW, if they are talking about the recent tragedy in CT, there was NO “assault rifle” used.  Four handguns were found in the school.  There is video footage of the police retrieving the “assault rifle” from Lanza’s car.  At first reports, there was reference to two, possibly three shooters.  Then that was later revised to be Adam Lanza’s brother, then later Adam Lanza.  Much, much revision has been done and the true facts have never been revealed.  It was almost immediate that the anti-gun nuts and leftists started their gun control mantra.  Yet, historically, it has been governments worldwide who have committed mass murder of millions, including children, after first disarming the unsuspecting citizens.  Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin and Pol Pot come readily to mind.  To some, the ends justify the means and the anti-gun agenda has been ramped up to a whole new level.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.galt.5454 Jon Galt

    Libs never let FACTS get in the way of their arguments.  So, since the facts don’t matter now, they shouldn’t matter after the left is done bankrupting the country  – so to all the libs, ENJOY YOUR STARVATION!  But no worries, facts don’t matter, you can just PRETEND you have plenty of food!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.galt.5454 Jon Galt

    Military-style “assault” weapons were banned in Norway decades ago.  In fact ALL guns were banned in Norway decades ago.   So how did that nut kill over 70 with a military-style “assault” weapon??  Facts don’t matter to libs.  I say let them destroy the economy, after the collapse most of the lib-tards will kill each other over scraps of food!  (Plus, most of them don’t have guns, so I won’t be too worried when they come to my door.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.galt.5454 Jon Galt

    Pierce wants zero gun deaths.  So I assume if someone breaks into his home in the middle of the night he won’t shoot them, right?  So, he would rather watch some thug murder his wife and kids with a knife than kill the intruder with a gun.   Good.  Survival of the fittest – he’s dead, I’m still alive.  Works out just fine in the end…

  • http://twitter.com/largeinlodge glenn

    I have come to the conclusion that the huge purchases of hollow point ammo by homeland security and the armored vehicles is in order to defend the capital.Once Obama and Soros ruin the economy HSA will block anyone trying to enter into Washigton.They will stay in bunkers until Americans have destroyed one another and than do a mopping up to complete the installation of the dictatorship.People like the black so called preacher in D.C. is a good example of just what Obama’s agenda is.No matter how a white person has shown respect and decency to their black friends and neighbors,they are considered to be the enemy and guilty of keeping the black people down.

    • http://twitter.com/TaffyAkemann Taffy Akemann

      til I looked at the paycheck saying $5199, I have faith that…my… neighbour was like actualy erning money in there spare time on their apple laptop.. there neighbor haz done this 4 only 18 months and just paid for the mortgage on their villa and got a top of the range Maserati. go to, ………. BIT40.ℂom

  • Anonymous

    Piers Morgan, man what a slug.  The thing he doesn’t understand is that America’s relationship with gun is cultural, it’s hard to understand when you don’t grow up in a country that has no relationship with guns.

    This argument of whether or not it military grade is irrelevant and have clouded the argument, and it’s just this non stop slanging match that divides the debate more and more.  The “science” or the “facts” about whether or not places with more guns are safer or not, for me raises a biggest concern, the things that worries me is that idea changed our freedom to own, carry and conceal guns into fear and need to carry.   I mean it sincerely, going back to the cowboy day’s of everyone carrying a gun on their hip, whether they’re responsible or not.  Isn’t a solution to our problems.

    The question need to be about changing the culture on guns, moving it back to a useful tool, rather than entertainment.

    • Anonymous

      Winston, while I agree that the American culture is very wrapped up with guns, what Piers doesn’t understand or care about is that it was that culture that was necessary to throw off the tyranny of England. Without that culture, we would still be little more than a colony of Great Britain. The reason that more people are carrying today is logic. Many criminals in areas where Obama’s favored legislation is in place are fearless and violent. You are misdiagnosing this problem, however. The fear is not simply of being victimized by a thug, it is the very real fear of governmental tyranny.
      All the official reassurances aside, their words are worthless. Socialists claim that they support “revolution” that leads to the freedom of the people, but this is the exact opposite of what they attempt once they are in power. They’re not fools. They understand that an armed populace can always turn on THEM.
      Your reference to American history is flawed. Never at any time in American history has the average person walked around like a gunslinger with six shooters on their hips. You’ve watched too many movies. The last thing we need is the propagation of this kind of misconception. You fear that this debate will lead to a repeat of something that never happened. What you should understand is how we should be answering the question, “Why do you have to carry a gun?” The answer to that is simple…because I can. I don’t need to explain anything more to you or anyone else. The constitution deliberately limits the government or ignorant citizenry that feels like they have a right to limit who can carry a weapon or what kind weapon can be carried on the basis of “need”. I do not care whether you or anyone else feels that I should have to explain why a gun is necessary. The law does not afford you, or anyone, the opportunity to challenge that right on that basis. Already, Obama and his cronies are trying to move this debate into that realm. The issue for them is not even necessarily guns. It is power. If they can circumvent the amendment process and convince the courts that “exigent” circumstances should allow them to simply ignore the constitution, then there will never be an end to government determined exigencies that, by precedent allow them to circumvent the clear language of the constitution in favor of “safety”. Under those circumstances, they have no need to follow the formidable legal hurdle of amending the constitution and will simply consider it amended on the basis of precedent.
      You need to get your history straight. Don’t fear the law abiding citizen who is armed. An armed government that cares nothing for the rights of the individual in favor of the exigencies of the collective should frighten you to your core.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for this reply. I understand your point about my historically inaccuracy, and you’re right my reference is probably is John Wayne, Clint Eastwood & John Ford. I do though still think that point I was making even without an historical reference is relevant. Is an armed society a truly free society or is it a society of fear, whether its a fear of government or a fear of your neighbour, community etc

        Truthfully and honestly I do fear the arm law abiding citizen. The term “Law abiding” is relative, in that the line can change in the blink of an eye based on situation and circumstance of life. This also goes back to my question of fear. Two armed law abiding citizens in a heated argument could turn bad in a second, or confronting an armed citizen over a dispute, I would think twice, regardless of that person was in the wrong.

        So maybe my inaccurate point about “wild west” guns on our hips, is actually a worry for a day when we all feel we have to carry guns on our hips.

        I do respect the constitution and understand why it was written in the context of how this country was founded. I don’t share your fear of the government after all like Lincoln said “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. I just don’t see citizens needing an armed uprising any time in the future.

        “What you should understand is how we should be answering the question, “Why do you have to carry a gun?” The answer to that is simple…because I can.

        You’re correct that it is your right to be armed, I wouldn’t want to change that right, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I think the question that should be asked by the media, and the politicians is why do citizens in urbanized environments feel the need and necessity to be armed. How and why has it gotten so bad that instead of owning a gun for hunting or for protection from animals, we need to stock pile personally arsenals incase of criminals or our government. That not living free in my opinion.

        The thing with Piers while he is entitled to his view and belief, thats protected. If you choose to live in another country, you have to understand and respect it’s culture and laws. I’m sure if their was an American journalist on TV talking about changing Britain culture and laws, it wouldn’t be tolerated. Debate is a good thing he just isn’t doing it respectfully or intelligently it’s all about sensation and bullying.

        • Anonymous

          Winston, you have far more to fear from a government that does not fear the people than from the law abiding who carry weapons. There’s simply very little evidence that law abiding citizens will first choose to grab a gun to solve problems. Of course that can happen, but it does not even remotely compare to the rampant violence of criminals who choose to use guns against the unarmed. In most cases, criminals are just as cognizant of the risk of committing crimes where they know that there is a high chance they will be opposed by someone who is armed. I have experienced just this phenomenon.
          Several times over a period of days two years ago, I was forced to draw a weapon on criminals who were determined to bring harm to my family and property. I grew up in a home where there were weapons for both hunting and protection. I was taught to use them in ANY situation that demanded it and I have taught those lessons to my children. Their knowledge of what weapons can do and the responsibilities associated with the commitment to carry them is not some nebulous opinion garnered from television, it is taught from reality. They have been present when I pointed a gun at a criminal determined to bring them harm. They know that if I or they do such a thing, we are 100% committed to pulling the trigger, thus, we NEVER touch the gun unless that situation exists. However, they also know exactly when to do so, how to do so and the aftermath of such actions. Do I or they wish to kill someone? No. But I have and will willingly do so without batting an eyelash.
          I did not cause the situations in which I was forced to point a gun at a criminal. They did. They made the mistake of not understanding that they could lose their lives in a foolish bid to illegally, and through violence, enforce their will on someone they determined to be weaker than them. They didn’t care whether a life was lost in the process and they thought nothing of an escalation to violence until there was a gun aimed at them with a laser blinding their vision. I’m certain that, in that moment, they knew that, should they continue with their original intent, exactly where that laser was shining in their eye, would be the entry point to their cranial cavity.
          I’m sure that there are those out there who are foolish enough to fear a man who would unhesitatingly kill the criminal who was trying to take his daughter, as was occurring in the situation that I was describing. Fortunately for both of us, he wisely chose to extend his life for that moment and abandoned his actions, choosing instead to run. He did not know that I was there in that parking lot, just around the corner of another vehicle, until, upon observing what was about to happen, I stepped around the vehicle with weapon drawn. Later, I was informed by the police that he was high on methampthetamine at the time. Some would point to this as an excuse for his behavior. What they do not understand is that the decision he made to abuse his body with drugs was akin to him signing his own death warrant. I did not care one whit WHY he did it, only that he attempted to take my daughter.
          I find it laughable that you and others fear those who carry weapons legally and lawfully. Do you seriously believe that there is more to fear from them than from criminals? Or are you of the opinion that there is no chance that you could run afoul of a criminal? What you don’t understand is that there are many people around you right now as you walk down the street are carrying weapons legally…unless you happen to live in Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C.-all bastions of crime-free streets and where those who dare to defend themselves are considered criminals and the criminals fear nothing and no one. What scientifically gathered evidence, exactly, do you have that those who legally and lawfully carry guns solve problems with those weapons when such actions are not required, especially in light of the fact that you don’t seem to fear criminals at all? Or is it your opinion that criminals can be easily avoided?
          Tell me, please, Winston, what would you have done had you been confronted with the situation that I described above? Would you have trusted in your physical abilities to dominate such a person? What if he pulled a knife or a gun? That same week, my sister-in-law was the victim of a home invasion. Two days later, after arriving at her home to move her to my state, someone attempted to break into my car. Once again, I pulled a gun. When he was startled, he turned around and came directly for me…until he was blinded by the laser I activated the moment he turned around. Once again, the criminal froze in his tracks. He had a crowbar he was using to break into my vehicle. Tell me, would you have simply stood by while he did this? Don’t tell me…I had no right to protect my property using deadly force, right? I should have called the police and waited for them to come protect me and my property. I DID call the police. They arrived nearly 15 minutes later. Was this too much of an escalation for property? I can promise that this criminal will never again go near that home when he has the choice of homes where the pacifist residents cower in fear. By the way, this was shown to be the same man who had, just the night before, committed a home invasion that only ended when he was mauled by my brother’s pit bull. The bite patterns served nicely to charge him with that crime as well. While I was there, my wife called and told me that a man waving a gun had run directly through our yard with police armed with automatic weapons came charging after him. He was apprehended by a RESIDENT wielding a gun a few blocks away who knew nothing about the chase, only that a man charged through his yard where his children were playing and pointed a gun at them. He was carrying a concealed weapon and immediately drew it, freezing the shocked, armed thief dead in his tracks.
          No, this is not the norm. I’ve never seen such a string of potentially violent activity in my area and involving my family. However, when the need arose, I did exactly what I was taught and I would do the same all over again. Winston, if you do not place yourself into a threatening confrontation with me, and millions of others like me, you have NOTHING to fear. Should you choose to use violence or threaten my family, my property, others or myself, rest assured that your lifespan will be immediately and irrevocably, shortened. It’s that simple. Since you obviously are not a person given to these actions, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I have never once pulled a weapon in a verbal dispute. I have never once attempted to intimidate anyone using a weapon. I have never once carried a weapon illegally, but I HAVE dealt with those who did.
          The fact that you believe that, should these gun grabbing measures fail, somehow or another, we will have shootouts between legal gun owners is ridiculous. They already are carrying those weapons. The fact that you are completely unaware of it should tell you that your fears are unfounded. The actions of those of nefarious intent is the only thing that could prompt such an incident with me or most other concealed weapons carriers, not ego and not the desire to be part of a “shootout”. Such imaginings are groundless and casts aspersions on those who are undeserving of such accusations. Those fears are stoked by a president who cares nothing about children’s lives. If he did, he would be on the rampage over automobiles and the deaths and destruction caused by their use in the hands of the untrained or addicted. Like every fully committed socialist, he knows that weapons in the hands of the people is the ultimate threat to a government intent on circumventing individual rights. Gun laws do not, under any circumstances, affect the behavior of criminals, except to embolden them in ever more wanton and depraved acts of violence, knowing full well that there is virtually no chance that they will be opposed. Have the reactionary gun laws in Illinois saved one single life? NO THEY HAVE NOT!! Instead, gun violence has soared, the innocent are forced to cower in their homes and pray that the eyes of the criminals do not fall on them and their families. The only thing that Obama’s gun laws have done is make criminals of those who believe that they have a right to defend themselves, their property, their families and those around them. The criminals have happily taken advantage of the situation to commit ever worsening crimes. In states and cities where criminals know that every choice could be their last, crime is falling.
          Frankly, Winston, I don’t care what the traitorous scum infesting congress decide to do. I’ll join the fight against those who would skirt the constitution at any level. My money, time and commitment is to those who believe that the inalienable and God given rights we possess are just that. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of those who have been brainwashed to believe that the only rights they possess are those which the government grants them, including the right to defend themselves. They would rather live as vassals of evil, subject to every whim of every politician, as if the mind of the politician is somehow superior to that of free men and women. The desire to be enslaved in exchange for safety is the way of the fool. I know who I am and I am fully aware of rights that I will not give up, no matter the fools who would deride and join the throngs of the enslaved who trust in those who care nothing about them and those they love and strive to grind under the rights of the individual in their headlong lust for power. No, I do not, under any circumstances, trust any politician to safeguard my rights. It is not in the nature of government to do so and it is obvious, after long and well documented history, that governments that do not fear the citizens inevitably become tyrannical.
          You make your own choice, Winston. I’m sorry that you believe that the government has your best interests at heart. Someday, you will become very painfully cognizant of the error of that trust, whether it is an abuse of power over your property or the complete revocation of your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You’re obviously a product of public schools that have done a bang up job of telling you that you should fear those who will not give up their rights in favor of trusting a government that has proven over and over again that power and domination is far more important to them than safeguarding the rights of the citizens. You obviously believe that the government has an obligation to protect you. They have no legal obligation to protect you and usually cannot be there to do so, even if they wanted to. I’m happy nothing bad has happened to you. But that is not something you can count on and with the tools to which you would limit yourself, you have no chance of survival should a committed (or addicted) criminal choose to make you or your family their next target.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve read you comment several times, I waited to respond because I want to digest it and think about it. Firstly I hope that I never have to experience the events that you did, I’m not sure how I would handle myself, probably not as calm and concise as you were.

            I’ll state again that I respect the right of gun ownership and the right to protect yourself, your family and your property by appropriate and necessary means and actions. I do still question the idea, that an armed society is a free society, which I think is different to the the right to own guns, by which I mean. The freedom is the right to own, the fear is in the need to own. Our country is moving toward the latter, which goes against the fundamental rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

            Of course I fear an armed and crazy criminal, I also fear an armed “law abiding” citizen. who I also know nothing about either or where their morals or definition of the law lie and how far that person will go. None of us are really law abiding, I don’t care who you are, we all cross that legal line multiple times its just that most of us are guided by our morals or principle about how far over we go. I’ve experience many “law abiding” sensible people lose their cool and a heated argument turns violent, adrenaline does crazy things to people.

            So while I would be uncomfortable around you if you were wearing a weapon, I would respect and support your right to have that weapon. I just want to dialog to be less about guns, guns and more guns and more about how to we change our society into being less concerned with object and more about the principle, and change it back from a need to to a right to.

          • Anonymous

            Winston, good points all. I understand your desire to move this discussion out of the realm of need vs right, but in a legal sense, those two concepts are inseparable. It is the left that is trying to move the discussion toward “need” because they want to emplace a system where the government can skirt the constitution by appointing itself the arbiter of WHO is allowed to exercise the rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights. This is why I answered in my previous post with “Why do I need to carry a gun? Because I CAN.”
            The government is not granted the power to arbitrate a citizen’s need to take advantage of what are considered inalienable rights. I have a right to protect myself and others. The constitution does not grant the government the right to deprive me of my rights. In fact, this amendment is the only place in the constitution where the government is strictly forbidden to deprive the people of their rights. The others have more ambiguous language in them, but this amendment is clear.
            I think you need to think a bit more on the issue of what the definition of “law abiding” means. I’m not talking about occasionally exceeding the speed limit here. I’m talking about obedience to the established law of the land with regard to firearm ownership. In that regard, as with almost all other commonly respected laws, citizens who comply with governmental requirements associated with firearm ownership ARE law abiding. What you are talking about is an extremely esoteric view of law that belongs more appropriately in a philosophy course, not a fact based discussion of legality.
            I would also suggest that you take a look at the statistics regarding CCW holders and wrongful firearm deaths. There is simply no fact that exists in the scientific realm that would support a fear of these people losing their minds and using a firearm as a means to a conclusion to an argument against a non-threatening unarmed opponent. Of course there are instances in which this has happened, but not enough to even equate to the slightest statistical blip in a properly performed correlation analysis. I can’t allay your fears as I don’ t know you at all, but facts should govern the degree to which our beliefs are valid in our own minds. I have FAR more data that correlates to individual danger at certain times, places and socioeconomic levels. But the point is moot because carrying a gun as much to actively exercise the right to do so is as valid as the very real justification for that act. The fact of the matter is that governments in the 20th century alone murdered nearly 280,000,000 of their own citizens. Power that fears nothing is truly something to fear and that is exactly what progressives are trying to do. To them, the constitution is a waste of effort, paper and breath and should be held in the highest contempt. This is what you should fear, not the people who choose to exercise their rights.

  • Anonymous

    This once again illustrates the total inability of Liberals/Progressives to use logic and reason.  When it comes to real intellect, Liberals/Progressives have to use velcro on their shoes because they aren’t smart enough to learn how to tie shoe strings.  Liberals/Pprogressives a/k/a DummyCrats will never win an argument that requires logic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Moran/1303605849 Frank Moran

    Morgan is so intellectually bankrupt. Dana took him to school on every level. It was an awesome exchange.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful logic!  If Piers supports ZERO deaths and he equates the reduction of thirty round magazines to seven round magazines with the savings of twenty-three lives, then the extrapolation of his example to the amount of deaths that he accepts REQUIRES magazines with a capacity of ZERO rounds!  Such a capacity would be a figurative if not literal “confistication” of the guns that such magazines would use since there would be no purpose to the gun that fires ZERO rounds!  Kudos to Dana Loesch for her logic!  Brickbats to Piers and Van for their reliance on emotion only to sell their plan for the leftist control of the population!

  • Anonymous

    Dana – you caught them in their own argument – excellent!!!!

    That is EXACTLY what they want – a segway toward the UN goal – Total Disarmament.

    Whether its  1, 2, 5, 7, 20 bullets, fast reloads are possible, and Peirs (whatever his name is) clearly stated his position – ZERO GUN DEATHS IN AMERICA – translated – ALL guns should be off the street.

    Yesterday on Hannity, former  inmate that paid his debt to society, called in and stated very clearly you can’t get all the guns. If you want a gun you can get one. And the caller stated that the only deterant in a defensive position is for citizens to be armed.

    These people are nuts, nuts, NUTS. ITs okay for them to justify having a gun, but what about the Citizen? That’s WHY we have the Second Amendment because the Founders knew that it was the last and final resort to controlling a completely Tyrannical Government.

    In 2009, per The Census Bureau data, 35400 people died from just car accidents, not including commercial nor tractor/trailers. In that same year 11,078 died from firearms.

    The problem here is their argument is way off base. I understand the loss of a child and how fragile life is; I just got a taste of it this last week. They want guns. They want to limit their usage. BUt the issue is not the guns, or the ammo; its people not the gun. Limiting people on how much ammo to shoot is just plain silly. People will improvise, like learn quick-load techniques or other tricks, to still achieve their ends in these gun free zones.

    The best way is to have a well trained, well informed citizenry, in gun handling to defeat crime, have equal protetion against intruders of your person or property, and a crazy out-of-control government.

    The police have said it takes 25 minutes to get to your home/business to deal with an issue. Gonna fight them off with a spoon – a well trained fight expert probably could but the ordinary citizen; I doubt it. You gonna sit there and accept death as your only outcome OR pick up a gun if you don’t know how to fight hand-to-hand?

    I remembered a line from a movie…. never bring a knife to a gunfight.

    One time it was the musket that was the equalizer between citizens and citizens & out-of-control government. Now its the AR-15.

    You want to save someone Peirs or Van – take a look at making the automobile safer and not less safe just to prove that electric cars, which operating cost per mile is expensive in time and acquisition cost, [and still need coal to power the grid] are viable in today’s gas-o-holic world.

    Good Job Dana!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

       The left wing news media and obama only state how many deaths was cause by a criminal with a gun never the other side !!! I’m petty sure  this number would be multiply by hundreds how owners of gun prevented deaths,rapes,robbery etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FA3SC6ZE3IYZMYLCFFLM5DNTFA knit_man


  • http://twitter.com/albanach68 Thomas Wells

    I find it incredible that this cretin Morgan is allowed to attack the constitutional rights of American citizens. When you invite a guest into your house, you dont expect them to tell you how your house should be run or look.

  • William

    The real problem is these drugs they throw everyone on these days. You want to talk about the problem, talk about these happy pills.

    • Anonymous

       Your right so many our citizens also on the happy pill of America Idol or sports that they only can think about the next America Idol  program or the next sport game !! While these greedy power and control con-artists politicians  are stealing U.S citizens Freedoms and rights while U.S citizens are drug up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous

    Please read this whole post with an open mind so you get the drift of  my point I’m trying to make of another good argument or counter point against   gun control !!!  THANKS !!!   I hope  there is some legal wizards out there to put my point into better words and make it a strong counter gun control point !!   We repeal the voter poll taxes because it discriminate against the poor and infringe on citizens voting rights !!!  Now obama is 1.) block by U.S House of  Rep for funds to run national registration of gun,back ground checks,licenses finger printing gun owners,,mental scan etc 2.) have hard time forcing states to fund these gun control systems !!  So what obama doing is like a poll tax on our rights to own guns and ammo & rights to self defense just give it different name  licensing fee,pay for back ground check,registration ,need insurance these are infringing on our rights of owning guns just as poll taxes infringe on our voting rights just as our voting rights and process is run on general funds so should our  rights to own guns license etc be by general funds not taxing the individual !!  To me what obama is doing  he trying to take away inalienable God given right of self defense never  mind our constitution rights to own guns . God gave animals claws, great biting power or strength,poison stings and bites ,or speed.for self defense Now for higher forms of life chimpanzee ability to think and use their smarts like sticks or rocks for self defense and for humans he gave ability to think and the smarts for self defense  to use tools for self defense guns are just a another tool use self defense beside cross bow,spears,knifes,bow ,sword etc. Now obama want U.S citizens  to be completely defenseless ,helpless in defending themselves to be controllable zombies of blind dumb sheep  to not use your God given smarts to use in your self defense!! Don’t pick up any tool in your defense fireplace poker,baseball bat,tire iron, rock,stick etc !!  To me it’s always the bully ,control freaks,the instigator,harasser, who intimidates or who threatens   who wants upper hand with the victims to be helpless and cannot stand up for themselves or defend themselves. They make like your son the problem always  getting into fights which the bully instigated your son is the trouble  maker ,it be wrong for you to sign up your son  for martial arts or boxing lesson since he the trouble maker when the problem is he being  bully by a group so it make him look like the key trouble maker !!  Same thing going on here with guns people want to dictates every aspects of your lives CONTROL, or threaten you, harass you label your the trouble maker, believe in the constitution etc,mental case , or they blackball you in public so you don’t have many friends and say your weird your a loner( not many friends) that you should not have rights to a guns !!  Just give this control freaks bully complete control over you with no defense so you be a their mercy of thier whims to dictate over your life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

       Glenn your program on second amendment was great!! That ,gave middle class and poor Blacks the right of self defense and to have fire arms , not to be disarm by the progressive Democrats with prejudice sheriffs so the KKK could walk in and Blacks be at KKK mercy with no defense so they can be lynch,burn out of their houses etc at KKK whims !!! Now obama and the Democrat progressive  not only throwing the Black community back in time to serfdom !!!  But now they  want the poor and middle class of all races to be disarm into the state serfdom and have complete control no one be able to say NO to them !!!!  AWAKE UP PEOPLE  We all must stand together of all races for the rights of self defense and to have fire arms !!!!  Or there be only two different classes one is the greedy for power and control class of obama family & royal elites and his cronies forever  and the other be a serf class with no middle class and no way of working your self up !!

  • historianMI

    The second Amendment is about self-defense, a right established in common law centuries ago in England and affirmed in the “Colonies” and the U.S. Constitution. Without a gun, one is helpless against a thug or thief WITH a gun, or for that matter, a club or knife. It is (almost) unbelievable that some persons and groups are hell-bent to deprive people of that right…you wonder just WHY this basic right is under such fierce attack, especially in the dangerous places in our nation.

  • historianMI

    Has anyone pondered the “administration’s” order of one BILLION lethal cartridges, 10 000 M-16’s (fully automatic assault RIFLES) and several hundred tank-like vehicles for “sheriff’s Departments,” which can/could be preempted by a rogue (read Obama) FBI? There are many people who don’t trust Obama or his cronies.
    We are still supposed to worry about “assault weapons” in the hands of citizens , but not assault rifles in the hands of all sorts of government entities? 2 3/4 more years. Think about it.

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