Black Conservatives talk GOP outreach, education, and racism from the left

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It was just a couple years ago that Glenn invited Americans from all across the country to join him in the nation’s capital from Restoring Honor. Dana Loesch was there covering the event. While filling in for Glenn last night, she explained that she witnessed a group of “trust fund socialists”…you know, the white Angle-Saxon Protestant “hipsters” who can afford to preach about wealth redistribution, because they’re busy spending their parents money. While interviewing Michael Warns and a large group of black Republicans after the event, this group of “socialists” came over and began shouting out the conservative group, saying “you should be ashamed of what you’re doing to your people.”

Dana also shared a story from the summer of 2009 when she was attending a town hall meeting in her home state of Missouri. As she was leaving the event, she witnessed the beating of a man named Kenneth Gladney. An African-American man who was being attacked by union members who profiled him as a black conservative for selling Gadsen flaws and pins. The thing is, the first time Dana saw Gladney was outside of an Obama event where he was selling Obama merchandise.

“He’s a capitalist. What he believed was irrelevant. He was beaten in a parking lot for coming across as a black conservative,” Dana said. “He never received justice, and I haven’t seen him selling his wares at an event since.”

And that’s just two of many examples in recent history of how black conservatives are treated by the left. They’re labeled traitors, frauds, and worse simply for speaking out against the growing size of the government — the very thing their ancestors fought so hard to free them from.

Last night on the Glenn Beck Program, Dana was joined by ZoNation’s AlfonZo Rachel, blogger Wayne Depree, President of the Frederick Douglass Republicans K. Carl Smith, and actor & conservative commentator Joseph C. Phillips to discuss the labels and tactics the left has used to defined the black community and how conservatives can begin to win the propaganda battle.

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“Everything is racist nowadays. Do you feel that the word has almost kind of lost all meaning?” Dana asked. “It seems any sort of dissent with any policy, anything, is somehow suddenly racist.”

While racism obviously still exists in America and around the world, Dana’s point is that, the individuals experiencing real racism in our country being marginalized because of the faux racism being painted on everything by the far left. It’s shutting down the conversation of policy in struggling inner cities and painting the entire concept of conservatism as racist.

As pointed out by the guests, the truth is that most African Americans poll conservatively — they just don’t vote that way. Despite the overwhelming polling data that shows the black community as pro-life and for traditional marriage, President Obama was elected with an overwhelming percentage of the black vote.

“Let’s just say what’s really going on here is that the left understands something that we on the right, the Republican Party specifically, has yet to get through its thick skull, which is that black people speak the language of race. Black people vote primarily on one issue, which is the issue of race,” Phillips stated. “Since when I came into the party and was campaigning with Bush, Ken Mehlman was head of the RNC and did something very similar as to what the GOP is talking about doing now, spending a lot of money going out, trying to reach into the black community. They’re going to talk about values. They’re going to talk about all of these things. It will not work, because black people do not vote on values; they vote on race.”

“They don’t vote conservatively,” he added. “The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day, and let me just finish this, black people will go to church, and they will say they oppose abortion. They will say they oppose homosexual marriage, that they are for gun rights, that they are for school vouchers, etc., etc., etc. And then they will go to the voting booth, and they will put in office Democrats who will vote against all of those issues.”

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Another important factor playing into this is education. Real African American history isn’t being taught in America’s public schools. Students aren’t learning who Frederick Douglass is or the events that lead up to the Civil Rights act — who was for it, who was against it.

“You know, when you look at the places that have high school dropouts, high high school dropout rates, high incarceration rates, high teen pregnancy, so on and so forth, low test scores, and all these sort of things, well, who do you think is running these communities, these things that you have this state of discontent? It’s the Democrats, and you get a chance to, you know, like one thing I’ll say about, you know, how we’re promoting this stuff in the communities, the problem is going up against groupthink,” AlfonZo explained. “You know, you go into a big discussion, you know, we want to go in there, we’re going to, you know, ride in, and we’re going to talk to these people. It ain’t gonna happen, because who wants to be the first to step forward and say let’s do this? Well, they don’t want to be the Uncle Tom in the group, right?”

It’s obvious what the problem is, what’s the solution?

Dana pointed out that there is almost no Republican presence in the inner-cities. And because of that, no Republican outreach. However there are OFA offices and DNC outreach offices all over the cities. Because of gerrymandered districts and almost a zero possibility of winning an election, the GOP doesn’t even try to have influence in these areas.

How does the GOP begin to spread some seeds in an area where it isn’t welcomed?

“Innovation, it’s a party of supply and demand and commercialism. If we’re going to do these things, and we’re going to sell it, you know, then you have to figure out creative ways to say, Okay I’ve got to exercise my creativity to be able to connect with you. You know, but there’s also – I mean, and there has to be ways to, you know, I understand, it’s like they go in and say, Okay, well, you’re the evil businessman, and you must have some other agenda, and you must have some sort of ulterior motive. I understand that there’s a whole bunch of suspicions to deal with,” AlfonZo said.

“Guess what, everybody’s got a cross to bear, and everybody’s got some sort of cross to bear that’s going to feel like it’s unfair, you know? Hey, it was unfair that, you know, we were slaves. But, you know, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder about that, because I think everybody around the world has experienced some sort of servitude, so, you know, let’s not, you know, carry any of that.

But there’s always going to be somebody, some faction, some organization, some race, some religion, that’s always going to have some unfair cross that they have to bear. Get over it, get your behind in there, and get into this fight.”

But that’s not always realistic. Joseph Phillips points out that the Republican Party isn’t going to invest money in areas that cannot win. It’s going to be up to organizations in the communities, in media, and people who can put boots on the ground in these neighborhoods.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here in the article we see the well-established truth of the Democrats – slavery unto the Federal government by their party for many of our nations people. 

    They have perfected their messages of control and influence using – race, class, wealth, bigotry, anger, hatred and the power they fight to hold onto in the government to expand and dominate all they can.

    That is the ultimate goal of the Progressives and the Democratic Socialists and Communists: total control and total power over everyone with them alone being immune, under a one-party rules system.

    • landofaahs

      Sadly some people are comfortable in their slavery.  They are slaves and don’t even know it.  They have deceived themselves into thinking that their slavery is actually liberation.  The chains of slavery were deliberately put on  the slaves by the slaves themselves.  All the slave holders had to do is make the path to slavery the easiest course to take.

      • Anonymous

        Debt is the biggest slaveholder of all, and it is not forced!

        • Brittany John

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          • Anonymous

            Why can’t Disqus moderators put this stupid “” URL for these spammers into their AUTO-REJECT database and put a stop to these annoying spams?

      • Anonymous

        Speaking of slavery comfort, how much is the monthly subscription to TheBlaze.TV? People are actually PAYING Beck to mouthfart this bullshit

        • Robert W. Rivera

           Be quiet pansy, I could gut you with a marshmallow.

          • Anonymous

            Glenn Beck looks like a marshmallow dipped in paste

    • Anonymous

      Sin makes us a debtor to our Creator and the ones we harm. We are guilty and a slave to Highest Court in our mind until the debt is paid. Ignorance is no excuse. 

      We can sometimes postpone settlement on those debts if we hang out with others like us, take antidepressants, or stay high on drugs or alcohol. Our choice! 

      Ultimately the debt will be paid. 

      • David Whitmore

         Very uplifting, J.L.  I bet you’re a huge draw at cocktail parties.

        • Anonymous

          You nailed it! When I share ideas about the conversation at any party most split off like the Blue Angles. Most call me “socially insensitive”.

          What do they call you?

    • Anonymous

      And the liberal hatred of the military who provide that freedom and their ability to speak-out. Yet they deny that freedom to a vet and ask him to leave.
      Google this story.
      Muslims complain about Disabled Iraq War Vet’s ‘Infidel’ tattoo; War Vet removed from premises… in Florida!

      • Anonymous

        Haha, I’d get an Infidel tattoo just to show people that muslims can’t take a joke.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Interesting how history has returned in full force: the original Republican party helped end the evils of physical slavery and its institutions, and now the conservatives have to end the nightmare of enslavement by many by the Democrats and the Federal government.

  • landofaahs

    Frankly I don’t agree with the “Outreach strategy”.  Just explain to everyone why you are for freedom and personal responsibility and let the chips fall where they may.  When you start pandering to groups, you end up facilitating the same kind of crony govt and economic policy that has brought us to financial, political and moral ruin. 

  • landofaahs

    Most of congress and the court system along with the president have committed adultery with the union of states through their disregard for the fidelity to the constitution as a contract with the states and people.  It is Biblical that divorce is allowed in the case of adultery.

  • Sam Fisher

    I love Zonation that being said liberals have to paint us as racist so that other races will not vote for the GOP but they are just being used as political slaves for liberal elites. Illegal immigrants are prefect examples of this. The left call us racist because we want to stop illegals from coming in but at the same time enslave them to mediocre jobs that can’t buy you anything and sex slavery but yet because we let the liberals call us racist for not calling out their B.S. they don’t see their enslavement by the unions and liberal elites. We need to call out liberal race baiting whenever they try it because bigger government means slavery for all races.

  • Jason Shrout

    Let’s get this straight first… There is no such thing as an African-American unless they have dual citizenship.  

  • Anonymous

    It is not conservatives that are racist, the only people who bring this issue up are Black Democrats that want to make money form the issue and Liberal Democrats that think they will gain from it politically. Using racism to discuss issues to win a conversation is the most digusting thing a Democrat can do!

  • Anonymous

    Forget the African America. Forget the Latinos even…
    Asian Americans are the highest educated and highest earning racial demographic in America…
    and they voted for Obama by an 80-20 percent margin. 
    And Asian Americans are a demographic that is growing very, VERY fast.

    The GOP would love to pretend that minorities are democrats because they want “hand-outs.” (And in saying that sort of stuff they ensure that minorities will ALWAYS be democrats.) 

    Hand outs? So that Asian American who graduated from Stanford and is making $180,000 is after a handout, huh?

    • Anonymous

       Oh please.  Whites receive more federal benefits than anybody.  I don’t care what you’re color is, if you work for what you get, republican or democrat, I can work with you.  If you sit around on your butt waiting for someone to bail you out, white or not, I don’t want you on my side even if it means I lose.

      2 Thessalonians 3:10

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if you personally feel this way but…wherever I travel to, wherever I appear around my town and so forth…most liberals almost everywhere have a notion that you have to be a racist to vote for anything GOP.  Personally I think about half of all liberals are very well meaning, and the other half are completely and utterly misinformed about conservative politics and act very nasty about it.  You completely made up the musing about minorities voting for Obama to get handouts.  You’ve made the segue way all on your own here.  I think minority people vote however the hell they want to, and it’s none of my business how they vote individually, but I know that they vote as human beings and US citizens, just like me.

  • Rex Stevenson

    They’re absolutely right. Blacks vote race. Period. They get all pumped on “black pride” in a man who isn’t even a black American. He’s Kenyan, and he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth by his white mother and grandparents. He’s never gone hungry, never lived in a slum, never been victimized by ghetto thugs, never experienced a drive-by shooting, and always had plenty of money to buy his illegal drugs and narcotics and attend Ivy League colleges. But he pretends to be one of them to get their vote …. just as he pretends to be a Christian. The guy is lower than whale poop on the bottom of the sea, and everything about him is fabricated. 

  • Rex Stevenson

    Obama’s Impeachable Kenyan


    To be
    precise, and according to a special 2008 ABC News Radio report, in 2006 then
    Senator Barack Obama violated U.S. Federal Law (the Logan Act, which
    specifically forbids interference in foreign elections and government
    policy-making by American politicians), by actively campaigning for his Muslim
    cousin, Raila Odinga. In fact, his blatant interference was such that he was officially
    asked to leave the country by the Kenyan government.


    But his
    interference didn’t stop there. According to the African Press, secret emails
    between Obama and Odinga on “how to rig elections, cry voter fraud if
    losing, and then call for riots in the streets” were also exchanged.
    (Available on YouTube; Washington Times article 10-12-08.)


    Then, in
    December 2007, when Odinga lost the presidential election, Obama suggested to
    his cousin that the election had been rigged … and then all hell broke loose.
    And during the next two months there was widespread theft, vandalism, looting,
    sexual violence, and numerous atrocities. A subsequent UN report stated that
    Odinga’s Muslim followers burned more than 300 Christian churches, displaced
    over 500,000 people, destroyed 42,000 houses and farms, and slaughtered nearly
    1,500 Christians, most of whom were innocent women and children who they first
    raped, sodomized, and then beheaded with machetes.


    Odinga ran
    for president again this year, and this time Obama pressured and manipulated
    the U.N. International Criminal Court into falsely accusing his opponent, Uhuru
    Kenyatta, of criminal charges relating to the 2007 tribal violence that claimed
    nearly 2,000 lives – when in fact it was Odinga’s Muslim followers who went on
    a nationwide killing rampage. Obama then instructed U.S. State Department
    Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, to issue a
    pre-election warning that “choices have consequences,” a statement widely
    interpreted as a thinly veiled threat by the Obama administration that Kenyan
    voters should back Odinga against the more popular Kenyatta.


    The Kenyan
    presidential election took place on March 13, 2013, and Raila Odinga again
    lost, this timeby a margin of 51% to 43%, to Christian candidate Uhura
    Kenyatta, the son of Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president (1964–1978). But
    once again, Odinga claimed “voter fraud” and demanded a recount.


    Why did
    Obama intentionally violate the Logan Act (2006-2007 and again in 2012-2013),
    illegally fund Odinga’s campaign, and make false allegations against Uhuru
    Kenyatta? Is it because Obama and Odinga are both members of the same Muslim
    Luo tribe, or is there more to it than that? Why was Obama seemingly driven to
    destroy the challenger and elevate his cousin to office? Why would Obama risk
    his political career and impeachment by deliberately violating U.S. federal
    law, Kenyan law, and International law?”


    The answer
    will come as a shock to those who support Barack Obama, but not so to those of
    us who recognize him for the cunning, deceitfully clever, compassionless, and
    very dangerous criminal that he has repeatedly proven himself to be.


    Obama Sr. is the central figure of his son’s memoir, Dreams from My Father
    (1995), and on pp. 214-216 Obama states that conflict with President Jomo
    Kenyatta destroyed his father’s political career. “After Kenyatta fired my
    father he was blacklisted in Kenya,
    found it impossible to get work, and his life deteriorated into drinking and


    Get the
    picture? Barack Obama and Raila Odinga were motivated by the desire to destroy
    the son (Uhuru Kenyatta) of the man (Jumo Kenyatta) who had destroyed the
    political careers of their fathers (Barack Obama Sr. and Jaramogi Odinga) – and
    Obama used and abused his office as President of the United States to influence
    the free democratic election process in a sovereign foreign nation in a vicious
    and vindictive act of family and tribal vengeance.


  • GNH

    Can the GOP ever win back the African American vote?

    It’s not up to the so-called GOP to win them back. That vote will only move to the right when they realize the DNC is the real slave-holder. By design, DNC trains those voters to sit down, shut up, and vote Democrat. They have a very elaborate system of bribes and promises in place, which are irresistible to that segment of the population.

    • Anonymous

      What we need to WIN BACK is the confused and/or alienated and/or not-paying-attention and/or “holier than thou religious right” VOTERS.

      It is a ridiculous waste of time to try to “win” the Black or Hispanic or Gay vote! “Not gonna happen.” Selling their souls by acquiescing to and embracing political stances that are totally at-odds with Conservative/traditional stances is shooting themselves–and USA–in the foot.

  • Anonymous

    slavery maverly, it happened lets get over it! as an american of african decent we all need to thank our lucky stars that we were not born in that time! right now is one of the greatest times in american history to be of african decent! our ancestors who died and fought for our freedom has to be highly dissapointed in our progress as a people! they would love to be in our shoes right now. now i am not saying that racism is over and we can all live happily ever after! racism will never be over as long as people don’t respect one another that’s bottom line point blank! my point is let’s stop making excuses about why we can’t get ahead! let’s face it no matter who is in office, they will do whatever they want and we the people have no say in it. all we can do is vote the bum out and bring in another bum! we are in the matrix people! have you woke up yet! or are still going with the flow! this country was the greatest in the world at one time now we are barely hanging on, our school system sucks, it’s going to be a revolution from the people, i don’t know when, but it’s coming if the government don’t get it’s act together and fast! people should not fear the government, government should fear the people!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite baseball player is Hank Aaron, not because he’s black, because he’s an Atlanta Brave, he’s a good man, and he’s the home run king of baseball.  When I tell a baseball fan he’s my favorite player of all time, people don’t think that opinion is because he’s black.  I can’t stand Barry Bonds, not because he’s black, but because he’s a cheater and a jerk to his team.  Why is it, nobody thinks I’m a racist because of these opinions, but when I say I like Allen West because he believes in small government, low taxes, and personal freedoms, people think I only like him because he’s black?  When I say I don’t like Obama because he’s dishonest, anti-imperialist, and values redistribution of wealth and other Marxist ideals, I’m accused of being a KKK member.  People always remember Dr. Kings line about not judging people by the color of their skin, but always forget that the last part of that sentence is, “but by the content of their character.”  Liking or disliking someone doesn’t make you racist.  Liking or disliking someone BECAUSE of their race makes you a racist.  Why can nobody on the left figure that out?

    • Anonymous

      Because race baiting sells Communism quite well.

  • Take 2

    Obviously, black Christian’s are overtly blind to Obama’s true Communist-Islamist
    African African roots. What is not to understand that the professed Christian’s
    “actions” are a HUGE BLACK lie.  Its disappointing that Blacks failed to
    get i.e. see the 2/3 DNC Vote that clearly removed God from the Democrat
    plat form/party. Sorry, no excuses if you are a Dem that the actual 2/3 Vote
    was overruled by Obama in the back room.

  • pjm42744

    They can win both the Black and Hispanic vote by representing them. They must show that they want to create jobs for them with very high unemployment numbers that should be easy. The problem is the Republicans want the same thing as the democrats cheap labor and a socialist government where people are dependant on them by granting amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform. Acting like a democrat may help get their vote but they will lose mine if they put either open border Rand or Rubio on their ballot. They must select someone who loves this country and respects the American people

  • bull57

    I guess who cares if the blacks come back to the GOP. They are dems now so any that come to the GOP is a plus. Stay the course with our conservative agenda and the workers and the blacks that want a better life will step over to the our side. The ones that want freebies will always be dems so why should we change. I’m tired of handing out freebies to those who can earn and work there way in life!

  • Take 2

    It is very possible that if General Lee were able to do it all over again that he would preferred uniting the Governors to deal with Congressional s representing their individual States  vs control of commodities at a federal level i.e. Taxation & forced regulation an example Health Care rules and cost and now an individual’s ‘right’ to guns and ammo e.g., Federal guns ammo and murder coverup’s is sublime.

    Again, Grey Davis got kicked in Ca. for abusing and over spending why not Barry Obama or boa Hussein Barack.        

  • LaDon Deatherage

    I grew up in a predominantly Black middle class Christian area of Oklahoma City. I want to reach out to Blacks and to Latinos (I am a fluent Spanish speaker) who I know share my conservative values but don’t realize the Republican Party matches those values more closely. I’m a recovering liberal and completely understand how leftist propaganda works to evoke emotional Democrat voting. I believe we can be an unstoppable force by 2014 and 2016 if we manage our message. The GOP is the REAL party of the people; the party that cares and embraces everyone!

  • Anonymous

    To say that blacks voted for Obama only because Obama is black is to overlook the fact that blacks have ALWAYS voted democratic. It’s not like Clinton, Carter, and other dems didn’t also get the black vote.

    Besides, if it was just about race, we’d see blacks flocking to Herman Cain, Alan West, Alan Keyes, etc.
    And the GOP has even had some sane blacks, like Michael Steele and Condi Rice….but even that didn’t win them any black support.

    But now the GOP is going to try and win Latinos by dangling Rubio and Cruz out there—that’s not going to work any better.

  • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

    The GOP will never get the black vote because they will never understand. It was them who left the black community. When the Democrats grew up ans supported civil rights where did the dixiecrats go and run to? The Republican Party. At least admit that republitards and maybe you’ll get one or two votes. 

  • Anonymous

    WHY is everybody afraid of being called a RACIST???

    JUST LAUGH, and continue on with your stance.

    –Good grief! 

  • Anonymous

    It is so refreshing to hear black conservatives talk. America is on the verge of creating a regulatory dictatorship where your vote will mean about as much as it does in Russia. We really need black people to get involved in this fight. The government just keeps getting bigger and stronger.and we need every available person to stop that trend.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right! Let’s pray the black community somehow gets in touch with the leadership of Dr. Ben Carson. Turning difficulties into success would be a miracle worth watching.

  • landofaahs

    If the law of love from God above, lives in each heart, then no other laws are needed.

  • Anonymous

    This is because it’s a black/white thing? Anyone really think that? It’s an American thing! There’s a faction out there trying to destroy our way of life and they are using the
    Blackman as an excuse to do it. Blacks are nothing if not loyal; My guess is they are out there scratching their heads also wondering what happened. I hear them saying, “I didn’t vote for him the second time; How did he get in if all my friends and family didn’t vote for him again?”
    They are not stupid….like the rest of us, What the “bleep” happen again?!!!

  • Adam

    Sadly some people are comfortable in their slavery. +100500

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