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It’s hard to understand what goes on in the offices of the executives at CNN. For every good decision (i.e. hiring Jake Tapper), they appear to make two horrible ones — a Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper TV program…seriously CNN? And they just can’t seem to figure out that 99.9% of the country would rather watch paint dry than watch Piers Morgan talk about guns.

While it may be one of the worst hours in cable “news” programming on television, Piers Morgan’s show does produce great highlights thanks to his limited self-awareness. See, if Piers understood how humiliated and defeated he looks every time he invites someone like Ted Nugent or Dana Loesch on his show to talk about gun regulation and the Second Amendment, he’d probably never appear on TV again.

Last night was one of those shows for Piers. He invited radio host Dana Loesch on to debate gun regulation with Van Jones and Grover Norquist. Norquist hardly had to say a word once Dana got started — Van Jones’s rhetoric and Piers Morgans empty talking-point arguments were no match for the plain and simple facts Dana was throwing their way.

During the exchange, while arguing for limited magazine capacity, Piers Morgan equated 1 bullet with 1 life. stating that limiting magazine capacity from a hypothetical 30 bullets to 7 bullets would be 21 lives. He later went on to attempt to argue that he was for confiscation.

…so you can keep your guns, you just can’t have any ammo.

After listening to the clip, Stu added on to the points Dana made about the holes in the argument that restrictions would save lives by pointing out that if the goal is to regulate in order to “protect us”, Washington should be much more concerned about things like lightening, which kills 3x the amount of people/year than are killed in mass shootings.

Watch Dana’s fiery exchange with Piers and Van Jones below: