Glenn to Stu: backstabbing Brutus

Earlier this week had a story about what it’s like to be in a meeting with Glenn. Stu & Pat talked about it on their program this week and Glenn happened to catch the segment. Stu blamed Glenn for dragging him out of bed where he was warm and cozy with his dog Phoebe curled up at his feet to come in for the daily morning meeting, but Glenn made him wait an extra twenty minutes because he was in another meeting. Glenn didn’t like the tone of Stu’s accusations, and decided to bring the matter up on the radio show to the national audience.

Watch the original segment from Pat & Stu below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Hey Stu – here is some helpful advice: remember that Glenn signs your paycheck. 

    He who signs your paycheck is called ‘Boss’ and he makes the rules.

    • Stacy T. Bonner

      If you think Francisco`s story is something…, four weeks ago my aunts boyfriend also got a cheque for $6737 sitting there a sixteen hour week an their house and their roomates aunt`s neighbour has done this for three months and earnt more than $6737 in their spare time at there pc. the information from this site.

    • J Cole

      YEAH! Let’s all bend to the will of our employers because they cut our paychecks. How DARE we speak out against them.

      Stupid cunt.

      • bumpkin

        In line to slap your stupid face, brat.

        • Anonymous

          That must be a damn long line!

          • SarahPacRefundsClickHere

             New World Order leaders exposed
            Biden (Bi)n La(den)

            The story leaked in my profile exposes the real Obama cover up, the Coup, the media blackouts, and this last rigged election.

        • J Cole

           You mad? :)

      • Anonymous

        J Cole, #1 you don’t work  #2 Even if you did, and had an issue with your employer, you can quit.  #3  I believe in equal opportunity name calling ya
        dumb azz ba””””””’ n”””””””.  There how does it feel racist?

        • J Cole

           You mad? LOL

      • Anonymous

         Racist bigot…..the huffington post is looking for you…they are missing their village idiot.

        • Anonymous

          my co-worker’s sister-in-law makes $84 every hour on the computer. She has been fired from work for seven months but last month her check was $17486 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on  Ask25.c­om

      • bartolome san096

        Claire. true that Stephanie`s blog is impressive, on wednesday I bought a new Citroën 2CV since I been bringin in $8923 this-last/5 weeks and a little over 10 grand last-munth. without a question it is the most-comfortable job I have ever had. I started this three months/ago and straight away brought home more than $83, per-hr. I use the details here……. BIT40.ℂom

  • Sam Fisher

    Man up Stu.  

    • SoThere

      Sam, I just saw the Jim Cary Video at The Conservative Push, funny, funny stuff. LOL

      • Sam Fisher

        I thought you guys would like it.

        • Anonymous

          why would people like it? It sucked ballsack, in that it was set to the same music Carrey used but not nearly as clever. Maybe that’s why right wingers dickchoke at satire

          • Sam Fisher

            Oh look bigot is showing his colors. I guess you also don’t mind him attacking a dead civil rights actor as well wow you and Carrey must be a racist. See we like this not because it is good because he is quote “an talking ass” like you.

          • Anonymous

            Lefties like to dish it out, but they sure can’t take it!  Not quite so funny when the shoe is on the other foot?  Too bad.

  • J Cole

    A Typical Morning with Stu in Glennbeckistan:

    1) Shortly after arriving at work, engage in discreet homosexual behavior with fellow all-white co-workers.

    2) Eat some type of Mexican breakfast burrito from Chipotle (but then
    claim to hate all latinos because they are ALL somehow ‘illegals’)

    3) Two hours into work, finally sit down in a dark basement and start getting on the ‘radio’ (internet).

    4) Call Obama a racist (with no proof) and blame him for everything
    wrong in America. Blame liberals for everything wrong with America.
    Blame godlessness for everything wrong with America. (Because of course,
    it’s never anyone ELSE’s fault, right?)

    5) Race-bait and go off on a bigoted, sexist rant.

    6) Whine and complain about the ‘liberal worldwide media’ without
    realizing that you are the one who is not in touch with the rest of the
    world, not the other way around.

    7) Stroke your own hubris by thinking that you will eventually be back on TV and in the spotlight.

    8) Cry about your dead dog for 45 minutes.

    9) Repeat steps 4-8 until your listeners finally tune you out for the day.

    10) Work a total of 5 hours on any given work day when the rest of  ‘welfare America’ is pulling 50+ hour work weeks.

    11) Go home to your ugly wife and kids, and somehow think that your sick views are even relevant in today’s society.

    • Tom Musso

      I bet that took you all day to write and that you wrote it in your underwear while sitting in your mother’s basement – where you currently live.

    • Anonymous

      From your posts, you sure are jealous.  People who spew so much vile hatred are insecure and jealous of anyone who has any type of success as they feel like such failures in their own lives.  IDIOT.

    • Anonymous

      How dare you talk about our beloved president like this?  He intends to stop blaming Bush for everything as soon as Hell freezes over!

  • J Cole

    I wonder which of these Beckinites is going to self-implode first?

    Just wait till the next black (or god forbid WOMAN) president is elected. LOL

    White America is dead, it sowed its own racist fate many, many years ago. Enjoy!

    • bumpkin

      I thought perhaps.  You are self evident, Cole.   Some folk are just not meant to be heard in public.  I am sure we all get that you were paid to come here and stink-up the joint so we would all leave, huh.  I have been around death before, Cole, and it does not intimidate me, regardless of the stench.  Get over yourself.  You are NOT important. 

    • Anonymous

      J Cole, Self-emolate already

    • Anonymous

       Hey cole–your ignorance is showing.  There are many fine leaders in this world who ARE WOMEN.  And America is far from being dead.

    • Anonymous

       Here is a FACT CHECK for you…you are not as great as you seem to think you are.

    • Anonymous

       Speaking of self-imploding….you sure are doing a great job of it all by yourself.

  • bumpkin

    Go to bed earlier, Stu!  And get over the dog.  Embarrassing!    Too much information.   So, on really cold nights, on three-dog nights, do you snatch the neighbor-dogs?  Are you asking the listeners to pity you and make you a quilt, too?  Not ONE word did I hear about eternally grateful for having a job, and Glenn being the reason why.  Arrogant brat!    TSK!  TSK!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was rather funny–I’ve had those days myself!

  • suz

    i gotta back-stabbing brutes too…my chihuahua.  yes, b-r-u-t-e-s anagram buster.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Stu deserves a vacation. It’s hard having a little newborn.

  • Stu Feils

    I’m not a morning person at all…so I feel for Stu….

    However, I’d get up as early as I had to, every day, to work for Glenn.  I’d wash floors and scrub toilets just to be on his staff.

    • Anonymous

      would you fellate Glenn as he defecated into the toilet? That’s what he used to do when he did not have enough cash for his dope fix

  • Anonymous

    Stu: Put Beck’s balls back in your mouth and be a good little 9/12ers

  • Anonymous

    Beck’s such a petty person… bet he makes the worst boss.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or is it worng that we as tax payer have to pay for campain trips for Obama when he isn’t runing for any thing. It seems to me if he is campaining to get control of the House, then thoughs who ar campaing should pay for Obama to come out and give a speech for that campain.

    • Anonymous

      Did you complain when Wet Fart Bush was flying around on AF1, or did this just come to you since Obama is President? (Obama was elected by the people, by the way)

      • Anonymous

        Funny how you lefties like to compare a Bush working vacation on his ranch (that’s in the U.S. you know) to Obummer taking a vacation half way around the world while his wife and kids take another in some other part of the world (total cost 10 times what Bush spent).  That’s comparing apples to apples!  No wonder the country is on the verge of financial colapse.  Get a clue. 

  • Glen2Gs

    Steven (oh I’m sorry, they don’t call him by his REAL Name, they call him by his SPECIAL Indian Name,”Stu”….It’s native american…means ” NO Talent JERK”)

    Anyway, “Stu” hasn’t a CLUE and I’ve been listening to Glenn since before he went national, 

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that Beck has this cartoonish violent image on the homepage of his website on Easter sunday, but no Easter greetings

  • Anonymous

    Glenn probably does not make Stu suck on his sack. April Fools!

  • Anonymous

    J Cole. Your obscenities are a hindrance to a civil conversation. You can talk smack all you want behind that computer screen but; my concern is that one day you will slip up and say that to someone’s face and wind up getting yours re-arranged. It’s your face. Do as you please.

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