Photos of Joseph Smith’s pocket watch

Glenn will share the story of this amazing piece of history today on the radio show. He plans to display this watch among other historical items during Independence Week in Salt Lake City.

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Interesting for its value as a part of history. 

    To me that is as far as it goes, other than being connected to a historical figure and is a model of watchmaking history in and of itself, it is just a watch.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, did con man Glenn Beck buy con man Joseph Smith’s pocket bauble? It’s really too bad Beck could not have actually sucked on Smith’s balls

  • Sharmane

     I see the basement dweller is back with the inane and schoolyard bully comments.

  • Anonymous

    I will admit that it would be awesome if Glenn recreated the Christopher Walken watch speech from Pulp Fiction with Joseph Smith’s watch, and described how Glenn kept the watch lodged up his ass.

  • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

    …and there he hid it up is ass.

  • Jan

    You are totally gross and unacceptable. Should not be allowed to post comments.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder who bought the watch for Joseph Smith.
    Was it one of his 14 year old wives, Helen Mar Kimball or Nancy Winchester?
    Maybe it was one of the 11 happy husbands who allowed Joseph to marry and procreate with their wives!
    Of course it could have been a present from his first wife, Emma Hale Smith, who was beaming with pride after watching her husband marry and sleep with over 25 other women!
    Nice piece of history Glenn?!

  • Sam Fisher

    It looks like the bigot got kick off. 

  • Anonymous

    Funny. It’s kind of like having one of David Koresh’s socks or a pair of purple nikes owned by Marshall Applewhite.

  • Chris Dupuis

    Men of low morality always judge others by the dark intents of their hearts.  Joseph was keeping a commandment that was above sex.  I encourage you to look up what you think is the truth at After you’ve taken a moment to consider that you might not know as much as you think you do about a church that stands as a defender of liberty, and rights, is home to some of the most influential people of our time, and stands as one of the foremost contributors and providers human aid in the entire world, then consider this as well:  Anyone who has ever faithfully joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints did not join because they were convinced first that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but because they read the Book fo Mormon, and they prayed and found a witness beyond anything you can see with your eyes or hear with your ears that it is true, and a man can grow closer to God by reading it than through any other book.  Then you may realize at that time what Jospeh Smith really was.  But more than that, you may find the key to everlasting happiness.  :)

  • Scott Todd

     Note the Bible says the Jews in Berea were more noble than those in Thessalonica because they searched the scriptures daily, not prayed about, to see whether these things were true.

  • Chris Dupuis

    Hello Scott.  I appreciate your conviction and  your views on religion, and I respect your thoughts on it.  I am grateful that there are still so many in this country that worship God.  It helps me to maintain an optomistic view of our society.  I don’t intend to have a religious discussion on Mr. Beck’s site, as I know he tries hard to separate his faith and his country so as to include as many people as possible in his message.  I only replied here as I felt compelled to defend the Lord’s annointed against such heinous accusations.  Best wishes to you.

  • Mary Graves

    Thank you for posting this.  What a great example of fine craftsmanship from that era. 

  • Winston Sayre

    I understand Glenn’s
    respect for Joseph Smith and I’m happy he has found center for himself. I just
    do not see how it’s germane to the politics of the day. Being Roman Catholic I
    can take great comfort and inspiration for our historical saints, but only
    other Catholics would care, all that very much. I’ve recently withdrew from
    membership in the Blaze due to a few uncomfortable issues ranging from S.E.’s apparent
    incorporation into the darkness of the gay rights movement, the move of the
    network to a little more libertarianism that I feel right with, and Glenn’s
    soft proselytizing of Mormonism.

  • James&Shelby Arrington

    Winston, I am myself a Mormon so the pocket watch is of interest to me. But not just because it belonged to J.Smith. I love all things historical, be it Mormon or Roman Catholic or secular. The watch is a remarkable specimen of great historical value and we all know Glen is a fan of historical stuff as well. I imagine that is part of where he is coming from. But regardless, who says we can’t proselytize anyway? Last I checked that was kind of part of being an American. Freedom of speech. I am so tired of everyone trying to shut the religious folk up lately. Our ability to speak our minds and converse about our beliefs is a huge part of what makes America America. I absolutely love to hear other faiths talk about, stand up for, and teach others about their faith. In addition I appreciate and can respect those whose positions are not religious. Peoples of all belief systems can and should interact with one another, bounce ideas off of one another, and seek to find common ground where it can be found. We all need to chill just a little and enjoy the beautiful diversity that is found in the great U.S.A.

  • Anonymous

    One of you here huh that damned it’s that watch that pulled the trigger  back 3 steps try again less insulting ( by the way it’s the watch of a man not the man of the watch)

  • Anonymous

    You need to speak with an Eastern Orthodox priest. They can show you where your theology is lacking and dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome could not say it better. Bless YOU

  • Oak Norton

    That’s a beautiful piece of history. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Anonymous

    Where is his hat where he received all his “revelations” by talking to a rock inside his hat while sticking his face in his hat or his conviction as a con artist?  Both are a bit more important than his watch.  Did someone say he died in jail?  Where exactly did he say Christianity was corrupted and by whom and when?  Isn’t that a bit more important than his watch?

  • darthsmeag

     Thanks Glenn , I was able to see John Taylor’s watch many years ago in the Churches History Building.  Many people don’t understand that with out Mormon Pioneers the West would have never been. Henry Bigler and Azariah Smith, who first discovered gold at Sutter’s Mill were both Members of the Mormon Battalion.

  • Sandie

     It’s about time Beck has a moderator here – must have been a fluke?

  • Anonymous

    “narrow view of marriage”?
    So, Joseph Smith, forcing 11 other men to permit him to marry their wives is “keeping a commandment”?
    That argument is baseless and twisted.

  • Sam Fisher

    No not a fluke it is a miracle.

  • Oak Norton

    The evidence seems to indicate that Joseph married some of these women “for eternity” only and never had any relations with them. It was a “sealing” that after this life Joseph would be married to them but not in this life. In other instances, some of these women actually married Joseph after their husbands left the church. There is no evidence that Joseph had relations with these women while they were married to other men.

  • TommyS

    Absolutely agree. The book of Revelation also says that if anyone adds to the Word God will add to them the plagues of that book. The Book of Mormon is a fraudulent assault on the truth of the original scripture.

    That said, I love Glenn. :)

  • TommyS

    Who is trying to shut you or any other Mormon’s up? For the most part I’ve heard impassioned but respectful debate in this forum.

    Mormonism is wrong according to the scripture, and Joseph Smith’s record is alarming.

  • The American Patriot

     Any student of ancient history and biblical scholar will tell you that the words attributed to the Apostle John the Revelator regarding not adding anything to the word of God that he was warning those who would take away or add anything to HIS revelations.  It is well know other books of the New Testament are considered to have been written AFTER the Book of Revelations was written.  None of these books were compiled as THE BIBLE until the fourth century A.D. by the Catholic Church.  As a matter of reference, there were many other writings that have come to light since then written by leaders in the early christian church that should have been included in the Canonical Bible but were excluded because they revealed many of the correct beliefs the early Apostles taught that the Catholic leaders omitted because they disagreed or disliked the teachings.  A perfect example is the writings of Clement who was a companion of the Apostle Paul, probably one of the Seventy, who often accompanied the Apostle in his travels and also spoke authoritatively.  It is foolish and naive to believe that only those books contained in the Bible as we have them are the ONLY Words of God over a five thousand + years of history.  Consider the references in other books of the Old and New Testament that are not in the Bible but were considered scriptural by both the early church leaders and ancient prophets.  Among those are the Testament of Twelve Patriarchs, The Book of Abraham, The Book of Jasher, The Gospels of Thomas and of Phillip and hundreds more.  It behooves all who truly want to know the will and word of God to search ALL his words, not just those the Catholic Church decided to included in the Canonical Bible.  Understand that many of the teachings of that church are not included in the Bible and in fact, are contrary to what the Apostles of Christ taught as well as the ancient Prophets.  This is the deception that Satan has perpetrated on the world to blind the eyes of those who would follow Christ by twisting or omitting the truth and adding philosophies of man that included false teachings from other religions being appeased at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. as Constantine required all Roman subjects to become Christians.  One perfect example is the birth date we celebrate of Christ as December 25th, which actually coincided with a Pagan Holiday, while Christs birth occurred near Passover in the Spring.  All of this was part of the apostasy of the Christians in the early church when false teachings crept in and the pure Gospel of Christ was corrupted by false teachers and false prophets.  This was spoken of by Jesus and the Apostles on various occasions knowing it would happen.  It is time for the world to wake up and shake off the shackles of fairy -tales and false doctrines and learn what all of the Holy Prophets taught since Adam to Christ.  You will be astounded at what you find.

  • Oak Norton

     Tom, you’re right that if anyone adds or takes away from the Word of God they will incur God’s wrath. However, the book of Revelation reference here is speaking about the Book of Revelation, not the Bible. The book of Revelation was written hundreds of years before the Bible was even compiled as a collection of books, and before some of the other books of the Bible were written. If you want to take this passage literally, then you have to take the reference in Deuteronomy 4:2 that Moses made as literal as well and discard everything after that book. The fact is, these prophets were talking about changing the word of God, adding to or taking away from the meaning. It doesn’t discard any other writings. The Bible mentions several other books that were written by prophets and seers such as the book of Jasher, book of Nathan the prophet, Shemaiah the prophet, Iddo the prophet, Jehu, Gad, Enoch, , etc… If God suddenly provided these to us, we wouldn’t cast them away. as someone once told me, Mormons just believe God has more words in his mouth than others. The Book of Mormon is a record of a different set of prophets in the Americas that God communicated with and they wrote it down as scripture. The two records compliment each other. If you haven’t read the Book of Mormon, it’s an amazing book testifying of the divinity of Christ. Together with the Bible it provides a 2nd witness that Jesus is the Christ.  I encourage you to do like Glenn has stated over and over. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Here’s one example. Find the fraud in this and post it. If it’s not there, then please open your mind to the possibility that maybe there is something more to consider.

  • Anonymous

    Joseph Smith was a 100% false prophet and it’s so easily proven, but Mormons ignore the thins said and try so very hard to disprove them, but in no way can they.

  • Anonymous

     Joseph Smith was a 100% true prophet and it is so easily proven, but non-Mormons ignore the things said in the Bible and try so very hard to rationalize them away, but in no way can they.  –Since we’re making bald-faced assertions, I thought I’d try my hand.

  • Anonymous

     Wow, you are really misinformed.  Are you sure you didn’t vote for Obama?

  • Scott Todd

     The so-called “Gospel of Thomas” is Gnostic through and through, and holds a lower opinion of women than the real Gospels show Jesus had.

  • Scott Todd

    Thank you for your gracious attitude.  Still, I must take issue with your church’s teaching on celestial marriage.  It is written:  “…they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like the angels in heaven.”  [Mark 12:25]  Sorry, but either the Bible is right or the LDS church is right; it can’t be both.

  • Guy L. Stephenson

    I guess that makes Abraham less than a prophet as well, or Isaac, or Jacob. Shall we talk about King David and Solomon?  All of their wives and concubines were allowed and normal for their day as they were for many kings in other regions for thousand of years. Polygamy was a biblical reality.  Seems a little hypocritical, naive or just plain ignorant to judge Joseph Smith for following God’s commands while ignoring what God allowed in ancient times. Either Joseph was a prophet or he wasn’t, period.  I know absolutely that he was.  No argument will change that fact. It’s time to get over it.

  • Anonymous

    It is nice to see that you support a man who abused his power in order to marry the wives of other men and little girls.
    Joseph was a man. He had obvious faults. Get over it.

  • Oak Norton

    Scott, whether or not you accept LDS doctrinal beliefs is up
    to you but I would like to at least try to clarify where they come from if you don’t
    mind reading this. I apologize for the length but I think it’s necessary to
    explain our doctrine.


    In Matthew 16, after Peter answered Christ that he was the
    Son of God, Jesus gave him a special power. He said, “And I will give unto thee
    the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth
    shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt lose on earth shall be
    loosed in heaven.” (Matt 16:19)


    So, what if Peter bound a marriage on earth? Would it still
    be bound in heaven? It must be, or what good is such power? What else would be
    bound here and there?


    Let me ask this another way. Is gender eternal? When God
    said in Genesis 1:26, “Let *us* make man in *our* image, after *our*
    likeness,” whose image was Eve made in since we know that Jesus is a male? We
    believe in the LDS faith that we not only have a Father in heaven, but a Mother
    also, else where would women be patterned from and what purpose would there be
    for gender in the resurrection?


    Are we the “children” of God as Paul taught in Romans 8:16?
    Certainly. Sons and daughters. God challenged Job to recall his pre-mortal life
    asking him where he was at the creation of the earth when the “sons of God”
    shouted for joy (Job 38:7). If there were sons, certainly there were daughters
    as well, else there would be no purpose in mentioning sons to Job.


    In the LDS faith, we believe we are all children of God that
    lived with him before this life and came to earth for a special purpose to gain
    a body and be tested outside his presence. Part of this experience as children,
    is to learn to be spiritual adults and tap into the righteousness in Christ
    that will allow us to be “joint-heirs” with Christ (Romans 8:16 again).


    So to your scripture on neither marrying or giving in
    marriage in heaven, we need to look at this in the context of the audience to
    whom it was said, as well as in the light of a full picture of God’s doctrine. Otherwise,
    it is confusing to try and isolate that one statement with other knowledge that
    might contradict it.


    In Mark 12:18 this episode is prefaced with a statement that
    the Sadducees were the audience and they did not believe in the resurrection. A
    false doctrine, and one that leads to an afterlife that doesn’t contain eternal
    life, which in the LDS faith is defined as a man and woman, sealed by the
    binding power of the priesthood which Jesus gave Peter. The Sadducees would not
    partake of this opportunity in life because of their beliefs. Therefore when
    they challenged Christ on the story of whose wife of the seven brethren she
    would be in the resurrection, they were doing so from a position of “there is
    no resurrection, and these 7 brothers believe like we do.” Their final destiny
    isn’t to be married for eternity, but “are as the [unmarried] angels which are in
    heaven” (Mark 12:25).


    In the Doctrine and Covenants (a book that contains
    revelations given to Joseph Smith) the Lord further explains Mark 12:25, saying
    in D&C 132:15-17, “Therefore, if a man marry him a wife in the world,
    and he marry her not by me nor by my word [ie. the binding/sealing power of the
    priesthood], and he covenant with her so long as he is in the world and she
    with him [ie. “till death do you part”], their covenant and marriage are not of
    force when they are dead, and when they are out of the world; therefore, they
    are not bound by any law when they are out of the world. Therefore, when they
    are out of the world they neither marry nor are given in marriage; but are
    appointed angels in heaven, which angels are ministering servants, to minister
    for those who are worthy of a far more, and an exceeding, and an eternal weight
    of glory. For these angels did not abide my law; therefore, they cannot be
    enlarged, but remain separately and singly, without exaltation, in their saved
    condition, to all eternity; and from henceforth are not gods, but are angels of
    God forever and ever.”


    So whether or not you agree with this doctrine, I hope you
    can at least see there is a logical and consistent basis for our belief, and it
    is founded in Biblical principles.


    Again, if I may, I invite you to read this single chapter
    from the Book of Mormon and point out any flaw you feel it has. The book is
    full of such chapters testifying of Christ. I hope you will as I am genuinely
    interested in your opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, the book of Deuteronomy also says that, but no one ever dismisses the rest of the Bible because of that.  Also, Revelation was written years before many of the other books in the New Testament, its only last because that is where it was placed by the men of good intentions who organized the Bible in its present form.  God–who is constant and unchanging–has always been a god of prophets and revelations.  Why not now? Learn about things and ” . . . judge not, that ye be not judged.”

  • Anonymous

    Joseph Smith was a great man. His actions are reverberating throughout the world today in enhancing the lives and understanding of millions of people who strive to make the world a better place. The haters are gonna hate due to ignorance. I have heard pretty much every argument that tries to demean this man and any proof is shaky at best. The fact is we were never there…we did not experience his life through his eyes. Any attempt to prove or disprove a point overlooks THE POINT! “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Nuff said – Joseph Smith Jr. is indeed a Prophet of God.