Hello America,

I’ve been out on vacation this week with the family visiting friends and working with the American Dream Labs team on The Man in the Moon. I have some exciting updates that I’ll share with you Monday on the radio show. But I wanted to write you all a note to just say “Thank you” to everyone who has participated in our “Get TheBlaze” campaign over the past few weeks and encourage you to keep making your voice heard. I’d also like to ask those of you who haven’t contacted your TV provider to take a few minutes today and make your voice heard by requesting that TheBlaze be added to your channel lineup.

We’ve had 97,000 people contact their TV providers via e-mail, 43,000 place phone calls, and countless numbers of posts on Facebook and Twitter. Those are incredible numbers, and I’m so very blessed to have such an actively engaged audience.

Just last week, we announced four new TV providers that have listened to YOU, their customers, and added TheBlaze to their channel lineup: Blue Ridge Communications (the nation’s 21st largest cable operator), BEK Communications, Sweetwater Cable Television and Atwood Cable. Those are just the first wave of new providers, and I’m excited that they’ve joined DISH Network in giving their customers the choice of TheBlaze.

In addition to the four new providers, there is some movement with other groups interested in adding TheBlaze. Unfortunately, my staff has sworn me to secrecy – and are most likely reading this e-mail now to make sure I don’t slip up – but we are making some movement with other providers and it is truly all because of your phone calls, e-mails, tweets, and Facebook posts.

And yet, despite your phone calls, there are still some out there who are not listening. On Facebook, most of the major TV providers are delivering generic responses and links off their page to make sure your messages don’t go viral. Meanwhile, the Executive team at TheBlaze, who are working day and night to get our channel into your homes, are being told that there isn’t enough interest or they aren’t looking to add any new channels until at least 2015.

Look, I’m behind a microphone three hours every morning having a conversation with an audience of millions. I think if I gave responses like that to the people who were investing their time and their money into my product and my company I would be left on a street corner speaking into a tin cup.

I’ve always said that I have one of the best audiences in the world, and that’s because we treat one another with mutual respect and we are working together, you and I, toward a common goal: The restoration of America and everything that made it great. Everything I do, I do it because I want to reconnect us all with the things that made this country great. The things that made us good. And TheBlaze is going to be play a big role in how I personally will do this. Everyone has their role to play in life, their own way that they will contribute to this common goal. This is mine.

But I need your help, because only YOU can make these giant media companies pay attention.

Here are three ways that you can help us get the attention of these TV providers: 

  1. Call 1-800-996-2529. We will connect you directly to your cable company. By far, this is the most impactful thing you can do because it directly impacts their bottom line and you’ll be dealing directly with an employee of your TV provider.
  2. Post a message on your TV providers Facebook page. We’ve got a list of links to most of them HERE. This is a way to publicly show your support for TheBlaze and a way to spread the message to other people and get them to join our cause.
  3. Send an e-mail. We’ve made it quick and easy, just click HERE and we’ll help you make your voice heard in just a few minutes.
Let’s show them that there is demand for a network that deals in truth and that there are people out there in the country who want another option than what is currently being offered by CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera America, and all the rest.Again, and I cannot say it enough, thank you for your dedication and your support. 

Laus Deo,