Gov. Rick Perry talks Obamacare in Texas

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On radio this morning, Joe Pags spoke with Texas Governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry is facing serious backlash from many on the left who are accusing him of trying to kill Texas citizens by not conforming to certain Obamacare standards. Get Perry’s reaction in the clip above.

  • landofaahs

    Look for a loophole.  I mean, could you vote for the implementation of it and then vote it ou the same day and still have completed the agreement if not the spirit of it?  Just askin’.  

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I’m not sure that could be done. One problem in that matter is, once it was passed, there may then be steps the federal government could take to keep it intact even if it was repealed.

      • landofaahs

        When the Feds can no longer pay off the states to do their dirty work, that is the time to wind things back and kick the feds out. How can anyone think such an evil entity can be restored? DC is so corrupt and out of touch with mainstream thought, it’s ridiculous.

  • Draxx

    Dependence is no good for anyone, whether it is Physical, Mental, Monetary…

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Exactly, even with God, we are to have a firm reliance in Him by faith and through grace; HE will see us and hear us and help us, but we have oru part to do as well.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The enslavement of people to government dependency kills inititive, morale, willpower and all desire. All that it ensures is the continuance of more misery, division, envy and control and power over the people of our nation.

    Governor Perry needs to stand strong against the opposition and people need to support him.

    • Charlotte Preston

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  • RB

    Why do we allow this illusion to continue? We need to stop giving them power over us!
    They need our money to continue their agenda.  satan is a liar and deceiver & we need to
    stand together in Truth! Please Open Your Eyes. We need to remove the labels Democrat and Republican and see how their actions effect the environment we live in. LOVE is the answer,
    we are all family, help each other when you are able so we are no longer dependent on the
    government (Govern Men). Thanks for reading, spread the love!

  • bartolome san096

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  • Scott Todd

    Closed circuit to whoever sets the controls on the telco gear- you might want to increase the AGC a bit and back off the gating on the phone hybrid.  (Yeah, I’ve worked in talk radio!)

  • Anonymous

    Gov. Perry I live in Texas – born and raised and you need to be strong and stand on your principles.  We are behind you, keep doing the right thing.

    • Anonymous

      I live in Texas too, and you so-called “Christians” who want to turn away the children and the sick are going to be booted out of government just like in the rest of the country. 

      • Kammie Louden Renfro

        Oh,you forgot throwing Granny off the cliff…your so beyond ignorant..that I can’t even think of an insult that is STUPID enough for either grip your ears firmly and pull your head out of your ass or get the HELL outta my state and take all your Liberal brain dead family members and buddies with you..we don’t want you here to morally and financially bankrupt us like California or Detroit…seriously,Liberalism is a EFFING MENTAL DISORDER! you people should NOT be allowed to vote much less breed,you know,what goes around, comes around and I hope that it hits all you Liberals twice as f**KING hard!

    • Kammie Louden Renfro

      I was also born and raised in Texas (a native) and not only does he need to stand strong but he needs to go as far as to reject and or over turn Obamacare here in Texas.

  • Anonymous

    If we had a Supreme Court that was Constitutional we would not have Obamacare right now

  • Sam Fisher

    See Obamacare was sold to us as a one cure all bill but it is so far from the truth that it is shocking that Obama got reelected. He came in like a snake oil sales man and the people still voted the lair and chief back in.

  • GNH

    Nullify, defund, or repeal Obamacare. Whatever it takes. Ignore the whiners.

  • Anonymous

    Governor Perry don’t give a s**t weather poor people have healthcare or not let them die after all he sighed off on 260+ executions. Perry is a fool and is joined in TX by Louie Gohmert, Ted Poe, WTF is it with you TX Voters

  • Anonymous

    Most people remember this Gov. Rick Perry quote: “Oops”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Perry made up his mind while bleaching his hood at “niggerhead”?

    Again, I am not surprised.  Glenn associating himself with a proven racist!!!

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