Muslim Outreach, Global Warming more important than Space Exploration? #NASApriorities

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NASA made an announcement yesterday… No, they’re not launching a new space ship (or any space ship for that matter). They haven’t developed some kind of amazing new technology. And no, we aren’t going to Mars.

So what’s the big announcement?

They’re NOT going to be sending another man to the moon.

NASA chief Charles Bolden stated:

“NASA will not take the lead on a human lunar mission,” Foust quoted Bolden as saying. “NASA is not going to the moon with a human as a primary project probably in my lifetime. And the reason is, we can only do so many things.”

They can only do so many things, and apparently moon exploration isn’t one of them.

“We don’t have a shuttle anymore,” Pat pointed out. “So, we’ve got no space vehicle. We have no space flight. We have no space journeys planned. We have none in the foreseeable future.”

But, “we are making Muslims feel better,” Glenn pointed out referring to past comment’s about the new “goals” of NASA. “They’re also verifying all kinds of inaccurate information on global warming.”

Those are NASA’s two paramount issues?

“It’s almost like the NASA executives were on the moon and forgot to bring the air…and just a little bit brain damaged,” Glenn said sarcastically.

Stu however, thinks NASA should dream a little bigger.

“My first inclination is to make Muslims feel better about global warming,” he joked.

That would streamline the issues…maybe save a few bucks that NASA already doesn’t have?

“Is it time to rename NASA?” Pat asked, pointing out that the National Air and Space Administration doesn’t really fit their bill these days.

Space seems to be growing more and more in the private market, Pat pointed out. There are entrepreneurs leading the way in space exploration now.

Being from Houston, Glenn pointed out that these are strong words coming from Pat, who was once a strong supporter of NASA.

“I’m done with it now. They’ve got no vision,” Pat said. “They have no space exploration vision. That’s what NASA was and should be.”

  • Sam Fisher

    They should rename NASA to black hole because all they are doing is wasting money on things that have nothing to do with space and our money just disappears in this void never to be seen again.

    • nutt

      Surely most of what NASA has ever done has disappeared into a void. Isn’t that the point?

      • Sam Fisher

        They are supposed to explore space not Muslim outreach.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time to defund NASAs’ Outer Space Baloney and fund a SERIOUS Earth Orbit Defense Program.

  • Brian Savage

    If anyone wants to know what NASA, the DOD and DARPA have done for us and the world, think of this. The internet was invented by the DOD and other research centers to have near instant communication without being tapped. Most of the circuitry that you have in your computer, cell phones and other devices were in NASA built space craft long before they were in your phone. They are still building craft, just non manned craft.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget about velcro and TANG!

  • Paul Mcgrath

    I don’t like the fact NASA is wasting any tax money on global warming research, and that the US no longer has a manned space vehicle, but why exactly do we need to put man on that dead, dusty, gray rock, again?  Nostalgia?  Then just buy the Apollo mission DVDs from Amazon, it’ll be a lot cheaper.

    And, what about the Curiosity rover mission, Glenn?  It was a major accomplishment by NASA to put such a large, technologically advanced robotic mobile vehicle (the size and weight of an SUV) on a planet 50 million miles away that has an incredibly extreme, unpredictable atmosphere and rough terrain.  The next NASA mission to Mars plans on landing an even more sophisticated vehicle that will be capable of drilling deep down into the Martian surface.

    I think, Glenn, you’re barking up the wrong tree on this one.

  • Walter Moser

    The US moon landing was a hoax.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Ok if you say so. In other news, don’t forget your meds today.

  • Anonymous

    scraping the barrel….

  • Anonymous

    And all that weird crap they kept is more important than the Blue Angels they got their sequester cut recently. The Blue Angels is not just a show it’s also a recruiting event that builds a young pilots dream.

    • Anonymous

      Killing the Blue Angels has been the best part of the sequester! Glorifying war is wrong.

      • greywolfrs

        Again, you are moron.

        • Anonymous

          and you’re a child with nothing to offer.

          • greywolfrs

            That all you got? Weak little kid.

      • Anonymous

        Do you travel much? If you do it must be by horse and buggy or steam train. The large majority of commercial pilots respect admire and look up to the best pilots on the face of the earth. So maybe when you fly its only with the worst pilots. Happy landings =-0

        • Anonymous

          yes, the only reason to have a military is to train commercial pilots. in some countries, only air force pilots fly commercial planes. 
          still, the blue angels is a waste of taxpayer money. if those pilots are so good, they should be at war, not showing off over san francisco or san diego.
          why do you want to waste taxpayer money so?

      • Anonymous

        So wait.  The Blue Angels were glorifying war?  LOL  You will always remain stupid, won’t you?

        • SoThere

          Knownothing’s a libtard. They hate our military unless they’re gay or lesbian.

  • Anonymous

    There’s no science anymore in going to the moon. Been there, done that. We’re better off spending our money on real space science. Unless you right wingers are in favor of just wasting taxpayer money!

    • greywolfrs

      There’s no science on the moon anymore? You obviously know nothing. Learning to terraform will happen on the moon FIRST. Look at science fiction movies, that’s where most ideas come from when it comes to space exploration, they ALL say that we will need a place to build ships that NEVER enter an atmosphere, that would make the moon a primary place to construct these types of ships. You are a complete moron.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. I hope you keep replying to me. Your posts are some of the most amusing I’ve seen in a while.
        What kind of ships do you think we’re about to be constructing on the moon?
        You’ve looked at TOO MANY science fiction movies. Hint: look up the word “fiction”.
        You want to spend taxpayer money on a spaceship factory on the moon, and you’re calling someone else a moron??? tee hee.

        • Anonymous

          You 2 go from page to page in a bar room brawl type discussion all the time. You must be buddies.
           However Grey has you on this one, even the greenies on The Ecologist dot org say Helium3 as well as Billions of tonnes of resources, ranging from water to gases to metals, have been detected on the Moon and further out into space, and both governments and private companies are navigating the ambiguous legal parlance to determine how to reach, extract and distribute it all. 

          • Anonymous

            figures you only want to go to the moon to rape its resources. but that still has nothing to do with science.

        • greywolfrs

          You missed the point, why am I not surprised. When Sci-Fi came out, there were people who would never believe that we could even go to the moon, then we did. When we went to the moon, there were people who said we would never get to Mars, now we have. The point is simple, which means you will never understand, things like terraforming are best tested at a place the CLOSE, which would be the moon. I noticed you didn’t bother to mention the terraforming part. You are a fvcking moron.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  NASA used to be great.  Funding them gave us many achievements we wouldn’t otherwise have.  But now they’ve become a waste.  What’s the point?  If we don’t give NASA the job of space exploration like they used to have, we should just scrap the program outright.

  • Anonymous

    Uhm, yeah, why not, lol?  There is NOTHING moronic about building a spaceship to explore space.  There’s a reason space is considered the final frontier.  It’s high time we explore it already.  There was once a time when submarines were considered science fiction.  Look at subs now.  There was once a time when hot air balloons were science fiction.  Look at them now.  There was once a time when airplanes were science fiction.  Look at them now.  Heck, many of the scientific advances we have today started out in the imagination of a science fiction writer.  Computers anyone.  Science fiction is called SCIENCE fiction for a reason.  It is fiction based on real or implied SCIENCE.  That is, it is fiction that has potential to be fact.  Now, quit being an ignoramus, and grow a clue.

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