WATCH: Young libertarians discuss education, marriage, and foreign policy

All this week, Glenn will be spending time on his TV show talking to different thought leaders in the libertarian movement about a variety of issues. Tonight, he spoke with a group of young libertarians about education policy, gay marriage, and foreign policy. Watch part 1 and 2 of the interview below:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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  • Anonymous

    Lets just call them the “Perot” Party.
    If you remember the 1992 election you will remember that a third party candidate (Ross Perot) entered the race and allowed Clinton to win the presidency.

    Which is what will happen in 2016. :)

  • John Dale

    This is why you’re a sell-out, Glenn. Libertarianism will always be a fringe movement until be become a nation under God once more.

  • Waine Vines

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  • Pamela Peltonen

    Maximum Freedom, Maximum Responsibility.

  • Anonymous

    Federal government is involved in the current argument in the Supreme Court on marriage because it’s actually about the inequality in the federal tax system.

  • Robert Starkand

    When I hear libertarians ask why should we have bases in Germany and South Korea, I caution you to notice that where America has bases, the countries are autonomous with strong economies.  Do you think that the economies of Germany, Japan, and South Korea may have benefited from the American presence?  I think so.  And their success benefits the world economy as well as our own.   Our role as the world’s policeman has not only secured the peace but has substantially added to our prosperity.  Today. our government is domestically clamping down on our freedoms, and internationally opening up our borders, hollowing out our military, taking our focus away from Europe, basically giving back Eastern Europe to Russian influence and allying ourselves with the repressive regimes of Russia and China as multilateral partners.  With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, the world of Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul II has become such a distant memory..

  • nutt

    “thought-leaders” – how Orwellian of you, Glenn…

  • Chris Dupuis

    Libertarianism and Communism have the same major flaw:  it will fail if society’s morals and ethics are low.  The biggest difference is that with communism, the government needs only be corrupt for society to destroy itself.  In Libertarianism, the business owners are held to the same moral standard and are empowered in like manner – if they are corrupt, society destroys itself.  I, and I think most Americans honestly don’t think that the class divide of the early 1900’s and the labor abuses of the industrial revolution were any better than living under the Soviet Union.

    You speak of freedom and liberty.  How do you hold evildoers liable?  What do you do to try and prevent those abuses later?  The democracy we have now is the evolution of a system that has undergone a “long chain of abuses” (to quote the Declaration of Independence) by BOTH the government AND the leaders of the free market, and the truth of these abuses is immutable.

    Both parties are doing what they think is best, and honestly, there’s not a whole lot they can do.  Glenn, if you want to change the world, my friend, you need to start teaching your listeners to believe in God, become real men and real women, and devlop a system of ethics and morals, like our Founding Fathers believed in, and teach them to our children.  People have got to care and they have to fear or love God, whoever that is to them, for Libertarianism to work.  Otherwise, you’re just leaving these United States to be governed by an “honor system” among dishonerable men. 

    Libertarianism in an age of progressivism and godlessness is nothing more than social Darwiniism.

    • Kanak Attack

      The “progressive era” of the early 1900s was far from libertarianism.  It WAS communism.  We had communists everywhere in big business and government.  It was the beginning of the end for this country when the seeds of liberalism were planted.  It was exactly how we’re operating now when the government was picking and choosing what companies and banks would survive and which ones would die.

      • Chris Dupuis

        The progressive era of the early 1900’s was the product of bad business practices in the late 1800’s – cause and effect. New government involvement was welcome by the masses, who had been wronged by the free market through monopolies, cartels, extortion, very low wages, and lots of labor-related deaths and injuries. I stand by my guns – the decline of society (and her ethics and morals) is to blame, and unless those ethics and morals come back, we’re hosed.

  • Walter Moser

    Maximum cash for the rich, Minumum protection for the poor.

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