Is North Korea funding their government with drugs?

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Doc Thompson filled in for Glenn on radio today and added some unique perspective to the North Korea situation. Doc’s wife and her family are from South Korea and know first hand what it’s like to live next door to maniacal strong men dictators. Hear all about the structures built to stop invasions, how they are suspected to use drugs to fund the government, and more in the clip above.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Its been established that part of their financing system is involved in counterfeit US currency; the same being with drugs, arms and the like would be no big shock.

    • landofaahs

      We need another war to blame the coming economic collapse on, just like Kim dung uhn or whatever his name is, needs an enemy to keep his people from blaming the govt. for their crappy lives. One thing is for sure.  All the govts are corrupt to the core. 

      • Picassolette

        I agree, but we only have ourselves to blame here because we ALLOW IT.

    • Brittany John

      just before I saw the paycheck which had said $6495, I did not believe …that…my neighbours mother woz like they say actually bringing in money in there spare time online.. there uncle has done this 4 less than 13 months and as of now cleard the dept on their villa and bought themselves a Lotus Elise. I went here, .

  • landofaahs

    It may come as somewhat of a shock to people but many claim that  the black pentagon defense budget comes partly from illicit drug money.  It’s just a rumor of course. But it would explain how some drug dealers get taken down and yet there seems to be plenty of drugs available.

  • Draxx

    How many governments throughout  history have made monetary gains from the sales of drugs, just because it may be illegal in one country doesn’t mean other countries feel like it is an illicit thing…

  • Sam Fisher

    I heard half the drugs go to their propaganda department. 

  • Rex Stevenson

    It’s long been known that North Korea is trading nuclear weapons technology for Afghan cocaine and Iranian oil.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck used to suck his cocaine dealer off when he did not have cash for coke

    • Pamela Peltonen

      So what if he did? People can change and that’s the important thing.

      • Anonymous

        Just saying, for perspective, that the guy whose name is on this website was fueled by drugs and alcohol for many years before he let crazy take over 

        • Anonymous

          So, just for fun, white dimples, I clicked on your profile and checked your recent activity of over 200 posts. It is all pure hatred and ignorance. Do you not  yet know who Glenn Beck fans are? They are tolerant and more importantly, educated. Not necessarily book smart (though most of them are), but educated with the truth. Unless you are getting money to spam these forums, why do people like you bring your hatred and anger here? 

          You will not convince a single Glenn Beck supporter to go over to your side with this garbage. However, if you could suppress your anger for just a few minutes, maybe you could try actually listening to Glenn Beck, figure out where you believe he is wrong, and then write a clear and articulate post in this forum where you blast him on his positions rather than what you are told about him from other like minded individuals who are literally getting paid to trash talk Mr. Beck. 

          Your comments would have more weight to them if you could do this, but I can already tell you in advance, he is very solid on his facts.

          Good luck with your journey of seeking the truth rather than perpetuating propaganda.

          • Anonymous

            Whitepimples is a foul mouth, Disgusting individual that needs our prayers. He is the person I read about when in the Word that says love one another. It’s never easy to be a Christian when a person like this exists.

        • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    They may be selling dope but I would guess they’re sampling the product as well!

  • Pamela Peltonen

    A strategic strike on the US could unleash the rioting and civil unrest Obama has been praying for. Then the top can come down on us and Obama will look like the hero trying to save the people of the US.

  • landofaahs

    The ability of man to deceive himself, is beyond comprehension.  —-Enil Selnad

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