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A simple round of golf played by the President Bowdoin College donor and a philanthropist eventually led to a scathing report about the radical nature of Bowdoin. What was the turning point in the round that changed it from friendly to a man on a mission to expose the College? Glenn tells the story and gives his reaction in the clip above.

Read TheBlaze’s analysis of the report HERE.

  • Sam Fisher

    That is why I don’t waste my time with collage. 

    • Anonymous

      If you had, you’d at least know that “collage” is:
       a form of art in which various materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric are arranged and stuck to a backing.

      And college is: 
       an educational institution or establishment, in particularone providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training. I think your mistake was probably a typo…but don’t expect me to pass up any chance at being an obnoxious twit. :)

  • Anonymous

    There’s a complaint about the school “handing out condoms like candy”…

    As a Marine, I remember docking in countries like Thailand and Philippines…as you prepared to exist the ship you passed by a five- gallon bucket filled with condoms; you weren’t allowed to descend the gangplank until you grabbed a handful. This was seen as a common sense measure to prevent us from catching HIV and other STD’s. Because it was no secret that we were going to take advantage of the cheap prostitutes that were readily available in the bars. 
    Many, if not most of us, were between 18-24 years old, the same age as college students…
     Why aren’t religious conservatives up in arms about the behavior of our military? Is it because religious conservatives don’t know what goes on there? Granted, a shocking number of religious conservatives avoid military service, but at least some serve, and they know DAMN WELL the behaviors of servicemen overseas. 
     Are servicemen, due to the nature of their job, seen as “older” than their actual years? And thus not as worried over?
     Or is thought that the nature of their job “entitles” servicemen to, I don’t know…certain perks?

    Isn’t it odd though that servicemen are held up as “heroes”…yet at the same time held to a much lower moral standard.

    Another thing that struck me…
    Most of those prostitutes in foreign ports were young, some disturbingly so…but that didn’t stop their services being sought out. In fact, there was often bragging about who managed to get the youngest hooker the night before…
    Yet these same men— who partook of the youngest prostitutes— would be the first to get outraged at the mention of gays in the military. “IMMORAL!” They would shout. “TOTALLY DEVIANT AND IMMORAL!” (Though apparently leaving your wife at home and banging young teens abroad was just fine.) 

     We could sit here and talk about the “deviance” and “immortality” that goes on at colleges…but the stories I could tell about you about how my young adult years were spent—you are NOT ready for that! We were the USMC (Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children) and quite proud of being modern day pirates. 

    (Find an old salty Marine or Sailor who has done WesPacs…ask him about the game called “Smiles” and watch him perk up. LOL!)

    • Anonymous

      Your point about the behavior of service members overseas is perfectly valid.
      But I’ve never heard any argue that homosexuals should serve in the military on grounds it is immoral.  It’s always been a matter of good order and discipline.
      And yes, I see the absurdity of the situation, in light of your comments.

      I don’t think it’s that most “religious conservatives” excuse promiscuity and statutory rape on the part of military members.  But if you consider that every kid goes to high school, and that way more kids go to college than join the military, it stands to reason more parents would be upset about what goes on in schools than in the military.

      Also, I do think that most parents are naive about what goes on in the military.

      Finally, there is a subtle difference between the expected behavior of a group and the encouraged behavior of a group.  In some (not all) situations, schools are encouraging certain behaviors, while I think most people see the promiscuity in the military as regrettable, but so commonplace that it can’t reasonably be deterred.

      • Anonymous

        Very sane and intelligent response.
        I could argue some minor points but it’d only be petty. 

    • Anonymous

       You ask an interesting question: why isn’t anyone screaming about giving condoms to the military.
      You were in the military, and why do you want to compare yourself to the average college student? Why did you go into the military and not college? Would have rather gone to college?
      Answer those questions, and then see if you can figure out why “conservatives” aren’t screaming about giving condoms to the military.

  • Alexander Williams

    The NAS report has done a huge disservice to the conservative cause. Rather than promoting fair, correct, and civil debate over higher education reform, the report insults Bowdoin’s students and faculty. It blantantly omits basic facts about Bowdoin, and introduces its own false statements. Glenn Beck, unsurprisingly, has introduced even more lies to this discussion. For example, president Mills never called Mr. Klingenstein a racist. Though some might disagree, I don’t even think he insinuated it.

    I have posted a definitive critique of the NAS framing of this debate on my personal website.

    While I’m sure many of us on this site will not agree on political details, I hope that we can all agree that the aggressive tone of this debate is ineffective for everyone involved.

  • Carl Bailey

     The sad part is this school is the alma mater of and was once ran by General Joshua L. Chamberlain. Aside from fighting in the lines at most major eastern Civil War battles from Fredericksburg to Appomattox Courthouse, he was also the Republican Governor of Maine for a time. He always had strong Christian values and at one time attended a seminary.
    While president of Bowdoin, Chamberlain reformed the curriculum to greatly expand and modernize it. I am certain though that this is not what he had in mind. It is hard to imagine a hero of Gettysburg promoting courses in western prostitution and gay gardening.
    For further reference on his life and Bowdoin in the 19th century please see: “In The Hands of Providence” by Alice Rains Trulock. For the Civil war in his own words see: “The Passing of Armies” by Joshua L. Chamberlain.

    • Joseph

      Yes, JLC was indeed a reformer.  When he began teaching at Bowdoin, he was considered a radical because he broke *away* from the college’s traditional focus on dead languages and actually taught *modern* ones.  As President, he even thought about co-education (a reform that was not implemented until 1969).  Times change, people.  If you honor Chamberlain’s memory, then you must honor his willingness to embrace change.

  • donl

    Google Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent that escaped Communism via canada, now living in the USA. He tells exactly how the Communists are bringing this country down. I can only hope that some of our colleges have booked him, He describes exactly what obama and his regime are doing to this country!!

    • Anonymous


      What a bunch of trash. this school should be SHUT DOWN. The students coming out of this school are clearly BRAIN-WASHED and can no longer think for themselves. We need to STAND UP and DEMAND THE SCHOOL BE CLOSED DOWN! I am SO MAD that we have allowed AMERICA TO BE DESTROYED by PLACES LIKE THIS. SHAME ON STUDENTS FOR GOING THERE!

      • Jung Eun “Jessica” Song

        You must have been rejected when you applied.

    • Anonymous

      Yuri Bezmenov reports have it, died in 1997.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the military are considered respectable just because they served and that is not enough, they must be moral to. So many men tell their sons to just find a girl to relieve the stress they feel. They see girls as a piece of equipment. It’s not right. 

  • Karen Rose

    Well I will say this…The Lord said, I will write My Words on their hearts and they will know right from wrong…But it will still be up to them to choose…So every human knows right from wrong and will make their choice…We must trust the Lord and lean not to our own understanding….Jesus said, let not your heart be troubled or afraid of all these things…Just trust Him…He is not some bumble brain sitting on a cloud somewhere…He is God Almighty and He is directing our path…If you are a true Believer…if you are not…your path is still being directed, and you know where it leads…

  • Mike

    While no fan of this educational balogna, we cannot find ourselves talking out of both sides of our mouths when it comes to freedom of speech.  Essentially, what we have here is a private, elitist college, a lot like Oberlin in Ohio, that marches to a different drummer and guess what, you pay through the nose to go there.

    So, it is like the argument about private clubs that has been going on forever by minorities and some, in this fashion; is free association ok?  I mean, are we free, within certain boundaries to 
    be with those that think like us in a club, school, athletic team, fraternal society etc.. I submit yes.  We should be unfettered too.

    Bowdoin, because it is small and private, can bloody well do whatever it wants.  They can even teach circumcision if they want, but in the end, (no pun intended) if the Parents don’t pay, if the students don’t come, and if the degree in African Basket weaving won’t get you a job somewhere, they are out of business. .

    Now, if the public universities pull this crapola on the tax payer dime, time for a trip to the woodshed.

  • H.l. Sch

    ww2 vet .  Our supersecret outfit “owned and maintained” in various latin american countries , with full cooperation of their governments, “cat-houses”.  Our medics inspected girls, usually weekly, including vaginal  slides and blood tests. The girls were well treated, well paid, and protected from abuse by anyone.    VD was raging in the area. As a dept chief, I was required to give regular VD seminars, and warn “all ranks” contracting a VD required demotion in rank of all men, officers, non-coms. etc.  Yes, the VD problem was epidemic.   The  base guard shack was ordered to verify that almost everyone had a VD kits(condoms, antibiotic cream, germicidal soap, etc), at least one kit for each day of “pass”.   My experience was likewise worldwide, every “theatre” I was deployed to, and I was escorted by officers to these   “facilities”.  The “noise” about Secret Service in Columbia.SA made me laugh !   We published a listing of “Red-light” district, and noted which were “off-limits” because of filth , etc.  And these  “newsletters” were handed out to all newly arrived troops.   I kept many of these “guides” for years, but nearly 70 years old, printed on cheap acid paper, have dissolved into scrap.

    • tim.c.hunt

      So prostitution is okay if “almost everyone” has condoms?

  • Catherine McClarey

    Per YouTube videos produced by the college (and “Col. Chamberlain” in the movie Gettysburg), the college’s name is pronounced “bow(rhymes with “wow”)-dun.”  I am mortified now that I tried to persuade my daughter to add Bowdoin to her Common Application when she was applying to colleges last fall!  Superficially, Bowdoin seems attractive to many prospective college students, as their admissions is “test-optional,” and they have a “Bowdoin Scholars” program for teacher education candidates (secondary certification only).  This over-the-top PC tilt of the institution does NOT become apparent without digging – so I’m very thankful that the report referenced in this story has done the digging for us!

    • Joseph

       Ms. McClarey:  you can rest assured that Bowdoin is just like every other excellent liberal arts college of its ilk.  They all offer exceptional educations, excellent resources, and committed, present instructors, all of whom hail from top-tier graduate institutions.  Do not be fooled by a biased diatribe mascarading as a “study” — it has no intellectual credibility whatsoever, and it intended to appeal solely to those already convinced that modern colleges will be the downfall of civilization.  You would do your daughter a disservice to exclude it (or any other top-tier LAC) from her application. 

  • John Gallion

    I have real news for those of you you think it’s just Bowdin College. Almost every collefge and university in America is exectly like this. My wife was educated in Europe, got her PhD in Poland (a very conservative nation) and when she came back to the US to teach at her alma mater – a small private Catholic University – she’s been asked to teach “Cultural Diversity” classes. You can imagine the crap being passed-off as fact in that class? She’s finally had enough! She’s so sad that her PhD is useless in America now that colleges don’t want to take advantage of her amazing knowledge – just teach the PC crap in the textbook. That’s’ all. She’s surrounded by leftists and radicals and liberals. Everywhere she’s looked to teach its exactly the same thing. Educationis GONE. Indoctrination is HERE. Time to stop sending your kids to college. This leftist fat-cat administrators and their fat-cat Leftist tenured professors have been riding the gravy train for far too long.Shut off the money spigot!

  • Anonymous

    The one positive thing about progressive liberal arts colleges, is that due to the economy, they are hurting real bad. The word is out that a piece of crap paper that says Bachelor of Arts (that qualifies a person to work in a clothing store at the mall), and a $100,000 debt is not a great way to start out a life.

    • John Gallion

      This generation of kids are the most narcissistic, stupid bunch to ever breathe – short of the Dark Ages. But they have amazing self esteem! Let’s see how far that takes them. Most colleges and universities are dinosaurs just waiting to die. What’s taking it’s place are on-line global virtual universities that will caost a fraction and provide a REAL education. All these overpayed admins and tenured Leftist professors will have to go out and find a real job…except those real jobs are now gone. Cry me a river.

      • Anonymous


        Yes, education is vastly different than it used to be. My buddy buys and sells antiques, and one time he got a load of old college text books from the mid to late 1800s. I looked through them, and wow! that was some intense stuff. The one thing that I noticed in them all was that the books were for the most part written by people with bachelor’s degrees. They had titles such as professor. Imagine that, a hundred and fifty years ago, a 4 year degree qualified a person to write text books, and serve as a professor. Now, a person isn’t considered educated unless they have a masters or doctoral degree. The reason is that colleges have pushed the notion that more education is better. It has become a money making exercise, and no longer has anything to do with actual education of young people. If advanced education was so valuable, why is the world more screwed up than ever? With all of the geniuses going around with Ph.D.s, in economics, youd think the world would be in great financial shape. We have art professors who can’t draw a stick figure, teaching young people to make art. We need an overhaul of education and a new system that fosters an ability in young people to become self educators, and lifelong learners. My dad had an 8th grade education, but could design an entire railroad yard, and create the blueprints to document every piece. The professors who will be losing their jobs, should be more than qualified to drive taxi cabs. Word has it that there are a lot of taxi drivers on the East coast, who have Ph.D. degrees.  

  • Anonymous

    I am a student at Bowdoin college, and unlike the people who wrote this report, I have spent more than a day on the campus.  Bowdoin students, liberal, conservative, and everywhere in between are offended by this report because it attacks the culture that we know and love and makes up lies about what actually goes on here.  The report makes it seem as though freshmen seminars are all “liberal” when mine was about political theory and we read Plato, Rousseau, Locke, and Tocqueville.  The report makes it seem as though classes like “Queer Gardens” are being forced upon students when it is up to them what they choose to take.  Also, about the condoms, I hate to burst your bubbles but college students are having sex.  You go to any college in America and I guarantee there will be students who are sexually active.  Providing condoms or not will have no effect on whether students have sex or not, what it will have an effect on is pregnancy and the spreading of STIs.  

    Finally and perhaps most importantly, Bowdoin is a PRIVATE college.  Every student here chose to be here and worked hard to be here.  You don’t like what is taught or how the school is run, you are more than welcome to go to a different school.  And to 1meancortez who pointed out that if Bowdoin doesn’t get students who are willing to pay it will be shut down, you should know that 16% of the applicants that applied this year were accepted, so 84% were turned away, and the school has plenty of eager applicants still hoping to be accepted on the wait-list   So, Bowdoin will be just fine.  


    • John Gallion

      Hate to burst your bubble kid, but your education isn’t worth shit. Jobs are dissapearing faster than water in the desert and most of your generation can’t read, write and think past what my generation was doing in 6th grade…which makes you a generation of  complete oafs. Sure you may be having great sex, learning how gays and women are oppressed and learning to hate the fre market, but when you finally graduate with the rest of your oafish class, that little fun ride you’re on is O V E R. Your piece of paper might as well be used to wipe your ass for all the good it will do you. Compares to students in Asia and Eastern Europe, your education is a farce. A joke. You are are nothing but a boatload of morons who will be lucky to find work at McDonalds.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know what the education system did to you to make you so bitter, but despite the fact that yes I am having an amazing time in college I am also learning a lot.  Right now I am leaning chemistry, calculus of three variables (if you were doing that in sixth grade that’s pretty impressive), and psychology.  I can’t tell you what I am going to do after I graduate, but I can tell you this: the CEO of Subway is a recent Bowdoin graduate and so is the founder of Netflix the list goes on and on.  You’re right the job struggle is tough right now for everyone, but doing it without a Bowdoin degree would be 10 times harder.

      • Anonymous

        You talk a good one John, but with one of the highest postgraduate employment rates in the nation, as well as one of the highest acceptance rates at elite grad schools, I think recent Bowdoin alums would rather wipe their asses with $100 bills. Also, yes, the sex is great, you puritan douchebag.

      • tim.c.hunt

        As an American student studying in France, I feel I am much more qualified to compare and contrast the US education system with that of Europe. The students at Bowdoin are more motivated, more well-rounded, and have more perspective than many of the European students I have met. The professors at Bowdoin are more involved, more dedicated, and more invested in the intellectual growth of their students than European professors. Because of today’s competitive job market, more and more emphasis is being placed on graduate education. It is important, then, that students receive a less specialized education at the undergraduate level that will give them perspective and allow them to think for themselves. Bowdoin puts its students in a perfect position to pursue graduate degrees, and a quick glance at Bowdoin’s graduate school acceptance rates will confirm that. As far as finding work, if our performance in the “fre” market is in question (I’m just assuming you equate salary with success), the median mid-career salary of Bowdoin grads is $106,000. Not shabby for Micky D’s. I believe I can speak for the rest of my oafish, illiterate* classmates when I say that Bowdoin has prepared us well.

        *the CIA World Factbook estimates the US literacy rate to be 99%, which is as high as it’s ever been. Check your sources?

      • tim.c.hunt

        As an American student studying in France, I feel I am much more qualified to compare and contrast the US education system with that of Europe. The students at Bowdoin are more motivated, more well-rounded, and have more perspective than many of the European students I have met. The professors at Bowdoin are more involved, more dedicated, and more invested in the intellectual growth of their students than European professors. Because of today’s competitive job market, more and more emphasis is being placed on graduate education. It is important, then, that students receive a less specialized education at the undergraduate level that will give them perspective and allow them to think for themselves. Bowdoin puts its students in a perfect position to pursue graduate degrees, and a quick glance at Bowdoin’s graduate school acceptance rates will confirm that. As far as finding work, if our performance in the “fre” market is in question (I’m just assuming you equate salary with success), the median mid-career salary of Bowdoin grads is $106,000. Not shabby for Micky D’s. I believe I can speak for the rest of my oafish, illiterate* classmates when I say that Bowdoin has prepared us well.
        *the CIA World Factbook estimates the US literacy rate to be 99%, which is as high as it’s ever been. Check your sources?

  • Anonymous

    sorry 1meancortez, I meant to respond to Mike’s comment not yours.

  • Anonymous

    These leftist swamps, AKA the elite, Ivy League colleges, are contributing to the downfall of the USA as we know it.  Why parents don’t check further into the colleges they are sending their kids to (and paying for through the wazoo) is beyond me.  Until parents ask questions, 99% of the professors will be liberal & your kids will be indoctrinated beyond belief.

  • Anonymous

    But Glenn didn’t actually go… to… college…

  • Nick Benfey

    I’m a sophomore at Bowdoin college.
    I agree with Beck:
    A) It’s a travesty that anyone in the world is learning about AIDS, the Korean War, Native Americans, or Martin Luther King. America, unlike any other country in the world, is perfect, and always has been.
    B) It’s truly awful that any institution would ever promote sexual health by encouraging young people to use condoms.
    End of sarcasm.
    A) Glenn Beck is a racist. Who would scoff at a college course on Martin Luther King? America, like all countries, has some faults. Nonetheless, I’m honestly incredibly proud to be an American. James Madison is a personal idol of mine. Alexander Hamilton and the Trail of Tears on the other hand, along with Vietnam, the AIDS crisis, slavery, rampant homophobia (looking at Glenn’s self-satisfied laughter in this video), and the Civil Rights Movement, need to be learned about if American citizens are to be self-aware and knowledgable about how to rightly continue on the path of greatness.
    B) Does anyone know what college sex life is like? (Glenn wouldn’t.) This isn’t 1800. Teenagers and lower-20-year-olds have been having regular sex since the 1950s. Get over it.
    Until a few years ago, Bowdoin was dominated by white male athletes. Our President, Barry Mills, made an effort to make it more reflective of America’s makeup (which, unfortunately for Mr. Beck, is not actually 100% white males).
    I’m proud to be an American. I go to Church. I’m proud to go to Bowdoin College.The NAS makes some good points. Overall, though, it is the result of a personal battle between Mills and Klingenstein. Thus it is also impossible to read as an objective criticism.

    • Tony Thompson

       You obviously have never watched Glenn’s show and know nothing about him if you believe even a little of what you have said. You’re either a troll or so brainwashed in the lies of the progressives that you can’t see what is right in front of you. I did go to college and law school and know how things are and there are those in the profession that use their position to indoctrinate. The more Progressive the college the more indoctrinated the students. The ones that come out with some sense are the ones that can think and search for themselves. I would suggest that if you truly want to be enlightened quit taking your professor’s at their word and go to the original source. 

      • Anonymous

        Tony, you seem like an intelligent person, so I’m going to assume that you watched the above video before you commented. Remember the part where Glenn runs off a list of courses about Africa and about black history in the US? Courses about such trivial historical figures as Martin Luther King. About such “crazy” topics as black women in politics.Guess what, Tony. To trivialize the Civil Rights Movement, one of the single greatest, most awesomely “American” moments in our nation’s history, is racist, To say that teaching a history course on black politicians is “crazy,” while simultaneously calling for more courses on white politicians, is racist. You don’t need to watch much of Glenn’s show to know that.

        • Anonymous

          Homo, Are you really that naive? Nobody is downplaying the importance of the Civil Rights Movement, MLK Jr, or black women in politics. The problem is the way they are being taught in liberal colleges.
          Obviously you don’t listen to Glenn or you would know his views on all of those things. Whatever you got from this video you got on your own because of your apparent indoctrination. An independent thinker with some common sense is a danger, and the first one any liberal college will bring down. It’s just sad that people waste their money on an education that is so full of flawed opinion and not truth. They are no longer “institutions of higher learning”, they are institutions full of communist-type views.
          Universities are the worst. I was fortunate enough to go to a private college which did not indoctrinate. I graduated with knowledge and promise, not with a new hatred, fear, and negative opinion of the history of my country, our historical figures, or any groups of people. 

          • Anonymous

            Oh please, doughpro. You are giving Glenn way too much credit and putting words in his mouth. He never once mentions how the courses are taught, he just scoffs at the titles. You claim I’m “indoctrinated,” but there is nothing in my above comment other than a hypothesis backed up with two apt examples. Your post, on the other hand, begins with character assassination, then makes an argument based entirely on unsubstantiated assertions and scary buzzwords like “communist” and “indoctrination.” In short, spare me.

          • Anonymous

             Do you seriously consider my questioning your naivete to be a “character assasination”? Wow… would you react if I actually insulted you?
            Like I said, you obviously do not listen to Beck on a regular basis. Your perception of my comment reinforces that belief, and it also makes your opinion nothing more than an attempt at a “character assasination” of Beck.

          • Anonymous

            Buddy, I could not care less if you insulted me. I’m merely pointing out that your posts focus a lot on my personal qualities, while making zero real attempt whatsoever to disagree with the substance of my argument. Your one note song about “if only you listened to Beck more often” is far from convincing. If I listened to him more often it would not change what he said in the above segment, and I have yet to hear any real argument from anyone about why that wasn’t racism.

    • Anonymous

       It’s one thing to learn about those things you mentioned, but it’s another thing to be taught history with a slant. History is history, and opinion or various versions of it do not belong in the classroom.
      Again, unless you listen to Beck on a regular basis, it is impossible to read your comment as objective criticism. You are another one in here who pretends that what you are being taught is the truth void of any opinion. And if you don’t know that, then you are part of the subject of Beck’s commentary.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly what “slant” are you talking about, doughpro? As near as I can tell, the NAS study deals exclusively with course titles and one paragraph catalog descriptions. Nobody, from Glenn Beck, to the NAS, to anyone on this comment feed has actually set foot in a Bowdoin class. So, as far as I’m concerned, the slant you’re referencing so ominously is purely an invention. Are you going to sit there and claim otherwise? Are you going to tell me that you, Glenn, and the NAS people do have first hand knowledge of what goes on in Bowdoin classrooms? Because otherwise it would appear that you are all talking out of your ass about things you have no earthly way of knowing. Finally, one does not need to listen to Glenn Beck on a regular basis to objectively pick out racist undertones in a specific segment. That is an absurd claim.

  • Robert Bass

     I am not into PCness, but Bowdoin used to be a rich kids school and having
    it more diverse (economically at least) makes for a better experience
    for its students to understand the real world.  If the Republicans want
    to remain relevant on a national basis they need to start running more
    than out of touch plutocrats like Romney.  (I have a child at Bowdoin, it is actually fairly normal for a high-end liberal arts college, but definitely over priced.)

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    • Anonymous

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