The Wonderful World of Stu is making its comeback next Saturday at 10:30pm ET on TheBlaze TV. With Glenn on vacation this week, we asked Stu to take the reins of to tell you about all the exciting stuff he has planned for the new season!

Hello America,

When the truth is being spun, someone has to shine light on the lies.

Let me give you a good example.  Last week, I was in a meeting to discuss the best ways to promote the return of my show The Wonderful World of Stu on April 13th.  There were lots of great ideas thrown around, and then, one strange one: “What if Stu took over one day while Glenn is on vacation?” Sure, that might sound like a good idea, and it seems like a great way to let everyone know that my little baby show has been (re)born. But you can’t stop at the surface. You have to continue to dig.

Interestingly, the idea came from the two people specifically responsible for the content of THIS website. The bottom line: They get a day off, while I have to work on my vacation.

So, you can look at this little message as a heads up that The Wonderful World of Stu is returning on April 13th at 10:30pm ET on TheBlaze TV.  

Or, you can look past that embarrassingly false façade, and see the truth.  The website people wanted a day off, and I get stuck writing my own intro for the magnificent television genius you’ll see in the free highlights below.

The truth has no agenda.  The people who run however, definitely have one.

– Stu

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Editor’s note: Ok, so asking Stu to reach out and connect with YOU, the fans, to talk about his new show may not have been the best idea I’ve ever had. I figured after taking off so much time a few weeks ago for maternity leave would have left him eager to keep working. By the way, has anyone out there actually seen Ainslee – or is she just an elaborate trick Stu played on everyone for a few extra days off? I digress…onto the “highlights” from the pilot season of The Wonderful World of Stu!

Hot Girl, Conservative Monologue
Is the conservative viewpoint more palatable when it’s delivered by a beautiful woman? Yup.

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Remember all that talk about food deserts? Oh no, little Timmy doesn’t have an organic vegetable farm across the street – how will he EVER survive? Stu takes a trip to a food desert in the New York Rockaways, and what he found was SHOCKING. This is investigative reporting that you won’t find anywhere but The Wonderful World of Stu!

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Anti-Social: Gun Control
Do you hate going on  Facebook and seeing your idiot friends post story after story about the horrors of guns? The truth is, people tend to fall for the misleading opinions-disguised-as-facts from people like Piers Morgan than actually do any real research. But guess what! Stu has the truth, and it’s delivered in a way even your uninformed friends can handle.

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Great Moments in Progressive History: Lib Mayor takes down Tea Party “fascist”
Free health insurance. Plenty of vegetables. Strong bonds between city hall and the local unions. Sounds like a sunny paradise, right? What happens when Tea Party candidate Mayor McFascist gets involved and threatens to inject a little common sense?