The whole story on Common Core

Read the sourced and footnoted response to the National Review Online and get all the facts you need to know about Common Core HERE. Compiled by American Principles project and Glenn’s research team.

Common Core is the new set of federal education standards being pushed by the Obama administration and several leftist organizations but it’s even seeing some support from some conservatives. National Review Online wrote a piece defending Common Core, and Glenn gave the definitive response on radio today.

“Common Core is something that we didn’t really get for quite some time and again it’s something we’ve learned from the 9/12 project and concerned parents all around the country that have been bringing this to our attention. When we started in on this work, we thought it was pretty bad. The more we do, the worse it becomes,” Glenn said.

Below are some of the points made by the National Review Online in defense of Common Core, followed by Glenn’s response.

National Review Online (NRO): Common Core is not “ObamaCore,” as some suggest. While President Obama often tries to claim credit, the truth is that the development of Common Core was well underway before he took office in January 2009.

Glenn: First of all, that’s just not true. Even though I’ve never called it Obama Core or alleged that it came solely from the president, the development of Common Core itself didn’t happen until 2009.

NRO: Some argue that states were coerced into adopting Common Core by the Obama administration as a requirement for applying for its Race to the Top grant competition (and No Child Left Behind waiver program).

Glenn: Okay. I would imagine when they say some are implying, that would be me. Yes, some argue that states were coerced because they were coerced. $4.35 billion was earmarked for states who would take the bait. The money was offered in the stimulus package and, of course, 45 states immediately jumped on it. We warned you not to at the time. We didn’t know why it was a bad thing. We just knew this was a bad thing: Don’t jump on that money. Now we know.

NRO: Education policymaking — and 90 percent of funding — is still handled at the state and local levels. And tying strings to federal education dollars is nothing new. No Child Left Behind — George W. Bush’s signature education law — linked federal Title I dollars directly to state education policy, and states not complying risked losing millions in compensatory-education funding (that is, funding for programs for children at risk of dropping out of school).

GLENN: Okay. So now what does this mean? That we’ve linked it and it’s been linked since George W. Bush. Yes. Yes. Progressives. Progressive steps. So you can always say it’s the frog in the water. Remember? You boil a frog, you just put them in there while the water’s cool and he never, he never ‑‑ but you throw him in the hot water and he jumps right out. Right? This is nothing new. You’ve been in that pot for a while. It was cold water. Sure, it might be getting a little warmer now but it’s the same pot. This is more of the, “George Bush did something sort of like this. So it has to be okay with you guys, right?” No. No. I and you should absolutely reject that line of thinking.

NRO: Perhaps the clearest evidence that states can still set their own standards is the fact that five states have not adopted Common Core. Some that have adopted it might opt out, and they shouldn’t lose a dime if they do.

GLENN: Seeing and hearing this kind of ridiculous nonsense, I can’t help but wonder if this was written by maybe a fifth grader that, you know, will be tested soon. The fact that 90% of the states took the money and the program, that’s your clearest evidence that states can still set their own standards? I mean, that’s frightening. I mean, I hope, I hope two of the, you know, experts that wrote this defense aren’t actually involved in the education of our children. The bribe kids worked for 90% for those who were offered the bribe and that proves that bribes don’t work.

First of all, Texas is one of those states that opt out. We got instead CSCOPE. Just as bad. And the Republicans are doing CSCOPE. Just because some have adopted might opt out. Listen to that. Some have adopted and they might opt out. And they shouldn’t lose a dime if they do. Okay. They might opt out, and monkeys might fly out of my pants. And if they do, I shouldn’t lose a dime.

Have the two of you right‑leaning educators seen a single news report in the last ten years? Because there’s a lot of stuff that shouldn’t happen that has.

“They deny in this article that there is any need for concern over the leftist indoctrination. Common Core is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and Linda Darling‑Hammond, an education adviser for Barack Obama’s campaign. Oh. Well, pardon me if you got ‑‑ if you got Bill and Melinda Gates and the, what was it, the education adviser for Barack Obama, I mean, I don’t know why I’d be a tad skeptical of that group,” Glenn said.

Glenn also heavily criticized the emphasis on informational texts over classical literature.

New Republic Online: The most prominent criticism of Common Core is that it abandons classical literature and instead forces students to read dry government manuals. This claim reflects a profound and perhaps deliberate misunderstanding of Common Core literacy standards, which do encourage increased exposure to informational texts and literary nonfiction. The goal is to have children read challenging texts that will build their vocabulary and background knowledge, a strategy grounded in what education scholar E. D. Hirsch has shown: A broad, content-rich curriculum reduces the achievement gap between the middle class and the poor.

GLENN: Common Core also shifts away from classic literature and allows for the reading of informational texts. Now, what is informational texts? And by the way, it shifts as the years progress. When you’re in ‑‑ when you’re in first grade, you read fewer and fewer informational texts and you read more of the classic literature that is approved. But by the time you hit high school, I think you’re at 60%, or is it 80% of informational texts? And what are the informational texts? Those are ‑‑ those are handbooks from the EPA on how to make sure that your siding and your insulation is good in your house. Who in their right mind wants to read the government handbooks?

This will invite greater and greater indoctrination and bias in the selection and teachings of the texts. You’re narrowing things down. You’ve only got 20% or 40% that is going to be able to be a classic by the time they’re in high school, and what kid will learn love of reading from reading any, any government handbook? Who ‑‑ what kid will learn anything except to go dead inside? The article, co‑written by Kathleen Porter McGee, she’s a fellow at the Fordham Institute, she makes a ‑‑ she makes the claim, the Fordham Institute has carefully examined Common Core and compared it with existing state standards and it’s found that for most states Common Core is a great improvement with regard to rigor and cohesiveness.

“The battle, my friends, is on,” Glenn said. “The missiles are coming not just from the left but also the right. As we fight this insidious menace to our children and to our families ‑‑ and that’s exactly what it is ‑‑ we are going to have a difficult time discerning who our allies are.”

“This article appeared in the National Review Online, attacking me and Michelle Malkin for daring to speak out against Common Core, defending this horrific mess, a mess that is without any question the darling of Barack Obama. This article came from scholars who supposedly are right‑leaning. What is their motivation? I have no idea. I don’t know them. I’ve never heard of either of them. But the point is the shells will come from both sides. So you’re going to have to do your own homework unlike you’ve ever done before. You’re going to have to know what you’re talking about.”

“The defense of Common Core doesn’t even mention all of the data mining that will take place from Microsoft, the biowristbands they want to use on our kids, the FCAT scans that are in the Department of Education’s own paperwork. The rest of the 1984 tight monitoring systems, all of it, all of it of course is simply going to be done to help your children. It will help educators help your kids. It will make them safer, smarter, more secure. This is the progressive movement coming in for the kill. And believe me, if we don’t stop it, this will be the kill. But we can’t and we won’t allow it.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Control and Power, in the end this is what it’s all about.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Ends, ways and means – the three portions of any strategy conducted to achieve success for one side or another. 

    Ends – gain complete control over the education system from cradle to adulthood to ensure the indoctrination of the children and young adults (in colleges); they will learn to do as the Fed demands, and the desire to learn, study and read history or other ‘non-approved’ materials will perish.

    Ways – control the standards, means of testing and the very curriculum taught at all levels. Have it carried out in multiple levels and multiple parts, sink the hooks deep and step by step you gain control and with control comes power…

    Means – regulation, manipulation, funding/bribery, gradual step by step ‘progress’ until they have complete control and power in the end.

    • Draxx

      There is No Honor Among Progressives…

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  • Sam Fisher

    They think they can control this government. If this is only about the children than why do they need cat scans? If this is only for the children than why does it lie about history? If this is for the children then why do they want to know everything about your child from where they are and what they are doing? This is evil and the progressives only want to do this to control the next generations.

    • Pabodie

      Why is it always the NEXT generation? What’s wrong with US? What? We don’t rate? I feel terrible. Again.

  • Sharmane

    The federal government has no business being involved in any way in public education.  Dismantle Carter’s useless Department of Education and turn the responsibility of running the schools back to the local level as had been done for decades before the feds got involved and started jacking it up.   The federal government cannot run anything efficiently or with accountability and is inept and wasteful to the nth degree.   We cannot afford to let them continue to experiment on our children.

    • Waine Vines

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    • Bonnie Somer

      it is forbidden in the constitution that the fed govt cannot involve themselves in educating our kids it is bad enough the union dem teachers do it everyday. 

      • Anonymous

         Chapter and verse please cause I looked at did not find it..

        • Debi


          USC § 1232a – Prohibition against Federal control of education

          No provision of any applicable
          program shall be construed to authorize any department, agency, officer, or
          employee of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or
          control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or
          personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the
          selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published
          instructional materials by any educational institution or school system, or to
          require the assignment or transportation of students or teachers in order to
          overcome racial imbalance.

          • Paul Havig

            Common Core is adopted voluntarily by the states. It was developed through the efforts of the non-profit Achieve under the support and direction of the National Governor’s Association in an effort to have common standards so that states could be uniformly measured and compared in an effort to increase student achievement nationwide. Not a federal mandate for the states. 

          • Tonia Addison-Hall

            It was basically forced on the cash-strapped states to “adopt” it sight unseen by the feds dangling money from “Race to the Top” in their faces and leaving a short timeline in which to decide. It was NOT “state-led”, either, that is a lie.

          • Stephen L. Wilson

            There is so much misinformation and twisted logic in Beck’s responses that I will only respond to your comment here. Nobody forced states to do anything. Quit creating boogeymen that aren’t there.

          • First Vette

            Sounds good; too bad that’s just not true.

          • Herve

            you mean voluntary mandatory like the IRS scam?

        • mellymomma

          I suggest you try reading the tenth amendment in the bill of rights.

        • Tony Cat

          It’s called the 10th amendment, you’ll find it in the Bill of Rights.

  • Pamela Dunn

    And people wonder WHY the educational standing of USA children are FALLING when compared to eery other country in the world. It seems the dumbocrates of BOTH parties and the school systems have us in a RACE to the bottom. Nothing easier to control than a bunch of ignorant SERFS and SLAVES.

    • Cameron Vance

      Agreed. This is all a total disaster.

      I am a senior in high school, and I’m glad that I will be out of the Primary Education system before the full effects of CSCOPE and Common Core kick in.


      • Pabodie

        You could drop out.

    • Ricardo Galindo

      “And people wonder WHY the educational standing of USA children are FALLING when compared to EVERY other country in the world.”

      Why?? because most parts of the world already had, and created, their own version of the common core years ago! we were just, as always, ignorant and foolish enough to try to be “different” and ignorant, and not accept the idea that the common core was working for those other parts of the world. REALLY! read up on it! instead of listening to your own voices inside your head or creating your own view of common core. Without no knowledge of it. Common core was created by taking the best points of other Countries and creating our own version of common core.

  • Anonymous

    I have tried to find the documentation for CScope is below

    concern is the fact that in some of the other states that are using the
    teaching documentation has these examples:

    pilgrims were terrorists

    Mayflower is being removed from the history books

    In the
    World History section of Social Studies the idea of capitalism  is bad,
    socialism is bette,r and communism is best.


    • greywolfrs

      I am sure that is a “short list.”

    • Pabodie

      In point of fact, sir, the pilgrims WERE terrorists….

      If you were of the feathered persuasion!

      Am I right?

      (I feel great now! Thanks grnrok. You’re a good friend.)

  • Anonymous

    Government controls by taxation and regulation.  Common Core is backdoor regulation.

  • Janice Crowe

    Glenn, I taught in Florida and the start of the Common Core was coming in when I quit (retired early).  Not a good thing at all.  Check out this though, if you want to see something really bad that the schools are selling out the kids for:  the AICE program!  Please do something on this!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed how Obama is able to get everything done?  The changes I mean.  How charismatic he is and really a smooth talker.  He has totally changed his strategy when talking with the American people.  He has changed his demeanor.  Really smooth…They are falling for that like crazy and he is able to totally transform America.

    • Pabodie

      I’m late for prayer.

  • Florence Smith

    Mr. Beck,  You are being very irresponsible in your discussions of Common Core.  Here are some of my criticisms.  You talk about “leftist indoctrination” There is no indoctrination in the Common Core.  It sets goals for teachers to teach about finding the main idea, learning good phonics strategies, deciding the meaning of words in context, etc.  Some curriculum may contain leftist indoctrination, but the Common Core standards are not curriculum or leftist indoctrination.  High school students are not asked to read 80% informational texts, and you know that if you have really read the high school standards.  You are trying to make the informational texts into reading of EPA reports.  You neglected to list The Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address (part of 12.RIT.9).  Other seminal U. S. Texts are also suggested in 12.RIT.8.   You call it the “darling of Barrack Obama.”  Exactly how many times has he been pushing Common Core in speeches?  

    As a teacher of struggling students in grades K-8, I have used the K-8 standards of my state for 8 years.  The Common Core are a higher standard and a very valuable tool which should help my students to become more successful.  I think your statements are only riling up people and promoting more disinformation.                              


    • Anonymous

      My GOD ,MY GOD what school are you teaching at that  you must promote Common Core as a Higher standard. Certaintly as you say since “some curriculum may contain leftist indoctrination”  you apparently have no problem with that agenda and agree with the Dept of Education/Obama Administration controlling what the children are learning.
      Sounds like you are a good little misinformed teacher that is promoting more disinformation.

      • Florence Smith

        You made a big jump in logic to think that I am okay with leftist indoctrination.  (I said “some curriculum may contain leftist indoctrination.”)  I am not using anything that is leftist and do not plan on using any in the future.  Actually this year I am focusing on teaching about “the guys on the money,” American places, American symbols, and American people.

        You are of the mistaken belief that the Department of Education and the Obama Administration are controlling what children learn.  The curriculum is decided locally.  There are already over 100 publishers that are writing curriculum for the Common Core standards.  The local schools are free to choose between any of these. (Many people are confusing standards with curriculum.  The Common Core standards provide teachers with year-end goals.  They are not intended to prescribe what happens in classrooms day to day.  The standards are defining what students need to know, but the teachers or local authorities choose the material for reaching those goals.) 

        Since you seem to feel the Common Core standards are not too high, I would challenge you to go look at what the 12th grade standards really are: Standards.pdf  – pages 38, 40, 45-47, 50, 54-55, 61-62, and 64-66.  I feel they are rigorous, and I feel that we could be proud of our students if they achieved them.

      • Wiliam Kerney

         Common Core is a better standard than what we have now. Florence is correct, Beck is wrong.

        If you don’t believe me, read the Common Core Standards for yourself:

        They are, as Florence said, nothing more than a list of skills all kids should have, like “Identify the main idea of this essay”. Utterly inoffensive stuff that Beck has incited a headless-chicken-riot over from people who haven’t actually read the standards themselves.

    • Anonymous

      What is really discouraging is how ILLITERATE many of these comments are in this thread, presumably by adults who’ve already graduated from schooling in America.  Even this teacher (Florence Smith)’s post has grammatical and spelling errors, missing punctuation, wrong capitalization, subject-verb errors, etc. in it [“some curriculum”; “Core are a higher standard and a … tool”‘ “riling”, etc…].

      And several of the other comments are full of gobbledegook that is unintelligible.  Example:
      “I have tried to find the documentation for CScope is below”…  HUH??  No idea what that means, but at least six people “liked” it!  LOL.

      Something is radically WRONG with education in America when people cannot even read or write, and this Common Core stuff is not likely to fix that. If anything, it will make matters worse. Instead of changing the curriculum, we need to change the TEACHERS.

      • greywolfrs

        I am not sure that would help, who would we get to replace them? A bunch of Common Core graduates? How would that make things better? I agree that most of these teachers can’t even form an intelligent paragraph or do basic math, then we wonder why our children are complete idiots.

        • Anonymous

          Well, maybe there’s a way to CHANGE (EDUCATE!) the teachers without having to REPLACE all of them… But don’t ask how… It would require overhauling SOCIETY, probably, to the point where we once again respected and treasured knowledge, wisdom, literacy, and so on. With the current societal focus on high-tech gadgetry, Hollywood nonsense, political baloney, and “get it while you can” approach to just about everything (etc. etc.), it probably won’t happen any time soon. Am just SO glad we had GOOD teachers and strict standards when growing up, so that literacy, logic, honesty, ethics, decency, fair play, and so on were the focus in our education. You can’t BUY that stuff! :-)

          • Wiliam Kerney

            Try not to randomly capitalize every fifth word.

            It makes you look like you’re shouting incoherently.

          • Anonymous

            I AM.
            (For those who are blind, deaf, and dumb… LIKE YOU.)

          • greywolfrs

            I can’t argue with all of that, but one. We do need people who trained to deal with the high tech “gadgetry” you speak. That is the world today and that stuff is not going away. I believe it should be taken for what it is though. A TOOL: nothing more.

      • Florence Smith

        “Riling” may not be in your dictionary, but it is in mine.  (Check rile.)

        I’m sorry you were so busy commenting on my spelling, etc. that you missed my message.  I thought I had some important things to say.  As a conservative I feel that my side is now thinking it is all right to use misinformation to slander a great program.  I thought this was always done by liberals in the past.
        I usually am very careful about my grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  I’ll make sure in the future I look over things I post even when I’m sending them out after my bedtime after a long day while watching a news show.  My husband thinks I try to multitask too much, so he may be right.  Sorry for the poor representation of what I consider to be a noble and fulfilling profession. 

        I would appreciate it now if you could check my facts.  Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          “Rile” is a bastardization of “roil” (some call it a variant, but invariably “roil” is referenced when you look up “rile”). As for excuses like fatigue “after a long day,” that sounds like something your students would come up with. LOL.

          Seriously, your post did make some good points, but all the mishaps in it tended to take away from its effectiveness. Whatever happened to PROOFREADING before hitting the POST or SUBMIT button? Also, the disqus system does make little red squiggly marks under words it does not recognize, which is a nice reminder to doublecheck before submitting.)

          • nutt

            Well, if we’re getting all pedantic here, you won’t mind me pointing out that a ‘mishap’ is an accident. The word you’re after is surely ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors’.


          • Anonymous

            “Mishap” was used in a humorous way, to indicate SLAP-HAPPY grammatical/punctuation uses. Florence accepted the “pedantic” criticism gracefully, so how about you just relax–maybe loosen your tight underwear….
            P.S. You sure you’ve got all those quotation marks used properly? LOL.

          • Anonymous

            Please omit the orphan parenthesis at the end of your comment. Also, the unorthodox “(Florence Smith)’s” punctuation in your prior comment is jarring — please reword.

          • Anonymous


          • Pabodie

            How’s this for “jarring”?

          • Pabodie

            Dood! Skwigels!!

      • Pabodie

        You write well, though. You should do it more. Practice makes perfect!

      • Michele

        Change the teachers? Where does the responsibility of the family, of the people raising the children come into account? Change the teachers? Yes, I agree some could use some “help” and “change” for sure, but overall, it is not the school or the educational system that is horrific…It is the home that our American children come from that have and hold the problems.

  • Anonymous

     There is only ONE way to put a stop all of this. People keep talking around it  and others just put their heads in the sand and pretend it will all go away, that the next election will make things better,that America has been in bad spots before and we have always come out ok. No election,no politicial solution will change anything, not even the Constitution will be able to save us. Stop believing that they can’t do this or they can’t do that because of the constitution. There won’t be any constitution. Attacks on the 2nd amendment, on the public schools, our religious faith,etc, etc are not going to stop. Believe it or not America died on Nov 6,2012. Unless we the people  realize that armed conflict is coming, that it will come,that is has to happen,other wise we will be living in a socialist/communist 3rd world country controlled by a dictator. Freedom isn’t free! Wake up people —you will soon see the rest of what is left of the USA be completely dismanteled. Lock and Load people. Forget the ballot box, O’ Riley, Hannity, Rush and Fox–put your faith in a 357 mangum or a 45 cal 1911. No one will protect you or come to your aid when it happens–it is up to you and only you to protect your family, your freedoms and your life.
    Yes it sounds crazy,but if someone would have told me twenty years ago we would be where we are today I would have called them crazy–never happen ,can’t happen, won’t happen cause the American people won’t let it happen. Oh well!  Look in the mirror and tell yourself–it can’t happen.

    • Pabodie

      What’s a mangum? But, yeah, I hear you about 1993. Those were the good old days.

  • Anonymous

    Both Common Core and CScope are very dangerous
    curriculums.  I would like to know how
    they are being funded.  Was there
    legislation that passed through Congress? 
    If not, why?  I thought funding
    for any taxpayer government programs must be approved by Congress.  Am I wrong here?


    The method Obama & Co. is using to push these
    curriculums on our nation’s schools can definitely be considered bribery.  It’s ridiculous, and any governor/political
    system in red states that have decided the money is more important than the
    socialist/Marxist lessons being taught in these programs should be fired


    We must do everything in our power to fight against this
    further indoctrination against our children. 
    Otherwise, they will be lost even further to the liberal progressive
    agenda.  And that’s something we simply
    cannot  afford to let happen.

    • Pabodie

      Everything in our power, yes. I am a fairly experienced fisherman. I can help.

    • Pabodie

      Ok I am not a very experienced fisherman. I just said that trying to fit it. So what can I do to help? Like, do you need a demolitions expert? Or a James Bond kind of, behind the lines in their ladies business kind of sexy spy? Like Austin Powers?

  • Katie James

    What is even more disturbing to me is the push to put kids into a box for which they are believed capable of achieving through testing such as IQ tests.  I am a 25 year old adult with a civil engineering degree from a 4 year university.  I was tested by a psychologist one of which was an IQ test.  When she sat me down and talked to me about the results she told me they “disturbed her.”  My IQ test according to her was below average.  She told me that this score would be indicative of someone who could not have gotten through a University let alone graduated with an engineering degree.  This bothered me not because of a number on a test but because all I could think was that if I were a child today, these people would be telling my parents that I wasn’t smart enough to do what I wanted.  I would have been pushed into community college or vocational school neither of which are bad routes as long as YOU get to chose them.   This is what common core will do to our children and it will follow them for life.

    • Pabodie

      Actually I have read that it is possible to improve IQ by several points through determined effort–or lower it by a few through determined drinking! Am I right? Oh Katie you break me up! But seriously, I went to community vocational college. Am I retarded?

  • Anonymous

    I could not get to this yesterday. Boy, are they showing themselves to be the worms and cowards they are.  A lot of what you click on today, says page not found, typical! If it is none other than Google themselves, stopping you from getting to the page. Especially sense they are all in bed together and everyone knows it. So whats the big deal in letting us see the pages if they are or aren’t. 

  • beeks …

    Liberal  fascism,,

  • Anonymous

    Townhall’s Walter E. Williams had an article about  Professor Craig Frisby faculty of university of Missouri’s Dept of Education School of counseling and psychology.  He wrote a book titled “Meeting the Psychoeducational Needs of Minority Students”.  Mr. Williams did a synopsis of the book for a short article which had a lot of good insights.  I hope someone at The Blaze takes a look at this as an alternative to the stuff Obama’s left is pushing.  Instead of tearing people down to be equal it’s lifting them up.

  • Florence Smith

    “Riling” may not be in your dictionary, but it is in mine.  (Check rile.)

    I’m sorry you were so busy commenting on my spelling, etc. that you missed my message.  I thought I had some important things to say.  As a conservative I feel that my side is now thinking that it is all right to use lots of misinformation to slander a great program.  I thought that was always done by Democrats in the past. 

    I usually am very careful about my grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  I’ll make sure in the future I look over my comments even when I’m sending it out after my bedtime after a long day while watching a news show.  My husband thinks I try to multitask too much, so he may be right.  Sorry about the errors that poorly represented what I see as a noble and fulfilling profession. 

    I would appreciate it now if you could check my facts.  Thanks!

  • Wiliam Kerney

    “And what are the informational texts? Those are ‑‑ those are handbooks
    from the EPA on how to make sure that your siding and your insulation is
    good in your house. Who in their right mind wants to read the
    government handbooks?”

    Utterly, completely false.

    Informational texts don’t mean EPA manuals, Glenn. You really need to look at the examples of what an “informational text” is, right from the source:

    These include:
    The Gettysburg Address
    Washington’s Farewell Address
    Common Sense by Thomas Paine (Glenn, didn’t you write a book based on this?)
    and so forth.

    The fact that you’re arguing AGAINST reading these works, when any red-blooded patriot should be all for them, means you’ve been completely ignoring reality and just listening to some echo chamber cooked up by the publishing houses that stand to lose money due to Common Core.

  • marjorie barber

    Excuse me, Mr. Beck, if you can check your website communications, I told u a year ago about Common Core and how it Pres. Obama used Race to the Top funds as a carrot to get states to blindly accept the Common Core, site unseen.  Any state that applied for the race to the top funds were mandated to accept it. They wanted money so much they were willing to accept it. 

    People need to know all federal monies have strings attached. mjb

  • Cheryl M

    You are right, Glenn–this is not a lib vs. conservative issue.  I got educated on this while on my local school board and seeing my kid get frustrated at the fuzzy math, which I thought was so “good”.  Boy was I wrong!  
       There are two issues, though.  One is the standards–and what you are wanting to see, and what E.D. Hirsch advocates, is considered a “classical education”.  There is no question that it is the best kind.  But it requires a LOT of work by the student.  One of the problems with modern education is that the responsibility of a well-educated child has moved from the student to the school.  So schools must show a student learning even if that student can’t or won’t learn.  A Classical Education in public schools (although it is successful in private schools) would be almost impossible in our culture today because so many students have a broken home life, are hungry or mal-nourished (junk food diet), or are being abused and simply cannot think deeply about difficult subjects.  (Case in point:  try to figure your taxes when you have just had a big fight with your spouse…)  Furthermore, teachers cannot impose negative consequence nor single out a student  who is not performing–their hands are tied.  It is quite frustrating for them.   If students are not passing, then it’s not the student’s fault–it’s the school’s fault or the teachers fault, even when it is just a matter of the student NOT doing their homework.  
       The other issue is the pedagogy– Project Based Learning/Discovery Learning Vs. Direct or Explicit teaching.  Schools (ours included) are moving more toward the PBL method–aka Fuzzy Math–in which students “discover” underlying priciples and knowledge.   Part of the problem is that what actually works– Direct Instrucion– has been labeled by some on the Right as “Dumbing Down” and says that kind of instruction is based on Communist methods (see the ebook “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Iserbyt).  So in response, educrats took the oppourtunity to push this riduculous pedagogy of “discovery” learning and equate it with Critical Thinking and “21st Century Skills”.   (For an excellent overview on this,do a web seach on “Why Minimal Guidance during Instruction does not work” and download the PDF file by Kirshner, Sweller, Clark–absolutely excellent reading!)

  • Naomi Freeman

    this is a huge conspiracy theory.. have any of you even read the common core standards for your particular state? You would see that this is entirely a crock of shit.

  • Anonymous

    hooray for local control and states rights!  more “haves” and “have nots”…and the fact
    that the majority of right-wing “have nots” keep asking to be “free” (free to under-perform)
    is the most worrying part of this anti-common core dialog.  it’s not a race to the bottom
    as many of our students are already there.  i’d like to see more dialog about what all y’all
    are “for” rather than the continuing rant about what you’re all “against.”  good luck.

  • Anonymous

    I am from the federal government, and I am here to help.  RUN!!!

    • Pabodie

      I just finally got that one after all these years. It must be you told it just right.

  • Desiree McQuay

    IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of
    wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the
    epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness,
    it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything
    before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were
    all going direct the other way- in short, the period was so far like the present
    period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received,
    for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.
    Charles Dickens

    I just wanted to share that with all of you.  The book “A Tale of Two Cities”.  I read it in high school and other great literature.  From Shakespeare to John Steinbeck, I learned more from these books then any lying politcal “left” or “right” wing pamphlet or text.  I am and always will be a Patriot and part of the Tea Partry!!!!  GOD Bless America now and forever!!!!!


  • Desiree McQuay

    IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of
    wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the
    epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness,
    it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything
    before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were
    all going direct the other way- in short, the period was so far like the present
    period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received,
    for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.
    Charles Dickens

    I just wanted to share that with all of you.  The book “A Tale of Two Cities”.  I read it in high school and other great literature.  From Shakespeare to John Steinbeck, I learned more from these books then any lying politcal “left” or “right” wing pamphlet or text.  I am and always will be a Patriot and part of the Tea Partry!!!!  GOD Bless America now and forever!!!!!


  • Alexandra Stormwing

    I have a very simple brain.

    Is there a site or document that has, in very clear language, a list of reasons why common core is bad? I don’t like the federal government controlling anything – I strongly believe in the idea of states trying different things and people adopting what works best – but aside from that I am having a problem finding very clear, concise information.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Anonymous

     Those texts all state against Obama and leftist beliefs. they all speak about liberty -the liberty your taking away with this through loss of free thinking- sometimes subtly, sometimes directly. especially in Common Sense. I find it ironic that Obama is pushing those texts when they’re directly against him and his belief system. he’d be directly teaching anyone who understands them how to notice bullshit when you see it and defend what’s rightfully there’s.Honestly I’m curious what America would be like had we had a better understanding of the Constitution, Preamble, and read works like The Gettysburg Address, Washington’s Farewell Address, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and even Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richards Almanac. Agreedly, your right. the ‘Informational texts’ have little if anything to do with the EPA, as far as I’m concerned. I just thought it was ironic you referring to those texts and having talking about Obama and Common Core in the same process lol.

  • Chris Behme

    If you’re stupid, you are much more likely to vote democrat.
    Common core makes everyone stupid.
    That’s a feature not a bug.

  • Anonymous

    How many of you have actually read the standards? They are not evil, in fact they increase rigor, call for students to read increasingly complex texts and ask students to support opinions and answers by citing evidence. It moves writing away from persuasion to argument. Argument wrwiting is simply stating what you believe to be true and backing it up with evidence. Persuasion calls for the writer to believe, and accept as your own, any and all opinions that the writer believes. Persuasion leads to propeganda, and don’t we have enough of that?

    As for students reading more informational text, it is not EPA manuals, it is books on animals, buildings, history, speeches, biographies, and the most important informational text, The Constitution of the United States of America.

    It is not the standards, it is the bureaucrats using them as an excuse to pry deeper into our lives and take away more and more of our freedoms. If you don’t like the standards Mr. Beck, what do you suggest we replace them with?

    Each state is still allowed to adopt their own curriculum, but the problem lies in the fact that publishers write the textbooks to the demands of the three biggest buyers, California, Florida and, yes Mr. Beck your beloved Texas.

    Being from a very small state it is frustrating to have to teach from a textbook that does not align with our local community values. This has been going on for years, a lot longer than Common Core has been around. Data mining? Pretty much going on since ancient people invented writing.

  • Joy Roberts Shivers

    We got rid of CSCOPE in TEXAS and blocked Common Core. Their are a few lingering effects from CSCOPE but they are being resolved. Thanks to our Senator Dan Patrick.

    • Pabodie

      Patrick’s a RINO. His sonogram bill is over-the-belly only. Real men go for the transvaginal ultrasound. Texas. More like Massatexetts!

  • Paul Havig

    I am a BIG Glenn Beck Fan, a conservative Republican, a non-union English teacher, and . . . sorry, but Glenn is wrong on this. I don’t know who is doing his research for him, but, the work toward a common core began in the 90s by the National Governor’s Association (NGA), kicked into high gear with No Child Left Behind, and was presented for adoption on the 2009 date that Beck is citing (There’s not an eyelash’s difference between Obama’s education policies and Bush’s). The effort always was driven by corporate interests (not necessarily a negative thing) with bilateral support in Congress. All the TEA Party opposition to the Common Core is quite a tempest in a teapot — it’s not a leftist plot. I don’t know if it’s a great idea or not, but it certainly isn’t the diabolical Obama plot that Glenn Beck and others are saying it it. 

    • Pabodie

      What do you know, Scarecrow? You don’t have a brain.

  • Dr. Frances A Miller

    Mr. Beck, please do your homework! Informational text does not mean that our students are reading government manuals! Did you have a first grade teacher that would hand you a government manual?! Informational text refers to text that is non fiction… reading about information. Kids love reading about science and history! They would rather read about insects, rocks and minerals and weather patterns. They want to read about famous historians who shaped our country. That is what we mean when the CCSS is referring to informational text… not government manuals. I challenge you to actually read the standards. In fact, might learn something and that would be your informational reading for the day! haha!

    • Pabodie

      Famous historians like Amitai Etzioni! Well he is more of a sociologist, but you know what I mean, right?

  • Anonymous

    I remember during Clinton’s presidency that advice and possibly an exchange was made so that we would have Russia’s school model of education. That would certainly fit into what is happening now. Does anyone know what I’m referring to?

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that when the government gets into the control of the textbooks, they can maneuver and change what is truth now into what they want their version of the truth to be. Books have already been changed to be politically correct, so as not to offend whomever has the most active lobbyist. Many countries around the world have a school system that forces a child toward schooling for a trade, if they don’t score high enough to go to a university, with few chances of change. This could easily become what children in America have to look forward to, with this type of government “help”.

    • Pabodie

      Man that sucks. I own a decent sized tech firm in San Rafael, and I need to hire the best engineers and technical managers. I pay my lobbyists like millions of dollars to make sure my interests are encoded as laws. Now you’re telling me the russkies are going to make sure I can’t hire stupid people FOR FREE?

  • Anonymous

    I have been an 8th grade teacher for 20 years.  What I have seen is a continuous parade of programs and reform curriculum.  Each is as bad as the one before it.  Except for just a few Catholic schools, nobody is teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.  If it weren’t for the kids, I would have been out a long time ago.  

    • Pabodie

      Is arithmetic like calculus? I don’t think my kids are getting arithmetic. Just calculus. Damn. Seriously though, you sound like a great teacher. 8th grade, man. That’s rough. Those kids will eat you for breakfast, am I right? Must get awfully lonely up there at the head of the ship with nothing but your thermos of “unsweetened” cocoa to keep you sane. Am I right? Hang in there, bob123. Friday’s almost here!

  • Anonymous

    I think I read that Bill and Melinda Gates are helping fund Common Core–.

  • Kt DiBiase

    You are the idiot. You have NO idea what you are talking about. It is better to keep your mouth shut and thought to be an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all possible doubt. If you do not like Common Core than you must love spoon feeding the knowledge to the learners. Common Core build critical thinkers not spoon fed idiots. Spoon fed knowledge has been the most common way of teaching (lecture style strategy).
    Spoon fed idiots pay your bills so it does make sense why you think the way you think.

    • Pabodie

      Any relation to Ted?!? OMG!!

    • StopIndoctrination

      So you must be a spoon fed idiot like the rest of us. OH LORDY! how did the human race make it so far without the good grace of common core?

  • Oliver Woodson

    Mr. Beck,  I am sorry to have taken so long to see this video.  You’ve made a listener out of me! Please don’t ignore this.  I teach in New York and have kids that go to public school.  The number of students k-12 suffering has dramatically increased since the Common Core has been implemented.  We have seen an uptick in high school students who are cutting themselves.  This has been attributed to the HOURS of extra homework to meet the new standards.  

  • Rob Murray
    • Pabodie

      Jesus man! Keep it clean! Just because it’s boy on boy that doesn’t mean it’s not porn. I know obscenity is all about community standards, but where I come from, a gelding is still a male, with dignity and a flowing, chestnut mane.

  • Anonymous

    Glen can you please compile a “Common Core for Idiots” to help us argue the points clearly…. thank you very much & Merry CHRISTmas

  • tiotaco

    If the feds are doing it, you know it’s bad, without regard to party.

  • Clyde Delgato

    Billions of dollars are being spent on add campaigns to tell us how great common core is (which to me means they must not expect us to notice it’s greatness from results).

  • puglianana

    If Obama is behind it, you know it isn’t good. Our children will be the ones to pay the price. Sad

  • ph

    I watched this to see what this man’s argument is against Common Core. He is a complete fool. Nobody ever said anything about students reading EPA handbooks. If you look at the appendix of of Common Core that contains a list of recommended (not required) informational text exemplars, (, you won’t find anything close to what he is talking about. Oh, maybe learning about how seeds turn into plants is part of the left agenda? THE STORY OF RUBY BRIDGES is on the list. I’m sure Beck has a problem with that, as it’s a biography about a Black woman.
    As someone who is against the Common Core, I at least know what the real debate is about. Common Core is about making profits off kids–particularly poor kids.

  • AJD

    The criticisms of Common Core seem really bizarre to me. I went to the Common Core website, and put “Lincoln” in as a search term (because I had heard from a radio interview by Glenn Beck, that Lincoln wasn’t in the Common Core at all). Lincoln came up twice – one mention of Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address and one for the Gettysburg Address. In fact, here is the summary (from the Common Core website) for one of the sections for grades 11-12: “Analyze seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century foundational U.S. documents of historical and literary significance (including The Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address) for their themes, purposes, and rhetorical features.” And So…I’m not sure what the criticism is. Those are the things I studied in high school as I remember it. I also found direct citations of multiple Founding Fathers, including James Madison, Patrick Henry, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson…so are the critics looking at the same Common Core that I’m looking at? Or should I be suspicious that they are making stuff up? I’m confused. Thanks.

    • Monet

      Glenn Beck, well, he’s a serial liar.

  • Beajai Bucknum

    I just found out my children’s schools are implicating common core .and the scariest thing is, I have a kindergartner so they get her from day one. One of my biggest issues is, what happends to the next generation of great wrighters, painters, creative thinkers now that great inspiring stories are not dusting the school shelves, just waiting to spark a kids imagination. Therefore going on to be an artist, adventure, story tell etc. I can see into a violent and down right grumpy future , if kids are not taut to pick up a book and loose yourself within it. I know for myself, if I hadn’t had books to help me forget my world for a little wail, I would be one unhappy person. Beajai
    PS, sorry for typing errors, I shake really bad lol. Hope u see what i am saying

  • First Vette

    ‘Education’ was hijacked by the Government in the 1850’s and has seen a steady decline under its leadership to the point where an 8th-Grade Education of the mid-1800’s can only be compared accurately to a College Graduate from the current era.

    Oddly enough, the exceptions to this are Christian School graduates, who consistently place nearly 50 percentile points ahead of their Public School peers in a battery of diverse, standardized education-outcome and proficiency tests. Just a few points behind them, and over 40 percentile points ahead of Public School grads are Home School grads.

  • Christina S.

    I have two children in school and was working on opting out of the FSA Test this year. However, I was informed by my 3rd grader yesterday that he had no spelling work next week because they’re taking the BELAA Test. I was shocked that there is ANOTHER test and this soon, before I had a chance to do anything about it. I can hardly find any information on this test on the Internet. My son told me this week that he had to do good on this test so that he could pass 3rd grade! Obviously someone told him this at school which is inappropriate. My little boy is now stressing about passing only weeks into the school year. I ran across the Elementary Reading Curriculum Journeys Guide-Master Copy, a ridiculous 256 page “manual” on several tests including the BELAA. I am shocked at the intense dissection and quantifying of what a child should know. Someone has nothing better to do than to come up with this crap. To top it off, it’s insulting to teachers. I believe it has information on instruction (ex. description of parts of language) that any teacher with the degree they have already knows.

    My biggest problem with this whole testing thing is from a personal standpoint. My 14 year old scored 2’s on his FCAT every year and I was told he wouldn’t pass. However, at the end of the summer they passed him every year. I asked for remedial work, it was not available. One year they inevitable looked at what the teacher had kept in his portfolio to make the decision to pass him. One year, it was during school registration that I had to track down the Principal and ask her what was going on since they did not have him in the system as held back or passed on. She eventually just passed him on with nothing more than her word. It was not until after his 7th grade year that he finally received summer school.

    What is the point of all of this stress, aggravation, and learning time lost if none of it matters anyway. If all it takes is the school to say “pass” despite a failing grade, WHY? This is why I am refusing the testing as of now. There is no point. My 3rd grader should not be worried about failing this year based on some test. He learns very much as I did growing up. I was in Gifted Program throughout school, have a 4.0 GPA, graduated with Honors for my AA degree and am a Certified Medical Assistant. I have never done well on tests. I always did well on reports and bookwork which is how I was able to maintain my GPA. Had I had to endure the testing my boys are supposed to be taking, I would have struggled. My confidence would have been lost and my intelligence skewed. I will not have not have my son, who already struggles on testing, worry about failing because “someone” thinks that it measures my son’s intellegence and academic performance better than what his teacher observes and determines (as she is qualified to do). Starting this week I will be opting out.

  • Joy Williams

    Check out 3w’s dot
    don’t care how you describe Mr. Duncan, he is a criminal working for
    people like Ayers, Obama, Gates, and Soros. Not one of these “elite”
    have our best interests in their hearts. They have a plan to have us in
    their control. That is pretty much it. This Common Core is a long and
    well thought out machine to do just that. They are attacking our
    young, the final front on their war on our freedoms. If you can’t
    believe this, investigate each one of them. PLEASE. Why do you think
    so many states, and teachers and parents in the trenches are crying out
    for our children. Sorry for the drama, but I an totally sincere and
    frightened for my grandchildren!


  • Im a guest

    I will admit I don’t watch nor read the news very often at all…However with this, I believe teaching is an art form and that you also have to be able to read the student. Every human is different in their own way, and in order to nurture the future generation of them caring hands have to be placed to allow it to EXPRESS itself, to CRY when needed, and TO FEEL THEIR EMOTIONS! Not just that, but generalizing an entire population just so American children can score higher than other countries in performance school wise? Damn it, the United States is screwed up in my opinion. Having a child is a big responsibility and in no way does the government have any business getting involved period.

  • Once Upon a Time in America

    Oh Glenn, elites and their offspring will not have to deal with this mind wash. They have exclusive private institutions which will ensure they never rub shoulders with the Common Core crowd that change their tires, and operate their industries. Opps. I let it slip.

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